Storm (2005) - full transcript

DD is a smug fellow, almost 30 years of age, who can manage all by himself. At least that's what he thinks. However, a strange woman - Lova - enters his life, hunted by evil men who want to hurt her. Against his will, DD is forced into a series of horrific events...

- What's the matter?
- There's too many of them.

- What happened?
- I don't know.

So, you got it?

Where do we meet the others?

We're the only ones left.

We're the only ones left.

Take this and get out of here
as fast as you can.

I'll stop them.
I'll make sure to stop them.


Why do we always forget
what it's like to feel something?

Isn't that strange?

That we never learn about feelings.

Where is it?

The box. Where is it?

Where is it?

The storm hit Gotland with
enormous force three hours ago-

- and is said to be growing. Major
damage has ben inflicted on Visby.

Many people are reported dead
and hundreds missing.

The numbers are hard to confirm,
due to lack of communication.

The storm now seems to be
moving towards Stockholm.

Damn, they're really going at it.

Slow down, so Janne doesn't
come too soon - he usually does.


Way to go, Janne. Enjoy it now,
that excitement will fade soon.

Don't get me wrong. I like
the idea of love and closeness.

Sad movies actually make me cry.
Just as an example.

Vut what deos love really mean?

Shared independence,
shared economy, shared custody.

"A real man takes care of himself",
like Dad used to say.

And how do you accomplish that?

Instead of lots of drinks
and an embarassing morning-

- I commit
this kind of girl to memory.

So you keep partying, and
retrieve her when you get home-

- and want to have a good time.

"Ich komme gleich!"

Look, farmers.

Here's a confession:
I'm from the countryside.

From V?nersborg.
Also known as "Little Paris".


In a Swedish Small Town,
you have time for the good things-

- and you care about each other.

But what's under the surface
will cut you.

The ultimate punishment would be
moving back there - to Envytown.

- Hey there, Knugen.
- Hey, man.

Que pasa? Hold on.
- Hi, Malin.

- Where's that article?
- Tomorrow.

Malin is my boss
at the free listings monthly.

She's got silicone tits and does
a furniture salesman on the side.

A brute who told me
she loves it up the ass.

Every time I see her,
it's the only thing I can think of.

- By tomorrow!
- Sure. Can I get an advance?

Call me. Take this, you'll need it.

- I'm back.
- You coming to Oblivion tonight?

Oh, you bet.

- Marlboro Lits, there you go.
- They're called "Lights".

- I have a poem for you.
- Great. Culture!

- "You will always remember me..."
- Listen, girl. Shut up.

I've got to get going.
Time is money. - See ya!

One strong mojito.

This guy thinks I'm a food writer.

So he treats me to everything.
Fine by me.

I read your thing about the
death of clubs. Really good.

It was touching, important somehow.

- What an idiot.
- So, what else are you doing?

- What are you writing about?
- Celebrity movie premieres.

Like this one. Free movie, Estonian
liquor, hot babes. Great gig.

The next thing isn't nearly as great.
I'm writing about computer gamers.

Seriously. Pixellated characters
searching for some Grail.

- How any adult can...
- Damn it! Are you okay? I'm sorry.

It's alright. I didn't feel a thing.

I haven't felt skin sensations
since I was a kid. It's fine.

- You really don't feel a thing?
- Nope.

I didn't feel it. I haven't felt skin
sensations since I was a kid.

- This one's on me.
- What do I want from life?

Except for the obvious:
Opening a rum bar in Cuba.

Yeah, well...
What do you want from life?

There you go.
It's not really all that easy.

All of Visby!
Can you grasp that? I can't.

Bombay, Chile or San Francisco
makes sense. My sister lives there.

What if the storm hits here?
Stay inside.

No electricity.
No TV, stereo, nothing.

I guess you play
the recorder instead.

- Play the recorder!
- Right. My kids play that.

A summer psalm on the recorder.
Damn, that's touching.

- Here's the news. Quiet now.
- And now an extra bulletin.

The powerful storm that
recently struck Gotland has ended.

Storm winds ran as high
as 110 miles per hour.

Upon reaching Stockholm,
it dissipated and died out.

Reports from Gotland...

Drive! Drive!


A storm comes and then
just disappears, or does it?

Can something just appear out of
nowhere, and then just disappear?

As we know,
energy can only be transformed.

