Stowaway in the Sky (1960) - full transcript

A young boy sneaks onto his grandfather's hot air balloon and together they travel over France.

One adds, multiplies forces,
but gets heavier,

and the one true problem,
gravity, is unresolved.

Balance should never
depend on speed.

Yes, gentlemen, our
civilization is mistaken!

We go faster and faster,
further and further,

but one can't calmly
wander anymore.

Going to the Moon is fine, but
we need to learn how to live on Earth.

Let us go back to healthier ideas.

I developed the perfect means of
transportation: the balloon.

Not the balloon of our youth.
A balloon that can move

upwards, downwards, and sideways.

All this, using only natural elements.

Yes, I said natural elements only.

The air around us is sucked up.
This machine lowers its density.

The lightened air fills the
balloon, that goes up.

To go down, you just have to
let go some of the expanded air.

Inflating the balloon is so
simple a child could do it.

A pump. I pump, the air goes through
this depressurizing coil.

It's stabilized in this cylinder, that
sends it to the ballon, that inflates.

And that's it, the ballon
is filled with air.

It flies, using air.

But that's not all.
Let me stress the following point.

The air, escaping from the horns,
induces a push.

One just has to adjust
its output to steer.

If I open on the right end,
I go to the left.

But, if I open on the northern end,
I go southward.

What about landing?
- Not a problem!

I can land in a tight space.

I'll cross France. From North to South,
from the sea to the mountains.

I'll fly over Mont Blanc.

By this journey, I'll prove
to the world, that us,

balloonists, that
were already shelved,

are on the contrary
at the cutting edge of technology.


Look at that!

Oh! A chimney!

Here we go!

And now, let us go down.

The air escapes.

Now, let me stop
the descent completely.

And now, look.

We'll go between these chimneys.

Yes, these ones.

And here we are. Such accuracy!

Don't touch the lever!
If we were to fell into that...

we would block the chimney!

The balloon! Over there!

Look how shaken he is!

You forgot the parrot!

No way! I'm already overloaded.

One stowaway is enough.

Goodbye! See you later!

How high Strasbourg Cathedral is!
Look at that!

Why is its rooftop green?
Is it on purpose?

Wait a second. Let me steer.
I wouldn't want to bump into it.

Grandpa, is this
a stork's nest over here?

- No, not at all.

Look at that. We're going to
go right over it.

Be careful grandpa.
A lightning rod is sharp.

That was close.

Look Pascal, some storks.

How is your balloon?
- Well, it's a special balloon,

that goes up, goes down,
and is filled with wind.

Never saw something like it.

Are you going over there?
- Yep, straight ahead.

And I'm going left!
Goodbye! - Farewell!

- Goodbye!

- Bye!

You, sir, on the steeple!
Are we far from Paris?

Paris? Straight ahead!
- What are you saying?

With a balloon, it won't
take you five minutes.

Thank you!
- You're welcome.

- Thank you! Goodbye!

It's impossible. They won't make it.
It was good enough for a salon.

But they did take off, didn't they?

Yes, but they haven't arrived yet.

Here they are!

Look Pascal, the Eiffel Tower
as no man has ever seen.

I could shake their hands if
I wanted to. What a success!

My friends from the club
will be surprised.

Grandpa, do you see the elevator?

Here they are, Pascal. Can you see them?
They're waiting for us.

Well done! Wonderful!

Here we are!
- Splendid! Amazing!

Now, they believe in me!
- Well done! Come closer!

Congratulations! This is astonishing!
- Thank you!

The accuracy is impressive.

Hello, hello!
- Yes, yes. Hello, hello!

This is an extraordinary invention.
Brilliant! See you soon!

Bravo, bravo!
Long live France!

Magnificent. Unbelievable.

Say grandpa, is this
a bridge or a castle ?

It's a castle, and a bridge.
It's a castle on a bridge.

This is the Chenonceau Castle.

There, look!

We need to save him!
Look at him!

No, stop! They're going around,
you should go over there!

Stop it!
Leave him be!

Leave him be!
Let him go!

I think we went a bit too far.

We're off Brest and here are the
last sailing ships

that are going to compete in
the race from Brittany to the Canaries.

Don't get to close!

Come on! Help me out!

Hold the gondola.

Hold tight. This way.
Let us pull.

Come on, come on.

It's so simple a child could have done it.
It just required some thinking.

Let me explain. I send expanded
air in the balloon.

I'm going away!

Get back down!
- Oh my God!

Come back, come back!

Let's do it for the last time.

Ready. To you.


To you.
- Bravo, bravo!

To you.

Quick, catch it! Catch it!
- There!

Go on.

My God, it's burning!
Quick put it out!

Something needs to be done.
- Incredible. Air that burns.

That's it! I found it!
This is Kowalski phenomenon.

They're going to explode! For sure!

His process completely changes
the inner structure of gas,

and deprive them of any stability.
A sudden change in temperature or in

air pressure could be enough
to destroy the equilibrium

between the air in the balloon,
and the air around it.

This is Kowalski phenomenon!
- This is Kowalski phenomenon.

So the balloon is going to explode!
- The balloon will explode.

Yes, over there. This track.


It's completely unexpected!

But anyone thinking I'm going to
give up makes a fool of himself.

Besides, as you can see
I was ready for anything.

Are the Alps still far away?

Not for us! It's right opposite to us.
We just crossed the Rhone.

Here is one of the fortified castle
that guarded its valley.

With sheep? - Of course not!
With archers, crossbowmen,

cannonballs, ballistas,

They're stupid.
- Who are?

The sheep. They think they're running
away, but they're running in circles.

Hello? Yes! Yes!

They left!
They couldn't be stopped!

They're going to fly above Mont Blanc!

Flying so high is madness.
They won't make it across the Alps!

The balloon won't resist
such pressure.

Are they done for?

They have no chance to escape!

Look Pascal, do you see,
this is Mont Blanc!

Look, Pascal.
Mont Blanc.

Right under our feet.
That's something, isn't it?

- Sir.


Look at him! He doesn't realize!

We need to cath him!
Or he's done for!

The balloon can explode!

You shouldn't have let him
get in the balloon.

And if you hadn't pretended to be
a bullfighter back there,

the kid wouldn't be in danger!

Go on, faster! Speed up!
Hurry up!

I can't see a thing.

Wait a second.
Let me wipe.

Good afternoon!

Stop it!

Faster, faster!

Stop! Go on, we're good.

Come on, faster !

Oh, bulls!
Camargue bulls!


It's me. Are you all right?

Don't be afraid. I'm coming.