Storm Bound (2007) - full transcript

A ripping adventure yarn about teenage boys who join the crew of a ship of the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century. After a dramatic shipwreck and escape from an attack by natives, they must make their way to safety by themselves.

Skipper! Over there!

Do you see that?!


Reef the sails. Reef the sails!






What is it?

Father drowned. I'm sure.

He is dead.

Come on with that iron, Hajo.

Hurry up, dude. I promised your mother you would be a good blacksmith.

* Stir in a boat with seven of us.

* All in one boat

* With seven people in a boat and only ONE man at the helm *

You can only sail when you turn sixteen, don't you?

"You go fishing for rodents," they will say. Hey, little one?

What now? Hey, satansjong!

Hops with that trade!

Hey, mate.

Schele, coffee.

I'll put it down there.

My son...

does the sea call?

Just grab my hand.

What is it beautiful, huh?

The new boat from Bontekoe.

Comes from the yard in Edam.

Look! There you have Bontekoe.

And that is the merchant.

It is VERY important.

They will soon go to the East Indies.

Sailing with Bontekoe...

that's the best thing there is.

Yes, uh... you can't talk about that with the landlubbers.

You must feel that, it must be in your blood.

If during a severe storm you get more seawater than soup...

you should never start thinking, "Dear Lord, save me." No.

Then you should think: "Have mercy on my barge."

But nothing can happen to Bontekoe.

Bontekoe cannot be broken.



Can't you look out of your eyes?

What happened, Nelis? Excuse me?

What happened, Nelis?

Excuse me? What has happened!

You don't have to shout like that, I'm not deaf!

Small accident, skipper. Ken happen.

You can be lucky that there is no splash on my suit.

Otherwise I would have let you go. Smock, yes! Haha.

Who do you think you are? You should listen carefully.

Are you not a Hajo?

The son of Klaas Hajo?

Yes, skipper. I'm Peter Hajo.

Your father was an awake man, boy.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a blacksmith, skipper. And do you like it?

No, skipper. Not at all.

He must go to the sea if necessary...

just like all the other foam chips lost on land.

Just like your father, huh, boy?

Your mother likes that?

Did you do anything else before you became a blacksmith?

Yes, I was a plumber, bricklayer and, uh...

I hear it already: twelve crafts, thirteen accidents. and.

Seven crafts?

Seven accidents. Hahahaha.

What does he say?

Seven accidents!

He says he has had seven accidents!


Tabee, Nelis.Schipper.

Your mother has baked fish.


The blacksmith brought your things.

I wanted to, but then the new ship from Bontekoe arrived...

I want to go to the sea. I want to be a mate with the VOC.

Father wanted that. "You will become a mate later," he always said.

You promised me. I don't want to live between four musty walls.

I can not do that. You saw that.

Join the Company, isn't that the best thing there is?

Mother, I want to sail. I'm going anyway. I heard Father... Stop it!

What have I agreed with you? You would NOT go to the sea. Never.

I just don't want it. Point.

What happened to father does not happen to me. I know that, I feel that.

Let me.

Let me go to the sea... Peter Hajo, it is NOT happening.

And by the way, the VOC does not take you along anyway.

You must be 16. There is no skipper you want to take with you.

Maartje, Antje, eat!

I have already eaten this afternoon.

The day after tomorrow, the lace will be finished.

And then Mrs. Jacobs comes, we get money and we eat something delicious.

Come with the fat one. Ah, that's mean. Hahaha.

Hey! Attack!

Come on, little fat man. Hey, do you dare?

Hey, stay away from him!

Sodemieter, cowards!

Thank you. Are you ok?

Shall we make a bite? I have one from yesterday.

But then I want one too, Hajo.

Hey look! Hajo, there is one knocking.



Yes. The ice is smooth, right?

What are you doing here?


PADDE SICK Did you hurt you? This is my bite.

Your bite?

And if the ice is melting, will it still be yours?


Take him, Hajo. You can have it.

It is as stiff as a stockfish. You see that right?

You are certainly such a pencil sharpener. That you are so impressed.


No, I am not a pencil picker. O? What are you then?

I'm a ship's boy on the Bontekoe.O ship.

