Storia di fifa e di coltello - Er seguito d'er più (1972) - full transcript

A funk is believed to be a tough guy because of a magic bowler hat which gives him courage and strength.

- "Il Messaggero"!
- Fresh cold water!

Fresh cold water!
Who wants to drink it?

The people of Rome

are still crying

and wearing mourning clothes

since The Best died.

They called him the Finch.
He was quick with his knife.

He was The Best of the neighborhood
but death fell upon him.

He punished bullies,

and helped the weak.

He reigned in the Borgo neighborhood

as if he were a king.

They called the Finch.
He was quick with his knife.

He was The Best in the neighborhood,
but death fell upon him.

Rosa, the ironing woman

who was in love with him,

became a widow

even before she married him.

They called him the Finch.
He was quick with his knife.

He was The Best of the neighborhood,
but death fell upon him.

A usurer,

called Chinese, that coward,

waited for him outside the church

and fired a shot at him.

They called him the Finch.
He was quick with his knife.

He was The Best in the neighborhood,
but death fell upon him.

Your sister has become pretty.
May I marry her?

Don't joke about that.

You go home!

- Dad, I'll go to the grocery store.
- No, go to the butcher.

Get some tail
to make "vaccinara" style.


Today Frascatano
is cooking tail "vaccinara" style.

- And we'll eat it.
- You'll eat a lot of it!

- I'll slap all of you.
- Hi, guys.

- Totarello!
- Did you read in the news

- about electric lights?
- Let me see.

"Electric illumination
in the streets of Rome

will begin from San Giovanni."

"Engineer Brambilla..."

- Darn him!
- That jerk!

- Son of a bitch!
- Right.

"from the Edison company,
is already in the city to present

installation of electric power."

It's embarrassing
for us Borgo people.

Because in San Giovanni
there is Bartolo the butcher!

He went there and had
his electricity installed.

If they didn't do as he said,
he'd have had the mayor killed!

If my brother-in-law, the Finch,
were still alive,

the first neighborhood to have
electricity would have been this one.

In San Giovanni they have The Best,
and we don't yet.

It's your turn.

During the days of the Finch,
you were his second.

What does that mean?
The man who becomes The Best

is the one who kills
the one who killed The Best.

And how can I kill that Chinese
if he's in the Regina Coeli prison?

You can become The Best even if
you promise to kill The Best.

- It's true!
- Why don't you do that?

- He's a chicken!
- Darn you.

Don't fight or you'll get beaten up!

Excuse me.

Do you know where Teresa Landolfi
lives? The Campitelli's widow.

Number 16,
but if she doesn't pay the rent,

I'll send her to sleep
in the Coliseum!

I saw Mr. Pancrazio.

He was talking to a gentleman
and will surely come here now.

He's coming to evict us because
we haven't paid rent in 3 months.

But I won't leave the house
where my Ninetto was born!

Ninetto! Now I'll show him
who The Best's mother is!

You'll see what happens to him!

- What are you doing?
- You'll see.

Excuse me.


Mom, he isn't Mr. Pancrazio.

Is this how you welcome
your relatives?

Relatives? What's that mean?

My name is Francesco Pennisi,
known as Ciccio.

I am the son of
your husband Pasquale's sister.

- Ciccio...
- Pennisi.

Now I remember.
I thought you were younger.

Time passes and I've grown.

She is my daughter Velia.

- Good morning.
- Lovely miss!

No, Mrs.
I am Mrs. Meniconi.

- You are married!
- Give him some coffee.

- Right away!
- Why did you come to Rome?

I'll explain.

When I found out about the
premature departure of cousin Nino...

He didn't leave. He died!

In fact.
I thought I'd come help you

in running the fish selling business.

- To come live with you.
- So that's it!

No. Auntie!
If you don't agree, I'll go.

I agree. Sit down.

- Ciccio, God sends you!
- No, it was the district attorney.

- The district attorney?
- I'll explain.

In Cefalù I worked as
the public scribe.

In all good faith I put a signature

on a sales document

of some animals
that turned out to have been stolen.

The district attorney didn't believe
in my good faith,

so I thought it was
a good idea to leave.

You are like cheese on macaroni!

I'd love some.
I haven't eaten since yesterday.

We really needed a man.
And a nephew!

Come with me.

- But...
- Come

- Where are you taking me?
- Where are you taking him?

My Ninetto!

Finally the person who will
take revenge on you has come!

- Revenge?
- You will take the place of my son.

My brother was The Best of Borgo,
the most feared knife of Rome.

You'll become The Best. First
of all you must kill the Chinese.

When he is released,
which they will do soon

because he is an informant
for the police.

And then you have to kill
Bartolo Di Lorenzo too.

He is The Best of San Giovanni.
All our troubles begun with him.

Then you must tell the mayor
to have electricity put here first.

And also stab the landlord.

He wanted to put me
in the middle of the street.

Excuse me,
but you are making a mistake.

- What do you mean?
- I'll explain.

I don't want to back out
of such a worthy mission,

but I am not good with knives.

Knives are not my strong point.
In fact they're my weak point.

I cannot usurp a place
I am not worthy of.

There is someone who is entitled
to that revenge.

What do you mean?
Another one?

Yes, I'll explain.

When Pasquale Campitelli,
who then become your husband,

was a young fisherman in Cefalù,

he met a young woman named...

Excuse me.

- Carmelina Musumeci.
- That's a sacrilege!

