Story of a Love Affair (1950) - full transcript

Paola (Lucia Bose) is the beautiful and jealously-guarded younger wife of a shady factory owner, Enrico Fontana (Ferdinando Sarmi). In order to investigate her romantic history he hires a private detective, which ironically brings Paola back into contact with former lover Guido (Massimo Girotti), with whom she resurrects a lost passion. Dogged by the suspicions of their respective mates, they are drawn closer to each other in the face of adversity, and begin to plot Enrico's demise. But when the challenge of being together falls away, will the passion start to wane? A masterpiece of intensity and finely-wrought emotion.


No, it's not the same old story.
Nothing fishy.

This time the lady is faithful.

She was very young here.

She's changed now of course.
She's an elegant society woman.

- Where's she from?
- She was born in Rovigo.

Her father was a professor.

They moved to Ferrara
when she was ten.

Here she is...
beautiful woman, too.

- What's her name?
- Paola Molon was her maiden name.

Paola Molon: Twenty-seven years old.


Her husband's rolling in it.

Must own twenty companies.

Fontana. Fontana Fabrics.

Cotton and all sorts.

She looks different here.
How she changes!

Come in!

Leave it there.

It was these photos
that brought Fontana to us.

He found them a month
ago and got jealous.

They usually come here tearing

their hair out in despair,
but not him...

Calm, quiet, a gentleman!

He has this whim to
know who he married.

- He doesn't know?
- They married during the war, in 1943.

Took her to the altar
two months after they met.

Now he's curious.

- After seven years?
- After seven years!

What she did before,
who she knew...

Here's one, pity it's cut.

Why doesn't he ask her?

Very clever, Carloni.

We have to find out
her secrets for him.

So you have to go
to Ferrara immediately. Today!

That's where she went to school.
Start there.

Why not Monday?
A.C. Milan's playing on Sunday...

That reminds me,
the football pools!

See this? And
you'd keep him waiting?


You say start from the school?

That's where girls
start growing up.

Mr. Molon's daughter,
a young blonde.


I'm getting mixed up.
We get so many girls...

What about the registers?

The bombings
destroyed everything.

- See that tip?
- Nice.

Been doing tips like that for twenty
years. A speciality of this high school.

Ah, our schools...

Oh Professor,
we need your cast-iron memory.

I'm sure you remember
a student we had.

- Thank you.
- My pleasure.

- Remember Molon?
- Paola Molon.


Eight to ten years ago...

Pretty girl!

Mind what you say,
this is her uncle.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.

I was only going to say
she was a lively girl.

Bright... a bit restive.

Played light as a feather,
never marked the pitch.

A feather!

A real feather!

A new boyfriend every month
and always the best.

Ah, a boyfriend a month...

Well, at that age...

She'd come here
with two girlfriends.

They were inseparable...
it was all boys and parties.

See that portico?

The band played there.

They'd dance, hold
treasure hunts...

- Well-to-do girls, eh?
- Of course.

Well, sometimes down there
on summer nights...

What were her friends' names?

- Giovanna Carlini was one.
- Oh, yes, I know her.

- You mean you knew her.
- What?

- She died, didn't you know?
- Oh dear, when?

I can't remember exactly.

I'd like to know.

You know who can tell you?

Matilde Galvani,
the other girl who was always with them.

She didn't turn out well.

- I think she's having a hard time.
- And Molon?

She vanished.

Right after Giovanna died.

Never saw her again.

It was strange the way she left.

- Why strange?
- Well, I don't know.

It was so sudden...

Excuse me.
Does Mrs. Galvani live here?

- You mean Dr. Algardi.
- Is that her husband?

You could call him that.

- There, on the left.
- Thank you.

Mrs. Matilde Galvani, please?

- She's out.
- I need to see her.

I've come from Naples.
May I wait?

Of course, do come in.

Waiting is a word I like.

We're all waiting.

- I'm Professor Ferri.
- Keep it on, it's freezing in here.

Excuse my garb, I was in bed.

I get up late, like Petronius.

Business is bad.

'A man without money
is the image of death'

- Take a seat.
- Thank you.

It's terrible in Naples too.

What can I do for you?

I wanted to ask
the lady something...

about her friend, Paola Molon.

- Do you know her?
- Certainly.

Paola's father was
a colleague of mine.

When he died last year...

I remembered I had
some beautiful letters of his.

A kind of spiritual testament.

His daughter might like them,

if I can find her.

She couldn't care less,
believe me.

You're wasting your time.

She lives in Milan.

Her husband's
loaded with money...

fabrics, cottons

and other foolish
things invented by the Chinese.

Miss Molon, now Mrs. Fontana,
has had it good.

I gather you're not
on very good terms with her.

People who are
lucky don't deserve it.

Does a fortune ever fall
into a hungry man's mouth?

