Straight Time (1978) - full transcript

After being released on parole, a burglar attempts to go straight, get a regular job, and just go by the rules. He soon finds himself back in jail at the hands of a power-hungry parole officer. When he is released again, he assaults the parole officer, steals his car, and returns to a life of crime.

Open the gate.

You guys wanna step up to the table?

Open the gate, please.

- Can I help you?
- A dog.

Everything on it?

Hey. Hey. Sixty-five cents.

Mr. Frank, please.


Well, my name's Dembo, A-20284.

Dembo, A-20284. Okay?

Just tell him that I'm here and I'll just...
I'll see him tomorrow morning.

I got an appointment with him.
Nothing important.

Yeah, okay. Thank you.

- Hi, Max.
- Hi.

Earl Frank.

Come on in.

Have a seat.

- You're a little late.
- I had some trouble getting down here.

- Want a coffee?
- Yeah, thanks.


So fill me in. How was the trip?

On the bus down? It was a little long.

- We made about 27 stops.
- Yeah, it's a real milk train.

Go ahead. Put it down on the floor.

So, what'd you do last night?

Oh, walked around.

- Meet anybody?
- No, nobody I know.

Where'd you stay?
You didn't go to the halfway house.

- I called. Didn't you get the message?
- You called here?

Last night. I left a message
with your answering service.

- I didn't get it.
- I left it.

So where'd you sleep?

In a motel.

The conditions of your parole
were that you were to go to the house.

That's a way to help you save money.

Now, you agreed to that
before your release.

Why didn't you go there?

Because I just spent six years
in prison.

I just wanted to look at the lights.
I wanted to feel free.

I wanted to walk around...

...and not have somebody tell me
that I gotta get in bed at 10:00.

Max, I think you've got
a serious attitude problem.

I don't have an attitude.

Can you tell me what kind of attitude
you want me to have?

Well, you don't decide whether or not
you go to a halfway house.

I mean, you come to me,
we discuss it, then I decide.

I'm trying to make you understand, I'm
aware of the realities of my situation...

...that I'm not fated
to be a menace to society.

I'm not gonna go out
and hit somebody over the head.

My friend, I see that you're gonna
force me to deal with you.

I see that you've got juvenile offenses
dating back to when you were 12.

I see you've got auto theft,
you've got breaking and entering.

All this leading up to
a burglary warrant.

I just served six years
for that chickenshit rap.

Chickenshit? You had a gun.

Yeah, but I didn't use it
and I didn't hurt nobody.

What was in your mind
when you put it in your pocket?

I just took it along.

I'm due in court.

I'm aware that you have this power,
that you represent the state...

...but, you know, I think that
you can give me a little leeway.

You can be flexible.

I was just hoping
to get some trust from you.

You've gotta earn the trust.

I have. I just wanna
be like everybody else.

I just want a decent job.
I want a decent place to live.

I want somebody to love me,
I want some clothes on my back...

- ...have some self-respect.
- I gotta get going now.

I tried to be straight with you, sir.

I shouldn't have done that last night
without checking with you first.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'll make a deal with you, Max.

If you find a place to sleep today
and a job by the end of the week... don't have to go
to a halfway house. Fair?

That's fair. I appreciate that.

When you find a place, you call
Miss De Veccio and give her the address.

I'm gonna see you one day this week.

That's okay.

Here's the other hundred
you've got coming to you.

I want you to sign for it.

Now, do you understand
the conditions of your parole?

- Yes, I do.
- You have to attend all meetings.

You must heed the advice
and the counsel of your agent.

- Now, do you know what that means?
- Yeah, I think I do.

I gotta get along with you
or you're gonna throw me back in jail.

That's it in a nutshell.

- You're a tough man.
- No, I'm not, Max.

All right, I gotta go now.

- Good luck with it, now, huh?
- Okay.

I'm gonna do my best.

I know you're gonna do it.

- How much?
- Eighteen dollars a week.


- Here's your key.
- Clean sheets?

No. Bathroom is over there.

Parole office. May I help you?

Could you leave a message
for Mr. Frank?

- Who 's calling?
- My name is Max Dembo, A-20284.

- What?
- I got that.

- A-20284.
- Thank you.

Could you tell him I'm
at the Garland Hotel?

That's G-A-R-L-A-N-D.

And you'd better give him
the phone number. It's 321-1321.

- I'll give him the message.
- I'd appreciate it if he gets it today.

- I'll give him the message, sir.
- Okay, thank you. Bye-bye.

Time's up.

Time's up.

- Time's up. I'm sorry.
- I just wanted to finish that sentence.

Bring those score sheets.

You did great
on your intelligence test.

Yeah, well, you know.
I could have told you that.

One moment.

Wilshire Agency.

Yes, she is. Hold on.

Pat, it's for you.

- Did you put it on hold, honey?
- Yeah.


Disconnected. I lost the call.

You're supposed to push down "Hold"
before you use these other buttons.

- There's "Hold," there's the buttons.
- Okay.

I'm sorry.

- Did you just get this job?
- Yeah. I've had it about a week.

- Is she your boss?
- Yeah.

Does she really like you
as much as she seems to?

I guess. I don't know.

You got a 61 on your typing test.

- Is that bad?
- I'm afraid it's a little low.

Well, I'm not used to the electric.

What was your last
place of employment?

Were you self-employed
or in the armed services?

No. I didn't know whether to put down
"state penitentiary."

I was a convict.

And how long
did you hold that position?

Approximately six years. No vacation.

What'd you do?


You know, I know I fouled up
that typing test...

...but I do know how
to work a manual...

...and if you get any calls
for a manual typist...

...I'd appreciate it, you know?

Well, I'll see what I can do.

All I wanna...

All I wanna do is get a job.

I need a fucking job.

I believe you.

Well, let me see.

