Stormswept (1995) - full transcript

On a stormy night in Louisiana, six people are haunted by the spirit of a demented slave master with an insatiable erotic appetite, as they stay trapped inside a haunted mansion by a thunderstorm.

(thunder rolls)

(eerie music)

(rain dripping)

(thunder crackling)

(hammer tapping)

- Missy, I've just come from town.

They're selling this place.

- I'm making you a
yellow strawberry candle.

- [Lorne] Did you hear me?

They're selling this place.

- Don't be silly.

No one's gonna buy it,
it's been empty for years.

- This time it's different.

Old man Roach just died.

They'll give this place
away if they have to.

- I just mixed these two colors.

What do you think, too much red?

- Missy, hey.

Listen to me.

If you don't come with me now,

they're gonna find you and
lock you up for what you did.

Do you understand that?

We've got to leave now.

I found a place where I can hide you.

We'll be together.

- What about my candles and all my books?

- We'll come back for them.

- I don't know, it's all so fast.

- Do you want to fry in an electric chair?

Then help me pack.

- You'll stay with me?

- Shh.

If he hears us, he'll never let you go.

Yes, I'll stay with you.

We'll be together.


- Hi baby.

Glad you came.

It's so hot in here, isn't it?

I think I should take this off.

What do you think?

- No.

No, don't.

- Come closer, Lorne.

I'm not gonna bite.

I thought you loved me.

Don't you love me?

- I do.

Not like this.

Not with him here.

- Do you like my legs?

- [Lorne] Missy, come with me.

Get away from him, now.

- Would you like to touch them?

- Don't you want to be normal?

Not under his spell?


Make love to me, Lorne.

Make love to me.

(eerie music)

- Snap out of it, Missy.

Snap out of it.

Shake him loose.

Come on, Missy.


(suspenseful music)

- It's not gonna be an easy sale.

With the murders and orgies

and everything else that's
gone on in that place.

- I'm thinking we ought to do something

about it and cut the price.

- Minus the disclosure, it'll kill us.

Why don't we rent it?


What a vacation spot.

And that way, we don't have to disclose.


We have a new listing.

I want you to run down and check it out.

Directions are on the back.

Something wrong?

- Um, no.

Over bridge.

Second crossroads to right.

(crow squawks)

(eerie music)


Is anybody here?


Is anybody here?

(frightening music)

(engine starts)

(crow squawks)

(bells tinkle)

(phone rings)


- Dottie, what's going on?

Your appointment just called.

- I'm sorry, Dave.

I wasn't feeling well.

- So what, you just don't show up?

We're running a business here.

- I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

- Alright, look.

The woman's a Hollywood model.

She wants to rent a place for a month.

I faxed her a picture
of the old plantation

and she's crazy about it.

I want you to show it to her at four.

Don't be late.

- Excuse me?

Do you know where Brianna Dashwood is?

- Yes, she's right over
there in the pink shirt.

(boat rumbling)

- Hey you!

Come back with that bike.

Come back with my bike.


- Miss.

You forgot these.

- I forgot my Menthol Wendells?

- Cut.

What happened to he alligator?

- Miss Dashwood?

- Oh, you must be the real estate agent.

- Hi, Dottie Brooks.

- Nice to see you.

- Listen, I'm really sorry about earlier.

- Oh no, it's fine.

- The good news is I have another house.

It's a little smaller,
but it's much cozier.

- Hmm.

What about the one your office faxed me?

- You know, I really don't
think that house is you.

I mean, it's so big and cold.

- But I'd like to see it nonetheless.

- Okay.

- (laughs) It's terrific, I love it.

It's just like Gone With the Wind.

I can't wait for Kelly to see this.

- [Missy Narrating] There
were people here, upstairs.

It's strange to hear voices.

Happy voices.

I'm scared but also I
feel a rush of excitement.

I've been alone for so
long except for Lorne.

I hope he sells more of my candles,

I'm running out of food.

(machinery clanks)

- Kelly?

- Oh my God. (screams)

I missed you so much.

- It's so good to see you.

- It's so good to see you.

- [Both] You look great. (laughs)


- Let's not forget Damon's motto.

Without passion, there is no life.

- [Kelly] So who is this guy, anyway?

- [Brianna] He's the
director, Damon Letterton.

