Stormy Weather (2003) - full transcript

A very sad but genuinely human story. The middle-aged Icelandic woman Loa is seriously mentally ill. Finally it turns out that her husband is a latent alcoholic who submits to his addiction whenever Loa leaves him. When she is at home, she is living a normal life and taking care of her children. Sometimes she cannot stand it any longer and just runs away. During one such tour she was eventually found in England. During the tour of the present movie she has ended up in a mental hospital in France, without identification papers and apparently being mute. The young psychiatrist Cora is in charge of her and applies unorthodox methods. She is the only one who suspected that Loa might not be French. Interpol soon identified Loa and on Cora's day off she was sent home. Cora immediately flows to Iceland, where everyone including Loa's husband thinks she is a tourist wanting to see the volcano. Loa is prepared to follow Cora back to the French hospital. Unfortunately, the local doctor happens to see them on their way to the boat. He knows nothing of psychiatry and prevents what he perceives as 'criminal kidnapping'. The movie ends with a complete failure for both Loa and Cora.

Fixing my painting
will be hard going.

All those details,
it'll be tough.

Before, he had really
mischievous eyes.

I'm doing that bit now
Or this afternoon.

When I've finished...
the hardest part...

Pink here, blue there...

What's the hardest part?

All of it, it's all a bit...

Because I can't draw
I just draw what...

Comes to mind.

Like when I was a kid.

There was a famous artist
who painted like that...


He died of an overdose at 27.

Pretty good.

But it needs more pink...

Yes, more pink, like the hair.

I'm going over to Fabrice.
See you later.

So... hows that collage coming on?

- I'm stuck.
- You're stuck?

What do you mean?

I can't get it finished.
I just can't.

I think it's coming on well,
don't you?

It's just not any good.

What don't you like?

It's all exploding images...

But there's no connection
between them.

It's bothering me.

The colours are too dull.

On the dress, I could put
some orange over the white.

That's a good idea.

Or maybe put black lines
around the men.

On the hearts...

Maybe it needs some bloodstains,
around the head...

From a bullet wound.

That would give it more life, maybe...


It would bring out
the red on the raincoat.


Want a coffee?

I've already had too many.

A croissant?

Solange, it's 3 p.m.

Yes, but I've just got up.

Lucky you.

No, please.
Patients aren't allowed in here.

It's all right.

Come in.


So you decided to get up?

Are you looking for your doctor?


He's away until tomorrow

I'm Doctor Levine. Cora.

So what's your name?

What can we call you
if you won't talk?

It'd be nice if you talked to us.

Do you understand what I say?

What's she doing here?

I don't know

She just sat down.

She should leave. Right?

What's going on here?

You should be watching her!

OK, let her go!

Calm down.

I won't touch you. I promise.

Let's get out of the lift.

Calm down.

Let's get out together.

I won't touch you.

Let's get out of the lift together.

Get hold of her!

Get her leg out!

Just a quick needle now!


the same as my cousin.










"Barbara", like the singer.
Do you know her songs?

One fine day,
or was it in the night?

I can't sing,
but it's a beautiful song.

Doesn't ring a bell?




Nice name.


and "Adéle".

That's all. Adéle.

The last girl's name
on the calendar.

Perhaps your name isn't on there.

After all, "Cora" isn't.

Nor is my mother's,
or my grandmother's.

Mind you, they weren't from here.

I used to keep this one
in my pocket.

I often get stitch,
they say holding a stone helps.

But it was making my pockets baggy,
so now..

I leave it on my desk.

That's my grandmother.

This one's me when I was a girl.

I look sad or I was sulking,
I can't remember.

I look all gloomy.

It was in Corsica,
but I'm in the shade.

Do I look like her?

I'm more like my grandfather
but there's no picture here.

They brought me up.

I'm boring you with all this.

But you won't tell me
about yourself.

And there's so much
I'd like to know

Not just your name.

Here, keep them.

It's late.

I have to go home now

All right, but it's the last game.

I'm going.

I really must go now

I can't be with you all the time.


I completely forgot.

How was it?

Without you, a little odd, but...

Great even so.


Thank you.

She shows up back home

When you'd given up hope

When it's all up in smoke

On the tips of her toes

Silently she goes

My little monomaniac!