I'm sorry to be a problem.

You know, like I can't drive a car
without permission.

- Why not?
- Well, it's a parole restriction.

I can't handle money, you know,
and it's like I'm limited... terms of what
they allow me to do.

Is there anything at all?

How about the National Can Company?

- Think they'd let you work there?
- Yeah.

- I think that'd be all right with them.
- It's not much. It's only scale.

You wanna try? Okay.

Let's see what we've got here.

Well, go here and see what they say.

Listen, if I get this job,
can I celebrate by taking you to dinner?

You're not sure?

Is that a half yes?

I guess so.

When you go there,
I hope you get the job.

- Thanks for your time.
- Good luck.

- Thank you.
- Let me know what happens.


- Hello? Who is it?
- Who is this?

This is Henry Darin.

- Henry Darin? I've heard about you.
- Yeah.

- Is your daddy there?
- Yeah.

Well, you tell him that somebody
wants to give the big bear a bear hug.

- Who is it?
- Just tell him...

...somebody wants to give the big bear
a bear hug. He'll know.

Dad! Someone wants to give you
a big-bear big bear hug!

- Hello?
- Willy?

- Yeah?
- It's Max.


- How you doing?
- Max, thank... Goddamn.

- Is that your boy?
- Yeah.

The last time you wrote,
he was learning how to walk.

Well, where the hell are you?

I got no wheels yet.
You wanna come get me?

Yes! Tell me where you are.

Well, why don't I meet you
on 7th and Alvarado?

- If I'm not there, wait for me, all right?
- Okay.

- You coming now?
- I'm coming now.

- Okay. I'll see you.
- Okay. Yeah.

- How you doing?
- Good. Get in the back, Bart. In the back!

- How you doing? Good to see you.
- It's going well.

Good. Rock 'n' roll!

- How you doing?
- Doing good.

- You working?
- I'm riveting.

Kitchens and bathrooms
in portable homes.

How'd you get the job?

Well, when I came out,
the parole officer got it for me...

...and when I got off parole, Selma said,
"It's good enough. Why not keep it?"

You'll be a riveter
the rest of your life, man.

Shit, no, man.
I'm working on my time.

I'm getting my drums together.
I'm gonna play.

Holy Jesus!

- You the one I talked to on the phone?
- Shake hands with Max Dembo.

- This is my son, Henry.
- How you doing?

Tell him a knock-knock joke.
He's got tons.

- Knock-knock.
- Who's there?

- You.
- You who?

Gotcha. I know that one.

Hey, look what
I found downtown, Mama.


- Come on, Bart!
- Get inside there.

- Hello, Max.
- Hi, Selma.

- You didn't bring any beer, did you?
- Was I supposed to?

- I got it.
- Good.

How about some spaghetti?

- Get inside. Get in, come on.
- Oh, God. Jesus, come on inside.

- Come on, come on. Get in.
- God dog, that smells good.

Show Max your muscle.
Make it. Make it big.

Pretty hard. Let me see the other one.

Make two of them.
Two of them at once, here.

You work out?

Does he work out? Come here.

- Show Max what we do on Saturdays.
- You teaching him to defend himself?

You bet your ass. On our days off.

- How could you teach him?
- Got one in.

Got one in there. Come on.

- Okay, okay.
- He's gonna whip your ass.

Where's them cigars?

Hey. I told...

So he's...

Don't be hitting me
when I'm not looking at you.

Oh, he's just playing.

You defend yourself pretty good there.

- You been in many fights?
- Yeah, 10.

- Ten? Not bad. How many you won?
- Eighteen.

Really? That's not a bad record.

Eighteen out of 10.

Hey, how you feel?
You wanna go out and hit the tubs?

- Yeah.
- Let's go.

I think he'd better go in
and clean up his room now.

Selma, let me have about 10 minutes
with him, because I wanna make it...

- I didn't mean to get mad.
- I know.

- He's gotta get to bed early, okay?
- Just let... We...

Let him go in
and clean up his room, okay?

He's gotta get up early
tomorrow morning.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Come here. I get a kiss.

- I get one too. Good night.
- Give Max a kiss. That's it.

Everybody gets a kiss.

- Hey, I'm sorry.
- Okay.

I didn't mean to get mad.


Didn't mean to get mad at you.

See you later. Excuse me.

I'll be getting that board together.

You got any more coffee?

That Henry is a nice boy.

Yes, he is.

Come here, man. Get up here.

Come on. Get up here.

Come on. Get up here.

Sit up here. Smart dog.

Come here.

Want something to eat?
Okay if I give him some ice cream?

Sure. He'll eat anything,

Next time I'm down here,
I'm gonna bring him a steak bone.

In fact, as soon as Willy turns his back,
I'm gonna steal this dog.

You know, Max,
I don't wanna hurt your feelings...

...but your being around here
is kind of bad timing for us.

Why is that?

Well, Willy's been doing real good,
you know.

He's been doing real fine.
He's been working hard lately.

And I know you're good friends
and he really loves you...

...but I just don't think it's good
that he see you right now.

You know what I mean?

You trying to tell me you don't
want me to come here no more?

I don't mean to be unkind.

I just think it's better that he doesn't
get around other influences and stuff.

You're on parole now, Max.

Well, you really shouldn't even
be seen with Willy, right?

I think I get the message.

You make me feel bad.

Why? You're just doing
what you have to do, Selma.

It's no problem.

It's cool.

This is it.

- Here. Let me get it.
- I'll get the front.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

- All right. It's three flights up.
- I gotta piss, so you'd better run.

All right.

Remember that place called The Hague?
Right across from the Cocoanut Grove.

- Where do you want it?
- Put it underneath the bed there.

Last time I was there, Hampton Hawes
and Chet Baker were playing there.

- Is it still open?
- I don't know.

