Strain 100 (2020) - full transcript

A young woman becomes trapped after the car in which she is traveling strikes someone and careens off-road. She soon discovers the area is overwhelmed with aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, and must figure out what is happening and why, she must utilize her strength if she hopes to escape from her horrifying surroundings. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(cool music)

(dramatic music)

- [Reporter] Well, it's
gonna be another hot one

out there folks with
a high of 92 degrees.

Wow, get your sunscreen on.

(cars honking)

(dramatic music)

- [Reporter] Day in doctors
at St. John's Medical Center

just informed me that
there's been a rapid decline

in pneumonia and respiratory
infections this season.

(dramatic music)

- [Reporter] After the
initial vaccine campaign

that ended last month,

people are reporting a
return of flu like symptoms.

(dramatic music)

(people shouting)

(dramatic music)

- [Reporter] The center
for disease control

and prevention is baffled

at how in just three days,

this new strain has
spread so quickly.

- It's too early to tell.

We don't know if the
C100 virus is to blame

or if it's something new.

(dramatic music)

- [Reporter] Broadcast
will quiet at this time

for your safety.

Continue to carry out the
following instructions.

(people shouting)

(dramatic music)

Due to the flood of people
reporting to emergency rooms

across the country.

The military was forced
to set up field hospitals

but still the question remains

as to whether the...

Wait, come on.

Dr. Campbell, wait.

Wait, Dr. Campbell, wait.

- Please not now.

- Back off.

- No, as one of the top
infectious disease specialists

in the country, we
need some answer.

Please, is the virus airborne?

- Unfortunately, I don't have
any answers for you right now,

except that the CDC
and every other branch

of the World Health Organization

has this as their top priority.

And I can assure you with
a hundred percent certainty

that we are very
close to figuring out

what our nation is facing,
but we're not there yet.

Therefore, it's essential
that we treat this

like any other pandemic.

We need to stay calm,
do not go outside

unless it's emergency.

- Are you kidding me, wait.

Stay calm?

That's all you have
to offer our viewers?

- Jesse, if you hear this,

please just get somewhere safe

until we get this
figured out, all right?

No, no, please, you
need to listen to me,

just do not go outside.


You need to believe your mom.

I promise you, it's
all gonna be all right.

I'm here for you, always.

- Doctor please,
one more question.

- No.

- Is the virus airborne?

- I have nothing else to say.

- [Amy] Our lives are at stake.


(spooky music)

(dramatic music)



(rock music)


- That's it for me.

I'm crashing.

- What?

No, you're not going
to bed right now.

- Come to the woods you said

"Stay off the grid
having a great time."

I'm seriously jonesing
for my phone right now.

- We are having a
great time, aren't we?

- Oh yeah.

- [] Save a spot for me.

(rock music)


- I'm better.

- She's alive.

- You can just hold
me like this, forever.

(birds chirping)

(spooky music)



Wake up.

(spooky music)

(woman screaming)


(woman screaming)

Oh my God!


- Jesse!

- Jesse!

- Help me!

- Sarah!

Oh my God!

Okay, okay-


Get up, get up.


I'm sorry, come on.

Get up, get up, we
need to go, come on.

(spooky music)


(spooky music)


(car engine roaring)

(dramatic music)

(car tires screeching)

(suspense music)


What is going on,
nothing is working.

- I'm so freezing.


- I'm gonna get
you to the hospital

and we're gonna
get you some help.


We're gonna be okay.



- Ouch, ouch ouch
ouch ouch ouch ouch!

- Okay, okay, keep
the pressure on.

- Yes.

- You're gonna be okay.

- Oh, something clearly
just didn't get bit

by some rabid nutcase.

- You'll be okay, I promise.

(somber music)

- Why, am I dying?

- No, no.

Hell know.

You're not dying,
you're gonna be okay.

- Because, if I was dying,

I would te ll you this, I
slept with your boyfriend.


- You're hilarious.

- I am serious.

- You need to save your energy.

- And It was in your bed .


- Stop it, I know you're joking.

- I am sorry.

I just wanted you
to know, I'm sorry.

I was, I'm like
Hoes before bros.

(suspense music)

- Sarah?

Sarah, Sarah!

Sarah, wake up.

Sarah, Sarah.


(somber music)

There's a gas station, Sarah?


- I'm fine.

(somber music)

(car tires screeching)

(car engine roaring)

Hey, stay here.

I'll be back.