You're lighting a cigar
with the sacred flame?

I apologize, cousin.

Pasquale and Carmelina
were to get married,

but he had to leave
for his military service in Rome

where he met you and married you.

He never told me about her.

A man doesn't tell his wife
certain things.

- Right! May I have more coffee?
- Certainly.

In the meantime,
Carmelina met Rosario Paternò,

a sailor who married her
and took her to America.

But he didn't want to recognize
the fruit of her sin.

Where is he now?
What is his name?

He lives in Cefalù and his name
is Franco Diotallevidate.

He is a handsome, strong
and brave young man.

Pasqualino had another son!

Uncle, you must not be jealous.

I am not jealous. I'm glad!

Nino's brother, the same blood!

Borgo, wake up!

We have The Best!

Nino's brother will come soon.

A real knife man!

You were served as you deserve.

As of this moment,
this knife cuts even a hair.

Let's see.

Take off your hat.

Not bad.

Three cents.

Two cents.

- I don't understand.
- One cent.

- I didn't hear well.
- A homage.

My respects.

I sharpen scissors and knives!

Scissors and knives!
I sharpen horns!

I am the knife sharpener!

Madam, I can't eat anymore.

Shall we sharpen the denture?

I sharpened the pharmacist's
denture too.

His two front teeth
have become two razor blades.

- He even shaves with them.
- Really?

Sharpen this, we'll talk
about the denture later.

- I'm going to eat now.
- Enjoy.

How much do you charge
for sharpening four knives?

Three cents.

- Three knives, two cents.
- Exactly.

- Two knives, one cent.
- One.

- One knife, nothing.
- Nothing.

Then sharpen this for me.

There must be a mistake
in the calculation.

A Pythagorean mistake!

Go away!

- It's him.
- Get out, you dog!

- Excuse me, General!
- Do you think I'm a dog?

I got confused.

What is it?

- Sharpen this sword.
- Right away.

- Meanwhile, I'll go shave.
- I was first.

- He's a very good customer.
- Franco!

A telegram arrived from Rome.

It must be my cousin Ciccio.

What does it say? Read it.

- You must leave for Rome right away.
- Yes.

And you must telegraph telling him
what time the train arrives.

I'm finally going to Rome!

I won't be an orphan anymore!

You're going to Rome?
So far away?

Rome, the capital,
will be my goal, my good luck!

They asked my cousin Ciccio
if I'm an expert with knives.

- I live with knives!
- It will be your good fortune.

Maybe I'll become
the Pope's private sharpener.

I will sharpen his personal razor.


- Is my sword ready?
- Here it is, General.

You scoundrel, what did you do?

Excuse me.

This telegram arrived.
I must go to Rome.

You'll go to Rome,
and where will I put this?

Put it...
Put it here so you can't see it.

You can sharpen pencils with it.
I'm going to the continent!

- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!

If I meet Victor Emanuel III,

I'll put in a good word for you.
I'll have you promoted!

- Are you available?
- Yes.

Hurry, to the station!

Goodbye! I'm going to Rome!

If you want news of me, call Rome!

Goodbye to everyone!

You say this gentleman
is coming today.

And he sent a telegram.

Yes, my brother talked about him
with Frascatano.

Ciccio and Totarello went
to pick him up at the station.

I want to see that fanatic who
comes from Sicily to take revenge.

Pietro! Alfredo!

Get ready. We're going to Borgo.

Bartolo, dominate
your impulsive temperament.

If something happens,
our overwhelming love could end.

Don't worry.
I know what should be done.

I'm so unhappy! I had the bad luck
of falling in love

- with The Best of San Giovanni.
- Is that bad luck?

I am from Borgo.

The two of us
are like Romeo and Juliet.

Yes, but we won't end up like them.

You will be my wife
even if you are from Borgo.

Now go away.
See you tonight at the usual place.

Secretly, as usual?

Be patient.
There is a time for everything.


Watch out, you chickens!

You didn't revenge or protect us.

Mrs. Teresa,
you be careful too.

If this young man coming
won't be calm,

- I will arrest him.
- Don't worry, marshal.

If he must kill someone,
he won't be seen by you.

Understand? They're waiting
for you at the Frascatano tavern.

- You must impress them.
- Should I make faces?

No! You must say words
that impress them.

You are a knife man,
a tough guy.

- Why should I be a rascal?
- Because you are The Best

and must be a rascal too.
It's nothing serious.

It's enough for you to say,
"I am here!"

Here they are! It's them!

We should have brought a knife.

We are here! It took me a while
because there's traffic.

People of Rome! Here is Franco,
The Best of Borgo!

I kiss everyone's hands!
I am here!

- Let's go. He's just a hillbilly.
- I still don't know.

What are you doing?
Are you crazy?

You are my wife!

You're showing your underpants
in front of everyone?

What've I got to do with it?
He did it!

Who did it?

The horse moved.

The horse is in heat.
Maybe a mare came by...

- So much the better!
- So...

- She is your mother.
- My mother?

Son... My son!



Long live maternity!

He looks like a clown.
He makes people laugh.

Many dress as idiots
to avoid getting in trouble.

Don't get emotional!

Now we will go rest.

- Franco is tired from the trip.
- Yes.

A person like him
doesn't get tired.

- Who did it?
- Stop, son. The marshal is here.

I don't care about the marshal.

They hurt my bum.

They knifed me.

Mommy, it hurts here.

Take me home. I want to cry
in front of Ninetto's picture.