- Three flights of stairs killed me.
- Go back in the joint, you'll get in shape.

- Hold it up.
- I got it.

- You sure it don't have termites?
- It's okay.

How does it feel?
That's the main thing.

It's good, isn't it?

I know where we could go.

- The Autoway Club.
- The what?

The Autoway Club. Remember that?
We used to go there?

- We could go.
- Do a little fucking around, maybe.

Yeah. Maybe we could
go to Hermosa Beach too.

Oh, yeah.

- Howard Rumsey...
- Yeah.

...and his Lighthouse All-Stars.

All right, let's go there. Maybe there'll be
some nice little girls there I can...

You can get me three years for that.


I got excited, that's all.

Does Selma know you're using?

Well, she's always suspicious.

The machine broke down,
so I gotta stay.

What do you want me to tell you?
I'll probably be about two or three hours.

Well, I'm glad.

All right. Bye.

- Hello. Jenny Mercer speaking.
- Hi. How you doing? This is Max Dembo.

Thank you for making me
a bona fide member of society.

Oh, you got the job? That's great.

- Why don't you have dinner with me?
- When?

I could be there in an hour and a half.
I wanna go shower and change.

Actually, I was planning on
staying home tonight.

It's just that it's the first chance I have
to celebrate something.

You know? I want to...

You know, I wanna have a steak.
I thought you could keep me company.

- I don't even know what to order.
- Okay.

- Is that okay?
- Yeah.

All right, can I be at your office,
let's say about 5:30?

- See you then.
- All right.

- Bye.
- Bye-bye.

All I'm saying is, out here, the rules
aren't defined. On the inside, they are.

If you don't pay back your debts, if you
owe a couple packs of cigarettes...

...if you take somebody's glove or
lie to someone, then you get killed.

You know that's the rules,
so you live by them.

You can get killed with a sharp edge...

...the end of this spoon.

That's a lethal weapon.

Even the end of a toothbrush.

You can get hit in the yard
or you can get it in the shower.

You're in your cell sleeping, someone can
go by with a can of gas and throw it in.

Somebody else throws in a match
and you're torched.

You know that's the reality
and you're living with it 24 hours a day.

That's frightening.

A lot of guys think this is more
frightening, being on the outside.

Why? I don't understand.

Because out here, it's what you
got in your pocket that matters...

...and on the inside,
it's only what you are.

You're glad to be out, aren't you?

It's like a dream.
It's every con's fantasy to be out here.

I can't tell you the number of times
I thought about a scene just like this...

...but I never thought I'd be sitting here
with a knot in my stomach.

Tell me more about that guy
you were going with.

How long were you with him?

I lived with him for about two years.

Who broke it off?

I did.

Thank you very much.
Come on back again.

Wanna know something?
I'm glad you asked me out.

Don't you have enough money?

I think I got enough for the tax.

Here, I've got some.

Wait a minute.
I wanted this to be my treat.

Why don't we just walk out?

You don't wanna do that, do you?

I'll make a deal. If you'll go out with me
tomorrow night, I'll let you help me.

Okay, you've got a deal.

All right, be discreet
and slip it under the table.

Hi, how you doing?


I was in the neighborhood,
so I had your manager let me in.

- Mind if I come in?
- Sure. Come on, it's your home.

I mean, this is just routine, you know.

It's a nice room.
You've got cross-ventilation. Nice view.

- Yeah, it's nice.
- What they charge you for?

It's $ 17 a week.

- That's better than $ 17 in a motel.
- Yeah.

- You're right.
- I know.

Do you mind if I change?
I gotta be somewhere in a half-hour.

No, go right ahead.
Don't let me hold you up. Go ahead.

- What do you got, a date?
- Yeah.

Is she white?

I'm just joking.


...who is she?

I met her at the employment agency.
She works there.

In fact, she sent me for a job
and I went over there and I got it.

Great. Great. What kind of work is it?

Well, it's just a can company,
you know.

- Regular wage?
- Yeah.

Well, that's a start.
Did you tell them you were on parole?

No. Is that a problem?

Oh, no worry.
I can take care of that.

You've got a room,
you've got a job, the whole...

You gave me a week, so yeah.
It's over in Verona.

What's this?

- Just matches.
- I know that.

Take off your shirt.
Let's see your arms.

- They're not mine.
- Max, take off your shirt.

What's this?

That's just a scratch I got
on the job today. It's not tracks.

- Let me see this one.
- You won't find nothing.

Just let me do my work.

- Where'd you get all those scars?
- It's just burns.

- When you were a kid?
- Yeah, it was an accident.

Does it hurt?

Let me see the other one.

Did you hear about the Polack
who got third-degree burns on his face?

He was dunking for french fries.

Been drinking some beer, huh?

Yeah. Just a couple cans, though.

- What are you doing?
- Come on, Max.

Come on, Max. Come on, now.
Take it easy.

Why'd you do that?
You didn't have to chain me.

- It's procedure.
- I told you, I'm clean.

Then you got nothing
to worry about.

Just come over here and check me
if you got a doubt.

- If you're clean...
- What do you mean, "if"?

You didn't check me properly.
Did you check my eyes?

If you're clean,
you got nothing to worry about.

I gotta make a phone call,
then we'll take you down and test you.

- I could save you a lot of trouble.
- It's no trouble. It's what I get paid for.

We're just playing a game.

All right. Come on, follow me.

Come on. Keep it up.

All right, move right in here.

- Gentlemen, follow the red line.
- Take your hat off.

- Right in the corner, facing me.
- Take your hat off.

Start with you, right over in this corner.
Facing me, gentlemen.

Everybody facing me.

In case you don't know where you are,
this is the Los Angeles County Jail.

Welcome, and empty your pockets
on the floor. Everything out.

Cigarettes, money, matches,
everything. On the floor.

Turn your pockets inside out
after you get everything out.

