Storybook (1994) - full transcript

Eight-Year-Old Brandon Finds A Magical STORYBOOK That Leads Him To A Doorway In His Attic To The Enchanted Storyland. There He Meets Woody The Woodsman , Pouch The Boxing Kangaroo & Hoot The Wise Owl. And They Set Out To Restore A Kingdom Taken From Prince Arthur By An Evil Queen Named Evilia And Her Pet Snake Named,Hiss . - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Back in the real world,
there's an Enchanted Attic,

which is said to be
a magical doorway to Storyland.

Time after time a small boy
or girl would enter,

only never to return.

- Let me get that, Cath.
- Oh, thanks.

- Is this it?
- Yeah, I think that's about it.

I'm sorry.
I didn't get here sooner.

It's alright.

Cathy, are you really sure
you want to leave?

I mean, you know that you're
welcome to stay here

as long as you want.

No, I think it's time.

Where will you go?

Well, the family
has an old house up in Bedford.

Needs a little work, and no one
seems to want it.

So I think we'll go
up there and give this try.

Good luck to you.


Brandon, I want you to take
real good care of your mom.

You're the man of the
family now.

My dad's coming back.

He's not dead.

He's not!

- Sweety...
- He's not dead!

Can I drive?
There's no traffic.

No, sweetie.
I don't think so.

Dad let me.

My gosh.

Stay with me.

Stay with me, honey.

Well, you know
this isn't so bad.

Nothing that a little hard
work and a scrubbing won't do.

What do you think?

Oh God!

Honey, look.

Brandon, put the dog down.

Hold this light.

Stay here.

Don't move, all right?
Don't move.

I'm gonna go to the other room.
I'll be right back.

Stay here.

Gosh, are you okay?

Sorry. I told you
not to move, honey.


- Mom.
- What?

- Mom!
- Oh my gosh! Shh.

- Hi. Catherine-Ann, is that you?
- Uncle Monty?

What are you doing in
the dark?

Oh my gosh. You scared
me half to death.

Oh, how are you?

Oh my God All Mighty.
Will you just look at you?

You're all grown up.

You look great.
And so good to see you.

I want you to meet
someone, Uncle Maonty.

- This is my son...
- Brandon.

I've heard some good
things about you young man.

Hello, sir.

You're not on the base now.

And that "sir" stuff
isn't needed here.

Yes, sir.

Can I ask you something?

Fire away.

Is it really haunted?

I wouldn't say haunted.
I... would rather...

think of it as Enchanted.

- Enchanted?
- Your great old aunt Cat,

she says that up in the attic
there, there's a doorway

that leads to another world.

You ever go there?

No, not me. No, no, no.


You think I could go there?

Absolutely not.

Not you stay
away from that attic.

You have to promise. Promise!

Yes, sir.

This place isn't so bad,
now is it?

Oh, come on.
I figure we just camp out here

until we tackle the upstairs,
all right?

Now. Let's get you to bed,

Have a big day tomorrow.

You sure you don't
want to sleep in Uncle Monty's?

He said it was okay.

I'm sure.

Now, did you say your prayers?

I asked God to send Dad
home soon.



I know how hard
it's been for you.

But the Air Force is sure

that Daddy couldn't have
survived the plane crash.

He's alive.

He promised he'd come home.

He promised.

Get some sleep, okay?

Angels on your pillow.

Angels on your pillow, Mom.

Good night.

Outside. Ball 2.

Brandenburg and close
to the big curve ball.

Swung and a missed strike
three new world champions.

Come on over here, Brandon.

Hit a brace, mister.

Show me some chins.

While ago I told you I'd
give you something when I felt

you were old enough and strong
enough to take care of the house

- when I went away didn't I?
- Yes sir.

Here you go, Brandon.


- My new dog tag.
- You earned it.

Listen, Brandon.

There's a country
that's in trouble.

They've asked us
to come and help.

So I'm going to be away
for a little while.

But I can't go until I know
that you're old enough,

strong enough, to take care
of the fort while I'm away.

- Can you do that?
- Yes, sir.

- I love you Brandon.
- I love you sir,


Let's go home get some Chow.

Double time,
double time, double time!


Stupid dog.


We're not supposed
to be up here.





Anything is possible,
if you believe.


You in there?


