Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister (1998) - full transcript

When a tornado takes her meteorologist husband's life, his wife and colleague devotes her own life to prove his theories that violent twisters are predictable.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- It's coming.

- Winds are 35 and the pressure's dropped.

Any type of low level winds,
we might even get a twister.

- One can only hope, huh?

But just remember, that's
still only a theory, Professor.

It looks like the sky's full of surprises.

Kinda reminds me of our wedding day.


- Alright, time for me to hit the skies.

- Okay.

See you later.
- Yeah.

- How are you doin' up there?
- Good.

But you better get on the horn,

this thing's gonna left foot through.

Tell them to upgrade to a category four.

- This is unit three, I
have a severe storm warning

for Green Bow and the
surrounding counties.

I repeat, Green Bow and the
surrounding counties, over.

- I'm in the core, how's
the mapping read down there?

- Beautifully.

You better get down from there.

I'll see you on the other side, Professor.

(thunder claps)

What was that?

- Cloud bursts.
(thunder claps)

- Jamie?
- Yeah?

- We got major instability and
the lifted index is dropping.

The ion count is really jumpin' here!

- Oh my god.


- Yeah.

(thunder claps)

- Jim, do you read me?

(somber orchestral music)

(thunder claps)
(strong wind blows)

Okay, we've got enough data,
let's get some readings!

- Winds are up to 40 from the west!

- Okay, what about the pressure?

I want numbers at 500 and 1,000 millibars.

- The pressure's dropped.

- How are you doin' up there?

- I think I see an anvil cloud,

and it looks like
cloud-to-cloud lightning bolts!

- Come on, we don't have all day.

The storm's getting closer!
- You're right!

I think the wind says 65!
- Read the numbers!

Right there, it says 70!

Collins, would you pay attention?

Look again, now it's 75!

You're gonna kill us all
if you don't pay attention.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- Yes, I understand.

We'll look forward to
seeing you then, sir.


Secretary wants to discuss
funding again when he gets here.

- What? They've already
cut us to the bone.

- Well, they're not done yet.

What have you got?

- Tornado in Northern Colorado.

Moved across the Laporte basin.

We got 26-plus dead.

A supercell near the Fox Bow Mountains,

the tornado touched down then moved east.

- Fox Bow?

Isn't that where they built
the Pine Feather facility?

- Yeah, touched down six miles from there.

But, that's not the problem.

- These figures can't be right.

- Oh yeah, they're right, I
had the data double-checked

and confirmed with the weather service.

There was definitely a
low-precipitation supercell.

But here's what's really
strange, there wasn't any rain.

- [Boss] We need to
get somebody out there.

- FEMA has a crew and already
they're housing hundreds

in hotels and shelters.

Satellite shows more unstable
weather arriving, too.

- I wanna send Jamie, do
you think she can handle it?

- They've already had one storm hit.

Although she does seem better lately.

Less destructive, I guess.

- No, it's all wrong.

Let's try it again.

- Oh, she's much better.

- I dropped outta the reserves for this?

- Hey, wait a second.

I was in the middle of something in there.

- Yeah, scaring the life out
of every recruit we have.

- Oh, please.

- These people volunteer
to be storm spotters.

75% of them drop out after
one training session with you.

Look, you're going to Colorado.

Tornado touched down, did a lot of damage.

- No, I have a chase in Texas next week.

- You had a chase, Laporte's
a declared disaster area.

I wanna know what happened
and you're going to find out.

- Okay, I'll just take an SSV
and drive down there tomorrow.

- The SSV stays here,
we've got a budget review,

and we can't afford any
more of your recklessness.

You'll fly to Laporte.

- What?


- Jamie, look, if you
need a severe storms van,

we'll get you one,
otherwise I don't want you

cranking one up for kicks.

- [Reporter] Fire season arrived
with a vengeance last month

in California and these
images of the community

of Crescent City remain indelible
for the residents there.

We have this report from
Northern California.

- After fires killed six
and did millions in damage,

Federal Emergency
Management Agency personnel

are now ready to leave.

Wallace Houston is Operations
Director in charge for FEMA.

It must feel good to finally
move your people out, Wallace.

- Oh, it really does.

Now the hard work really
starts for these people.

I just hope that we've
given them a solid start

into rebuilding their
community and their lives.

That's the most we can really ask for.

- Hey, buddy.
- What's happening, Smitty?

- So you and Melanie are goin' to Maui.

- Who told you that?
- Well, I heard a rumor.

Melanie's coming back for the ring?

- A ring?
- Yeah.

She's a great gal.


- I can't wait to get outta here.

Think about it, two weeks in paradise.

- Melanie, (sighs) we
never confirmed this trip.

- Well, come on, we've been
talking about this for weeks.

- Have you been telling
everyone we're getting engaged?

- Everyone?

I mentioned something to Vicky and Lexi,

but I was just kidding around.

- Melanie, every time we
spend a few weeks together

in a disaster site, you decide
the next step is marriage.

- I think it's time you get
off the road and settle down.

- Isn't that my decision to make?

- Well, when are you gonna decide?

(telephone rings)

(telephone rings)

- Stanton.

- [Wallace] It's Wallace,
we've got trouble, Will.

A tornado touched down in
Colorado and it looks bad.

I'd like you to get your
crew of guys out there.

Of course, I mean, I'll understand
if you wanna stick around

and finish up--
- Tonight, Wallace?

- [Wallace] Yeah.

- Okay, if you need me, I'm there.

- [Wallace] Oh thanks, Will,
I knew I could count on you.

I'll try to get there myself by tomorrow.

Thanks again.

- Alright.


- Tough call.

Melanie and Maui, a town hit by a tornado.

She sure doesn't look too happy.

- [Will] Let's go, Smitty,
we've got a job to do.

(Jamie sighs)

- Jamie, I just got the latest 96-hour

forecast model for Laporte.