- I think he likes you.

- Well he'd like a tree if it

had a properly placed nut hole.

- He's pretty good looking
and he's a director.

- Yeah.

- [Kelly] Here he comes.

- Hello, hello, hello.

And you are?

- Kelly.

- Kelly.

Absolutely ravishing.

- Oh thank you.

- And Brianna, stunning as always.

- I aim to stun.

- Cute.

Do you tango?

- She's engaged.

- How intriguing.

In what, pray tell?

- To be married.

- But so young, so daisy fresh.

So totally unfair.

- Damon.

Eugene said that you could
hypnotize me. (laughs)

- I didn't say that.

- Yes you did.

Yes you did.

He said that-- (laughs)

you sure did, hypnotize me
to make my boobs get bigger.

- (laughs) I didn't say that.

- Yeah you did, yeah you did.

And you can, can't you?

- Can you really do that?

Can you really make her boobs bigger?

- Indeed I can.

I've done it before.

You'd be amazed at what
you can do with hypnosis.

Hello, lovelies.

Want a ride?

- No thanks, we're waiting on a taxi.

- You won't need a taxi.

The one and only taxi
just left for Summerton.

- You're bagging us, right?

- I do not bag.

Waited two hours for the
taxi myself just last week.

- [Eugene] Come on, hop in.

- Hi, how's it going?

- Damon, hands where we can see them.

- So young, so distrusting.

This is perfect, this is great.

Look at the pillars.

Do we have any film?

- Oh yeah, we got 2000 feet.

- Brianna, please.

Just one outside shot.

- Wait, an outside shot?

- Bless your heart.

- They said they were gonna clean this up.

- [Kelly] It's a little spooky, isn't it?

- But don't you like it?


- Yeah, I do.

- Wow.

This is great.

What an aura.

Real cobwebs.

This is fantastic.

Very filmic.

- Damon.

I'm on vacation.

- What's an hour's shoot?

Come on, it's not gonna hurt you.

- I've got an idea.

We'll trade you one hour of shooting

for two hours of cleaning.

- Where are you, spirit, where are you?

You've never left me, you've
always looked after me.

Like the time I fell down the stairs

when my brother worked here.

Please, where are you?

Don't leave me.

Make them go away, make them go away.

Where are you?

(eerie music)

(crows squawking)

- This is the one.

- Why can't we just share a bedroom?

(piano clangs)

(heavy breathing)

- I got ya.



- Fred, why did you do that?

- Hey hey, you okay?

You a little jumpy?

Did you see a ghost or something?

- No.

- Let's take a look.

Ooh, it's a bathroom.

You want to go in?

Come on.

(eerie music)

(eerie piano music)

- She didn't sign the insurance form.

- No, I'm sure she did.

I gave her--

- No she didn't, she signed the wrong one.

Look, I want you to run down
there and get it signed.

Better hurry before that storm starts.

(thunder rumbles)

- Okay girls, don't think of
this as horny and terrified.

I want you to think about
this as terrifiably horny.


Okay, cameras rolling?


Back to one.



Cut, cut.

One more time, girls.

- No Damon, wrap.

- Oh come on.

Just a martini shot.

- You've been saying that all day.


- Come on, we got it.

- Hi Dottie.

- [Dottie] I didn't realize
you'd be filming here.

- Neither did we.

I'm sorry.

We're finished.

I hope it's not a problem.

- No actually I had to come by

because you signed the
wrong insurance papers.

- I'm sorry.

- No, it's my fault.

Look, if you could sign right here.

- Shit, the forklift.

Come on, come on.

- Apple boxes, let's go.

- Look, I don't have the number.

There's no phone here 'til tomorrow.

It's someone's portable.

- I'm sure it'll let up.

Want to come have a cup of coffee?

- No, as soon as it eases up
I'm gonna make a run for it.

- Let's go, come on, come on, come on.


Oh man, oh!

(eerie music)

(car thuds)


(thunder rumbles)

- Help me!

Help, somebody help!

Help, my car's stuck--

- Hey hey hey, it's okay.

Take it easy.

Get inside, get inside.


Come on.

- How about I make a fire?

- Good idea.

You are absolutely soaked to the bone.

Look at you.

Thanks, Kel.

