Storie di ordinaria follia (1981) - full transcript

After a lecture where a poem is read out to a group of bored students, the alcoholic and sex addicted poet, Charles Serking, meets a young girl backstage. Then he travels to Los Angeles, and has sex with bizarre women. When Charles meets the gorgeous self-destructive prostitute Cass in a bar, he finds his soul mate and falls in love for her.

Well, here I am.

Fuck you, Serking!

Hey, watch it, I've been
working out with weights.

Down from the stage, you drunk!

I will just drink my wine and leave.

Ok! Let us forget the bullshit
and get into the so called "art".


We love you Charlie.

Style is the answer to everything.

A fresh way to approach
a dull or dangerous thing.

To do a dull thing with style is preferable
to doing a dangerous thing without style.

To do a dangerous thing
with style is what I call "art".

Bull fighting can be an art.

Boxing can be an art.

Loving can be an art.

Opening a can of sardines
can be an art.

Not so many have style.

Not many can keep style.

I have seen dogs
with more style than men.

Although, not many dogs
have style.

Cats have it with abundance.

When Hemingway put his brains
to the wall with a shotgun...

...that was style.

Well... sometime people
give you style.

Joan of Arc had style.

John the Baptist, Jesus, Socrates...

...Caesar, Garcia Lorca.

I have met men
in jail with style.

I have met more men in jail
with style than men out of jail.

Style is a difference. The way
of doing. The way of being done.

Six herons, standing quietly
in the pool of water,

Or you, walking naked out
of the bathroom - without seeing me.



- You are real?
- Aha

I am a run away.
And this is my bedroom.

You wont kick me out, will you?

Don't worry kid.
I can't even find my way out.

How old are you, anyway?


Twelve years over. Early boomer.

I was born in Virginia.
Where are you from?

Los Angeles.

I'm going home tomorrow.

Los angeles.
Is that near Hollywood?

Right next door, little button.

Oh! Take me with you!
I want to go to Hollywood too.

So, What is your name, Ms. Ambitious?

I will tell you mine
if you tell me yours.

Serking. Mr. Charles Serking.

Nice to meet you Chuck.

Aha, aha! That's what I thought.

Your tits are too big. Atleast 8 years
old a piece. That adds up to 16.

You liar.

Sometimes I just say I am 12.
I can be anything I want.

I am almost 14 actually.

Rock-a-bye baby,
on the treetop,

When the wind blows,
the cradle will rock,

When the bough breaks,
the cradle will fall,

And down will come baby,
cradle and all.

Rock-a-bye baby...

love you.

Hey boys! Seen a girl run out
of here with a sleeping bag?

As tall as a midget.
She stole my ticket.

Thank you. Thank you.

I come to the conclusion that
the touring poet act was a mistake.

But then again my life's been one,
big one so I have been told.

Luckily I had a couple of 50's
stash to board a bus ticket home.

42 hours and 1,600 miles
of concrete later...

I hit the streets of Los Angeles.
Some call it "Lost Angels".

Me, I was just another one of
the 'Losts' back where I belonged.

Back in L.A. I could kiss the ground.
I resisted the impulse.

Besides the drink I craved and
I had to get back to my part of town.

Hollywood. Everybody thinks it's
the playground of the stars but...

they pushed on years ago.
And now it is my kind of place.

Dangerous. Hardcore terrific pimps,
whores, no class rip of artists,

another shaded types entertaining
fantazies, too desperate to mention.

Just Naked reality 24 hours a day.

I have always had
a love affair with the streets.

Hey Sarah! Did you miss me?
You missed me?


Fuck you!

Just where the hell have you been
for the last 6 weeks?

I am tired of having to cover your rent,
your bar tabs every time you disappear.
I am tired.

Then don't do it like my mother, Viki.
You are not my wife any more.
So get hell outta here! Leave me alone.

I am just trying to help.
Rememeber what doctor said
last time when you were in the hospital.

Hey, give that back!

He said that if you don't cut on drinking your
stomach will crumble like wet Kleenex.


Now you owe me for
that beer bitch, cough it up.

you are not going to get anything,
you mother fucker!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Cut it out!

Cut it out.

What I wanted were couple
of bucks not a fists fight.

Waiting on the next tumble of
the dice I went to Venice Beach...

with six pack and hit a jackpot
when I spotted this blonde number.

She was the rare kind
who gives you an instant hard-on.

All sexual sleaves with an ass
like a wild animal.

My kind of game.

She was radiating heat putting out signals.
And I was... I followed her.

What the hell else I could?
My blood was up.

- A blonde lady, tall and sexy...
does she live here? - No.

Thank you.

Excuse me, ma'am.

No, I am not letting you in here.
I've got nobody here. Get outta here!

Quiet lady, for Christ's sake!

