Storm War (2011) - full transcript

A series of freak weather occurrences around Washington D.C. reunites two estranged brothers who are the sons of a once prestigious climate scientist. One of them suspects their father is behind it and upon further investigation, they discover that all of their father's enemies are dead - victims of freak weather accidents. Soon their suspicions are confirmed as their father hijacks radio and TV transmissions to relay the message that unless a certain Senator whom canceled his Defense Department contracts is handed over, the city of Washington D.C will suffer the consequences. As the brothers race to form a plan that can defeat their father, he lets loose a variety of diabolical weather weapons on the Smithsonian, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and National Mall! - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- [Man's Voice] This
is the next evolution

in homeland security.

Without projects
like Thunderhead,

there would be no B2 bomber.

- But I ask you again,
doctor: at what cost?

At what point do
we cut our losses,

reallocate funds
and manpower instead

of throwing both
into an endless pit?

- [Doctor] A pit?

That's what you call
preserving America's status

as the world's mightiest nation?

(ominous music)

- Doctor, the United States
has, and will always occupy

that status, on the merits of
our men and women in uniform.

Now, we appreciate all
you've done and dedicated

to Project Thunderhead, but
you and I both know that--

- [Doctor] You appreciate
what I've done?

(ominous music)

You, senator, and your
gallery of pompous bureaucrats

think that you
can just stop me--

- Insulting the gentlemen
in this very room

will not help your case, doctor.

(ominous music)

- [Doctor] Gentlemen,
cowards, Thunderhead has led

this nation to the brink
of the most powerful weapon

our enemies have yet to field.

- Calm down, Marcus.

- I am calm.

I won't let you destroy this.

- You need to grasp that
this is beyond your control.

- [Marcus] Nothing
is beyond my control.

(ominous music)

- Repent, repent sinners!

Repent, eh!

The end is coming,
the end is nigh!

And when it comes,
they're going to fry.

The den of thieves
will burn in hell.

(ominous music)

- Your ride's here, senator.

- Thank you, Chloe.

Tell them I'll be
down in a minute.

And I've told you before,
it's okay to call me: dad.

- Will do.

And Secretary Perry's
office called.

He won't be able to
make your nine o'clock.

- Probably for the best.

These committee meetings
always run over,

and I've got the Pentagon
briefing after that.

- Should I reschedule?

- See if he has
any time on Friday.

- Okay.

- Looking good, Jason.

Positively presidential.


- Now is the winter
of our discontent.

Made glorious summer by this,

Senator Jason Aldrich.

(tense music)

Excuse me, sir?

Can you please spare
some change for a fellow

that's had some hard luck?

- [Bodyguard] Back off!

- No, it's okay.

- I am Set, I am Adad,
I am the God of Storms,

and I will have my revenge.

- [Bodyguard] Are
you alright, sir?

- No harm done.

That man should
be in a hospital.

Let him go.

- [Bodyguard] Keep walking, pal.

- You should have
been more charitable

a long time ago, senator.

- [Chloe] What'd
he mean by that?

- Won't be long, and
I'll sing my song.

- No idea.

But I think I've
seen him before.

- [Bodyguard] We should
be moving, senator.

- When?

- Took it all away, and
now you're going to pay!

(electronic beeping)

(dramatic music)



It begins.

(rain pattering)

(thunder booming)




- Oh, I wouldn't do
that, if I were you.

I'd go for the 10 gig model.

Works a lot better.

If you don't use the
wifi, it'll last all day.

Put your hands against the wall!


- Hey man, the
sky's bleeding man,

and you're gonna stop
me from shoplifting?

- Don't move.

Whatever it is, it's not blood.

(siren wailing)

- Come on, man, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry!

Please, let me go!

(sirens wailing)

(rain pattering)

- [Woman In Red] Over here!

- I got a hole in my splash bag!


Thank you.

- How am I supposed
to make lead anchor

when you have me
looking like some chick

in a wet T-shirt contest?

- Forecast didn't say
zip about red rain.

I'm ready.

- I'm coming!

- What are you doing?

- Saving your ass.

(unintelligible muttering)

How do I look?

- Edgy.


- The downpour of what's
being called blood rain

has Washingtonians
running for cover.

So far, officials are
at a loss to explain

this never before
heard of occurrence.

(guns firing)


- David the man!

Nice shooting.

I'm gonna miss you when
you're gone, big guy.

- What are you talking
about, when I'm gone?

- Staying up all night,
pulling double shifts.

You must be bucking
for detective.

I say six months, tops.

- I'd get that two grand you
owe me before I take off.

- Ouch. (laughing)

You hear about the lightning
storm over the capital?

Took out a couple tourists.

- [David] I heard.

- Did you hear it
was red lightning?

(faint popping)

- Red lightning?

- Yeah, pretty biblical, right?

It's like the man upstairs
is finally getting

all Travis Bickle on this place.

- Evapotranspiration
of particulate matter

would explain he red rain, but--

- Evapo-what?

- Red lightning?

- Don't try to
change the subject.

That was a six, no,
seven syllable word.

I heard it.

Where did that come from?

Is there something
you're not telling me?

- There's nothing about
me you don't know.

(gun firing)

- [Radio DJ] We've heard some
pretty wild theories so far,

and we have plenty more
callers on the line.

Okay, caller, you're on the air.

What do you think caused
the downpour of blood rain?

- [Caller] Oh, man,
you better believe

it was the government.

Those guys have scientists
hunkered down in bunkers

doing who knows what.

It's gotta be some kind
of experimental compound

or something; they were trying--

(somber music)

- [Newscaster] We've seen a
record number of red algae

blooms happening in coastal
waters over the past decade,

and it's really not a big
stretch of the imagination

to think that this would happen,

with the rising of
the temperatures.

Look, the surface of
the water is heating up

and evapotranspiration
is taking place.

- [Newscaster] Can
you explain that?

What exactly is

- Sure, evapotranspiration
is evaporation

and transpiration, and
when the (muttering)

evaporates into steam, it
goes up into the clouds.

(unintelligible muttering)

(dramatic music)


(tense music)

- Find what you're looking for?

- Hey, whoa!

- [David] Jacob!

- It's not loaded.

- What the hell?

How did you get in here?

- Mail lady let me in.

She's nice.

Bottle opener?

It's a twist off.

I like your badge.

(phone ringing)

- Federal Bureau
of Investigation,

how may I direct your call?

- Yes, hello, I have some
information regarding

the lightning storm that
hit Washington this morning.

I don't know who I
should be talking to.

Maybe someone in
Homeland Security.

