Straight to Hell Returns (1987) - full transcript

A gang of bank robbers with a suitcase full of money go to the desert to hide out. After burying the loot, they find their way to a surreal town full of cowboys who drink an awful lot of coffee. The townspeople are hostile to the outsiders at first, but seem to accept them once they've killed a couple of people. After a while, a mysterious man named Dade arrives, who seems to have unpleasant business to settle with the robbers. A free-for-all shoot-em-up ensues.

[wind gusting]

[coyotes howling]

[traffic rushing]

[car horns blaring]

[car horns continue, louder]

[loud clang]


Get up!

Blow the job.
We're gonna blow the job.

I know we're gonna
blow the job.

I can't-- Come on!
Let's go! Let's go!

Simms, man.
We're gonna miss him.

Checkout was at 10:00 a.m.

Ah, you guys, you guys,
this is not good.

This is not good.

He's gonna leave.
We're gonna miss him.

Shut up, Willy![Willy] Let's go!

Come on!
We gotta go!

Put your tie on, boy.

[knocking at door]

[woman speaking Spanish]

-[man] Mr. Greenberg.
-[man 2] Room service!


Told you so. See?
I told you.


[shouts in foreign language]

[sirens approaching]

[helicopters whirring]

[man shouting]


No! Wait! No!

Stop! No!

Come on, you guys!
Come one!

Let me go!
Let me go!

[shouting, indistinct]
Go ahead and hit me!

Add domestic violence
to your list of crimes.

But you gotta
show me some respect, baby.

Well, you need
to learn some manners.

So did you guys
blow the job?

Norwood, tell that bitch
to shut up!

Look out, man.

[man singing folk music]

What's Mr. Dade gonna
say when he finds out
you fouled up again?

We're gonna have to give him
all the advance money back,
that's what.

Why'd you have
to drink last night?
Can't you do anything right?

Look at that. "Farben Gosoleo,"
that's diesel you're putting it
into the car wrong.

You can't do anything![alarm blaring]

You guys are losers!
You're not even men!

I hate it here!
I hate it!

I'm gonna leave!

Move, Willy! Come on!

[alarm continues]

Hold it, Simms!

Wait a second!
What are you doing?

[men shouting, indistinct]Let me in!

[man] Go![woman yelling, indistinct]

[tires screech][woman] Thanks a lot
for waiting.


[men] ♪ Yakety yak♪

♪ Yakety yak
Yakety yak♪

[woman laughs]

♪ Kick out the dog
And put out the cat♪

♪ Yakety yak
Don't talk back♪

[all shouting, laughing]

-[man] Yahoo!
-[man 2] Yee-haw!

[engine sputters off]

[starter chugging]

[starter chugging]

Look at the skulls.
Look at 'em, they're everywhere.

I want to touch one.

Let's take one home.

Yeah, I don't remember
the road being like this.

Are you sure we're
in the right place?

I mean, it's getting dark.
Maybe we should turn back.

What's the matter
with this car?

[loud clank]


We'll hole up here
till the heat blows down.

No way. No.



Well, what about the money?

We'll bury it.Where?


[coyote howling]

[howling continues]

[chatting, indistinct]

I'm tired.

[large bell rings]

[large bell rings]

[man] Nice little town.

Kind of peaceful.


What's wrong with that man?

Is he dead?

-[man] That looks
just like our car.
-[man 2] No, it doesn't.

You're just
wasting petrol, mate.

[engine stops]

Let's go get a beer, y'all.

Three cervezas.

And a Shirley Temple
for my old lady.


Bring us some beer.

Mas cerveza.

[speaking Spanish]


[music starts playing]

♪ Or you don't get
No spending cash♪

♪ If you don't scrub
That kitchen floor♪

Mas cerveza.

♪ You ain't gonna
Rock and roll no more♪

-♪ Yakety yak♪ -
♪ Don't talk back♪

[hollering, cheering]


King tough guys
of the world!

Can we please go now?
This is really boring for me.

You know what?Huh?

I love you guys.
I really do!