I'm afraid the jetstream's gonna pump in

unstable air for another week.

- Listen, Frank, let me take the SSV.

I get so much more work done with it.

- Jamie, drop it, we can't
even insure these things

anymore because of you.

You know, the strange thing
is, that tornado is deviant.

We haven't had one in
that area for 100 years.

Oh, FEMA's Director of Operations
has been briefed on you.

While you're out there,

use the time to do some thinking.

You know, it's been two
years since he died.

- You know I'm only trying
to finish what Jim started.

- I know.

Oh, one other thing.

Commercial flights to
Laporte have been delayed.

We've arranged alternate
transportation for you.

Good luck.

- Great.

(somber orchestral music)
(background chatter)

- This looks real bad, Smitty.

- [Reporter] Residents
in Colorado are reeling

this early morning, looking
for survivors of last night's

deadly tornado that
touched down unexpectedly

and ripped a destructive path.

Rescuers says at least 20 are known dead,

as the search continues for survivors.

- How you doin'?

Get all these other tents secured.

I don't want the wind blowing them away.

- [FEMA Agent] I can
help whoever's next here.

- Alright, Will, this is what we've got.

Preliminary reports indicate
50 apartment complexes lost

in the downtown area,
at least 300 homes gone.

- That's bad, listen, who's
doing the airport run?

- I was supposed to, but I'm
waiting for the inspectors

to come in, do you want me to go?

- No, I'll go.

Find out who made this
coffee, it's horrible.

- I did.

- Thanks.
- Miss Marshall?

Welcome to Laporte!

- I'm late, I missed the entire sunset.

- We're from the United
Methodists in Eaton.

Bless you for coming to help, dear.

Where are you joining us from?
- Oklahoma.

I'm a weather researcher, I'm
here to investigate the storm.

- The Lord knows you're here, child.

- Hey, hey, hey, careful!

- Excuse me.

- Where is Wallace Huston?

- Uh, Houston?

They're in meetings all night.

Why don't you go check into
the hotel, come back tomorrow?

Wallace is in around, what, seven?

- Yeah.
- Seven AM.

- Great, watch this stuff.

- Where did Miss Congeniality come from?

- Center for Severe Storms Research.

They sent her here to study the place.

- Weather readings, huh.

It's good she won't have
to use those people skills.

(both laugh)

- Look, I can't stay
there, that place is a zoo.

I've got a lot of work to do.

- Oh!

Well, today's your lucky day.

Because if you don't wanna
stay in the hotel, we have some

lovely cots and tents over at
the FEMA Center over there.

Or, um...

You can go camp.

- Great.

Camping it is.

- Do you want a hand with the stuff?

- Don't touch 'em.

- I think she's crazy about you.

- You really think so, huh?

- No.

(warm orchestral music)

- Hey, guys, everyone hanging in there?

Alright, tomorrow, we need to get

damage and salvage assessment.

Also, I know everyone's gettin'
sick of me sayin' this, but

we really need to stabilize as
many structures as possible.

I want this tent population to a minimum.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- Seven miles east of the mountains.

Initial damage observations
indicate an F3,

possibly an F4 tornado.

And the current wind
conditions are steady out of

the southwest at 10 miles per hour.


Why is Frank doing this to me?

(alarm rings)
(strong wind blows)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

Wind sheer here?

(thunder claps)

This shouldn't be happening.

(peaceful orchestral music)
(birds tweet)

(background chatter)

- Hi, may I help you?

- Oh yeah, um, I'm looking
for a Wallace Houston.

Somebody said he'd be in by seven,

but I can't seem to find him anywhere.

- You found him, I'm Wallace.

- Oh, (chuckles) god, I'm sorry.

Jamie Marshall with the Center
for Severe Storms Research.

- Oh, you know what, I've
been in a lot of disaster

sites before and I have never, ever

had anyone send out a
storm researcher before.

What is so special about this one?

- Well, a tornado touching down
in this area's very unusual.

Listen, I need to get out
to track the storm's path,

and I was wondering if there
was a vehicle I could borrow?

Van, truck, anything?

- No, you're gonna have to hitch a ride.

Vehicles are at a premium out here.

But, you know what?

Find Will Stanton, he's
my field coordinator.

He's gotta go out there
anyway, you talk to him.

Oh, would you excuse me? I'm so sorry.

- Thanks.

- There's bad news at the airport.

They're expecting to
take at least three weeks

before they'll be operating again.

- Oh, well, we're just gonna
have to keep rerouting them

through Denver and then
shuttling them back and forth

from Laporte as best we can.

(playful orchestral music)

- Excuse me.

- [Will] Excuse me, ladies.

- I'm sorry to have broken
up your little audience,

but could you help me find a Will Stanton?

- Well, that would be me.

- You?

- Tell me something, are
you always like this,

or is it just for my benefit?

- I thought you just drove vans.

- Call me multi-talented.

(Jamie chuckles)

- Look, I have to get out
to track the storm's path,

and I was wondering, uh, well,

Wallace said you'd give me a ride.

- She did?
- Mm-hm.

- Great.

Let's go.

(upbeat orchestral music)

So what exactly are you
lookin' for out here?

- I'll let you know when I find it.


There's radar here?

- Hey, hey, hey!

(Jamie screams)
(dramatic orchestral music)

- Hey!
- Back in the car!

Have you got a death wish or something?

- Radar up here makes
no logical sense, okay?

- Look, I don't add to
casualty lists, you got that?

- Alright!

Fine, sorry.

Can we go check that out, please?

(suspenseful orchestral music)

Oh my god.

It's a Doppler radar setup.

Tracks storms.

Wind velocity, rotation, precipitation.

- Look, I know what Doppler is.

- I might set up here.

Who else would need Doppler information?

- I have no idea, look, we
don't have time for pictures.