Where are you, boy?


This is the child,
who is prophesized.

This runt?

You can't be serious.
He's a worm.

But my queen of repugnancy.

He has the book.

The book?

Well then. Dispatch the rats.

As you wish.


Where are you?

Come here boy. Come here.



You hear Leo?


What happened, boy,
Did you fall in?

Don't worry. I'll get you out.

Hey, stop it!
Get away from there!

Go away!

Stop it!

Stop it! Go away!

What in tarnation have you
done to my trap?

Took me two weeks
to dig this hole!

We're sorry, sir.
My dog must have fallen in,

and I was just trying
to get him out.

Oh, all right.

Come here.

You know, one more minute

and you would have been
in there for good.

Those are Queen Evilia's
dirty rats, you know.

What did you do to make her mad
enough to send them?

Queen Evilia. Who's she?

You don't know
who Queen Evilia is?

No, sir.

- She's the queen of Storyland.
- Storyland?

What's that?

Don't you know where you are?

Whoosh! What a story.

But how are you
going to get back?

That's what I've been
trying to figure out.

Maybe there's
something in this book.

I can't read.

Everyone can read.

I never learned.

I'll teach you.

Open a new page.

Okay, let's see what this says.

- As Queen Benevolence...
- As Queen Benevolence...

kissed her beloved king...


Well Benevolence
was Evilia's sister.

But while Evilia is cruel
and greedy,

Benevolence was
generous and kind.

So Benevolence became Queen
and bore King Love-All

a son, Prince Arthur.

And King Love-All,
and Queen Benevolence

ruled Storyland
in peace and harmony.

Those were the happy
times, the golden times.

But Evilia remained consumed
with jealousy and envy.

Then, King Love-All was killed
on a hunting expedition...

The King was killed?

It took all Benevolence's
strength just carry on and live,

without her beloved King.

She must have been very sad.

She was. But all the while,

Evilia was waiting and plotting.
She wanted her sisters throne.

Sister, you look weary.

I brought you a tonic
to improve your vitality.

Evilia, how kind you are.

Could you ask Nanny to
bring some berry juice

for our young prince?

Of course, sister.

Someday, you'll have to spend
some quality time

with your aunty, Arthur.

But Evilia's tonic
seem to make Benevolence

grow even more frail.

Maybe Evilia
was poisoning Benevolence.


You know many of us
thought so even then.

Then why didn't they
put her in jail?


What's that?

A place where
you put bad people.


Well until Evilia, we don't
have no bad people.


Keep reading.

As Queen Benevolence lay dying,

Benevolence sent
for the King's sword.

This belongs to you now,
my son.

When you reach
manhood, in your good hands,

- it will have magical powers.
- Magical power?

What kind of magical powers?

The power to do right, Arthur.

The power of truth which flows
from the pure of heart.

So you must always
keep your heart pure.

Free from anger or fear.

Use the sword to protect
yourself from Evilia.

She has become obsessed with
power and...

I fear she will surely try
to rob you of the throne.

She died?

I can finish the story
without being able to read.

Evilia became queen and
sent her henchmen

to find Arthur and the sword.

See, 'cause without the sword,

Evilia could never have
absolute power.

But where did Arthur
hide the sword?

Well, you see, Katarina
was no ordinary friend.

She'd come from
a place far away.

They were both
very young back then.


Katerina! Wait a minute.

My great aunt's name was Kat.

Couldn't that be short
for Katarina?

It was her house I moved into.

I got here through her attic.

You couldn't be him.

No way, you're too young.

Couldn't be who?

The one.

The one what?

The one in the prophecy.

The one sent
from Katarina's world,

to find the sword for Arthur.

Me? You think it's me?

Well... you're from her world
and you got the book.

That's two proofs right there.

I forgot to ask what happened
to Arthur.

Did Evilia let him
stay in the castle?

Oh, he's in the castle,
all right. In the dungeon.

They say
she tortures him every day,

trying to find out
where he's hidden the sword.

Ah, it's the old tickle and
poke torture. Must be Tuesday.

Where is it?

Where's what Aunty Dearest?

Don't trifle with me, Arthur.

I want that sword
and I want it now.

Oh really Evilia. How many
years we've been at this?

I'm losing patience
with you, nephew.

I'm teetering on the brink
of forgetting about that sword.