Hi, Knugen. Not a problem.

Something weird just happened
to me, so I wanted to go home.

No, I really don't feel like it.
I can't be bothered, Knugen.

I'll just stay home,
jack off and drink too much.

Yeah, we'll see. Alright. Bye.

- Hello.
- Hello...

Can I come in?

Sure, come on in.
Sit down.

- Has anyone else been here?
- Lf anyone's been here?

Tonight, Donny.
Did you get something?

How the hell do you know my name?

Because I
know everything about you.

- Promise.
- What?

- That's my name.
- Wow. Cool.

I have to tell you something.
What happened in the car earlier...

- The crazies. What was that about?
- They think I've stolen something.

- They think so?
- Yes, they do.

- And...?
- And I have.

Yeah? So, what have you stolen?

It's the... the Holy Grail!

Or maybe it's the Mona Lisa?
Some Nazi artifact?

- You haven't received anything?
- No, I haven't.

And nobody's been here?
Then this is what we'll do.

- Lf I don't come back...
- Yes?

...I want you to take this.

Make your way here.

- Do it.
- Okay...

Do it.

Bye now.

Hi, you've reached DD.
Leave a mess... age.

It's not here.

- Hi, Donny.
- Hi.

- Did you have a party?
- No.

- What do you want?
- I wanted to check...

...if you'll be coming along.
- Where to?

- To the graveyard.
- Now?


Do you think it's too late?
It is too late. Much too late.

Or is it?

- It's too late.
- Okay.

- I'm sorry. Good bye.
- Good bye.

- It's dark in the hallway.
- The red button turns the lights on.

- Will it last? Because creepers...
- All the way to the front door.

Nothing to worry about, bro.


Excuse me.
This game here, what is that?


- Can you meet her?
- Meet who?

- Her, right there.
- Yeah, right.

Oh, great. Another one.

Why don't you
tell your friend... Hey!

Tell Promise that I don't want to
be part of your game any more.

- Take this.
- I'm about to go to the cops.

- Take it.
- What is it?

It's... If you lose it,
that's the end of it all.

- What is it?
- The key.

- The key?
- Yes.

To everything.

I'm sure that's great if you're
a pimply teenager, but...

What the hell?

Hey, Donny. Do you have an invite?

Rum. A double shot.

- Drinking to forget?
- What?

This looks like the beginning of one
hell of a night. What do you say?


What a pig.

DD! Hey there. Here's your boss.

- He's here!
- How are you?

- I'm good. Real good.
- Great. Are you joining us?

- Yeah, what a great idea.
- What are you, stupid?

Yeah, sure. Of course.

Hey, it ain't free. Settle down.

- You know I'm marrying Thomas?
- Yeah, you and Stefan.

Cut it out, we're having a Christmas
wedding. You're justjealous.

- That'll be lovely.
- Maybe in the archipelago?

- Something weird just happened.
- Damn, that sucks.

I mean it. Seriously.
It was really...

This is serious.
Look at that face, those lines.

It was really fucking scary.

- This is taking too long.
- You have a point there.

Wait! Don't touch it.

If you're in bad mood, and you've
had scary things happen, then...

Back me up on this, he should start.

- He's starting.
- DD starts the party.

Of course.
But, hey... Thomas and I feel...

God damn,
you were really aching for it.

Will you come to the wedding?
Will you be there?

Drop the wedding talk.
Save that for Stefan.

- You too.
- I love it.

Hello? Excuse me? Hello.

I would like to file a complaint.

- And what is your name?
- Donny. Davidsson.

Alright, Donny.
And what is your ID number?

ID number?

Here's a picture
that was in the printer.

It fell out, so I picked it up.

What was the complaint
you wanted to file?

Alright, kid. What was
the complaint you wanted to file?

ID number?

- And your name?
- Donny!

ID number!

ID number?

- I just need to go to the bathroom.
- Hey, kid. Hey!


Police! Stop!

Alright, kid. What was
the complaint you wanted to file?

- I'm just going to the bathroom.
- Go ahead.


Oh, right. Thanks.


Vasse. Vasse!

Pick it up for DD.
Pick up the goddamned phone.

- John, John, John...
- John here.

Hey, DD here. I'm running low
on batteries, and I need your help.

Hello? God fucking damn it!

- Hi!
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Funhouse, Akira, Phantasm 2.

