Storm Trooper (1998) - full transcript

The ultimate cop...judge, jury, and executioner, all in one.

[theme music]



















There's been a
security breach.

Two got away.

Find them.

Kreigal says two
of them got away.

What the hell they
doin' down here anyway?


Have you found them, Kreigal?

We had the, sir.
But they got away.

Got away?

Yes, sir.

They offered maximum resistance.

Just find them.

Yes, sir.

We're trapped.

Not yet.

[gun shot]

This way.


[gun shots]

[gun shots]

Get up.


I'm not leaving without you.

Just go!

I'll be back for you.

I'll find you!

What a waste.

You two stay here.

Come on.

I think we got
it under control.


We got one of them.

And the other?

Get out of the way.



[gun shots]

Son of a bitch!



[dog barking]


Come here, boy.

Come on.

Come here.

Hey, hey, hi, hon.

How you doin'?

Arrrgh, got you.

Rocky, stay.


Aren't you gonna
give me a kiss?

Now that wasn't
hard now, was it?




What's with all the wet stuff?

I'm just so lonely.

Oh, Grace.

Don't start that shit again.

[dog barking]

Shh, Rocky.


[dog barking]

What did I tell you
about that goddamned dog?

He's just protective of me.

Well, good.

I'm glad he's protective of you.

If you can't control him, I'm
gonna have to put him down.

Don't hurt him.

He's the only thing
I've got left.

Oh, for Christ's sake, Grace.

Look at yourself.

Where's your damn self-respect?

I want to go back to LA.

Now, Grace, why the hell
would you want to do that?

Don't you remember
what it was like?

Yeah, I remember.

I remember everything.

Do you?

Yeah, I do.

Gracey, get your
ass in the house.

I'm hungry.


base, may I have your code?

Give me the general.

Uh, hold on, please.

General Gardner.

I have General

Beckett on the line for you.

I'll connect you now.

What's the progress?

We captured one of
them, but the other one

escaped the compound.


Yes, sir.


any idea what this means?

You know, if-- if word leaks out
about this operation of yours,

why it's gonna make
those Watergate

conspirators look like a
bunch of choirboys next to us.

We're going to be crucified.

GENERAL BECKETT: I understand.

We've got our best
people working on this.

We're 100 miles from nowhere.

He can't get far.
- Yeah.

Well, he already got out
of the compound, didn't he?

I'd say that's far enough.

You're a real disappointment
to me, Beckett.

I'm sorry, sir.

Yeah, well bein' sorry doesn't
get the job done, does it?

So do it, or you face
the consequences.


I don't stutter, General.

You know what this
means, don't you?

Yes, sir.


What are you doin', Grace?

I don't know.

You don't know.

You're just sitting here looking
at yourself in the mirror?

Well, you mind scootin'
over a little bit?

I need to get myself
showered and shaved for work.

Taking over Silverman's
midnight shift tonight.

I think we could
use the extra cash.

You know, I am starving.

What'd you cook for dinner?



I just didn't get to it yet.

Grace, what the
fuck you mean you just

haven't got around to it yet?


Well, I mean, uh--

Well, you what?

Grace, I am out there
busting my fucking ass

every goddamn night and day.

And to provide for who?

For you.

Now, at least you think I
could get a goddamn hot meal

in my own fucking house.
- Yeah, yeah.

Is that too much
to fuckin' ask?

- No, no, no, no.
- Good.

Now, you better get over
this goddamned depression

you're going through,
Grace, pretty damn quick.

Because I'm tired of it.

Now, get out in the kitchen and
make me some goddamn dinner.

And I don't care what it is, OK?

I don't care if it's
that goddamned fucking

dog of yours or what.

I don't care.

I'm just hungry.

You understand?

Do you understand?

Say yes.



You know, Grace,
sometimes I think

I shoulda let you
back in Los Angeles

with the fucking animals.

But you know what?

You wouldn't survive a second
without me helping you,

now would you?



Go cook, go.

Son of a bitch.




Yes, it's me.

And I'm back again.

Yes, I'm back to
where it all began.

Yeah, I'm back to
where I belong.

[softer music]

Do you really need that noise?


Are you outta your fuckin' mind?

That's ridin' music.

Plus, it keeps the blood pumped.

