Storyville (1992) - full transcript

A young candidate for the senate is filmed with a hooker as blackmail. As he investigates, he discovers some family secrets involving his father and their political careers.


Hey, hey.

There's a party outside.

Lots of good people.

Who spent a lot of
money just to see you.


I'm working on my speech.

-Do not joke!

You must join the fray!

Absorb their hopes

and pretend they are yours.


What's wrong with the speech?
I mean, it works fine.

It worked wonderfully two
days ago in the hospital.

I'm thinking about what I would like to say.

Please leave us alone, I
want to talk to my nephew.

Here, Pudge, this stuff
sucks. Throw it away

I believe that
evil and failures of

men are nothing,
and what courage

and effort are everything.

My father used to tell me that
it's everyone's responsibility

to help tame the savage menace of man

and to make life better in this world.

With your help as your
representative in Congress,

I would very much like the opportunity
to put his teachings into practice.

You are great!

Cray, you look a lot like your father.
I seem to see it again.

-I'm proud of you!
I hope everyone thinks like you.

You left them speechless!
Beauty, will you bring us a drink?

-What do you take?
-I would like a Pimm's Cup.

Yeah, well, don't stare at the thirsty man.

Honey, get him a
cup of Pimm's now.

-Thank you.
-He earned his drink.

What a beautiful girl is stuff for "iron balls"

Are mine?

From the noise it would seem so

That was your zipper.

Hey, look at you.

Cray walks into my office.

Nathan LaFleur is waiting for you upstairs.

He's an important man, be nice to him.

He can provide the grades
we need, and we need a lot!

Do you think I can say something stupid?

No, you will not argue.

So where is Natalie?

She called.

You are late.

Do not look at me like this.

This makes me very nervous.

Mr. LaFleur. -Mr. Flowler

I'm sorry I missed his speech.

It was almost the same as another.

Please sit down. -Thank you

What do you drink?

What do you drink?
Ah, coke, very little ice, please.

Ah, coke, very little ice, please.

I followed her to court
in the Charbonneau case.

I am a great admirer of him.
-Thank you.

It's a nice house
that-he Never been here?


They forced her during Prohibition.

My grandfather bought it after the war.

The Colonel has bought a large number
of things in the county of St Albans.

After the war.

Oh, my grandfather brought
the twentieth century here

electricity, water
system, sewage.

He was a very important man.

I remember a speech he once gave

advocating armed
resistance to immigration.

Are we here to talk about our grandparents?

My grandfather was a

sharecropper for the record.

His father came to see
me a week before he died.

I didn't know you knew each other.

He asked me questions about the
federal lawsuit filed against his family.

I did consulting work
for one of the plaintiffs.

Well, the case against my family
was dropped before the trial came.

Your father committed suicide
the day he should have testified.

It was an accident

Mr. Fowler...

Over the past 50 years, his family has amassed
one of the largest fortunes in the state.

And blacks are still at an
intolerable level of poverty.

Now his land sits atop the
largest gas reserves in the region.

Revenue from these
reserves to the oil companies is

conservatively estimated at $75
million in revenue, which by law

would belong to the people who live there.

You know, I've been hearing this barber talk
since I was born, I can't take it anymore!

veiled implications,
baseless accusations.

What the hell does this have to
do with supporting my candidacy?

Have you met my opponent?

Hollister is poised to set
minority causes back a generation.

He has a 20-point lead in the polls.

Do you want to give your support to him?
All right

I'm afraid he misunderstood what I said

No, no, that's fine.

Next time we see each other,
I'll be the one to trash his family.

It was a pleasure talking to you, David.

Two steps, four steps,
six steps and you will fly!

If you vote for Fowler,
you will always fly high!

Your Wife is preparing to fly.

We're separated.

-Where do you live now?
- In the apartment in Pontalba.

You've lived there too.

Run and take off
those damn sunglasses.

Why did you choose politics?

Should I ride a bus?

I don't know how to do it.

Do not be so hard on yourself.

I'm sure you would make
a wonderful bus driver.

- Please, a scotch.
-Right away.

- Good, thanks

-Sorry for the delay.

-Chappy! -How are you, Cray?

-How are you?
- I'm going ahead Mr. Cray.

I appreciate everything he has
done, he is always nice to me.

- I heard you risk jail.
-I'm innocent

Do you want to have fun?
-No thanks!

"No thanks," the northern
assholes all say that!

Look at that stuff.

When is the trial?


I have a public defender
who can't keep his pants up.

Do you know I'm innocent?

I'll see what I can do.

Thank you she is always kind.
No one is better than her!

Come closer boy, look
at this doll with the snake.

Have you ever seen stuff like this?

-You want a drink?

What's your name?


