Strah (2020) - full transcript

Svetla, a widow who lost her job recently is living next to the Bulgarian-Turkish border. There are many cases of refugees in her village due to it's location. One day she meets a refugee from Africa and this changes her life. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

I got fired.

Not exactly.

They closed the school down.

Got to find a new job.

In summer I'll find some seasonal job,
but in winter...

Damned cap!

I'm going to the Employment agency,
but they'll find me a job

when pigs fly.

Other than that,
not much is going on.


The other day Spas,
the sexton, died.

He poured a bottle of icy water,
rode his motorbike

to go for a drink to Tzetzo's pub,
and that was it.

Hey, get lost!

You hear me?

-Is that a pocket-knife?

-Give it to me!
-No way!

Now what?

Now you wait.

-Till when?
-Don't know.

When a vacancy opens
we'll call you.

-How about a tango?
-Buzz off.

-Some language! So impolite.
-You push me, I fall and I'll kill you.

Easy, nobody's bullying anybody!

-Get lost.

You're getting on my nerves.

-I wasn't before...
-You always have. Buzz off.

-Jump in, I'll give you a lift.
-No way.

-How come you are so wild?
-That's my kind.

Go away now!

Fuck you!

-Hey, Svetla...

Guess what we're talking about
and you win a coffee.


Go get her a coffee, Velyo.

Promises, promises only, Bochev...

A whole gang of men we are.
Take your pick.

If you gave me the young boy,
I'd make him a man within two days.

I am a man, big sister.

-Last week he got married.
-You did?


-A treat on me?
-The coffee is a treat.


Choose someone else.
Me, perhaps?

-You mind your business.
-You are so stubborn!

Thanks for the coffee.

Let's take you hunting tonight.

-I'm hare-hunting tomorrow.
-We're Nosir-hunting.

What's that?

Black creature, white teeth.
At gunpoint it says No, sir, no sir!

Why don't you conduct an inquiry,
ask people if they want murderers here.

... on top of all bills and taxes
to pay a refugee tax, too?

We, Bulgarians, are hospitable people,
but we are not stupid.

We've been through hard times
and we know what a war is.

We can't feed ourselves,
now we have to feed strangers, too.

Look at her, you won't say
she's starving, will you?

-True. What do you want?
-A packet of flour and 5 eggs.

What's my debt?

17.40 levs.

-I'll pay you off on the 20th.

... before they understand, this is a war
between two worlds.

One of them, unwanted here.

I am a refugee from Mali, Africa.

I have a passport in my pocket.

I have a passport.

-Yes, passport.

Show your passport to someone else.
Grab your suitcase and go.

Do you speak English?

English, I don't understand.

I want to go to Germany.

Germany, OK?



Don't curse, you, African man,
or I'll fill your ass with lead.

I want an appointment
with the official authority.

Go, you crazy man!
You hear what I say?

I have human rights.

Every human being has human rights

quaranteed by the European Convention
on Human Rights...

Move! You're getting on my nerves!

Hey, where are you going?

This way!

We're informed about a refugee group
trying to cross the border tonight.

Where and when we don't know yet.
We need all personnel levied.

You hear that? All of you!

So we cover the whole
36-km-long border we observe.

That's the task we have to carry out.

Any questions?

-Go ahead.

-How can we do it?
-Do what?

Cover 36 km, there's just 10 of us?

Right. Other questions?

I just did my fatigue-duty.
I need to have a rest?

Right. Conference over.

At 16 hrs sharp off
we go to the border.

I see a villain tonight,
I'll beat him blue.

No beating, right?

There will be a TV crew with us.

Do you have water?


-Oh, yes, water. That's the word.

And this is bread.


In prison you'll learn
the words for bread and water

and everything
you need to know.

This is an egg.


We're close to the border line.
We got information about refugees

who will try to cross
the border in this area.

Are the refugees armed?

No. These are usually families
with kids, running from the war.

And they don't carry arms?

No. Just sometimes the trafficants
carry some cold weapons. Rarely.

Just them?

Sometimes the trafficants do,
but so far we hadn't had such cases.

As you can see, the situation
at the border is very tense.


-Any risky experience to quote?
-None in our border outpost.

Any drugs or guns upon
searching refugees?

Not in this area, no.

Our viewers will be interested
to hear you speak about incidents

in which you put your life
or your men's lives to the risk.

No such incidents.
There's nothing to tell.