- Which lightning storm, ma'am?

- The lightning storm
that did all the damage.

- Ma'am, you've contacted

the Federal Bureau
of Investigations.

You may want to try the
National Weather Service.

If you hold one minute,
I'll get you that number.


- How long has it been?

- Six years, five
months, three days.

- What you doing now?

- Applied physics, Johns
Hopkins University.

See you're still keeping
up with the trades.

Not sure if you're a good cop,

but you are a hell of
an interior decorator.

- Yeah, it's the only
thing I got in the divorce.

You hear from Marcus?

He still helping the
Defense Department come up

with environmentally safe
ways to destroy the planet?

- Year after you left,
DARPA cut his funding.

Didn't take it very well.

He sold his house,
closed his bank accounts,

pretty much went off the grid.

- Really?

- Really, about a
year after you left.

- Why didn't you tell me?

- We weren't speaking, remember?

- Are you suggesting
that the lightning storm

was an act of terrorism?

- Yes, that's exactly
what I'm saying.

When they pulled the
funding for his project,

he swore he'd get revenge,
and I think that's what's--

- What did you say his name was?

- Marcus Grange, G-R-A-N-G-E.

- Where is he now?

- That's what I want to know.

The lightning, the red rain.

- What are you talking about?

- There's been other
anomalous weather phenomena,

it just hasn't been
over populated areas.

That's why it hasn't
made the news.

Do you remember the thing
that dad was working on?

The very last thing?

He called it:
atmospheric ordnance.

- Are you trying to suggest
that Marcus had something

to do with all of this?

- I'm suggesting that
he was different.

Scary different.

- Name a personality
disorder; he's got symptoms.

- You're not taking
this seriously enough.

- And I think you're taking
this a little too serious,

Mister Conspiracy Theory.

It's impossible to control
weather to this extent.

Not that I don't wanna get
all nostalgic right now, but--

- Yeah, sure, it's fine.

- I'm exhausted; I just
wanna go to bed, okay?

Can we talk about this--

- I knew you wouldn't
listen anyway.

You've been done with this
family for a long time.

- That's not fair
and you know it.

- Oh, come on, give
it a rest, David.

You're the smartest
guy in the room,

and you've wasted your life
writing speeding tickets?

Look me in the eye and tell me

that's not just to piss him off!

- I think you should
probably leave.

- Whatever.

Thanks for the beer.

- Next time, call first!

- Look, Dr. Grange
is a brilliant man,

a brilliant scientist,
but he's very unstable.

When they pulled the
funding for his project,

he swore he'd get
revenge, and I think,

no, what, hello?


Ah, dammit.

(engine rumbling)


- [Voicemail Recording]
You've reached David Grange.

I'm either working or
sleeping, so shoot me a message

and I'll call you
back. (beeping)


- Hello?

- Hello, is this Jacob Grange?

- [Jacob] Yeah.

- [Samantha] Jacob, hi.

My name is Samantha Winter,

I'm a physics post
doc at Georgetown.

- Yeah, what, what's this about?

- I worked with your father.

I was his lab assistant

when he was at the
Defense Department.

I was there when he
had his breakdown.


- [Jacob] I'm here.

So what is it I can do for you?

- I think your dad
is back in town.

- [Jacob] Meet me tonight.

(dramatic music)

- You know how I
feel about asparagus.

Oh, helty-smelty, they
make my T-T stink!

Can't we just have like
a steak and potato,

with some canned peaches?

- You're eating grilled
chicken and asparagus

and that's the end of it.

If you have a problem with that,

you can sleep with
Rufus in the doghouse.


- Oh, that reminds me.

We got this bum who's
been hanging around

the last couple of days.

He just set up camp
outside the front gate.

I don't care how broke I
was, I wouldn't wanna live

in a shack outside a
power station. (laughing)

(ominous music)


(accelerating beeping)

(hissing and rumbling)

Hold on, babe,
something's going on.

What the hell?

I gotta call you back, baby,
the monitor's on the blink.

- For too long, the Defense
Department's mantra has been:

secrecy at all costs.

As a result, billions of
dollars have disappeared

into a fiscal black hole.

I'm here to dispel
any uncertainty,

and to help make this transition
go as smoothly as possible.

(dramatic music)

If passed into law, my bill
would promote full transparency

in all areas of defense related
research and development.


- This is the way
the world ends.

- Now, I know this is a
bitter pill to swallow,

gentlemen, but
swallow it you must.

For the sake of this
great institution.


(dramatic music)

- Jacob?



- Ah, oh!


Do you wanna sit?

Can I get you a
coffee, anything?

- No, I'm fine, thank you.

Look, I wanted to talk to you
because the lightning storm--

- It was all him.

- I know it is.

I called the FBI, but
they wouldn't believe me.

I thought you might.

- Do you know where he is?

- Not exactly.

Jacob, if we're right, then a
lot of people are in danger.

We have to do something.

(ominous music)

- What's this?

Some kind of
civilian haze thing?

(ominous music)

- No way.

(thunder rumbling)

- What the hell's going on?

- [Man's Voice] We need to
get away from these windows.


(dramatic music)

- This is not good.

- Gary!



Gary, are you there?

(thunder booming)

(dramatic music)

- [News Anchor] If
you're just joining us,

what you are witnessing is the
aftermath of an unexplained

lightning storm that
has struck the pentagon.

Meteorologists are baffled

at the origins of
this freak storm.

Damage reports are unclear,
and Pentagon officials

have yet to release any
further information.

- Marcus.

(sirens wailing)

- [News Anchor] The
Pentagon is being evacuated

as emergency vehicles
rush to the scene.

This is, without a doubt,
one of the most devastating

catastrophes this
country has ever seen.

(ominous music)


- [David] Who is it?

- [Jacob] It's me.

- It's open.

Since when the
hell do you knock?

- Since you almost
shot me last night.

Oh, David, Samantha.

Samantha, David.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Can I get you
something to drink, eat?

- Oh, no, I'm fine thank you.

- Lightning hit the Pentagon.

- I heard.

- We both think
it's your father.

- I think you're both right.

The power surges,
they weren't random.

- What?

- They're Morse code.

- I will show you fear
in a handful of dust.

- Sound familiar?

- That's from The
Wasteland by T.S. Eliot.

That's dad's favorite
poem; you sure about that?

- Should be sure, he made
us memorize the damn thing.

- Jacob told me you were a
cop and I didn't believe him.

- Something wrong with that?

- Oh, nothing, I just,

it's not what your father
would have expected.

- Exactly.

- You could have been
an interior designer.