What the hell? Why should I be quiet?
Because... Why are you here?
You are here to evict me. That you are not gonna do.

I don't have anybody. I am a widow.
I don't have anyone, not a soul.

I don't have any money.
I am so sick. What am I gonna do...?

You tell me where the blonde lady lives?
Sexy looking blonde lady.

Across the court-yard,
the second door on the right


Thanks. For me, for I am blonde too.


Any time.

Do I know you?

You are gonna. I'm the guy who has been
following you all over the town.

You killing me.



Wake up.

Wake up.




What else have you got?

Ok. Ok. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Come here. Come here.
Come here. Come here.


Quiet. Quiet

Quiet honey. Quiet. Hold it.

Wait a minute.

What is your name?


Did you enjoy it Vera?

Yeah. I like being raped.

When i got off the bus
I thought you would loose your nerve.

Most men are cowards
in the broad daylight.

Cock teaser.

I want you to be mean to me.

Next time, I want you to...

...use your belt.

I don't wear a belt.
You have to lend me one.

Come on tiger, whip me.

I want you to beat me,
for you to stick it in.

Look at his lover gun!

Look, if you gonna keep this up whole day,
you gonna have to feed me.

I am starving.

I'll make you some steak and eggs.

Why don't you take a nice hot bath
while I put it together?

And I am gonna give you
a big surprise.

All right, Casanova,
on your feet.

That's him! Thats him! He forced me have oral sex
with him. Son of a bitch. Now get him!

Get him!!

What did they take you in for?



Carnal-Violence. She ate me up like an
enchilada and spit me into the police car.

The next day Vera
dismissed the charges.

A brand of psycho-drama can
make a man a little paranoid.

As far as that goes I always considered the
paranoid man with all the thanks.

Besides, I had my ambition
to comfort me.

This desire to be unknown,
unwanted and un-noticed.

I was not about to chase the great
American wet dream. I rather get drunk.

You look at me Cass.

I am tired of looking at you.

You bitch.

Don't give me. I am too beautiful
to bother with' routine.

You are nothing but a whore.

Now get your ass out
on the street and sell it.

I told you I am not working
today and thats it.

No baby, thats not it.

Oh yes, it is.

Stanley, give me another one.

Hey, watch out.

Listen, turn around
from my job business, asshole!

I am talking to the lady.

Ok, whatever you are up to with
the lady. just don't fuck up with my drinks.

If you are around my subject
I will fuck you

No problem. You will get
another one on the house.

You are 86 down. Now get outta here!
I will call your parole officer. Brie...

I will see you back in the motel.

You cunt!

Why did you sit next to me?

I don't know.

May be because you are ugly.

And you're beautiful.
- Maybe

- Maybe, the most beautiful girl in town.
- Maybe.

So you think I am pretty, ha?

Yes, but 'pretty' is not the word.
Devestating is more likely.

Jesus Christ!

Cass. I told you not to pull out
that shit in here. It's bad for business.

It's my face, isn't it?

And it's my bar.
You do it again and you are out.

Yes, he is right. You shouldn't do it.
You shouldn't hurt yourself.

Why shouldn't I?

Because it hurts me.

So you wanna be a sensetive type.

Yeah, that's right.

Ok. Buy me a drink.
Maybe I will behave.

God damn it!
She changed the lock.

I can't get in.

You are three months behind.

Stop embarassing me,
give me the key please.


Give me the fucking key.

I said 'no'.

We gonna join
my landlady for a drink.

His ex-wife.

Make yourself comfortable.

Want some brandy? Aha.

- What is your name honey?
- Cass.


You want some...

Thank you.

He used to call me beautiful once.
You are still beautiful.

I'm just an old nymphomaniac.

And I am a whore.

You have an accent.
Where are you from?

Lots of places.

Where did your parents live?

They died when I was little.
I grew up in a convent.

Are you going to give me the key?
Give me the key.

It hurts. God damn it.

Crazy man.

Let's go.

What's it like to live in the convent?
I wanna hear all about it.

we will talk about later.

I think he wants to fuck.

Good luck.

You made that up, didn't you?
Story about the convent.

- Maybe.
- Maybe?

You want to make it now
or you gonna be busy all night?

Let us do it first thing
in the morning.

Well... as long
as you don't die on me.

I am not about to die... yet.

Love he said. Kiss me. Kiss my lips. Kiss my ear.
My fingers, my cock, my balls, my eyes, my brains.

Make me forget.

See you in the morning.

My bull pulled out there.
I don't know what I am gonna do.

You are the only man I have
ever known who wasn't in a rush.

Come on my man.


Is your mom okay?

Very very very elegant.

Very elegant, haan?

Carry the fur.

Why should I?

- Why?
- Yeah, why?