They called from HQ, sir.

Off we go...






Hey, Slavka...

Stop shouting!
You know what time it is?

Look what I've found!

-I don't see anything.
-Wait a second.

What's this?

An African,
I found him in the forest.

-Why have you brought him here?
-Where should I?

-To the border outpost.
-There's no one there.

-Where are they?
-I don't know.

-What will you do?
-You're the Mayor, you tell me.

Tie him to a tree and give him
in to the police tomorrow.

-Where are you from?

- Do you know where you are now?
- Yes, Bulgaria.

-Do you want to stay here, in Bulgaria?
- No, we want to go to Germany.

- Why Germany?
- I have a sister there.

- Are you going back to Afghanistan?
- No, I don't think so.

-You can arrest her now.
-C'mon, get up.

I am Maria Georgieva, live
from the border.

Back to our border outpost.

You'll sleep here.

-Where can I wash myself?
-I don't understand a word you say.

You sleep here and that's that!
Tomorrow we'll decide what to do!

You don't smoke in here!

Stupid woman.

Move aside!

Where am I to put your African?

-What am I supposed to do?
-I don't care.

-An African can't stay at my place.
-Why did you take him in?

-I found him in the forest.
-You shouldn't have gone there.

I went hunting!

You caught a monkey,
you take care of it.

I catch another civilian here,
I'll hang you with my bare hands.

You'd say the Gypsies are not enough,
now she brings a Negro over!

-What is it, Svetla?
-We need to talk.

-Not now, I'm busy!
-What shall I do with this African?

- Africans?
-There are no Africans.

Don't lie!
I got one yesterday.

The African is your problem.
We've got our refugees.

I've organized charity to gather food,
now we consider accommodation.

There's plenty of empty hotels.

Hotels? Diseases will spread,
we'll be blocked till summer.

-No dirty gypsies in my hotel!
-Neither in mine.

-I've got a tent, I can give it away.
-Me, too.

-Why not put up a tent camp?

-We'll need barbed wire!
-What for?

-To enclose the camp.
-Now what?

That's a lot of money.

We can set the camp on the meadow,
behind the cemetery.

-Whose land is it?

-Why there?
-We'll only need barbed wire for 3 sides.

Right, the forth one borders on the
cliffs and the sea. There's no escape.

You are free.

It's 30 km to town.
Walk there and do what you want.

Where do we store food
for refugees?

-Don't know.
-Where's the Mayor?

-She's out.
-I'm leaving it here.

-Don't steal anything.
-I won't.

Hey, Svetla!

-You scared me out of my wits, woman!
-Who's that?

- Who's who?
-The black one.

- Go ask him.
-Why me?

It's you who's asking.

Where are you from?

I say, where are you from?

I don't understand.


I'll sweep you out.

Go away, you don't belong here!

Go away, you criminal!


I'll call the Police.

Go away, you criminal!


-What is it?
-Come here.

You come.

- How?
-Don't know. Find a way.

Is that all you gathered?

-Our people don't have money.
-They do when it comes to drinking.

What shall I do?

Call them, ring their doors or
I proclaim martial law and confiscation.

That's one.

Two, find a place to put them up,
they can't stay on these premises.

-Don't but me! Just do it.

Hey, Africa, come here!

I am not Africa.

My name is Bamba.
Bamba from Africa. Okay?

-Yes, Bamba.

OK, I am Svetla.
Come on in.

Where the hell are you headed to?

Yes, yes, very tasty.

-You'll die somewhere like a dog.
-I am very pleased.

You stay here.

When things settle,
you go like everyone, in due order.

Thank you. Thank you for dinner.

Where are you going?

You'll sleep there.

Over there.

Here you take a wash.



Water to wash yourself.

Good morning, Ms. Svetla.

The Mayor wants you
to open the school.

- Why?
-To accommodate the refugees.

OK, I'm coming.

Dear refugees, due to lack of room

the Agency for refugees
has a problem putting you up.

We hope to solve the problem soon.
Translate that, Svetlyo!

Dear foregners, because no seats
the Agency has problems.

We all hope that there will be no
problems soon.

The good news is that
you'll be fed by Municipality

and you'll sleep
in the school building.

The good news is that you
will sleep in that school

and you will get food from the state.

The living conditions are not good,
but everything comes from our hearts.

What's living conditions?

There is moisture on the walls...
The toilets are not clean...