- That's what I said.

- Seems to be the consensus.

We really need to find Marcus.

- Don't even know
where to start looking.

- Ah, I saw him
once, on the street.

It was by chance; I
don't think he saw me.

The thing was, he looked
like a homeless person.

I almost didn't recognize him.

- Are you suggesting
our father became a bum?

- [David] Where'd you see him?

- [Samantha] It was over in
Highlands, near the hospital.

- I know a priest that runs a
homeless shelter over there.

They'll be serving
breakfast in about an hour.

That's as good a
place to look as any.

- Really curious to find out
how a bum controls the weather.

- If we find him, you
can ask him, okay?

(tense music)

Shut the door.

Samantha, you can ride shotgun.

- David.

- [David] Jacob will
sit in the back.

- Seriously?

(tense music)

- [Samantha] All the stuff
we were working on was

cutting edge, but
this is an order

of magnitude more advanced.

He's made conceptual
leaps that weren't even

on the table back then.

- [David] You must
have a pretty good idea

how he's doing this, then.

- [Jacob] Whatever
it is, he needs

a lot of juice to pull it off.

- I tracked some of
the anomalous weather.

Each incident saw a
corresponding drop
in local power grids.

- Well it's a start,

but it would help to
know what he's after.

- Easy: revenge.

- No, he lost it when they
shut down the program.

He said they didn't understand
what they were doing,

that their short-sightedness
was endangering the country.

He said they'd all
pay and he meant it.

You could see it in his eyes.

- Well, who's in
charge of the program?

- Colonel Danforth.

He was the first.

- The first what?

- The first to die.

Show him what you showed me.

- He was killed last
month on Lake Champlain.

A rogue wave capsized his boat.

- A rogue wave?

On a lake?

- It gets stranger.

Doug Henderson, one of the
other scientists, he was next.

They found him frozen
solid in his house.

The victim of a freak
temperature drop,

that apparently only
affected his living room.

Marcus accused him of trying
to take credit for his work.

- So he's just taking
out everybody that's
pissing him off.

- [Samantha] Looks that way.

- [David] No foul play expected.


- You're a cop, can
you talk to somebody?

- I can.

It's not gonna sound any
less crazy coming from me.

- After much debate,
Senator Aldrich

has ultimately decided
to deliver his speech,

despite last night's
tragedy at the Pentagon.

The latest national
landmark rescue workers

are now referring
to as: ground zero.

- I can't say that
the name rings a bell,

but of course, not
everyone who comes here

is entirely honest
about their past.

You say he's your father?

- We're estranged.

- Well, I'm sure you
had your reasons, David.

Do you have a picture?

- [Jacob] Ah, yeah.

It's a bit old, but
it's all we have.

- I, ah,

I don't know if he's the one,
but the eyes look familiar.

- You've seen him?

- Maybe.

The man I'm thinking of was
here, oh, just a few days ago.

Strange fellow, always seemed
to be talking to the weather.

Oh, he'd carry on whole
conversations with clouds

like they were
conspiring together.

It could be a little unsettling.

- Do you remember
how he was dressed?

- Well, I ah--

♪ Oh yes, they
took it all away, ♪

♪ And now they're
going to pay! ♪

(tense music)

- [Samantha] It's Marcus!


- Are you okay?

(uptempo music)

- Where'd he go?

- I don't know.

- [Jacob] Don't you chase
people for a living?

- [David] No, I'm too busy

giving out speeding
tickets, remember?

- Guys, look at this.

Senator Jason Aldrich,
he's the one who sponsored

the budget amendment that
shut down Marcus's project.

- [David] This can't
be a coincidence.

- I guess we found number
three on the revenge list.

(ominous music)

- Hi, my name is David Grange,

I'm a Metro PD police officer.

I have reason to believe that
Senator Aldrich is in danger.

I need to see him right away.

Somebody's trying to kill him.



No, this is an emergency.

I need to know.



- What'd they say?

- Well, he's giving
his speech today,

but she's not allowed
to tell me where.

- That's ridiculous.

Most senators post
their schedule online.

She said he was giving a speech.

Lafayette Square, 15 minutes.

(dramatic music)

- Over a dozen deaths have
been reported from the

lightning strike that scorched
the Pentagon last night.

The death toll is expected
to rise as the rubble

is slowly removed.

Now we've been told
the president has
signed an agreement

this morning, making way for--
(unintelligible muttering)

- Sure you still wanna do this?

No one would blame you
for taking a rain check.

- Please, Chloe, no
weather metaphors.

- Sorry, I'm just
worried about you.

- Let's just get this done.


(ominous music)


(ominous music)

- It's a green light; go, go!

What now?

Come on!


- [Reporter] Senator, senator,
is it true that your bill

will open up top secret
projects to public scrutiny?

- Absolutely not.

This bill is about
fiscal transparency,

not endangering
national security.

- Are you going to
address your critics

in the Defense Department?

- Listen to the speech,
you'll find out.

- Isn't it a bit insensitive
bringing this bill

to the House so soon after
last night's tragedy?

- For the record, I
was at the Pentagon

when the storm struck, and
the bravery on the part

of our men and women in uniform

was nothing short of exemplary.

They did their duty,
and now I'm doing mine.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

- Senator, are you
available later today?

Can I get five
minutes of your time?




(rumbling booms)

(uptempo music)

(electrical crackling)

- Check the traffic station.

- [Newscaster] Reports are
coming in of another freak

lightning storm, this
time in Lafayette Square.

- Too late.

- [Newscaster] Apparently,
it's pretty grisly down there.

Senate Armed Services Committee
Chairman Jason Aldrich--

- Got a charcoal
Prius, DC plate,

yankee, India, one,
six, tango, niner.

- We've got to get to Aldrich
before Marcus tries again.

Move it!

- [Dispatcher] That vehicle
is registered to David Grange.

Apprehend on sight.

- [David] Come on!

Hold on.


- [Jacob] What are you doing?

- I'm not gonna sit in
traffic for an hour.

- Suspects are now on foot.

I repeat, suspects
are now on foot.

- [Man's Voice] Hey, buddy,
you can't park there!

- Unit two, this is unit
one, I'm coming your way.

Take 'em down.

(tense music)

- David Grange?

Stay right there.

- Who are these guys?

- Feds.

- David Grange,
Agent Lawson, FBI.

We just wanna talk to you.

- About what?

- About the threats made
against Senator Aldrich.

- They weren't threats, I
was trying to warn the guy.

- You know he's a cop, right?

- We know who he is.

Hand over your weapon, officer.

- [David] You're
making a mistake.