Auntie! You must not be
influenced by a first impression.

Let's go, brothers. It was
a false alarm. We wasted time.

- Could I kindly have my suitcase?
- And the bags, too!

I said please. But...

The oranges!

- What a nice "portugal".
- Is Portugal lovely?

I don't know.
I've never been there.

No. These are called
"portugals" in Rome.

Oh! Sicilian oranges.

You want it? Take it.
It's sweet without seeds.

- I am Silvana.
- I'm not.

You are Nino's step-brother.
He was The Best, killed by Chinese.

- Yes.
- I hope it happens to you too.

- Thank you.
- No. I didn't mean to say...

I hope that you too,
will become The Best like Ninetto.

Did Ninetto have a girlfriend?

Sure! Rosa Turbine, the woman
who irons. She's a nun now.

They used to go dancing
and to the movies.

- In the convent?
- No, when they were engaged.

The movies?

- A movie theater.
- I've never been in one.

Me either. Dad won't send me
because it's dark.

I must go now.
Thank you for the orange.

If you want, I'll give you more.

I'll give you Spain, France,

Argentina, Alaska!

I'll give you the whole world.

If he is The Best,
I am the David of Michelangelo!

Why did you have me come
among these bloodthirsty hoodlums

who want me to kill
a person a day?

- I will explain.
- You never explain.

Your step-mother mother wanted me
to carry out these revenges.

She wanted me to become
The Best.

But I thought
you were entitled to this.

- Me?
- You are the heir! The dolphin.

I'm not even a codfish!

If I stay here, it'll end up badly.
Everything looks black to me.

Me too.

I don't want to kill anyone and want
to be at peace with everyone.

I don't give a darn
about electricity!

And that step-mother
wants to send me to China.

- China?
- To kill a Chinese.

- He isn't Chinese.
- Is he Japanese?

No. It's a nickname.
Anyway, he is in jail.

Before he gets out, they may
have already killed you.

That's good.

I don't want to be killed.
I'm returning to Sicily!

- Has the shrimp arrived?
- Go, smile.

- Not yet.
- How long will it take?

I don't know.
They walk backwards.

- I am leaving.
- Shut up and listen to your cousin.

You take it too tragically.

You must understand
the mentality of these people.

- What mentality?
- The law of honor, grand gestures...

- Good morning.
- I must talk to you.

- What can I get for you?
- Dad wants 2 kilos of sardines.

- I'll get them right away.
- Are they fresh?

Just as you are.

So in Trastevere they cut
the spokes of your wheel.

- And they threw tomatoes at you.
- Yes.

And they put hot pepper
in the horse's rear end.

You had better not
go to Trastevere anymore.

It's an offense.
Franco is the Borgo's The Best,

and he must go to Trastevere
to beat everyone up.

- Alright. He will take care of it.
- Don't forget.

- We've agreed.
- Don't worry.

You are The Best.
You've been here 3 days

and haven't yet knifed anyone!

- I was disappointed.
- It's a fixation!

A pretty girl like you
should think of

sweeter, more poetic things.
Of love for example.

They say here that love isn't nice
if a knife isn't involved.

We say, "Love is a lot better
if there isn't a knife."

- The butcher is here.
- Order 4 bone marrows.

He eats the bones
and I eat the marrow!

The butcher is Bartolo Di Lorenzo,
The Best of San Giovanni.

- Alright.
- He came to challenge you.

- Me? Then I'll leave.
- Don't worry.

Listen to my advice. Theatrical
gestures and smoke in your eyes.

Smoke in your eyes.

Smoke in my eyes.

Are you talking to me?
I'll be right there!

Are you leaving me alone?

You know what I'll do to you?

See this?

- I'll use it as a hat!
- Did you see that?

And these two lobsters...
as shoes!

And what should we do
with this nice eel?

We'll use it as a belt.
You're really a handsome guy!


- Bartolo Di Lorenzo!
- What is it?

Can I wear this fish as a tie?

- Put it wherever you want!
- Thank you.

Ciumachella of Trastevere,

you're the 8th marvel of my Rome.

If a painter wanted to paint you,

he wouldn't know where to begin.

Ciumachella of Trastevere,

what a miracle
your mother performed

in creating this wonder
of harmony!

Ciumachella of my Rome,

you are a rose, you are a jewel,
a delight.

you were born to enchant.

- Did you hear him?
- What?

He is in love
with a Trastevere girl!

- Well?
- It's a dishonor, a betrayal!

You didn't understand a thing.
He won't marry her.

- I'll stab him!
- Stop. He'll hurt you.

During Nino's days,
these things didn't happen.

They always fell in love
with local girls.

Ciumachella of Trastevere, what
a miracle your mother performed

in creating this marvel of harmony!

Ciumachella of my Rome.

If a painter wanted to paint you,

he'd throw away the paint brushes

and just look.

Otello, put this guitar away.

- Did you finish singing?
- With a Trastevere bitch!

Stop it!

Let's worry about the electricity
problem. Now The Best is here.

He's not worth anything.
He's useless.

Calm down! He should be Franco.
He is Nino's brother.

- Let's wait for him to break in.
- Yes.

He'll have all of our bones break.

Hello, Mr. Bartolo.
You want a drop of wine?

Wine is offered to friends,
not to who offends our home.

I don't want to argue with you.

I came to talk to you
about something serious.

- Where is Frascatano?
- In the courtyard pouring the wine.