I see.

In the bathroom there is shit,
but it is from the heart.

-Welcome and come in.

Good! Very good, I'd say.

-Hey, Svetlyo.

-I take it you know English?
-I do.

Good for you. Can you lend me
a dictionary or a phrase-book?

Good afternoon, Ms. Svetla.

Take your clothes off,
I'll wash them. Put these on.

I'll wash your clothes.


Ah, you want to wash my clothes.

I am ready.

These clothes belong to him?

That's my husband.

A nice man.

He was a fisherman,
but the sea took him.

-Where is he?
-He was a fine man.

Before we married I was about
to beat a woman who fancied him.

I actually did.

In order to separate us
he lifted me in his arms

and took me right
to the Wedding Hall.

Crazy guy.

We lived together for 15 years,
before he...

... bad luck.

These are his clothes.

Beans, bread, peppers...
Be careful, these are very hot.

Bon appetite!

Bon appetite, I know that.

Good job.

In Bulgarian we say
"Enjoy your meal".

You can also say,
"Enjoy your dinner", or "Cheers"!

I'm a teacher.

Used to be.

They cut my position
for lack of school-kids.

Why did you eat it?
I warned you they're hot!


Eat bread!

Eat some bread.

There's a Negro at Svetla's.

Have you drunk from my rakiya?

What is it?

Sorry, my wife told me
there's a Negro at your place?

What did you do?

I beat her, but she insists.

-If she does, it means there is one.
-Where did he come from?

Good evening!

Now we've got a situation.

-Where's Bochev?
-At Tsetso's pub.

Since when?


Holy Mother... Let's go.

Well, well, it's Slavka.

-There's a revolt at the school!
-Very well.

-What shall we do?
-You tell me.

Take them back
to the border outpost.


Hey, Svetla!

-What is it?
-Gosho feels sick.


I don't need this gadget
to see his blood pressure is high.

-Where are his pills?
-He took the last one last night.

Run to town.

Good afternoon!

I need hot water and salt.

-What did he say?
-I don't know.

I need hot water and salt.

-I think he wants salt.
-And hot water.

Remove your socks.

-What did he say?
-He'll dip your feet in hot water.


-What do you need these loos for?
-For hosting the refugees.

-Or at your place, if you prefer?

They'll freeze to death!

We'll spread nylon sheets
put some heaters.

-If you say so.
-It's the boss who says so, I do it.

Fuck you, damn whore!

-Is that Svetla?
-She's taken that Nigger in her house!

So you are a doctor?

Yes, I am a doctor.

Why do you want to go to Germany?

Yes, Germany.

In my country there is a war.

And I am afraid of my life.

This is my wife,
and those are my sons.

They're gone.

They were killed.

Hey Sveltla!

You're making out with Niggers, your
husband is turning over in his grave.

Shame on you!

What happened?


All right, spit it out!

-Whatever you wanted to say.

Why should I,
you know it very well.

Move it.

Your last salary.

Sign here.


Your social dole comes next month.

-Any job vacancies?
-You wish! It's winter time.


Here is...

Here is seventeen levs...

and forty...

What's the matter?

Nothing, just watching TV.

Get me a Mint liquor
and watch on.

I don't sell on credit.

I have money.

Where from?

From the African.

-I don't have any.
-Any what?

-What you want.
-I can see you have it.

I don't have it for you.

God bless you.

-You need any help?
-No, thanks.

I'm fixing Mother's grave-stone.

All metal parts're stolen.
Damn Gypsies!

-What are you doing?
-Keeping silent, the two of us.

It's good to have someone
to keep silent with.

I've been working all my life...

to end up lonely as a dog.

-How are you?
-Not bad.

That's what I like about you.

You can be dying,
yet never giving in.

Just like me.

You are alone, I am alone...

Life sucks.

What are you doing?

I love you.

Are you crazy?

So, you can make it with a Negro,
but not with me, eh?

What's wrong with me?

Over silence,

did you tell your husband

you fuck Niggers?

Did you?

Did you tell him
about the Nigger?

How much longer shall we play, Boss?
We're groggy.

- What is it?
-We're moving the refugees today.

- Who called?
-The Agency people.

Get ready, I'm coming.

Take the highway to Primorsko.

Then, over the bridge
to the town of Malko Tarnovo.

I'll take the lead. Drive carefully
so no one gets hurt.