- [Lawson] Do it now.

- Okay.

- Slowly.

(dramatic music)

- You guys don't understand.

This is a matter of
national security, okay?

Put down the hardware.

- Bro, what the
hell are you doing?

- Something really stupid.


Put it down!


(dramatic music)

- [Lawson] Stop them!

- [Jacob] David, come on!

Turn left!

(uptempo music)

(indistinct shouting)

(sirens blaring)

- Okay, you two check the back.

With me.

(tense music)

- David, I can't
believe you did that.

- Who are you calling?

- Backup.

(phone ringing)

- David the man!

- Hey, I need you
to do me a favor.

- Well, I'm kind of
on duty right now.

- Shut up and listen.

Does the captain still
have you at the speed trap

over on Birch?

- Yeah, so?

- I need you to meet me at 10th
and Fowler in five minutes.

- What the hell for?

- I've got some people after me,

and I need you to
run interference.

- Oh, I thought I was a guy
who didn't pay his debts.

- Do this for me,
and I'll knock off

a grand from what you owe.


- Now you're talking!

I'm on my way over!

(tense music)

(siren blaring)

- [Lawson] There they are!

- [Jacob] They see
us, David, run!


- [Dispatcher] All units,
we've got an APB out

for Officer David Grange.

He is wanted for
questioning in connection

with threats made
against Senator Aldrich.

- Alright, Officer
Bledsoe in pursuit!

(dramatic music)

Police, drop your weapons,
drop your weapons!

- [Lawson] We're the FBI!

- I'm not gonna ask you again,
put your weapons down now!

- [Bodyguard] Yes, I can hold.

- I can't believe
that just happened.

My hands are still shaking.

- [Bodyguard]
That's interesting.

- First the Capitol, then
the Pentagon, now this.

- [Bodyguard] Will do.

- If I didn't know any better,

I'd think Mother Nature
had it in for me.

- Sir, I just talked to the FBI.

That cop that called in
the threat to your office

this morning is
officially now a suspect.

- A suspect?

How can a cop be
behind the weather?

- When they tried to question
him, he resisted arrest.

There's a statewide
BOLO out for him now.

- Does he have a name?

- Grange, sir, David Grange.

- Grange?

You're kidding me!

- Why does this feel like
the inside of Marcus's head?

- I'm trying to recreate
some of his experiments.

- You what?

- I'm trying to figure out
how he's doing all this.

- Jacob, they already
think that we're trying

to kill Aldrich;
how's this gonna look?

- Wasn't my idea to run
from the feds now, was it?

- Oh, you think they
were gonna believe us?

As soon as they found
out whose sons we were,

they were gonna hang us.

(static buzzing)

- My fellow Washingtonians,

my name is Dr. Marcus Grange.

And I come before you
today with a warning.

As you reel from the desecration
of yet another symbol

of your great democracy,
know that this is just

a balancing of the scales.

The ignorance and petty
political games of your elected

representatives have caused
untold damage to science.

They're the ones who have
brought this retribution

down on your heads, and none
bear more responsibility

than Senator Jason Aldrich.

- Do you know this guy?

- I'm afraid so.

- Senator, you like to
talk about drawing a line

in the sand when it comes
to government waste.

What about the waste of
years of a man's life, hm?

Breakthroughs that
will never be made

because you valued
the almighty dollar

above the pursuit of knowledge.

I'm here to tell you that
this is just the beginning.

The people of this city
will continue to pay

for what you've done,
and when I'm through,

if you're not already
dead, the survivors

will run you out of
the ruins on a rail.

- Oh, this is good.

He just admitted he's
behind the entire thing.

They gotta believe us now.

- Don't bet on it.

We're the only
leads they've got.

- Just think: if you hadn't
canceled Thunderhead,

you'd be able to
do what I can do.

Control the weather itself.


- [Samantha] I think
he just made a mistake.

- What, besides
confessing on TV?

- Jake, I need this computer.

- I've realized a
dream that men have had

since the dawn of time.

- Who is this whackjob?

- A climatologist, a
physicist, you name it,

he had a degree in it.

He was one of the prized
poodles over at DARPA

before we cleaned house.

- The desecration of yet another

symbol of your great democracy.

You should have been
more charitable,

senator, a long time ago.

- Isn't that the
guy from yesterday?

- Petty, political
games have caused

untold damage to science.


I am Thor, I am
the God of Storms,

and I will have my revenge!

The almighty dollar above
the pursuit of knowledge.

- I'll be damned.

- [Jacob] What are you doing?

- I think there may
be a way to track him.

- How?

- She was right,
it's a power surge.

If we could find a way
to narrow the drain

to the grid, it would--

- Exactly.

This is a real-time
feed straight

from the power company's server.

Look here.

The substation on the east side,

these fluctuations
are way above normal.

- It doesn't mean that
he's there, though.

- It's the best lead we've got.

- Impressive.

- Thank you.

- My car?

- Baby, if I get that raise,
we're gonna have to get

one of them cellular phones
where we can see each other

on the TV screen
there. (laughing)

- [Samantha] How'd you know
there wouldn't be an alarm?

- Just a hunch.

You hear that?



- What is it?

- High frequency transmitter.

It's definitely
Marcus's work, alright.

It's a beauty.

- Yup.

- Whoa, whoa, are you
sure that's a good idea?

- 100 percent.

(accelerating beeping)

That's not good.

- Of course we can
try that stuff we saw

on the internet last
night, baby. (laughing)

(rumbling and beeping)

(thunder booming)

(dramatic music)

(crashing boom)

- A measure that has
many wondering if
the Democratic Party

will get behind, after these
mysterious natural disasters.

- [Security Guard] Look
at the bright side:

all this crazy weather gives
us an excuse to stay inside

and take care of business,
if you know what I mean.

- Clint, as that all
you ever think about?

I'm trying to watch the news.


- Oh, baby, what
are you wearing?

- I'm gonna have to call you
back in about 10 minutes.

- [Newscaster] Weather
anomalies, it's
still being sought--

- Coming!

- Let's go to Sarah
Sharpe on Capitol Hill.


- I think it's all of them.

- What are you thinking?

- There's something about this.

- [Man's Voice]
Looks like a bug.

Or a homing device.

- [Bodyguard] Sir, I have
the Secretary of Defense

on the line for you.

- Mister Secretary,
Jason Aldrich.

- [Secretary] Is that
maniac really one of ours?

- [Aldrich] I'm afraid so.

- He said he's
destroying the city

because you cut his funding.

Is that true?

- The man's insane.