Typical southern name.

Want to go somewhere?

Listen, Lee, my apartment is

only a couple of
blocks away, okay!

Big prick, I already gave you
the advance for this movie!

Wait 15 yards for the fans
and I can kick your ass.

Good luck, You say
that's the right title?

I don't care about
workers' rights!

Come on let's go shoot!

You get off your ass and don't piss me off!

-Where we are?
-In an Aikido gym.

take off your shoes.


first lesson.

Always be prepared.

It's just growing your
wacky sense of humor, right?


All right, wait a second.
- Counterattack.

Beat me.

I am a lawyer I think you should know.

There is no lesson if you don't fight.

Yeah, well, I'm not in the
habit of fighting with girls.

Oh listen, if that's your idea of ​​foreplay.

Losing is inevitable, e

to be patient.


-Hello Lieutenant!
-See you later.


We should have him deposed.
-Precautionary arrest is better.

- Let's sue him first.
-All right.

I gotta go, bye, cray?

Hey, Natalie.

I was coming to see you.

What happened to you?

I'm a little sore today, I'm fine.

Looks like you've been struck by lightning.

Maybe it would have been better!.

I want to ask you
something lame with me

-It's not an excuse, let's go!

Do not rush.

So, how's your life going?

Awesome -Really?

Are you seeing anyone?



Are they all satisfied?

Craig, if you don't
mind, can we skip to

the part where you
tell me what you want?

I need access to some confidential documents.

You remember the civil suit against my family.

The Oxitec case.
-It has been archived.

All I know is what I read in the
paper, and that was three years ago.

All right.
But it is extremely important.

What do you want to know?

I would like to know why
my father killed himself.

Excuse me for saying this, but
you didn't seem interested at the time

I was always drunk during that time.

I suppose I can ask a few questions.

I appreciate it.

Maybe we can have dinner sometime.

Focus your energies
on politics, it's better

You are beautiful.


All right, get the receipt.
Natalie, send it back to me.

Hey wait.

Is age starting to make itself felt?

Are you coming to my office?

This comes out today understood?

Why are you doing this to me?

I don't think you realize how
difficult the job we have here is.

I mean, it's hard enough trying to
run a modern election campaign.

... with the Paleolithic ideas
of your uncle and his friends.

what's more they refused to trust
me because they think I'm a yankee.

I'm from Tampa, for Christ's sake.

You have shaving foam on your ear

Every night we tear down those posters
and every morning they put them back up.

My latest polls say
Hollister is winning.

you look like shit, you know that?

Thank you.

We asked for a coffee.

There is more Good news

I feel slimy.
I was also at your wedding!

And then I hired a private
investigator who brought us these.

-Do you want coffee?
-Hi Melanie, how are you?

Well, I hope I'm not interrupting.

Ninth. Ninth.

Same old stuff, Politics.

Honey, I need to talk to you.

Um, I've thought long and
hard about this, and it wasn't

an easy decision, and I'd
love to hear your reaction.

Ah, what is it?

I decided to go with the convertible.


Convertible I would

like Calypso red

with anthracite interior
and electric soft top.

maybe even the phone. -Certain!

I was thinking, what do I
need a phone for in the car?

But then I realized,
Hey, when you win the

election, it's going to
come in really handy.

It makes sense to me, so let's go.

Oh good.

We have that thing

Let's go or we'll be late.

Yes I'm sorry.

I have to run, be good!
-All right

So see you later.

Anyway, darling, if it's okay.

They have a car ready
at the dealership. I

was wondering if I could
have a check, please.

- yes in the afternoon.

All right.



Well, huh? Yup.

Why do you limp?

No, I pulled a muscle
on the massage table.

You bad boy.

Now be careful.

I like that color, That is

calypso, Red.

Let's get out of here. -Kisses.

Courage! Beat!


Push, push, push.

We got off on the wrong foot
and I'm sorry for how I reacted.

I tell you the truth, I would have been a lot

surprised if you didn't have

questions about my family.

Nathan, I need your support.

I don't think I can
be elected without it.

And I don't see how Abner
Hollister is a viable alternative for you.

Not even I'm so sure you are.

try me.

you know you are arrogant!

What did you tell my father
about those concessions?

To check its validity at
the mining commission


That if we could just apply
a little technology to these

documents, we could be a lot
more efficient in this department.

They keep saying they will transfer
these volumes to computer files.

They can't even afford to
immunize children against polio.

Do you think this is a priority?

I'm interested in 1939, 1949.

Mining sector.

We see.

Let's see, let's see.

You know, I could drop dead in here.

They wouldn't find me for a month.

Very strange. -There is not!

Nope, they're missing

1939 and 40.

Who can have taken them?

It is our official government register.