If it wasn't for my son
in that belly there...

I'd drop her
like a sack of potatoes.

Yeah! [laughing]

[man] That's not right.Baloney!

[men chattering][woman shrieking] Norwood!

Okay, that's good.

Hey! More cerveza.

We want cerveza.

[men howling, laughing]

And they run away
for the second half!

[shouting, indistinct]

Makes it through,
on the inside.

I've got it!

You've got it!
I'm ahead!

Where's that car
that was here?

The car, it was here
before we went into the bar.

I got your car.
Can I park it in your garage?

[laughing]There was a car before!

It's a no-parking zone
here, Velma.

What car, Velma?Number two, Willy!

[all shouting at once]

The hotel,
where's the hotel,
you douchebags!

I have a reservation for you
at this excelentehotel
with room service!

Listen!Only there ain't no rooms!

[all laughing]

Hey, taxi!


Those look just like
our cars, boys.


Come on, y'all.

Yeah, come on, man!


Hey, chickens!

[makes clucking sounds]

Where's the hotel, Norwood?

[Willy] Might as well
sleep out here tonight, Velma.

Yeah, roughing it!

In the dirt
like Huckleberry Finn!

You guys, I'm not gonna sleep
in the dirt! I'm a lady!

And I'm tired and sick,
and I just want to sleep!





What you staring at?
Ain't you ever
seen a gent before?

What are you talking about?



You've got to get
out of here.

This place is full
of bad men

who kill anybody
who crosses their path,

or even shows their face.

Know what I mean?


I don't see any bad men.

No, that's 'cause
they're all out!

But they'll be back.



Hey, get away from me!
Get away from me!


And it will be too late.

[shouting and gunshots

[all hollering]

I want a nice burial.
A lot of flowers.

[indistinct]Dead flowers.

[all chattering, indistinct]

You've been spending
too much money on coffins.

[all chattering, indistinct]

[chattering continues]


Get out of our town.

[man] Go to hell!

[both grunting]


Smoking business-- gotta
give it up one of these days.

It's impossible
to give it up.
Nobody can.

Norwood!I can.

Norwood, wake up!Thanks to Scientology.

We've gotta leave!

Norwood, we gotta go!

There's a bunch
of ruthless men in this town.

[Velma] Yes, it is right, Simms!
I'm not talking to you--Think I'm gonna get breakfast.

[groans]Norwood, where are you going?

I'm getting me
some breakfast too.We gotta leave!

We gotta get out of here!

We're supposed to keep
a low profile!

Norwood! [echoes]


First time.
This is terrible

Coffee crops in Brazil
have been frozen.

Prices are gonna go
sky high.

I want the comics.

Strangers, Frank.

[both snickering]


What are we
gonna do tonight
for happy hour?

What should we
have Kim sing?

"It's Not Unusual."

You know, Frank, tonight, I was
thinking of singing "Imagine."

No, no, no.

"Delilah."Yeah, "Delilah."


Well, it is in my repertoire.

Roll me up, daughter.
I want to see the killing.

Okeydokey, Grandpa.

You know how much money
I made last year?


That's more than
we both made.

[man] Hey, greaseballs!

[man 2] Janitors!

[man 2]
You bastards leaving town!


Be cool.

[door creaks]

What are you
looking at?


Who are you
calling a janitor?


What are you
looking at?

A cockroach.

Don't make me mad.
Don't make me mad!

You fellas ought not be messing
with our pacifist.

They look like
coffee addicts to me, boys.

What did you say?

Go blow your heads!

[man] What did he say?

Kill 'em!

[harmonica playing]

[continues playing harmonica]

[cricket chirping]

Well, if it ain't old Bruno
and Angel Eyes McMahon.

I bet you thought you'd
seen the last of me, boy.

Rest easy, my man.

That one's from Van Nuys,
that little chick
with the banana.

If there's one thing
that makes Rusty mad,

it's fellas that play
tricks with fruits.

And don't pay
their parking fine.

Shut up!

[cricket chirping stops]

Okay, you pushed me
too far this time! Oh, yeah.