Okay, gentlemen, I want you to run
your fingers through your hair.

Shake it out good.

Shake it out good.

- Is that a wig?
- Yeah, it's a wig.

Take it off. Put it on the floor.

Run your hands through your hair.

Okay, gentlemen, put your hands
out in front of you, palms up.

Okay, turn over.

Okay, gentlemen, turn around
and grab a piece of the wall.

Step back. Spread your feet.

As soon as you take your clothes off,
I want you to sit on a bench.

Okay, move on.

Don't be afraid to use some soap.

All right, gentlemen,
you in the shower, let's move it out.

We don't have all day.
That water's not free.

Take your showers and get out.

As soon as you step out of your shower,
grab a towel and step over on the side.

Dry yourself off thoroughly.

Let's go, gentlemen.

Turn around.

- Go. Let's go, arms up.
- If you were on a bench, get a shower.

- Small, medium or large?
- Medium.

- Head down. Turn around. Go.
- Let's go, gentlemen.

Get out of the shower and dry off.
We don't have enough time.

- Let's go. Move it out.
- Good hands, Pop.

That one's mine, partner.

Stand clear!

Dembo! Visit!

- Hi, remember me?
- Yeah. How you doing?

- Pretty good. How are you?
- I'm fine.

I called and your landlady told me
you were arrested. What happened?

I don't know.

Doesn't matter.

I got worried. I was waiting and...

When are you getting out?

I don't know.
It's a little hard to say.

You don't mind my coming here, do you?

I called earlier and they said
the visiting room closes at 3.

I got lost on the way.

Is there anything I can do?

- No, it's all right.
- What?

Oh, God, there's no more time.
Wait a second.

- I gotta go.
- Wait. Wait.

Call me when you get out.

Call me. It's my home phone.


This terrific-looking blond goes into this
dentist's office and she's really scared.

She climbs up into the chair as the
dentist prepares his utensils and things.

And just as he turns around
and is about to look into her mouth...

...she blurts out,
"Oh, doctor, I'm so afraid of dentists...

...I think I'd rather have a baby
than have a tooth drilled."

"Well, miss," the doctor says,
"you'd better make up your mind...

...before I adjust the chair."

So how you doing?

How do you think I'm doing,
slammed down?


I'm okay.

Listen, your urine tested clean.

I'm sorry you got stuck here,
but I've had my hands full this week.

- This is the first time I could reach you.
- Did the phones break down?

Don't get sarcastic with me, Dembo.

I'm having you released from here.
I'll take you to a halfway house myself.

- When is that? Now?
- Right now.

I think that's more than generous.

You're the boss.

Right. You're smart enough
to recognize a break when you get one.

Now, you were clean,
but somebody fixed in your room.

That's a violation of your parole
and it's enough to get you...

...a minimum of two to three years.

Am I right?

- So we'll start from scratch.
- Sure.

We'll get you cleaned up
and we'll get you out of here.

- Okay.
- All right.

Sometimes this job
is getting to be too much.

You wouldn't believe the week
I had last week.

I missed my girl's school play.
My wife was so pissed off at me...

...I thought she was gonna
divorce me.

On top of that, I got a call that one
of my guys was holed up in his house.

Threatening his wife with a shotgun.
Guess how I handled that one.

I used my head.

I called his father in Detroit...

...then I got them talking on the phone.
They must have talked for three hours.

All this is person-to-person.
It's costing the state. of the seventh inning, Dodgers
leading 10-2. Scored 10 each game.

Damn it. You know, I had 10 bucks
on that game.

Everything you got check out?

- Yeah.
- Good.

Cooking spoon's not there, is it?

Come on. Just between you and me,
this doesn't go any further...

...who was it shot up in your room?

I just can't tell you that.

I'm taking you to a halfway house.
I'm not taking you back to the joint.

You asked for my trust.
I'm giving it to you.

- How about giving a little back in return?
- I can't tell you that.

Bullshit. If you can't trust me, what
the hell, I'm just wasting gas driving.

- I don't want you to waste your gas.
- Then tell me who it was.

Christ, you're gonna kill us!

Put your hands down.

Put them down. Go on.

Don't fuck with me, sucker.
You busted me for nothing!

You big, bald fucker!

You're finished.
You made your choice.


- Damn you sons of bitches!
- Hey, fatso, where's your pants?

- Hey, how you doing, man?
- Hey, my friend.

- How you been?
- Haven't seen you in a while.

I know, I got hung up for a while.

- What you got going?
- I need your car.

- The keys are in it.
- All right.

- Hey, take me with you.
- I can't. I gotta see some people.

Be back in a couple hours.

- Next time, I wanna go with you.
- All right, you got it.

- I'm not shitting you.
- I hear you.

- If I go with you, I can drive. I can get...
- You got it.

Hey, my radio.

I'll be back, couple hours.

Where's he going?

He's going to the store.
He'll be back in a minute.

- How are you? What's to it, Manny?
- How you doing, man?

- How are you?
- I'm all right.

I wanna talk.

- Yeah.
- I mean right now, okay?

- If anybody asks for me, I'm not here.
- All right.

- What do you wanna talk about?
- I just need your help.

- What do you want, money?
- I want a pistol.

No, I don't do that, Max.

- You don't keep a piece in your office?
- I don't play around with guns.

You owe me one, Manny.
You owe me one.

Come on.

Shut the door.

- I got something we took off a drunk.
- Just give me what you have.

I just gotta get my hands
on some heavy stuff, you know?

I need a Thompson,
you know, a Magnum.

Maybe a shotgun.
Can you raise that for me?

- Takes a lot of cash, Max.
- What is this?

It's a piece of shit.
We took it off a drunk.

- Does it work?
- I don't know. I don't play with those.

- Makes my dick hard.
- It's yours.