With the football
pools sometimes...

Did she have any boyfriends
here in Ferrara?

Quite a few.

Only one was serious,
as far as I know.

I think I did hear something
about a great love.

That's the fate of secrets!

- Even you, from Naples, know about it.
- So, it was a secret?

Love at first sight.

He was engaged to Giovanna,
a friend of hers.

Paola was trying
to take him away from her.

Nice of her!

But she didn't succeed. Two days
before the wedding, Giovanna died.

How come Paola
didn't marry the boy?

'Fluent love'

- Was he from here?
- Guido?

No, he studied here.

Good-looking boy.
I detest good-looking boys.

- Where does he live now?
- With his sister, I think.

I never remember addresses.
Why should I?

To know where a
lawyer or a deputy lives?

Who cares?

Ah, you're here?

This is a colleague
of Paola's father.

Paola's father is dead.

I know, I'm looking
for his daughter.

- Why look for her here?
- You were close friends.

Close! She was a friend.

Yes, of course.
I was also looking for Miss Carlini...

but I heard about the accident.

- How do you know all this?
- I was a friend of her father's.

Where does Guido fit in?

The gentleman mentioned him.

I can't help you,
I've lost touch with Paola Molon.

In that case I'm
sorry I disturbed you.

Never mind. Good-bye.

- What did you tell him?
- Nothing that could hurt your reputation.


I mean about Guido.

What did you tell him?

I didn't tell him anything.
Why should you care about them?

I didn't tell him anything.

When will you learn
to mind your own business?

If it's your business,
it's mine too...

since we go on, God knows why...

living under the same roof.

Dear Guido...

- Good night.
- Good night.

Here we are...

That conductor's a dream!
What a man!

- Not jealous, Rocchi?
- How can you ask a husband...

Speaking of husbands...

What is it darling?

It's twenty after midnight.

The show ended earlier
than usual tonight.

It's not that.
You're still in time, by two seconds.

- To do what?
- What a shame!

What's the matter with you?

I'm twenty-seven,
at this very moment.

I'm so sorry, darling...
it's your birthday.

Forgive me,
I've had a hell of a day.

- What would you like as a gift?
- I'll think about it.

I'm still twenty-six
to the others, mind you.

OK, shall we go?

What shall we do now?

"Rigoli" is better.

- Let's drop in at the Little Bar
- Yes! Let's go!

What do you say, Paola?


- Let's go home...
- Home?

Sorry, I don't feel like it.

- But what about the others?
- I don't feel well.

- What excuse can we make?
- That I don't feel well.

Excuse us with the others,
Paola's not well.

- Sure. Good night.
- Good night.

I'll call you, Paola.

- In a bad mood?
- I don't feel well. Can't wait to sleep.

- Hope it's not a migraine.
- Why?

It reminds me of
the play we saw the other night.

A wife's love for her husband
is measured in migraines.

I don't feel
like joking, Enrico.

I'll go.

Did you like the show?

- What show?
- Tonight's.

Luciani made me a
business proposal.

- Let's hear it.
- It involves you.

He said,
I'll buy your wife for 300 million lira.

Only 300?

You know what an Eastern
prince would have said?


You can have my wife for free...
then I'll kill you.

Maybe he would, but a Milanese
industrialist, for free?

He'd say,
"Give me the money, you can have her...

then I'll kill you".

He avenges the insult,
earns the money

and gets rid of his wife.

You looked great tonight,

all eyes were on you.

As for Rocchi...

You know the secret
for staying beautiful?

Sleep, sleep and more sleep.

Good night, then.

Good night.

- Where's the phone?
- In there.

Hello, is that you?

Guido! It's been centuries
since I last heard your voice.

Why at this late hour?

Important for whom?

Of course. Tomorrow,
if you like.

I'd like to spend
some time with you.

Wherever you like.
No, no, alright.

I'd come right away, if I could.


All right. Goodnight.

Who taught him to tackle?


What team are they on?

University reserves.

- Do you play too?
- I used to.

We won the Fasces Games in 1938.

- What position?
- In defence.

Look at that mix-up!

- Keeping your distance?
- I want to look at you.

How do I look?

- You've changed.
- For the better or worse?

Let's go.

Have you always
trained like that?

- Where are we going?
- To the artificial lake.

Fine, but don't go fast.

Well, better or worse?

I only caught a
glimpse of you last night.

You're stunning!
How did you get like this?

Like what?

I don't know, you've got class.

You've changed too.
You make compliments now!

It's the first time
since I've known you.

One lets oneself go
as the years go by.

I noticed you were different.
Your eyes are darker.

Everything about you...
you're more mature.

with everything I've been through.

But let's talk about us...

or rather, about you.

What have you been doing?

- Are you married?
- Guido...