Let's go.
- It's a Field Imaging Mapper.

It gives me landscape
data for storm analysis.

- Oh, well, hurry up.

How much longer?

- I'll be a while.

- I'll be at the truck.

(background chatter)
(moody orchestral music)

- Damage to homes indicate wind speeds

of about 200 miles an hour, maybe more.

Ground swirls that I observed indicates

a single vortex with
rapid vertical motion.

- Alright, Jason, get
all your guys together.

Have them look for anything
that's salvageable, alright?

Get the trucks in here,
start cleaning this place up.

Alright, start right there in that area.

- Excuse me, Will?

I need to get back to those hills.

- Well, Jamie, I've still
got a lot of work to do here.

- So let me take the
truck and I'll come back

and pick you up later.

- Look, I need the truck, alright?

And secondly, you're
not the priority here.

- I'm just trying to do my job.

- I'll try and get you back
out there tomorrow, alright?

(playful orchestral music)

- Okay!

- Get those trucks in here now!

(melancholic orchestral music)

Listen, uh, I apologize
if I was a little short

with you earlier, I have a
lot of things on my mind.

- You got it.

- Can I ask you a question?

- Yeah.

- Does any of this affect
you even a little bit?

- Your job is to deal with the people,

and my job is to figure
out why it happened.


- Okay.

(peaceful music)

At least you got to see the sunset today.

- It's not what you think.

I'm here to solve a problem
and when the sun sets,

sometimes the winds can change.

It's a crucial time to
study the weather, okay?

- Well, they're still
pretty nice to look at.

Don't you think?

- We've all worked together
at one time or another.

Will's worked with me for years.

- Yeah, well, he could do
with a little less attitude,

if you ask me.
- Will?

- Mm-hm.
- No.

Well, if he's provoked.

But he's the best man I've got.

He's compassionate and
he works his butt off.

If only he could stay a little focused

on his personal life, he'd be okay.

Is that a wedding band?

- Yeah.

My husband Jim died a couple of years ago.

- Oh, Jamie.

I'm so sorry.
(somber orchestral music)

(thunder claps)

Are we gonna get another storm?

- Yeah, a big one in a couple of days.

I'm surprised there wasn't any rain

or hail with that tornado.

- How'd you become a storm chaser, Jamie?

Seems like such a strange
occupation for a woman.

- I fell in love with my
meteorology professor.

- Ah.

- I followed Jim into storm chasing.

(playful orchestral music)

- Hey, Wallace.

Look, we gotta do something
with this database.

It's really gonna slow the
approvals coming from Washington.

- Oh, we're working on it.

By the way, I just had supper

with our resident weather expert.

How's it going out there with her?

- That's right, I forgot to
thank you for sticking me

with that little ball of attitude.

- (chuckles) Funny, she said
the same thing about you.

- Really?
- Mm-hm.

- Well, I wasn't the one
climbing out of the truck

at 50 miles an hour.
- Oh, you were that charming?

By the way, I've never seen
you without your shirt on.

Hubba hubba.

(thunder claps)
(suspenseful orchestral music)

(thunder rumbles)

(thunder claps)

- Jim!


- Wallace said you might
need a backup power supply.

- Put it by the backpack.

I thought you were supposed
to be here at noon?

- You're welcome.

Look at that.

- My computer at home analyses
the field data I gather

and then simulates the storm's
origin and development.

- [Will] So what's it telling you?

- There should have been more rain.

Moisture's usually present
when a storm spawns a tornado.

But this is so weird.

That storm wasn't powerful
enough to become tornadic.

Dew points, precipitation, wind sheer.

Everything's off.

It's like the weather's gone haywire.

You know, I wonder if that
storm couldn't have been

environmentally influenced.
- Environmentally influenced?

Do you really think that's possible?

- Well, storm research is
also new and speculative.

You know, there's a lot we don't know.

It's kinda like analyzing sculpture.

Every shape says something
to you, but then,

every time you look at it,
you see something different.

- Funny, I didn't see you
as a sensitive artist type.

I saw you more as like
the sexy librarian--

- I'm not interested.

- I'm just tryin' to be friendly.

- (sighs) Look, Casanova,
let's get something straight.

I'm not here to make friends.

- Oh, I don't think you
have to worry about that.

- Why don't you just go
pick up on somebody else?

I don't need a pal, you got it?

- No, you need a whole lot more than that.

- Hey!

What does that mean?

- Okay, since you ask.

I'll be happy to tell you.
- Please do.

- Well, the way I see
it, you've got it all.

Repression, regression,
anger, with a dash of denial.

- Hoo-hoo-hoo!

- Essentially, you're a
miserable human being.

- Oh, really?

Well, let me tell you something.

I am not depressed, I am not
repressed, I am not angry,

and I certainly am not in denial.

It's guys like you that make me miserable.

Let's go.

- Fine, I'll be happy to drop
you off anywhere you wanna go.

- I wanna go back to the
Doppler radar, I wanna know

why someone would need
weather information out here.

Pick me up in a couple of hours, okay?

(suspenseful orchestral music)

Morning, sir.

How are you today?

I'm Jamie Marshall with the Department--

- This is a restricted area, ma'am.

You're gonna have to leave, immediately.

- Look, I'm working with FEMA in Laporte,

investigating the tornado,

and I was wondering if could
speak to somebody here about,

hey, get your hands off of me.

Since when does the Department
of Energy strong arm people?

- Since now, I guess.

- Well, gee, aren't you friendly?

(thunder claps)
(suspenseful orchestral music)

(electrical box pops)

(fence clinks)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- This is Unit Five, we
have visual on the intruder.

We're headed up toward the main gate.

- Let go of me!

- Jamie, are you alright?
- Yes.

- [Security Officer] And
who are you supposed to be?

- Will Stanton, FEMA,
what's the problem here?

- For starters,
trespassing and destruction

of government property.
- Listen up.