- I'll go get some hot chocolate.

- We really need to get you
out of these wet things.

- I can't.

I can't stay here.

I have to get home.

- It's absolutely storming out there.

It's really not a good idea.

It's practically a hurricane.

- Why don't you take a hot shower?

You'll feel a lot better.

- No, I'll be fine.

They'll get my car out and I'll go.

- Make sure the hand brake's off.

- It's bloody locked.

- God, look at this maneuver.

Glad she's not my wife.

- What are you doing?

Help me push.

- I'll drive, you push.

- No, no, you'll sink it more.

God, you fucking--

Dipshit's fucking useless.

Come on, let's leave it.

Come on, she can get a
tow truck in the morning.

Forget it, let's go.



- Thanks, Eugene.

- Yeah, no problem.

- Did you get her car out?

- No, no we didn't.

There's a river out there
and there's just no way.

Looks like you're spending the night.

- No, I can't.

I mean, there's got to be
another way out of here.

- Are you kidding?

That's insane.

What if my wife were having a baby?

Tough luck?


Yeah no, thanks a lot.

- What did he say?

- Nobody's moving.

- For how long?

- 'Til the rain stops.

Looks like we're just stuck here

for a couple of days, that's all.

- I can't stay here.

- Well I'm afraid you don't really have

much choice my dear, do you?

Look at the bright side.

All you girls get to spend
some quality time with me.

- Bite me, Damon.

- There's an Americanism I can endorse.

- You'll feel better
after you take a shower.

Let me know if you need anything.

- It's okay.

(wind howls)

(thunder rumbles)

(thunder cracks)

- 700 dollars.

Quite a steal for this place.

- The broker says it's best to
show buyers a lived-in house.

- I see.

Must be 200 years old.

If only these walls could talk.

- What do you think they'd say?

- I am your slave, Master.

Do with me as thouest please, probably.

In keeping with the general motif?

- In keeping with what?

- The magazine, is it keeping
with the motif of the house?

- It's motif.

- You mean you haven't noticed?

- Nude paintings?

- Lust.



You looked great in your underwear today.

You really are quite gorgeous.

- Thank you.

- It's a pleasure.

- Who is it?

- It's Brianna.

- Hey.

- I brought you a robe.

- I really feel terrible about
imposing on you like this.

- Oh, but you're not.

It's fine.

- Some way to start your vacation.

- (laughs) Well actually,
it's kind of exciting.

As long as the roof doesn't start leaking.

Anyway, you are welcome
to use our portable

downstairs anytime you
need to call anyone.

- My husband won't even realize I'm gone.

- I thought it was
urgent that you get home.

- I just had to go by the office.

It doesn't really matter.

- Well let me leave you this.

- Thank you.

(lightning crackles)

- Is she okay?

Okay Bri, fine.

Blame me.

I'm the one that made it rain
so hard it trapped us here.

- No, Kel.

I wasn't thinking about that at all.

She is so strange.

- Who, the broker?

- Yeah.

- [Kelly] Why, what'd she do?

- It's the way she looks at me.

- Looks at you.

You mean, like that way?

- Yeah.

Oh my God.

(eerie music)

- You came back.

- Are you okay, Missy?

- There are people upstairs, Lorne.

What are they doing up there?

- I know.

I'll get you out just as soon
as the rain stops, alright?

- He never leaves me like this.

I don't understand.

Why is he leaving me like this?

- [Marla] That is such
a goddamn philosophy.

- No, it's not.

- Yes it is, yes it is.

- You're actually wrong.

- It is the same either way.

- What do you girls think?

- [Kelly] About what?

- Well, if a man has sex with another man

he's a homosexual, but
is a woman a lesbian

if she has sex with another woman?

- I think two people should be able to do

whatever they want to do.

- Hmm, how very modern of you.

Is that to say that if your Bob man

liked to visit the farms in Nebraska,

penis-probe the cows,

he'd be well within his
rights according to Kelly?

- (laughs) I said two people.

- Don't mind Damon, Kel.

He's been voted most likely
to date outside his species.

- And why not?

- Poker, anyone?

- You don't mind, Marla?

- Hey.

Loser of each hand

has to take an article of
clothing and put it in the pot.

- Strip poker?

No way.