The new wine.

Otello, go call him.

Right away!

Frascatano, Bartolo wants to
talk to everyone. He seems nervous.

I'll be right there.

Here. Half a lira
and a coin for the trip.

I came this way
because it's quicker.

I brought you the 2 kilos
of sardines

that your daughter Silvana ordered.

There are a few hundred grams
more. My homage.

- Clean them and then I'll fry them.
- Yes.

Kid, are you peeing
from the balcony?

Dad does it too.

Great family of pissers!

I'll spank you and your dad.
Don't you have a toilet?

- Granddad is there.
- I'll spank your granddad too.

- What is it?
- Dad, he wants to hit me.

He peed in the wine bucket.

It looked like a flood.

It's child's pee.

But it's still pee.

He ruined the wine.
I must tell Frascatano.

- Who drinks it could get cholera.
- I should pay for the wine?

- I should pay for it?
- I should pay for it?

- Sure.
- Mind your own business!

- Otherwise?
- I'll come down and beat you up.

- Be quiet.
- Alright.

- I don't know what to do.
- I'd throw it all away.

- What?
- I know.

- Help me. It's 25 liters.
- 27.

- Why 27?
- Each knows his own business.

In concluding,
enough of neighborhood Bests.

There should only be one.
The Best of Rome.

With your permission,
I would like to be him.

If someone thinks
he deserves it more,

I'll give him satisfaction
and he can come outside with me.

People! Friends of Borgo!

Great news! I will explain.

A councilor who is my acquaintance
arrived in Town Hall.

He is related to a woman
of my town.

I'll go talk to him

so that arrogant
and bullying Bartolo

- can put the electricity up...
- Where?

In the San Giovanni neighborhood.

I propose drinks
in the honor of Rome's The Best.

- How much is it?
- 1 liter, 1 Paolo.

- A toast.
- Come on.

Drinks with new Frascati wine.

Actually I...

Be quiet! You can
only talk when hens pee.

What about when children pee?

You'll dry them.

We are leaving because
the squid has arrived.

- I'll go clean them.
- Don't move!

Whoever refuses drinks

offends the person who offered them.

I respect the city's traditions,

but I can't accept drinking.

- I'll explain.
- No, now you sit down.

- Understand? Sit down.
- In fact.

- Wine gives me heartburn.
- When it's too little!

May I exchange it with red wine?

No. This is 12 degree wine.
It's very pure.

Smell it.

If you say so!

Come on.

A drink with the boss
without tricks or damage,

without agreements
and without deceit,

with a glass that's always filled
and only one holds the "olmo".

What does "olmo" mean?

Olmo is the guy who doesn't drink.

In honor of Bartolo,
who is a good guy,

today we will all drink
without spending any money.

- Great. Let's do a count.
- Eenie, meeny, miny moe...

What are you doing?
Are you in kindergarten?

- I'm doing a count.
- For Franco.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

8, 16, 24, 25, 26, 27.
To Totarello.

I nominate as boss Frascatano
and below him Bartolo.

- Thank you.
- I propose a first drink,

since this is taking place
in his neighborhood,

- to The Best of Borgo.
- Let's forget titles.

Get a glass.

You must ask. It's the custom.

- May I?
- No.

The first glass goes to who
was good to us, to Totarello.


Best wishes!

- May I?
- Yes, drink.

What's wrong with this wine?

With your permission,
the second drink goes to Franco.

- Yes.
- Get a glass,

bring it to your mouth,
smell the scent,

but don't drink,
and pass it on to your cousin.


- I'm sorry.
- I'll give it to you with pleasure.

- May I?
- Drink.

To our health!

- Where does it come from?
- From the Castelli area.

From the terraces.

This glass,
that's good for the eyes,

- I would give to Ciancicagnocchi.
- I'm fine with it.

- May I?
- Drink.

Good! A little bitter
and a little strong.

I'll drink this one.

I am the owner here.

Here. This is mine,

but since it's the last glass,

we'll give it to Bartolo
who has a hard head.

Bravo! My compliments to you.

You held the "olmo" with dignity
and as a man of honor.

So I give you permission
to drink the last glass.

"Olmo" doesn't want anyone's pity.

So you drink it.


Good! This is a good year!

That clown ruined this girl!

He doesn't want to marry her.
What should I do?

Don't worry.
Franco will go to the blacksmith.

I'm not a matchmaker!

You are The Best. If he doesn't
marry her, you must stab him.

- Don't kill him!
- Listen!

Listen to the voice of wisdom.

Bravo! I am proud of you.

In my town they say,

"Better a girl who is talked about
than an early widow."

No! I was saying

don't kill him with one stab, but 12.
He must suffer!

It's a family habit!
I don't understand you people.

I'm sorry. There is nothing...

I will go to the blacksmith

A man of honor
must keep a promise.

And if he doesn't marry you,
he will be bitterly sorry.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Mr. Franco!

Let's see if he marries you!

Why do I talk like this
when I see her?

I could cut my tongue!

You are fortunate. He's little.

You can be overbearing,
and if need be, I'll help you.

People are looking at us. Theatrical
gestures, smoke in your eyes.

Hey little guy,
will you marry Laura or not?

I would do so right away.

You scared him.
Knock on iron while it's hot.

- Give it to me.
- What are you doing?

Be quiet or I'll clobber you.

I must knock on iron
while it's hot.

Publications right away. You must
marry on the 15th of this month.