They are not checked.

Could it have been mislaid by me?

But if they did, they might as well
have fallen into the Bermuda Triangle.

Craig Fowler was a
brilliant public defender.

Craig Fowler was very good at his job.

Craig Fowler has kept more clients
out of jail than anyone else in town

so they could get right back to
doing what they were good at.

Now Craig Fowler wants
to go to Washington.

Even decent people need representation.

The timing is right.

Hollister for Congress.

Now it's our turn.

He doesn't care about African American votes.

On the bright side, your support
among convicted felons is virtually 100%.

That guy is a fucking pig.

A pig with a 20-point lead, yes.

How did we get that tape?

We have a friend at his headquarters.

Fuck you, Mark Hollister.

It's an accident waiting to happen.

I bet on it

Even money the 10:00
news might find our boy

cross-eyed in bed with a
troupe of circus midgets

and a green monkey
who is under accusation.

And on Election Day,
his margin of victory

wouldn't fall below
a giraffe's boobs.

Well done, old chap!
See you at the restaurant.

I almost forgot I have a present for you.

The governor gave me this.

But don't make a fuss

If you put nicotine on it.... Cray!
-Sorry for the delay.

Oh, you're not late.
You are just on time.

I arrived early.
Do you know Avner Hollister?

I think we met at
the Endymion Ball.

But I sure remember.

Bennett Jones, my very
capable campaign manager.

You probably don't remember me.

I know I haven't seen you
since you were so high.

OPD Lieutenant Michael Trevallian.

You know, this is my man in
charge of campaign security.

It is an honor.

Then how about we
move on to the logistics of

the debate, and all you
have to do is just slap

one of these on your car and
come see me in DC next month.

Opening statements.

We were thinking about 5 minutes
per candidate and questions to...

- Pudge.
- huh? Thank you.

It's the first time I've been here since...

..from the day of the accident.

Didn't he tell you anything?


The colonel taught us to hunt.

I used to come here with your
father when you were a kid.

- Gentlemen, the bar is open.
-All right.

It's not the same anymore.

Are you thinking about your old man?

But sometimes

you can't know what's
on a man's mind.

The most cursed truth you will ever meet.

You can't know why a

man does what he does.

Do you know any reason why
he would be afraid to testify?

I do not know.

Ray was a good businessman.

He was tough.

But he knew how to play honestly and fairly.

But they have opened an investigation.
And the grandfather?

In the 1930s the colonel
worked for Oxytech.

He procured the oil
concessions. He was a good man.

- They say he defrauded them.
- Bullshit!

They were ignorant, they thought it
was unproductive land and they sold it.

The colonel grew up here.

Eight kids in one room.

He lifted himself out of the
swamp with his own hands.

For us, for the family.
He did it for us.

And there are people who
will hate you just out of spite.

People hate those who win.

And he took his own life.

I swore I would try to
be a good father to you.

He was innocent.

And they haunted him to the grave.

And any man who
tries to harm this house

he will pay dearly!

Promise me that you will

come to me in any problem.

Promise me?

(tv) The terrible hurricane
Arthur hit the coasts...

-Hello Mom.
-Cray, I'm glad to see you!

All right, then?
You should be happy

I'm fine.


(tv) The situation will
not be resolved quickly

As you see...

Did you see that beautiful girl?

It's me, I was presenting
the weather forecast.

The colonel was the
master of the station.

we had that terrible hurricane.

People have lost everything.

Terrible, terrible tragedy.

I was on the air for 5 hours.


Do you know when dad died?

did he have any documents?

Or he had a secret place

Things he didn't

want people to see.

Yes. In fact he…

he had a special place.

Who is he?

come up.

I'm sorry, I didn't
know that, sorry.

-I beg you...

Don't move, we need an ambulance.

No, no, my father filmed us.


He filmed us making love.


Did your father film us?

-You knew it?
-I came to warn you.

What's your father's name?


Someone paid for it.

Who paid for it?

I am sorry!

What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?

I have to leave the city.

Do you want to leave the city?

How much for the tapes?

Where is the box? At the gym?


Help me!
I can't go back there alone.

She will kill me.

Let's start.

In life you also have to have fun!
Let's have a party.

Here you are...

Get ready Brandy, here
comes the boogeyman!

We tie a few knots
and get to work.

Put on handcuffs.
I want to hear you scream.

Ready? MOANS

Don't you have the keys?

Do you like my daughter?
Did you fuck her?


-Have you seen anyone?
-Who was I supposed to see?


How is my favorite candidate?

Uncle Cliff!

There is something wrong?


I heard you called me

What happens?

I wanted to ask you...

...if you know what time we
have to tour the factory tomorrow.