This facility is within the jurisdiction

of a Federally declared disaster area.

As a FEMA officer, I'm declaring
civilian officer authority

under article 5.3 of the civilian code.

Now, I'm required to file a report.

If you give a written account
of this incident to FEMA

within five business days, until then,

this woman is in my custody.

Thank you very much,
gentlemen, have a nice day.

- Score one for bureaucracy.
- Get in the car.

(Jamie pants)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

What were you thinkin'?

I can't believe you broke into that place.

- In case you're interested,

that place back there
is called Pine Feather.

It's a Department of Energy facility.

Looks like they're testing
some kinda rockets.

Who in their right mind
would build a launch facility

out in the middle of a mountain range?

- I have no idea, all I
know is we're gonna be late.

- For what?
- For church.

Wallace is doing a memorial service

for the victims killed in the storm.

- I'm not going.

- What?

Why not?

- 'Cause I didn't know any of 'em.

- I didn't know 'em either,
but it isn't for us.

- Look, get off my case, will you?

I just wanna do my job, that's it, okay?

- So terrorizing the world's
just a hobby with you, huh?

- Oh, that's very witty.

(suspenseful orchestral music)
(thunder claps)

Pull over.

- What?
- Pull the car over.

- What are you doing now?

Where are you goin'?


(thunder claps)

- They clear cut all of this.

I'm just gonna get a few readings, okay?

- Hey, um, call me crazy,
but isn't it a bad idea to be

standing in a wide-open space
during a lightning storm?

- Sheet lightning giving you the willies?

Don't worry, it'll stay up in the clouds.

- You're sure about that, huh?

- Listen, if you wanna
experience some real lightning,

I could always send up
some sounding rockets.

- I'll be alright.

(thunder claps)


Jamie, watch out!

(explosions boom)
(dramatic orchestral music)


(explosions boom)

- Ball lightning.

More men have been president
than have seen that.

I've waited my whole life to see this.

(sweeping orchestral music)

- [Man] Thank you very
much, we appreciate it.

- I'll be right back.
(woman sobs)

- Oh, nice of you to show up.

I'm sure it was unavoidable, right?

- Wallace, I am so sorry, I'll
make it up to you, alright?

- It's not for me, Will.

You know I always want all
of my troops at these things.

The bond between those who need and us

has to develop in community situations.

These people have to heal.

- I know, I know.

- Okay, what happened?

- If I told ya, I don't
think you'd believe me.

- Probably not.

(melancholic orchestral music)

- She's not happy, is she?
- No.

You know, the disaster victims,

they need to feel that we're
part of their community

for them to open up and
deal with the trauma.

That's all she's concerned about.

- How'd you come into her fold anyhow?

- Well, we worked together in Los Angeles

after the Northwich quake.

I really liked her, so
I stayed on her team.

- I don't know how you do it,
traveling from place to place.

- My family moved around
a lot when I was a kid.

I guess I just got used to it.

- Wow, would you look at this?

The lightning got your car.

- So, if you're hungry, maybe
you'd like to get some dinner?

- Listen, you don't have to
play the dinner game with me.

It's just...


- What?

- Look, don't take it personal, okay?

- Don't take it personally?

- I have a lot of work to do.

It happened, it's over.

Just forget about it, okay?

- I'm tellin' you the truth, Smitty.

- Are you sure a ball of lightning

didn't hit you in the head?

- Yes, I'm sure, look, I've
gotta check my messages.

Grab me a beer, alright?


(upbeat pop music)


- Did I miss something,
but, was it you that said

Jamie was "one big pain in the butt?"

- I know what I said, Smitty, but,

I've never met a woman like this before.

(Smitty chuckles)

- Who would have thought,
you and lady science?

So how long is this gonna last?

- According to her, not too long.

It happened, it's over, and that's it.

- Really? (chuckles)

Seems like she's lettin' you off easy.

What about Melanie?

You know, she left a few messages
at the FEMA Center today.

- I know, she called here, too.

What do you think I should do, Smitty?

- [Smitty] Are you a nurse?

I've got a pain, right there.

- Thanks for your help.

(telephone rings)
(peaceful orchestral music)

(telephone rings)

(telephone bleeps)

- [Melanie] Hi, Will, it's Melanie.

(sighs) I miss you, call me.

(ethereal orchestral music)

(melancholic orchestral music)

- Oh, I miss you.

You better secure these tents.

There's a big storm coming through.

- Good morning, Will, how are you?

Well, I'm doing fine,
Jamie, thank you for asking.

Did you sleep well?

Well, yes I did, and you?

- Excuse me, Wallace,
do you have a minute?

Well, last night, you know...

Look, I don't want you
to be upset with Will.

It was all my fault, really.

- Well, it was a very special night and

I'm sorry you missed it.

(Jamie chuckles)

- You know, Will isn't as
bad as I thought at first.


It's, um...

It's been a while since I've
thought about men since,

you know, Jim...

But, Will--

- I like Will.

He's a good guy.

But like most FEMA workers,
he's always looking

to be on the move, you know what I mean?

Just keep that in mind.

- Okay.

Listen, do you have an
extra computer terminal

I might use for a bit?

- Oh, just help yourself.

- Thanks.

(suspenseful orchestral music)


- Hey.

- Will, I need to get back
up into those mountains.

I did some research on Pine Feather.

They built it about a year and a half ago,

and it's been operational for nine months.

And guess what?

They're testing satellite
launch applications.

- Hm.

Well, I'm done with my
damage reports, Jamie.

I really don't have any need
to go back out to Pine Feather.

- I'm not talkin' about Pine Feather,

I'm talkin' about the mountain
where the ball lightning was.

- Do you think that's such a good idea?

You know what happened the
last time we were out there.

- I know you might have a hard
time believing this, Will,

but it has nothing to do with you.

- When do you need to go?
- Sunset.