(door banging)

(door squeaking)




(breathing heavily)

(lights flickering)

(alarm blowing)




Hey, hey!

(car engine roaring)

Hey, stop, come on.

(dramatic music)

- Jesse


(car engine roaring)

(dramatic music)

(car tires screeching)


(door knock)

(spooky music)







(door banging)


(spooky music)



(spooky music)


- Hey, are you okay?


(spooky music)

(door banging)


(breathing heavily)


- [Voicemail] You have
three new messages.

- [Woman] John, pick
up, where are you?

I've been here all night.

They won't let me leave.

They're saying something
about quarantine.

Call me as soon as you get this.

I love you.


- [Voicemail] Next message.

- [Woman] John, if
you're there pick up.

Okay, I have to work late.

Most of the second
shift never showed up

and we have dozens of patients
waiting to be admitted,

this is unbelievable.

Something's going
around I guess.

Sorry honey, I'll be
home as soon as possible.

I love you.

Give Rachael a kiss for me.


- [Voice Mail] Next message.

- [Woman] Something's
really wrong.

Get Rachael away from
there, take her to my mom's

and I'll go meet you.


- [Voicemail] You
have no new messages.

(spooky music)


(spooky music)




(door squeaking)

(spooky music)

- I've been in the there all
night, he wouldn't leave.

- Who are you?

- I'm Emma.

That was my brother-in-law.

I've been searching for
my sister and my niece.

This is their house.

Who are you

- Jesse.

- It's just like I know
everybody in town and you're-

- I'm going home.

I need a car.

- Are they sending help?

- Who?

- They?

The government?

I don't know, FEMA,
the national guard?

They always send
the national guard.

- I don't know.

You're the first
person I've seen since.

- So it's everywhere?

outside town.

- Everywhere I've been.

- Jesus!

Come with me.

We'll go back to the diner.

There's a group of us there
waiting out this new flu thing.

Strength in numbers, you know?

You're gonna need a shower,
you're covered in blood.

(dramatic music)
(water trickling)


- Hey, hurry up-

- Yeah.

- Are you all right?

- I was just washing my face.

- Show me the wound.

- What?

- How did you get that?

- I was in an accident.

- Bullshit, they're teeth marks.

When'd you get it?

- Yesterday.

- But don't lie to me.

- I swear to God.

- Then why haven't you turned?

- I don't know.

- Show me your gums.

It starts with a fever,
then your gums bleed.

Let me see.

Your eyes (indistinct)
there's either.

So why aren't you
sick like them?

- I don't know.

My mom always said I
had champion genes.

- Did you get the shot?

- No.

- I didn't neither.

Neither did anybody
get the diner.

But you've been bitten,
so why aren't you sick?

- I don't know.

My mom she's a scientist

and when I was little, she
was always giving me shots.

Maybe that had
something to do with it.

I really don't know.

- Okay well, if you're
bitten and you're not sick

then someone needs
to know about this.

I may be able to
get you to your mom.

There's a car up
behind the diner

it belongs to the owners
cook, but he's one of them now

so he won't be using it.

I'll take you with
me on one condition.

You don't tell everybody
that you've been bitten.

They'll flip their
shit if they know.

- Okay.

(spooky music)



Large Coffee three sugar

- What?

- I know her.

She comes to the diner every
Monday morning like clockwork.

(spooky music)

When those things
began attacking

out at the diner trying
wait out the worst of it?

By the next morning only
few people left in town

- How long was that?

- A week, three days at most.

- A week?

- Didn't take long.

There's a back
entry to the alley

(spooky music)

Ready, go.

(spooky music)



(spooky music)


(spooky music)

- What do want to do?

Beat them to death with alcohol?

- When I say go, we gonna make
a dash to the door, got it?

(spooky music)

(bottle creaking)


Two bets, two bets.

- Come on Come on.

(gun corking)

- Who the fuck are you?

- Easy Roy, she saved my life.

She's cool.

- Cool?

Miss Thang, almost let
those monsters inside here.

That is most
definitely not cool.

Emma, new rule.

No one enters our exits
unless Roy says so, kapeesh?

- Try to ignore him.

- It's easy for you to say.

- Ignore him?

My place, my party.

You don't like it,
find another carnival.

- I don't plan on staying long.

- Search her for weapons.

I want everyone in
the main room, now.

- Everybody, Jesse,
Jesse, everybody.

- Great, another mouth to feed.