And how old are you?


You must be 16 to work there.

I don't believe it is cracking.

Well, and yet it is!

Take him, Hajo. All right, Hajo.

Well done.

All right, Hajo. Grab it.

Take it, boy. Hit him upside down.

Beat him up, Hajo.

Beat him up... Aaah!


Then help him!

Help, boy.

Come on, boy. Come on.

Never mind. Never mind!

Come on, boy.

Come on. Come on.

Come on, boy.

Come on, boy!

Please come on.


What is it?

Padde fell into the water. How's he doing? oed.

You don't have to go on ice either. That is still too dangerous.

I wanted to catch fish. For tonight, to eat.


Mom! Antje!

Oh no!

All that work! How do I get money? How?

Antje, I have told you SO many times: "Watch out."


Oh, Antje. Sorry.

I am so sorry. It'll be fine, girl.

Come on.

It will be fine.

I want to talk to skipper Bontekoe.

Everyone wants to talk to skipper Bontekoe. I want to talk to him...

they want to talk to him, but he doesn't want to see anyone!

Not you either.

Get out of here.




What are you doing? I am waiting for Bontekoe.


I'm going with the Nieuwhoorn.

Are you going... But I can't live without you?

There they are!

Tonight the wind turns to the east. We will sail tomorrow.

Time is money.

Time is money.

Yes, but we are still short of men.


Hajo, if you leave...

then we may never see each other again and then I will have no boyfriend.


Rats? I kill them!

All signed.

Clean crew, skipper. Even if I say so myself.

Pieterszoon, weren't you in custody for knife-pulling?


He was released early because of good behavior.

Escaped, sure? Po-po-po-po-po!

Come all!

It is strictly forbidden for you to carry a knife on board.

I only warn you once.

Come on!

Come on!

Hey, wait. I'm the leader, right? Hey, I'm the leader! Wait.

Gajes, rig off the ledge. Who would still sell their own mother.

Skipper, I have come to sign up as a ship boy. You are not 16.

Is that a rule?

That you have to be 16? That is a rule.

No exceptions? No, boy. No exceptions.

And if I know someone who is not 16 and can go, can I come?

Skipper, if I know someone who is not 16, can I still come?

We don't have time for you, boy.

So. Who then? He is not 16, but he is allowed.

How old are you? 15, skipper.

Oh yeah? Is that right, 15? Yes almost.

Oh yeah?

Yes, I am 15 before we are in Africa.

I believe you have an answer for everything, don't you, skipper.

No, skipper.

No? Well, that's a shame. I can only use men...

who don't let the cheese eat from the bread.

That's a trait that is needed for my ship people, you know?

Yes, skipper.

About the crew of the Nieuwhoorn is oken.

And we have to keep the flag of the VOC high throughout the world, understand?

Understand, skipper.


If your mother agrees, you will be on the monster roll tomorrow.

And make sure you live up to it. Well... Thanks, skipper!

Who are you?

I'm Padde, sir. But I'm not going on the ship.

Because when I'm sixteen, I'm going to work at my uncle's brewery.

Then you know what you have. That's how it is! To brew beer.

Nice job, boy. Great job! Bye, Padde.

Fun every day, with a fresh jar of beer.

OUT OF BREATH Mother, I am going to the sea.

What have we agreed? I can go with skipper Bontekoe.

But you are too young. He said it himself.

I'm going to the East Indies with the Nieuwhoorn! I'm on the monster roll!

Come on, I'm not good for anything here.

And I want to sail all my life. I want to see the world.

Do you not want to know how it is there? It's dangerous there.

I pay close attention.

I want to sail! I want to be a mate, just like father.

Don't you believe I can do that? That I can become a mate?

Father always said...

Yes, if you really want to achieve something, you can do it too.

But... No, no but.

This vase, full of coins. I bring as much as I return.

He will be full of coins when I return.

I want you to promise to come back alive.

Do you promise?

I promise.

Are you leaving? Yes, little monkey.

Hajo goes to the sea.

Will you be back?

Of course I'll be back.

And then I'll bring you something nice, okay? Yes.

What would you like to have? I want an elephant.

An elephant?

All right, you get an elephant.