[louder music playing]

--in my orthopedic shoes--

[music stops]

How you fixed for ammo anyway?

All I need is one.

Yeah, well, don't
get too fucking cute.

Kreigal says this is a bad
motherfucker we chasing here.

Up there.
Up there.

- I see him.
- On the left.

- I see him.
- On the left.

I see him.
I'm on him.

Like white on rice?

You can save the
joke, funny man.

In a minutes, this brother's
gonna be road kill.

Kreigal, this is Gleason.

We got a read on your man.

Just give me the green light,
and we'll take him out.

Just take him down
any way you can.


Damn, that smells good.

What are you makin'?

Steak and eggs.


Well, sure, why not?

Everything else around
here is ass backwards.

Might as well have my breakfast
for dinner too, right?

Don't forget I
like my steak rare.


[gun shots]

What the fuck?

I got a sling shot in the
trunk, you want to use that?

I'll nail him.
I'll nail him.

Just drive straight.

Whatever you say, Miss.



Oh, god damn.

What are you, some
kind of rent-a-cop?

Next time peel his fucking cap.

Why didn't you check the tire?

Kreigla, it's Gleason.

Our car's down.

Good news is suspect is
going in the sector six.

McCleary can head him
off at Orchard road.

This is the last time I send
two women to do a man's job.

Enough of your jerking around.

Find him and eliminate him now.

Yes, sir.



Yeah, what do you want?

KREIGAL: We think he's
heading in your direction.

It's up to you now.
MCCLEARY: 10-4 base.

I'll nail the little
freak for you.

But I want a damn big
bonus when I do it.

The terms will
be as we discussed.

You bet they will.



What the hell's
got you so jumpy?

Just a storm coming.

Yeah, right.


Come to papa.

[truck horn]

I'm gonna recycle your ass.

Not in this lifetime.

You crazy son of a bitch.

I got something for ya.

Say goodbye, little hero.



Where's the body?

I don't know where
the fuck the body's at.

But where ever he's at, I know
he's got a fucking headache.

Aw, shit.

That's all we need, rain.

Yeah, well, it's
really time to bring

his ass in a bag and a toe tag.

Let's go.


RANDAL: This is good, honey.

Why aren't you eatin'?

I'm not hungry.

You know what?

I bet if you took
better care of yourself,

you wouldn't be so damn
depressed all the time.

Go get me some ketchup.




All right, Grace.

I'm going now.

It's not even 10 o'clock yet.

Yeah, I know.

I got things to take
care of before my shift.

I bet you do.

What's that supposed to mean?

Do you think I don't
know where you go when

you work these double shifts?

Now, you don't know what
the hell you're talking about.

Oh, yes I do.

Do you think I don't
know what you do?

Well, I've had it.

I want a separation.

What are you
fucking crazy, huh?

I'm working all these
fucking shifts just

to take care of goddamned
ass, to cover all

these damn-- just
to take care of you

and so you can be fuckin' safe!

Well, I might be crazy.

But I am not stupid.

You always insist on
talkin' when you get some

goddamn in your goddamn head.

Oh, big man with a gun.

Big cop.

Oh, I bet she just gets off
on your big gun, doesn't she?


I am going to goddamn
work is where I'm going.

Go to work.

To tell you the truth, Randal.

I don't give a
shit who you screw.

I just wish you'd
stop screwing me.

'Cause you make me nauseous.

I make you nauseous, do I?

Goddamn you.




You can't hurt me now.

'Cause I'm already dead.

My son was my life, and
you took him from me.

Shut up about that.

You shut your fucking
mouth up Kenny.


I'm done shutting up.

I wasn't driving
the car, you were.

Had you hadn't taken Kenny with
you, he'd still be alive today.

Yeah, well, you
didn't seem too

goddamn upset when I took him
off your goddamn now, did you?

You actually seemed
kind of goddamned happy!


You didn't spend
any time with him!

Damn you!

Stop fucking blaming me!

It's not my goddamned fault!

You wanna blame
somebody, you blame God!


Damn weather.



I know you blame me
for Kenny's death.

I blame myself every morning.

That's why I brought
you out here, Grace,

so nobody could hurt you.

And nobody will just as long as
you listen to what I tell you.

God help you if you don't.


Who the hell's that?