- I didn't ask for an
evaluation of his mental state.

Just his veracity.

- His project was
a pie in the sky--

- Pie in the sky?

The man just ripped
the Washington Monument

out of the ground
with a tornado!

- [Aldrich] Maybe
there's more to him

than we gave him credit for.

- You think?!

Look, the president will be
returning from Moscow tonight.

He wants a briefing
the moment he lands,

so I need you to
bring me up to speed.

We're working under the
assumption that everyone

and everything is a target.

So the VP has called a video
conference in half an hour.

Everyone is to remain
in separate locations

to protect the country
and the succession.

You are to meet me at the
Supreme Court in one half hour.

- I'm on my way.

Call the office, have them
send over all the files

we have on Project Thunderhead.

- Yes, sir.

- You bring the car around.

- Yes, sir.

- Baby, you're not
gonna believe this.

I think we got terrorists.

- Honey, you're not supposed
to joke about terrorists.

You know better than that.

- No, I'm not kidding!

There's two guys and a
girl and they got bombs!

- Oh, explosive belts
or remote detonators?

- I don't know, I'm not
an explosive expert!

It's C4 or something.

- Well, that all sounds
very interesting, Clint,

but if you don't mind, I'm
gonna watch some stories.

- No, call the FBI right now!

- Yeah, but good luck with
those terrorists, honey--

- Call the FBI!

- Hey, what are you
doing kissing on me

when I'm on the phone
with my husband?

- Well, it's time to man up.

Not on my shift, boys!

- What about my lab
at the university?

I can get us in the back way.

- Sounds good, let's go.
- Okay.

- Freeze!

Don't move!

Put the bomb down slowly!

- They're not bombs!

Put your gun down!

- No, you put your gun down!

- I'm a cop, and my
name is David Grange.

- Grange?

Like the nutjob on television?!

- It's not what you think.

- I'm about to bag me
public enemy number one!


I am definitely gonna
get that raise now.

- Put your gun down!

- No, you put your gun down!



(gun firing)

(booming explosion)

(tires screeching)

- [David] You okay?

(murmuring affirmative)


- Fine.

Can you slow down a little bit?

- What?

- Slow down, I'm
trying to open this.

- [Man's Voice] Whoa,
sorry I have to interrupt,

it looks like your colleague
has some irritation

he'd like to share
with your theory.

Go ahead, doctor.

- [Doctor] What my esteemed
colleague is not taking

into consideration
is the atomic weight

of the particulate
matter in question.

(engine rumbling)


- [Marcus] Follow that car.

- We've got to stop this, now,

before anyone else gets hurt.

- I think we may
have found a way.

- Well, you know
how he's doing this?

- No.

But he's definitely
doing it by remote.

Pretty sure if we can
jam the frequency,

we can prevent further attacks.

- [David] Sounds
good, what do we do?

- I can reconfigure the
transmitter to create

the interference, but we're
gonna need a lot of power.

- Not necessarily.

If we're close
enough to the source,

a battery might do the trick.

- Find the source, you find dad.

- Marcus is gonna wanna
know where Aldrich is.

He's gonna be tracking him.

- You think he's following him?

Why would he take
that kind of a risk?

- Because he's nuts, remember?


- You crazy son of a bitch.

Those two guys you had
me chasing were FBI.

- Yeah, sorry about that.

- Lucky if I get out of
this with a suspension!

- I'm gonna need you
to do me another favor.

- I really hope you're joking,

because you're officially
on the Most Wanted List.

- Sorry about that.

- It was my badge just
for taking this call.

- It's only a misunderstanding,
and I'm gonna need

your help to prove it, okay?

- How?

- I need you to get on
the radio and find out

where Senator Aldrich
is going to be,

and I need you to
do it right now.

Do this for me, and I'll
knock off what you owe me.

- Okay.

- [David] Alright, bye.

(dramatic music)

- [Secretary] Senator.

- [Aldrich] Mr. Secretary.

- Secret Service has
prepared a room for our use.

- I need those
Thunderhead files.

- [Chloe] Right away.

(dramatic music)


- [Guard] If you could
hand me that camera, sir,

and step back through for me?

- [Marcus] Sure.

- It's old-school.

- Yeah, new technology sucks.

(dramatic music)

- [Radio DJ] Let's
go to the phones now.

Caller, you're on the air.

- [Caller] I had to disagree
with you on that last one.

It's more like one of
us is worth 10 of him.

- You gonna get that
thing to working?

- In theory, yes.

- [David] Sorry I asked.

- We're never gonna
get inside with it.

- If he's within a block,
we shouldn't have to.

- Alright, good.

I'm gonna go find the senator.

If you see Marcus, call me.


(dramatic music)

- [Radio DJ] Authorities
are telling us

that they have a
suspect, and listeners,

believe me when I say
I cannot believe--

- Remove all your
metal objects, please.

Pens, lighters, keys.

(lights buzzing)

(dramatic music)


- [Radio DJ] Wanted in
connection with the freak

weather phenomenon that
has plagued Washington DC

in the past 48 hours, and has
already been responsible--

- Hey, hey wait!

Hey, stop him!

Come back here!

(dramatic music)

- [Jacob] Something's
wrong with this.

There's no more power.

- It's gotta be Marcus.

- That's impossible.

- Well, maybe, but
it's happening,

and we have to go warn David.

- Samantha!

(ominous music)

- David!

Been a long time.

- Stop this, Marcus.

- Stop what?

- This isn't justice.

This is murder,
can't you see that?


- Still the dimestore

I had higher hopes for you.

- Feeling's mutual.

- The ancients would
have called me a god.

- Well, today we
call that crazy.

- You still doubt me.

Very well: behold!

(ominous music)


- What's going on here?

That's him!

That's Marcus Grange.

- Senator.

- Jammer's not working, bro.

- [Marcus] Jacob.

- I noticed.

- I expected this from your
brother, but not from you.

You disappoint me.

- That's not how it works, dad.

You're killing innocent people.

- They deserved it.

They voted for that putz!

- Will somebody
please shoot him?!

- Put your hands on your
head, get down on your knees!

- But I've only just begun.

Oh, I've only just begun!

(booming and crackling)

(dramatic music)

- Chloe!



(electricity crackling)

- [Bodyguard] Come here.

Come here!


- [Samantha] Get
your hands off me.

Get your hands off me!

- Senator Aldrich--

- Look at this!

Your father just killed
my daughter, Mr. Grange.

You're gonna have to give
me a really good reason

not to kill both his sons.

(dramatic music)

(sirens blaring)

One top secret clearance,
one Rhodes Scholar,

and one MacArthur
Fellowship short-listee.