I'm not criticizing.

Are you happy at least?

You aren't, either.

Guido, what is it?

Read this.

"Dear Guido,"

"a man I don't
know was here today".

"He said he was a friend
of Paola's father".

"I gather he wanted information
about you both".

"Use the tip as you like".

"But let Paola know in Milan,
she's in the directory under Fontana".


"The man was about forty,
never looks into your eyes"

"and that's what
made me suspicious".

What does this mean?

I was hoping
you'd have some idea.

You still think about it?

And you?

Guido, they're making inquiries.

Relax, the whole
thing is so vague.

It's too soon to worry.

- It's the police!
- Of course not.

Why did you come
rushing here then?

I was passing through. I was longing
for a chance to see you again.

What shall we do?

Nothing, nothing at all.

We have to see if
anyone is nosing around.

And we must keep in touch.

You're staying here of course.

I should really leave.

No, please, you
really should stay.

I have commitments,
I'm a car dealer.

I'm busy,
I can only stay a day or two.

What if you went to Ferrara
and spoke to Matilde?

She has few scruples
and Ludovico even less.

Maybe she wants money.
They're hard up.

Have you seen her since?

She came here once to see me,
I forget about what.

She was boring, badly
dressed. A stranger.

Then she vanished.

You could go tomorrow.
Tonight even.

At least we'd know then.

All right, I will.

- What is it?
- It feels strange being here together.

Didn't you think
we'd meet again sooner or later?

Yes, but...

- What?
- I thought it'd be different.

- In what way?
- Nothing. I must go now, it's late.



- I've finished, thanks.
- My pleasure.

Looking for someone?

No, just checking the lift.

They need a doctor occasionally.

You're telling me!
What with power failures...

and being out of order,
we always end up walking.

The main thing is
preventing accidents.

Don't talk about accidents!

Why not?

I'm in service here,
with the Carlinis.

They had a girl of nineteen,
an only child.

They lost her and
that thing's to blame.

Really? I'm sorry.
Were you here?

Was I! Goodness...

Give me the details,
it's better that we know.

It seems like yesterday.

I showed them out.
They were all in high spirits.

- Who would have thought...
- All who?

Miss Giovanna,
her fiancé and a friend, Miss Paola.

Laughing and joking...

How did it happen?

Nobody really knows.

- You didn't see it?
- No, I'd gone back inside

- I heard a thud...
- A thud?

Then there was a long silence.

Didn't they shout or ring the bell?

There was nothing, I tell you!

I was here, look...
Come in, there's no one in.

Then the voices downstairs...
Someone saying, "My God!"

I ran out... they
were standing there.

Miss Paola was
shaking like a leaf.

And he... he was
looking at her.

I saw the lift door open,
I immediately realised.

"Why are you standing
there?" I said.

- "She may still be alive!"
- What did he do?

He ran down...
she was already dead.

Poor girl!
What about the other one, Miss Paola?

I had to bring her in.
She started screaming...

screaming at my
young lady's fiancé

to go away,
that she never wanted to see him again.

It was heart-breaking.

The two girls were very close.

Goodness, what a day!

I'll give this lift a good look.

What good is that now?

A call for you
from Ferrara, sir.

Hello? Just a minute,
here he is.


You're appointment with...

Do go on.

I'd like to know exactly
when you met your wife?

In March 1943.

I can't remember the exact day.
Early in the month.

Did she mention at the time
a certain Giovanna Carlini?


Didn't she mention
her friend who had an accident?

It's rather strange
that you should be asking me.

She has never mentioned
anyone or anything.

Sorry, I can't help you.

On the contrary, you've been very helpful.
Thank you.

2nd march 1943 - accident takes place
4th march - Paola leaves Ferrara

6th or 7th march - Paola meets Fontana
and hides accident from him - Murder?

I'll be in Milan soon.

Is something wrong?


He's still away?
What time will he be back?

Please ask him to
call me immediately.

He knows... thank you.
You will tell him?

Bring me some cigarettes.

Your turn.

- One spade. Sorry, I meant two hearts.
- Okay.

- Two spades.
- Okay.

- Four spades.
- Yes.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Where are you going?

I'm through anyway.

- Here you are, ma'am.
- Bring me a Martini.

Good girl, say
hello to Mrs. Fontana.

Hello, Mrs. Fontana.
What a darling she is!

We'll send her to boarding school soon,
to the nuns.

Then she'll travel
and learn languages...

because we get all sorts
of people at our hotel...

Filipinos, Indians...
they all speak to her...

and she must understand them.

When she's older,
we'll find her a nice husband...

a Pomeranian with dark eyes
like Cary Grant.

- Luciana phoned me yesterday.
- She's getting married Saturday.

- Have you chosen a present?
- A gold dressing-case, perhaps

She'd prefer something
more original.