[gun shot]

Lightning, asshole.



Oh my god.

Oh my god.


Randal, please get up.

I'm so sorry.




Holy shit.

OK, baby You gotta--

That was a good one.

Oh, shit.

Uh, OK.

All right, ready?

1, 2, 3.



OK, here we go.

I guess not.

Oh my God.

Come on, Randal.

Give me a little hand here.


What a mess.


[dog barking]

[dog growling]

[dog barking]

911 OPERATOR: 911,
state your emergency.

[gun shot]

[dog growling]

[dog barking]

I'm good.

[dog barking]


Oh, Rocky.

What have you done?

[dog barking]

Come on.



Oh, Rocky!

[dog barking]



Oh, god.

Rocky, stop it!
Stop it!

Come on!
Come here.

Oh, god.


Rocky, easy.

Now, easy.

Now, damn it.

Easy, I said.

Come on.

Now, stay in here and behave.

[dog barking]

I have a gun.

Twitch, and I will shoot.


[inaudible] He's still alive.

Can you hear me?

You just come just to the
wrong place at the wrong time.

What am I thinking?

I must be losing--

OK, calm down.

Think, I gotta think.

OK, so think.

Now, stay there.

want the whole mess

cleared up before sunrise.

I think it's time you
put a call in to Denton.

You can't be serious.

Face it, Kreigal.

You failed.

You're failing loudly now.

And it's getting
louder each minute.

Denton and his boys
can stop the bleeding.

Denton's a lunatic.

He'll destroy the countryside.

As long as he
gets the job done.

Why can't we use a
platoon of your men?

That way we'll be covered
in case this thing

goes south on us.

Are you completely
out of your mind?

I'm not even here, son.

This is you we're
trying to save.

It's Denton or your ass.

Denton it is.

Good thinking.


DENTON: You don't look
too good, my friend.

Not good at all.

But this is just simple problem,
requires a simple answer.

Tell me where the chip
is, and I will let you go.

I don't have the chip.


DENTON: All right, break.

Captain Kozinski, now my
team went to a lot of trouble

to get you out.

Now, I know that
you have that chip

hidden somewhere on your body.

Now, I don't want to have
to take you apart to get it.

But I am a soldier.

And I will if I have to.


no soldier, Denton.

You're a filthy mercenary.

You have no loyalties.

I will not betray my people.


Captain Kozinski,
for the last time,

I don't particularly
like this kind of thing.

But now Lieutenant
Michaels here,

well, he's an artist
at loosening tongues.

And he prefers to work
slowly and deliberately.

Now, unless you tell
me what I want to know,

I'm going to turn
you over to him.

What's it going to be?

Go to hell.

Pull his head back.


MICHAELS: Sir, I think
I found something.


Well, I'll be damned.

I haven't seen anything like
this since the Cold War ended.

Now, see I told you it would
have been easier my way.

Wouldn't it have just
been easier to tell me

what I wanted to know?

[phone ringing]

Restrain him.

I need quiet.



Denton, this is Kreigal.

I got a runner.
Can you pick him up?

If the price is right.

it done immediately.

Sounds expensive.

Why don't you fax
me the details?

I'll decode it in the car.

soon can you be here?


Well, I'm in the middle
of something right now.

I can scramble the team
and see you in an hour.


Kreigal, I detect a
little panic in your voice.

We broke him.

Mitchell, I did
not want him killed.

I'm sorry.

We'll discuss it later.

Right now, we've got
to call in the dogs.

[dog barking]

Rocky, quiet!

It'll just have to do.

Jeez, Randal, you're a mess.

I'm not doing too good either.

Now, don't look.

You know, Randal, you
look kind of depressed.

I only did it for you.

The problem is what am
I going to do with you?

You know, this is nice.

We haven't showered
together for years.



Help me.

Look, I don't know what
kind of trouble you're in.

I don't want any.

Please, help me.

Just don't move.

What are you, drunk?

I'm hurt I think.

Well, let's just take a look.


Try to get up.

You try anything,
and I will kill you.



[dog whimpering]

I brought you some old clothes.

I think they should fit.

I'm going to, uh, clean you off
a little bit, see how bad off

you really are.

I'm not going to hurt
you unless, of course,

you try something.