Go back to sleep, okay?

For you. It is a lucky bracelet.

I sewed two guilders in here...

in case you were embarrassed.

It is not much... It is very much.

You need it more than me. I will soon earn money.

Yes, but it's for when...

I have the Bible from father here...

and tresses of us all.

Now you are the man in the house.

Do your best, brother. Come home safely...

Baby brother


Hajo, how am I doing now?

Wouldn't I go to work at my uncle's brewery?

Then you know what you have. And the sea is not for me.

All those waves, and all dead. Hajo, all dead!

They're going to bully me again when you're gone, Hajo!

They say I am crazy. You will save you. No, I will not save!

I'm going.


Yes, Hajo...


I'm not going to say goodbye, Hajo. I hate saying goodbye.


Okay, let loose. Hurry up, men.

We go!

What are you doing here?

I'm coming.

Thanks again, hey. For saving Padde.

What's your name? Peter.

Peter Hajo.

But everyone calls me Hajo.



Everyone calls me Rolf.

Voorros loose!


Take my hand!

I couldn't say goodbye, Hajo. I couldn't do it!

What should we do with that fool?

I thought you wanted to work at your uncle's brewery?

Yes I want that too. Then you know what you have.

Well, let's go see if your mother is on the dock.

We are still docking at Texel for fresh fruit and vegetables.

From there you know with every boat back to Hoorn.


Will you show them the ship?

Well, come with me.

Do you see that mast there? You can't come after that.

It is for the skipper, the merchant and the other high omes.

Go on and on.

Gerrit, you sit down! Here we sleep a deck below the soldiers.

Come on.

There is even more stock there, we will just walk there.

Take that pipe off, you crazy.

Soon we will all go to rat fashion.


Hey, take it easy! I still get you!

We have to get to work!

I'll let him sleep forever. Go and have a good dream.

Because I prefer to dream on this trip from my own beautiful girl.

Do you already have a girl?



Yes, let's come. Bring it on.

Hey, have you seen Padde yet? Wouldn't he go with that tjalk?

Didn't he say goodbye?

He hates saying goodbye.

You know, maybe he didn't like it too much.

And? Has the village fool left already?

Rolf thinks he's on the tjalk. He thinks he's on the tjalk.

That's good, because we already have enough of that kind on board.

And now work! You are going to clean the cages of the notables...

and you are going to clean it up at the bottom.

It's a mess there!

Yes, let it down! Bags! Bags! Bags!

Ouch! Sorry.

Hey, have you seen Hajo? Search and you will find, friend.

But... Or are you perhaps myopic?



Skipper? Schippertje?

Please turn again. I would go with the tjalk.

O skipper...

And why aren't you on that tjalk?

I think I fell asleep.

Boy, boy, right!

Had appeared earlier. Now it's too late.

Is it really not possible anymore, skipper?

Listen, I, um... I'll give you work.

And when we come across a ship...

we will transfer you to Holland.

And eh, how long will that take? Today, tomorrow, three months...

Three months? Yes, haha, or longer.

But I would work at the beer brewery.

Then you know what you have.

Well, you know what you have here, right? Work, shelter, food.

We will make you a bottelier buddy.

That is a good preparation.

Yes, sir.

Oh yeah! Just ONE thing: It is not a pub here.

Only with my permission do the sailors get brandy! Understood?

I understand that, sir.

What are you doing here? I have a job.

Hey, crazy! You haven't done anything yet.

You must work for a living !! Hard work !!

Unwind those ropes, or I'll let you keel!

And believe me, you won't experience that a second time!

And you... Deck mops! You have to do that every day!

Come on, deck mops! Here you have a bucket!

Small wheel turner!

Yes what?


You're crazy! You're not going to fight that guy, man!

Why do you always want to fight? Why?

Come with me.

Sit down.

We conclude a triumvirate.

We have the same friends and the same enemies.

We help each other always and everywhere.


Otherwise you won't survive here. Not really.

Food bubble. How do you know that?

It's not the milkman here. You have to work.

You are a bottling man, remember? Come.


What is it doing again?

Hey, you fool! Do something.

I am here again in my hokkie, almost go crazy...

but now the moon has come to shine to enlighten us...

and that is also how I stand before you! Nice huh?

