Storm: Letters van Vuur (2017) - full transcript

Storm Voeten, son of printer Klaas Voeten, becomes the target of a hunt by the Inquisition. Aided by Marieke, a mysterious girl living in the underground sewers of Antwerp, Storm is caught in a race against time to save his father from death. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Be careful my dear friend.

- You too my brother.

Out of the way.

Martin Luther.

- The village was on top of the mountain.

- Good day.
- Good day, sir.

Could you print this for me?

Yeah, by all means.

I'll have it ready this afternoon.

- Thank you.

- Not good.

- I had to set up a whole page.

- Those letters are unusable.

- I'll polish them right away.

- No, I'll do it myself.

Clean up and go home.

- Yeah.

- Alwin.
- Klaas.

- Look at this.

- That's forbidden.

- Someone has to do it.

I told you to clean up.

- Storm, my old friend.

I couldn't wait any longer.

Klaas, I'm burning with curiosity.

- Here this is it.


- Klaas Voeten,

you really are one of
the best printers around.

Thank you my friend.

Did you help your father?

Then I should thank you too.

- No, thank Herman.

He's the compositor.

Alwin, composing, printing, folding

50 copies of your book
that's two weeks of work.

- I'm sorry, Klaas.

You know I'm not working.

- Yeah, but I can't live on air.

I've got a family you know.

- Klaas, letters thread words

creating sentences and language.

A chain of printed characters
a wonder to us all.

The web of words that
can now be read by all

shall be the light that
breaks through the darkness.

This volume of poetry will make me

the most famous poet in Antwerp,

and then I'll pay you
back amply with interest.


There's a fire.

No, no please

- Go on throw it on the fire now.

Through everything on there.

- Let go of me.

My books, my books.

- Father, no.

Father, don't do it.

- Father, the sheriff
at the Friday market.

They hurt Mr. Gillis the printer.

- They've appointed Van der Hulst.

- What's an Inquisitor?

An Inquisitor is
someone that investigates.

I think I've seen
him at Mr. Gillis's house.

What does he investigate?

- He investigates whether the
people are good Catholics.

- Mr. Gillis isn't?

Sure he is.

- Did they burn his books
because they're forbidden?

- How should I know, Storm.

- Do you print forbidden books?

- Of course I don't.

Look at me what are you doing?

- Mom, they've burned
all Mr. Gillis's books.

It was ordered by the new Inquisitor.

His hands were all burnt.

- That's terrible sweetheart.

- Storm, go and set the table.

I don't know what things are coming to.

All those valuable books.

- It must be for a reason.

Burning books is criminal.

- Not if their content offends God.

- Well, I'm sure that
God doesn't think that.

- You have absolutely
no idea what God thinks.

Our Father, who is in Heaven
hallowed be your name.

Your kingdom come.

Your will be done on
Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us our sins as we

forgive those who sin against us.

Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.


- Give generously

to Our Lady for the construction

of the second tower of the cathedral.

- Hey, Duco.
- Storm.

- How are you?
- Good and you.

- How are you we haven't
seen you for a while?

- He's helping his father
at the print shop every day.

- Over here.

Redeem your sins here.

Shorten your time in purgatory.

Signed by His Holiness the Pope of Rome.

Indulgences for sale.

We're going home.

- Klaas I want an indulgence.

- They're way too expensive.

- For Beatrice so that she
can go to Heaven, you know.

Claar is buying one.
- But we're not.

- Hey, Storm come on.

- Ladies and gentlemen,

and pears that are so sweet.

- Wait here.

- Ma'am, would you like some apples?

Hey, you brat stop thief.

Stop him.

Stop thief.

Don't runaway.
- Stop.

Come back.

- Hey, stop.
- Hey.

- What's going on?

- He took an apple.

- He stole an apple.

- Klaas,

an outrage what they're
asking for those indulgences.

Martin Luther wants to abolish it.

All they do is make the rich richer.

What about us the people?

- Yeah.

- Let's get going.

- Women.

Come on.

- Storm.
- Hurry up.




Why won't you do this?

I just don't understand you.

I don't want
my sister to suffer.

Well, Beatrice is a fine woman.

She's already in Heaven without us

buying indulgences or anything like that.

She'd do the same for us.