She'd like some homing pigeons.

Oh God!

With a scroll
in a tiny gold case tied to their legs,

so they could carry
the news around the world.

- Listen, why don't you find them?
- A moment.

But transatlantic flights...

Come on,
an old married couple once in a while...

Turn that radio off, please.

Pigeons, not a bad idea!

Must you spoil our bridge?

I'm afraid so, I have to go out.

Take my place, please.
I won't be long.

- Mommy, you do the honours.
- Bye-bye.

If you want to know
how many stars there are...

a rough count
has been attempted.

I'm talking about
the visible stars.

There are less than one would think...
3000, 3500 in all.


- Where are you?
- Here, come here.


- He's still in Ferrara.
- Is he a policeman?

- Who knows? Ludovico told him about us.
- Oh, Guido.

Then he went to Giovanna's.

I was right then.
He is a policeman.

He's onto us. What's
going to happen?

Calm down, I haven't finished.

At Giovanna's house
he met the maid, Clotilde.

He told her he was
the lift maintenance man.

Nonsense, of course,
but she told him all about it.

All about what?

- The accident.
- You see?

Maybe we're being followed!

Did you check here?
Let's leave.

He's looking at me.

Because he fancies you. will be able to admire
the stars over Milan

as they would look at midnight
if there were no clouds.

It was like those African nights,
watching the stars.

Come on, there's nothing to find out.
We're only brooding.

What did we do? Nothing.

- That's just it.
- I know.

But there's no real danger.

There can't be.

When can I see you?

I really can't stay.

Are you joking?
You can't leave me now!

My business...

Business, business!

You're just like Enrico.

The comparison is ironic,
the way things stand.

What do you mean?

I mean I have no business!

I'm looking, but I have none.

I earn the little money
I have by pure chance.

This trip to Milan
to see you and then

to Ferrara has cleaned me out!

I've been a penniless misfit
since the end of the war!

You've no money?
So what, I have all you want.

- As if I'd take it!
- Why not?

Don't be silly.
What's a bit of money between us?

It isn't money that counts.

It's out of the question.

Aren't you handling this for both of us,
for me too?

No, Paola, don't insist.
I'll manage.

- Wait! You're a car dealer, you said?
- Yes.

My husband's giving me one:
Some business for you.

Which cars cost the most?

Ferrari, Maserati...

You could get him one!

Act as the agent.

Maybe you can make
something out of it.

But how do we fix it?

We'll go out one night.
Better bring a friend...

to do the talking.
I'd rather Enrico didn't know you.

Oh God, Rocchi's here!

I'll call you, darling.

So, what's it about?

I have a client
who wants a Ferrari or a Maserati.

That idiot Bottini
won't give me one.

Bottini does his own deals.

The way you let him down!

I make clear-cut deals.
If it's a sure thing...

no wasting time,
cash down and you're not greedy...

Anything else?

I like you! You never change.

- Who is she?
- Oh, no one, a clothes model.

What would you like?

A kiss, if you don't mind.

Two Martinis then.

Right, let's hear his name.

- Will Enrico Fontana do?
- The hell it will!

He's loaded.
Leave it to me.

It's no good you tugging...
what is it?

Mrs. Fontana often buys from us.
I know her.

She's beautiful.

- What do I care?
- He does.


I think you like
beautiful women.

Okay, but you're not.
It's none of your business.

Add Gin.

Fine, Fontana suits me.

He wants a Ferrari
or a Maserati?

Naturally, what else?

But I think I can find one.

- Is it real Gin?
- English.

- Your health!
- Not mine?


How do we meet Fontana?

- I'll bring him to some club.
- His wife will introduce you.

Why not bring him
to "Esperia" on Thursday?

It's a benefit evening.
I'm modelling.

- Ok?
- Ok!

OK for now.

I'll call you to confirm.
Give me your number.


"The universe is nothing but love."

- Who's that?
- A guy without a bean.

Saturday's a good night for you!

- Always the same.
- Why do you put up with it?

Maybe I like it.
Staying in Milan?

That depends.

- On the heart?
- Why the heart?

Look over there.

I like this one.

Sit here, Paola.

- Not very nice people.
- Look at me, not them.

- What are you having?
- A double whisky.

Don't you ever get tired?
Let's sit down.

A bit longer.

- Nice little figure!
- You think so?

Let's finish this one.

The last one?

Last dance, last hour,
last kiss.

Go on, act romantic!

Are you being mean too?

No, don't worry.
Let's go and sit down.

See that lady over there?

She bought that dress from us.

You walk past and say hello.

She'll pretend to know you
and you'll mention the car.

But who is she?

Mrs. Fontana, of course!

I get it! Which
one is her husband?

She'll introduce you.

- I'll go then.
- Hold on a minute.