What are you doing? I am the bottler's hand.

God will crack me. What? I can do that.

Tell me what to do. I can do anything. Get that pan.

This one? Yes! Then I have two here...

Ah! Ah!!

Ahhh! Potholders. But watch out, he's hot.

Now I have two nuts.

What did you say, bolle?

Hey, stay away from my stuff.

Potting or I'll cut your throat!

What do you want?

You are not going to sink me, piss stain.



Hey, what are you thinking about?

To my mother.

I'm sure he'll get mad if I get home late.

What are you thinking of?


Seasick, old land pickle? Yes.

You have to go to a seasick-free place. What?

Yes, every ship has a seasick-free spot! There is no ship without it!

I haven't looked here yet, but I'm no longer seasick, either

You must lie on your back and look at your feet.

If it goes up and down: not good.

They lie still: seasick-free spot.

Simple.Oh, yes?

Yes, seasick-free spot. Yes!



What are you doing? Do you want to die or something? I'm looking for something.

While lying on your back? I'm looking for a seasick-free spot.

Are you seasick?

No, imagine!


What is it, mother?

It'll be okay, boy. It'll be fine.

The bow gates closed! Reef the sail! Tie everything down!

Bontekoe, everything is full in the back!

To the pumps!

Twenty men in the hold, ten to the front!

The cross sail must be released, otherwise the mast breaks off.

Two men in the mast! Come on!

Who's going Who?

Come on, Hajo! Come on!

This is crazy work!

Loosen the sail!


Come on, guys. Loosen.

Come on, guys! Loosen!

I can not reach it!

I can not manage to do it! Push the sail off!


Come on, Hajo! Come on!

Loosen the sail! Push it off.

To push!

Those are my boys!

Those are my boys!

Hey, Hajo! Do you also want?

Hey, you there!

That was a good performance yesterday.

I'm proud of you.

If I am a little taller, could I also become a mate?

If you really want to achieve something, you will succeed! Never give up!

If you have given everything, you never have to be ashamed.

Can you already read and write?

Well, then you have to learn that.

I don't think I can.

Remember what I told you: If you really want something, you can do it!

Rolf can write. He will teach you.


Yes, come on, boy. Close the door.

Come in.

Sit down here. Go ahead.

Can you write everything you want? Yes everything.

Here. Wait a minute.

What kind of letter is that? The P, van Padde.

And this is a B? No, a D.

And this? That's an M.

What word do you want to write with a M? Mother.

A note for my mother.

Good. Here, hold it.



Just about. Yes, that's okay.

Where is your mother anyway?

Or, uh...

Couldn't I have asked that? Death.

My mother is dead. For a long time.

I didn't know her.

And your father, too.

My father died of the plague.

Thanks to Bontekoe I didn't have to go to a home.

Were you not angry?

Angry? What do you mean?

By the bite, that, uh, that I was going to fight.

What did you think I would have done if it had been my bite?

The same.

It's already starting to look like something.

I try to make something beautiful out of it.

No, you can draw well. How do you want it?

Yes, round.

Here, get this. No, again.

That entire knot is now gone. We'll just do it again.

You should not have done that.

Here, grab it. No...

You really deserve that tattoo. It's a shame it has to be this high.

No one who sees it, crosshead.

Do you know what that means, such an anchor?

You capture a ship with it. Hope! Such an anchor means hope, boy.

On what? That the ship does not end.

And does that come true?


Is that ok? I do not know.

But it never hurts and the girls love it.


Yes, a bit big.

Nice, but a bit big.

Put something under it. What then?

Mother! I want you to put "mother" under it.


How do you write that?

And, father Langjas?

Scurvy, skipper. No doubt about it.

Harmen? Skipper?

What about the fruit stock? That's on ration, skipper.

The sick are given priority. Put a lock on it.

I already did, skipper.


give us wind.

Mother dear, I want to brew beer with my uncle.

The fruit is on ration.


Remember the boys, huh?

Light it, mother. And drink.

Come on, have a drink.

Come on, you gotta drink.

He needs this smelly room. You're right.

One two...

What are you doing? What do you do, boozy?