You honestly think
that she's going to get

out of purgatory if you
pay the church money?

You want her to stay there.

No, of course I don't.

But I don't have the money
why can't you understand that.

- Maybe you should stop printing things

for your friends for free.

I just can't understand it.

Alwin is a bad influence on you.

That's ridiculous.

No, it's not.

It's not that.

Those books are important and so is Alwin.

- Storm, come in.

Storm, my friend this book
will be my road to success.

I won't be poor much longer.

I'll make a fortune for my talent.

You, you'll be a successful printer.

Alright then,

tell me what's on your mind?

- My parents they're arguing a lot.

- About what?

- I don't know money,
the church, indulgences.

I think my father's against them.

- Your father's so right.

- Who's Martin Luther?

- The great thinker who
wants to change the church.


His ideas are in here.

I'll lend it to you.

It's forbidden so no one can see it.

- He can do it.

Well done.

- I'll be out for a moment.

You'll help Herman.

Ready or not here I come.

- Brothers and sisters,

unfortunately I have bad news.

Our brother Martin Luther
was apprehended and banned.

- I told you so.

- But this is not going to stop us

from following his teachings.

- Hey.

And resisting
the cruel Inquisition.

- What are you doing here?

- Nothing.

The bible clearly teaches us

that we aren't able to earn our salvation.

- Get out of here now.

- Klaas.
- We are justified

solely by faith in Jesus Christ.

- The boy is just curious, Klaas.

You should appreciate it.

- Don't talk about it to anyone

not even your mother.

- Gentlemen, here they
have the finest bread

in all of Antwerp.

The smell of warm bread is
like a young woman's breath.

Good bread nourishes
the body and the soul.

Do it.

Am I right?

- It's delicious.

- Delicious.

And it was good.

- Where did you get this?

Did you give it to him?

- I don't know what it is.

- I found it.

- It's blasphemous.

- Martin Luther wrote
it so we could read it.

- Don't utter that name in this house.

- Cecelia, don't worry
the boy's just curious.

- Is that Alwin stirring him up or you?

- Cecil, come on.

- There's only one faith, Storm.

Whoever thinks otherwise is mistaken

and will bring misfortune on himself

and on his loved ones.

- Cecelia.

- Emperor Charles the Fifth

will soon honor Antwerp with a visit.

The Inquisition will be intensified.

I will take severe measures

to root out heresy completely.

I want this city

to become a paragon of devotion.

- Very good, yeah.

It's in there well done.

That's the way to do it, yes.

- I'll go.
- Storm,



- May I speak with you in private?

- Yes, of course.

Get to work.

Herman, you can leave.

- Now, already.

Why, did I do something wrong?

- No, no, no your work is great.

That's why you deserve a day off.

- Thank you.

- What are you printing for that man?

- You go home now.

Your mother could use some help.

- Let me help you this
is much more important.

- Okay, you can help me.

Tell your mother I have to
finish a important printing order

that had just come in.

It has to be ready tomorrow.

Give her this money to buy
Aunt Beatrice an indulgence,

and keep her away from the print shop.


- Okay, so now we
thread it like this.

Here you go Madam.

- I'll take one.

- Father forgets to eat
when he stays to work late.

- Yeah, you're right.

Will you take him this?

- Yeah.

We thought you'd be hungry.

Martin Luther what's his letter about?

- It's sweet of you but just go home.

- It's forbidden.

- Go home, Storm.

In the name
of the law open up.

Open up.

Storm go home.

Open up.

Did you hear me Storm go home.

Open up.

- Kick it in.

- Storm get out of here.

Get out of here.

Go on get out go.

Where is it?


- Where is the type set?

- Those letters are already put away.

- You're lying as if
you'd only print one copy.

- Halt.

- Out of the way.

Go catch him.

- Over there.


Where did he go?

This way.

Mr. Van der Hulst.

- Yes.

- Maybe the assistant ran off with

the letter's printing form.

- That blasted letter
shall not be printed.


Hey, where were you?

- There was a raid.

The sheriff they've taken father.

Dear mother no.

Mrs. Voeten open the door.

No the sheriff's men.

- What are you doing?
- I have to go.

- Why is it you have this?

Open up, ma'am.