- What are we waiting for?
- Calm down.

Sorry to leave you at such a time,
but duty calls.

Coming to me
of all people with a bogus deal!

- She'd agreed, I tell you!
- I can see that.

Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention?

Paola, why did you
drag us to a place like this?

Well, it's not so bad.

- I like it.
- I can believe that!

Let's see what happens.

Be quiet!

The outfit will be auctioned in aid
of the children of disabled veterans.

What about the model?

Just a minute, the outfit first.





Come on, gentlemen,
remember it's for charity.

180,000 for the mannequin!

And to think she's mine for free...
or nearly.

No digressing.
We're at 170,000 for the outfit!

No more offers?


The Maserati looks done for.



My wife's mad.

300,000, going

300,000, going,

300,000... gone.

- Keep it, you can have it.
- Thank you.

- I don't get you at times.
- You often don't.

- So explain.
- A whim. Can you explain a whim?

What's wrong with you, stupid?

We'd agreed! I've
been waiting all night.

The car's outside.
I'll look a right fool!

I don't get you a deal
so you can go with tramps!


Tell your friend to come to me,
I'll talk to him.

I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry...

I've been a swine.

I don't know what got into me.

When I saw you with her...
I just couldn't help it!

- Paola...
- Tell me.

Me voilà!

Done, thank you.

I'll give it to my men.

How many copies?


Tired of being alone.
I've felt alone since then.

Even tonight, in there,
you were far away, I felt lost.


I love you, I always have.

As soon as I saw you again,
I realised it was still you.

I could've kissed you there and then,
but I didn't.

What a fool! I was waiting
for you without knowing it.

I've been waiting
for you for years.

They're coming back.

- I don't care.
- They'll see us!

- Don't leave me...
- Are you mad?

You can be dead before you know it
in a car like this.

Did you see that dog?

And did you see how it held the road?
What a car!

120 km in third, 170 in fourth.

Too fast. Unsuitable
for a lady.


I wouldn't rest easy
while you were driving it.

There's no need to go that fast.

...I can go slower.

Then why do you need a Maserati?

I like it.
Didn't you promise me a birthday present?

We'll think about it.
Call me in a few days.

I'm leaving tomorrow...

No hurry.
Call me when you get back.


What's your name?

- Conti.
- Goodbye.

Don't start, not
all deals come off!

Mine do! It takes
a nose to tell good deals from bad.

- Cut it out!
- After you bamboozled me?!

Who'll give me a Maserati
now if I get a client?

Damn, it was 200,000 lire!

These have arrived, ma'am.

Let's guess who sent them.
Who do you think?

Mr. Rocchi sent
orchids yesterday.

Right, it can't be him.

Maybe that diplomat
I always forget to invite.

What's his name...

Enrico?! What
day is it today?

The Maserati!

The keys to the Maserati!

Gustavo's outside
with a new car.

Call my husband.

But it's not the Maserati!


- Your husband...
- I've gone out.

Good morning, ma'am.

I'll drive myself.

Mrs. Fontana! Did
you run up the stairs?


Do you want the manageress?
I'll call her.

- Good morning Mrs. Fontana.
- Good morning.

Good of you to come.
Won't you take a seat?

- Good morning.
- Can you come?

Paola, dear, how are you?

I saw you arrive.
What a pretty suit!

does wonders for you.

I see you have a new car.

One can't say your husband neglects you.
I haven't seen him for ages.

I hear you went to "Esperia"
a few nights ago.

Funny, I thought,
the Fontanas in a dive like that.

You must have had fun.

I never have fun at night clubs.


Too many people...
they can see us!

Marvellous, don't you think?


What was the one at "Esperia" like?
All that money...

Did you really give
it away to the mannequin?

Have you seen anything you like?


Look at this one.
Fringes are all the rage in Paris.

Dessé started it
and they all followed suit.

Let me have a look at it.

We're back to the twenties look.

Walk around.

- It only needs the hip length.
- Turn around...

You're too young
to remember Chanel, magnificent!

This one takes your breath away.

It needs someone with your figure,
of course...

You'd look like a
fine painting in it.

I'll take this, send it home.

- Without trying it on?
- It doesn't matter.

- You're going?
- Yes, goodbye.

I must see this.

So uptight...
there must be something behind it.

Such a rush then she goes on foot.

Nazionali cigarettes were sold out.
I got Giubek.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

- I thought you were asleep.
- Come here...

I'm looking for matches.


Sit here close to me.

Always close, just like this...

Oh, throw it away.

Now the whole
place will catch fire.

Good, we'll die and that's it.

I don't want to die,
I want to live with you.

- Then let's live!
- Guido!

Why are you like this?
What have I done to you?

I'm sorry,
I don't know what's wrong with me.