At 11.00, then we will go to the rest home.

At 11.00 it is true.

Did you forget about it?

No, I just wanted to check.

Excuse me, I'm distracted.

Are you sure you're okay?


It's all right. -Are you sure?

yes I'm fine.

Go to sleep, tomorrow
a great day awaits you.


What's this tuna smell?

Cray! What are you doing around here?

Does your lunch break always last three hours?

Nothing has changed!

come to me

The walls are still dirty.

I forgot about this luxury.

What a fop!

If I had known that you would reach
the top, I would have been less harsh!

I was a bad lawyer

That's not true, the problem is that... have to work harder to
show that you are not "daddy's boy".

If you had warned me, I would
have bought you lunch. do you want?


Have you had a bout of nostalgia?
I can not believe!

I'm interested in a case.

Lee, my name is Cray Fowler,
I'm a lawyer and I will defend you.

How are you feeling? do they treat you well?

Do you need something?

What did you say?


Not even the other lawyer?
To nobody?

Why do you do this?

Do you want to tell me what happened?

I've heard rumors.

I've seen him and I've seen you.

I thought you were dead!

I have the knife!

Which knife?

Didn't you use a knife?

do you think i killed him?

I haven't even touched it.

Maybe it's possible, maybe
not, you just have to wait.

Thanks for the favor.

I'm busy, I'll call you.

Hello. Was it useful to you?

In fact, it's best that you don't tell me.

All right, I won't tell you.

I know you have a murder case.

Only one?

A Vietnamese girl: Lee Trang.


Are you in favor of a deal?

I had thought about it.


I'll defend her and go to court.

I wanted you to know from me.

It's nothing personal,
it's a coincidence.

You haven't been involved in criminal cases for three years.

I have to recover!

You have already lost.

Could be!

It's not a game I'm a tough guy!

No one knows better than me.

See you, Natalie.

Thanks for seeing me, Nathan.

What can I do for you?

I've been to the Mining Office...

..and I found something
that may be of interest to you.

Do you know these names?

Why should they?

They are the holders of the
lands of the district of St.Albans...

..those who have
agreed with Oxytech.

Maybe they were friends of the colonel.

I checked the corporate records
and the Oxytech responsible list.

I've done research, but no one
knows about them. Are you interested?


Another thing...

If you were available, I would like to
take advantage of your experience... tackle the defense
of a murder case together.

Cost a lot.

I know it.

Who is the prosecution?

Natalie Tate.

It's a tough one!

I know, she was my wife!

This is a joke, right?

No it is not.

How did you come up with it?

It's not that bad...

Hollister is killing us.

Who won't vote for him?

Ethnic minorities, white collar
workers and the middle class.

Is there a better way to convince
them that I have their interests at heart?

Despite my high-ranking
origins, I defend one of them...

..perhaps falsely
accused of murder.

How much free
publicity will it bring us?

News opening service every
evening while the trial lasts.

This is a great idea!
Cray is a genius.


Did you do it all by yourself?

It's unbelievable but true.

LaFleur assists me on defense.

Cliff, shall we have a Pimm's Cup?

Of course.

Nathan LaFleur!

Good! moisten your
lips and look into the lens.

Make a mean look.

Now put your arms up
and show those big boobs!

Perfect! Now let's change position.

Lean forward. Moreover!

Good, touch the nipples.

Now she rests a hand on the chair.

Spread your legs,
show the wares!

You are very good!

Now stand up and put
one foot on the chair.

Push with your heel. Perfect!

Now look at me and start touching you.


Wait a minute, I have to go to the bathroom.

Remember you're paid by the hour?

I know it!

Hurry up!




What are you doing in my studio?

I'm Cray Fowler. I represent Lee Trang.

Is it Mr. Choate? Is he pronounced like that?

He spells my dick!

The door was open.

Then close it when you leave!

Go fuck yourself out of here!

Her name is Brandy.

I do not know her.

Look for it. There's
$50 to find it.

What do I say? Why would I be looking for it?

Say you're in love.

Mr. Cray, why does he
want to get dirty with this shit?

Great question! See you.

Offer me something to drink.

I just gave you $50!


I tried!

Is there anyone?

I found the key in my pocket.

What do you want?

Just have a drink.

What an impression!
She is identical to me.

No, it's completely different.

Don't you drink?

I thought you were going
to change that couch.

You said you would do it.

What is this story?
It's not an advertising gimmick.

I know you're not that cynical yet?

Advertising has nothing to do with it.

You do it to impress me.

I don't need these tricks.

So what's the purpose?

Is it just a good deed?

Or did you sleep with it?

Anything you say will be
used against you in court.

It has nothing to do with us.

I didn't think there was a "we" yet.

There is not.