- Alright.


- Depends on what?

- What you're willing to do for it.

(playful orchestral music)

(Jamie chuckles)

- You know, I told him.

I knew you were good for
somethin' around here.

- Uh, Jamie?
- Yeah?

- [Will] I think that one's done.

- [Jamie] Sorry.

- Well, we may finally
have found your weakness.

- Last night, um...

I know I sounded a little harsh and...


I know we both have a
lot of work to do and,

well, I know I don't
need the complications.

- You don't have to
sell me on the concept.

You might wanna flip that one there.

(Smitty whistles jauntily)

- You been doing this a long time, Smitty?

- Yeah, it's tough to leave this business,

once you get a taste of it.
(Jamie chuckles)

We're all pretty much roamers around here.

My dad was in the army,
he kept moving us around.

Travel gets in your blood.

- [Jamie] So what's Will's story?

- Will?

His family were farmers,

and they lost their farm in a flood.

His mom was killed.

And they lost the land they
plowed for generations.

I think he was 12.

- That's terrible.

- Yeah, I know it pretty
much beat up his dad.

He couldn't hold onto a job anymore,

kept moving the kids around.

I guess the nomad life stayed with Will.

Yeah, pal of mine, look who's here.

- Melanie?

What's she doin' here?

Oh-oh, the boys from Pine Feather.

(dramatic orchestral music)


Jamie, do you wanna get
back out to Fox Bow?

- Now?
- Let's go.

- Okay.

Wait, let me get my stuff.

- Come on, come on, come on!
- Okay!

What's the hurry?


- Jamie sent you an email.

She wants her SSV.

- We ought to give her one for Christmas.

- She's reporting strange
weather phenomena and demanded

a watch group be on standby.

- Figures, anything else?

- Yeah.

She did a Department of
Energy search on the internet,

and apparently used your
clearance code for secure access.

- Why am I even surprised by her anymore?

- No, the only reason I know is because

your log number appeared
on my clearance report.

She accessed off a terminal in Laporte.

She searched Pine Feather.

Should I pull her?

- No.

First, let's see what she's chasing.

(thunder rumbles)

- Okay.

Here, Smitty, can you
put that there for me?

- What is this place?

- Pine Feather is scheduled
to expand their facility.

They're gonna clear out
another 5,000 acres.

Can you hold that?

It's so strange, I think
they've somehow affected

the electromagnetic field here.

- Where are you going?

- I'm just gonna go stand over here.

- [Smitty] You guys are making me nervous.

What are you doing?

- Running a lightning test.

I'm gonna fire this rocket up in the air

with a copper line attached,

and hopefully it'll draw an ion charge.

- You're gonna pull down a lightning bolt?

- Mm-hm.
- Yeah, right.

She's gonna pull down a
lightning bolt. (chuckles)

This I gotta see.

- I'll watch from here, Smitty.

- Okay.

(rocket hisses)

- Well, that was impressive.

(thunder rumbles)

Ben Franklin did this in a
storm, not just a cloudy sky.

- I can assure you, Smitty,
there is enough electricity

up in these clouds to
power all of Manhattan.

- Okay.

Power Manhattan.

- Here, you try it.

- You're giving me this? Cool, alright.

Five, four, three, two, one.

(rocket hisses)

(thunder claps)

- Yeah!


(lightning zaps)
(dramatic orchestral music)

(laughs) Did you see that?

There was a second strike!

- Watch yourself, Smitty.

This is where she really goes nuts.

- She made lightning, she made lightning.

- Okay, Will, your turn.

- Do I have to?

- Yes, go on, hurry!

Come on!

- Okay, Smitty, give me a countdown.

- Five, four, three, two, one.

(rocket hisses)

(lightning zaps)

(thunder claps)
- Yeah, woo-hoo!

Multiple strikes!

We've got multiple strikes! (laughs)

What are you all doin' down there?

- You've got a crazy way
of getting your kicks.

- No, you don't understand,
that never happens.

This sky is like a huge
electrical gain board.

- Well, that one came outta nowhere.

- I knew it, the residue on
the leaves is nitrogen oxide.

- Obviously something we
shouldn't be finding here, right?

- No.

It comes from burning liquid
hydrogen at high temperatures.

- Liquid hydrogen?

- Rocket fuel.

It must be coming from the
testing at Pine Feather.

Will, I need my other
bag out of the truck.

- [Will] Right.

- So, you went to school,
studied the Earth sciences,

and got your PhD?
- No, just married one.

- That would be better than grad school.

Wow, it's really pickin' up.
(strong wind blows)

What's goin' on out here?

- Here's the bag, where do you want it?

- Over there!

Okay, you clear cut all the
trees, you mix rocket fuel

with electrical fields...

That's it, this is ground zero!

That's what's creating the instability.

It then creates the updraft
which spawns a tornado.

How can I prove that?
Everyone's gonna think I'm nuts.

Listen, if I can prove that
Pine Feather has affected

weather on a local scale, then
maybe perhaps I could prove

that industry's affected weather
patterns on a global scale.

(explosion booms)

- Oh, man.

(fire crackles)

(thunder claps)

- Jim, do you read me?

(explosion booms)

- Jamie!


- Jim.

- Oh my god.

- [Will] Jamie, are you
alright, are you alright?

- They never had a chance.

- It's all my fault, I should have called.

I should have called the FAA.


(sighs) Hey.

- How are you feelin'?

- Fine.


- Nothin' to be sorry about.

Listen, I made some coffee, care for some?

- Sure.

- Here you go.

- Thanks.

Mm, it's good.

I used to love the Moon.

(chuckles) When I was a
kid, I used to sneak out

on the roof to watch it.

That's when I became
obsessed with the sky.

- Who's, um...

Who's Jim?

- My husband.


He taught me everything I know.

He was my entire world. (chuckles)

He, um...

