Story of Eva (2015) - full transcript

Eva and her daughter Amber are attacked outside a restaurant after an evening of Amber's musical concert. Eva is knocked out during the attack! Eva wakes in the hospital to discover Amber has been kidnapped, raped and murdered, but she is unable to help in the investigation due to amnesia. On a quiet evening while listening to Amber's music play, Eva recalls her attack. Having learned the lessons with past abused children and the lack of protection authorities could provide, Eva decides to take the justice system into her own hand. Eva constructs a dungeon in her garage to enact her own version of Vengeance. Then she tracks her daughter's killer! Along the way, she transform from a Mini-Van soccer mom to a hip slick huntress of Evil. Eva meets the worst of society and puts an end to their reign of terror, personally! But not all is smooth sailing as Detective Grind and Wood track Eva down as the bodies of her daughter's killers are discovered. As the detectives close in, Eva is preparing to move her operations. However, she isn't thinking small, she transform from an angry vengeful mother to a God enacting her own reality. The legend of Eva begins.


Would you like breakfast?

Mmm, no, thank you.

I'll make flapjacks.

No, you have to go.

And I have to go get Amber.

She spent the night at
Elizabeth's last night.

Oh, stay in bed with me.

It's official.

There's six more weeks of winter.


Look, I know that the other
kids tease you

almost to the point of bullying.

You have to talk to me
when these things happen

so that we can get to the
bottom of it together.

And you have to remember

non-confrontational conflict resolution.

'Cause nothing ever comes from violence

and you know we can solve
problems with our words, right?


Sometimes, Miss Eva, all they
ever understand is suffering.

Go back to class.

And we are gonna pick this
back on Monday.

And don't be a lazy daisy.

May I have a moment of your time?

Yes, Miss Anthony, please, of course.

This is just a followup
courtesy call.

What is it?

The student you turned over
to us, Margaret Johnson.

Yes, I remember her.

She was turned over for
domestic abuse.

While Mr. Johnson was in our custody,

Mrs. Johnson bludgeoned
Margaret to death.

I'm sorry.

You did do the right thing by
calling us.

We just can't catch every criminal.

I'm so proud of you.

I know this is your last
concert before graduation.

Aren't you excited?

I'm so excited for Stanford, Mom.

I know.

Is Peggy coming tonight?

No, she had to work.

But I promise, I'll show her
the tape from the concert.

And oh, you wore it.

Yes, Mom,
I told you I was going to.

But just so you know,
just because you got me

a pre-birthday present does
not mean

that you can't get me another
present on the day of.

Well, I did get you a real
present on your birthday.

But you will have to brush
up on your French a bit.

Wait, what?

You're going to France, my dear.

Shut up.


Oh my God, Mom!

Oh my God.
The elbow, Amber,

I'm driving.
Sorry, sorry.

Oh my God.

I'm so excited!

France, France, France,

France, France, France, France.

You're taking real good care
of yourself

so I should take you out

and show you off to my friends.

We have a good time.

Excuse me.

Get away from the car.

Okay, well,
you two ladies have a good night.

Mom, where were you?

Amber, why didn't you just
roll up the window?

Because you have the keys

and they're electric windows.

Talk about stranger danger.

Hold on.


What is wrong with you?

Okay, here we go.

Nothing but a little happy.

Can you believe it was my last one?

I know, I don't wanna,

oh no, no, no, no.
Isn't that weird?

Yeah, I know that's weird.
♪ I'm old ♪

♪ I'm getting older ♪

Uh, yeah, right.

Oh well,

I appreciate you coming.

I just wanted to tell you that.

So I'll see you inside
'cause you take forever.

Can you wait?

No, I have to go

practice my French.

I'm so excited.
Yes, you do.



Here, just take what you want.

Please leave us.

Please just leave us alone.

Baby, I'm gonna take what I want.

Oh God.

Please don't touch me.

What, you don't wanna dance?



What do we have?

We have a female,
approximately 16 to 18, no ID.

She was discovered about three
hours ago.

She had been redressed but
missing a shoe.