You put up the money,
I'll take care of you.

- I ain't got that kind of cash.
- You're doing a lot of business out there.

How much time do you need?

- Give me a couple of days.
- You got it.

I read you, Manny. Try for it tonight.
I'll call your house in the morning.

Give me one full day. Go that way.
Go the side way.

One full day.

Take it easy and you won't get hurt.

Give me the money.

Open the register.

Open the register.

Does he speak English?

Better tell him to open the register.

Open the fucking register
or I'll blow your fucking head off.

- Open it. You feel that? You feel that?
- Yeah.

Open it.

Get down. Get down.

Hold it.

Hold it.

Don't move.

Don't come out.

What are you thinking about?

You know you're
breaking the law right now?

What do you mean?

I mean, a cop could knock
on that door, put you in jail.

Why would he do that?

You're harboring a fugitive.

I jumped my parole yesterday.
I'm on the run.

I'll take my chances.

No, I don't want any.

I'd like to take you out tonight...

...but I got some business to do
with some people... why don't you just let me
borrow your car for a while?


Promise not to steal it?

Gotta go to work in the morning.

- Damn, you scared me.
- Hey, Max.

Mickey. How you been?

- All right. When did you raise?
- A couple days ago.

- Where'd you get those threads?
- Bought them. Let's go sit down, friend.

You're looking good.

- Slick.
- Yeah.

- It's good to see you.
- You too.

Why don't you let us
have that seat... me and my friend
can talk some business?

- So how have you been?
- How long have you been around?

I don't know. A couple years.

- Want a drink?
- Yeah.

- Tommy.
- Double Jack Daniel's with a 7 back.

- What do you want?
- I'll have one of these things right here.

How you been?

Ready to make a move.

You got something
you wanna run by me?

I got a sweet poker game in the Valley
you might be interested in.

- Sounds good. What's it good for?
- Fifteen or 20 big ones.

That much? Any guns?

No, just some fat-ass old men, man.

They got pacemakers that'll short-circuit
when you charge through the door.

All right, I'm interested.

Can you help me with a partner?

What about Kelly Mason?
He comes here all the time.

He'd jump at the chance
to work with you.

Who's that kid that just got up?

That's Augie Morales' brother.

- Is that Augie's kid brother?
- Yeah.

- Get him over here.
- Hey, Chungie. Come here.

- How you doing?
- Nice to see you again.

This is Max Dembo, man.
He's a good friend of Augie's.

- Hi.
- You don't remember me, do you?

- You're a friend of my brother's, right?
- How's he doing?

He's not doing very well right now.
He's doing 20 years in Arizona...

...and has a lot of problems
in California too.

- Can you vouch for him?
- He's as good as Augie was at that age.

Can I get ahold of him through you?

I got his phone number,
or you can catch him in here.

I got something for you, maybe.
We'll talk later, okay?

- Just give me a call.
- Give my love to your brother.

- I will. Thanks very much. See you later.
- All right, take care.

- Does he take shit?
- No, he's too smart for that.

He's a good thief for his age.

Know what I'd like to do?

Run me by that motel.
We'll check it out, then go cut it up.

I'll drive you out there,
but I'm not gonna rob it for you.

You've got to do that yourself,
you know. I got stomach trouble.

No guts.

Did I scare you?

Yeah, a little bit.

You gotta go to work pretty soon.

What time is it?

Wanna take a shower with me?

Can I use your phone?

Yeah, go ahead.

Is Jerry Schue there?

- Looks like you're fixed up pretty good.
- It's going all right.

After you fell,
I pulled a few jobs and met Carol.

She straightened me out... I set myself up in the
painting/contracting business. Sit here.

We bought the house.

I got that boat. Put the pool in last year.
The only thing I need's a new car.

The one out front belonged to Carol's ex.
It's about had it.

When you were at Quentin,
did you know a guy named Don Shaffer?

- I don't think so.
- Kind of a short, squat guy.

- He was my first husband.
- He don't know the man, honey.

- You got a place in town, Max, or what?
- Nickname "Lumpy."

I know him.
Was that your first husband?

Yeah, I know Lumpy.

What are we gonna do, honey,
go down the whole damn list?

First there was Lumpy,
then it was Steve the bodybuilder...

...greased himself to death...

...then Raymond,
who sold us the lemon out front.

- Did I leave any out?
- Oh, will you cut it out?

So how'd you two lovebirds meet?

I met her at a 31 Flavors, of all places.

Yeah, he was 32.

Isn't she a peach?

Why don't we get Sherry
and we could all go out dancing later?

Oh, you mean Sherry,
that blond that threw up in the car...

...the last time we went out?

I know the kind of broad he wants.
A good-looking broad. Marlene.

- I'd really like a beer, if you have one.
- Sure, I got beer.

- Want everything on these burgers?
- Yeah.

Okay. Here.


- I'll be right back.
- Okay.

Thank you, honey.

Not bad.

Get me out of here.

They're killing me.
I can't make this scene any more.

Get me out of here.

You got something.
I know you got something.

Yeah, I got something.

Well, let's do it.

- Don't you wanna know what it is?
- I don't give a damn. Let's just do it.

What is it?

A bunch of old guys play poker
over in a motel in the Valley.

They got about $20,000 on the table.

We just tiptoe in,
tiptoe out, and it's all ours.

There ain't no cops
because they can't call.

- Great. You got the guns?
- Yeah.

- We need a shotgun.
- Here, honey.

I don't know what to play.

- You still playing that thing?
- I'm eating, for chrissake.

You can play later, but I'd prefer now.

Play that song where you yodel.

What's that "Walking Stick" thing
you used to play?

What "Walking Stick"? You mean
"Hand Me Down My Walking Cane"?

"Walking Cane," yeah, play that.

Come on, we got cause to celebrate.


Oh, shit, Max.