- Gee golly willikers, is
that what you Yanks say?

Come on, Brianna.

Loosen up.

- Yeah come on, Brianna.

We've seen you in close to nothing anyway.

- Oh well, aren't you lucky.

- Gee, isn't this cozy.

All of us here together.

- Okay.

Word association.


- Strawberry milk.

- Pink milk.


- Chicken.

- [Damon] Thigh.

- Wings.

- (laughs) She got you, Damon.

- Okay, fine.

How about truth or dare?

- Yeah, let's play truth or dare.

I haven't played that
since I was a little girl.

- Okay, Kelly.

We'll start with you.

Truth, but you have to tell me the truth.

We'll start subtle.

What's your wildest sexual fantasy?

- That's not subtle.

I think I'll take the dare.

- Okay.

Kiss me on the lips.

- What else can I take?

- You can take the truth.

What is your wildest sexual fantasy?

- Can't somebody else--

- If you won't kiss me, kiss her.

On the lips.

- You're joking, right?

Come on, kiss her.

- (laughs) Okay.

- Boo, hiss.

Come on, do it like you mean it.

- Come on, Damon, she did it already.

- Alright.

How about you, Marla?

- No.

- Come on, Marla.

Why don't you share your
sexual fantasy with us.

Get us warmed up.

- Why don't you warm up yourself?

- [Kelly] Why don't you
tell us your fantasy, Damon?

- Mine, sweet Kelly?

The truth?

Well, the usual.

Long spiked heels, wax.


Lumber, honey.


You're awfully quiet this evening.

Wanna play?

- No thanks.

- I was wondering.

All the rooms in this house
aren't locked, except one.

The one downstairs.

Why is that?

- How should I know?

- Well you are the realtor, come on.


What's in the basement?

- I don't know.

- I think you do.

- Good night.

- [Eugene] I think he upset her.


- Just be quiet.


Maybe the girls should stay here.

- [Kelly] I'm not scared.

- [Marla] Absolutely not.

- Shh.


- [Damon] Quit pushing.

- [Kelly] I'm not.

I can't see anything.

- [Brianna] Why are we whispering?

- [Eugene] I don't know.

- [Damon] Whoa.

- [Brianna] Wow.

Look at this place.


- It seems obvious to me that
somebody's living down here.

- Must be the candle gnomes.

- [Damon] Or Michael Crawford,
after his last curtain call.

- [Eugene] I don't get it.

- [Damon] Michael Crawford,
Phantom of the Opera.

- [Brianna] Look at the work in these.

- [Damon] At least we don't have to worry

about a power outage.

- Your daddy said that no one
has lived here for 12 years.

- Maybe there's a caretaker.

- Kel?


Kelly, are you okay?

- It's just a little
hot in here, isn't it?


- No, no.

Don't scream, don't scream.

It's me, it's me Lorne.

See, remember?


Don't you remember?

You, me, and Tiffany.

We were friends.

- Lorne.

- [Damon] Dottie?

- Don't tell them I'm here,
please don't tell them.

- You're okay?

- Yeah.

- You screamed, I came running.

- I was reading, a spider fell down.

I hate spiders.

- Nice book.

Well, you're okay and spider-thingy.

Sorry about that.

She saw a spider.

- [All] She saw a spider?

- I hate mice.

- Why did you come back here, Dottie.

Dottie Brooks.

- I didn't mean to.

I mean, I didn't remember this
place at all until yesterday.

- Did you tell them?

Did you tell them about him?

About what happens here?

- I don't know what you mean.

- You saw.

Strapped to the rack.

- Tiffany.

- Chad did it.

- Chad?

- Madman Chad.

He killed her.

He killed her.

It really wasn't his fault.

He made it happen.

We've gotta get you out of here.

But you gotta promise, you
can't tell them anything.

Tiffany would want me to protect you.

- Where are you going?

- Don't worry.

I'll be around.

- There's another stormfront
coming in after this one.

It's supposed to be a big one.

- I wonder what they used to do

before they had TV and videos.

- Well they managed to get a good old book

and a glass of brandy

and the women would sit on their laps

and wiggle their little fannies until

they just couldn't control
themselves any longer.

And then they'd bore their
brains out all night long.

Wanna try?

- Let's call it a night, Kel.

- In a bit.