Which means I have no further
reason to keep you alive.

Forgive me Your Majesty.
I know it's late but...

you're so beautiful.

The rats have not returned.

I fear something dreadful
has happened to them.

They never miss dinner.


Did you put out the
cheese the cheese?

The cheese?

Yes, you lop eared marmoset.

The cheese,
for the rats to lure them back.

Oh, for Satan sake.

Did you put out the cheese?

I put up the cats.

You know, as usual before
I lock the castle.

Let me get this straight.

You knew the rats
had not returned.

And yet you released the cats.

- Is that right?
- Yes.

Idiot! Numbskull!
Saliva from a baboon's tongue!

That is the end of the rats.

Oh my precious rats.


Eaten. History.

How about I put out the cheese?

Leave, while you can.

Good help is so hard to find.

Dispatch the Beasts.

Woody, wake up!

They're afraid of fire.


What were they?

More of Evilia's little helpers.

They'll be back,
but not tonight.

Try to get some sleep
little friend.

I know what I have to do.

I have to find the sword
and bring it to Arthur,

so I can get back home.

I don't understand.

It's all in the book.
When Katarina had the sword,

she hid it with the key that
opens the door back to my world.

Don't you see? It was her way
of trying to protect Arthur,

in case she couldn't
come back herself.

That way, whoever
did come into Storyland,

would have to save Arthur
before they could get back home.


I sure wouldn't
have thought of it.

But where is the sword?

- Does the book say?
- Something's missing.

Here, look.
Something goes here.

And the rest
of the pages are blank.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

The Kings sword was inlaid
with a sapphire crystal,

but I don't see it.

Truth is revealed,
when one has Faith.

Some sort of clue. Can you think
what it might mean?

There used to be
a beautiful cave

set in a large rock formation
in the North country.

In the Golden Days, Arthur
and Katarina would picnic there

with their nanny.

I think they called it
"The Cave of Faith".

The Cave of Faith?

You know where it is?


The Lake of Tears.

The Lake of Tears?


When Queen Benevolence
died, everybody cried and cried.

The tears formed this lake.

But, where's the cave of Faith?

All the way across the lake.

But nobody's ever
been able to cross it,

because Queen Evilia
filled it with a razor fish.

Razor fish?


He'll cut you to
shreds if you fall in.

I'm not afraid.

Come on.
Where can we find a boat?

What do you mean we?

Well look, I mean it's going
to be impossible.

You know that I mean would
never make it across alive.

My dad always says,
"The only failures in life,

are the ones you never try."

Oh no.

So, your mama thinks
he's gone, too?

Everyone thinks Dad
died in the plane crash.

Everyone but me.

I still hear his voice
sometimes Woody.

You know, like in my head,

telling me not to
give up on him.

Jeez. I know when people die,
they don't come back to life.

I mean, I'm not a kid.

Mom and everyone
thinks I'm in denial.

Whatever that means.

That I'm just not
accepting his death.


I know, just know
he's alive... somewhere.

I can't stop believing.

I don't care if you
don't believe me either.

Meddling woodsman.

Remind me to put a
scorpion in his overalls.

Coast looks clear.

Razor fish?


You what I think Woody? The
sword must be hidden

in the cave of Faith.

What I think is, spudder fish
makes a fine barbecue.

Woody, time for our
reading lesson.

Hm, very well.

Children wept at the loss
of their queen.

The children wept
at the loss of their queen.

Young Prince Arthur realized
his new responsibility.

Young Prince Arthur realized

his new we... ponsibility

- Responsibility.
- Responsibility.


No! Here boy.


Stay back.

- Leo! Leo!
- No! Wait here. Wait here.

Woody, no!

Come back here!

Hey! Leo!

Leo, come here!
Come here!

Is he gonna make it?

What's that?

Looks like poultice root.
Only grows in the High Country.

Supposed to have
great healing powers.

Can we try it on Leo?

Reckon that's why he brought it.

Leo? Leo!
Boy, you're all right.

Well. Looks like you're fit
as a fiddle again pooch.



Who, in
is that boy?

You're the all-knowing one.
You're the one

with the Crystal Snake Eyes.
You tell me.


Now, nephew.
I ask you again.

Who is that boy?

You know,

I believe I liked
you better as a blonde.