Thanks for the clarity.

Mr. Flower, we are
violating professional ethics.

Cheap tactics, Prosecutor.

Report me.

Natalie, act like a lady!

I hope you are prepared
to get your butt kicked!

If I lose, you'll buy me dinner.

You've already had a chance to bargain.

Leave the key.

It's on the cabinet.

Friends of the Democratic Party...

..before storming this
magnificent dinner that cost me...

..more than the $1500
you paid to park the cars...

..Cray's mother will say
the prayer of thanks for us.

Lord, we ask your blessing for
the gifts we are about to receive.

Help us appreciate
your generosity...

..and to sing your Glory.

Show us the way...

..and guide our steps to you
with kindness and firmness.

And may your strength
sustain us in times of weakness.

Merciful Lord, let us become...

..instruments of your will...

Amen - amen!


It tastes like the forbidden!

If they gave me a dollar for
each dinner, I'd bear them better.

Come to think of it, I
make a lot more out of it!

A politician's hardest
job is to convince voters...

..that you are one of them.

Being at their service is one
thing, socializing is another!

It seems you have more
important things to think about.

Worried about Hollister?

We should all care about it.

It's dangerous, I know.

You're in the ring
with a low blower.

Have you discovered anything?

He was one of the
managers of Oxytech.

Good! What does this suggest to you?

The oil concessions?
Is Hollister involved too?

The information must be
used to your advantage.

In Vietnam, Hollister
was leading a team...

..a team of Green Berets.

When he returned
there was a lot of talk...

..about the atrocities he committed.

It is true?

It does not matter.

Do you still want to use this information?

You have to ask yourself,
"How far do I want to go?"

This is the decisive moment.

Cray, you are now
standing in front of a door...

..asking you to open it.

If you open it and go beyond it
and accept what life offers you... will never regret
the price you had to pay.

Now I will tell you how I see things.

I predict two terms in
Congress, maybe even three.

Then you will march to the
seat of Governor of the state... occupy the place that awaits you.

You are your father's son... are a Fowler!

From those swamps full of malaria...

..up to the throne of power
in just two generations!

And perhaps this will only be the beginning!

Cray! Sit down! Hug old Pudge.

My life is a mess!

I wanted you as a son.
I've known you since you were little.

What exactly is your job about?

I specialize in PDQs.

What would that be?

"A little bit of this
and a little bit of that."

Seriously, do you want to
know what my great talent is?

Make people feel good,
make them feel important.

It is the fundamental quality
of politicians' assistants.


A moment ago I was just
thinking of you and Raymond!

Do you remember that before he died
he built the house for the hummingbirds?


A great party, right?

People think I'm
an old chatterbox.

But it's not true.

I am a historian.

You said a friend gave us
the Hollister promo video.

A man who plays a double game.

A very helpful man.

I wouldn't do anything that
could endanger the situation.


It's the security
officer: Trevallian.

Please don't tell anyone.


(A moment ago I was thinking
about you and Raymond.)

(Do you remember that before he
died he built 'the cult for hummingbirds?)

St Albans Baptist Church.

Reverend, we spoke on
the phone. I'm Cray Fowler.

I know you, you will be our
congressional representative.

I hope so!
This place is very beautiful.

It's just a small congregation.
Money is tight.

"Brother, help yourself
that God helps you."

You rarely see people
like her around here.

Remember my father?
His name was Raymond.

I'm talking about many years ago.

Yes sure!

Raymond Fowler!
He once he came to see me.

He wanted information
about some parishioners.

Can you take a look
at this list of names?

Yes, it's them.

They were peasants, sons of freed slaves.

They had received land under sharecropping.

This is the second generation.

They've been breaking
their backs all their lives.

What about this? C. Sumpter.

If I see you around
here, I'll kill you!

Get out of the way! Let's go

I made love with him, then he
said his father had shot a video.

He had hit her.
I went looking for the tape.

The father beat me to death.
When I came to he was dead.

A few days ago the man
who paid Xang sent me this.

You have shamefully
violated all ethics!

And you dragged
me into the filth too!

If you help me, you will pay off.


A man in congress.

You are the practical type.

All right...

We need to find out whose
prints are on this knife.

I think it's all related
to concessions.

Even if I don't know how.

Someone wants to scare me.
Maybe it's Hollister.


He's on the Oxytech
board of directors.

If he has the tape, why
hasn't he used it yet?

I think he just did.

You were telling me that a man on the
list isn't buried in St Albans cemetery.

C. Sumpter.

What time did she go
to work that evening

At 10.00

Can you see the palace of the
Ancient Dragon from his window?

Yes, very good.

Did you see the accused arrive that evening?

I didn't see her coming...

..but I saw her leave
the building at 11.45.