[woman] I ain't never seen
the boss mad like this before.

[man] Me either.

But we gotta kill him now.
We're gonna kill him later!

We ain't gonna kill the boy.
We're gonna take him back home.

To face trial
for their crimes.

[Velma screaming]
My baby! My baby! Save my baby!

My baby! Save my baby!


What the heck is going on here?

Frank, these soldiers
just saved our lives.

Let's kill 'em![Frank] Not so fast!

We owe these boys
a debt of gratitude.

And this little lady too.


What brings
you killers to town?




[all laughing]

[Frank] Come on down
to the hacienda, boys.

It's nearly happy hour,
and there's plenty of coffee!


Come on, kid.

[men continue shouting,

Did you see that, George?
They could have been killed.

Mmm. Some of them were.

Brave he was, huh? God.

Yeah. It's easy to be brave
with a gun in your hand.

Should've seen me...

in combat.

George, that was
a long time ago.


♪ Fabienne, be my friend♪

♪ I will always stay with you♪

♪ Fabienne, be my friend♪

♪ I will always be true♪

[bell jangles]



Need any help?


Do you have any nails?

George, go in the back
and see if we have any nails.

What kind of nails?

[Fabienne speaking
foreign language]


[squeals, moans]

[Fabienne moaning loudly]

What's going on out here?

[Fabienne] Nothing. Nothing.

I just bumped into the shelf.

What about my nails?


Hurry up, George!


[both moaning, screaming]

[Simms] Yeah!

[moaning continues]

Here's your nails.

Sharp enough for you?


Look at all that money.

[coyotes howling]

Just keep your
mouth shut about it.

Wiener, sir? Blood sausage?

Got wiener war going on.
Two for 99 American cents.

Come on.
Try my hot wings, stranger.

Best little wiener in town
or my name ain't Karl.


Don't ever
speak to me again.



[coyotes howling]


[crowd chattering]

[both laughing]

You all right?


Hey, that woman
in the hardware store,

she married to that bloke?

What bloke,
you mean her husband?

Darn good job
you did today, boys.


Bruno and Angel Eyes,
they're like my own sons.


My union has not yet
been blessed with issue,

but we're still trying,
right, Leticia?


[Frank] My town is your town.

Stay as long as you like.


So, when are you leaving?


[Frank] Go on!

[all chattering, indistinct]

Ladies and gentlemen...

Ha! My favorite song.[gunshots]

The best singer
in the world,
Kim Blousson,

straight from Atlantic City!

Ladies and gentlemen,

direct from Bucky's
Fujian Lounge, Lake Tahoe.

-[crowd hollering]

Please, silence,
for Mr. Kim Blousson!

[gunshots continue]

[playing Spanish music]

[man] Hey!

♪ I saw the light on the night
That I passed by♪

♪ Her window♪

♪ I saw the flickering shadows
Of love on her blind♪

♪ She was my woman♪

♪ As she deceived me, I watched
And went out of my mind♪

♪ Oh, my, my, my Delilah♪


♪ Why, why, why, Delilah♪


♪ I could see, that girl
Was no good for me♪

-[all laughing]

♪ But I was tied like a slave
That no man could free♪


[music fades into background]

[Frank shouting, indistinct]

♪ At break of day
When that man drove away♪

♪ I was waiting♪

♪ I crossed the street
And she opened the door♪


Sing it! Sing it, Kim!

♪ She stood there laughing♪


♪ I felt the knife in my hand♪

♪ And she laughed no more♪

[all laughing]

[gunshots continue]

♪ Why, why, why♪

But you do have money.
You have lots of money.

Yeah, but we don't have money
because we buried--

I mean, we didn't bury it.

[man] You finished
with that egg?

Where did you bury it?


Um-- Uh, you girls
are confusing me.

Want to see me dance
on the table?

More coffee, sir?

Would you look
at all that money?

And around the next corner,
I want to show you my collection

of shrunken body parts.

It's the best--[grunts]

What do you want?

Nothing. Just passing through.

Let us pass through!