He was killed in a chase.

- I'm sorry, Jamie.

(Jamie sighs)

(Jamie giggles)

- I used to think that I had
this schoolgirl crush on him

'cause he was my teacher.

But, um, on our first date,
he took me on a picnic,

underneath the moonlight.

And I knew right then and there
he was the love of my life.

- How'd it happen?

- A silent storm.

Storms that don't wait, you
know what they're about.

Kinda like here.


Jim used to say that silent
storms were a lot like love.

They'd sneak up and hit
you when you were lulled.

(melancholic orchestral music)

(telephone rings)

- Stanton.
- Will!

- Yeah, Wallace?

- [Wallace] What exactly
are you trying to pull?

- What?
- You know what!

Don't play games with me, you
think I'm some sort of a fool!

- No, Wallace--
- Don't "Wallace" me!

I don't wanna hear any of your excuses.

Will, do you understand
that I am very, very upset!

- You don't have to yell.
- You bet I have to yell!

- No, you're absolutely right.

- [Wallace] Now meet me
at the office right away.

- Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes.

- Okay.
- Right.

- [Wallace] Okay.

(Will sighs)

(telephone keypad bleeps)

- Hello, Smitty here.
- Smitty, it's Will.

Listen, do me favor, meet me in front

of the FEMA Center in
a few minutes, alright?

I need you to back me up with Wallace.

- [Smitty] Sure, whatever
you need, I'll be there.

- Right.

- I've got the Department
of Energy in a tizzy

over a security breach,
which I assume was Jamie,

aided and abetted by a
security officer from FEMA,

which I assume is you!

And what is a civilian officer authority?

- Uh, quick thinking?

- You know I was warned
about her and if you can't

keep her under control,
I'm gonna get the center

to send somebody who can.

- Wallace, you didn't
see what I saw today.

I mean, ask Smitty what she did.

- She made lightning.

- I don't care if she parted the Red Sea.

I'm not having her
jeopardize our operation!

- Wallace, three more people
got added to the casualty list

because of the freaky weather around here.

She's just trying to
figure out what's going on.

I think we need to let
her do her job so that

hopefully we can keep
that list from growing.

- Alright, alright, what
exactly is she doing out there?

- I don't know, but Smitty knows.

- Look, I just, I don't...

I just, keep your eye on her, okay?

(computer bleeps)

- Denied?

I need that van.

(melancholic piano music)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

That's it.

I knew it.


(peaceful orchestral music)


Boo. (giggles)

Come on, what are you, 42?


Oh, a 44!

- Jamie?
- Good morning.

How'd you sleep?

32, what's your inseam?

- 35?
- Great, I'll see you at nine.

- What are you doing?

- [Jamie] Ordering you a suit.

- I can explain!

Alright, look.

The woman that you saw in the room...

It's, it's not what you think.

- That's really original.

- Well, you're the one that
said what happened between us

was no big deal.
- Yes, I did.

But I wouldn't have let it happen,

if I had known you were
that kind of a guy.

- What? What kinda guy?

I mean, if I remember
correctly, you're the one

that started it, not me,
you're the weather sex junkie.

- Oh, yeah, well you put up
a real big fight, didn't you?

- What do you think I was--

- I don't even wanna talk
about it anymore, okay?

- Fine.

I'll just drive.
- Good.

That's all you're good for anyway.

- So, uh, you gonna tell
me where we're goin'?

- Center for Severe Storms Research.

- What?


- My department is facing
massive budget cuts

and my bosses won't release
the equipment I need.

So I am going to go to them, okay?

- Jamie, that's a 10-hour drive.

- So, have you got a date?

(Will sighs)

(warm orchestral music)

I think I've finally figured you out.

- Oh, you have, have you?
- Uh-huh.

- Thought you didn't wanna
talk about this anymore?

- I think you got from woman
to woman and place to place

and FEMA just gives you an
excuse to do that, am I right?

- Alright, maybe that's partially true,

but it has nothing to do with this.

Look, I'll admit Melanie and
I have been together before,

but not last night.

- She was in your bed.

- Well, what else was I
supposed to do with her, okay?

She's not exactly the camping type.

- The sofa would have done.

- Nothing happened.

I told her it was over, she accepted it,

she was gonna leave this morning.

- Listen, don't worry about
it, soon I'll be gone and then

you can carry on with your
stupid little social life

absolutely unfettered, okay?

- Fine.

- At least that fits.

- Yours looks a little tight.

- Hello, Smitty here.
- Smitty, it's Will.

- [Smitty] Will? Where are you?

- Oklahoma.

- [Smitty] Will, what are
you doing in Oklahoma?

- Well, I've been kidnapped.

Look, tell Wallace I'm gonna
be with Jamie all day, alright?

I'll explain everything when I get back.

- [Smitty] Okay, say hi to
Xena the Weather Princess.

- Alright, bye.

Can we call a truce, at
least until all this is over?

- Okay.

- By the way, I think you look
pretty good in that dress.

- Well, thank you.

- So, you think you've figured
out what happened at Laporte?

- I have a theory.

But I need to get out there
in an SSV to prove it.

You wanna hear it?
- Mm-hm.

- Okay.

Excuse me.

These are the mountains.

And foothills.


And there's Laporte.

Now, before, the storms used
to come over the mountains.

No real big great effect, right?

So, what's changed?

- Pine Feather?

- You got it.

- Okay.

Now, I'm obviously no weather
expert, but didn't you say

that these supercell
thunderstorms are massive?

- Mm, huge, they can be hundreds of miles.

- Alright, so how's changing
a couple of square miles

of landscape by Pine
Feather gonna affect them?

- Watch.

Imagine this is a thunderstorm.

- Mm-hm.
- Okay?

I'm gonna shake it up.

See how a funnel's forming?

- Ah!