Jeez, you must spend
your life in the gym.

I'm gonna touch your face, OK?

It looks worse than it is.

Underneath all
this mud and dirt,

you don't look too bad
at all, not at all.


I guess that's enough.

I'll be right back.

Don't you move.

You're not going to
believe this, Randal.

But I met a new man.

I hope you don't think
that it's too soon.

Because I warned you.

Believe me, I did.

Well, you've really caught
your dick in the wringer

this time, Kreigal.

I don't need any
lectures from you, Denton.

Just do your job.

Don't worry about it.

I'll put your boy in a box.

He's already killed a
dozen men by now, maybe more.


Well those were your men.

These are mine.

[dog whimpering]


What are you doing?

I told you not to move.

I'm sorry.

I was trying to remember.

Remember what?


Oh, give me a break.

What is your name?

I don't know.


Oh, you are good.

You know, your name?

What is your name?

Like, some people call me Grace.

What do they call you?

I don't know.

Your shirt had
a name tag on it.

Convenient, huh?

Stark, is that your name?

I suppose it is.

You know, you came in
here armed to the teeth.

What are you some kind of
survivalist or something?

I don't know.

I suppose if you
were, you probably

wouldn't tell me anyway.

Maybe you do have
some kind of amnesia,

or maybe this is just
a really great act

that I am not falling for.

I don't know.

Well, I know you don't know!

You keep saying you don't know.
I get it!

I get it already!
You not know!

Are you angry?

Are you kidding?

I don't even know you are.

And frankly, I
don't really care.

But you come into my
house in the middle

of the night-- in the
middle of the wrong night.

What do you mean?

Never mind.

You don't have any shoes.


Do you want some shoes?


Don't move.

Do you understand?

I mean it.



Kreigal still has men in the
field continuing their search.

So let's try not to
tag the wrong man.

This is a high priority mission.

Local authorities have
not been notified.

But if they become a problem,
you've got my full permission

to go code seven.

You have a problem, soldier?

Sir, permission to speak, sir.

By all means.

Permission to
speak freely, sir.


Sir, I did not
join this operation

to kill innocent civilians.

Well, Corporal Roth, your
objection is duly noted.



Now, let's have a little
understanding here.

This is my mission.

And when you work for
me, you do things my way,

or I'll carry your ass
out of here in a body bag.

What's it good to be, Corporal?

I think we can work
together on this, sir.

Well, there you have
it, boys and girls.

Anybody else got a problem?


Let's move out.



Perfect fit.

Just about my husband's size.

Where is your husband?

He's around.

Who is this?

Give me that.

I made you angry again.

That was my son.

He's dead.

Got it?

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean anything by it.

Yeah, well, that's exactly
what the kid who shot Kenny


He didn't mean anything by it.

He meant to shoot somebody else,
and Kenny just got in the way.

My son was only eight years old.

Eight years old.

That boy will be
punished for his crime.

That boy will be out
of jail in five years.

That's justice for you.


What's a person supposed to
do when their reason for living

has been taken away from them?

You survive.

How do you do that?

Can you tell me?

Listen, I'm really sorry
that you caught me this way.

But I can't help you any
more than you can help me.

I don't think you understand.

No, I don't think
that you understand.

Just go.

Pretend that we never met.

Your life is in danger,
and I want to protect you.

Well, that's really all
fine and good, you know?

But I don't think that
there's anything that you

can do that can help me.

What is that?

What is?

[gun shots]

[dog barking]


Keep your head down!

[gun shots]

What was that?

Grace, Grace, listen to me.


They're here.


I want you to get you gun,
and crawl over behind the chair.

My gun.

I [inaudible] by the window.
- OK, OK.

I'll get it.
- OK.

On go.

When I say go, we go.
- OK, OK.

- Ready?
- Uh, yeah.





[gun shot]


[bones breaking]

[dog growling]

[gun shot]

[gun shot]



You all right?


It's-- it's OK.

I think it's over for now.

What's over?

What happened?

I'm not sure.

But I think there's
going to be more of them.

Oh, Rocky!


Looks like one of your
men stopped the target here,

but couldn't finish the job.

Last report had them tracking
him north by northwest,

then the radio went dead.

Let's fan out.

Begin a hard target
search of the area.