[thud][Frank] Ow! Ow!

[Velma] Ooh!
Who are those people?


-[George] Karl!
-[Karl] Hey, George!

-[George] Get out of the way!
-[Karl] How you doing?

I hate that man!How about a wiener?

[both chattering, indistinct]

What's wrong with this bike?

[grunting, yells]

[shouting, indistinct]

I hate that bike!
Never should have bought it!


[bells jangle]

[screaming, indistinct]

I made it all the way
up there to get it!

And they didn't have it!

And now I'm back again!


So what, George?

[whimpering, panting]


I had to ride through mud.

And my RT200 got all dirty.

You want me
to wash it for you?

If you like.

[man grunting]

Women, man.I don't agree with it.

Me neither.

They got the power to make you
do things you don't want to.

Like drink
too much.

and smoke cigarettes.

Have sex when
you don't want to.

Beat people up.


Women, man.

Sometimes you've
got to kill 'em.

Who, the women?

No, their husbands.

[fly buzzing]

I'm going to the cemetery.
Do you want to come?

What are you
going there for?

To see Grandma.

Accompany the lady, man.


Why do I have to go?
Why can't they go?

We're on
our coffee break.

[guitar clatters]

Watch my stuff,
you guys.

you got it.

You call that clean?


[acoustic guitar playing]

I once had this
little pussy kitty cat...

named Little Binky.

And I loved it a whole lot.

More than anything.

And then one day, it died.

That day, I swore,
I'd never love again.

Till I met you.


You don't really
love me though.

But I do love you.

No, you don't,
'cause if you
really loved me,

you'd tell me
about the money.

You're not gonna start
with that darn money stuff
again, are you?

Come here, you little minx.

Confound it!

God dang it!

God! [grunting]


[cheering, shrieking]

Ah ha ha!Whoo hoo!

[man] Grab some of them beers.

Couple of cold ones
for the top guard!

[men cheering]

♪ From the halls of Montezuma♪

♪ To the shores♪

[hollering, shouting]

[automatic gunfire]

[men screaming]

This isn't right, Frank.

You can't leave 'em
hanging around like that.

[Frank laughing]It isn't decent.

Somebody's got
to set an example.

You already did that,

Well, gee whiz, Sal.

I just don't want
the world to forget.

Murdering swine!

Go on, Frank.
Cut 'em down.


Which reminds me, Frank.
Where's your old lady?

Ain't seen her
in the party tonight.

Good coffee.
A smell you can taste.

[chuckles]We cops love café.


Let's go get another cupful,
all right?


Mercy.[Frank laughing]

A gun is just a tool.

Ain't no better or no worse
than the man that uses it.

Just like shoes.


You see the World Cup?

That suit you're wearing
has got a hole in the sleeve.

Don't you ever
change your clothes?

The desert's
beautiful at night.

Beautiful but lonely.

I like my coffee black
on Sunday mornings.

Black and strong.

Some people
don't believe in God.

Elvis is king.


You guys want to hear
one of my poems?

[coyotes howling]

[men hollering, indistinct]

Keep your eyes peeled for those
killers we told you about.

The three that held up the bank
down in San Jose.

A mint?

I will, boys,
I will.

And remember,
one of 'em is pregnant.

Aha! [laughing]

Oh, I want you
to meet Norwood.

In town for a few days
with his old lady.

Special guests of mine.

This is Sal, Ponch, Velma.


Hey, where are those
two buddies of yours?

I don't know, I haven't
seen 'em in a while.


Probably drinking coffee!

Hey! [echoes]

Let's make that wiener kid
sing his song.


[all laughing]

[man] Sing me a song!

Sing, kid!

Sing or die.


[crowd jeering, indistinct]

[man] Come on, sing!

[all laughing]

[man] Yeah! Sing! Yeah!

[laughing continues]

[man singing, indistinct]

[crowd continues
jeering, laughing]

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ You tell me
And I'll fetch up♪

♪ K-A-R-L-S Disco Wiener Haven♪

[crowd sings along]
♪ Salsay ketchup
Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Well, they're short
And they're long♪

♪ And they taste quite strong♪

♪ Oh, we calls this
The Wiener Tina Haven♪

[woman] Hey!