- It seems your
fresh-scrubbed young friend

isn't as afraid of intimate
human contact as you are.

- She just wants to
finish her wine, Damon.

- I don't really have fantasies.

- Everybody has fantasies.

- I do have this reoccurring dream.

It's a very explicit dream.

- A wet dream?

- What is that?

When you pee in your sleep?

- It's when you climax in your sleep.

- I mean, I really wouldn't
want this to happen

but in the dream it's incredible.

I'm at this party with Bob

and suddenly these bikers storm in.

And the leader, he's really gorgeous.

He's wearing black leather gloves,

boots, chains, and he
comes in and he stands

in the middle of the room and
he looks around at everybody

and suddenly his eyes, they lock on me.

I'm not scared, I look right back at him.

He's got these gorgeous
piercing blue eyes.

And he takes me by the shoulders

and pushes me down on the couch.

And then he just rips my
dress off with one tug

and then he gets out this knife

and he cuts my bra straps
and my bra falls off

and then he cuts my panties

and he pulls my panties down

and everybody's watching.


I'm completely naked in front of everyone.

And I don't fight him because I like it.

I mean, I like everybody looking at me.

Bob, he's there watching
and he doesn't do anything.

He's too scared.

He's watching, just like everyone else.


And then the biker, he puts
his face down between my legs.

And I can feel him.

I mean God, I can really feel him.

It gets me really hot.

I just want him to fuck me.

I think I even tell him to fuck me.

No, I say please fuck me.

He unzips his pants.

And he lowers himself inside of me.

And we both have orgasms at the same time.

And that's usually when I wake up.


- Bravo.

Stellar fantasy.

- Come on.

- You know, it's usually proper to offer

some sort of salutation when
leaving someone's company.

Good night, Damon.

Sleep well will suffice.

Don't let the bedbugs bite, maybe.

- Do you know what you just did?

- I really had them going, didn't I?

- Yes.

- Think I shocked them?

- Yes, you just gave
Damon an open invitation

to do whatever he wants.

I mean, if he is what
you want, that's fine.

- Great.

I was just having some fun.

- Good night, sport.

See you in the morning.


- Give me my hat.

- What are you willing to do for it?

- Anything.


- It's okay.

Go on.

Go ahead.



- Yeah.

- Kelly?

- I'm gonna die if I
don't get a caffeine fix.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah, sure.


(rock music)

- Oh my God.


- You want to eat?

- No thanks, I think
I'll have some breakfast.


What did you do to your hair?

- I did it for you.

- Your bacon's burning.

- Oh shit.



- It doesn't look like we're

gonna get out of here today either.

- What's the rush?

We have food, beverage,

the pleasure of each other's company.

The fact is, I'm very
attracted to you, Kelly.

But I sense you may have eyes

on someone else in the house.

Am I right?

- Of course not, I'm engaged.

- Yes, you mentioned that.

So, where is Brianna?

- Good morning.

- [Marla] Whoa.

- Very interesting.

- Good morning.

- You know, they say it
can fall off with overuse.

- Hey, not my tallywhacker.

They don't call me shoot for nothing,

isn't that right babe?

- That's right.

- Morning.

- Good morning, Brianna.

- Coffee, please?

- Sure.

(eerie music)



- [Disembodied Female
Voice] I'll do anything

you want me to do, I promise, I promise!

I'll do anything you want me to do.

- This is decadent.

- What are you doing down here?

- What am I doing down here?

I thought a better question would be,

what are you doing down here?

Looking for someone?

- No.

There's nobody down here.

- Is there something you're
not telling us, Dottie?

Something we should know?

- No, Damon.


- Nothing, you sure?

- No.

I don't want to talk about it, okay?


- [Missy Narrating] I keep going back

to the night of the party.

The murders.

I can't think of anything else.

My thoughts consume me.

I should have never
smoked that damn cactus.

How could I have killed them?

Was I really that stoned?

Lorne just got back from town.

He says the police are looking for me.

He says he'll never let them get me.

He loves me.

I guess I'm lucky.

(lightning crackles)

- What is it with you two?

Did somebody hog the covers
or something last night?

Guess so.

- Here's a toughie.

Is Marla going to give me

a big wet, sloppy gumming tonight?


- You okay?