If you make contact with
the target, do not engage.

I repeat, do not engage.

I do not want this man
to escape our perimeter.

You notify me and the
rest of the squad.

Move out.

You got any more men
left alive out there,

you better call 'em in.


They're just gonna
be in our way.

My men are highly
skilled professionals.

But if they were, you
wouldn't have called me.

I'm not going to stand
here and argue with you.


Either call them in or
suffer the consequences.

What do you mean?

I've turned
these wolves loose.

They're going to shoot
anything that moves out there

and ask questions later.


Yes, sir.

I need to talk to
you for a minute.

Look, I've been given full
clearance to kill this target.

But there's a substantial
cash bonus in it for all of us

if we can bring him back alive.

Now, I turn you
loose on this guy,

and he doesn't stand a chance.

That's going to cost me money.

Now, I need to know,
can you follow orders?

Of course, I can, sir.

You know I--

Don't bullshit me, Michaels.

Between Roth goin' soft on
me and you killin' everything

in sight, I'm
starting to think I

got in the wrong line of work.

Now, I do not want to
mess up this mission.

So I need to know.

Can you obey orders?

Sir, I am a soldier.

I can follow orders.

Yeah, Just Like you
did with Kozinski?

Sir, I apologize
for the incident, OK?

I had no idea the
guy was so fragile.

He just kind of came apart.

I overestimated his
tolerance for pain.

No, what you did
was underestimate

your own strength.

Now, I do not want to
mess up this mission.

So I need to know,

can you obey orders?



You damn well better.

Get the hell outta here.



You're gonna have
to leave this place.

And where will we go?

We are gonna separate.

They're after me.

They will kill you.


Who are these people?

Why would they kill me?

Because you've seen me.

Because I've seen you?

What the fuck does that mean?

I don't know.

You've got a very
selective memory.

Grace, it's not my memory.

I see things in flashes.

I know I was their prisoner,
but I don't know why.

But if you don't
even know who they are

or why they are after
you, how do you even

know there's going to be more?

Do you want to stay here and
take the chance that I'm wrong?


I don't.


Let's go.

Yeah, that's a copy.


Yes, Mitchell.

You know, if Roth
poses a problem,

I'd be more than happy
to take care of him.

I don't think that will
be necessary, Mitchell.

Besides, I'd rather you
concentrate on the target.

Have I ever let you down?

No, you haven't.

In fact, Mitchell, you've
got the three qualities

I admire most in a soldier,
loyalty, expertise,

and thirst for blood.

Well, now, you can't be a
great fighter unless you've got

something worth fightin' for.


Don't move.

What, what?

They rigged the
car with a grenade.

GRACE: Oh, sweet Jesus.

[gun shots]


[gun shots]

[glass breaking]

[gun shots]

[glass breaking]

[gun shots]


[gun shots]

[gun shots]





[no dial tone]



You missed one man.









[gun shot]

[gun shot]


Is that you?

Identify yourself, or
I'm going to shoot!

Goddamn it, why
didn't you answer me?

Well, I been kind busy.

You're shot?


Gimme this.

What happened out there?

How many are there?

There were eight of them.

Were eight?

You got 'em all?


What is it exactly that
you said that you did?

Electricity's out, and
the phone is not working.

Standard operating procedure.

Restricts enemy's access
to all communications

and transportation.

This looks really bad.

How can you stand it?

Stand it?

Doesn't it hurt?


Whoever trained you
trained you really well.


What is that?


I-- I--

That's it.

I've had enough.

Who or what are you?

It just happened to me
in the hospital, Grace?

A hospital.

Yes, a hospital.

They did this to me.

Man, this is
too fuckin' weird.









Let go of me!

They will kill you.

I don't care.

I do.

I do.

I do.



[phone ringing]

General Gardner here.

and his crew on the case.

The initial problem should
be solved within the hour.

But I think this
entire incident has

exposed how precarious our
position is with this project.

I think we need to make
an immediate correction

in our policy.

What do you suggest?

I feel we should
terminate this operation

before it gets out of control.

We've got $6 billion
wrapped into your operation

there, General.

And now you want us
to just let everything

go right down the
drain, because you lost

your handle on the situation?

Is that it?

If we cut our losses now, we
can walk away with our careers


All right, and what is your
suggested course of action?