She seems okay Roy

Remember that bitch who
sunk her teeth into our dog.

Or did you forget about
that already, honey pie?

You show one side
of the sickness

and I will end your day.

You hear?

- Don't be so
overdramatic, honey.

- She's fine, Roy...

- Shut your cake hole,
Emma, this is Roy's Island.

Roy makes the rules.

And the only rule is do
whatever the hell I say.

- Chill Mr. Temer,
you're scaring Grace.

- But she's made it this
far, that's say something.

- Roy didn't have to
let a single one of you

free loaders stay
here, remember that.

- Is he referring himself
in the third person?

- Yeah, he does that a lot?

- Man, one more time
ain't gonna hurt.

- It's gonna hurt when you
run out of Roy's food and H2O.

- I'll give her
some of my Saltines.

- A sucker going
every Goddamn minute.

I'm gonna go and
re-check the stockroom.

If I find one can out of place,

I'm throwin' the two
of you to the wolves.

- Don't mind him.

This whole thing's has
got him testier than usual.

- Hope he didn't scare you.

I'm Martha.

This is my husband, Fred.

- Everybody calls me Red.

- Hey

- Jesse doesn't scare easily.

Oh well, you lived this long,

you've seen just
about everything.

But the one's out there now.

Well, that's a
new on me and red.

- You, made this far
without a fella out there?

- Yeah.

- Impress-eev-oh.

- He doesn't mean
any disrespect.

He's old-fashioned,
set in his ways.

- It's okay.

I can see you got
yourself so help too.

So, you guys just been cooped
up in here, just waiting?

- What do you want us to do?

I mean, at least nobody
is looking for us

in this shithole.

- Fred and I are too old
to go anywhere anyway.

- Jesse and I are
gonna get some help.

- It's too dangerous
to go anywhere.

- I gotta get home.

- You got somebody
waiting for you?

- Hope so, mom.

- Yeah, good luck
going in alone.

I mean you go out there,
get ourselves killed.

Hey, I'd rather starve
to death in here,

than get my juggler
chomed out there.

Sorry, kid. Mea Culpa?

- What do you say, Grace?

- Thank you.

- We good?

- So you must be Mark's sister?

Your brother's really brave.

- He always takes care of me.

- My mom's the same.

Does anyone know the quickest
way to get to Atlanta

from here?

- Take the highway
West, 190 miles or so

get you in the vicinity.

- So where are your parents?

We don't know?

- I found them in a State
park a few days ago.

- We were resting.

We're not from around here.

My uncle is some survivalist
nut job, at least.

I thought he was a nut job until
all this started happening.

Last time I saw him, I
was around eight or nine.

Grace has never met him.

He has a farm just
outside of Rose city.

We were headed there
when we got held up here.

- All right Miss Thang.

Let me lay down
the rules for ya.

One, I decide when
you're thirsty.

Two, I decide when
you're hungry, kapeesh?

Oh, you don't
wanna make friends.

It's a cold hard world out
there, pays to make friends.

See old Red here,

didn't think I noticed he swiped

that extra bottle
of water last night.

Did you Red?

You can't even piss
it out old man.

So why bother?

- You're evil.

- You know, you talk too much.

- And your mouth just as big
as your belly, full of shit.

- I've been more than fair.

- Roy's just looking
out for everyone,

he's protecting us.

- See, sweet piece
of pussy shows up,

suddenly we got a mutiny?

Y'all had best settle down

if you wanna keep enjoying
Roy's hospitality.

Rather die than take
anything from him again

- Are we on?

Are we live?

Okay, good.

Listen, I don't
know how much longer

we're gonna be
able to broadcast.

This may be our last report.

We have just received
word that the sickness

that has spread
is a direct result

of the C100 flu vaccine.

This is apparently some sort
of mutation of a dead virus

that has been used to
inoculate millions of people

with horrific results.

The gestation period
from post inoculation

to when symptoms present
is anywhere from one week

to less than 24 hours.

If you received the
vaccine, you have the virus.

This bears repeating.

If you got a flu shot,

you are infected.
- What Bear's repeating

is this, the government is
always fucking things up.

They keep trying to
do the same thing,

but in different ways.

Hey, don't mess with
what ain't yours.

(somber music)

Attack your shit for brain.

- Man, the only thing I want
attacking my brain is this.

You ask me, I've
seen it coming, man.

I mean, tsunamis, earthquakes
all over the world,

famine, drought.