- The 15th was yesterday.
- We'll have a prior dated wedding.

- Understand?
- I wish I could marry her!

But she wants to marry Romolo.

- Remo's brother?
- No, my brother.

- Then you are Remo.
- No, I'm Francesco.

Romolo left her.

- Where is Romolo?
- Here.

- Call him!
- Yes!

They want to talk to you.

What do you want?

Speak up.

You see... We were in the area

and decided to pay
the blacksmith a visit.

It seems that a certain Laura

has something against you.

You know the story.

You are not obliged
to marry her if you don't want to.

- Its right.
- But a proverb says,

"When you dunk that thing,
you must give it a ring."

You are The Best, and that alright,

but I won't marry Laura.

If you want to force me, you'll have
to kick me there, or stab me.

I am ready.
Go ahead and stab me.

- Stab me!
- Thank God it's Tuesday.

On Venus and Mars days,
you don't kill or leave.

Right. Proverbs
are the wisdom of people.

- Pennisi.
- Just a moment.

Please, go ahead.

Here you are. Good morning.

Yes, sir!

I wanted to say that tomorrow
the electricity is being installed

for illumination in the streets
of San Giovanni. Keep calm.

I don’t care. I am a thinker.

Actually, a fin man
because I now sell fish.

For me, gas illumination
could continue up to 1980.

I worry about your cousin
who is The Best.

If gas is alright with me,
candles are fine with him.

- Really?
- Yes.

Let's hope so!


I had the time moved up. Nobody
came and there won't be trouble.

Romans, it gives me
much pride and satisfaction

to give you the light that Milan
has had for a year and a half.

We needed before you
because it's foggy and cold up there.

So to warm up,
we work a lot more than you

who have a good climate,
the sun, good air,

and not much will to work.

He is making fun of us.

I'll have him enjoy
Rome's climate later on.

I was kidding, of course.

The light levers are over there,
ready to be turned on.

Lovely, huh? When it's dark
there will be electric light

in the noble neighborhood
of San Giovanni.

This is the symbol of electricity,

which in a few minutes
we'll connect.

Connect the soul of your ancestors!

You must give electricity
to Trastevere!

You changed the time!

Please calm down.
Don't ruin everything.

Get the Milan guy!

Come out!

It's busy.

He's here!

- Tell him where you want the light.
- Where you can't see.

The execution is suspended!
I want to talk to the town councilor!

- Sons of bitches!
- You're leaving me by myself?

Ciccio, where are you?

Councilor, I am taking
advantage of this calm moment...

Stop! Peace! Stop it!

- Excuse me a minute.
- I was saying...

Stop! Don't ruin everything, please.
Don't ruin everything!

Play something
and maybe they'll calm down.

Stop! Stop!

It's unfair that you always hit.
Let him hit too.

Bravo, that's it,
but don't exaggerate.

Hey, people! Tonight in Borgo
we'll turn this one on!

It's useless for you to argue!

I'll explain.

I am a thinker.

A whipped cream man now.


Electricity in San Giovanni!

Darn you!


Coward! Murderer!

First you must install electricity
in Borgo!

Stop! It's me.

- Who?
- Ciccio.

Take your mask off!

What're you doing down here?

Help! Take me away!

Where is my husband?

- Wait!
- I am in trouble because of you!

- I'm going back to Sicily!
- You don't know how to drive.

It doesn't matter.
One must try, sooner or later.

- Wait.
- Move!

Give me a match.

How does it work?
Move, or I'll kill you!

They're taking the booth away!
Darn you!

Totarello is back home
looking like Saint Lazarus.

It took me a whole night
to get a cherry out of his ear.

They arrested two men
from Trastevere.

It's not right that they install
electricity in San Giovanni first.

Franco was the most courageous.

We of the Regola neighborhood
were brave too.

- You have a soft spot for Franco.
- It's an honest emotion.

- Dad even knows that.
- There's talk of an engagement.

Lucky you!
It would be worse

if you had to hide
your perpetual love

until the ashes of oblivion
buried it.

Iris, when you speak,
you give me chills.

Iris, have you done?
I'll take you home.

- I haven't finished yet.
- Hurry.

Verdicchio's sister must see
the sunset from her home.

When it rains,
does your brother hit you?

I'm going to hang the laundry
on the terrace and see how Franco is.

A dog bit him
and he feels awful.

Mom called the doctor.

I'll go hang out the laundry!

How did the electricity matter end up?

Town Hall decided to draw lots.

The representatives of
the neighborhoods will go there

and a blindfolded boy
will fish out the winning card.

Good. We'll see what
that bully Bartolo

does this time!

Bartolo, your heart beats
in unison with mine

and the two beats
become just one.

I like you when you speak, but
I like you more when you're silent.

A mouth isn't just used
for speaking.

- How is Franco?
- Terrible. My poor boy!

Darn the dog that bit him!

- He barked. He has a canine disease.
- The doctor is here.

Good boy.

That's it, good boy.

Good boy. That's it.

Stop! Stop!

Lie down!

I can't do a diagnosis.

- Maybe if we analyze the saliva...
- Hold still!

Please, hold still!

- Give him a bone to calm him down.
- Eat.

Good boy. The doctor is a friend.
He doesn't want to hurt you.

Lie down! Excuse me, Doctor.
I have a doubt.

Considering the circumstances,
isn't it better to call a vet?

I don't know what to say.
Did he have other manifestations?

Yes, but they are typical of dogs.