I have two appointments on my
schedule this morning,

one with the mayor's office
and one with the news media.

I know what I'm gonna tell
the news,

but what am I gonna tell the mayor?

Well, this victim

has the same MO as a
girl we found earlier.

We think we may have a
serial killer working.

Gentlemen, the doors to my office

will swing wide on this one.

I'll give you all the help
you need.

And, uh, welcome back.

Detective Grind.

Can I have a moment of your
time, alone?

I'll go talk to the doctor.

I'll be back, sweetheart.

Dr. Kurtz says that you're capable

of having a discussion and
I'm investigating your case.

Are you up to talking about it?

I'd like to ask you about
that night,

what you can remember,

do you recall the incident.

Uh well, I remember walking.

That's it.

That's the last memory
I have of my daughter.

You're being released.

Is that true, I can go?

Yes, I'm working on your
discharge papers as we speak.

The important thing is to relax,
control your stress.

Thank you, Doctor.

Do you mind if I continue the conversation

while you're being processed?

Detective, please,
I don't know what else

I can tell you.

And whatever it is I can tell you,

it's not gonna bring my
daughter back.

I understand that.

But it is best that you tell me

everything you can
I just wanna

go home.
while it's fresh.

I just wanna go home.

Thank you.

Think she'll ever remember anything?

Right now it's a combination
of the brain trauma

and her emotional state.

Brain injury may heal in time,

but the emotional state,
even with counseling,

could take quite a bit longer.

Only time will tell.

It may come back to her in a flash.

And she took

this big cello

out of the closet.

It was so big,
I had to prop it up

against the wall for her
so she wouldn't fall.

She was just

little miss rolly-polly thing.

She was just so round.

I thought I would just...

I love you.

I'm sorry, I just, I just,

I just have to deal with this
by myself.



No, no, no!


Not fair, not fair, not fair!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Well, the first thing on my
mind in the morning is Amber

and the last thing before I
go to bed,

usually aided by a pill.

What kind of pill?

I don't know,
just something to make me sleep.

When I'm awake,
I can feel myself breathe, Doctor,

but I don't feel alive.

And then I walk outside
and everybody's doing

the exact same thing

over and over again every day.

Nothing changes,
the world doesn't stop.

All I know is that Amber's dead.

And that I wish it was me.

You're the principal of an
all-girls school.

Look at the potential within
your control.

What good could have come
from you dying with Amber?

Well, maybe I wouldn't
have to walk around

feeling like a corpse,
now would I?

We need to look for ways

to help you find peace again.

Restore hope within yourself.



My hope died with my daughter.

Just tell me something.

What kind of mother can't
protect her child?

Look, Eva,

you know, I have patients

that have done tremendously well

from writing a journal,
keeping track

of their thoughts and emotions.

Perhaps it'll help you

in recalling your attack.

We can review your journal
together and I can help you

work out the issues.

Consider it.

Fine, if you think it'll help alleviate

some of this pain.


I'm gonna write you a prescription

that'll help you..
Lemme guess.

To help me relax and not stress.


That's exactly what I was
gonna say.

"Mom, let me just start by
saying I love you

"and please don't be mad.

"I won't lie and say I'm
holding it for someone else.

"It is mine.

"I only smoke because it
helps me relax my mind

"and concentrate on my music.

"So when you ask me about it,

"and I'm sure you will,

"please don't be mad.

"Try to understand.

"I am sorry I didn't tell
you before you found this.

"Love, your favorite person
in the whole world."

I forgive you, baby.

I forgive you, I forgive you.

I forgive you.

I forgive you.

I do, I do.

I do.

And whatever it is I can tell you

it's not gonna bring my
daughter back.

You did do the right
thing by calling us.

Sometimes all they ever
understand is suffering.

Ow, son of a bitch.

I wanna close my account.

Sure, this one?

You can start with Amber's
college fund.

I'll wait.

Hi, how can I help you?

Hi, do you have physical training

of any kind against an opponent?

Uh yeah, we actually have
tons of classes you can take.

Kick boxing's really good for
your cardio

and keeping you lean.