- Surprise it didn't
happen sooner.

(spooky music)

- I never thought I'd
see the end of the world.

- Wasn't world has
been falling apart.

We've been falling apart.

From the inside.

- don't talk that way.

I'm sure the president
is doing something,

- Unless virus got him too.

(somber music)

- What are you looking at?


- [Lucy] Roy's got the diabetes.

- Shut up Lucy.

* Bake me, cake as
fast as you can *

* Pat it, prick it,
mark it with a B *

* Put it in the oven
for a baby and me *

- You know what that means?

- No.

- The Pat it and prick
it. Mark it with a B?

So in the olden days, the Baker
would bake all of the bread

for all people in the town.

And he would mark the top of
the bread with the toothpick

with the first letter of
the last name of the family.

So they knew it was there so
when they came to pick it up.

The bakery was like
a communal oven.

- What's a communal?

- A communal means,
well, it's kinda like

what we're doing
here in the diner.

Like we're all living together,

taking care of each other
the best we can, right?

- Mm-hm.

- You okay?

- Yes.

Makes me miss my mom.

- Yeah?

Tell me about her.

- She's smart and successful.

She has a career working for
a pharmaceutical company.

She's pretty much
the opposite of me.

- Now you sell yourself short.

- Maybe she has some kind
of idea of what's going on?

- I don't know.

Just wanna get back to her.

I need the keys to the car.

- I think Roy has them.

(lights buzzing)

- What happened?

- What was that?

- Nothing, don't worry about it.

- We gotta go back and
check the generator.

Those things must've
bumped into it again.

- In the morning
honey, do it then.

- We gotta to keep this place
cool for the meat in the back

and for my insulin.

- Time for TV?

If the news comes back on.

- Anyone steals from
me while I'm gone,

and I swear to God, that
includes you denture Dick.

Come on kid, you
gotta watch my ass.

You too Brandon.

- I'll go.

- What?

- I said, I'll go.

Stay with your sister.

- All right, kid,
you go babysit.

Miss Thang is going daddy bear.

- She'll be back.

Don't worry.

(door squeaking)

(spooky music)

- Shit!

(spooky music)

- Where are they?

- I don't know, maybe the
smell of Roy's scared them off.

- Shut up, come on.

(spooky music)

The one time they
took out the trash.

You know Miss Thang,
I like your spunk.

I don't even know why I
bothered with everyone else.

It's like they think
I owe them something.

As far as I'm concerned,

Emma doesn't even
work for me anymore.

And I don't believe that
the customer is always right

applies neither.

Is not in a situation like
this and that old fuck,

he can roll over dead too
as far as I'm concerned.

(generator rolling)
- Come on man.

Hey, can you just hurry
up and fix that thing

so we get back inside,

even know what your man?

- I installed this generator
myself, you whiny ass bitch.

- Yeah, whatever.

- I appreciate you
taking me in Roy.


- See, that's all I ask
for, a little bit of respect

and maybe a wee bit of thanks.

- Oh shit!



(dramatic music)

(gun shot firing)

- No contact with
the customers bitch.

- Roy!

- Lucy!

- I hope he's dead.

- Dammit Fred!



- [Woman] Cry!

(spooky music)

- Take us with you.

- What?

No, I can't.

- My uncle's place
is just along the way

of wherever you're going.

- Roy wasn't right
about a lot of things,

but he was right about
us sticking together.

- And stick together here.

You're safer here
than on the road.

- Hey, I wanna go too.

I mean, if this thing that
hasn't gotten a hold on you yet,

maybe you're just
a thing to stop it.

(cool music)

- Roy was lucky to have you.

- Yo, we buggin', if you
know you wanna join us.

- Take some supplies
too, we won't need them.

- There's not much room, but
if you want to come with us.

- It don't seem
worth it without Roy.

You go on, save the world.

There's a world left to save.

Go, while you can.


- We're gonna see it through
right here with Lucy here.

Martha woke up feeling sick.

Jerky didn't sit well.

- Thank you, Red.

Martha, you'll
feel better, okay?


- You know how to
use one of these?

- I may have learned on
flintlock, but I'll manage.

- [Emma] All right,
come on guys.

(spooky music)

- How many bullets.

(spooky music)

- Won't you know it, two.

(car engine roaring)

(spooky music)


(spooky music)

- Atlanta song's fine to me.

Maybe catch some grits
and greens and stuff.


- Nope, everyone I knew
is dead or infected, so.