Those are some very
impressive resumes.

What I wanna know is why
you three certified geniuses

didn't come to me
with this earlier.

- We tried, but you sicced
the Bureau on us, remember?

- That wasn't my call,
but I apologize for that.

- Where's my father?

- Secret Service
didn't find anything,

and to be honest, I
was hoping he was dead.

- Do we have to keep
listening to this guy?

Dude, he's the reason we're
all here in the first place.

- Jacob, calm down.

Well, he's not dead.

And he obviously
knows what he's doing.

- And what exactly is that?

What I saw back there was
more magic than science.

- Any sufficiently
advanced technology

is indistinguishable from magic.

That's Clarke's third law.

- Who's Clarke?

Look, the president
has appointed me

acting Defense Secretary
until this crisis is over.

Now I need to know: is it over?

- It's never going to be
over until we catch Marcus.

- Then give me some options!

If he tries a stunt like this,
is there a way to stop him?

- We're working on it.

- Well, what the
hell are you doing?!

- The one thing that we do know

is that he's using the
civilian power grid.

You should shut down
all the power plants

and all substations
in the district.

- That's it?

- There may be a way to detect
anomalous weather events

before they manifest, if we
can pinpoint power surges.

But if you can get us
access to the DOD satellites

and a big enough mainframe,

we may be able to
be more accurate.

- We can do that.

- This is Colonel
Nielsen from DARPA.

He's the head honcho here.

Give him a list of what you
need and he'll make it happen.

Get to it, now!

- Jake, I'm gonna need your
help to set up the systems.

- Mm-hm.


- Is that boy going
to be a liability?

- He'll be fine.

- I cannot afford any
weak links in this chain.

- Of course.

And sir, for what it's worth,

I'm really sorry
about your daughter.

(somber music)


(uptempo music)


(uptempo music)

- Now the disgraced
DARPA researcher

and purported mastermind
of the destructive

weather anomalies is still
being sought by authorities.

Let's go to Sarah
Sharpe on Capitol Hill.

- Several years ago,
Dr. Marcus Grange had

what insiders
unanimously describe as
a break from reality,

brought on by an obsessive
devotion to his research.

The root of Grange's
Project Thunderhead reaches

as far back as the Roosevelt
administration, but in 1992,

his research on non-traditional
weaponry was scrapped,

when Aldrich's heavy scrutiny
brought the program to light.

(pensive music)

- [Jacob] October second, 2011.

It's been quite a while
since my last entry,

but seeing dad for the first
time in nearly seven years

stirred up memories
that had been buried

for quite some time.

Writing helps me to
control my emotions,

since like dad, it's hard
for me to express them.

After spending the last
couple of days with Samantha,

I feel like maybe I
can confide in her,

but I can't find the
right time to talk to her,

or the words to say.

What's new?

It's probably better that
way, since she wouldn't

want anything to do
with me if she knew

that after seeing dad, it
made me remember growing up,

wanting to be just like him.

Wanting to work with him, side
by side, as a father and son.

It made me think back to
the good man he once was.

The good man I
knew still exists.

Maybe, since she's worked
so closely with Marcus,

she would understand,
but who knows.

I can't tell David.

I feel like I'm the
only person left

that doesn't want him dead.

Even though he's done all
these terrible things,

he's still my father.

David wouldn't even understand.

He's rejected dad's efforts to
have a relationship with him

ever since mom died.

To dad, I was always
an afterthought.

Whatever I want out of life,

David seems to get
without trying.

Even if it was a relationship
with my own father.

I guess it's too
late for that now.


- Oh, I am so sorry.

- That's okay.

- I'll come back.

- What are you doing here?

- Well, I found a bottle
of the colonel's wine,

and I thought I'd
share with a colleague.

I can come back later.

- No, it's okay.

Oh, yeah, the colonel
has good taste.

- I thought so.

- Well, what are you
doing standing out there?

- [Jacob] Maybe Samantha
has a clue where he is,

or would help me find him.

All I know is that I have
to find dad before they do.

If I can get to him
first, we'll both be safe.

David won't let
anything happen to me.

Through all of
our ups and downs,

I know I can still trust
David to protect me.

And I know if I can convince
dad to stop what he's doing

and turn himself in, but
if they get to him first,

I'll never see him again.

- So how'd you get
the gig with Marcus?

- Started out as a
summer internship when
I was an undergrad

and then when the Department
of Defense picked up

the project, Marcus
pulled some strings

to get me a security clearance.

I put my life on
hold for that man.

- Yeah, I thought my
days of messing around

with science were over.

- Seems like you
kind of miss it.

- Yeah, well, let's keep that
our little secret, please.

- Okay.

- You know, I about
half expected Jacob

to be in here when I came in.

- Jacob?

- [David] He really likes you.

- He's not my type.

- No, what's your type?

- Someone who's good with guns,

and has a thing for
interior design.

- Hm, I don't know
anyone like that at all.

So what do you think
Jacob's doing right now?

Calibrating his equipment?

- Now that sounds
more like Jacob.

- When there's a
problem to be solved--

- Jacob gets a
little OCD about it.

- Yeah, in a nutshell.

- Like father like son.

- He's nothing like him.

- I hope you know that I wasn't
trying to imply anything.

- No, not at all, no.

He's just, it's
funny, growing up,

dad always tried to
shape me into his image,

and I wanted nothing to
do with it, you know?

Jacob wanted to
be just like him,

and he barely knew he was there.

- That must have
been tough for him.

- Yeah, he had to
work twice as hard.

- You know, you just
called him dad, not Marcus.

- He is my dad.

- Thank you.

- So, what do you
think our chances are?

- Ah, at best, we might
have a few minutes' warning

before another
landmark is destroyed.

Who knows, maybe we can even
save a few people's lives.

- Yeah, well don't
sell yourself short.

The work you guys
were doing is amazing.

I bet it would have made
one hell of a dissertation.

- Thank you.

I can't stop thinking
about Aldrich's daughter.

I just can't believe I
didn't see this coming.

I feel like I should
have warned people

about Marcus earlier.

- Yeah, well, Aldrich
is still alive,

and there was no way you
could have possibly known

what Marcus was gonna do.

- I saw warning signs.

And I'm a scientist.

I'm supposed to consider
all the variables.

- That's impossible.

There's no way you could have
calculated all the variables.

- I will drink to that.

- Me too.


(somber music)

(opera music)


(opera music)

- Thank you.

We'll have to do
it again some time.

- That'd be great.

Under different circumstances.