-Any problem, you give a signal. OK?
-Yes, sir!

-All ready, chief.
-Off we go.

Shall I... peel po-ta-toes?

I'll peel them, you do the garlic.

-You... peel... the garlic.

-This... is... a table.
-Good for you.


... is a chair.

That's right. A chair.
-A chair.

-Have you a... a cork-crew?

Have you a...
a cork... crew?

Have you a corkscrew?

Have you a cork-screw?

-A corkscrew...
-A corkscrew.

That's right.

Now say...


-Why did she nail the windows?
-I don't know.

There's something fishy.

It's winter, you know.

That's not normal.

It may get windy inside?

Are you crazy, man?
Who nails their windows?

-No one.

Gosho, Gosho!

-Do something.
-What should I do?

You tell me what to do.

What are you doing?

A knife. I sleep with it.

Because I'm afraid.

When I was little,

Granny once bought chickens.

She gave me one to hold it.

For fear of dropping it,
I stifled it to death.

Since then,
this feeling hasn't left me.

I was afraid at school.

I was afraid at University, too.

Out of fear I lost my child.

Since my husband passed away,

I've been sleeping with this knife.

I'm sick and tired of being afraid.

-Go, Acho, go!
-Acho, Acho, Acho, Acho...

What's going on?

Pretzel and Acho have a bet and Acho
is doing what he promised to do.

Svetla and the African plank-nailed
the windows of the house.

-I don't know.

He probably wants to do
some shady business.

What business?

You'll see when he stuffs
the place with refugees.

Charging 5 000 per person.

Isn't he a doctor?

Why nail the windows then?

We have a state with police.
It's not up to us to judge.

-If we have a state, where is it?
-In Sofia. We are the electorate here.

-Bochev will come and solve it.
-The way he did with the refugees.

Driving them around the village
this whole week.

Let's hang him then.
You have a rope.

Why hang him,
he's a decent man.

Thing is, do we want
a Negro here or not.

Stop talking about these apes.
Negros should stay in Africa!

I don't mean he's a bad man.
I just said they nailed the windows.

Why did they?

Everybody come and watch!

That's what I mean:

they're fucking our wives now,
next they'll fuck us.


What does it say?

What's up?

Hello, nice to see you!

Ever heard an ape speak, bro?

Never, bro, it's my first time.

I am Bamba.

-Is he talking to me?
-He is.

-What does he say?
-Says you're a fagot.

How are you?

"How are you?"
I know that.

-Where from?
-From the movies.

-What does it mean?
-It means you're a fagot, too.

-He's insulting us.
-He is.

Let's get him then.

Jump in.

It's not good to insult people.

I don't know who wrote it,
it's not my business.

-Whose business is it?
-The Police.

-You're the Mayor, it's your business.
-It's not.

Take a look at that.

They sign a petition against your African.
There will be a protest rally.

In what way does he annoy them?

They say deals with traffic
of people and drugs.

That's bullshit!

Why did you nail your windows?

-Cause they broke them.

The same one who did the walls.

See? First they break your windows,
then they write on the walls...

Who knows what comes next?

-So should I lie low, right?
-You don't have a choice.

Why don't you dump him?
What do you care?

You took him in, so what?
In 3 days no one will remember.

I can't.

Not any more.

... they run from the war, OK.

Why don't they run to the Arabian
countries, to live with the Muslims?

-Why should they come to Bulgaria?
-Besides, we're poor.

And who can guarantee there
aren't terrorists among them?

No one can.

With the kind of army we have
we'll be destroyed within 2 days.

That's true. But what does our man
have to do with that?

Can't you see?

Radical Islamism is thriving in Africa.

Shall I count up
all the terrorist attacks and factions?

We don't want Negroes.
We have some.

We can't handle the Gypsies, now
we'll have Negroes to worry about...

Bulgaria for the Bulgarians!

-So the African is a terrorist then?
-No, he's a doctor.

But he resides here illegally.

Hello, I'm Bamba.

- The African speaks Bulgarian!
-No way.

What would you like?

A bottle of red wine and dinner.

-Some steaks maybe?
-That'll be good.

Dad, Mom wants you home.

I'm busy.

Doing what?

Do you know this man?

Good evening.
Welcome to our table.

Thank you.

I don't have the habit of having
dinner with strangers.

Was it you who poisoned my dog?



For fun.

I've come to speak up, because
the situation gets unbearable.