- You've lost an earring.
- They're only cheap pearls.

Cheap! How much, 100,000?

I can't remember.

How are we going
to find it in this hole?

Are you sure he
didn't follow you?

I told you.
He's probably still watching the car.

What can he suspect?
He has no proof!

If you're angry it
means you're not sure.

- Sure of what?
- Guido.

We only had to lift a finger,
say a word...

But neither of us
did or said anything.

We didn't do it and you're free.

You're mine.

You're here.

We didn't save her
and now we can love each other.

There's your earring.

Pick it up.

Not even emeralds
would budge me.

- Guido, I'm so happy.
- Me too.

The years I've longed
to feel like this...

Seven years.

I've always carried you in me
without really knowing

...and I got married
to someone else.

But it was you I wanted,
only you...

like when Giovanna
stood between us.

- Paola.
- Tell me, darling.

I think about
Giovanna too at times.

I ask myself, why
didn't we save her?

It only needed a
second or two...

But at that moment
we wished her dead.

We really wanted it.
I wonder if that's a crime.

No! We didn't do anything,
but there was no crime!

Yet that's what separated us...

Giovanna separated us
in life and in death.

Don't brood about it.
I love you, I'm yours!

- But you're not!
- Why do you say that?

There's someone else, like then!

We're not happy, Paola.
That was a lie.

We're not happy
and never will be.

Here's your earring.

Put it on for me.

The worst moment has come:

It's time to get dressed.

I'd put it off forever.

They're going?

It's obviously not a Maserati.

Remember the dog?


Enrico was scared,
he told me so.

It was a close shave.

It's awful how something sudden
can change everything.

- Be quiet!
- Why?

I know what's on your mind.

- Nothing.
- You're afraid to tell me!

- Will you be quiet?
- What's wrong with wishful thinking?

You're just too
scared to talk about it.

What are you doing?

Are you insane?

Why do you want to go?

- We can't stay here forever!
- Tell me why...

Yes, I want to go!

- Do you want to leave?
- I don't know.

No, you can't! It
doesn't make sense...

I know you love me,
you can't leave me like this!

Guido... You can't,
you've no right!

Don't you see
where we're heading?

And with that man tailing us,
it's no joke!

I can't think straight,
I'm sorry.

Your husband phoned,
he'll be out for dinner.

Then Countess Violi...
and Mr. Rocchi, of course.

- Why "of course"?
- He calls nearly every day.

Silly girl!

Leave me alone.

And bring me an envelope.

Is that you?

Fine ways you have!
Thanks for returning my wallet.

Oh Guido...
I knew you wouldn't leave. You couldn't!

You know very well why.

Because it wasn't fair.
Tell me you want to see me!

Yes, I do...

to return the 80,000 lira
I found in my wallet.

It was the only
way to keep you here.

Forgive me...
Is that the only reason you phoned?

No... I'd probably
have called you anyway.

I got as far as the station,
but I couldn't.

Now I really want to see you.

When? Thinking about
it will make the time pass.

To think I only need
to go out into the street...

Hold on,
it must be Enrico coming back.

I'll lock the door.

Can you hear me?

- Tomorrow
- Call me at midday on the dot.

I've got to go now.

- What is it?
- It's me!

Hold on, I was
just dropping off...

Why did you lock the door?

I'm coming, I'm coming!

Here I am, to keep you awake.

- Are you tipsy?
- I wish, I'm never tipsy.

Just a bit merry.
Do you mind?

No, but I'm tired.

I've gained control
of the hemp mill...

and I beat the taxman too!

Fontana's going to
get even bigger now.

Let's drink to it!

Aren't you pleased
when I knock people flat?

Yes, yes...

But can't we talk
about it tomorrow?

I'm not feeling great tonight.

Oh, I still have my nylons on!

- It's hot...
- You're not undressing here?

What's so strange?
Do you have a migraine?

I'm sleepy.

Just one glass,
it'll make you feel better.

No, night time
drinking ruins your skin.

- Why not?
- Just because.

Not even if I tell you a secret
that concerns you?

What secret?

- Have a sip.
- Well?

I've made some
enquiries about you.

Some enquiries?

And what did you find out?

- Want me to tell you?
- Wait a minute...

- Why did you come in here?
- Look, Enrico's car.

- Did he follow you?
- No.

He must be at
Franceschi's office on the corner.

How stupid of us to meet here!

- Let's go. You first.
- What if he sees me?

Well then?

- Third floor.
- That's fine sir.

- Are you going up?
- No, thanks. First floor.

- What is it?
- A surprise.

It's my husband making enquiries

and having me followed. It was him
asking for information in Ferrara.

- How do you know?
- He told me.

- When?
- Yesterday.

How come?

He came into my room.
He was a bit merry.

No, it wasn't like you think.

So it's him. But why?