Because I want to fuck you.

I want to be fucked until
I have nothing left for the others.



I get it.

You want me to service you, haan?

Yeah, fill it up.

Well... you have to pay. Her too!

Why not?
I will even pay for the room.

I kill you. You understand?

I am paying for this. Now lay down
and take your pants off, slave.

Now give it to me.

Take my soul with your cock.

Cass is in jail.
It's probabaly your fault.


I need a favor lover man.
I got busted for hasselling...

...and I want you to come down
and bail me out, ok?

I am in County Jail. Thanks.

You have the money?

You can go fuck yourself.

Now you are my man... forever.

Cass had that special look
that got to me...

...while she's been blown away by the winds of
eternity and was swimming back against the currrent.

There was something mysterious
going on and I plunged right in.

I was in over my head
my mind kept telling me...

...I had to come up
for some air.

The Cass was like a fluid fire and
her flesh had already sucked me in.

I had to get away from
her before I got burnt.

That was like trying to
climb out of the whirlpool.

Well... hello stranger.

Hey, don't go away...
I'll be rigth back.

- Are you ready?
- Just a second.

Good! Got any wine?

Gallon in the cabinet.

Let's see what we have got here.

You devil.

Mike! Hi!
How was your school today?


Terrific! Here... here...
go ahead with a Bimbo Pie.

I had this friend once.
He had this desire...

...this obsession to return
to his mother's womb.

And one day...

...that obsession became a reality.

It's's okay.
Come to me my baby.

It wasn't true.

I made it up.

Ever heard the sound
of one mouth screaming?

I had for years. My own.

I didn't wanna go home.
I didn't wanna see anybody.

I just needed to be invisible
for a few days... get down in the dirt.
Booze myself with all the others.

The defeated, the demented
and the damned!

They are the real people
of this world.

And I was proud
to be in their company.


You know I was born
on the same day as President Regan?

I was invited to the White House for the party
but when I got there...They wouldn't let me in.

Yeah.. what that luck makes you!

Born on the same day
but a lot of good it did me.

You are all right?

You go ahead and have a drink.
I don't think I can make it.

Where is it?

Just in the back,
around the corner.

So what are your holding man?

Come on, sit down.


Why so quiet?

I don't have much to talk about.

Come on boys...

Cheer up.

Here, to us!


- Mad!
- Sometimes!

- We are all mad.
- Naturally.

Mad for glory, mad for freedom...

...and we are gone mad
you know we laugh or cry...

...lying to the fate and
fact of illusion and insanity.

All meaningless, all ego.

For all that madness,
madness is our fate.

Hey you!

Wake up!

Get out of the car!


Easy... easy.

Sorry. I had one of those nights.

Fuck that. Came running here?
Free hotel?

Son of a bitch!

- Let me do it Dad... let me.
- Go ahead.

Easy... easy.

Don't touch that boy!

Let me kill him Dad...
Let me kill him.


Enough, Dale!

That's enough
We don't want a lawsuit on our hands

You're a lucky man, get outta here.

Thanks, have a nice day

Get the fuck out of here.

What do you want? I am busy.

Out of my way!
Gotta get my medicine.

What's up Pepito?

You won't believe
how he eats my pussy.

We are getting married next month.
It's ok for you?

is there any coffee?

Welcome back stranger.

It's been a while there, I didn't
think I was gonna make it back.

Let's have a club soda.

I must be hearing that.

Cass' been around?

Cass? Who is Cass?

- But she is my girl now. All right, Cass?
- Right.

Mind if I borrow your girl
for a minute, Mike?

But she is my girl now.

But she is my girl now.

You look sensational.


Did you miss me?


I thought about you a lot.

I thought what you were doing.

Terrible. Club soda.
For the stomach.

I am hassling again.

I'm sad to hear that.

Life is sad.
So let's not talk about that.

Let's have a happy moment.

Sure why not? Who knows,
maybe we will get lucky.

Are you going to work?

Work? I never work.

You want a little attention,
don't you?

Leave it alone.


Oh, fuck!

I tried it with a broken bottle
one night.


Kiss me.

Kiss my lips.

And my hair.

My fingers.

Make me forget.

Good morning ladies.

This is where I used to write
before I got famous.

Saw a wild scene once.

Seagulls died bombing
flock of geese.

They were flying South
beating with their wings.

I thought they wanted to eat them.

They were doing it out of meanness.

- Anybody in the blue room?
- No.

But I had to raise the price.
It will be thirty dollars with your meals.

Wine not include.

Why do you keep
doing this to yourself?

What's the matter?
Don't you like me any more?

Am I not so beautiful?

Cass, you bitch! I love you.

You are the most alive woman
I've ever met.

Will you marry me?


I guess I had fallen asleep
after we made love again.