♪ We got girls in the Chevies
Piling in from the levies♪

-♪ Just for my♪
-[crowd] Yeah!

♪ Disco Wiener
Tina Haven♪

♪ They sizzle, they drizzle♪

♪ They step up to the griddle♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ You tell me
And I'll fetch up♪

♪ Hey♪

[dog barking]

♪ K-A-R-L-S Disco Wiener Haven♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

-[gunshots blasting]
-♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

-[gunshots continue]
-♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪

♪ Salsay ketchup♪


[cocks gun]

Kiss me, you fool.

Where is the money?

[music and gunshots continue]


-[Leticia moans]

[all laughing, chattering]

[man] Come on! Sing!

[all laughing]

Sing, kid!

Norwood, how much longer
do we have to stay here?

Till the job's done.

We don't have a job,
darn it!

We're just wasting time.
Mr. Dade's gonna find us.

Then where will we be?

[humming softly]


Huh?[dog barking]

Hey! Oh. Hey!


[continues barking]

[screaming continues]

What's the matter
with the kid?

Sexual tension.


I gotta get out of here!


Kid better watch himself.

Needs watching.

Can't be running around
tearing things up.

Might go "shikso"--

Then we'd have to take him out
behind the barn and shoot him.

Like in army days.

[dog continues barking]

I wish that dog
would shut up.

[dog continues barking]

-[man] What just happened?
-[dog continues barking]



[man screaming]


Look at all that money.

[medicine bubbling]

You really love
your medicine,
don't you, Grandpa?


Must be ever so good
for ya.

Sometimes I think
you're going to live

So do I. [chuckles]

[boy] Here!


[burps]Be lucky.

Mom, Grandpa.

Oh, Grandpa. [clicks tongue]
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.


[scream echoes]

[man] Christ sakes.
What's happened?

Mommy, uh...

Will that be teak,
mahogany or pine, sir?

My father was a great man![all] He was!

Ew, it's Daddy!

For flowers, we can do
roses, lilies--

My wife will handle the details
of the internment, uh...

even though
she's extremely upset.

Very tragic,
very tragic.Oh!




Now, as to the matter of...

who killed my pop?

-[woman] Don't look at me!
-[woman 2] I was inside getting
his medicine.

Don't look at us.
We were at the library.

[woman] Who's missing?

That English guy.
He's missing.

[all] Yeah!No, I'm not.
I'm right here.

That funny-looking kid's
not here.

[man] Yeah!Yes, I am.

You mean the runt?Yeah, where's he?

Where's our runt?Where is he?

Wait a minute!String him up!

Wait a minute!

This ol' man's head
has been smashed in.

That's very sad.

He was a great man.

[all] He was.

-[man] Why, why, why?
-[woman] Shut up!

However, just 'cause
Willy's gone,

that doesn't exactly mean
he did it.

-[woman] Yeah!
-[woman 2]
Well, where is he then?

[man] Who'll run
the house? [sobbing]


Listen, listen!


If Willy done did this...

I'll take him out myself.

And Sam's here too.

Excuse me, baby.

Look, where is that
little, uh, girl
of yours, Louise?

[woman] Yeah?

She ain't here, neither.

[crowd mumbling]

[man] What does that
have to do with anything?

Who knows?

Maybe the killer...
is one of us.


[singing in Spanish]

[singing continues]

[singing continues]


You having a party?

It's whitey.

A stranger, boys!

Get him!

[all] Yeah!


[siren wailing]



What's that?
Another funeral?

I wonder who's dead?[coughing]

Hope it's not
your grandpa.

[singing, faint]

Come on, boys.
Get him up here.


You're lucky this is
Grandpa's funeral.

But you'll be meeting
your maker soon. [laughing]

You're gonna swing
from a rope! [laughing]

[man 2] Hanging from a rope!
Better believe it!