- Where are you going?

Open up in
the name of the law.

- This will protect you.

Be careful.

Open up in
the name of the law.

Mommy, come here.

- Halt.

Where is your son?

- He's out on a errand.

I hope he's not in trouble.

It's okay, it's okay.

- Open.

Alwin Dankers.

Open the door.

- Herman.

Are you there?


- Watch where you're going, brat!




- I just need a printing form.

It's inside the bag.

It's wrapped in cloth.

It's really important.

- Can you read letters?

- You live here alone?

For how long?

Thank you.

I'm Storm,

Storm Voeten.

My father was arrested by
the sheriff last night,

and now they're looking for me.

I can't go home.

- Did you steal that reading thing?

- No, I'm not a thief.

This belongs to my father.

He's a printer.

It's a very important letter.

Our assistant printer was even

murdered for it.

I really have to leave.

What do you want?

- Nobody can know that I live here.

- I won't say a word I promise.

Please I need to go
find help for my father.

- Where are you going?

- To find a friend.

He might be at Saint Andrew's Church.

- I know how to get there underground.

Come on.

- I'm sorry to bother you, sir.

The printer's assistant
was found and interrogated.

He put up a resistance,

and we had to eliminate him.

- And the printing form?

- There is a son, Storm
Voeten maybe he has--

- What are you waiting for?

Find him and wipe out
that nest of heretics.

- Where are we?

Why aren't we going to
Saint Andrew's Church?

- Later.

- I'm not going in.

This church ordered my dad's arrest

and Herman's murder.



- Mary, I need some advice.

I'm not sure if I can trust him.

This chain he gave it to me.

No, well I took it actually.

But he wants me to take
him to Saint Andrew's.

And he had this great big thing
all covered with letters.

I think he knows how to read.

- Are you stealing those from the church?

- Yes.

Next time I come Mary will
have put down new candles.

She always helps everyone.

- Yeah, why doesn't she help my father?

- Still wanna go to Saint Andrew's Church?

Aren't you afraid of purgatory

with all your stealing?

Or do you steal money for indulgences too?

- No.

Above us is the Friday Market.

- We're close to my mother's.

Where is your mother anyway?

- Dead.

- And your father?

- Alive.

- Why doesn't he take care of you?

- Because he can't.

Some fathers work at sea.

When he returns he'll have lots of money.

He'll buy a house where
we'll live together.

- Girls.

- Cecelia,

any news from Klaas?

- He's somewhere waiting his conviction.

I don't know where.

They won't tell me where he's being held.

- All the printers are talking about him.

Where's Storm?

- I have no idea.

- Gone.

Gone? What do you mean gone? Tell me.

- He went off with a printing form.

The sheriff is looking for it.

- He must have thrown it away.

Storm isn't crazy.
- No, but he's stubborn.

- Are you coming?

It's that way.

- Can't you take me there underground?

- No, you can't get any closer.

- But what if the sheriff's men are there?

- You have to change how you look.

- Yeah.

- Your coat.

- What about it?

- Your coat and I'll help you.

Here you go.

- Well, I'd better go.

So you're coming.

- Of course.

Act normal don't hide your face.

- Brother Luther has often told me

the bible contains the words of God.

It's enough to read those words

and to only serve him.

It was never his intention for us

to venerate the bones of saints.

- What an austere place.

- Or to worship the Pope of Rome.

Mary was but a ordinary woman

who gave birth to Jesus Christ.

- Who are you looking for?

- Alwin a friend.

- Her statue too will have
to disappear from the church.

- Arrest him.

- You are disturbing my service.

- These meetings are forbidden as of now

on pain of banishment or worse

orders of the emperor's Inquisitor.

Out of here.
- Go, go, go, go, go.

- Storm.

Storm, what is this?

- Hey.


Stop that boy.

Get him.

Get him get out of the way.

Stop him.

Hey, you stop.

Stop that boy.

Get him.

Don't let him pass.

Hey, get out of the way.

- Storm.

- Get out the way.

- This way.

Grab my hand.

Come on.

They really are after you.

- The printing form of Luther's letter.

- I've already told you it's gone.

- Blown away by the wind?

Storm maybe?

No, sir I beg you.

Sir, I beg you.