- Everybody keeps
saying infected.

I mean, that's
just how it starts.

I mean, you get bit, you
die and you bite, period.

Unless you're Jesse,
the wonder girl.

Other than that, you gotta
bash some brains man.

Ain't that right Marky Mark?

You my man, are a
bonafide Thumper.

Man, hey, I saw
what you did to them

Zombies to get into
to that diner.


- If you die after you get
bit, your soul is taken, right?

The body is just a shell.

- No, your body becomes a
virus spreading machine.

Your soul has nothing
to do with it.

What kind of God
who creates souls

will let something terrible
like this happen anyway?

Maybe we pissed him off

I don't believe in God.

I believe in scientists.

Scientists that go messing

when they ain't got
no business messing.

- If you have God,
you have everything.

Without God, we have nothing.

- Yeah, well what
do we got now Mark?

Everything's gone bro.

- I have everything.

- So you don't have
anywhere to be?

No family?

- No one claim me.

I'm a bastards kid.

My dad left my mom
before I even knew him.

And so she's so upset.

She don't even
like to look at me.

'Cause I'm the
bastard's bastard.

- I'm sorry.

- No need to be.

Hey, that's the way
the cards were dealt.

What you gonna do?

- We need take 285
just a little bit.

- Got it.

- Hey, Mark man, we need
to make a supply run bro.

One like a bourbon run.

(car engine roaring)

- [Emma] That's Megan.

- [Jesse] Who?

- [Emma] My sister.


Meg, what happened to you?

Answer me.

- We almost made it out

(spooky music)

- You're scaring me.

What does that mean?

Megan, what does that mean?

- John took Rachael, there
was nothing I could do.

- Megan, Megan.

No, no, no, wait-



(somber music)

- We need to go.


- Come on come on come on!

- [Mark] Emma, I'm so sorry
about how this all ended.

(spooky music)

- This whole thing is a
living, breathing nightmare.

- [Brandon] Come on,
get this thing started.

- Are you okay?

- You know you remind
me of my niece.

(car engine roaring)

She was just a child,
and just as sweet.

- [Mark] Emma get in the car.

- If I had kids I'd just like
them to be as the two of you.

(car engine roaring)

- [Brandon] Emma come
on, get in the car.

- Emma, Emma, come back!




(car screeching)

(car engine roaring)

(spooky music)

(car engine roaring)

(spooky music)

(dramatic music)


- [Mark] Stay in the car!


Brandon, Brandon!


Brandon, come on.

Come on Brandon.

- Oh shit!

Just get out, save yourself!

- [Mark] No, Brandon no.

- [Brandon] You need to
getting go, save yourself.

- [Mark] Brandon!

Go, go, get to the car.

- Come on motherfuckers,
is that all you got?


(spooky music)


(car tires screeching)

(spooky music)

(car engine roaring)

- What are you doing?

(gun corking)


- Sorry, I know you believe
in that kind of shit,

but maybe Brandon's right.

What kind of God
will let this happen,

to Sarah to Emma, to
Brandon, to anyone?

- I didn't say it made
sense, it doesn't.

Emma and Brandon
were my friends too.

All I know everything
happens for a reason.

- I turned to speak to God
about the world's despair,

but to make bad matters worse,
I found God wasn't there.

- What is that?

- Something that my mom used
to say when my dad died.

Maybe she was right.

I'm sorry, Grace.

- My uncle's place should
be just up this road.

(car engine roaring)


- Okay Grace, come on.

Run, run, this way.


Grace, Lyrics

You better walk fast okay?


- This is far
enough, you can go.

- I am Leaving her.

- You don't have to do this.

- Enough People have
died on my watch.

I'm coming with.


Guys, go, go!


- [Mark] Okay, go, go.

Come on.

It's okay, its okay.

Here, here, come on, come on!

Hurry hurry!


Watch Grace for me.


Come on, let's go.



- Come on, over there!



You guys all right?

Any bites?

You thirsty?

- Hey, your brother,
super resourceful.

- Yes he is.

- He'll figure out a
way to return to you.

He's not gonna
leave you I promise.

- I'm scared.

- You know what, me too.

- They're warm, I've
been rationing gas

for the generator,
but it's still tasty.

- Thank you.

Thank you.

- Ben, Ben Clayton.

- I'm Jesse.

And you may know who this is.

Grace, Mark is
her older brother.

- Of course yeah.

- It's your uncle.