- There's this theory that
if you have a prevailing wind

and it hits a strong
crosswinds or an object,

it can turn it back in on itself.

Now, I think that with the
deforestation of the area,

along with the power lines
and the chemicals, it somehow

created the perfect
environment for this to happen.

- Environmental influence.

So, your bosses know you're comin', right?

- No.

- No?

You know, they warned Wallace about you.

- They did?

- Mm-hm.

What's the story behind that?

- They think I have an attitude problem.

I'm too intense for the volunteers.

- What do you do to the volunteers?

- Storm chasing is very dangerous.

They need to know what
they're doing out there.

People die doing it, even the experts.

- So, that's it.

I've been trying to figure
you out since the first day

I set eyes on you.


Now it all makes sense.

It's Jim.

Jim dies, you don't know
who to strike out at,

so you strike out at everyone.

You chase storms because you
think if you figure them out,

then you'll understand what happened.

Well, Jamie...

There's nothing to understand.

Jim's death...

Jim's death will never be alright.

Until you realize that your world with Jim

is over, but your life isn't,

you'll never be able to move on.

(Jamie gasps)

(jaunty classical music)
(background chatter)

- None of which would
be possible, of course,

without the equipment and
staff we have invested here.

- Excuse me.

- Follow me.

- Frank.
- What?

- We have a problem.
- What?

- Jamie's here.

- Jamie, where are you going?

- I just need to check something.



You know when you said that
nothing happened with Melanie?

I really did believe you.

- You did?

- I did.

- Jamie, come on, let's go.

- It's gonna be much worse than I thought.

Okay, let's go.

- [Frank] Jamie, what are you doing here?

- The problems in Laporte are
being created by Pine Feather.

They need to shut down
that operation immediately.

Laporte's weather has shifted
because of the building

and operating of that place.

It's what's creating
the massive wind sheer.

- Jamie, that is a NASA, Defense
and Energy joint project.

When launches are scrubbed,
NASA can't just simply restart.

They lose their launch windows.

Pine Feather is developing a
quick start system that will

retake it right away, it'll
save billions of dollars.

- They're creating instability.

Airborne activants from the launch pad

along with the landscape changes
and the electrical fields

is fueling a tornado.

Look, you yourself said there
hasn't been a tornado there

in the last 100 years, well,
there could be one within

the next few hours when
the next storm hits.

I need to get out there
and I need that SSV.

- No way, we're already a
million in the hole because of

the last two you trashed, and
tonight, we're having to beg

just to keep the budget
from being slashed again.

- It's got to wait.
- No, it can't wait.

- Jamie, go sit tight, we'll
debate your theories later.

- No, we're not gonna debate it, Frank!

They're creating silent storms.

- She's totally out of control, Frank.

- You know, she does have her
moments, but she's calculated

all this stuff, the mezzanines
and the winds and the...

- Who are you?
- Oh, Will Stanton, sir.


Hi, hi.

You know, if I were you
guys, I'd believe her.

Because of these huge power
grid things and the winds,

coming in laterally and
warming up and rising,

the rocket fuel...

Give me your glass and
I'll show you exactly...

I'll go wait with Jamie.

Nice talking to you guys.

- She's totally lost
it, I mean, she is nuts.

When she said she had seen ball lightning.

- Ball lightning?
- Yeah.

In her email she said she had witnessed

ball lightning showers, I
mean, can you believe that?

We should have pulled her then.

- Ball lightning.

- Your friends are a barrel of laughs.

- I need you to get hold of Smitty.

Tell him there's another
storm coming that's gonna

make the last one look
like a summer breeze, okay?

Jamie Marshall, CSSR.

- Smitty, it's Will, listen.

We've got a problem, it's
heading right for you.

I need you to implement a
full weather alert scramble.

- A tornado watch issued
for Western Colorado

through to the Laporte basin.

- All I'm telling you is
that this is a big one.

- Weather will be severe for
the next six to 12 hours, okay?

- Smitty, please?
- Right.

Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Well?
- Smitty's taking care of it.

- Great, let's go.

- Jamie, I don't think they
want you goin' anywhere.

Do you ever listen to anything
anyone ever tells you?

- The SSV is the prize
of the program, sir.

Fully operational, mobile weather station.

The SSV has provided us
with the most sophisticated

research to date and
we're very, very proud

of our new Model 3 SSV.

(playful orchestral music)

- You know, in most states
they still consider this

grand theft, huh?
- Yep.

- I can't believe we
stole one of their vans.

So, are your bosses coming after us?

- I sure hope so.

Let's go.

- If I know her, she's
headed right into that storm!

- You stay south of the
storm and head for Laporte.

- She won't get far!

(thunder rumbles and claps)

- (sighs) This storm's a monster.

It's just gathering strength.

(thunder claps)

- It's starting to rain pretty hard!

- Okay, let's see where we are here.

Collapsing overshooting top.

Pull over!

It's a collapsing overshooting top.

(thunder rumbles)

- [Will] Collapsing overshooting what?

- Pull over, now!

Get in the back!


You got it?

- I think so.
- Okay, hold on.

(thunder claps)

- What's going on?

- We're right underneath
the supercell dome.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(thunder claps)

(thunder claps)

Oh, wow, that was great, wasn't it?

- Yeah.

(Jamie laughs)

Wow, that came and went.

Never been through
anything like that before.

- Welcome to my world.

- You know, uh...

I'm beginning to think I'm

getting kind of attached to this world.

(Jamie chuckles)

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

(thunder rumbles)
(strong wind blows)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(thunder claps)

(thunder claps)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

Good job, Smitty!
- Thanks.

- Jamie.

- It's about time you got here.

- The commerce secretary isn't happy.

Do you know what this
little stunt could do?

- Yeah, well, you wouldn't listen to me.

You see this storm?

You asked me to go out and
find something, so I did.

- I know, I should have told
you the truth years ago.

Jim and I were in commerce together when

Pine Feather was first proposed.

He did an environmental
impact analysis on this site,

saying all this could happen.

- You're saying you knew about this stuff?

- No, we didn't know, it
was just a prediction.

Jim got fired over this,
I had to fight to get him

back on staff when the
research center was opened.

I believed in Jim,

and I believe you're
about to prove him right.

And I'm not gonna stop you.

- Now, if you'll excuse me,

I've gotta go find a
tornado before it finds us.

You ready for some action?

- Hold on, hold on, wait.

This is a liability release indemnifying

the Center for Severe Storm Research

for anything that might
happen to you out there.

- Oh, wow, this is a twist.

A volunteer that wants to
go with you. (chuckles)

- Come on, let's go.
(dramatic orchestral music)

(thunder claps and rumbles)

- [Reporter] Severe
thunderstorm and tornado watches

are currently in effect for Well County.

Please be prepared to seek shelter

in the event that a
tornado warning is issued.

- We're gonna need open phone lines,

online computer terminals
and get VCRs on those,

I want backup on everything
we get from Jamie and the SSV.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(thunder claps)

- Okay.

Okay, we've got heavy electrical fields,

but the rain still hasn't hit yet.

Tail cloud, fracture Denville.

I knew it would start here.
- Supercell?

- Very good.

Hopefully it'll spawn a mesocyclone.

- It looks like it's heading east.

- No, northeast.

That's not bad for a rookie, though.

Come on, it's all ours now.

(storm rumbles)

Base, this is Unit Three, we
have a visual confirmation

of a supercell.
- Copy that, SSV.

- We're northeast, approximately
seven miles from it.

There's a cumulative
form anvil at the rear

that we're following, it looks
like the worst will swing

past Laporte, but it
might hit near Wellington

and maybe back towards Fox Bow, over.

I'm transmitting, you got it?

- Jamie, we are receiving your video feed.

That is affirmative, we
are receiving it, Jamie.

- Jamie, get the profiler going.

I want a lifted index right away.

- Okay.

Lifted index is minus-10.

There's a good chance we'll
get to see a mesocyclone today.

- Wonderful.

- Come on, darling.

Show me what you've got.

Low level backing winds.

That's it.

Hey, that's it!
- That's what?

- Frank, Jim always theorized
a situation like this

could create multiple
tornadoes, but everybody laughed

at him because they said
it wasn't found in nature,

but it is here because of the
operation of Pine Feather!

We could have two or three
simultaneous tornadoes.

Okay, we've got a hook echo.

Strong inflow on the rear plank.

There's gotta be a tornado here somewhere.

There, there he is, right there.

- Look at that, is that a big one?

- F4, F5.

- How high does the scale go?

- Five.

- I was afraid you were gonna say that.

(storm siren rings)

- Base, this is Unit Three.

We have an F4, possible F5,

15 miles north of Laporte heading east.

I'm turning the camera around
so you can take a look.

- [Wallace] Oh, no.

- Wow.

- She did it.

She found it.

(dramatic orchestral music)
- Oh-oh.

- Oh-oh? What now?

- Look there.

- Are they allowed to do that?

- It's called a multiple vortex,

and it can do whatever it wants.

But that's not the big problem, those are.

- [Will] Oh, great, like we
don't have enough problems.

(storm siren rings)

- Uh, guys?


- Laporte, we've got a
problem, we've got six.

I repeat, six touchdowns.

That's two heading east,
two traveling northeast,

and two southwest.

- They have no way out.

The speed of those things
will cut off all their routes.

- Oh my god.

- Jamie, you've gotta get out of there.

- I'm doing the best I can, Frank.

Okay, look, the ones on the
left, don't worry about.

The ones on the right,
they're a little bit stickier.

But this one, right there.

That's definitely a problem.

- Oh, god.

(thunder rumbles)

(lightning zaps)

- Don't worry, the emergency generators

will backup the equipment!

(lightning zaps)
(explosion roars)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- We're never gonna outrun it!

- Okay, any suggestions how
we're gonna get outta here?

- We're not!
- What?

- There.

Get us there now.

Move it!

- You don't think I'm
goin' as fast as I can?

- Okay, it's now or never.


- What are you doin'?
- Securing the van.

Hopefully it'll hold long enough

so Frank can get some footage.

- [Smitty] What are they doing?

- [Frank] It's the only
chance they've got.

- That's it, let's go!

(strong wind blows)

(lightning zaps)

(Will groans)

(glass smashes)

(glass smashes)

(Will groans)

It's over!

- No, it's gonna turn around.

We're in the eye.

Hold on!

(strong wind blows)


(strong wind roars)

- Now I know why they make
you sign those release forms.

(Jamie coughs)

You know somethin'?

I definitely prefer the ball lightning.

- Me, too. (laughs)

(peaceful orchestral music)


(playful orchestral music)

(horn honks)

- Are you guys alright?
- Fine.

- Well, how was it?

- Well, Smitty, it was kinda like love.

You're sitting there and you're
minding your own business,

when all of a sudden, out
of nowhere it hits you.

And then you're in the middle of it,

and there's a whole lot
of thrashing around,

and you kinda just hang on for dear life.

And then, it's calm.

And you know your life
has changed forever.

- That's good.

- Hey, you guys, look, I'm
really sorry about the SSV.

- We got the most
spectacular weather footage

and data ever recorded, ever.

- You earned your stripe today.

Jim was one in a million,
and Jamie, you make two.

- Thanks.

Remember I told you I just
wanna finish what he started?

Well, I did it.

- Hey.

Can I borrow her for a second?

Jamie, you know after
everything we've been through,

I think it's time we both take a vacation.

- Yeah, where you thinkin'?

- How would you feel about a warm,

sun-soaked beach in Tahiti?

- What do you think about a cold,

rain-soaked chase in Texas?

(moody orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music)