- You can rest assured
we'll hunt down your son.

- I've seen Storm.

- Come in.

- Why did the priest want all the images

removed from churches?

Of Mary?

- It's what Luther says.

- Stupid.

You better stay here for a while.

Nobody'll find you.

- Did you steal this?

- No.

It was my mother's--a sort of diary for me.

Can you read some to me?

- Sunday November 18, 1514

Dear Marieke,

- Continue.

- Winter has come early.

I used a blanket to make you a coat

and you proudly strut about in it,

my sweet and brave little daughter.

July 10, 1507

the most beautiful day of the year.

A Portuguese ship moored
along side the key today.

Your father was the captain.

- A year later I was born.

My father is the most
handsome man in Portugal

and the best sailor in the world.

- Has he been sailing for long?

- Yep, a very long time.

Years and years.

- Why so long?

- He's out discovering a new
world just like Columbus.

What's wrong?
- Nothing.

- Aren't you going to continue?

- Not now.

- Please.

- What it says

is not good.

Are you sure?

- Yep.

- Winter 1516 you're eight years old

but still so small and vulnerable.

I'm sorry I have to tell
you that your father

the love of my life has perished.

A storm swept him overboard.

I can't bring myself to tell
you this horrible truth.

Forgive me for telling
you he's still alive.

- You're lying it doesn't say that.

It can't.
- It does.

Your mother wrote it.

Where are you going?


Marieke, wait there.


Go away leave me alone.

- What was his name?

- Alfonso.

He left on a ship like that.

My mom and I waved him goodbye.

- That's how you write his name.

This is a A.

- Will you teach me how to read?

Klaas has two AAs.

- Mr. Van der Hulst,

Brother Proost was
questioned and he confessed.

- Set up a pyre at the
great market square.

In two days time an execution
will be held there.

- My dear sir,

Brother Proost is a
respected figure in the city.

It could cause disorder and riots.

- Then let's take another heretic.

- B.


What is this?

- Live.

- Yeah, well done.

And this is the?



- The E.
- Well done.

So what's the whole word then?

- Beloved.

- Yes, that's right.

Voeten, Storm Voeten.

You got it right.

10 toes.

Hey, what are you doing?

- Float into the sea.

- To your father.

- Here your name is on it.

I read it myself, Voeten.

Well, what is it?

- My father tomorrow in
the great market square.

- And what?

- He's sentenced to death.

- You have to go to your father.

- Impossible.
- Nothing is impossible.

Come on let's go.

This way.

Where are we going?

- I think I know where your father is.

Wait here.

- Why?

What's that?

- It'll take us to your father.

- Right there see it?

Now give me my ham.


- Father, Klaas Voeten.

Father, are you in there?


Klaas Voeten.

- Storm.


- Father.
- Storm, I'm here.

- Father.


- Storm.

Who's she?

- Marieke, she's giving me shelter.

- Shelter why?

- They're after me too.

They've killed Herman.

- I'll soon be out of here.

- Father, you have to escape.

Marieke will help us.

Father, how are we gonna do this?

- It's impossible, Storm.

- Nothing is impossible.

I have the printing form
with Luther's letter.

- The form get rid of it.

It's very dangerous.

- I can use it to save you.
- It's very dangerous.

- The Inquisitor wants to have it.

- You can't do it, Storm.

You'll never succeed.

- Yes, I will.

- Storm,

it's all good.

Go away.
- Father, no.

- Get out of here and throw the form away.

- I can do it.

- Storm.

- Thank God you're not hurt.

Who's she?

- Marieke she's helped me.

- I've been looking for you everywhere.

Storm, tell me why is your
father sentenced to death?

What has he done that's so bad?

- He printed a letter by Martin Luther.

I have the printing form.

- You have the form.

Do you know what this means?

The Inquisitor wants it.

If Luther's letter is printed

and his followers read that letter--

- They'll rise up against the Inquisitor.

- Which the Inquisitor wants
to prevent at all cost.

Storm, let me help you.

Where's the form?

- It's safely hidden in...

I'll go get the form and bring it to you.

- Good where?

- The church of Our Lady.

This is our only chance.

I'll be there in a hour.

- Be careful.


- Don't do it.

- What?

- Don't go.