- Yeah, I was just looking for a soda

but it looks like I'm gonna
have to settle for some milk.

- Kel?

We need to talk.

- What, and miss the fun?

- Yeah.

We can't let what happened last
night spoil our friendship.

- Last night?

What about last night?

I can hardly remember
anything, I was so drunk.

- You know what, I do remember.

And I think we need to talk about it.

Come on in here.

I don't know why we did--

- Bri.

- What?

- I'm not like that.

I mean, we could never be--

- I don't want that either.

- [Kelly] But all that talk of
you having trouble with men--

- [Brianna] Well it's true,

but that doesn't mean I'm a lesbian.

- [Kelly] You were last night.

- [Brianna] Well so were you.

- What are they saying?

- Shh.

- Yeah, it was weird.

- It was actually kind of nice.

- I think once was enough for me.

Even though I did have a great orgasm.

What about you?

- I've never even had an orgasm.

- You've never what?

- [Brianna] I guess I'm
what they call frigid.

I just can't.

- Brianna, maybe you need to
see a doctor or something.

- I did.

He asked me to dinner.

- What about hypnosis?

- Yeah, I'll ask Damon to do it.

- That's not such a bad idea.

He really does do hypnosis.

- Oh Kelly, yeah right.

- You have a certain fondness
for the grape, don't you?

- What else is there to do trapped here?

- Well, one is limited
only by one's imagination.

- You really are a
ratbag, aren't you Damon?

- Maybe.

You have very pretty features.

Quite striking, really.

- Will you take me to the prom?

- So here we are.

You and me.

- Damon.

You make my heart pound, Dottie.

You make it pound so hard it hurts.

Do I make your heart pound?

Do I?

- Please don't.

- Don't fight it.

You're a strong and beautiful woman.

Just let the barriers down.

We're here, right here, right now.

Just kiss me.

Kiss me, Dottie.

(glass clatters)


(heavy breathing)




- (screams) Get off!

I went along with it
willingly, except for the end.

It's this house.

- What do you mean it's this house?

- [Eugene] Shit, the power went out.

- The first time that
I came to this house,

I was with my best friend Tiffany.

(thunder rumbles)

I guess there was nine or ten of us here.

Soon after we got here,

the owner's son Davey, told us about

his great-great-grandfather who was

burnt to death here by his wife.

Davey said--

he said that the spirit
still roamed this house.

- It really is haunted?

- There's something.

I mean, we didn't just
talk ourselves into it.

- Into what?

- Davey said that the spirit
would make us feel sexy.

It was unavoidable.

We just laughed.

But he said that the
spirit was very persuasive

and that sooner or later we'd play.

- Play?

- Sex games.

- It wasn't long after that that

we started to hear this whispering.

- I've heard whispers.

- So have I.

- We were smoking and drinking

and our inhibitions just seemed to vanish.

We started having sex.

Lots of sex.

We were sharing and swapping.

And things just got wilder and wilder.

Somebody had a whip.

There was Tiffany.

I see his eyes.

I don't know who it was.

I lost my best friend that day. (sobs)

- Let's say for argument's sake that

the house has a presence.

And we've all heard sounds.

I mean, the supposed law
here is sex, not violence.

Isn't that right, Dottie?

I mean, the house has an
aphrodisiacal effect on people.

Isn't that what Davey said?

- [Dottie] Yes.

- Did he say it makes people kill?

- No.

- Well, just because
one person flipped out

doesn't mean someone else will flip out.

I mean, the law here is sex, not violence.

I for one am appalled by violence.

- [Eugene] Absolutely.

I am too.

- And Dottie, I'd like to apologize.

I'm sorry for the way I behaved earlier.

- I'm sorry too.

- What did she mean she saw his eyes?

- She's crazy, she talks too much.

I told her not to say anything.

- You talked to her?

What did you say, you told her I'm here?

- No.

I told her that Chad did it. (laughs)

Mad mad Chad.

I didn't say nothing about you.

She shoulda kept her mouth shut.

(eerie music)

- Nice of you to join us.

Remind me next time we're on location

to pack at least three cases
of wine in the grip truck.

- [Eugene] You got it.

- Bob must be going nuts
not being able to call.

- He must be very insecure, this Bob.

Does he have a small penis?