Stop it.

I'm sorry.

I should give her a smack

What shall I do with her now?

Can't put her in the trash anyhow

In those deep dark eyes

I can't figure out much

There are dark places

Which I really love

My little brainbox

My little stubborn ox

Who I love

All the same

I'm here, it's OK.

I'm here.

Calm down.

Who was that?

My patient.

You gave her your number?

What are you doing with her?

I think she's going to speak.

You like lifts,
well this is what I like... trees.

They're so beautiful.

You can see their roots

yet they reach right up to the skies.

When I talk to you,

I feel you don't
understand everything...

But you still seem interested.


It's all right...

I'm sorry. it's all right...


I've brought my patient.
Do you mind?

The mad woman?

I had to, I'll explain.

I don't want it to be a hospital here.

She's calmer now, don't worry.

We went shopping together.

I think she likes fruit.

They don't get much fruit.



Cora's hopeless at chess.

She prefers playing patience
so she can win.


- Where's my patient?
- Which one?

The one with no name.

So where is my patient?

Miss Ramirez wants to see you.

I asked about my patient.

That's what it's about.

Doctor Levine...

Fancy what we discovered!

Where's my patient?

Gone. Back home.

What are you on about?

You actually helped me trace her.

When you said
she might be foreign.

There was a case in England.
A woman, apparently mute.

It turned out she was Polish.

So I contacted Interpol.

Guess where she's from...

I don't care. Where is she?

She's from Iceland.
From a small island in the south.

Something like that.

I called the embassy.
They came on Wednesday.

They said a volcano
erupted there not long ago.

It reminded me of a book
I read as a girl:

A Journey to the Centre of the Earth
by Jules Verne.

They entered the Earth in Iceland.
Down a volcano.

When did she leave?

The embassy had her flown home.

Are you all right?

Sit down.

What's his name ?...


There's a foreign girl.

I can't understand what she says.

She's a tourist.

Some lost girl.

Anybody there?


Léa dear, lift your hair up.

Have we got time for a quick coffee?

They've found a foreign girl,
frozen solid, upstairs.

Isn't that boat the "Sigurdur"?


Tinna, there's your brother.

Got a nice lady-friend.

Her temperature is still up.

Why don't we call a doctor?

Give me a break!

Found your fairytale princess then?

Careful, I'll die laughing.

Please record your message,
then wait a few moments...

Remain, are you there?

My grandfather's not answering.
I'm worried.

Can you go and see
if everything's all right?

Can you do that for me?

His address is 12, rue Keller.

The door code is 5473.

On the intercom, say I sent you
or he won't open.

I don't know why l left like that.
Don't be angry.

It doesn't mean that...


I'll be right over.

She's up there.

If you get too close, she kicks.

You try going! I give up.

Mind yourself. I nearly fell off.

Léa... Léa dear...

Come on down...

You'll make yourself ill.

It's Einar!

I'm your friend. Come down.

Cora's here as well.

Do you want her to come up?

Hang on...


Put this over you.


She'll be OK.
You can go and see her.


I was away
when they came to take you.

I don't understand
why you a reed to o.

I haven't really understood anything.

I'm leaving.

I can't.

I can't take you with me.

Shall I pack these?

What else do you need?

where do you keep your smart shoes?

Are these OK?

Let's go.

Is that everything?

Your passport.

Did you get a new passport?

Where is it?

I bet you know where it is,

Miss Smarty Pants!

Come on!

Don't worry.

Your husband's used to
looking after the baby.

You'll be back when you're better.

The boat's in.
We're going, we'll make it.

I'm out of money.

What are you doing here?

Is something wrong?

Are you looking for Cora?


Come in here.

Where the hell have you been?

Why are you in your best dress?

And you know l hate this coat!

Why is it such a mess
in Rannveig's room?

Do you ever stop to think,
before you do things?

I can't take it any more.

I'm at the end of my tether.

I thought we'd get better...

If we had a baby, like you wanted.

But you don't even look after her!

You know what will happen
if this goes on.

What will become of me
if they send you to Reykjavik?

Do you ever think about me, Léa?

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Subtitles by
Pierre Arson & Robert Ellison

Processed by L.V.T. - Paris