Come on boy. Come on.


- Is that the Cave of Faith?
- Yep,

Let's go.

- Why are we hiding?
- Because there's a guard.

Where? I don't see anybody.

Oh, he's down there,
all right,

And he's plenty mean.
Fierce and vicious.

His name's Pouch.

Most vexatious critter
I ever knew. He's Australian.

Clear. Time to go a couple of
rounds with the old shadow then.

All right.

Ready? And sound the bell.

As Pouch comes out swinging.

A right, a left.
A stinging right to the jaw

Right, left right, left
right left.

Oh, you're flailing.

He is flailing. What's that?

Oh, he's got it, and a beautiful
carriage ride to the jaw.

That's it, he's down.
Down for the count.

Good champeroo!

Fierce and vicious?

- Well, what do we do now?
- We'll have to sneak up on him,

and get him from behind.

That doesn't sound very fair.

Well you might like
getting punched in the nose,

but I don't.

Come on, let's go.

Are you a man or a marsupial?
Come on man.

I've got you now.

Help me!

Somebody help!

I can't swim!

Then you shouldn't work
around water!

Come on, we'll save you!

No we won't!

Down into the briny deep.

- Come on, Woody. Help him.
- Mm-mm.

Woody. I won't give you another
reading lesson if you don't.

I didn't need you, mate.
Could have saved meself.

Didn't need you at all.

You just got in me way.

We should
have let you drown.


I'm Brandon. You are?

My name's Pouch.

The perspicacious pugilist
and pulchritudinous master

of pugnacity.
At your service, mate.

Oh, well...

This is my friend, Woody.

- Never mind.
- Since we saved your life,

will you take us into the cave?

Into the cave?
Oh dear, dear, no.

Afraid I can't do that at all.

See I was sent by Prince Arthur
to guard the cave with me life.

Afraid I can't let
any of you inside.

Sorry mate,

But I'm the one who was
sent to return the sword to him.


You can't be serious.

Oh, yeah?

We have the book.

You see mate,
I've never been inside.

But you were inside
when we just saw you now.

Just in the entrance.

I've never been
deep in the cave.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

You see...

It's very dark in there.
Quite dark.

You're not afraid of the dark,
are you?


Put them up mate,
put them up I say.

What are you nuts?
I am Illuzor.

You bet you're a loser.
Now put them up mate.

Put them up.

- Come on...
- Not a loser.

You crooked kangaroo.
Ill... Ill...

If you're ill,
maybe we can help.

You don't understand.
Illuzor is my name,

- and illusion is my game.
- Illusion? What's illusion?

That's something you can see,

but it doesn't really exists.
Abracadabra ...

Watch my hands, empty.

My dad used to do that.

Oh he did?

Oh. Your dad...

- is he a sorcerer?
- A fighter pilot.

A fighter pilot.

Sort of a flying sorcerer.

A noble line of work,

But can your father do this?

Magic. Mystic by you.


Anyway, son.

What are you want from me?

My name is Brandon Bergen.

And I'm from the human world.
I think I'm the one, you know,

the one chosen to return
the sword to Arthur

so he can free Storyland.

These are my
friends Woody and Pouch.

That's my dog Leo.

So if you would just
shows for the sword is hidden,

we can go and free the prince
and I can get home for dinner.

Hold it, hold it.
Hold everything.

First of all, aren't you
a little too, shall I say...

diminutive to be the one?
Aren't you?

If you mean small, David slew
Goliath didn't he?

That's true.

He gave him a shot in the head.

So if you are the one who
will have to answer these,

these, these questions,
I have them here somewhere.

Oh, good, good.
I found the questions.

Would you step over there?

There was a young man
from Nantucket.

Oops, sorry. Wrong kind.

Now, here's the first question.

Shut up.

If you were walking through
the hallway of your school

and you found
a five Zanzar bill...

Zanzar? What's a Zanzar?

Our hopelessly inflated money.


I'll repeat it.
If you were walking through

the hallway of your school
and you found

the five Zanzar bill
lying on the ground,

would you "A": pick it up and
put it in your pocket?

Pick it up and turn it
to the Schoolmaster General?

Or "C": ask those around you
if one of them lost it?


I found a five Zanzar bill
in my school yard,

I would pick it up
and put it in my pocket...