When Bontekoe sees this, he spikes you on the mast. Shut up!

Celebrate quickly!

I'm just warning you. Shut up!

The fruit is on ration. And you, don't interfere! Piece of peat!

Hey, calm down. What? What? What?

I'm killing you, boy. Yes, dead!

Hey, hobbe, hobbe.

Cuff that knife trigger. You will not escape your punishment.

I'm not crazy!

He doesn't want to drink. He must, or he will die.

It would be very bad for mother if I entered.

Hajo! Master Langjas?

You have to make it better. I can not promise anything.

He needs fruit. Harmen!

Come on!

Keep it in it. Okay, keep it.

More. Open! Open! Open! Open!

I'm not just gonna let you die. Soon I will have to scrub the deck.



Our Father who art in heaven.

Your name is hallowed.

Your kingdom come, Your will be done...

on earth as in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread...

and do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Joopkens, you were a man I could count on.

I trust you with the sea. One two Three...

For God sake.

Great guys? Yes, sir. Good food.

Dear mother...

The East Indies cannot be that far that I forget you.

It goes well. I was a little sick...

but don't worry.

We are in Cape of Good Hope, where we load fresh food.

Greetings...... to Antje, Maartje and Doris.

Do I already have a brother or sister?

I think a lot about you. Your loving son, Hajo.

Does he already have an elephant? BABY HOLDS

It is ONE of us. It is one of the Compagnie!

Hey, Padde! Come on!

Hey, what's up?

You think that's fun, right? What?

You want to lose me.

Lost? Lost you?

That ship is behind us. It sails the same course as we...

so you can't go back at all even if you want to, come on!


Yes? You're my friend, right?

Sure I'm your friend. My very best?


Well... then it's a shame for the brewery...

because I am going with my best friend!

Welcome to the Nieuwhoorn. Willem Bontekoe.

Pieter Bruinvis, Skipper of the Batavia.

I still have a good bottle of wine. Shall we make that soldier?

Look at that, it won't spoil the atmosphere.

They say that Porpoise is generous with an ear lamb.

First, roll up your sleeves.

And then there is an ear lamb for everyone.

You can also release the reins.

I have to have friends around me. I can't do anything with slaves.

The new year has arrived and wishes us to be done...

a very successful year.

Well you. That you repeat that.

The new year is there and you wish eh...

a very successful year.

The new year has arrived and wishes us to be done...

And all too well... Very prosperous... A very prosperous year.

You have to laugh at it. The Bontekoe ship goes to...

goes to the East Indies. Almost correct. The second piece:

With wealth, pepper and luck...

We will arrive in Holland again!

No of course not.

That doesn't rhyme? It must rhyme? It is a poem.

With wealth, pepper and happiness, Orange sailors...

I would not know.

Not broken anymore. Not broken anymore. Okay.

Well, one more time. The new year is there.

The new year is there. And... And wishes us...

And the poem? You would nominate something, Padde.

That is only at noon.

What do I hear? You're going to read a poem at noon?

What's your name?

Padde, sir. Paddy sir? No, only Padde.

I think it's almost twelve o'clock.

Ten, nine, eight, seven... EVERYONE COUNTS

six, five, four, three, two, one.

Padde, Padde, Padde, Padde!

Toad! Toad! Toad!

The new Year.

The new year is there.


And wish you a very prosperous year.

The ship of Bontekoe...

goes to the East Indies. YELLOW

With rhyme...

With wealth, pepper and luck...

And my grandma!

Cymbal shut! Pelvis closed. Come on.

With wealth, pepper and luck...

go Orange sailors...

never broken again.

Men, that should be drunk!

Hey, I'm dry! Padde, be careful with that torch!

It would be a shame if we burn precious brandy.

Ha, that stuff can't burn. Hey, it's wet...

but why do you think they call it brandy, smart?

Harbor porpoise, I wish you a good speed and we see each other in the new year.

Java, Bontekoe, Java. And keep them focused, right?



Water. Water...



Hey, that's my bob. What am I supposed to fish with? GELACH








What? True?

In the store!


O gunpowder!

The gunpowder. Gunpowder!

The pits, fast! Quick quick!