No, sweetheart, I mean actual fighting

where my knuckles bleed.

Choke, choke him!

Hey, sugar tits.

What's shakin' that brings
out the bacon

on this fine evening?

Apparently a conversation

is being had about your handiwork.

Well, it's a dirty job but
somebody's gotta do it.

Come take a walk with me.

Are you insane?

There could be AMBER Alerts
out already.

Picked her up before work.

I met my quota so she's your
problem now.

Just make sure Allah drops the
truck back after he's done.

You have a good day, darlin'.

Soccer mom.

I betcha five bucks she
buys something cheap.

Let me have a crack at her, man.

Go get her.

All right.


Can I help you?

I want that kind.

That's how you can tell the
kids are off to college.

The soccer mom cars are always
the first to get traded in.

I know what I want.

Something pre-computer age.


That one.

That one?

So what's the verdict?

Rose, step out.

The men are gonna talk.

Sit down.

Before you utter a single word,

know this, that if that word

is not the most brilliant thing

that's ever come out

of that stupid monkey mouth
of yours,

do not speak.

Jakey, Jakey, big mistakey.

You know how I feel about
answering questions, Bit.

You bring me attention I do
not want.

Dispose of the bodies like I taught.

Allah says you got another girl.

Good boy, go earn.

And don't call Rose sugar tits.

It hurts her feelings.

Hey, you wanna come home and fuck?

That would be fantastic.

I like it as rough as the
next girl.

But if you want me,
you're gonna have to take me

like a man.



So there we were locked in an
epic battle.

No we weren't.

You got knocked out.

And I thought you were gonna
be tough.

You know,
you hear stories about people

who were raped and murdered

and we just take it as facts, statistics,

things to be measured by.

I call this truth because
when I smoke it I can't lie.

And I smoke a lot.

See now, peace you would
think would be easy.

You would think using words

such as non-confrontational
conflict resolution

would be easy.

You're crazy.

No, you chose someone that
couldn't defend themselves

and you chose violence.

Violence begets violence.

So here is the untold story.

Those who think they escape justice.

Now, in all fairness,
the police do reserve the right

to first capture.

But what if there is no capture?

The criminal is completely free.

And in that freedom,
you have three options.

One, turn yourself

into the authorities,

confess and throw yourself
at the mercy of the court.

Two, kill yourself.

Or three, me.

And how unfortunate it is
that I found you first.

In a few moments, I have a feeling

you're going to have wanted
to choose

one of the other two options.

Just please don't hurt me anymore.

Shh, shh, shh, sh, shh.


Here, just take what you want.

Just please leave us.

Please just leave us alone.

Baby, I'm gonna take

what I want.

Oh God.

Please don't touch me.

What, you don't wanna dance?

You don't wanna dance?

I think your exact words were..

Most times I like it when
a bitch begs...

But this ain't one of 'em.

I agree!

When it comes to violence in society,

it works from the top down.

Only the strong survive.

Survival of the fittest and
all that.

So in here,

I am the top and you are the bottom.

Oh, and the shock collar is
set to zap

at anything above a whisper.

So feel free to scream.

You are about to learn the meaning

of don't fuck with my child.

You have information and you
will tell me

because you are going
to tell me every moment

of your life.

Where we start is up to you.

Just let me know when we get
to the part

about my daughter.

No, I haven't seen or heard
from him.

Neither have I.

I want you to tell our guest
that tonight

we have a brand new girl for him.

Tell him it's on the house.

Why on the house?

Make him pay.

No, I would rather keep the peace.

We couldn't deliver what he wanted

so we're gonna give them this
one for free.

He's a repeat customer, Rose.

But don't worry,
we'll get him on the next one.


Your room is ready.

Sounds wonderful.

Consider this one a gift.

What's the occasion?

The news media lately.

Don't worry,
I have everything under control.


Some news, messenger.

Jake's trailer burned
to the ground, arson.

I'll leave it to you to pass
the message on.

Come on.

I don't know who your daughter was.

There were that many girls?

Well, I guess you'll learn
which girl was mine

as we proceed.