Cass had been crying.

She didn't make a sound
but I could feel the tears.

They were wet and hot.

Pouring from some mortal wound
in her soul as she held on to me.

Her long hair... spilling out across
the sand, like a flag of death.

Why the fuck did you take off
leaving me on the sand bar?

I could have drowned out there.


I can't believe it.

They won't bullshit me.

They really want me
to come to New York.

Love he said...make me forget.

I will always remember that.

I will call you from New York
tomorrow night.

You stay here.

If things look good out there,
I send you a ticket.

Spend sometime together.

Maybe your luck's turned around.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

What the fuck did you do to yourself?

Huh? What did you do?

I have closed it.
For you. For everybody.


Lord God.


We would like to think we are island
of calm in the middle of the city...

You know where writers can come and
relax, enjoy a bit of solitude.

Modern shoes?

Yeah! I think I got the wrong size.
They are killing my feet.

No problem.
We can fix some new ones.

Yeah, that's right. Can we go inside?
I am fucking freezing here.

Yeah, sure. Right this way.

We have got lots of space here.

Yeah, I can see that.

Hi, Alexander! I would like you
to meet one of our new authors.

Someone, we are lucky enough
to get out of Russia.

Alexander Konchalovski.

Charles Serking.


Where is your toilet?
I can't hold it much longer.

Right this way.

Welcome to World Land Mr. Serking.

- Arthur!
- Peter!

Mr. Strange, I presume.

It is pronounced Straunch.

Join me for a glass of wine.

I don't drink. Thank you.

Ah... all the more for me then!

Peter, you sit here.
I will sit there.

I want to see our poet.

Shall we eat?

I realize that all this is a bit sudden
for you. Coming to New York... you know.

Well... you can say that again.

Well, I want you
to feel comfortable with us.

We have been aware of your work
for quiet a while.

And we feel that your time has come.


No 'maybe' is a 'but'.

Would you like some quiche?

No thanks. I can't get anything
down this time of the day.

The wine would do fine.

You should know that we are here
to help you in our way.

For example, you should
stay and work here.

The talent like yours, needs
other kinds of nourishment.

A lot of attention.

(burp).., I am sorry.

No need to be! It's an old Chinese
custom. A sign of contentment.

It's been an interesting convo,
won't you say?

Definitely strange!
I mean "Straunch"!

Na... now it's time to see Rock...

No! It's okay. its okay.


You speak...

Beautiful vine. How long
did it take it to grow them?

Ten years.

You need a doctor
not a publisher, he said.

Fuck you, I said.

That was the end of that.

I was back to square zero.

Here comes a guy who
knows everything about women.

This truth you know all right.
The asshole who knows everything.

Let me tell you something Mister.
He don't know a shit!

Hey... whiskey Kenny.

Have you seen Cass?

Haven't you heard?

Heard what?

She killed herself.

How did she do it?

She slashed her throat.

This is desecration!
Have you no shame?

You are committing a sacrilege,
a sacrilege!

- A sacrilege!
- Leave me alone.

Let me say, my good byes in peace.

You are too beautiful.
Too beautiful...

You are too beautiful.
Too beautiful...

When the bottom drops out,
it's a terrifying ride.

Throughout my life, I had always
challanged the death of the soul of everybody.

The fools, the fiends,
the friends, the fakers.

My mouth has always been big but
I like to think my words are beautiful.

But now there were no words.
Only emptiness.

And I was blinded by the ambers of memory and a
million thoughts about the most beautiful girl in town.

She was gone. Cass,
that whore of an angle who...

flew too close
to the ground and crashed.

I'll take care of my poor.

Look at his state. Lift up.

Are you Serking,
the man who writes poems?

I don't write poems.
I am a drunk and I enjoy it.

Will you write me a poem?

What you will give me for?

Where does poetry come from?

You show me your tities
and I will compose a poem.

Just for you.

Come to my island!
Come on! Come!

You might know about poetry
but you don't know the road.

And the Sun wheels mercy...

but like a torch carried too high.

And the jets sweep across it's sight...

and the rockets leap like toads.

Peace is no longer,
for some reason, precious.

Madness drifts like
lilypads on the pond...

circling senselessly.

The painters paint.

They paint their
reds and greens and yellows.

Poets rhyme their lonliness.

Musicians starve as always.

And novelists miss the mark.

But not the pelican, the gull.

Pelicans dip and dive.

Rise, shaking, shocked as dead...

radio-active fish in their beaks.

The sky breaks radiant arch.

Flowers open as
they have always opened.

But covered with a thin dust...

with rocket fuel.

And mushrooms...

poison mushrooms.

And in a million rooms...

lovers lie intwined...

and lost in sickest peace.

Can't we awaken?

Must we, forever, dear friends...

die in our sleep?