Fast, fast, fast. Just hurry up!

Everyone, quickly. I did not do it on purpose.

It was an accident. Help, Padde. Puts!

Make chain, make chain. Give me a well, come on.

My God.

Oh my God.

Schele. Cross-eyed, wait!

Get rid of that gunpowder. Form a chain, men.


More pits below. More pits.

Overboard with that.

Overboard with that!


If things explode, we must be out of here.


Faster! Skipper, I could... Faster!

Skipper, they steal the sloop.

Their conscience will punish them.

Come on! Faster!

Leave the ship! Right now!

Get out. You too. Right away.

Leave the ship. Not without you, skipper.

This is an order!

Hurry up.

Away. Forward. Skipper!


Are you already a mate, my son?


Hajo here. Come here soon.

Hajo, over here. This way, Hajo.

Come on, you're almost there.

Here, take my hand.

Here, hand. Come on. Hold on. Take my hand.

Bontekoe, where is Bontekoe?

Spotted cow!

Fur cow! Fur cow!

Skipper! Skipper Bontekoe!

Hey, hey!


Hey! Ah, here. Here!

This way. Hey! Here, this way!



Come on. Not all at once.

Hold on.

Hey, Padde. Toad! Give me your hand!

Bontekoe, our skipper. We have to go find it. Fur cow?

Which Bontekoe? I don't see a Bontekoe.

Bontekoe is dead.

Forget him.

* All in one boat, merry-go-round, merry-go-round

* With seven in a boat and only ONE man at the helm * Hey!

Don't do it!

I thought: I'll keep the mood. You must not think.

Leave the thinking to me. Yes!

Hey, Schele. Are you going to play with the fish?

What are you laughing at, fat kid?

Where are we going, Rolf?


I am so hungry.

I can not anymore. Good heavens, are YOU going to complain now?

It was your fault that the Nieuwhoorn went to the basement.

It is for you to hope that we will soon find an island or food...

otherwise we still have to eat you.


Fat one.

I am SO thirsty.

I want water. No, Harmen, don't.

Water! You will die from that seawater.

We have to wait and pray for rain.

Courage, men.

And trust in God. Hahahaha.

Yes, amen


I want to die.

Then we drink your blood against thirst! Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty.

I want to see my mother. Hold on, Padde.

If you want to achieve something, you must continue.

No food and drink for five days. Food, drink.

No, Schele, come on. Spit out!

Cross-eyed! Spit out!

Come on, spit out!

We are saved!


I have one. I have one!


There is land

There is land.

Hey, there is land!

Hahaha. There is land!


Come on, just a minute.

Then row!

We are almost there.

Rowing. If you ever want to see your mother: rowing.

Hey guys. Look, I have food.

On the side, I don't know what it does.

Men, take a trip around the island.

Maybe there are natives who can provide us with food

Rolf, you and the fat guy get the box out of the sloop...

and the rest collects everything we can trade...

with the natives.


Stick together.

You have to be careful... Aaah!

Yes there.

Just keep smiling. Keep smiling.

Keep smiling. Keep walking, I'm hungry.

Do you have food? Food?

Makan, eat it.

Nasi, nasi.

Pisang, pisang, pisang. Food.

Cookie Cow. Cookie Cow?

Koekelekoe is chicken?

Koekelekoe, that's best. That's best.

Look, you have to look.

For you. You.

Can you have. We will trade for the cuckoo cow.

Exchange: you, I the cuckoo cow.

Two cookie cows. Two cookie cows.

We have chicken!

You can get this for banana. Banana.

Do me such a banana too.

That's nice, isn't it?

That's nice, right?

Harmen, what was that? Harmen?

This is not going well!

Come. Come on, walk on!

Way, way...

Wait for me. Not so fast.

I can not anymore. Come on, Padde, just a minute! Hold on.

Ah! Padde, what's wrong? It stings.

Toad, that's probably just an insect! Run through!

But we are going in the wrong direction. We can't go back to the sloop.

We have to go to the other side, this is our only chance.

Wait for me.

Hey, Padde, do you already have...

Padde is gone! What?

Look, there it is.

Padde, what's wrong?

You have to feel how warm he is.