- What?
- Funhouse, Akira, Phantasm 2.

I lent them to you seven months ago.
You're here to return them, right?

- Well, no... but...
- You're not here to return them?

- Jeppon!
- So what the hell do you want?

I wanted to say hello.
Drink some tea, play some games...

I don't have any goddamned tea!

Oh, come on, Jeppon!

- So they didn't know it was you?
- Hey, it wasn't me!

- I mean, I didn't do it.
- But in the picture the cops had...

Yeah, but I didn't kill her.
I'll borrow this one.

- Now what do you want to do?
- What?

What do you want?
You didn't come here to drink tea.

- Can I stay here overnight?
- Sure.

Thank you.

As soon as you return Funhouse,
Akira and Phantasm 2.

- Are you joking?
- Am I?



Did you get it?
Do this, or it won't stop bleeding.

- Did you get it? The box.
- Yes. Hold on. Here it is.

- Good. They want you, Donny.
- What?

The people chasing me on the street.
They want you.

- Why?
- I can't explain now.

All the answers are in here,
in the box. Wait...

- You got some blood on you...
- How did that feel?

- You have to tell me how it felt.
- Why?

Because I have to know.
Did you feel anything?

Ever since I was a kid,
I've felt no skin sensations, so...

- So you didn't feel anything?
- No, I... what the...

Could you please explain to me
what all this is about?

It's about you.

Listen to me. It's time, Donny.
Go back to where it happened.

Look for the source. If you find it,
you will be able to open the box.

- Do you understand me?
- No. What was I supposed to do?

Go back to where everything began.

Okay. I'm going back there. Okay...

- So, how do I get there?
- Like this.



Hello! Can anybody hear me?

The liquor store. There's got to
be someone at the liquor store.

There has to be someone there.


Is there anybody here?





Little brother?



So, what do you want?






Okay... Hopscotch.

Hello. Is either one of you
interested in some sleeping pills?


Sleep tight, little boys.

Have a taste of this.

- He can't open the box without me.
- Which is why you must die.

- You don't know what it contains.
- That is correct.

That doesn't bother me.

Unlike me, you seem to have
a burning desire to solve this.

Butjust to amuse me...
Tell me what the box contains.

- A memory.
- A memory...

A memory is
the true content of the box.

What do you know?

It's time for me to retire.

This will be our last farewell.


But if he finds the memory,
you can kiss everything goodbye.




Hey, se?orita. I got some water.
Do you have a lighter?

Over there in the silver-colored box.

- Here?
- Yeah, there.

- You want some?
- I prefer it rolled.

- So, you've smoked a lot?
- Some.

- What kind is it?
- Fag's Brother.

- Fag's Brother?
- Yeah.

You know the fag
who cuts people's hair on TV?

- Timo... something.
- Timo Rajala.

- So, he grows pot?
- No, his brother does.

- Hence the name, Helena.
- Fag's Brother.

A gold star for you. Have some.
Hold your thumb over the hole.

I wrote something for you.

Really? That's nice.

I was just thinking...
Could we try something?

- Sure.
- Lf you could get on all fours.

- Now?
- Yeah, now.

Don't you
want to hear what I wrote first?

Of course I do, but I just...

How about you get on all fours first?

- Okay.
- Nice.

- Like this?
- Perfect. Don't look at me.

Look at the wall. Or the pink poodle.

Now, slowly pull
your skirt up over your ass.

Don't turn around.
Look at the pink poodle.

Slowly pull your skirt up,
over your ass.

- Helena.
- Yes.

Pull it up.

- Can you pull your panties down?
- Yes.

You look so nice, Helena.

Does that feel good? Good.

- Have you been thinking about me?
- Yes.

I've been thinking about you too.
You look so nice.

Ow! Stop.


No... DD!

DD! It hurts, stop it.

It hurts. Ow! Ow!

Stop it. Stop it!




How... how are you doing?

- Do you recognize me?
- Of course I do.

- Of course. You're Helena... Helena.
- No.

No, I mean: Do you recognize me?

Don't you remember me?

Right. That's me.

A lot of people would say
that you raped me.

What's the matter?

Can't move?

Is it almost as if... you're frozen?

You look so nice.

You're nervous...

You know what?

What you sow... grows.

My name is Helena Jacobsson,
and I am 14 years old.

And I love you.

But now I am going to
hurt you a whole lot.