[wind whistling]

Let us get through this part
quickly, Lord, and then
onto the revenge.

I don't know where it is.

there's a time to be born
and a time to die.

A time to embrace...

And a time to refrain
from embracing.

A time to build up
and a time to tear down.

A time to love
and a time to hate!

A time to kill, burn,
bludgeon, and mutilate!

Oh, my God!


Kill him again! I told you
we should've hung him!
Kill him!


Whitey, you have
been found guilty

of the murder
of the beloved grandfather

of the McMahon clan.[kazoo plays]

I don't know
what you're talking about!

I work for Mr. Amos Dade.

Guilty, guilty!
String him up!

Yeah!What're we
waitin' for?

[woman] Wait a second.Kill him with a rock.

Who is this Mr. Dade?

Mr. Dade
is a very important man,
and he's offering a-- Ow!

[all laughing]


[laughing continues]


[laughing continues]


Who killed
our grandpa?

Not I, ma'am.

I live only
for the McMahons.

It wasn't you,
was it, Sabrina?No!

Anyway, he got hit
over the head by
a Mayan sculpture.

How do you know
it was a Mayan sculpture?

There were blood on it.

And, anyway,
we all stand to benefit
from his death.

How d'ya
figure that?



[all laughing]

What-What is it?

Tell-Tell me.

What is it? Tell me.

Tell me.



I really gotta
tell you this,



I really wanna do it
with your wife.

Is that so?Yeah.

She's so...

I mean, I know she's pregnant
with your child and everything,

but she's so sleek,
so sexy.

I mean,
you're the lucky man.

Everybody in this town
thinks so.

Of course, I never would.

Hey, Norwood.
How's it going?

And do you know why,

'Cause we're pals...
buddies forever.

[George] What? What?

Shut up. What? I'm trying to have fun in my own way.

Fabienne, where are you going?

Don't tell me
to keep my voice down,
'cause I'm not!

Simms. Simms, George.
He's a man, George.

[man] Looks like a good fight coming on![man 2] Yeah! Kill him!

Kill him! Kill him!

[men whooping]

[man whistles]

That's what I like, a man who can stand his ground

[woman singing]

♪ Oh, Danny boy♪

♪ The pipes, the pipes
Are calling♪

♪ From glen to glen♪

♪ And down the mountainside♪

♪ The summer's gone♪

♪ And all the leaves
Are falling♪

♪ 'Tis you must go♪

♪ 'Tis you must go♪

♪ And I must bide♪

♪ But come ye back♪

♪ When summer's in the meadow♪

♪ Or when the valley's hushed♪

♪ And white with snow♪

♪ 'Tis I'll be there♪

♪ In sunshine or in shadow♪

♪ Oh, Danny boy
Oh, Danny boy♪

♪ I love you so♪

[coyote howls]

[wind whistling]

[trinkets jingle]

Look at all
that money.



[body falls to ground]

Norwood, what's wrong?

Hey, Norwood,
I'm talking to you.

[man weeping]

[Mac] Lick my boots.

Simms, what's wrong
with Norwood?

[Mac] Lick my boots!





Lick his boots.



"But I say unto you,
it's here.

Love your enemies.

Do good to them
which hate you.

Bless them that curse you,

and pray for them
that have spite for you.

And unto him
that smiteth thee
on the one cheek,

offer also the other."

[both laughing]

"And moreover the dogs came
and licked his sores."

Oh, I want you bad.

How bad?

[unzips zipper]



What's going on?

B-Bit me on the leg!

Oh, yeah.
I don't see
any rattlesnake!



What's she doing?

What's she doing?

Sucking out the poison!
What do you think?

That's better.

Oh. I'm-I'm sorry, man.

I better get some more coffee.

[Frank] Norwood,
I like you boys a lot,

but Grandpa's dead.

And the McMahons
are restless.

Right, Biff?

Right, Frank.

I think it's time
you left town,

No, it's not.

Darn it, Norwood.
I give you fair warning.

We McMahons,
we stick together.

Right, Biff?Right, Frank.

So what?