We have to get out of here. You're right.

One two...


Padde also likes something.

What's your name?

Hajo, Rolf and Padde.

"Nama saya Dolimah."

Noma saya Dolimah? Nama saya Dolimah.

"Nama saya" means "My name is," stupid. Oh, Dolimah?

Dolimah, stupid.

Stupid. No, not stupid! Hajo.



Rolf. Nama saya Rolf.

Olf. No, Rolf.




Toad. That's Padde.


Is everything alright?

Do you understand something about it? No, he is a devil artist.

Have a look.

Hajo, we are well here and Batavia is here.

There is the sun, so if we keep going, we will reach the sea.

And if the wind comes from the north, we can go to Batavia via Java.


Where am I? I'm glad you're back! How do you feel?


Slept well. What happened?

Ah, a snake. A snake?

Oh no.

Do I have to go on that thing? Yes you have to.

And I would be nicer. We worked hard for it.

Almost forgot.

It is the sun here, say.

Can anyone hold a branch above my head...

then it doesn't bother me so much.

Hajo, how you sweat, boy. Rolf, take it easy, man.

Hajo sweats like an otter.

Who made that thing? I'm pretty comfortable here.

It is just like a carriage.

Come on, horse. Hop on... ah.

You have to lie still, yes. I am not feeling well.

The sooner you are better, the better it is for all of us.


Three two one...

I'm thirsty.

If this water is brackish, the sea cannot be far away.

You're right.

Okay, it goes: three, two, ONE...

It is good that way. You can walk now.

Hajo, are you climbing the waterfall to see where the sea is?

Otherwise you do it yourself? You go, you climb much better.

Hey, I'm going to take a nice bath, you know.

Come on, Rolf!

Ah! Hey!

The compass. You don't get that.

It's not a question, friend.

The compass.

Do you think I'm joking?

Give me that thing now! No.

Where's that compass?

I ask you ONE more time: give me that compass.

You don't get that.

If I don't get it, you won't get it either!

What do we have here?

Hold on!

I have to tell you something. The merchant is dead.

Hey? What?

He followed us. He wanted the compass.

And then... then he fell.

I told you, always thawing.

Harmen is dead.

And Bontekoe is dead too. And Gerrit! And I miss them, Hajo.

I really miss them a lot.

We are going to make a raft!

Padde, are you looking for those long lianas?

Hajo, you make a stir.

Have you ever made a raft before?

Often enough.

Oh, what?


Toad, oh, Haha.

What is so nice?

She. Everything is suddenly much nicer.

What will they be surprised in Holland when I walk through the city with her.

Yes, me.

Don't make me laugh, man. What about you?

Yes, I do, yes. Or me! Haha.

Did you really think she wants to walk with you?

What should she do with you then? More than with you!

Weakling. You are a weakling yourself!

Pencil Lick.Boer.

Oh! What now? She is gone.

What? Dolimah is gone.

She wanted to stay on the island, I think.

Her place is here.

Do you know...

Maybe it is better that way. She wanted it that way.

I found her very special. Yes, we noticed that.

I actually do too.

We both could not have gotten her.

And sharing a girl has never been for me.

Sweet of her, all those flowers.

Hey, guys? Are we still going or are we going to wait for that girl?

I want to go home! I'm sure my mother will get angry if I get home late.


I have an incredible freak.

Be careful, you will fall off soon.

Just like my aunt. He is SO careful...

that she keeps her nightcap on all day so she won't forget it.

Hajo, do you see what I see? Yes, I had already seen.

No, look there!

Ship, ahay! Here! Hey, we're here!

Ship, ahay! All together!

He sails the other way.

Come on, here! Ship, ahay!

It does not work.

The sea current is just right.

There is the east and there is Sumatra.


God criminal.

Bring it on.

Then come, loeder.

What is it?

I still suffer from that snake bite, I think.

Hajo, do you see that? Over there!

There are ships. Batavia! Toad!

We are here!

Which of you is Padde? Did Karnemeyer paddle?

The boy who made the Nieuwhoorn explode? Well, say it!


I, sir.

I am...

Peter, don't always stand up for me.

I'm Padde. No, I'm Padde.