Uncle Ben.

I think you need
to get some sleep.

May I?

- Of course.

- Mi cassa, es.... your cassa.

I got some canned tuna in
the kitchen if you're hungry.

Peanut butter too.

- Canned tuna and peanut butter.

Well beggars can't be choosers.

So you live here alone?


Until now.

I lost all of them.

We can hide at my house.

I got food and water for weeks.

But you're welcome to stay,
both of you as long as you want.

(spooky music)

- Pa, someone's at
that truck again.


- No, oh my God.

No, come on, start start start!

(car engine roaring)

- Mark and Grace plan to stay.

- Of course.

Family's family.

- Thank you for taking us in.

Mark says you're a prepper.

- Does he now?

Well I admit it.

I secretly hope to see it.

- You were hoping for this?

You wanted it.

- We had it coming.

The baby killers,

Couldn't have dreamed
this up exactly,

but the Lord does work
in mysterious ways.

- Well, I could use a little
less mystery in my life.

- They'll keep
coming and coming.

More and more of them every day.

It's only a matter of time.

(car engine roaring)

- She's worried about
her brother, that's all.

- These are hard times
for little things.

Jesse, the world's been
falling apart around us.

We knew too much
for our own good.

Here we are paying
the consequences.

(suspense music)

Are you ready?

- For what?

- The blessing?


(car engine roaring)

(dramatic music)

- Get on him boy, where
is your kill shot.


You're a lousy goddamn shot.

Give the gun to your sister.



Come on we gotta get
that truck, let's go.

(suspense music)

(gun corking)
You don't want to do that

(spooky music)

- Actually, would
you hold these?

Hand them me to
me one at a time.

(gun corking)

(spooky music)

This goes right about there.

(spooky music)

Ben was my friend.

He let me stay in the
camper outside the barn.

I helped him with
most of his projects.

And then those demons
out there bit him.

Pick it up, pick it up.

I had to put Ben down.

Actually I don't think he
minds I took his place.

And you know, it is so nice
having somebody around again.

Jesse, you arrived just in time.

To see Ben's vision through


Took Ben and I years to
prepare, heck no, decades.



- Hurry, Grace.

Hey you're going to
miss the best part!

(car engine roaring)

That crazy bastard's
not your uncle.

(car engine roaring)


(somber music) bit

- No, just a shot.

You promise to look after Grace?

- Mark?

- I know it's difficult
under the circumstances,

but try make try to
make the world a better
place for her, please.

- that's tall order.

I know you can do it.


- Mark!

- I love you.

- Love you too.

Please don't leave me.

(somber music)

Mark no!

Mark, Mark!

(somber music)

I'm thirsty.

I'll find us some water.

- Do people get
thirsty in heaven?

- No.

- Is there a soda pop in heaven?

- All that you want,
no belly aches.

- Will Mark go to heaven?

- I believe so.

- Will the monsters
be in heaven?

- No, only good
people like Mark.

- Jesse?

- Jesus will you shut up?

I don't know, okay.

I don't know everything.

- Those monsters are in there.

- Get behind me, go!


Grace, get down!

- No no no no!


- There's more of them.


That looks like
one of our trolls.


Hope none of those people
are our subscribers.

What are you young ladies
doing way out here?

We made a mess there,
but they'll make a
nice yard ornaments.

My name Hickok45.

- I'm Jesse, this is Grace.

- Hi.

- That's kind of strange, huh?

- It's about YouTube Name,
you see my videos, right?

- No.
- No.

- Didn't think so.

Didn't think so.


Well that was another
world, another time.

Why don't you all follow me?

End of the world, when it
comes right down to it,

All a man needs a good cigar,
a cup of coffee and an arsenal.

An arsenal of weapons is good.

- How many you got?


- Jesse, I think you'll
really like this 1911,

has a sweet, sweet trigger.

You wanna try that one?

Find one of your
targets out there.



Okay, not bad.

I think it'll help
you if you get

this left hand up on there,

kind of a more comfortable grip

instead of on the bottom of it.

- Okay.
- Just bring it up.

Yeah, I like that, a
little more support.

Okay, try it.

Take your time.



Good job.

It's a little big, isn't it?

But shoots nicely, yeah.

- It's kinda good.

- Let me show you this one

and I think that you'll
really like the grip

of a little better
unless I'm mistaken,

'cause this one, this
will fit your hand

I think a little bit better.

Try that, just get a feel of it.