All right, Jerry. Take it easy.
We're all right. He'll be here.

Man, this is very unprofessional.

All I'm saying is you give the man
10 minutes.

He'll be here. It's all right.

It's not all right, man. I've had it.
Get me out of here.

Is that him?

Is that him?

No. If it was him,
he would have stopped.

That's it. They're coming out.
It's over. Let's go.

We're still all right.
We still can do it, man.

It's over, man. Look at the people.
They're coming out, man.

I mean, I don't care if he shows up
with a 20 mm cannon. It's over.

Fuck it.

Jesus. Will you wait a minute, man?
They'll see you.

We're all right. There's five
more guys in there. Let's do it.

I told you, I'm not taking that game
without a shotgun.

You can't cover a fucking poker game
without a shotgun, all right?

The plan was to meet your friend here
with a shotgun...

...we go in and do the job
and we leave, all right?

Now, we've been sitting here all night
waiting for the guy with the shotgun...

...and you wanna take it
with your cap pistol...

...and I'm telling you it's very
un-fucking-professional, all right?

- That's him.
- If that's him, tell him he's late.

- How you doing?
- What's to it, Manny?

Some really fucking weird shit.
You know the bartender, the asshole...

What do you got for me?

Go ahead.

I was just gonna...
I didn't come with nothing...

...because the bartender, I gave him
the key to my place to lock up...

So, what'd you bring me?

- I didn't bring you nothing. But I...
- Just tell me, why weren't you here?

- Well, will you let me explain, Max?
- Yeah, go ahead.

There's people up there.
They're gonna see you.

- Are you out of your mind?
- Sorry.

Come on, man. Calm down.
You made your point.

You were righteous, okay?
Cool it, man. Just cool it.

We fucked the score off on...
Hey, hey!

We fucked the score off
on account of you, you know that?

Will you just settle down?
Get in the car. Please.

You know, I counted on him.
He let me down. He was wrong.

- So get in the car.
- He was wrong. He let me down.

Hey, get in the car.
This ain't gonna make it, man. Okay?

You're wrong, Manny. You know that?

- You know that you're wrong, right?
- Come on. There's no money in this.

How's it feel
getting fucked out of 20 grand?

It ain't no big thing.
I just wanna get you home.

Let's go. It's cold.

- I've gotta cool this dude down.
- He won't tell.

I'm gonna make sure so I can keep you
on the streets. Turn the key.

- I'm all right.
- You going home?

Tell me the truth. You going home?
You know what you're doing?

- I won't let you down next time.
- Turn your lights on.

Come on, baby.




What happened? Where've you been?

I had to take care of some business.

What kind of business?
Why are you all dirty?

I broke through a wall.


I did something.

The place looks nice.

All right.

What made you finally decide to unpack?

How far you wanna take this?

I don't know.

I thought we were working on
something here, but maybe I'm wrong.

No. What do you think
I've been doing?

Guess I never really thought about it.

Want me to lie and say I work on
a hot-dog stand? I can't do a regular job.

I'm not gonna take your money.

Well, do you have
an alternative for me?

I'm doing what I do.

If you can't take it
and it's too heavy for you...

...well, then I'll just walk out the door.

I'll walk, but I don't want to.

Was this just a one-time thing, or what?

That depends on how lucky I get.

The thing I had going got screwed up,
so I did another thing.

I'm just trying to get myself together,
you know?

If I could just get a decent score,
just put one thing together...

...then we can kick back and maybe
we can get out of here. That's all.

So I guess what we're really saying here
is if I can handle it.

- That's right.
- I don't want you to go.

And I don't want to either.

It's just that this is so totally out of
my experience. You gotta understand.

I'll promise you that I won't hurt you,
and whatever I do doesn't involve you.

I keep it outside.

But maybe it'd be better
if you didn't ask me questions.

I'll stay with you as long as I can handle
it, but when I can't, I'm gonna go.

I know that.

Just be careful.

I want you to know that
what you're doing out there... scares the shit out of me.

It scares me too.

Come here.

You come here.

- Can I give you something?
- What is it?

Something I found.

Come on, now. Don't be scared.

Don't be scared.

I can't help it.

Excuse me, sir,
would you look right over there, please?

All right, don't move.
Get up out of there.

Get the fuck out of there, man.

Get in there.

All right, listen to me! This is a robbery!
Everybody on the floor.

- Get down on the goddamn floor!
- Open the drawer.

All the way down.
All you tellers, down on the floor.

All the way down! Hey, get down!

Open the drawer. Open it up.

Get down before I start killing people!

Get your drawer open, honey.
Get your drawer open.

Stop looking at me!

Get down on the goddamn floor!

Thirty seconds.

Twenty seconds.

You in love with me?
Answer me! Are you in love with me?

Then stop looking at me, motherfucker,
or I'll blow your goddamn face off!

Time's up. Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go!

Let's hit it.

Let's go!

Get back!

Get back. Get down on the floor!

Let's go.

- How much did we get?
- We got a bunch.

- How was I? Was I good?
- You scared the shit out of me.

Hit it, hit it. Just hit it.
Hit it. Let's go.

Make a left here.

- What do we got?
- I don't know. I can't tell yet. It's fat.

- What is it? Twenties, 30s, 50s?
- Yeah, there's 20s. There's no 30s, man.

- Any ones?
- Yeah, there's a few ones.

- A couple hundreds.
- Would you say, 20, 30,000? Forty?

What's that look like?
What's that look like to you, huh?

- What's this look like, huh?
- Let me feel it.

Come on. Asshole.

Put it up your fucking snoot, baby.

- Man.
- We got more fucking money here...

Let's go over to your place
and cut it up.

- Put it in the bathroom, lock the door...
- Right on the floor.

From now on, when I say go,
though, man, we gotta go, man.