Oh, an industrial
accident of some sort,

an explosion, something big.

Wipe out the plant and
everyone and everything in it.

Well, I will, uh, give
that some thought, General.

Meanwhile, do nothing.

Retrieve the soldier.

And you wait for further
instructions, understand?

Yes, sir.

He's gone quite insane.

You'll have to intercede.

How long will it take
you to get to the plant?

I can take an F14, be
there before sunrise.

All right.

General Beckett,
he's a patriot, one

of this country's great heroes.

I want you to show him
the proper respect.

I'll handle the matter
with velvet gloves.

All right.

Oh, Caulder.

You know what I find most
repellent about the agency

you work for?

What's that, sir?

How easy it is for you
boys to do the hard thing.

Someone's got to do it.

Don't they, sir?


Someone's got to do it.

ROTH: Omega to home base.

Omega to home base.

That's a copy, Omega.

What's your 20?

I'm standing at
the target point.

Brasha, Stinson, and Berg
have been neutralized

along with bravo group.

We've located the target.

Should we move in?


You engage combat only if
target attempts escape.

Everybody maintain positions.

I'm coming in.



Did you hear that?

We heard.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Let's hit it.

You secured the target.

We'll mop up the mess
when you're done.

Kreigal, you got the
heart of a [inaudible]

And I plan on keeping it.


It's a prosthetic device.

You were bleeding.

It's a lubricant of some sort.

I can still move my arm.

But I can't feel anything.

So what do we do now?

I'm going to leave.

I'm the target.

I'm the one they want to kill.

Your best chances of survival
are to hide in the woods.

Oh, great.

So I squat in the woods
all night like Pocahontas,

then what?

As soon as I can, I will
alert the right authorities.

And what are you
going to tell them?

You don't even know
who's chasing you.

These people,
they're not the police.

They make their own
rules, own laws.

That's why I had to
escape from them.

And you just remembered that?


They had me in a hospital,
and they did things to me.

And when I escaped,
people got hurt.

No shit.

Well, people are
still getting hurt.

There was another
one with me, my friend.

A woman?


We have to leave.

It's a complete breakdown.

She as scrambled as
yesterday's eggs.

Looks bad.

- They found the other one yet?
- I'm not sure.


It's too late.

They're here.

Get away from the window.

Why aren't they attacking us?

Because they're
waiting for more men.

They want to make
certain this time.

Son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch.

I am so tired of being scared.

[gun shots]


I'm scared.

I'm scared.

[gun shots]

Ceasefire, ceasefire.


Yes, sir.

Use the XR5.

But, sir, that
might contaminate--

Just do it.

Yes, sir.

Don't move.

No problem.

[gun shot]

Put this on for protection.

What about you?

I'll take care of it.

I want you to go to the bedroom.

Stay there.



Roth, you got anything?

That's a negative, sir.

No activity.

Might have gotten lucky.

Don't count on it.

Mitchell, how about you?

Nothing, sir.

No movement whatsoever.

ROTH: I say we blow the house.

Forget that.

They want this guy intact.

Then we're moving in.

Soon, people, very soon.

Just sit tight and hold
your current positions.



You all right?


What now?

We let them come to us.

They think we're dead.

I'm beginning to
believe that, too.

Not yet.

How many do you
think there are?

Four, maybe five.

When do you think they're
going to stop coming?

When they've succeeded.

So we are dead.

You want to give up


Let's take as many
of them as we can.

All right.

Sun will be coming up soon.

This place is going to
be buzzing with locals.

It's time to hit this house
now, people, hard and fast.

Vargas, you ready for
an adrenaline fix?

Been dying for it, sir.

All right, people.

Lock and load on a three count.




[glass breaking]

[punching and groaning]

[bones breaking]

[punching and groaning]

[gun shots]



[glass breaking]

[gun shots]

Ow, fuck.

Fucking bitch, you shot me!

What are you
gonna do about it?

You'll never make it.

Try me.

[gun shot]


I married a cop.

Did you get them all?

I got one, too.

[gun shots]


[gun shots]


Drop the gun.

Target is neutralized.

Location is secure.

You can come in now, Kreigal.

Be there in five.


Ow, Jesus.


Who else did he
make contact with?