I don't hate Africans,
they may be good,

but this man has no business here.

We used to live peacefully, right?

And suddenly there comes an African.

-We don't want Africans!
-Africans belong to Africa.

We are hospitable people, but...

Bulgaria belongs to the Bulgarians.

Bulgarians are heroes!

Bulgarians are heroes!

Bring us some Czech girls, or Polish,
or Russian, why bring Gypsies?

What will you do with them,
you old fart?

Just kidding, woman.

I give the floor to our Mayor.

Speak, Slavka.

What can I say.


-Long live Slavka.
-Slavka, Slavka...

The wind is resounding,
The Balkan is moaning...

A hero rides his horse alone.

He blows his horn
to summon his brothers

All take up arms,
all, rise in arms!

The time has come for all of us

to wake up from the sleep,

End to slavery, end to tyranny,

all brothers rise in arms!

End to slavery, end to tyranny,

all brothers rise in arms!

-What's the matter?
-This is the matter.

Who did it?

Svetla's Negro.


Cause he's a Negro.

So you are going
to take revenge now?

While you were absent
things happened, so don't meddle.

You never saw us,
we never saw you.

But I did see you.

You can talk.

Does he understand Bulgarian?


So, how do you two ...

I don't know. We find a way.


-You want some rakiya?

The rakiya's in the cellar.

I'll get straight to the point.

What do you, two, plan to do?

-You ask me if we'll get married?
-Well, yes.

Not for the time-being.

Good, cause I have to arrest him.

You finally spitted it out!

I've got to administer law.

-Is that what the law says?
-Yes. Law should be observed.

Observing law, I had a wretched life.
Now I don't, and my life's good.

Why is that?

Can't tell you why. I'm military.

Let me ask you
something else then:

Have you ever been happy?

-This is not the question.
-No, this is the question.

He's got to go to a camp,

have ID,

get a statute...

Then you can go to Sofia.
No one knows you there.

-I can't.


Tell me.

Can't leave my husband's grave.
Who'll take care of it?

Now it dawned on you
his grave's here!


15 years been talking
to that photo.

Day in, day out.
Lonely like a dog.

I'm a human being!

I need a human being by my side.

I'll send my men to arrest him.

-I won't let him go.
-You can't kick against the state.

Law says, the state, that's me.

-Has Nencho given up on us?
-No, he'll come.

There he is.

C'mon, man, you're late.

-Check out what I've made.
-What's that, man?

-Molotov Cocktail!
-Some tricks you know!

Anything's on the Net.


-Let's go.
-What about the money?

-I'll pay you when we do the job.
-Half now and the rest after, OK?

Search the area.

What happened?

Don't know. Shots woke me up.

-You very well know, man!
-Who did it?

The crazy woman, who else?

-You saw her?

Did anyone see anything?

-Any casualties?

-Whose Jeep is this?
-Ivan's. What a mess!

We found this.




If you guess what we're talking about,
you win a coffee treat.

Same old bla-bla, Bochev.

You give me no chance.

You never asked for one.

What are you doing here?

- Can't sleep.

Because of what you asked yesterday.

What was it?

Whether I've ever felt happy.


I don't remember.

Good night.

Now that I've come all the way here,
why don't I take him with me?

Come fetch him!

What a stubborn woman you are!
I'll call the heavy cavalry.

They are most welcome.

I want you to cut the area off.
The rest is our job.

OK, go ahead.

Team One, go!

Team Two, go!

It's Colonel Nachev speaking.

We know you're armed.

The house is encircled. You have
one minute to come out, hands up.

If you don't surrender,
we'll use force.

Nobody in here!

Agarics are my favourite mushrooms.

Cause they're simple and plain.

Not like boletus or parasol.

Even it's name is simple.

Agaric. So plain.

Sometimes simple things are better
than sophisticated ones.

Agarics are simple mushrooms,
but oh, the soup they make!

Did I make you agarics soup,
Granny's way?

Oh, yes, the nature is very nice!

That's OK, I will.

I will make you such soup
that you'll ask for more.

My trip ends here.

-Where are you going to?
-To Africa.

To Africa?

To Africa...

You take that path here...
and keep straight.

In Granny's soup you add dock,

Onions, and herbs,
which make it out of this world!

Do you have agarics in Africa?


Oh, yes, in Africa it's very nice!

That's OK.

We'll find something...