He happily jumps
at people at home... Lie down!

- And barks when he sees strangers.
- I understand.

- Doctor, what breed is he?
- I don't know.

What is it?
What's wrong now?

- Go away!
- I'll come by tomorrow to check him.

- Help!
- Get the bone!

- Well, Doctor?
- How is he?

- He just finished examining him.
- I don't know what to say.

It's very strange.

A dog's bite can cause rabies,
even death,

but not transform
a man into an animal.

- Give me pen and inkwell.
- How long can this illness last?

No one can say.

I'll prescribe a tranquilizer.
Give him three packs a day.

- In his dog food?
- Dog food?

He didn't sit at the table today.

He squatted down like a dog
and I had to give him dog food.

- My heart!
- Here is the prescription.

- I'll go to the pharmacy. Velia.
- Let's go, Mom.


Franco, what is wrong with you?

- You can't have become a dog!
- Unfortunately, he has.

I must buy him a leash
and a muzzle.

How do you feel?
Try saying something to me.

- It's terrible.
- The doctor said

- he'll recover if he goes to Sicily.
- Really?

Poor Franco! I am so sorry.

If you stay here and are a dog,
we can't get married.

But if come to Sicily with you
and you recover, we can do it.

He understood!

I must go now, but tonight I'll bring
the meat leftovers from the tavern.

Why are you doing this?

Bye, Franco.

- Goodbye.
- My respects, mademoiselle.

Good boy, sit.

Don't insist. I will be a dog
for another three years.

But what about decency,
dignity, honor?

What are you saying?

Yesterday Bartolo said
that with my guts

he'll make banners for the Carnival.
After January 30th I am leaving.

Please, fix me something to eat.

I am famished.
Make me some spaghetti.

I don't approve of this big act
until January 30th.

It's a dishonor!

I don't want to walk under my guts

hanging in some alley.

The spaghetti must be here.

Excuse me.

I want to help you with Silvana
because I see that you love her.

Luckily she is a bit stupid.

- What is it, now?
- You're right. I am stupid!

- Silvana, already back?
- I am stupid!

I love a puppet who pretends
he's a dog because he is afraid!

- We'll explain.
- There is nothing to explain.

You say you want to marry me?
I want The Best

and not a loser like you!

- Come!
- Let's scale back the episode.

He was The Best for his woman
who got a bullet in his heart.

- My guts are already taken.
- You are a chicken!

With that hat you look like
someone from a retirement home.

I have adenoids and must wear
something on my head.

Then put this on!
You'll look like a real man!

I'll show you if I'm a real man.
I'll start with drinking!

Give me a knife
and I'll cause a massacre!

A loser, to me?
I'll beat everyone up!

- Will you explain...
- Be quiet, scribe!

Write the death announcements
for all the neighborhood people!

And tell your friend at Town Hall
to expand the cemetery.

Mom, I'll show you who I am!

Franco, your canine fever is gone.
I'd brought you medicines.


Mom, this generous wine...

I gulped down too many glasses.

I'll go outdoors!

- But I want you to bless me first.
- Where are you going?

To Cefalù... On foot.

My son!

Clam, clam, mussel,
tellina, tellina,


Clam, tellina, mussel, mussel,


Stone, stone, stone, stone.

Clam, tellina, stone,

mussel, stone, ston...

What is it?

- How did you do it?
- Remove all the spikes.

Removing the sea urchins
is enough.


Ciccio, I've decided to kidnap
Silvana and take her to Sicily

so I will be obliged to marry her.

But she doesn't want you
because you're not The Best.

- What is it?
- How did it go?

- Fine.
- We of Borgo get electricity first.

Without killing anyone
we obtained the electricity first.

Bartolo took all the tickets
and had the councilor eat them.

Then he threw the urn out of window

and said they must install
electricity in San Giovanni first.

- He is a real man.
- Be quiet.

We'll call an attorney.

Bartolo will have him
eat the tickets too!

But didn't the councilor
already eat them?

- The butcher deserves a lesson.
- Right.

This is The Best stuff. It's your turn.

You must go, with a knife.

I would, but today is a holiday
and I never kill on holidays.

- Today is Saturday.
- I'm taking a long weekend.

- No.
- You must go right away.

- Now.
- Are you afraid?

No. He'll go right now.

- What about the store?
- Nobody will steal it.

- We'll put up a sign, "Closed".
- For mourning.

No, closed for momentary absence
of the owners.

It will be easy. Theatrical
gestures, smoke in the eyes.

- Listen to your cousin.
- Goodbye, cruel cousin.

- Good morning.
- What do you want?

To talk to Bartolo, but I see he's
not here. I'll come some other day.

- He's here.
- He's here?

He's here.

- He'll come right away.
- Right away?

Bartolo, I am sick of you!
Take this, and this too!

Disgusting scum. The electricity
must be installed in Borgo first!

It's useless for you to beg!

We'll put the electricity
when it's convenient for us, ok?

If you talk, I'll stab you 3 times,
one of which'll be a permanent scar!

Don't say one word.
Is that clear?

Bastard! Stuffed turkey!
I'll slap you to death!

And then I'll slit your throat
from ear to ear

and have your intestines
come out your throat!

Is that enough?
If not, you'll get more!

You won't forget this lesson!

What're you doing, clown?
Kneeling? You scum!

I'll hit you with my head! Again!
I'll bite your throat!

I'll end it here but don't show
your face around anymore.