- Definitely.

- Can you smell the thunder?

Can you smell the fear?

Where will you hide
when everything
around you disappears?

(opera music)

- [Samantha] Don't
worry about Jacob.

- I'll try.


(opera music)

- Sir!

- Get the Granges
up here, pronto.

(dramatic music)

- [David] What's going on?

- We've got a power surge.

- [David] Where?

- Everywhere, the whole
network is fluctuating,

but we can't pin it down.

- [Samantha] That's impossible.

- No, it's not.

- We've secured every power
station in three states.

There's no way he could
have gotten past us.

- That's because
he went around you.

- How's he doing that?

- Because he knows
we're onto him.

He's going to stop siphoning
the energy directly.

Basically, he's going to
use the grid to create

high-frequency EM fields.

- What for?

- Wish I knew the
key to everything.

- So, how do we find him?

- You don't.

Needle in a haystack.

(dramatic music)

- What rough beast,

its hour almost come,

slouches toward
Bethlehem, to be born.

(dramatic music)

- What's going on?

- He's back, sir.

- [Aldrich] Where?

- [Colonel] Everywhere, nowhere.

- I'm working on that now.

This is a live feed
from our satellite.

The new codes we wrote
should give us a heads up

when anything emerges.

There's a huge updraft
within the thunderstorm,

which means big hail.

- Give me a location.

- South Henry Park.

- The Smithsonian.

We can see where the storm is,

but we can't
pinpoint its origin.

- This is Aldrich.

Evacuate the Air and
Space Museum right away!



- Sir?

- We can't locate their
men on the ground.

- [David] Interference
from the storm.

(dramatic music)



- [Sharpe] Oh, no!

- You think it's Grange?

- It has to be, right?

Oh damn.


- Head for cover!

- Get to the van!

This is Sarah Sharpe,
reporting live.

It appears the fanatical
doctor, Marcus Grange,

is at it yet again, sending
a hailstorm across the city.

- And cut, cut, cut, cut, cut!

- Wait!


(dramatic music)

(sirens wailing)

- 60 dead!

And 100 years of aviation
history destroyed!

I thought your weather
array was supposed

to prevent all of this!

- We didn't say that.

It's an early warning
system, not a panacea.

- That's not good enough!

- Well, we're trying our best.

What more do you want from us?

- [Woman's Voice] President's
on the line for you, sir.

- I wanna be able to
give him some good news.

Now, you get out of here
and you get me results.

Mister President.

Yes, I know.

- [Samantha] You two were
awfully quiet in there.

I could have used some backup.

- [David] Well, I hate to
say it but he was right.

We could have taken
some initiative.

- We don't even have the
theoretical framework

to understand what he's doing.

We don't stand a chance!

- [David] Well, then it's
time to start thinking

outside the box, now isn't it?

- [Samantha] I wish that I had
access to the research files

from when Marcus and
I worked together.

- [David] Where are
the files located?

- [Samantha] Well, when the
senator cut Marcus's funding,

all of his research and data
mysteriously disappeared.

(dramatic music)

- [Jacob] Where are you, dad?

Got you.

- Hey.

Maybe this will jar
some brain cells loose.

- Well, I don't think I have
any left, but thank you.

- [Colonel] Are we
making any progress?

- Well we know he's
figured out a way

to manipulate the
atmospheric ions.

We just don't know what
mechanism he's using.

- Maybe Jacob came
up with something?

- Where is your brother, anyway?

- I haven't seen him since
Aldrich chewed us out.

- That boy's got to learn
to become a team player.

- I'll go find him.

- Thank you.

The power fluctuation
also killed the servers,

wherever he is; most of the
data is coming back incomplete.

- [Colonel] How else are
we supposed to find him?

- Jacob?

(somber music)


- [Voicemail Recording]
Hi, you've reached Jacob.

This is pretty old
technology, do what you do.


(tense music)

- Jacob's gone.

Can't find him and he
won't answer his phone.


- This is Colonel Nielsen,

I need a 20 on one
of our civilians.

Jacob Grange.

How in the hell did that happen?

He's gone, walked straight out

the front door 20 minutes ago.

- How did he get off the base?

- Apparently the
old fashioned way.

He drove.

(tense music)

It's my fault sir, he
was my responsibility.

- Never mind that.

What are you doing to find him?

- Homeland's got a description.

They're working on
triangulating his SIM card.

We should know something soon.

- You promised me he
wouldn't be a problem.

- Look, you're jumping
to conclusions.

- What the hell do you call

going off the
reservation like this?

- Maybe he's just
following a hunch.

- Yeah, and maybe
he's just thinking

that his dear old dad's not
such a bad guy after all.

(engine rumbling)

(somber music)


(ominous music)

You want that maniac
to succeed, don't you?

- What the hell are
you talking about?

- He's family.

Blood is thicker than
water, and all that crap!

- Guys.

- How do I know the three
of you aren't in cahoots?

How do I know you're
not feeding him intel?

- You don't.

- Guys, it's happening again.

(alarm blaring)

Get over here!

- Oh no.

- [Aldrich] What
are we looking at?

- It's a storm system, but it's
like nothing I've ever seen.

- The readings are indicative
of an ace thunderstorm.

Net temperatures are dropping.

- Wonderful.

Where's it heading?

- The question is:
where is it not headed?

(dramatic music)

Well, my math's a
little bit rusty,

but we should be able to divert
the storm over the water,

creating a region of low
electrical potential.

If it works, it'll
burn itself out.

- That's brilliant;
how do we do that?

- I don't know.

- David, one of the
projects we're working on

is this new anti-tech weapon,

and instead of releasing
radiation, it absorbs it.

Kind of like an inverted
electromagnetic pulse.

It could potentially absorb
Marcus's storm system.

- Should work.

- Do it.

- Logan, set up the heart.

(wind howling)

(electricity crackling)

(tense music)


Sergeant Tally, contact
the National Guard

and make sure that
all areas surrounding

the Chesapeake Bay are
evacuated immediately.

(phone ringing)

- It's Jacob.

Where are you?

- I found dad.

- He found Marcus.

- Hold the noise, listen up!

- He's at the old Black
Cove nuclear power plant,

down on the river.

- Black Cove?

That's been decommissioned.

- Yeah, I know, but
it's still on the grid.

He's got the infrastructure
he needs to create

terrestrial stationary waves.

- Terrestrial stationary
waves, Tesla 1899.

- What the hell is a
terrestrial stationary wave?

- It's a way of using
the Earth as a conductor.

- Yeah, that's right.

Listen, David, if he can
use the grid to channel

these storms, than so can we.