...and then look around secretly
for the person from your world

who left it there.

Excellent, my boy.


Which is more important?
Seeing or believing?

Well, it's important to see
things as they really are.

But sometimes you have to
believe in something,

even if you can't see it.

Splendid my boy, splendid.

"Faith", that's another word
for "believing".

That's why this
is known as the Cave of Faith.

Because you can only find
it if you believe you can.

There's a third question?

I thought oh,
yes, yes, absolutely.

Here it is.
If you could make one wish,

yourself at this moment...

what would it be?

To return the sword
to Prince Arthur,

and to see my father.

That's perfect.

You must be the one.


Thank you, Illuzor.
S you'll give us a sword?

Sword? What sword?
I don't have a sword.

But I have a stone here,
but no sword

You don't have the sword?

But that, that...

That's what we came
all this way for.

The book!

Woody, hand me the book.

Give me the book, furball.

Here, here.

Where's the page?


sure gonna miss those guys.

You were right.

He does have the book.

And he's growing stronger.

He doesn't look any stronger.

See, each turn of the page
the boy grows stronger.

You're an ignorant shit.

But he's still a boy.

Just a boy. Boy with a book.

And I, I devised
my brother-in-law's murder,

poisoned my sister, imprisoned
her son,

threw an entire kingdom into
chronic depression.

Let him top that.

His power comes from
strength of heart,

Your Royal Moronicness.

You think I cannot overcome
a boy with a book?

I have the power.

Faith my obtusity, is power.

Well I have faith,
that I am more...

powerful. If I have to I'll go
myself and get that stupid book.

Ah, ah, oh!

Woody, wake up, wake up.
There we go.

Good day.

Look. What's this then?

Look. Isn't this great?

Who could have done this?

Who do you think did it?
The food fairy? Hello? Hello.

Did you just talk.

Does a bear
go poop in the woods?

You heard
me didn't you?

- Yes, but I don't believe it.
- Another non-believer.

Who do you think did it?
Your little doggie?

Will you think these
other two clowns did it?

Well, we could if we wanted to.

We most certainly
could have mate.

We most certainly could...

I have been schlepping
all night.

Fly here for some berries,
fly there for some nuts.

I'm tired already.

What do you think? I just
ordered takeout?

Admit it. You needed me.
And do I even get a thank you?

- Thank you very much, sir.
- Sir?

I feel so old. My name's Hoot.
As in owls go hoot.

Sorry, Hoot.

- Why are you even helping us?
- Ever hear of Prince Arthur

in the dungeon? Didn't think so.
He'll be no Legend

unless he becomes king.
But first there's an evil queen

and a snake.

...that slimy serpent, Hiss?

Evilia's evil.

Never trust the snake.
You befriend somebody,

you help them,
you give of yourself

and how do they repay you?

By stabbing me in the back
and taking my old job

as royal advisor.

I led Moses across the desert,

I can lead you out
of the forest

until the soil.

Arthur becomes king,
I become a trusted advisor.

Everybody's happy.

- Wow.
- I like that.

You've been following us
for days.

How come you never told
us you could talk?

If I told you
I'd have to kill you.

Just kidding.
I'm just kidding.

So, they found the sword.
Big deal!

Doesn't mean
they can pull it out.

That woodsman.
More brawn than brain.

Step aside, Woodsday.
Let a real taproom give it a go.

Don't make me laugh.


What's happening?
Why can't I see them?

He must have the sword.
Only the power of the sword

can blind my vision.

Dispatch the rat.

The rats are dead.

Dispatch the Beast.

They're history.

Well, the birds of prey then.

Heads will roll this time.

Dispatch with the dispatching.
We make them, come to us.


Not a bad idea.

We have to sneak into
the dungeon where Arthur is.

But that's impossible.

You said finding
the sword was impossible.

We have to go to the castle.

But Evilia's there.
She's very powerful you know,

and hiss...

It's Friday. Where are those
blood sucking leeches?

- You sure it's Friday?
- With great certainty.

Something's definitely wrong.

She's never missed
a leech Friday.

It's her
favorite form of torture.

This can mean
only one of two things:

Evilia's renounced the
very evil, which is the essence

of her existence
and grown a heart.


Two: She's found the sword.