- I'm going or my father will die.

What's your problem?

- I don't trust that man.

- Alwin why do you say that?

- Why did he know the Inquisitor?

That's suspicious.

- Everybody in Antwerp
knows the Inquisitor.

But you wouldn't know that.

You can't even read.

- You are so--
- Alwin is my friend,

and he's trying to help me.

- And I'm trying to help you.

- That's a lie.

You're just afraid of Luther

that he will force the churches

to remove all the statues

including your precious Mary.

That's more important to
you than my father's life.

- That is not true.

- It is.

It's all you think about.

Let me by.

- Storm.

Did you bring it?

Martin Luther.

Well done, boy.

Well done.

- How shall we go about it?

Come on, come on.

Alwin, come on.

- Inquisitor.

- Alwin.

- Excellent work, Dankers.

- Please spare my father's life.

The printing form is now yours.

I beg you.

I promise he'll never
print forbidden text again.

Let him go.

Please, sir.

- Mr. Van der Hulst, you
said you'd let him go.

- A heretic.
- Alwin.

- As the city's new poet
you will be a rich man.

We'll worry about a boy.

- Watch out.

Come on.

- Get those children.

Go get him.

Follow them.

- They're coming.

- Come on.

I used to live here.

- You were right about Alwin.

Your Virgin Mary it's broken

and it's all my fault.

- Mary has helped us.

- The printing form with the letters gone,

and I've lost my chance to save my father.

You have the form?

If Luther's letter is printed

and his followers read that letter--

- They'll rise up again the Inquisitor.

- Which the Inquisitor wants
to prevent at all cost.

- The letter.

But we have it.

- Hey.

The letter needs to be printed.

We have to find a shop where we can do it.

- Why don't we do it ourselves?

You are a printer's son.

- Yes, but the print shop
is turned up side down,

and there were guards outside.

And I'm not very good at it.

- I'll help you.

- Give me your knife.

- This here?
- Yep.

What does it say?

- To all dearly beloved people of Antwerp

who believe in Christ,

I write this letter to give you strength

to resist the darkness.

I know the church hierarchy loathes me.

They accuse me of wanting
to abolish a lot of rituals--

the rosaries, the recitations,

and the saints and their images

and I do want that.

Only pure faith is true.

Don't trust
anybody but Jesus Christ.

No man or thing can replace him.

The Pope of Rome is a mortal

who heads a decadent church

that tells people they must
pay for sins with money

rather than simply
trusting Christ as Savior.

The presence of Jesus
Christ warm our hearts.

The time will come again when
birds fly high in the sky

- The tyrannical church that
uses terror to induce fear

I'm asking you to no
longer yield to the rulers

and their Inquisitors.

Don't be intimidated by the church.

We should be free in our belief.

Take each other by the
hand and renounce evil.

Do it today and not a day later.

Martin Luther.

Pass it on.

Tell everyone about it.

- Cecelia.

Make sure you're ready.

Out of the way.

Make way.
- Make room.

Get out of the way.

Out of the way.

Make way.

Make way.

What's he done wrong?

- That's my father.

He's done nothing wrong.

He only printed a letter by Luther,

and he's about to be killed for it

by that man.

Why do you allow him to be so cruel.

- Seize him.

- There's hundreds of you.

Do something.

- Come on down.
- Come on do something.

He's right.

Ready men.

Rise up against them.

Yeah, yeah, come on.

- Take that.
- Watch out.

- Come on, come on.

Storm, quick.

- Take cover.

Get out of here.

- Mom, mom.

- Daddy, daddy, daddy.
It's okay we made it.

- We gotta go quick.

Come on hurry.

Hurry up we gotta go.

- Here, Storm here take this it's heavy.

Yeah, like that.

- Thank you for everything.

You're a brave girl.

- We have to go.
- Come on.

- Come on, Storm.


- Storm are you coming?
- Storm, come on.



- Storm.


Come on.

- Thank you.

Good morning, Klaas.

- How are you?

- Good.
- Your book is ready.


- Outstanding.

You really are the best
printer in all Wurttemberg.

- Well, I've got a great partner.

Thank you very much.

- And my sweet assistant.

Have a good day, sir.

Good day.

- I'll catch you.