Some old photos
made him curious about my past.

- What did he find out?
- Nothing. He just laughed.

Why did he have you followed
all the way to Milan then?

Who knows,
but he says he's told them to stop.

It'll be easier to meet now.

Well, this jealousy thing...
You don't know him.

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

He's too selfish
to leave me alone.

I lied to you just now.

I had to put up
with him last night.

Since you've come here,
I can't bear him near me.

It irritates me the way
he goes on like a boss...

his voice, his gestures...
I hate him!

Kiss me... now!

But the police have the means...

What means?
The Force hasn't changed since your day.

If a suspect escapes in a taxi,
we let him go.

We can't afford to chase him.

Last year I spent 500 lira
out of my own pocket.

It took me eight
months to get a refund.

On our pay,
we can't give the State credit.

What means do the police have?

If we have to go to the local gangland,
to Porta Ticinese or Ortica, we go.

We have our informers there,
we know where to look.

But if it's any
other area, who goes?

We don't have the men.

And as for night clubs...

where do we get the money
to pay a hostess?

So what about my man?

I looked for him in the hotels,
inns and bars...

I did what I could.

But there are many places
where we don't go.

What do you suggest I do?

Wait for a chance,
that's the best police method.

Didn't you say a woman's involved?
Follow her.

Must go now, sorry.
Come and see me.

Who knows, something may turn up.

What is it?
Is he impatient?

No, he's changed his mind.

Says to drop it if
there's nothing.

You've been digging around
for over two weeks.

But I'm tailing a woman
who never walks anywhere!

Think of something,
it's your job.

I know. Why complain,
after what I've put together?

It's all theory, not fact.
Have you found the boy? No!

I'm sure he's in Milan
and they're seeing each other.

Wait a few days,
I'll have some news.

It's simple. There was something
then and there must be now.

Ride a tiger and
you can't get off.

Hurry up with the report on what you know,
proved or not.

If there's nothing, make it up.

He's not like those types
who want to hear they were wrong...

that their wives
are angels above suspicion. Not him!

Either we drop it
or if we go on...

I talked him around, see?

He's jealous again.

We must give him
something concrete.

That's what I'm doing.
Trust me.

- Call me twenty times a day!
- All right!

Good evening!

Good evening,
what brings you here?

I came to talk
to a young man who lives here.

How kind of you.

Let's get out of here.

What about Valerio?

Something wrong?

I ditched him.

- Why?
- It was no good.

They say wives
don't count, but...

- He's married?
- He's got a kid too.

A separation, he said.
I've been waiting two years.

He's not in love
with his wife, oh no!

It was their wedding anniversary
the other day.

I'd rather not have known,
but he said calmly...

"We'd better not
see each other today".

"I'm taking Clara to
choose her present".

Not even pretence of tact!

He didn't think of me,
that I could be jealous or hurt.

Didn't you wonder why I
was flirting with you?

Well, yes.

I was hoping to
shake him into saying,

"Hey, what are
you playing at?"

But it was also to
try and break away.

I love him,
I don't know why, but I love him.

I can't bear him betraying me,
not even with his wife.

Especially with his wife.

The thought drives me mad.

Marriage ties are
much too strong.

No love or passion can hold out.

Forgive me for
telling you all this.

It comes natural with you.

It's good talking to you,
even though you're not married.

You're not married too,
by any chance?


- Do you let rooms in this place?
- Yes.

I'm looking for Garroni.

He's just gone out.
He's always out, luckily.


I'll have a Sarti Soda.

- Why "luckily"?
- I don't like him.

Give me that Sarti Soda.

- You crying?
- I'm a bundle of nerves.

- Something else upset you?
- Stop it, Guido. I can't take any more.

I can't take it any more.

Take your fur off.

A bit of peace and joy,
with nothing to worry about...

Wouldn't it be nice?

- Let's go away.
- Where to?

I don't know...
abroad, to another city.

And then?

We'll be together.
I'll work, I'll grow rich.

- How?
- Somehow.

If so many fools make it big, why
shouldn't I? I'm ready for anything.

Like what?
Make do with rented rooms?

- But it's for you.
- And cheap cigarettes?

- Do you enjoy humiliating me?
- No, Guido.

Don't get me wrong,
I only meant your romanticism.

Drive isn't enough,
you need to have what it takes.

I'd feel like a
new man with you.

With me you'd
come to a standstill.


Money is everything in love too.

We leave, we get
somewhere, then what?

We come back and it's all over.

Dear Guido,
these things have to be said.

Money is stupid.

Between you and Enrico,
it chooses him.

He who loves no one
can buy everything...

including me!

He always knows what to do.

While you seem so strong
but are so weak.

- You're a dear.
- So?

I don't know.

Let me think how it'd be
if we were free.