- Auntie dearest.
- Your end is near.

I wouldn't say near it's like,
two maybe three feet away.

His death you nincompoop!

- His death?
- My death?

Your death, your end,
your extinction.

Over. Finito. Kaput.
You've waited this long.

You may as well stick around,

see me finally obtain
absolute power.

Then I'm going to have to kill
you with the very sword

- that could have saved you.
- Sword? who has the sword?

Wouldn't you like to know?

What are we gonna do now?

Storm the castle
with just the three of us?

- Don't you know how to count?
- What?

Dog, owl, three people.
That makes five.

Well you know what?
A dog and an owl

ain't gonna be much help against
the army of Castle guards.


If only there were more of us.

Don't look now, but there's
more of us than you know.

All right, put 'em up.
Put 'em up.

A lot of them.

Bunch of Tasmanian Devils,
that's what they are.

Come on. Come on.
Put 'em up, one at a time.


Do you speak English?

Of course we do.
And we'll hear perfectly well.


My disloyal subjects!

Your precious prince
dies tonight.

Okay. Everybody remember
what to do?

Remember, watch out
for the guards.

Good luck my little friend.

I'm gonna need it.

Good luck.

Hey you!
Anybody wanna fight?

Right over here!
Who dares? Who dares?

Prince Arthur, the sword.

Thank you. You have performed
a great service to me.

You deserve a reward.

Hey, hey! Easy, easy.
Come on, now.

Come on,
there's a kid there. Easy.

It's all right.

All right.

All right this way.

Watch those stairs.
Come on, over there.

All right, that's it.
What's that? Damn? All right.

Please rise.

We're sorry Prince Arthur.

We tried to help.

Your majesty,
we gave it our all we truly did.

- Are you real Prince Arthur?
- Yes, I am young friend.

So you must be the one.

Thank you, for trying.

All of you.

Excuse me, I hate to interrupt,

but I have to start
shackling you.

Right this way.

We'll have plenty of
time to get acquainted.

- Be careful.
- Okay.

Watch that.

I'm finally queen
of all the world!

The boy and his friends,

have you killed them yet
my Bloatfullness?

Oh I'll kill them later.

Right now I wanna
play with my sword.

Now that I have absolute power,
I must find many more kingdoms

to make miserable,
to make suffer.

I really think you should
kill them now, oh Insipid One.

Later, you slithering reptile.

Don't you have a mouse to eat?

I'm so sorry about this.

I hope you're not
terribly uncomfortable.

Yeah, aren't we supposed to be?

Well she would like it that way,
but I'm very sensitive

and I hate
when my prisoners suffer.

But there was this one time
when I try to help,

and well there was this poor
starving child,

and all I did was steal
a measly little piece of cheese

from one of her rats,

and she pulled out my molars.

You wanna use my hanky?

Thank you.

I simply can't believe
that after all these years,

it's gonna end like this.

Leo's out there.

Leo and Hoot. They'll come up
with something.

Two of your friends escaped?

Only a dog and an owl.
What help could they be?

You'd be surprised what the wise
old owl can come up with.

Quite surprised.

Here's what we gotta do.
We gotta go in the dungeon,

we gotta get them out.
Any questions?

What about Cocoland?

I think that should be the next
story Kingdom I conquer.


Then I can go straight
across the border

I suggest you dispose
of your enemies at home,

before you make new ones.

Hello. Over here in the window.

Yeah you. Come over here.

My God. Your bodies,
those biceps.

What do I gotta do to get
a body like that?

You must go to the gym a lot.

Let's start going.

Arthur look. It's my dog, Leo,

The little rogue,
he's brought the keys.

Panzius old friend!
Wouldn't mind terribly

would you collect
those keys at the ledge

and bring them to me?
I'd do it myself,

but I seem to be shackled
up with the moment.

Oh dear, I don't think
Evilia would like that.

I mean she might take
my canines next

and then I'd have
the devil's own time

eating my mutton.

If you free Arthur,
then he'll be king,

and you'll never lose
another tooth.

- Really?
- You have my word.

Good Enough for me, Sire.

Bless you Panzius.

Don't mention it.


All right. Let's go.

Start with you.
Yeah, this one here.

Let me just get the bad.
Give me a moment.


What'd you do that for?
I could have taken them.