You know what,

You and I
are a lot alike.

we are not alike
at all.

[truck passes by]

[train horn whistles]

[doors squeak]

Evenin', gentlemen.

Sit right down here,

I'm, uh,
I'm looking for
a room.

There are no rooms.[man] No rooms.

Well, where
do you sleep?

In the shed
behind the petrol station.

I ain't sleepin'
in no shed.

Of course not,

It doesn't look like
you're sleepin'
in a shed to me.


What do you want?

These two.[Norwood]
They didn't do nothin'.

Anyway, we talkin' to 'em.

It don't matter.
They're strangers.

We're all strangers here.


I wanna talk to you.

[door squeaks]

Frank ain't gonna like this.

[doors squeaking]


[man] Well, my, my.

Unfriendly people.
Such a lovely town.

I mean, it needs, uh...

sprucing up a bit,
like 7-Eleven.

AM/PM mini mart,
it'd be just like America.

Of course, there will
have to be some changes.

I wanna give you my card.
[clears throat]

I.G. Farben.

Ranch-style homes.

"Helpin' people help themselves
to have a home."


Not allowed to smoke.

I'll have his.

Thought for the day:

"A town cannot have
two bosses."

Come on, darlin'.
Come on, dear.
Come on.

A town
can only have one boss.

You're forgetting something.What? Huh?

The suitcase.

Oh, ho ho! The suitcase.
Oh, yes, sir.

Oh, ho ho ho! Yes, sir.


you're gonna be needin' this.

Hey, how much
you want for...


[doors squeaking]

[wind whistling]

[guitar strumming]

[guitar strumming continues]


All right, Karl.

I'm ready for
that wiener now.

[coyotes howl]

[grunts, coughs]


[coughs, spits]

Come on!
Mr. Dade's in town.

Dade, Dade,
Dade, Dade.

Fabienne, Fabienne.

I've got
a snakebite too.

What are you doing here,
Angel Eyes? Get out of here.

you know you want it.

No, I don't.

Yes, you do.Don't want it.

-You do!
-No, I don't!

-Yes, you do.
-No, I don't!

-Yes, you do.
-No, she doesn't.


George, are you "shikso"?
They'll come after you
and kill you!

I'll be ready.

[trigger clicks]

[trigger clicks]

your watches.


No, it's not.

Close enough.

[groans][woman] 'Scuse me,
Mr. McMahon?


You are awfully

I mean, is that
a terminal illness?


Or will you recover?

[indistinct dialogue]


How tall are you?

[Angel Eyes] Ma!

[woman] Hello?


[man] Hey, look,
they got Angel Eyes!


[man] No.
They got my brother.



Get the long coats, boys![men] Yeah!


Don't get him in the head!
I'll be needing the heads
for my wall!

[door creaking]

Excuse me,


I wanna help.

I may not be much
of a hand with a gun...

but I am
almost fearless.

Please, guys.

Let me be on your team.

[cocks gun]

What a waste of
three good bullets.

Put the towel down, man.


Fan out.

[Frank] Jimmy, hey,
check out the bar.

Fan out.

Hey, Ed. Fan out.


[cocks gun]

Come on!

What are you waiting for?

I can't do it...


Go on, get outta here.


I'll check
the petrol station.



To Willy's lega--


Well, at least
it was Bruno.

Come back here!


I need another
cup of coffee.

Check out the bulls.
What are you McMahon
or "McMice"?

[coffee percolating noise]

That's coffee.

It's fresh.
Let's get some.


[coffee percolating noise]


[engine starts]

Oh, dear.



Louise, I thought
you loved me.

I don't know what love is.[machine gun fire]

Lend us a tenner.

What's happening, Dad?
What do we do now?

Get out of my store.




Uh, What--
Where is Simms?

Out there,
doing his share.



Watch the car.
Don't scratch it,

Car's a man's best friend.

Chief, walkie-talkie.You need your megaphone, sir.

What's the difference?You know, you look
exactly like

a kid Norwood
hung the other day.

That was my brother.

Norwood, it's me! It's Velma!
Come out!