You've started remembering.

Started remembering?

Go deeper.

Where are you going with that?

- What do you think?
- Don't be a smart aleck.

- Ronny. Ronny!
- Yeah?

- Want to see something cool?
- What?

You'll see.

It's a litte scary, so
I should check it myself first.

- I'm not afraid.
- Are you sure? Come on.

You know what happens if you
go in there? You don't age.

- What do you mean?
- You never grow up.

You don't change.

- How do you know that?
- I was here yesterday.

- No.
- Oh, yeah.

- How do you know it works?
- I just know, okay?

Don't you dare?

I knew you'd chicken out.
That's just like you.

- I'm not chickening out.
- What do you call it?

- Chicken.
- Cut it out.

Well, get on in there. Go in.

Go. Get in there.

Go in further. It's awesome.

Oh, right. Ronny? Watch out
for the creepers on the floor. Bye.

Donny! Come back and open up!


Donny! Open up!

- Ronny!
- Ronny!




Little brother...

I watched out for the creepers,
like you said.

But I think they'll be here soon.



Who were the flowers for?

- Don't you remember?
- Is this because I forgot?

How can you forget
something like that?

How can you forget
something like what?

Don't you remember who died?

Don't you remember who died?

Don't you remember who died?

- Where are we?
- Where you really want to be.

Why is this happening to me?

Because you
were starting to become cold.

I think your time has come now.
Time to open the box.

Don't listen to her.

- She's a liar.
- Do not believe a word he says.

Listen to me. I understand that it's
difficult to grasp what's going on.

And you are... what? The other side?

The other side?
That's right - I am the other side.

The other side of her, but not you.
That's what's important.

- Don't listen to him.
- You really should listen to me.

We'll take it from the beginning.
What's happened here?

You lead a pretty good life,
until she showed up.

Then things turned weird. Those are
facts, things we know happened.

Knowing this,
how can you be so sure-

- that she's the one who
wants to help you, and not me?

She's playing with you. Don't you
see? Did she do the childhood bit?

Did you? - Something where you
hit or hurt someone, did something.

Maybe raped someone.
Listen to me: You didn't do it.

She wants you to believe
you've done things you never did.

She wants you to think
you're bad, but you're not.

You are not a bad person.

She's manipulating you.
I mean, just look at all this.

Are we in Cuba? Maybe not.
Maybe you're in V?nersborg.

Or maybe we're in Cuba.
Or at your house.

Or in V?nersborg, or Cuba.
DD, listen to me.

How do I put this? A few days ago,
you were a strong guy.

Going your own way,
making your own decisions.

Didn't care what others thought,
you were your own...

Could you please stop
interrupting me and just let us...

Just let me and DD
have a conversation.

DD, you were a real human being.

Now you're changing into
some low-calorie version.

- A low-fat item. Know what I mean?
- Keep talking.

The only thing I'm asking of you-

- is that you keep living your life
as you've always done.

The end.

- Is that what you want?
- Don't open that box.

If you do it, you will disappear.

Okay. In that case,
I want you to tell me something.

Absolutely. Anything you want.

Who died?

Believe me, DD.
I'd do it, if I could.

Promise, don't take this
the wrong way...

Good old Stockholm.

It worked. Damn it, it worked.

- What's happened?
- I had an accident.

- Come with me. How are you doing?
- I'm fine. How are you?

Fine, thank you.

We'll take you to the hospital
to check on you anyway.

We just want to check.
Were you the driver?

Right... Hey!

I think there's someone under
the car. I think I hit someone.

Wait here.
- Is there anyone under the car?

Towards the front, by the tires.


Little brother!

Little brother?


Hello, DD.

It's bright in here.

Yeah, my little brother
is afraid of the dark.

Because of me.

How insightful.

- Give me the box.
- Where is Promise?

Don't you worry about that.

- Where is Promise?
- I just want the box.

The box, the box... Oh, my God!

I think I lost it!

I don't think so.


Hello, friend. We're from
the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

Would you like to
have a talk about Jesus?

Jesus was a young man,
just like you.

And just like you,
he had many questions...

Hello, friend. Would you
be interested in God's help?


- He can't open the box without me.
- Which is why you must die.

Excuse me, all you taxi drivers.
I need some assistance.

I have to go to a place I don't know
where it is, and have no address for.