Prince Arthur, Brandon.
Shake a leg.

I had him right
where I wanted him.

No, no,
you were very brave, Pouch.

Save your strength for Evilia.


What sounds better?

Queen of the World
are Queen of the Universe.

I think you're the most vain
and foolish villainess

to draw breath since the wicked
queen in Snow White.

What did you say?

I'm sick of you.

Oh you slimy,
snake faced lizard.

I don't need you anymore.

I wanna dance. I wanna dance.
Oh yes!

Dance with me.

Dance with me.

I order you to dance with me!

I am the queen of the universe.


Tail, yes!

I did it!
I actually hit someone. Whoo!

Give me that!

I have it, Prince Arthur!

I have the sword.

Give it to me, little boy.

The sword is mine.
It's of no use to you.

It belongs to Prince Arthur.
It said so in the book.

Give it to him
and you'll never get home.

I'm the only one who knows

where the key to your world
is hidden.

Is that true? Don't you know
where the key is?

Can't you get me home?

No, I cannot get
you home Brandon.

But I don't believe she can
either. She's bluffing.

Give the sword to me Brandon.

And I'll have you
home in time for dinner.

Your mother's making
your favorite pizza.

How did you know I liked Pizza?

I can see her.

She's very lonely Brandon.

She misses you deeply.
She weeps for you, at night,

quietly into her pillow.

She goes into your room.
Angels on your pillow, she says.

there's no Brandon to answer.

Give the sword to me,

and I'll have you home
in no time.

No Brandon!
Don't believe her.

Only I can get you home.

But I must have
the sword to do it.

What do I do?
I want to go home.

Follow your heart Brandon.

I can ask nothing more of you.

You had me scared
there for a minute,

but you made
the right choice.

- I'm proud of you.
- Me too, mate. Real proud.

So, you've won at last.

Who could have foreseen
you bringing about my demise,

with such a
mutley crew of allies?

A woodsman, a kangaroo.
The child.

The book.

My whole life...
devoted to the pursuit

of absolute power and evil.

And now... I'm going to die.

I'm going to die.

No, I shall not
kill you Evilia.

Death is too fine
a fate for you.

Instead, you shall spend
the rest of your days

suffering the most
hideous sight imaginable.


You've helped save
an entire Kingdom.

And yet you seem so sad.

What's troubling you,
young friend?

I guess I just never thought
about staying here forever.

I always thought
I'd get back home.

And you really
want to go home?

Yes. I mean not that
I don't like it here.

You've all been so nice to me.

Except Evilia, of course.

But I miss my mom.

I'm sure she misses me, too.

And home you
shall go Brandon.

But how? I thought you couldn't
get me home without the key.

I can't.

I don't understand.

The key you seek,
is in your heart.

The power to return home
as been yours all along.

All you had to do,

is believe in yourself.

Are you certain
you don't want to stay?

I'll make you my
Sergeant at Arms.

You'll have all
the riches you desire.

Thank you King Arthur,
but now I have to go home.

You'll always be me mate.

I'll never forget you, Brandon.

I'll miss you, small friend.

All right, I'm home! Mom!


- Mom!
- Oh my god.

Brandon, thank God. My baby!

So I went into the
attic and land in Storyland,

where I had to defeat queen
of Elia and her pet snake.

So I could get the sword
back to the prince,

because I was the one.

Woody the woodsman,
Pouch the kangaroo

and Hoot the owl
helped me get back.

And Leo.


I'm so glad
to have you home.

I warned you
about that attic.

Sorry I broke my promise to you

about going in there
Uncle Monty.

Well, I'm pleased to have
you back in one piece.

Brandon, listen to me.

I know this has been a
really difficult time for you.

But honey, you cannot
make up stories.

You have to tell
me where you really were.

When you're ready to.

Mom I'm telling the truth.

Catherine, these things do have
a way of working themselves out.

Brandon, sweetheart
your story is impossible.

I'm sure
there is some logical...

Nothing's impossible
if you believe.

You have to believe.

You're expecting anybody?

No. I'm gonna go see who it is.

Maybe it's Santa Claus.

Oh my God.

Merry Christmas.


Oh my God.


- Dad?
- Brandon.


I love you so much.

I knew you'd come back.
I knew you'd come back.

I came back.

Merry Christmas.