Call me when you're done.


You can tell me as little

or as much information as you like.

How the process works.

All the details.

I will stop.

But only when I'm satisfied
with your answers.

Until then,

I'm gonna proceed

and assume that you like what
I'm doing.



I tried the hot sauce

but it was just too hot for me.

It burned my tongue.

Please, I'll tell you everything,
I'm begging you.

You see, I just don't believe you.

But there is a way to guarantee

that you will tell me the truth.

Oh, yes you will.

You seem like the type that
works best under pressure.

Let's get serious.

Welcome to my reality.

I am the safety for a child.

Let them call out my name
and I will answer them.

I will answer.

I will save every child everywhere.

Purposely hurting a child?

That is unacceptable!

I am gonna fix it.


No, no, no, no, no, no.

No child should ever

have to suffer.

What kind of god would allow that?

I'll be back

for the blonde, you understand?

Bitch, what the fuck you want,

what the fuck you want?


Girls, any other bad guys in here?

No, just him.

I think he's waiting on Allah
to come back

with another girl like yesterday.

Reality, is it not

what we create?

My own earthbound heaven and hell?

♪ I am a thunderous roar ♪

♪ That my enemies shall quiver before ♪


I am the wrath and the sword
that shall smite down the evil.

I am the judgment that waits
for them upon my throne.

In the 17th chapter of Luke
it is written.

The kingdom of God is within
all men.

Not just one man nor a group
of men

but all men.

It is time for man to adjust.

I'm sorry, Eva, we're out of time.

I'm gonna recommend a group
counseling session.

This'll connect you with
other people

that have lost children to
violent crimes.

I believe this'll help you cope.


Huddled masses of parents
who've lost children to evil?

Where are they?

Go to the police and tell them
what happened

with the men who took you.

And under no circumstances are
you to tell them about me.

You understand?

No matter what they say,
don't tell them what I look like,

what I drive, what I did, nothing.

Just tell them that you walked out.

We won't tell them anything.

Do you promise?

Get out!

Oh man.

And part of the imprints

have the A in his...

Thanks, Sara.

You're welcome.

How you doing, Sara?

Bite me.

She's just kidding.

Did we ever get any samples
back from that devil

in the pimp's building.


But everything either came
back negative

and/or relative to the
room and/or building.

There were no unmatched fibers

to the victims or the surroundings.

Yeah well, those zip ties,
they weren't part

of the structure or personal effect

of the two that were wearing them.

That's not what I meant, pal.

I know what you meant,
but I'm just saying,

there's a connection between
the Captain here

and those two downtown.

The Captain?

No one's seen Jake,

his home's torched.

Now TT and Allah are dead.

What's the word on the
street about that car?

My guy on the inside
is running the plate.

Everyone on the street is scared.

What do you mean?

The people we associate
with are either disappearing

or ending up dead.

You know, I'm starting

to take this kinda personally.

Our supply line has been severed.

Relax, Rose.

It's only one line.

We will have to go back
to Donovan for awhile

until we replace TT and Allah.

You know maybe,

maybe, maybe it was payback
for the Captain.

What you mean?

Maybe it was a cop.

I mean, maybe the cop knew
who killed the Captain

and decided to enact his
own version of vengeance.

No, no, cops don't do vengeance.

That's a civilian thing.

I call bullshit, bullshit,
bullshit on that, pal.

Cops do do vengeance.

What, you saying that it was
a cop

killing out of vengeance?

Not necessarily.

No it's, no man,
it's not a cop thing,

it's a human thing.

What I'm saying is,
and you know this is true,

you fuck with a cop's family,

you fuck with a cop's friends,

pow, he will pop you, some will.

And we still have

that contract with the
Russians and the Saudis.

Hey, I'm not giving them up.

They're too lucrative.

The Russians?

Do you really think it's wise

to cut off the Russians, Rose?

In Mother Russia,
they cut you off.

I'm done.

Come here.

Get in there.

Come on, we're gonna be late.

Alfred Rossi 1969.

A big case.
Woody, Woody,

this is a human thing.