Was anybody else here?

Did anybody leave this
place after he arrived?


Who are you?

Let me ask the questions.

Where's the kid?

- What?
- The kid in this picture.

Where is he?

He's dead.

I'm sorry about that.



Easy, easy.

Now, fucker, I got a million
goddamned questions to ask

you before I blow you to hell.

Who are you?


My name is Denton.

I don't care about your name.

What are you, and
why are you here?

I was hired to
plug a security leak,

to kill that freak
in your bathroom.


What did he do?

He's just an
experiment that got away.

What kind of experiment?

He's the corporation's
answer to a dwindling police

recruitment, a cyborg, robot.

Do I look like
an idiot to you?

You mean you couldn't tell?

You didn't notice the way
he moved, the way he spoke?

What about it.

He was designed to
be the ultimate cop,

judge, jury, and executioner all
rolled into one tight package.

Except the corporation
went too far.

They planned on using him
for covert operations.

He's an assassin, not a cop.


But you see, his--

his data banks, they
recognized the contradiction,

and they rebelled.

It was a little programming
snag they didn't count on.

Your boyfriend in there
is too good of a cop.

He's not a cop.
I know cops.

He didn't know
shit about the law.

Yeah, well, his systems were
scrambled during the escape.

But he's a fully
self-repairing unit.

I mean, he-- he woulda been
back online in-- in maybe

two or three days.

What kind of crazy
garbage is this?

What are you telling me?

I've had it.


This is not my day.



You owe me, Denton.

It's about time you showed up.

I was starting to
run out of story.

If she'd been any kind of
a pro, I'd be dead by now.

Well, that's your
fault. Where's our man?

In the bathroom.

I told you not to
leave him unattended.

Well, he's as
dead as a doorknob.

You cannot kill
what's never been alive.

He's a machine.

He needs to be switched off.

You watch her.

You two come with me.

At least Denton got two of them.


We got him.

He's down and out.

How should I proceed?

Cancel his contract.

Cleanse the landscape.

No witnesses, no prisoners.

Just get it done.

It's a done deal.

I've been hearing
that all night.

Kreigal, she's comin' to.

What do you want
me to do with her?

Kill her.

Kill them both.

[gun shots]

I can hear a fly shit in
the woods from a mile away.

Now, what am I going
to do with you?

Drop dead.

Not just yet.


You are under arrest for
assaulting a police officer.

Do not resist.

Do not resist.

[bones breaking]



Kreigal, come on out.

I've got the girl.

And we both know enough
to put you away for life

if we walk out of here.


You stay down there, honey.

This'll all be over soon.

Kreigal, don't make
me come in after you.

[gun shots]

[punching and groaning]

[punching and groaning]

Thank god you're alive.

Are you OK?



are charged with the murder

of your husband Randal Tolson.


You are under arrest.


the right to remain silent.

You have the right
to an attorney.

Let go of my hand.

cannot afford an attorney,

one will be provided for you.

Ow, you're hurting me.

I don't want any
goddamn attorney.

Let go of my arm!

You have waived

your right to an attorney.


finds you guilty as charged.

The sentence for
this crime, death.



to commence immediately.





[mechanical sounds]




[groaning and heavy breathing]





Get off me!


[mini explosion]

They will come for you, Grace.

You must fight them.

Fight them.



Put the phone down, General.

Who the hell are you?

My name is Ry Caulder.

I've been sent here to
terminate your command.

Terminate my command?

That's preposterous.

The paperwork is
on your desk, sir.

You can't be serious.

I'm afraid I am.

This is damage control.

Please do not delay.

I have much to do.

I'm calling General Gardner.

I want to know that
he authorized this.

General Gardner will not
be accepting any phone calls.

He finds the entire
situation unacceptable.

[phone ringing]

You bastards
can't do this to me.

This was my project,
my brainchild.

That is precisely
why you must resign.

Don't add disgrace to your
list of failures, General.

What about my children?

What will they think?

What will history make of me?

That you died a hero.

[gun shot]

[phone ringing]


CAULDER: General Beckett
was cleaning his gun,

and it went off.



Help me.

[gun shot]


[engine revving]



STARK: They will
come for you, Grace.

Fight them.

You must fight them.

Fight them.

Fight them.

[theme music]