I forgive you because
I am The Best. Understand?

And there's no kidding around
with me.

I have the power of life and death,
and beware he who rebels!

- I wanted to see if it was tender.
- If it was tender?

- I'd like four scallops.
- How do you want them?

- Cut like this.
- As tender as this?

Like that too.

- Go away!
- I am your son!

Your mother?
You're a son of a bitch!

Go! Go!
Dishonor of my family!

- Let's reason!
- Go!

Mom, goodbye!

- I'm going, I'm going.
- Go! Go away!

- And don't come around again!
- Don't push.

- And don't turn back.
- Where is the station?

Auntie dearest,
if he goes, it's alright,

- but I can't return to Cefalù.
- Why?

I'll explain.

Good man, do you fee ill?
Did you drink too much?

Bartolo Di Lorenzo!
Did they stab you?

- Pull this out.
- What?

The knife, imbecile. Pull it out.

Yes. It's the first time.

People! The Best of Borgo
stabbed The Best of San Giovanni!


Franco, mamma's heart.
Now I recognize you!

- See? He is a knife man!
- Oh, God, Mom. He seems dead.

- Long live The Best.
- Long live The Best.

- How did you do it?
- I'm fainting.

And I'm falling.

He got emotional.

So nobody knows anything,
nobody saw anything.

Right. Bartolo Di Lorenzo

receives a stab there.

There, there, there.

He almost died,
the police was advised,

along with the red cross,
but no one saw who stabbed him.

I think he fell on a rusty nail.

He's always been a delicate boy.



- Where are you going?
- To Town Hall for the oath.

- We're marrying end of the month.
- Of course!

The Best is now in Borgo,
and he's frightening!

But no one knows who stabbed
The Best of San Giovanni's.

And let's watch out
with false witnesses

because you'll go to jail,

and you'll stay there!

Let's go!

Franco pretended to be afraid,
to fool everyone.

What a wise ass!

- Iris.
- What is it?

Are you crying?
Do you have a bug in your eyes?

It's my business and a secret
I want to keep in my heart,

as in a treasure chest,
as an unveiled desire.

I'll be darned!

Mr. Franco!

- Mr. Franco!
- Who is it? What is it?

I wanted to tell you that Laura
and I are getting married!


So be it!

- Things are going badly here.
- They certainly are not.

- Everyone respects you.
- My pockets are full of orders.

- For fish?
- No. People I should kill.

Read here. He stole from a friend
and I must cut his hand.

He kicked his uncle
and I must cut his foot.

- Nonsense!
- He took advantage of his girlfriend

- so I must cut...
- Shall we go?


I can't read well what I must cut.

Frascatano, watch my horse.

Franco, I met the Trastevere guys.

They apologized and promised
a new carriage.

You're always the greatest,
you're always The Best!

The handsomest, a heart and knife,
our pride and joy.

Hear that? The handsomest,
a heart and knife, pride and joy.

- They'll rip me open like a lamb.
- It's a fixation!

Thank you.

The way we put out these matches

is the way we'll put out your life.

Tomorrow morning at dawn.
A 16 centimeters knife.

Behind the convent
of the Good Death Company,

on the other side of Rome,

at the furnace
of the Valley of the Devil.

- Ciccio, did you hear?
- But don't worry.

Tomorrow morning, behind the
convent of the Good Death Company,

- I'll keep you company.
- No. I'm returning to my town.

- I'm going back to my farm house.
- You can't anymore.

- You are important.
- The marshal.

- Marshal!
- What do you want?

- I must tell you something.
- Yes.

This morning...

Be quiet, be quiet, softly, softly,
without causing commotion!

It's the law of honor!
Don't talk, no, no, no!

Don't talk to the marshal!

- Excuse me. I'll talk to my cousin.
- Go on.

This morning you want to sing?
I must talk to the marshal.

You can't tell certain things
to the marshal. It's dangerous.

- People are looking at you.
- Do you have a paralysis?

I understand.
You are taking a big risk.

Then confess you stabbed
Bartolo Di Lorenzo.

I'll arrest you and you'll have
no problems for 20 years.

No, that's too much.
I barely know Bartolo Di Lorenzo.

- I didn't stab him.
- My cousin is innocent!

But the marshal's idea is good.

A small offense could protect
you for a while.

Your cousin is right.

Get a kilo of fish,

slap it in your cousin's face,
he'll report you for violence

- and I'll arrest you for 10 days.
- No, 10 days are too few.

What if I did it to you?

- Try it.
- You think?


- You tried.
- You said it.

I will arrest you immediately!
Delinquent! Scoundrel!

I'll throw you in jail!
You are all witnesses!

- I didn't see anything.
- And you?

I had bent over
to scratch my foot.

- Did something happen?
- Did you see anything?

No, I didn't.

Nothing. Did you see when
he threw fish in my face?

Franco sells very fresh fish.

Maybe that fish was still alive
and jumped to your face by itself.

It jumped to my face?

- I could be a witness.
- No. He's a relative of the accused.

- The law forbids it.
- I am the only relative.

Silence! I understand.

We'll meet again, but remember
that all knots reach the comb

and all rivers go to the sea.

- And we'll all go to the mountains.
- Are you being funny?

- Very funny.
- I'll see you.

I'll be waiting for you. Step aside!

Bravo, The Best! Cheers!

- What kind of knife should I take?
- A 16 centimeter one.

Can 16 of us go
with a one centimeter knife?