Ain't no cop on duty or
off duty gonna pop no thug

and risk everything.

I mean, I don't care if
he's a friend or not.

Well, certainly not me or you.

So how's your vacation, partner?

That was a clean shot.

I know.

I was cleared by IA.

I know that, too.
The guy had a gun

and you know it.

Now, let's get back to the case.

We both know who saved
your ass on that one.


And I owe him everything for that.

Good for you.

Let's just track down the zip
tie manufacturing company.

See how readily these
things are available,

what they're typically used for.

Let's just start there, all right?

That's the only link we got.

I'm with ya.

I goes, okay.

Start there.

Cranky today, ain't ya?

The coffee sucks.

Cranky, I'm busy.

Let's go to Starbucks.

Nap time's over.

Let's continue.

13th and El Monte.

I want you to call Mohammed.

Tell him we'll have a fresh
batch of girls

by mid-August just ready for shipment.

Tell him this time,

they pay the freight

and we'll reduce the cost

of each of the girls by 10%.

You are going to lower
the unit price that much?

Look, we wanna move more volume,
we have to think bigger.

We try to move them and
the Russians find out,

they'll have our heads.

No, I'd much rather lose 10%
on the upfront unit costs

than the backend security.

We lose that, we're sitting ducks.

We're sitting ducks for anyone

who can move in on our state.

But if we..

Hang on.

Uh, Luke, take the park way,

it'll be faster.

Luke, uh, I said to take the park.

Luke, can you roll down the
window all the way please?


Luke, is there a malfunction
with the window?

Oh shit.

What's that smell?

Rose, shut up, get out.

Oh my God.

Open this, my God.

Oh no!
Oh my God,

Luke, go back.


No wait!

Oh no.



I will not cooperate with you.

So let me get this straight.

Even though you acknowledge
that we are only here

to help you,

you still won't cooperate with us?

Shut up!

Good grief!

Excuse me.

Yes, ma'am, we get it.

We're not morons.

You can only ask the same
questions so many times

before even I think it's
ridiculous, pal.

I mean really.

She said no, let's move on.

Jesus Henry Christ.

I want some coffee.

Do you want something to drink?

'Cause you're gonna be
here for a long time.

This pleading the fifth shit

ain't gonna work forever.

One of you will talk.

No coffee it is.

I swear, they will let anyone
wear a badge these days.

I shouldn't say that.

He's a great cop.

Don't worry, I've got one
token where I work, too.

Thank you, affirmative action.

I know, right?

He's good for getting coffee.

If you'll drink after he's
touched it.

I never planned on drinking it.

Okay, okay, before he gets back,

let's cut to the chase.

Tell me the, how did they get ya?


I really only know how it began.

I was walking to the mall to
meet a friend

and my eyes were blinded by
the sun.

This guy came up and he
punched me in the head.

I remember trying to crawl away

and he grabbed me by the legs
and pulled me

into this truck.

The truck was black, that's
all I remember about it.

Okay, then what?

He took me to the place.

Do you know where?


He had blindfolded me.

Just black, the kind of black
nightmares are made of.

Okay, could you hear things?

Planes, trains, automobiles,
anything at all.

No, I was drugged the rest of
the time.

I remember waking up in the hospital.


If I need anything else,
I will be in contact with you.

You guys better go before it
gets back.

Well, that's it,
they want their lawyer.

We can't hold 'em any longer.

You will talk.

I guarantee it.

Okay, buddy boy, now that
old bitcherella's outta here,

did you get all that?


So you had to go there?

I was good, huh?

Yeah, I got it.

Man, those zip ties are
popping up everywhere.

And a male.

That blows my theory of a female
killer right out the water.

Well, you're batting 50%.

That's better than Babe Ruth.

Oh, by the way,
thanks for the coffee.

Any time, brother.

Did they use that raw sugar I like?

Yes, I know how you like your coffee.

Hey, I told her she couldn't use

that pleading the fifth shit
all day, huh?

I love being a cop.


It is not a thorn prick.

If you are going to be
a beast in the woods,

own the woods.

Do not ask for forgiveness.

It will not come.

Do not ask for death,
it will be denied!

What'd you do to help my daughter?

Did you say stop, this is
wrong, she is but a child?

No, you didn't.

You helped!

You are a woman and you
allowed men

to touch and defile my daughter.

If we cannot stick together
as a species,

then womankind will always
be at the mercy of men.

You are worse than these two
low-lives in the worst way.

How dare you

help these cretins,

this shit that walks among us?

Do you really think that
they care for you, Rose?

Well, do you, love?

Because if you don't, then you
hurt my daughter for profit.

Whatever your reasoning was

in order to progress your lifestyle,

you chose the wrong child!

You didn't even ask me to stop.

You didn't take blame.

You just let me hurt her.

Do you hear that, Rose?

He doesn't even care enough

about you to speak up.

Clearly not love.

Well, you all must be hungry

and I'm outta dog food.

Oh, that chunky cat food didn't
set well with you, right?

I'll make sure to get more of that.

And let's hope nothing happens
to me while I'm out.

Like another trip to
the hospital or death.

I'd hate to think of you
all here dying like this.

I'll be back!

Hello, Eva.

I got you flowers.


Oh you got me roses.

Let's go.

Right, these zip ties

are used by the pros in both
construction and SWAT.

Are you sure they confirmed
construction grade?

Uh huh, yeah, they are.

They're heavy duty.

They sell billions of 'em
with a B.

That many?

Well, with the construction
boom market

like they are,
they're selling like hotcakes, pal.

Hey, Woody.

Uh huh.

Hey, keep this bit of information
to yourself, all right?

'Cuz we don't know who did
the Captain.

I hear ya.

We'll get back to this in the morning.

Okay, give Desiree my love.

Yeah, yeah, I will.

Are you kidding?

So that was fun, huh?

Mmm hmm, yeah.

You like that ice cream?

Yes, thank you.

Do you feel like sharing?


Do you ever think about
dying your hair black?

I love you.

Thank you for a lovely evening

and for being so patient with me.

Can I see you again this week?


I look forward to it.


I want you all to know that
I had a great time out.

I laughed.

I ate.

I drank.

I sang.


I danced.

Oh, I never felt so alive.

Happy Mother's Day to me.

There's lots of work to be done.

Let's get to it.

Woo, let's have a little fun.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to play?

Yeah, it's time to play.

Come on, come and play.

Answer one question for me.

If you do not answer the question,

well, Jake here, he's gonna die.

What is my daughter's name?

I don't know.

I don't..
What is my daughter's name?

I don't know.

You killed a child

and you didn't even know that
child's name?

Oh I, no, wait.

The one her name was Bria.

Ah, wrong!

Emily, Betty.


I now condemn you

to an eternity of hell.

Tell that bastard when you
get there more are coming.

Hey, Bill, isn't this how
you strangled my daughter?

Oh no.

Oh no.

My resolve is infinite.

Okay, so here's the deal.

It was at 849 Juniper Street.

That's on the northeast side
of town.

Now, you said he was there twice.

Whoa, whoa, what's this?

Information addressed to you
from the Captain's desk.

We're cleaning out his office.

Cleaning out his office.

What is it?

It's a working file on the
dead girls.

And we're just getting it now.

Here's a photo ID of this guy.

Jake Fawthorp.

Info on his trailer that
apparently burnt down.


Man has no home.

I wonder why Cappy didn't
get this to us sooner.

He knew how important this was.

Fawthorp may be on the run, pal.

I'll put out an APB, huh?

Yeah, put on out on that truck, too.

All right.

I can't, I can't,
I can't protect her.

I can't, I can't protect.

I was a bad parent.

I couldn't...

Her body displayed for friends
and family to see

like a sideshow at a carnival.

It wasn't my fault.

I was knocked down,
I was knocked down.

I couldn't help you.

I wonder all the time

was she scared?

Did she call,
did she call my name?


I didn't help.

I couldn't.

You realize that life goes
on right at the moment

when they close the lid on
the casket.

It is final.

I will never see my child again.

She's gone.

And you chose her for death.

You decided that!

Do you have any idea

what it's like to have a child
kidnapped, raped, murdered,

and dumped like trash?

It's a pain that no human
should ever have to endure.

You are the bane of my existence.

Hmm, you know,

I didn't want it this way,
but frankly,

I'm sick of looking at you

Who are you?

I am a mother.

I, the jury, have found you guilty.

I, the judge,
have sentenced you to death.

And I, the executioner,
will carry out

that final punishment.

But just remember,
as you leave this world,

this was all your fault.

No please, please don't kill me.

Ask and thou shalt receive.

Woo, I'm a lumberjack,

I'm a lumberjack!

Felt good to me.

Let's continue.

Die, you motherfucking son of
a bitch!

Oh, wow.

Didn't see that happening today.

See, Rose,
non-confrontational resolution.

You asked, you received.

Ooh now there is one.

Please, Detective, come in.

Will you sit down?

We believe that we have a suspect

in the murder of your daughter.



This man.

Do you know him?


Look, I know this can
be really difficult,

but please will you take a
good look at it?



What are you doing here?

Thought I was seeing you tonight.

Oh, right.

You know, I'm sorry, I can't really.

Yes, you can really.

I'm a little busy.

I came all this way to see you.

Don't you love me anymore?

No, no, no, come.

Okay, well,
it looks like you guys need to talk,

so I'm gonna go.

Yes, you should be going.


Uh, no, not leaving.

To my bedroom.

Your bedroom?

Yes, my bedroom.

Detective, you wanted
a moment of my time

and as you can see I have plans,

so can we please make it brief?

Now, are you sure you've
never seen this man?

Detective, I can't help you.

Has Amber ever mentioned a Jake.

I mean could be a boyfriend
or a girlfriend's boyfriend

or local pot dealer.

No, nobody nowhere no how.


You mind if I take a look in
Amber's bedroom.

Yeah, absolutely not.

Not without a warrant.


Is that what I need to do,
get a warrant?

Detective, you misunderstood me.

See, I've created somewhat
of a shrine in Amber's room.

It's kinda become a sanctuary
for me.

I want no one in that room.

A man was strangled

using the same zip ties as
your daughter.

Captain White, my captain.

Do you know Captain White?

Or have you had any affiliate,

you mind taking a look
at the picture please?

Or that picture or that picture?

All I know is that he was your boss.

And I didn't even know that
until I read it in the papers.

You know, maybe he was a bad guy.

Do you know how to catch a bad guy?


Yes, I do.

Call the police.

Detective, why do you keep
pushing me for answers

that I don't have?

Are we done?

Yeah, we're done.

I'll get outta your hair.

I can see you're a wanted woman.

It doesn't have to be this way.

I'm afraid it does.

Car 32 come in.

Yeah, Grind, go ahead.

We have your location

on your suspect's vehicle.

Good, what is it?

Four miles north of Hunker
River Road.

Work, work, work.

I wonder if he knows anybody
in the area

that would give him a ride

or loan him some transportation.

Way ahead of you, man.

He has a brother that lives
in town but get this.

I had a black and white
do a question on Bill

and no one, not even the
doorman of the building

has seen him, his girl,
or his car in days

and days and days.



Put an ABP out on him and his girlfriend.

What's her name?

Rose Garden.



Rose Garden?

That's her name, yeah.

You're a good man, Wood.

That's what my girlfriend
calls me, good wood.

Let's go talk to some people.


So I took your advice

and I wrote a journal.

See, you help me get my
message out to the masses.

Who says man's laws aren't
meant to be broken?

You can't control everybody's actions.


God has that power, right?

Do you believe you're a god?

I am in my reality.

Just so we're clear here.

It's my responsibility as
an officer of the court

to inform the police if you're
going to hurt someone.

Relax, Doctor, don't stress.

It's just a story.

I'm just sharing it with the world.

Now the world will know
my words and who I am.

Let's start at the beginning,
shall we?

I've told you

everything I know.


We just don't believe you.

Look, if she said she
told you everything,

what more do you want?

The truth!

I don't know anything else.