There's somebody who wants to shoot you!

I didn't say that!


Frank, cover me!

Simms, I think I'm gonna die.

tried to kill me, man.

I thought she loved me.

Hey, Willy, baby.


It's all right.
It's all right, Willy.


Oh, shut up, Willy.

[Willy] It hurts.
It hurts!

Wait up!
Slow down.

If I ever make it
out of here alive, I swear
I'll never kill again.

Look, it's the preacher.
He's running away.

That coward.
Let's kill him.



Let's get outta here.

I know you did it,

Did what?

Killed Grandpa.

What would I
want to do that for?

Because you're "shikso",
just like me.

It's all right.

But, Mom...


Oh, never mind, Chuck.

[speaking Spanish]

No, you cops will
have to use rocks.

Let's go.Where?

Don't ask questions.Okay.

To the front line.

Excuse me.
Are you Mac McMahon?

Who wants to know?

I hear
you're quite the poet.

[chuckles] Well, thanks.

I'm flattered.
Would you like
to hear a poem?

Yes. Why not?

I wrote it this morning.

"Half a league--

That's for whitey.


Too bad about
Norwood, man.


No one's gonna survive
that fire.

Luckily, he showed us
where this money is though.

Before he died.

Give me a hand, brother.


Give me a hand up,

You're wounded, Willy.
You're not gonna make it.

-Yes, I am.

What're you doing?
Simms, no!

Mercy killing.


[gun cocks]

[Velma laughing]




Simms?What, Willy?

Never thought
we'd end up this way.

Me neither.


we mustn't grumble.

High five's lookin' funny.


Come on, come on!


[laughing, chattering]

Come on, boys,
let's go.

Gettin' hot back here.


Norwood, don't ruin the suit.

[policeman laughing]

We cops always hated him anyway.

I love you, Velma.

I love you too, Frank.

We got it made, huh?
New town, new family.

We're on a roll, Frank.
Nothing can stop us now.

-What's wrong?

[both screaming]

[Velma screaming]

Coming with us?


You sure?


Who's gonna pay
for all that?

[engine stalls]

[engine stalls]

[engine stalls]


What's the matter with this car?[woman 2] I don't know!

[engine starts]


[coyote howls]

[howling continues]

[music begins]

♪ I'll be with them asleep
Or dreaming♪

♪ I'll be there
When they wake up screaming♪

♪ At the hour of death♪Sharp enough for ya?

♪ To have a moment more
To curse them♪

♪ Watch the maggots
Crawl out of them♪

♪ Hear the angels
Call above them♪

♪ Watch them as the cold air
Sucks them down to hell
Good night good luck♪

♪ Then if any
Should escape above me♪

♪ Beg and cheat
Until they trust me♪

♪ Drag them down
To be damned with me♪

♪ Laugh at them
As they forgive me♪

♪ Mother's eyes
Are sparking diamonds♪

♪ Still the moon
Shows no likeness♪

♪ Roses wither may God deliver♪

♪ The rake
At the gates of hell tonight♪


[coyote howling]

[man] ♪ Well♪

♪ In this town
That's the way♪

♪ It goes♪

♪ Say seven words
For the sailors♪

♪ Over out on the sea♪

♪ But there ain't no saint
Just for killers♪

♪ No mama's gonna pray for me♪

♪ Well, I was blown here
By the wind♪

♪ To a rusty city left unnamed♪

♪ The dusty singing cowboy
Died here♪

♪ He's still doing
Tombstone things♪

♪ This evil darlin'
The deep blue sky♪

♪ To be the rain
In a dying man's eye♪

♪ Cry for water
And we get no reply♪

♪ Beg for mercy
And laughter fills the sky♪

♪ Dog Town♪

♪ Morning she cries♪

♪ Her vice is using
Are right on in your eye♪

♪ Dog Town
There's no fruit
From acid rain♪

♪ Go see if the coffin kid♪

♪ Has got a lid
That bears your name♪

♪ In this town♪

♪ That's the way♪

♪ It goes♪