Don't you ever think, deep down,
about what you'd like?

Think if he died...

Listen, Paola...

- I was just saying...
- I won't think about it.

Just think... bang...

And it's all over!

Isn't that easier?

You think it's
easy to shoot a man?

You fought in the war.

It's all a matter
of the right opportunity.

Just a matter of
the right opportunity.

But with so many
people who hate him...


Can't you even take a joke?

Hold me, darling!

How are you?

- Haven't seen you for a while.
- I've been very busy recently.

Don't spoil the party.

- Don't worry, he'll come.
- It's all arranged.

- You actually arranged something?
- Everyone's coming to my place...

- Cernobbio tonight
- Oh, the money I spend at the Rivoli...

- With what it costs you!
- You've made up your mind?

- If she has...
- Give me a Negroni.

It has to be tonight?

- Of course.
- Your board meetings again?

No, two Dutchmen at the factory.

- Bring me a tulip!
- Get rid of them.

Can't, it's too important.

It must be fun to
have so much to do.

Give me a mushroom sandwich.

- Is it tasty?
- She's tasty!

You could join us later.

Okay, 10:30 to 11.

Want me to pick you up?

No, I'll think about my Dutchmen
on the way.

We're counting on you!

Are you bringing them?

God forbid!
They're heavy going.

So it's decided.

- Shall we go?
- Ok.

I want to invite a crowd.

Vicky, will you take me tonight?

What do the dice say?

They say yes.

Excuse me a minute
while I phone the dressmaker.

Need me to do anything?

No... thank you, dear.

Garroni, please.

It's me. This is it,
let's meet at 4.

You see?

He has to slow down.

I'll stand on the bank.

The car will be ten feet away.

Can't miss.

Yes, can't miss.

The air smells good here!

It's the countryside already.

What about those people?

There won't be anyone
around in two hours' time.

- Guido.
- Tell me.

Are you scared?

No, why?

Guido, why don't we
forget about it...

You said we can't
go on like this.

- Yes, but...
- But?

You sounded so sad just now.

You know I don't like the idea.

Don't do it then.

You know very well I will.

- For you.
- For me?

Was it for me last time too?

I couldn't have done it alone.

It's my fault then.

Why didn't you say anything
when you saw the lift wasn't there?

You saw it, she didn't!

She was looking at
us and you kept quiet.

Was it for me you kept quiet?

It suited you too!

You killed her!
You killed her!

Is that what you think when you hold me?
I don't.

Yet you were there too,
you kept quiet too.

It'll be the two
of us tonight too.

- May I?
- Come in.

Here's a broth to bring
the dead back to life.

- You'll feel fine tomorrow.
- You're a treasure, Anna.

If I was at the bottom of a bar...

some willing diver
would have to bring me up.

An elderly diver
who's easy to please.

If anyone asks for me, I'm ill.

Including the Lady
of the Camellias?

There's a gentleman who...

Excuse me for a moment.

- Been waiting long?
- Over an hour.

- I'm sorry.
- I'm used to it.

Take your time.

- Can you leave me the report?
- As you wish.

I've finished.
I'll be at the agency if you need me.

Good. Give him 30,000 lira.

Tell your boss to
send me the bill.

Always at your command.

Good bye.

This way, please.

What's on tonight?

- A party.
- There must be at least thirty cars.

The assistant is here...

Don't bother me!

...regarding Gíovanna Carlini's death.
Having ascertained

the intimacy between Garroni
and the subject,

we feel we should suspend
the investigation

until we receive
further instructions from you.

Yes, sir?

Oh God!

Enrico Fontana...
2, Melegani street.

Just look at that!

- What shall we do?
- Call the police.

Where's the nearest phone?

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Does Mr. Enrico
Fontana live here?

He's out, we're expecting him.
His wife's here.

We must speak to her, call her.

- Where's Mrs. Fontana?
- In her room.

Call her!

She'll be right here.

Guido, they came to arrest me!
A Jeep... a police Jeep!

I had to get away.
We must get away!

Calm down.

I can't calm down
until we're safe!

But where...
where can we go?

Maybe they haven't
been to your place.

How did you do it?

Let's go, I have a taxi!

Be quiet! Come on!

Where are you taking me?
It's not my fault.

Why did they come to me
and not to you?



- You did it!
- Did what?

It's his fault he died,

He did it himself!

He was going flat out,

the car swerved
and ran off the road.

He fell into the canal.

When I got there
they'd already pulled him out.

He had a hole in his throat,
like a gunshot.

What now?


- Now we can't go on.
- Why not?

Can't you feel why?

Wait... You'll call me?

- Tomorrow morning.
- As soon as you wake up?

- Yes...
- Guido...

We love each other, don't we?
Nothing else matters.

Tomorrow then?


Take me to the station.

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