- So what if he does?

- Well, it makes him
feel rather inadequate

and he takes it out on you.

I bet he prefers oral sex.

- Do you really think we
ought to still be doing this?

It's just that we're back
on the same subject again.

- Why not?

You feel okay, don't you Dottie?

- Actually, I feel pretty good.

- Well, back to cunnilingus.

- Damon?

I need to ask you something.

It's about hypnosis.

- What about it?

- How good are you really?

- Let me put it like this.

I'm better than the mouse
that satisfied the elephant

and he must have been
fucking good. (laughs)

- I'm serious.

- So am I.

I'm damn good.

Put myself through college doing it.

I can make a person smarter.

I can even make a woman's
breasts grow larger.

What can I do for you, Brianna?

- Could you, for example,

make someone who's never
had an orgasm have one?

- Well, I can do that without hypnosis.

On second thought, that may be
a more appropriate way to go.

Are we talking about you, Brianna?


You're in a place called
Tranquility, Brianna.

It's very peaceful and warm and safe.

You can return here anytime you want.

How do you feel?

- I feel fine.

- Do you feel warm?

- Yeah, cozy.

- Good.

- Brianna.

Your subconscious mind knows
why you don't enjoy sex.

I want you to leave Tranquility

and search through your memory records

for any sign that'll show
you why you don't enjoy sex.

Leave now and search.

- Stop it, don't. (whimpers)

- What's happening?

What's happening, Brianna?

- Just stop it!

- Brianna, Brianna, this is just a memory.

When I count to three the pain will leave.

You just have a memory.

One, two, three.

Where are you?

- I'm in my bedroom with Danny Ray

and he's trying to put it in

and I really don't want him to.

- How old are you?

- Almost 14.

- Danny was your boyfriend?

- Yeah, of course he is.

- Why don't you want him to put it in?

- Because it's wrong.

- Why is it wrong?

- I don't know.

- Brianna.

I want you to go back, further back,

back to the first time that

you ever learnt that sex was wrong.

Where are you?

- I'm on my bunk and I'm cold and I'm wet

and I went pee on myself

and Mommy says I'm a monster

and that I'm gonna burn in hell.

- Why?

- I don't want to go to
hell, I don't want to.

- Brianna, this is just a memory.

- I don't want to, please don't.

- There is no pain.

Where are you?

- Mommy spanks me and Colin.

- Colin's your brother?

- Yes.

- Tell me the whole story.

- I was bad.

- Why?

- I don't know.

- I think that you do.

It's okay to tell me, Brianna.

You'll feel much better if you tell me.

- I made Colin touch my 'gina.

- Because it felt good?

- He saw me rubbing it and
he wanted to rub it for me

and he told my mom and I
don't want to burn in hell.

I don't want to--

- Brianna, this is just a memory.

Brianna, this is just a memory.

At your real age you don't believe

people go to hell for having sex, do you?

Let's put the memory into perspective.

Nothing bad is going to happen to you,

do you understand?

Your mother was just trying to scare you.

- I understand.

- Now that you know that,
you feel much better.

You no longer ever have to feel guilty

for enjoying sex and
enjoying masturbation.

You'll be fulfilled
whenever you so desire.

You'll have orgasms.

Brianna, do you want
to have an orgasm now?

- Just like that, right now?

- When I clap my hands
you'll be outside a door

marked sexual fantasy.

Are you there?

- Yes.

- Then open the door, open it.

- Is it open?

- Yes.

- Then go in.

- Over there on the bed is Kevin Costner.

He's smiling at you.

- No.

- He's not smiling?

- It's not him.

- Who is lying there, Brianna?

Who is your ultimate sexual
fantasy partner lying there?

- Alex Trebek.

- From the Jeopardy Show?

- [Brianna] Yeah.

- What's he doing?

- He's looking at me.

He's lusting for me, he wants me.

- I'll have orgasms for 300, Alex please.

- Shh.

He's coming towards you.

- Yes.

- He's going to kiss you.

- How does he kiss?


Show me where his hands are.

Show me how he's touching you.

Are you touching him?

- Yes.

- He's gonna put his
hands inside your robe.

he's gonna put his tongue on your breasts.

He's there, isn't he Brianna?

- Oh yes.

- He knows the spot.