- No.
- Why not?

- It's against the law.
- I understand.

Give them eternal rest, oh, Lord,
and shine perpetual light on them.

Do you hear them? They are
reciting the death prayers for me.

- They're praying for your victory.
- What victory?

Eternal rest,
what they say to the dead.

Don't think about it.
Drink some coffee.

The duel won't take place.
They said it to be tough.

- You think?
- Yes, don't worry.

- No. You can't eat.
- Why not?

If they stab you,
the surgeon operating on you

must find clean guts.

Are you mistaking me for a chicken?

And then you say
I should rest assured.

It's always best to be cautious.

- No, just some coffee.
- Some ricotta.

Be a man. No!

- I'll lick it.
- I want your wellbeing.

I'll lick it with my fingers.

It's almost dawn.
We had better start going.

Now we'll both go
to the appointment.

Without being afraid,
I will stay next to you.

As soon as we arrive,
we'll look into their eyes,

you'll attack them by surprise
and will get the first stab.

- Me?
- Yes, but it's nothing.

You will show them
that we are two brave men.

Even if you get injured,
it doesn't matter

because we can walk
with our head high.

Explain something.

When we must show
that we're brave, we are two,

and when I get stabbed,
we are one. Why?

You are too finicky.
Go get the knife.

Let's not make them wait.

Eternal rest...

I won't go. They are still praying.

I'll go.

Eternal rest

grant to them, oh Lord...

- This is The Best's knife.
- I don't want it.

- You can't refuse.
- I don't want it.

This knife was always cleaned
with enemy blood.

In fact, it is soiled with blood.

- Clown, here!
- No, I don't want to!

Where are our enemies?
We must go right away.

I don't want them to wait,
thinking we are afraid.

I won't go!
I am a proper person.

I don't want to fight with anyone.
I am a good person.

Why not? Even Samson...

The hair bulb is in contact

with the "bravery" glands.

It's like adrenaline.

Adrenaline moves the levels.

I don't care if
Andrea and Lina got married

or if they had kids.

The root of the hair
is in contact with the brain,

the hat is in contact
with the hair.

So hat, hair, brain...

- That's how it is!
- I won't go.

- That's how it is!
- I won't go.

We must go! And right away!
We'll be winners.

They'll see who we are.
I'll tear them all to shreds.

Out with the first one,
the second, the third, the fourth!

I said it!

- Eternal rest grant to them...
- Enough!

Don't pray for me anymore.

Pray for the damned souls
of those two that I'm going to kill.

And you come here!

I am not afraid

of anyone.

I am the toughest
in the neighborhood.

For me, going to jail

is like going to vacation.

And I don't give a darn about death.

Watch out. Don't provoke me.

For me, stabbing someone

is like having coffee.

I am strong, I am a rooster,

and am quick with a knife.

If someone steps on my foot

I swear I'll cause a massacre

and will kill him on the spot.

He swears he'll cause a massacre

and will kill him on the spot.

I'll go, kill them, and return.

- Good morning to The Best.
- Good morning.

Even if for one of us
it could be the last morning.

Good morning.

You decide between yourselves
who is to die first.

You'll spare me the trouble
of the choice.

Couldn't we postpone?
I have an appointment.

I said I have an appointment
with a funeral home representative

because I'll kill you like a dog now,

and kill your brother like a cat!
Number one!

Pray to God to save your soul.

Shield this one.

Don't run.

Your minutes are almost over.

You're starting to sweat, huh?

The law of honor doesn't forgive.

Now pull out your tongue.
I want to sharpen my knife!

Don't tremble! Here!

Here! Don't run away!

Do you like this dance?

It is a death dance!
You weren't expecting this!

Come and I'll tear you apart.

A few more minutes.

- Make the sign of the cross.
- Stop!

- You're finished!
- Stop! Suspend the duel!

You can't interrupt.
It's a duel of honor!

- Stop!
- I'll rip your guts out!

I'll tear you to shreds!
You don't have the courage!

What are you doing? I don't want
anyone to revenge in my place.

I was injured
and I must take revenge.

Go home, go on.

Stop! Where are you going, scums?

- Hold still!
- Look at the San Giovanni kings

that are silently leaving.

- Look at what cowards.
- Be quiet, fish vendor.

I am not well now,

but as soon as I recover,
we'll use our knives.

- Why? How do you feel now?
- More dead than alive.

Listen to me. Don't die
because I have a right to kill you,

and mercilessly eat your heart.
Now listen to me.

- What are you doing?
- I am Sicilian.

- You'll feel the Roman knife.
- The Roman knife!

- I am leaving tonight.
- Your hat!

- We'll meet again!
- Go. Let's go home.

- Is this fruit fresh?
- Yes.

- When is he coming out?
- At noon.

How much longer?

5 minutes.

It's the day of revenge.
I hadn't hoped it would come so soon.

Are you ready to revenge
your brother?

- Mom, what color is the Tiber?
- It's filthy.

It's yellow. Why?

Because it will be red soon
with the blood of the Chinese.

Dad, aren't you happy
to have such a son-in-law?

How much longer?

- 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
- Time never goes by.

- Did you already kill him?
- No, but I will in a few minutes.

- You gave the mayor an ultimatum?
- Yes.

Not even the mayor dared protest
against The Best's will.

And they'll install the electricity
at Borgo tomorrow.

First neighborhood in Rome
to be electrically lit.

- Long live The Best!
- