Storm Catcher (1999) - full transcript

A renegade general (Robert Miano) plots to bomb Washington using a new top secret jet called the Storm Catcher. The only trouble is only one man (Dolph Lundgren) is capable of flying it. So they seek to put him on the run in a conspiracy that makes him appear to have murdered several men and stolen the plane. Then try to murder his wife and take his daughter prisoner. Threatening to kill his daughter if he doesn't help, he appears trapped. However, his best friend (Mystro Clark) who is the plane's computer specialist has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Storm catcher to base.
Storm catcher to base.

Control, this is storm
catcher, do you read me?

Sparks, you there?
- Hello, no one's home right now.

Please leave a message after the beep.

Yeah, this is major holloway.

How the hell do i stop this thing?

Damnit, i thought i gave
you the instruction book.

Will you two quit with the phone sex?
We got a plane to test.

You know, sparks, i think you're
making my co-pilot jealous.

I didn't even know he cared, prick.

Yeah, i'll show you how much i care
when we get back to the ground.

C'mon, why don't you two stay friends?

It takes three to fly this
baby, remember.

That's the problem i'm
working on right now.

Morning, johnson.


At ease, captain.

General's here.

Hi, gentlemen.

Enough of this mutual admiration society.

Let's see what this bird can really do.

Yes, sir.

Level down to 16,000, sir.

Stand by to activate
stealth mode on my mark.

Three, two, one,


Stealth mode activated, sir.

Let's run a check on the heat signature.

It's negative, sir.

Exhaust trail is completely undetectable.

This new system works like a charm.

How does it feel to be invisible, major?

Love it.

Check out the impulse communicator.

Prepare to engage impulse mode.

Yes, sir.

Three, two, one...


Impulse mode activated, sir.

Transmission received, major.

They've made vast improvements to
these new impulse helmets, sir.

We can now run the vital signs
on both pilots during flight.

By the way, major,

your pulse rate looks a lot
lower than captain lucas.

Any reason why?

Stand by to go weapons hot, major.

Good to go, sir.

Weapon systems activated.

No change in status,
plane is still undetected.

That's an impressive package.

Yes, sir.

My thoughts exactly.

Nice work, men.

C'mon home.

Yes, sir.

We're on our way, sir.

At ease.

350 saudis flown over the gulf.

Now you're in charge of just one plane?

Looks like you boys have been demoted.

Good to see you too, sir.

Didn't realize you were
flying in today, sir.

Those bureaucrats need to give
our asses a rest, captain.

I love the smell of jet fuel.


What the fuck are you doing, man?

What do you mean what am i doing?

I'm glad i was able to put the three of
makes my job a lot easier.

Thank you, sir.

Glad to be aboard, sir.

Just don't fuck with me, alright?

Just do your damn job.

In my day we just put them
see who's still left standing.

Be a pleasure, sir.

Mine, too.

He's a captain here.

That's a guardian angel.

Even though we don't like each other,

we still all have to work together.

Gotta fight together too.

Guess we're all pretty lucky to be here,
if you think about it.

We lost a lot of good men over the years.

We all miss tom, sir.

Your son was a good man.

Yes, he was.


what's this, the "y files"?

They'll want more updates on this project
than the joint chiefs.

Frankly, it makes me a
little uncomfortable.


I can see why.

I suggest you keep your eye
on the test flight, soldier.

I suggest you keep your eyes off me.



General, we don't want to be late.

Of course.

Enjoy, gentlemen.

I'll try to catch up
with you in a few days.

Do you got any respect for authority?

Not when they got an ass like that.

That's hot.

Wonder what's in the briefcase.

Probably sex toys or something naughty.

Come here.

The bartender goes,
"superman stop fucking around,

you're killing the customers."

hurry up, man, let's go.

We got plenty of time.

That's what you always say.

If we're late, i'll take the blame.

Yeah, right.

You always get the kisses
and i always get the blame.

Hey, tough guy.

What are you up to this weekend?

Take my baby out for a spin.


Don't you ever want
to stay on the ground?

Not if i can help it.


I'm bringing the car around,
you better be right behind me.

I'll be there.

You know, major, if you're in a hurry,
i can check your flight gear in for you.

Save you a little time.

Sure, sure.

Just be careful not
to mix up the helmets.

Might end up with your pulse.

Wouldn't want that.

Okay, snap and roll.

52 storm on three.



You were late.

Sparks, it's typical!

Why do you always make him late?

It was his fault this time.

We were trying to leave early,
he would not listen to me!

Ready, set...




The goal!

Alright, nice catch.

Thanks dad, great play.

That'll come in handy next week.

I told him to leave.

No more excuses, sparks.

Did you get sparks in trouble again?

What do you think?

Good practice, ladies.


You got to talk to sparks here.

It's his turn to buy.

Pizza, pizza!

I don't have any pizza.

Nice going, coach.

Those were some pretty fast moves.

You know what they say,
the hand is quicker than the eye.

I love it when you talk dirty, major.

You know, big foot's
still out here somewhere.


He's gonna get you.

So, on guard!

You want to play rough?

Say hello to my little friend!

It got stuck.

Here, eat mine.

C'mon, we're in the forest.


Dad, how come you can fly
a multimillion dollar jet,

but you can't roast a marshmallow?

It's easy, sweetheart.

It's teamwork.

It's okay, i'm fine!

Don't try to help me,
i got it under control.

Trust me.

What the hell?

Looks like the office called for
you, big guy.



I got my phone in the car if you need it.

Pass the chocolate, sweetheart.

Be right back.

Why don't we just get a hotel
room, anyway?

I hate tents.

Save me a couple of
those burnt marshmallows.



Alright, let him through.

Let's go, move it!

Get it done.

Getting done.


are you a combat virgin?

Let's hope not.

I.d. switched, he's in.

Let's go.

Excuse me, sir.

This area is off limits
unless you've got some i.d.

major, i show no scheduled
flights on my chart.

Major, please remove your helmet.

Don't shoot, man don't shoot!

What the hell is going...?

Don't shoot, no, no!

No, no!

Blow me.

Blow this.

Nice work, holloway.

Over here!

Jacobs here.






god, honey, where have you been?

Are you okay?

Where ya been?

We've been worried sick.

I went to the car to make the
call, and then, i don't know.

What happened to your clothes?

What, you took the plane
up and didn't tell me?

Why would you just leave?

We've been looking for you all night.

Attention, major jack holloway.

We are with the 109th airborne unit.

Please stay where you are.

This entire area is secure.

Any attempt to flee
will be met with force.

What are you doing?

Orders to arrest the major.



Calm down, everybody, just calm down!



What am i supposed to have done, sir?

I was hoping you could tell me.

These are serious charges, major.

I don't know what's going on, sir.

I don't know.

I don't know what i'm
supposed to have done.

I don't know what i've done.

Please tell me what i've done.

Explain to me,
how all the evidence points to you.

Explain to me.

What evidence?

How all the witnesses have identified you
in your flight suit.

And how your thumbprint...

i don't know what i'm
supposed to have done.

Is recorded on the identity scanner.

I know i'm innocent, that's what i know.

Explain that to me!

I haven't done anything!

You tell me who you're
working for right now.

Tell me who you're working for.

I'm working for the united
states government, sir.

Just like you.

Jack, i've known and
respected you for a long time.

Ever since you and my son
served together in rotc.

I can't believe that you would do this.

Jack, i know the two of
you were best friends.

I'm gonna do everything in my power

to make sure i get to the bottom of this.

That'll be all.

It doesn't look as though
he's being mendacious.


It doesn't look as though he's lying.

Still, there are only two people

who can fly that plane,
and the other is lucas.

He's got a pretty strong alibi.

So the general says.

Hey, jess, you okay?

What are you doing? don't touch me!

They got you scheduled to
appear at the federal building.

They're gonna try to court martial you.

General jacobs asked me to testify.

What am i supposed to have done?

I don't know.

I told them i was with
you all weekend, man.

I love you, jack.

Love you, jess.

Do something.

Don't worry.

I promise i'll get to the bottom of this.

Sorry about the dramatics, major.

But we had to make it look good.

How about a snow cone?

Itching post to stagecoach.

This is stagecoach, go ahead.

Status update on package.

Package extracted, advise.

Bury the package.

Repeat, bury the package.

Sit back and relax.

Hold it steady!

What are you waiting for? shoot him!

Did you get him?

Stagecoach, package loose!

I said, package loose!

Request immediate assistance!

So much for the snow cones.

Stagecoach, itching post...

do you read me?

Stagecoach, advise.

Could you tell us more about
major holloway, general?

Like what?

He's one of the most decorated
officers in his unit.

And he's flown numerous...

We don't mean that!

We mean more about his beliefs.

His beliefs?

We're an equal opportunity army.

We don't pry into people's private lives.

Not unless they're gay.

Or a communist, right, general?

Just get to the point, will you?

We believe that your major jack holloway
has ties to a,

terrorist organization.

18 months ago, arizona.

This military transport was carrying

a secret shipment of the deadly
strain, anthrax,

when it was mysteriously derailed.

Now, after an exhaustive
search of the wreckage

the chemical was never recovered.

And now, the phoenix.

These aren't random incidents, general.

This is the work of a very
well organized movement,

and they're operating within the
boundaries of the united states.

A militia group?

Well, we're not talking about a group of,

paranoid survivalists.

Then what are we talking about?

An underground military force,
waging war on the u.s. government.

Maybe from within the u.s. military.

A conspiracy theory?

Ufo's maybe.

You people are beginning to
believe in your own press.

If i were hunting terrorists,
the last place i would look

would be in the u.s. military.

I find your remarks rather offensive,

and i assure you i'll be filing a report
with your superiors.

Now please, get out of my sight

before i show you how i really feel.

Well, thank you for your time, general.

By the way, general,

we shall be talking again.

Stop it!

Sorry, it's a nervous habit.

Unconfirmed reports from the pentagon
that a top secret u.s. military aircraft

has been stolen from its base in nevada.

An all-points bulletin has
been issued for the arrest

of air force test pilot,
major jack holloway.

Holloway is being sought by military

and local law enforcement agencies...

no, no, no, no.

Don't tell me you knew all about
this, sparks.

You're like part of the family.

You don't lie to family.

I didn't lie.

I couldn't talk about it,
it's classified, i swear.

They're been blaming jack!

Maybe i should go.

Yeah, maybe you should.

Hey, sparks.

Listen, i'm sorry, okay?

It's okay.

I'm sorry.

That's what family is for.

You're under a lot of stress,

sparks, it's me.

Shit, you scared the hell out of me!

What the fuck are you doing?

How's jess? how's nicole?

They're fine! you look like shit.
What happened?

They hijacked the prison van.

They tried to kill me, killed everybody.

They who?

The fucking hijackers!

I think they work for the military,

they had some kind of tattoo.

You know, like special unit?

It was like a snake coiled into a knot

what happened to all these people?

Okay, okay.

Just find out who they were.


So, what are you gonna do?

I gotta get my family out of here, man.

It's getting out of hand.

I'm gonna find that plane.

Then what are you gonna
do when you find it?

Well, i guess i'll
have to steal her back.

Great, that's a good idea.

Let me know what you find out.

This is crazy, this is crazy...

i'm gonna get court martialed for this.

Just steal it right back,

don't call the police,
it's none of their business.

I feel like "cagney and lacey" here.

We'll just steal it ourselves.

It'd be the easy thing to do.

I wish daddy were here now.

Me too, sweetie.

Me, too.

Careful what you wish for.





Don't breathe, hold your breath!

Nicole, come here.

Stay here, try not to breathe.

Okay, dad.

I'll be right back.

Put that on, put that on.





Hold on, jessie, you'll be okay.

You'll be okay!

Dad, what's wrong?

Mom... mom, are you okay?

It'll be okay, jessie.


I need a doctor!

Help, help us!

I need a doctor, doctor!

I need a doctor!

Quickly, i need a doctor,
i got a knife wound here!

Doctor... i need a doctor here!

Help us!

Get some help, get me some help!

Go, get some help.

Try the other side.

Help us!

Get some help, get some help!

Somebody help!

I need a doctor here!



C'mon, hurry up!

Where is everybody?


I need a doctor!

C'mon, hurry up!

Doctor... i need a doctor!

I have a knife wound here!

In the back.

Mommy... mommy!

It's okay...

it's okay.

She'll be fine.

How you doing?

Hey, bobby.

What's up, man?

Glad to see you starched
that shirt for a change.


Yo, sparks.

Hi, she's gonna be fine.

The blade missed any vital areas.

She's gonna be fine, she just needs rest.

So, i'm gonna get washed up,

and maybe we'll talk a little later.

And by the way.

I called the police for you.

Daddy, you should go.

You should go,
i'll take care of mommy, okay?

Go, just go.

Alright, i'll be back soon.

I love you, daddy.

Daddy loves you.


Watch it!

Alright, big brother,
let's see what you got.

Alright... here we go.

Serpent killers.

Special forces.

The spark man cometh.

Yeah, right,
who do you think you're dealing with?

C'mon, open up.

Come to daddy.

Thank you.

"sergeant trey c. stanley.

"serpent killer, special forces...

baghdad", what?

Grant me the serenity...

sorry to bother you, sir.

At ease, captain.

Sir, are you familiar
with a special forces unit

known as serpent killers?

Of course.

My son was a member of that unit.

I've been doing a little research

and i found some things
that are rather strange.

These dog tags belong to
a sergeant trey stanley.

His records show he was killed
in action during the gulf war.

As well as four other sergeants.


So, none of these men were actually dead,

until a couple days ago.

They were all part of the team

that hijacked major
holloway's prison van.

How did you get this, captain?

Has holloway contacted you?

Yes, sir.

I see.

Have a seat, captain.

The serpent killers were
a special forces unit

formed back in '68

at the height of the vietnam war

to terminate high profile targets

with zero footprint.

An assassination squad

that could take the head off of

whatever foreign snakes

the u.s. government deemed
no longer necessary.

But, sir, aren't assassination attempts

against foreign heads of state

against federal law?

Yes, they are.

But i have two words, sparks.

Plausible deniability.

Party line in the cia.

If these men were still
alive, as you say,

the company's fingerprints
could be all over this.

So, you're saying the cia
has something to do with

the theft of storm catcher.

That's what we have to find out.

Does anyone else know about this?

No, sir, i thought i
should come to you first.

Good, if we're gonna enter the snake pit,

we'd better do it quietly.



Whaddya want?

I'm here to service mr. lucas' plane.

Where's the regular guy?

Called in sick.

I need to see the flight logs,

you know, check the mileage.

That kind of thing.

Mechanical records is the only one

that has access to that
kind of information.

I'll have to check with the office.

Hey, who's winning the game?

The dodgers are blowing

this year their pitching
ain't been for shit.

You know, i haven't been a dodgers fan

since they left brooklyn.

You from brooklyn?

Yeah, kind of.

My parents were immigrants,
i grew up in, um...


Flatbush?! get the fuck out of here!!

I'm from flatbush,
where'd you go to school?



Who the fuck went to school?!

You wanna make that call?
I'm running kinda late.

The hell with it.

Us brooklyn bums gotta stick together.

I'll get that information.

You know, the guy is really a prick

flies in and out of here all the time,

santa fe a lot, santa fe, new mexico.

Here it is.

Never says as much as hello.

As a matter of fact,

last saturday night he
flew in from santa fe.

Here you go, that's everything you need.



Brooklyn, alright.

New mexico.

What are you doing messin'
with mr. lucas' plane?

Lucas, lucas?

I thought this was the loopers' plane.

Boy, is my face red.

Say, you wouldn't happen to
know which one of these planes

belongs to mr. loopers?

Why don't you come with me?

You're making a huge mistake.

That wouldn't be the first time.

You can't say i didn't try.

Is that all you got?

There you go.



Hello? i need that candy.

I suggest you read the ingredients.

Thank you, betty crocker.


We need to talk.

No, we don't.

Can i get my candy please?
That was my last 50 cents!

Come back here, you prick-bastard!

I can't believe it!

What the hell is the matter with you?!

New yorkers.

Get your ass back here!

Hey, what are you doing?

Why don't you just tell
us where holloway is?


You know, sparks,

here's something for you to think about.

An anonymous american company

has been purchasing numerous properties.

I mean, airfields,
factories, reservations.

You name it.

A company, we believe, is being financed

from somewhere within the u.s. military.

So, let me get this straight.

You're telling me that
renegade members...


Of our own military,

are buying and stealing
weapons and equipment

for some underground movement?

We're talking about civil war here.

Your boyfriend, holloway,

he's been set up from the very beginning.

He's the biggest patsy since oswald.

So, why don't you just
tell us where holloway is

and save us all a lot of...

wait, wait, wait,
let's talk about this man!

Wait a minute!!

I'm here to visit holloway's
wife and daughter.

It's fine, you can go right on in.

Thank you very much, thank you.

Why don't you just tell me where he is?

Who? dickhead!

The white rabbit, who do you think?

Trix are for kids, i hate rabbits.

You know what, sparks?

This is gonna start
to hurt after a while.

So why don't you just be smart,

and tell me where he is,

you stupid piece of shit.

I would tell you, lucas,

except you hit like a bitch.


Looking for me?

Put the gun down, major.

Put the gun down, major!

You shoot me and this knife's gonna slip.

Shoot his ass.

Right between the eyes.

Don't do it, jack!

So, how long have you been
involved in this shit?

Fuckin' traitor.

You wouldn't understand.

Try me.

C'mon, jack, get his ass!

Fuckin' girl scout, knot-tying,



I'm coming, buddy,

wait a minute, i'm coming!

You said you didn't
wanna stay on the ground,

didn't you?

Hey, thanks for your help, buddy.

Any time, man.

How you doing, okay?

Yeah, i'm okay, are you alright?

They got storm catcher man.

Shit, i know.

Do you know what they're
gonna use it for?

No, but, once it goes stealth,

nobody can catch that thing.

I know.

We need to get some kind of
tracking device on board.

Yeah, something simple.

That's it.

That's it.

Get that on the plane.

Hello, major, good to see you again, son.

You've made this very difficult for us.

I've served this country
for over 35 years.

I believed in the american way.

My country, right or wrong.

The america we live in today

is no longer the country i once knew.

The country i swore to defend.

The freedoms and rights
accorded us as americans

by the constitution

have gradually been eroded

by an overzealous and corrupt government

that no longer embodies
the principals of being

of, for, and by, the people.

Jefferson once said,

"the tree of freedom,

"that must be replenished
from time to time,

with the blood of patriots."

and he must be rolling over
in his grave right now.

So, do you mind telling us

what being a patriot means these days?

The same thing it always has.

Preservation of freedom.

The only way to kill a snake

is to cut off its head.

We've been doing that for years

all over the world.

And now the time has finally come

to do the same thing right
here, on american soil.

Don't you think you're
a little outnumbered?

There's over a thousand soldiers

in this state alone.

What you see here is just
the tip of the iceberg.

What about tom?

What about your son, tom?

He believed in this country.

Fought for this country.

And he died for it.

How do you think he feels about this?

About what you're doing here?

This country dishonored my son,

and the thousands of
soldiers just like him

by failing to live up to
its end of the bargain.

Don't tell me about my son.

You're a good soldier, jack.

Too good.

And now, unfortunately,

you're the only one
who can fly the plane.

I think you misjudged me, general.

I'll never betray my country.

I thought as much, jack.

But, you know, the old saying,

never say never.




The sergeant here's gonna
be along for the ride,

just in case.

Not that i think you'd do
anything to hurt this baby.

Give him the keys.

What is this?

What the hell are you up to?

You're on a need to know basis, major.

Get her!

Daddy, daddy...!


It's okay, it's okay, sweetheart.

It's okay, sweetheart.

It's okay, sweetheart.

Daddy, daddy, daddy!

It's okay, sweetheart.

When daddy comes home,

you can show him how
to toast a marshmallow.

You ever been in one of these before?

Of course, i have.

You ever been in mach-5 before?

Shut up!

Sure, sure, um, want your helmet?

It goes on your head.

I know where it goes.

Switch to override.

And program these coordinates
into the targeting computer.

Don't be stupid, sparks.

Holloway would never forgive you

if you caused any harm
to come to his daughter.

Let go.

How you feeling?


I said, how you holding up back
there, sergeant?

Look, all you really need to know

is i got a .45 aimed at
the back of your head

with 14 steel-jacket rams.

If you ever wanna see
your wife and kid again,

just shut the fuck up!

Follow orders!

Yes, sir.

Stop that!

That's right, captain.

Jack, take a look at your destination.

Phase one, cut the head off the snake.

Phase two, destroy its body.

Phase three, conquer its domain,

and systematically remove all freedom

until order is restored.

Welcome to the revolution, jack.

Activate weapon systems.

Showtime, baby.

Put it in.

Increase speed,

and go dark at 500 miles.


Mark three achieved.

Stealth mode engaged.

Excellent, major.

You are cloaked and undetectable.

Engage impulse, communicator

good work, captain.


if your father does what he's told,

you're gonna be okay.

Is that understood?

I know what you're seeing

probably doesn't make
sense to you right now,

but what we're trying to
achieve will bring about

a greater america for
you and your children.

Trust me.

Ready yet?

Almost, sir.


What the fuck is that?

That's the weapons system radar.

This is a plane, we've got radar, relax.

Sir, we've got incursion
into restricted air space.

Craft i.d.?

No imprints, sir,
it's a low frequency signal.


400 miles outside
washington and closing, sir.

Ramble, fighter group three.

Fighter group away, sir.

What's going on?

I don't know.

What is that?


How the hell did they spot her?

I don't know.

You better not be responsible for
this, captain.

I'll kill you right here.

Bogey's approaching
from the atlantic, jack,

watch yourself.

This is delta group.

We are maintaining our
northwest trajectory.


Roger, tega,
group approaching from the south.

What the fuck is that?

Take evasive action.

Yes, sir.

This is tango,
bogey has changed direction.

We are altering our course
to maintain pursuit.

Delta group, here.

Target is now approaching sector nine.

What the hell is happening?

This is u.s. navy

you have violated restricted air space.

Identify yourself immediately.

I say again, this is u.s. navy

you are instructed to follow our escort

and land in the airfield immediately.



Where's the radar?

Where is it?

Delta group,
we have lost signal from target.

Repeat, we have lost our signal.

Attempting visual sweep
of sector nine, over.

Roger, tango.

We'll expand sweep into
sectors eight and ten.


What's happening?

They went stealth mode again.

Where'd they go?

Where'd they go?!


You won't be needing this.

Hey, hey, what the fuck are you doing?!


What the fuck is that?

Contact mcgarry,
ask him what's happening.

Holloway dead.

Dead... dead?!



Plane damaged.

Tell mcgarry, permission denied.

Sit tight.

Targets can be reacquired automatically.

Tell him, tell him!


Yes, sir.

That's odd.

For somebody who hasn't
flown a plane before,

the sarge is pretty fucking calm.

Holy shit.

Bring the girl, we're leaving.

Okay, let's go.

What do we have here?

Thanks, buddy.


Tell him to land the plane

or he'll never see his little girl again.

It'll be okay.

Do it, sparks!

Snap and roll.

Snap and roll, 52 storm on three.

What does that mean, sparks?

What does that mean?




Never say never.

Good shot, jack.

Your dad is pretty good with that.

Kind of violent, but good.


You might need to get
uncle sparks an ambulance.

Phoenix... nice knowing you.

But, you're a little too
lethal for your own good.




What happened to you, buddy?

Just done a little camping.

Right, you look good.

Good shot, thanks.

I love you, honey.

I love you, too.

One, two, three.

Go, go, go, go, go.


Yes, yes!

That's my goddaughter, she's with us!

That's my goddaughter right there!

She's with us!

She'll get a scholarship for this!

I taught her that!

Alright... nice catch.

So, big boy, what's your secret?

Snap and roll, 52 storm.