No, I'm Padde, right? Peter, don't lie, shut up!

I am Padde. I am Padde, do not be fooled.

There is another person here who survived the blast.

He can designate Padde. And otherwise, the noose.

It was an unfortunate one. You are an unfortunate one.

I swear on my aunt's nightcap. On my mother's grave...

On my mother's grave.

It's always something, isn't it? There is just always something!

The death penalty is written on blowing up a VOC ship!

And that officer is from the VOC. It'll be okay. Well, then how?

Hajo, they are not going to hang us, are they?

If you appoint the criminal, we can try him quickly.

Skipper! Which of these wheel turners is Padde?

Who has let the Nieuwhoorn fly in the air? Well? Who?

I know him. That's Rolf...

Ship's boy from the huts of the high omes.

And that is Hajo, ship boy from the front deck.

And that is...


Klaas? Klaas?

Yes, Klaas.

I certainly know my own ship boys, right?

Peter, his name is Peter. Peter? Are you sure Peter?

No, Hajo. Well, Hajo, Klaas or Peter, what difference does it make?

But Padde, that filthy arsonist, isn't among them.

Are you sure about that? Certainly.

What are you going to do now? You cannot hold innocent boys.

Listen, Padde, I'm not mad...

that you set fire to that brandy.

Accidents happen and we must continue.

I will not get De Nieuwhoorn back, we must look to the future.

So guys, what are you going to do now? Yes, I don't know.

Do you want to go back home? Yes of course!

I have a new ship here full of spices for Holland.

I could use a few ship boys. Do you mean that?


* Take my hand and don't ask too many questions

* You cannot bear the world alone

* Now take my hand and show me the way *

Nice huh?

Scheepsjongens, like the sodemieter to Bontekoe.

So, men, you are already there! That is beautiful.

We are approaching Holland and we had to pay.

I have permission from De Compagnie to pay double wages...

to the crew that survived the shipwreck.

Padde, you have to promise me one thing. It was unfortunate, really.

That thing fell over and I saw a rat and I couldn't help it.

What are your plans for the future?


Promise me you're going to work at your uncle's brewery.

Then you know what you have! Exactly, my boy.

And then we also know what we have. Because you have no sea legs.

Understood? Roger, skipper.

Good. Here's your money:

43 guilders...

... and 35 cents.

Rolf, do you want the money now?

No, just put it on my account with the VOC.

That's okay, my boy.


Can you do it for me here? I promised my mother that.

How are you writing?

Peter Hajo, I suggest you come on my monster role...

as apprentice mate, does that sound like something to you?

Yes of course, skipper.

Ha, there they are.

Welcome home, guys.


Hajo, are you okay? Long time no see.

Hey, that's a long time ago. How are you?

So, Nelis, has anything changed here?

Excuse me?

Did anything change here? Don't shout like that, I'm not deaf!

Thank you. I hear it already: nothing has changed.

My mother doesn't know I'm on this ship, so I'm going home.

I may have a new brother or sister. Will I see you tomorrow? Yes.


You're an eh...

You are...

You are... A pencil picker, yes. And you are a farmer.

See you tomorrow.

I see you tomorrow. Hajo

Are you taking me home?

My mother must be angry that I am home so late.

You've only been away for a year and a half Don't imagine.

Bontekoe, those ship boys of yours have not changed a lot.

They are no longer boys, they have become men.

Men? Yes Yes...

The shipmen of Bontekoe.

Hajo! Guys, it's Hajo!

Oh, my boy.

I am so proud of you. If you really want something...

Then you can do it. Yes.

Hajo! Hey, do you still recognize me?

Hey, did you fight? Yes.Well won? Sure.

Maartje! Oh, how hard you have become.

Hey, Antje. Where's my elephant?

Oh, wait.

Look all the way from the tropics.

With real trunk and real teeth.

A bit small.

Hey, mate.

* Just look at the houses around you

* They would never have been built without a stone

* And there are no wings on a bird

* It never flies anywhere

* Even if you still have so many opportunities

* One always goes wrong

* And because you can hear my singing, you also know what silence is

* Because one cannot do without the other

* Take my hand and don't ask too many questions

* You cannot bear the world alone