What impression did she make on her?


She seemed to be in a hurry, she was running!

Miss Johnson, what
is your first name?

Domit Jo.

Did you see anyone enter or
exit after Lee but before the police?

Yes, a man.

Can you describe it?

He was wearing a black raincoat.

Was he tall or short?

Quite low.

Did you hear any noise or
music coming from upstairs?

Loud music from the place
where the porn films are played.

just before Lee ran out.

Mr. Choate, what did you
hear at 11.30 that night?

It was hot and I had the door open, I
heard someone coming up the stairs.

Just one person?

Yes, then I heard rumors of a fight.

Did he recognize them?

Yes it was Lee and the old man of him.

Did he call the police?

Yes I wanted some peace.

Then what happened?

I heard noise and then silence.

I went out and saw the
girl coming down the stairs.

Have you seen her?

Yes but she was running away.

I thought it was all weird
and something happened.

By instinct?


Then I went down to wait for the
police and we went up to check.

We found the "yellow".... dead!

Thank you, Mr. Choate

Are you all right, Mr. Choate?

Very good.


When he went up, was there something
wrong with the door to the gymnasium?

Yes it was open.

Did he notice that the glass was
broken and there was blood in it?


He said he was staying in his
study and heard someone arguing.

So why didn't you hear
the sound of glass breaking?

I don't know, I had the radio on.

It's true, the music was
heard even in the street!

Was she very tall?

Yes I like it that way.

But she could hear voices.

I had turned down the volume.

At what time?

At 11.30.

According to Miss Johnson it was 11.45.

Maybe I looked at the clock wrong.

Do you often hear loud music?

When I work.

Is he a photographer? What kind of
photography does he specialize in?

Portraits, weddings, communions?

I do artistic poses,
especially nudes.

Does he work with models?

They are certainly not my self-portraits!

Let's see if I understand correctly,
he was at his desk doing the math...

..and to concentrate better
he listened to loud music.

But it wasn't so tall that she couldn't
hear someone coming up the stairs...

..and arguing
upstairs in Vietnamese.

Then she decided to call the police because
she wanted to settle accounts in peace!

Is it forbidden to listen to music?

No, but it is forbidden to bear false witness.

Objection, intimidates the witness.

I'll change the subject.

Was he alone that night?


Miss Johnson saw a short
man in a raincoat come out.

I don't think it was her.

Thank you, Mr. Choate.
I have no further questions.

The court adjourns until tomorrow.

We have to take a trip
he is my cousin Thaddeus.


A bodyguard comes in handy.

By signing the transfer deeds...

..they gave up
profits for exploitation.

In return they got some money.

A pittance in exchange
for their silence.

Good morning.


Where is he?

In that shack.

Hello Mr. LaFleur.

Hi Andy, how are you?

Charlie is waiting for her.

Mr. Sumpter?


Someone wants to talk
to you, Mr. Cray Fowler.

How is he?

Nice to meet you.

My eyes don't work anymore.

I'm told you are very rich.

I get money every month.

What do you know about that money?

They come in an envelope.

$300 in cash.

It all started in
September 1939.

What did she do for a living?

I was a gamekeeper.

I quit because of the view.

Do you know who sends you the money?

I know nothing.

If anyone bothers to
send me $300 a month...

..why should I ask questions?

Do you remember
how this story began?

Has anyone come here?
Did they make you sign a card?

A young white man.

He said he worked in a bank.

He went hunting with me.

Does he remember his name?

He didn't tell me.

Did he tell her what he was signing?

A notarized deed
for my property.

He said that from that moment it was all mine.

Would he recognize
him if he saw him today?

I don't even see the television!

Thank you.

See you.

Is very strange...

Another white man asked me the
same questions three years ago.

What was his name?

We see...

It seems to me that his
name was Raymond, yes!

Thank you.

The prosecution calls
Lt. Michael Trevallian.

I hate you!

Look here.

Lieutenant Trevallian, can you
describe how the defendant was arrested?

Of course.

When I arrived Mr. Choate
took me upstairs.

I went in and saw
the victim's body.

Once the death was ascertained, I
requested the arrest of the accused.

Did you order her to be
taken to the crime scene?


She was stopped at the station and
taken to the gymnasium within the hour.

What did the defendant say
when you saw her father's body?

He said three times:
"It's all my fault."

Did she say it spontaneously?

That's right, and she said it three times.



She was off duty when
Mr. Choate's report came.

I was driving home.

I had the radio on
and I heard the call.

It's common for a homicide lieutenant...

..respond to a complaint
about disturbing the peace?


But I was just in that
area and I'm still a cop!

Didn't they tell you there was already a patrol?

No, I didn't talk...