- When I yell, "Go," go.
- The clock...

The clock, my ass.
We always go through this shit.

I'll dock you 8 grand you stopped me
from getting from that last teller.

Eight thousand fucking dollars.

It was like pulling teeth
to get you out of the fucking place.

So we scored.

- Do you like it?
- Not really. What are we doing here?

Let me buy you something.
What about the earrings?

- I think it's a set.
- Look at the ring.

The price tag on it's $9135.

- I bet that bracelet's worth more than...
- Hello. May I help you?

- How much is that?
- Eighteen thousand.

- What about this one here?
- Forty-seven five for the set.

- With tax or without?
- Without tax.

Want a watch?
Where's ladies' watches?

This counter right over here.

What are you doing?

- I'm getting you a watch.
- I don't want a watch.

- Hi.
- Hi. May I show you something?

- Can we see some ladies' watches?
- Certainly.

- This entire counter, all ladies' watches.
- How about your best one?

Best one? Is right here.

- That's all right.
- Isn't that a lovely watch?

It's disgusting.

- Let's see this one here.
- Certainly.

- I don't like those diamonds.
- Let me put this back.

That's nice.

- How much is that?
- That's $2000.

I can't wear that to work.

Better show us something less
expensive. She has very simple tastes.

It's my upbringing.
What can I tell you?

Here, let's try this one.

- How much is that one?
- This one is $900.

That's pretty. What make is that?

Sir? Excuse me.

Where are you going?

I was just looking for your restroom.

I'm sorry, but we don't have
a public restroom here.

There's a coffee shop two doors down.
They'll allow you to use their facilities.

Thanks. Did you get
what you wanted?

- I like this the best.
- We'll have to think about it.

- Very well.
- We'll be back.

- Thank you for coming in.
- Bye-bye.

- Bye-bye.
- Goodbye.

- Is there anything else to see upstairs?
- No, those are the executive offices.

All right.

Look, this is Wilshire Boulevard
right here, right?

All right. Here's the doors.

There's glass windows on either side,
and they're tinted, Jerry.

From the outside, you cannot see in.

But inside, you can see
all the action outside.

We didn't have that on the bank, right?

When I was in there,
the lady showed me one case.

In one case, there was over
125 grand of ice there.

In one case?

What do you think?

I don't know.

Beverly Hills is rough, man.
Scares the shit out of me, Beverly Hills.

Why's that?

I don't know.
Well, how many cops they got there?

They got 100 cops
in six square miles, you know.

That's, you know, 20 cops
to the square mile, or whatever it is.

What's the response time?
Three minutes?

- Three minutes?
- What'd make you feel safe in there?

Fuck Beverly Hills.
Fuck those cops, man. They're just cops.

They can't be faster than three minutes.
Alarm goes off when we start sacking.

Let the alarm go.

Would you feel safe
for a minute and a half?

Bob. I gotta get out of here, man.

They're waiting on me.

Tell the old lady that owns the house
to sign this, not her mother, all right?

- All right.
- Right up.

You know next week
you don't have to do that?

- I wanna see you with nice clothes.
- How much longer you gonna be?

- Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.
- Okay.

Don't you wanna tan your face?
You wanna live in that neighborhood?

Don't you want a new car?

You're a thief.
Why don't you be a thief?

Did you like doing that bank?

Did you feel good doing that bank,
holding that shotgun?

- Did you feel good working with me?
- Yeah.

You wanna do it?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. What about a driver?

Mickey Barber, the other night,
introduced me to a guy.

I knew his brother.

He said he's a good wheelman.

- How you doing?
- Good.

- Jerry, Willy.
- Hey, man, I've heard a lot about you.

Here. I'll get it for you.

Watch your feet.

- Who is that guy?
- What?

- Is that the guy Mickey sent?
- No.

- No?
- It fell through.

- What do you mean?
- Did you get the plates changed?

The car is one half-hour hot and
the plates are changed. I did everything.

You should've told me. That was wrong.
Do you hear me? That was wrong.

- Where are we going?
- Keep going. We'll talk about it later.

- Right here?
- Go straight toward it.

All right. Now, you're gonna back in
that first spot there.

Go ahead. Take it easy.

Soon as you get in,
I'll tell you what we're doing.

- Oh, shit, I'm sorry.
- Take it easy, all right?

Okay, you see that door over there?
We'll be out in a few minutes.

As soon as we're out, open both doors.
We get in and split. You got it?

- Yeah.
- How do you feel?

- Do I keep the car running?
- Yeah. All right?

- I'm okay.
- You ready to hit it?

- Yeah.
- All right, let's go.

Just relax, man.

How do you feel?

Feel great. Except for that driver, man.

Don't worry about it.

- You should have told me about it.
- All right, let's do this.

- How's the vibes?
- Everything's all right.

- A lot of traffic, a lot of people.
- I'd kiss you, but you're too ugly.

No, it's too yellow. Thank you.

Well, may I see the 10 mm, please?


Well, yes, I like the pink...

- I need a 24-carat ring.
- Well, we can order that. No problem.

What about...?

Pardon me. What are you doing?

Can you step back, please?

Do what you're told
and you won't get hurt.

Get up against the wall! Face the wall!

Sorry, sir. Will you step back in there
before you get shot?

- How do you feel?
- Go ahead, get some.

- We've got a minute and a half.
- Go on, there.

What's the time?

- What's the time?
- One minute.

Get it all.

Twenty seconds to go.

Let's go.

- Let's go! Let's hit it.
- We've got time.

Time's up! Let's go!

Hey. Hey, let's go, man.

Let's go, man.
We've gotta get out of here.

There was another piece here.

I don't believe this, man.
I really don't believe this.

- There's gonna be an army out there.
- Where was it?

- I don't know.
- There was a big piece here.

This is the last goddamn time, man.
This is it.