- It's good.

- Does that feel good?

- Yes, good.

- Yeah, that's not.

I thought you'd like that.

Well, I wanna give
you this, okay?

Take with you.

And I've got shots and shells
in this bag and this pistol,

if you take that,

and then the shotgun is
fully loaded, all right?

So hopefully that'll
get you through.

- Thank you so much.


What was that?

- That would be my nephew.

What are you two up to?

- setting booty traps?

- I think you mean booby traps.

- That's what I
said, booty traps.

- Very funny.

- This is Jessie.

She's a good egg.

She'd been looking
after a little one

since Middle Creek city.

- Boy or girl?

- Girl.

Her name's Grace.

- Where's she at?

- She's catching some
Z's up on the porch.

They need some wheels.

You don't have any
extra wheels, do you?

- It's a bit much of a truck
for her don't you think?

- She's made it this
far, she can handle this.

You'll be fine.

It'll get you from
point A to point B.

- I should go and grab Grace.


- She's got it.

- What, no.

She didn't get bit.

I don't understand.

- She's tiny.

Now that it's taken
hold, it won't take long

for it to take her.

You gotta-

- No, no.

- There's no choice.

You want her turn to
one of those things?

- I'll do it.

Just get to where you're going.

- She's my responsibility.

I promised her brother
I'll look after her.

(dramatic music)



(car engine roaring)

(lively guitar music)

- Think she'll live?

Who lives

What are we gonna do now?

- Should stuff, blows stuff up.

- Shoot some guns.

- How many do you think we got?

- Probably like 30, 35.

- How many you think you'll get?

- 30, 35.

- I don't have a shot gun.

- Oh, we're doing pistols huh?

- Yes.
- All right.

Bring it


- Ready?
- Yeah.

- Standby, go!


You Freaking suck

- That was awful.

(dramatic music)

(car tires screeching)

(spooky music)

- God!




(spooky music)


(somber music)



(car engine roaring)

(somber music)

(car engine roaring)

(gun corking)


(dramatic music)

(car tires screeching)



(dramatic music)

- Shit!

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)



Don't shoot it, who
the hell are you?

Why are you here?

- I'm looking for Dr. Campbell.

Dr. Judith Campbell.

Wait a minute, I recognize you.

(dramatic music)

- Jesse,

If you are watching
this you already know

how bad things have become.

Everyone here has either
run away or been infected,

except myself and
the security guard.

But sweetheart, I'm
not feeling very well.

(spooky music)


I've never been
as strong as you.

You have never been sick

a day in your life
despite being exposed

to many different viruses.

It is for that
reason that I believe

that you have made it and
you're watching this now.

All I have is the
hope that you're safe.

(dramatic music)

It was all my fault.

We thought it would work.

We had no idea the virus
would spiral out of control

and mutate, evolve.

I have destroyed all the
rest of the vaccines.

And I have given a
box that contains

the original virus to Tori.

The security guard, she
knows where to take it

With your antibodies
and the virus.

They will know how
to make this stop.

(somber music)

You've always been so strong.

If there is hope, you're it.

- People need to
know about this.

- There's another
lab in Washington DC.

- My truck's done for.

I don't suppose you have armored
tank around here , do you?

- Got something better.



They annoy the fuck out of me.




(motorbike engine roaring)


- [Woman] Finally in July, 2021,

doctors discovered Jesse's
blood produced a rare antibody.

Which scientists
inserted into the CO321,

a secret government weapon

initially used to manipulate
enemy weather patterns.

What was developed as
a destructive agent,

turned out to be
the perfect method

to distribute the
vaccine world wide .

Never lose hope.

(dramatic music)

* Its only the demon
that you have chosen *

* They keep you safe

* Locked away in
a secret place *

* At the back of
your twisted mind *

* And I can't hide
from this monsters *

* Are living inside me

* And I could never deny

* These creatures
they always find me *

* Scratching their
way to the surface *

* There's no use fighting,
it's not just worth it *

* 'Cause I have seen

* This nightmare is pulling
me apart at the seams *

* This madness
haunts my dreams *

* And I can't hide
from this monsters *

* Are living inside me

* And I could never deny all

* These creatures
they always find me *

* Its all in your head

* It's only in your mind

* In your head

* It's only in your mind

* Huh ah ah ah

* And I can't hide
from this monsters *

* Are living inside me

* And I could never deny

* These creatures
they always find me *

* Always find me