Let him take it.

let him take it, Brianna, no holding back.

- Yes, take me, take me.



Cover yourself up before you get cold.

I'm going to count backwards from five.

You'll be back awake in the present

with your five companions.

Five, four, three, two, one,


Well, now that we've
unleashed your hidden passion,

maybe we should talk about you and me.

- Damon, I really, really
appreciate what you've done.

But I'm still not gonna fuck you.

(eerie music)




- Shh.

- Don't touch what you can't afford.

- I'm just trying to
release some of the tension

caused by the Bob man.

Come on, you can't tell
me it doesn't feel good.

Well okay.

Just don't--

- [Damon] Don't worry, I'm
not going to try anything.

(muted cries)

- Fuck me!

Fuck me.


- Truth.

You are a fucking whore slut.

- Truth, Marla, I couldn't help myself.

Shooter means nothing to me.

- Why my man?


Why not him?

- It wasn't supposed to be either.

- I mean it.

- Excuse me?

- It's just what she said, it's just--

- Shut up.

- It just happened.

- Shut up!

- Look Marla, I'm sorry I hurt you.

- Enjoy yourselves, girls.

- I want you off the Johnson shoot.

- What?


- You cause too much friction.

- Do you want to fuck, Damon?

- You?

- Am I not good enough?

- What do you want from me?

- [Eugene] I said that I'm sorry,

it just happened, I'm sorry.

- Fuck off, asshole.

- I love you, Marla.

- Come on, Damon.

- You lay a hand on her and I'll--

- And what?

What are you gonna do about it?

- Throw a couple logs in the fire.

We may be a while.

- Would you do it again?

- With Shooter?

Gee Kel, honey, don't ask me that.

- Where is everybody?

- Who cares.

- Yeah, who cares.

- Damon, it's no biggie.

I mean, it's no big deal.

It happens.

- Yeah, but not to me.


- His eyes.

His eyes.

His eyes.

No, Lorne.

- He didn't allow us to keep you, Missy.

You belong to me.

- Please, no.

- This'll make it better,
just like it was before.

Come on.

This way.

- No!

- There you go, Missy.

- Spirit?

- Spirit can't help you now.

- Dead.

Both of you, dead.

- Bob.

Oh my God, what the
hell are you doing here?

- I just knew you had
to be fucking someone.

- I was gonna call.

- [Bob] Don't lie to me.

- I'm not lying.

I swear, I don't want it to end this way.

- so you pick this piece of shit over me?

- No.

I'm not picking either one of you.

I just need some time to myself.

- Fuck!

- Hello?

Hello, sir?

Could we catch a ride?

- [Bob] Sure.

- Marla, wait a minute.

Marla, wait!




- Well first there were six little piggies

and then there were three.

- And when are there going to

be two as they're supposed to be?

- Want to see what I found downstairs?

- What did you discover?

- I discovered Dottie's bedroom.

- You did?

- Mm hmm.

- [Kelly] Where?

- Where?


It's incredible.

Full of old antique toys.

- [Brianna] No way.

- Yes way.

This way.

(suspenseful music)


Jesus Christ.


- Don't touch him, leave him alone.

Kelly, stay behind me Kelly.

- (calls) Come on, come on.



- [Dottie] Stop.

- What?

- Stop the truck.

We have to go back.

- You wanna go back?

(muted screaming)

- Kelly?

- Bri. (gasps)

- [Brianna] Where is he?

- I don't know.

I thought he went after you.

- Oh Christ.


(knife clatters)

- Spirit?

No, Spirit.

- No.

- Get off her.

Don't make me use this.

- Yeah, I'll get off her.

- No!


- You bitch.

You fucking bitch--


- Are you alright?

- Yeah.

- Kelly?

(ominous music)

- What's going on in here?

It's hot in here, isn't it?



(rock music)

♪ The wind is howlin' ♪

♪ Across sands of time ♪

♪ The voice is callin' ♪

♪ Inside my mind ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Step inside ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Lost in time ♪

♪ Stormswept inside ♪

♪ The demon's ragin' ♪

♪ In the fadin' light ♪

♪ Pick your weapon, boy ♪

♪ Prepare to fight ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Step inside ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Lost in time, yeah ♪

♪ We're stormswept inside ♪