The poker game was the same way,
the driver, the whole goddamn thing.

This is it. It's all over.

You're a child, man. You act like
a 2-year-old child, for chrissake.

I know you like a book.

This is the last goddamn time
I'm working with you. I mean it.

What are you...? Get over there
and sit down! Put your head down.

- What are you doing?
- Where's the watch?

Hey, we gotta get out of here, man!

Hey! Hey!

- Listen to me! Listen to me.
- Let go of that. All right, all right!

Give it to me, man.

- We're going.
- Why don't you take a clock too?

This is the last goddamn time
I'm working with you.

- Where is he?
- Yeah, where is he?

Where is he?
Was this part of your goddamn plan?

Who the fuck knows where he is?

You're pathetic.
You're a pathetic fucking human being.

We gotta run. We gotta run.
We gotta run.

Get rid of the shotgun!

Walk, walk, walk.
Slow down and walk. Walk.

- Come on.
- Are we going the right way?

The car's on the next street.
Come on, we're all right.

Halt! Police!

- It's a great line.
- We gotta go. Right now. Come on.

Excuse me, could you
see this guy for me?

- Where's your car?
- In the back.

- Where? Let's go.
- In the back.

So I'll be back in a second.
What's the matter?

- Where's your key? Where's your car?
- Keep going. It's over there.

- Give me the key.
- Just a sec.

- Where are we going?
- Come on.

- What happened?
- I'll tell you later.

What are you doing?

Max, please.

I gotta stop by and get some money
from a friend.

Where are you, man? Willy?


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I'll fucking hurt your fucking ass.

Don't tell me "wait." I'm gonna put
your fucking brains on that wall!

- Let me explain.
- You knew I'd be back, didn't you?

Please let me explain to you
what happened.

Go ahead, run it.

I had the car pointed the right way.

The motor was on.

I was watching my clock,
I was watching the door.

The burglar alarm went off
for five minutes.

That's bullshit, man.

That's bullshit, man.

- Max...
- No, no. No, man, I would've been there.

I'm running because of you,
sucker man.

That shit under the bed?
I went to jail because of you.

I'm sorry.

Well, you know, sorry ain't shit now.
You know why?

It don't mean nothing.

Come on, Max.

- Are you high?
- No.

- Did you get high?
- No.

Then I don't understand
why you don't hear me.

I don't understand why you don't
understand what I'm talking about.

Jerry's dead.

Just lying on the street, man.

And that hurts me, man,
because he'd do anything for me.

He'd do anything for me.

If he was out in the car, man...

...there could have been a shitstorm,
you know?

Max, I'm sorry.

I got scared.

I'm scared now.

You did the best you could, right?

- I really did.
- I gave you every chance, too, didn't I?

It wasn't your fault.

It's over, Willy.

It's over, man. Forget it.
I shouldn't have asked you to do it.

It was too heavy for you.

- I'm sorry.
- It's all right. It's all right, man.

- What can I do?
- Give me a big bear hug...

- ...and just forget it.
- Okay.

I'm sorry.

- You were wrong, though, you know.
- I know it.

I'm sorry.


Did you get it?

- What?
- The money.


Where's the freeway?

I don't know.

Well, we're going.

- All right?
- Let's go. Yeah, let's go.

How you doing?

- Want me to drive?
- No, I'm all right. Can I have one?

...this afternoon when a house trailer
lost its brakes and ran into a schoolyard.

One man is dead
and one wounded in a gunfight...

...following a jewelry store holdup
in Beverly Hills earlier this afternoon.

The robbers, two in number...

...used hammers to break through
the counters and display cases... Gindel's, an exclusive
Wilshire Boulevard shop.

Police arrived just as the robbers
were making their getaway...

...and in the ensuing gun battle... of the holdup men, Jerry Schue,
age 48, of Burbank, was killed.

Also critically wounded in the shootout
was Officer David Post...

...a two-year veteran of the force.

The second holdup man,
who made good his escape...

...has not yet been identified...

...but police officials are currently
assembling a detailed description...

...from eyewitnesses on the scene.

Look for another
smoggy day tomorrow...

...according to the Air Quality
Management District. Temperatures...

We didn't start the shooting.

- Would you pull over for a second?
- Why?

Please pull over. I don't feel well.

- Wait'll we get to a gas station, will you?
- I can't wait, Max.

Pull the fucking car over, goddamn it!

Max, don't you dare lay
a fucking hand on me!

- What do you wanna do with this?
- I got it.

- Can I help you?
- Yeah.

Fill it up with regular and you better
check the oil. I think that's all.

- Want something to drink?
- Yeah.

Just get me a ginger ale.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.

- Give us a ginger ale and a beer?
- What kind of beer?

- It doesn't matter. We'll be over here.
- Yeah. Anyway...

...he starts back to her at the door
and I think he's not gonna say anything.

And he looks up at me
with the football helmet...

...and he says, "Lady,
I sure hope your team wins."

- Here we are, sir. Here you go.
- Thank you.

- And can I get you something else?
- No, that's okay.

I got some fine
homemade chili for you.

- This'll do it.
- All right. That'll be 90 cents.

I saw a sign outside.
Is there a bus stop here?

Yeah. That would be
the local Palmdale transportation.

It stops twice a day.

The schedule's kind of irregular, but...
Where were you going?

- Where you kids going, honey?
- L.A.

Oh, L.A. You take the Palmdale bus from
here, as I say, and go into Palmdale.

- Make your connection to L.A. there.
- What time does it get here?

You got about half an hour.

- I'll get your change.
- Keep it.

Oh, thanks, yeah.

You sending me home?

Yeah, you are.

Please, Max, I don't want any money.

I want you to have it.

What are you gonna do?

Will you call me?

Gotta go.

Forgot my sweater.

Why can't I go with you?

Because I wanna get caught.

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