..with the Central.

Did you know the victim?

Absolutely not.

Had he ever been to the
Ancient Dragon gym before?

No, I'm not familiar
with elder dragons.

According to the report,
no fingerprints were taken.

It wasn't necessary.

Does this seem like a regular procedure to you?

The suspect had been seen
by more than one witness...

..and he had confessed.

He said, "Did I kill him?"

He said, "It's all my fault."

He said, "Did I kill him?"

He didn't use those words.

"It's all my fault" can be
interpreted in another way.


There were signs of forced entry
and you found blood on the door.

According to Miss Johnson,
another person exited the building.

You don't investigate because someone says, "Is this all my fault?"


We have made regular inquiries…

..but nothing relevant emerged.

Lieutenant, there was someone else up there that night.

I haven't found any clues.

You must understand that a crime
of this nature among those people...

..not unusual at all.

What does she mean?

The Vietnamese.

I know he served in Vietnam.

Were you in the Marines?

In the Green Berets.

Who was its commander?

Objection, it is not relevant.

Attorney Fowler?

I don't know yet.

She answers the question.

Sure, Major Hollister.

Major Avner Hollister
sitting here in the courtroom?

That's right, you are well informed.

I have no more questions.

The witness can withdraw.

The court adjourns
at 9.00 tomorrow.

The defense may present his witnesses.

Things are going well,
we can be optimistic.

Here is our champion!

You did a good job!

Thank you.

We took points on Hollister
and the "hit" given in court... won't hurt.

But he did not commit acts of cruelty.

Then we won't play that card.

Let's wait.

Do you believe that cop?

So far she has only shown the kind side of him.

Did you already know him?

Never seen.

(How's it going, Cliff?)

(I'm glad to see you)

(We got it thanks to a friend
of ours who double-crosses.)

(It's the security officer: Trevallian.)

You have to learn to surrender.

Someone could get hurt.

Is he a threat?

No, a promise.

He's been interrogated three times already.

You don't recognize true friends.

Nice tattoo!

Do you like it?

When you grow up, I'll give
you the same one on your ass!

It's a promise?

It's not an oath.

Lee, where were you born?

In Saigon, Vietnam.

How long have you lived in America?

I'm 16 years old, I'm an American citizen.

Have you always lived with your father?

Yes my mother died in the war.

What did her father do in Saigon?

He was a major in the army.

Was her father the owner
of the Ancient Dragon Gym?


Was she an instructor there?


Was her father's gymnasium
also used for other purposes?

Yes sometimes.

What purposes?

My father took men to the gym.

I had to entertain them
and they paid for it.

Has he ever tried to refuse?

The first few times yes.

How did his father react?

He hit me.

When did it happen?

It all started six years ago.

How old was she?


What happened when her
father hit her? Did she react?

Never, I was too scared.

Did you kill her father?

I wish I had.

Many times.

No, I didn't kill my father.

Thank you.

You test it.

Lee, her father was killed
between 11.00 and 12.30.

Was she also at the
ancient dragon at that hour?


Her father forced her into prostitution...

..and he beat her when
she refused to cooperate.

Did he hit her the
night of the murder too?


Because she didn't want to bear
the humiliation anymore, did she?


A little while ago you said that
you wished for your father's death.

It is true that Lieutenant
Trevallian has heard you repeat...

..that she was to blame
for the death of her father?


If she didn't kill him,
how is she guilty?

Lee, that man was
selling it to strangers!

He brutalized her, humiliated her...

Is it true that he could no longer
bear those atrocities that night?

Is it true that after all those
years of violence and abuse...

..has she finally made that
endless nightmare stop?

She answers the question.

There are important news.

Lee, answer the question.

May I come closer, Your Honor?

How dare you?

I'd like to speak to the judge.

What does he want to do?

You interrupted an interrogation!

Come to my office.

What happens?

I have to find a witness.


Fear your client's responses.

You are an important witness.

I hope you are right.

You are incorrect.

Go to lunch.

I went by bus because my sister
when she takes the medicine...

.. she is unable to drive.

I went to my mother
who is not very well.

She is old!
That's why I'm going to find her.

I boring you?

No, please!

She doesn't want to go to a hospice.

Maybe he'd make friends in there.

She once dated a sailor,
but then he disappeared.

-Tom, let me introduce you to two of my friends.
-Hello! How are you?

Fine you?

-Good. We have to ask you some
questions, can we go elsewhere?

Yes, but I don't have much
time, I just went to my mother's.

I decided to move to California.

I will find time.


It will be fine in California!

I remind you that
it is still under oath.

Can I start?


When she went to the gym…

.. did you see anyone in the building?

Mr. Choate.

Was there anyone with him?