We can fight him, all we
have to do is-- (clicking)

- The Delta Force team will
be in the air in 30 minutes.

- They won't make it
through that storm.

Nothing can.

- Those choppers are
designed to withstand

anything short of
a nuclear blast.

- A nuclear blast
we could handle.

This is Zeus throwing a
tantrum from Mount Olympus.

- Jacob, there's a new
weather system coming,

and it's the biggest one yet.

Can you do anything?


- He won't be calling you back.



- [Aldrich] All we
need to do is what?

What did your brother mean?

- We might be able to beat
Marcus at his own game.

- [Samantha] Fight fire with
fire, a storm with a storm.

- [Colonel] The
harvester will be

ready to launch in 15 minutes.

- [Aldrich] Good.

- He's got his
grid here on Earth.

We've got our grid in space.

- My god.

It's heading right up
Pennsylvania Avenue.

(dramatic music)


- That's not good.

- I think we'd better flip it.

- You think?

(dramatic music)

(thunder booming)

- John!

I can barely hear
you; say again!


Lord help us.

That was the FBI director.

He said something about
a wall of lightning,

then we got cut off.

- Sir, that thing is
on a collision course

with the white house.

- Mr. Grange, if you're
going to do something,

you do it now.

- [David] We need to
take out the power plant.

I need the coordinates.

- Sending it to you now.

- Got it.

(tense music)


Well, here goes something.

(electronic beeping)

(dramatic music)

- All birds are active.

- What are you people doing?

Do you understand
what they're doing?

Can someone please tell
me what's going on?

- We're sending a couple
of twisters Marcus's way.

- Sir, I think we just
declared: a weather war.

(dramatic music)

- We have a lot of
catching up to do, Jacob.

- Whose fault is that?

- I always thought your
brother had the real potential.

But I was wrong.

I know that now, and I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- The harvester is
fueled and in position.

We just need launch coordinates.

- What do you think?

Is the Chesapeake Bay enough?

- It better be.

- Okay, it's the Chesapeake Bay.

I repeat: Chesapeake Bay.

(tense music)

- Don't waste your
genius on these insects!

You're better than them.

We're better than them.

- You're sick.

You need help.

- The only thing I need
is for you to forgive

my inattention,
forgive my distance.

- Distance?

You'd destroy an entire city

because you're
emotionally distant?

- You need to figure out
where your loyalties lie.

- You just murdered
thousands of people.

- If you come with me
now, we can rule the skies

and the world, together
as father and son.

- What makes me so special?

- Do you even have to ask?




- Missile away,
time to detonation--

- [Aldrich] We're out of time!

- One minute.

- How goes the battle?

- Marcus should be feeling
a draft about right now.

(wind howling)

- Come.






(dramatic music)

(thunder booming)

- Dammit!

- Are we trapped?

(thunder booming)


- Don't let me go!

Don't let go!

- 10, nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two.



(booming explosion)

- What are we gonna do?!



No, no, no, I can't do that.

- Sarah, there's
nowhere else to go.

We can either go out running,

or we can go out gunning
for the Pulitzer.

- Send the newsfeed
live back to the studio.

- Hold this.

(dramatic music)

- Payload successfully

I repeat, we've
confirmed detonation.

- Did it work?

- I don't know, the
storm is still advancing.

(thunder rumbling)

- Give it one minute.

- We don't have a minute!

- Alright, come on, come on.


- Since Friday, the attacks
by Dr. Marcus Grange

have grown more
violent and widespread.

Just behind me is without
question the largest, by far.

Immediately following the
devastating hail storm

at Capitol Hill, a
massive display of
concentrated lightning

is now coming up--

(thunder crashing)

(dramatic music)

- [Cameraman] Head for cover!

Go, go, go!


(booming explosion)

(booming explosions)

(dramatic music)

- It's working, the
storm's receding.

It's heading out over the bay.

- Well done, everyone!

Now, let's finish
that bastard off

before he comes up with
any more surprises.

- No, no, no, wait, wait, wait!

We have to stop it first.

Jacob's there; we
have to stop it first.

(tense music)

- [Aldrich] Get him.

- Senator, it's his brother!

- I don't care!

- Look, all we
have to do is send

somebody in there to get him!

- Look, I'm sorry, but
it seems like he chose

his own destiny, and I'm not
giving Marcus another chance.

(alarms blaring)


- Turner, Logan.

(dramatic music)

(booming explosions)

- How did they?

Who, who?

- Dad.


(rumbling crashes)

- [Marcus] Stay with me, Jacob.

Stay with me, son.

- I'm not going anywhere.

(alarms blaring)

(booming explosions)

(dramatic music)

(rumbling crashes)

- The power fluctuations
have stopped.

We did it.

Marcus must be offline.

- It's over, pull the plug.

- It's not over
until we find a body.

Isn't that what you said to me?

- That's my brother.

- The energy readings
are dropping rapidly.

The storm's evaporating.

- Let 'em go.

- Turner, Logan, stand down.

- [David] Can you give me a
visual on the power plant?

- I can do that.

- [David] Weather
cell's deactivated.

- [Samantha] Satellites
are in Rush End.

(tense music)


- That's a hell of a mess.

- Maybe he made it out.


- Turner, station one, carry on.



(somber music)


- This is Sarah Sharpe with
your evening's top news story.

Tonight, an up-close
and personal interview

with the man at the center
of the recent controversy

over the near total
destruction of Washington DC.

Senator, first off, thank you
for joining us this evening.

- Thank you for having me.

- Can you tell us exactly what

happened to Dr. Marcus Grange?

- Marcus Grange was
located and neutralized

with the help of his two
sons, David and Jacob,

and his former research
assistant, Samantha Winter.

- And so what will
happen with them now?

Were they in any way
involved with their father,

and/or mentor?

- They were responsible for
helping us find Dr. Grange.

But Jacob has gone missing
since the power plant

was destroyed, and I'd like
to use this opportunity

to ask your viewers for their
help in finding Jacob Grange.

Come home, Jacob.

(somber music)

- I was just remembering,
remember the corduroys

he used to wear all the
time, the brown ones?


- Oh, I remember.

- They came up to
like here on him.

- You know, I asked him once
why they were all brown,

and he said it was so he
didn't have to wash them.

- Dad wasn't really known
for his sense of style.

- Eh, maybe that was his style.

- Is it weird that I miss him?

- Of course not.

Whatever he became, he
was your father once.

I just can't believe
they're both gone.

- [David] I can't believe

I'm never going to
see Jacob again.

(dramatic music)