But I have to get there real fast,
or something bad will happen.

- What's this place?
- It is...

It's a big place that looks like
it's got antlers on the roof.

And inside there's a contraption
to let you burn things.

- Burn what?
- Things. Trash, leaves, people...

- Does anyone know the place?
- Hey!

I know.

It has to be that place.
Pop was an architect, you know.

This is the only place that has this
deer aspect to it, antlers and that.

You know? And they have a
rubber burner. Der Gummiwelzer.

Something Eastern German from the
70's to melt loads of rubber at once.

It's just a container the size of
a bath tub surrounded by fire.

- Were you in a hurry?
- In a big hurry!

Then we'll just u-turn right here.
Taxi, that's service for you.

Okay, there it is. Gummiwelzung.

- Can you wait here?
- Yeah, the meter's off.

I'm in here!

- Hey there.
- Hello, G?ran.

Take care of this girl. Hurry up.

It'll be fine, just fine...

Hi, I wanted to...

- I need your help.
- You're wanted for murder!

- I need help.
- What's happened?

- She's been badly burned.
- I can tell. What happened?

- Can we talk about that later?
- We'll take her to admissions.

Go in here. I'll go get
a doctor as quickly as I can.

Make sure
she keeps breathing, okay?

- You'll get your films tomorrow.
- Fine.

Thank you for coming.

I thought you were... immortal.

No, we're...

We're sensitive to fire.

I think your time has come now.
Time to open the box.

Give it a try.

What was it your brother
said to you in the root cellar?

- What did he say?
- That someone had died.

Did you feel that?

Whose glasses are those?



There used to be three of us.

Me, my brother and Katta.


Katta was older than me.
She was older and had...

She was blonde
and she had wavy... curly hair.

She wore glasses, because
she was damned near blind.

She collected things of glass...

Glass figurines. From the woods.

Glass animals.

She'd gotten a package in the mail,
something new.

She showed it to me. She had...

The sun was shining, and there
was a cold smell to the air.

Wet, leaves...

A fox, she'd gotten a fox.
A glass fox.

She said, "All I need is a reindeer,
and I'll have the whole forest".

Then we'll
have the whole forest. Us.

Then they came...

Right, they showed up.

- Come closer.
- They started arguing.

- Come on.
- I just want to try something.

- Damn, she's ugly.
- Especially up close.

- Hey, four-eyes. You look like shit.
- You really look like shit.

- Did you fart? Cause you stink.
- Cow's cunt!

- I'm sorry. We were just kidding.
- We didn't mean it.

They started arguing
with Katta, not me.

I didn't do anything,
I just watched it happen.

I was really scared.
I didn't dare do anything.

- Step on them!
- Step on the glasses!

- Step on them.
- Step on them now!

Step on them, you little fag!

That's when I realised that Katta
couldn't get home-

- without her glasses. So I ran back.

She was right by the main road.

I called out her name, and waved
my arms, so she could see me.

And she turned around,
looked at me...

Bu Katta didn't die right away.

She had to go to the hospital.

I never dared to...
I didn't go into her room.

Dad came out, and I
asked him how she was doing.

He said that she had just died.

That she wasn't afraid to die.

She just wanted to live,
that's what she wanted.

To live.

She wondered where I was,
where I had been.

I just sat there.

What did you feel then,
when she disappeared?

When she died?

When she died...

...I just fell apart.
- But you were not to blame.

You were not to blame.

Katta... I've never...

...Ioved anyone like I loved Katta.

Donny, you were not to blame.

Where's that damned doctor?

Be strong this time.



Enough of this bullshit.

Last chance, DD.

What do you say? What'll it be?

What do you say, DD? How about
we forget about all this and move on?

Start all over again, you and me.

What do you say?
Let's have some fun.

Back to all the fun.
The fun world, the fun life.

What do you say?

You look a little peaked.

After all, I love you.
You know that, DD. Right?

What do you say?

What do you say?


What do you do
about what you cannot have?


You know, your father collected
the shards of the glass animals-

- and drove them down to Sm?land.

He wanted to create something new
from what had been ruined.

The glass blowers down there
said nothing.

They just collected
all the shards and did it.

Not a word
about payment or overtime.

They just did it.

How long are you staying?

How long do you think?

What you're feeling now,
what you feel inside here...

...spread that around.

Oh, right... The cops.

Wanted. Oops.