Yes, he was photographing a brunette woman

Does he see you in this courtroom?


Can you indicate it?

The woman dressed in white.

Thank you.

She can sit down.

Thank you.

The defense calls Mr. Thomas
Plunkett to the stand.

You swear to tell only the truth.

I swear.

Name and profession?

Thomas Plunkett, model.

Was he working in Abe Choate's
studio the night Xang was killed?


Tell us what happened.

While we were working we
heard commotion from upstairs.

Soon after we see Lee
running down the stairs.

Abe tells me not to move...

..while he goes downstairs
to talk to someone.

Did he see who he was talking to?


Is he present in this courtroom?

It's the cop sitting back there.

Witness ID'd Lieutenant
Michael Trevallian.

Was this before or after
Mr. Choate called the police?


The cop went upstairs
and Abe called the police.

Then what happened?

Abe gave me $300 to disappear.

I took the beaty-case and went.

Mr. Plunkett, have you
ever seen this knife?

It looks a lot like Abe Choate's.

Did he see a knife like that
the night of Xang's murder?


I saw Abe give a knife like that
to the policeman going upstairs.

I'll make you pay, damned Homosexual!
I send you to hell.


Hollister has retired.

There is no evidence linking
him to what Trevallian did...

..but, as my grandmother used to say,
"He has a huge cockroach on his plate."

Damn! Is my wife out there?

Do you want me to call her?

Don't disturb her.

Did Natalie show up?


Hollister has not disclosed that tape.

If it's not in his hand, who has it?

The fiercest electoral contest
in this state in recent years...

..has come to an astonishing epilogue.

Our survey of a small sample
of polling stations demonstrates…

..that candidate Cray Fowler's
victory proves overwhelming.

It's done!

He won!

Let's all go to Washington!

Are you happy, baby?

Congratulations, Pete,
let's go to HQ, where's Cray?

-I do not know.
- I'll take the car.

We are waiting for him outside, come.


-Let's go to Washington!

Where's Cray?

I do not know.

-Let's sit down.
- I'll take the bag.

-It does not matter!
- We'll be late.

You come.

The provisions of the prenuptial
agreement are in effect.

You will receive monthly
maintenance payments for five years.

Of course, if he remarries,
he loses all rights.

What do I have to do?

Have you seen the pictures?
Sign up now!

We won?

Yes, we won

Rummaging through
dad's papers, I found this.

What a fight there was!

My father said: "I will
not give you my consent!"

"We don't mix with Baptists!
And his father's a good-for-nothing!"

I had 12 suitors.
But I didn't choose any of them.

why did you choose my father?

Clifford was a very classy man!

I didn't ask you about
Clifford but about Ray!

I went to talk to the Mother
Superior of the Ursulines.

I had almost decided
to take the vows.

Were you expecting a baby?


Meet our hero and
future President!

What a night!

What an unforgettable night!

We are all proud of you, Cray!

Why are you here alone?

Are you preparing a speech?

No, you were right, it's better to improvise.

Come on, have a drink!
You haven't gotten drunk yet!

Thanks for everything, it can go.

-I go?
-Thank you.

We didn't need his help.

I hope you didn't
promise him too many.

Once you tried to explain to
me why life is different here.

You said: "The past
never dies around here."

"It hasn't even passed!"

For real? Damn!
What powerful words!

I thought about this sentence for a long time.

Let's drink on it.

I want to talk to you openly
and I hope you do the same.

We always have!

I want that tape!

You had that tape made
now you have to give it to me.

You can not understand.

Do not joke!

You paid a jackal to blackmail
me with that recording.

I'm part of the family!

I didn't want to use it that way.

Anyway you used it!

Take it.

unfortunately things
got out of hand.

That fucking
Vietnamese turned on us.

It had become dangerous.

So you had him killed.

Did you really have
to be a paladin?

How could I imagine it?

A man had been killed!

I had to watch while
that human waste...

..trying to ruin your life?
I tried to protect you!

Trevallian was supposed
to take you out that evening.

No one would know about it and
you would have come out clean.

I know it sounds crazy...

..but the death of that
Vietnamese, this whole thing... was the best thing that
could have happened to you.

I swear I'd give my life...

..because you...

Well... destroy it...
Now it's really over.

Now we have to
forget all this history.

I have an appointment with
the district attorney tomorrow.

He'll reopen the investigation into
the St. Albans mining concessions.

Investigations my father
was collaborating on.

When they come to the
conclusion that it was…

..of a scandalous speculation
that defrauded those poor people...

..our family will
reimburse all damages.

The investigation will proceed
with the full cooperation...

..of every member of this family.


..I'm your father.

You are my father's killer!

You took him to the
swamp and slaughtered him!

The past never dies