Well, I really hate to do this,

but we're gonna have to arrest you

for withholding..
Just wait a goddamn minute.

Then tell her to tell the truth.

I have.

There's nothing else to tell.

Look, a woman saved our
daughter's life.

That's all that matters.


A woman?

Describe her.

She was Caucasian.

You promised you wouldn't say anything.

She's a middle aged woman.

That's all she would tell us.

You can't arrest her.

I mean, come on, the truth
will set her free, right?

Hey, sweet baby.

I miss you so much.

And I love you.

Amber, I've done some really
bad things, really bad.

And I may have to go away for awhile,

but please don't worry,

because I'm always gonna be
with you

and you with me.

Because everything that
I'm doing I do for you.

Amber, I have to go.

Some men wanna play games
with me.

So you think she saw us?

Oh yeah.

Now let's see if we've rattled
her cage a little.

We'll move in when we get
that warrant.


Car 32 come in.

Woody, this may be our warrant.

This is H7, go ahead.

Confirmation Jake Fawthorp.

Dispatch, what's the location?

1600 Lone Tree Road.

That's where our boy Jake worked.

Officers standing by waiting
for you.

Okay, don't let her out of
your sight

and notify me of every move,
all right?

Yes, sir.

Here we go.

You got it.

I believe this is your suspect,
Jake Fawthorp.

Can't be positive until
we get back to the lab.

How you know it's him?

We got his license.

But like I said, we can't be sure

until we take him back to the lab.

So where's the other body?

Over there and over there.

A vengeance.

That's a civilian thing.

Oh, Eva, what have you done?

She's treating us like some
small Podunk town cops.

What's in the other bag?

All male body parts.

So chances are 50/50
that one Jake Fawthorp.

I mean, pick a bag.

He's got a penis, must be him.


So assuming that that bag

has bits of his brother,

then the only person left is..

Rose Garden.

Rose Garden.


She lied.

She lied, she lied, she lied!

She lied about everything.

That's why she didn't
ask a single question

when I showed her that picture
of Jake.

She knew who he was.

She knew exactly who he
was and where he was.

Help me please.

Is she still here?

Is she still here?

No, she, she went out that door.

I thought that you woulda
been dead by now.

I knew you guys were in trouble

when they sent me to check on you.

Why didn't you come sooner to
help us?

Oh, sweetheart,
I'm not here to save you.

And I don't give a shit if she
gets away.

You're the last link that
ties any of this to me.

You make me sick, sick!

I'm glad I'm gonna be
the one who kills you.

I never liked you.

Please, please.

Please don't kill me please.
Shh shh shh shh.


As I've heard Jake say
a thousand times before,

"I love it when a bitch begs."

Except this isn't one of 'em.

I agree!

No, she's holding Rose hostage.

Or Rose is dead and Eva can't
dump the body just yet.

Either way that's old fashioned
red-handed if we catch her.

Get me that warrant.

I'll get you that warrant.

You get me that warrant.

Warrant serve.

Where the hell is Davis?

Wait a minute, look at this.

We got a trail of blood.

Drop, drop, drop, drop.

Hope that's not Davis.

Are you ready for this?

Let's do it.

Oh man.



Big fuck.

Hey what do you say, boss?

We'll meet again, Eva.

I promise you that.

Are you sure you wanna do this?

If you change your mind,
now's the time.

My daughter's been pimped out

and eventually laid out in a casket.

Now she's in the dirt.

I have nothing to turn back to.

I want 'em all.

Ask and thou shalt receive.


Can you hear my words?

Let me be clear why you are here.

You chose option three.

Ignorance is no excuse for
not knowing the options.

You will learn as we go.

You will branded and then your
turn with Mom.


That that is was coffin bolt.

Heaven's not what you imagined?

Nothing is ever as it seems.

Welcome to reality, my lamb.

I am God.

♪ These walls are closing in
on me ♪

♪ I count the hours left to breathe ♪

♪ These walls are closing in
on me ♪

♪ I count the hours left to breathe ♪

Help, help me!



Help me.


Help me.

Please let me out!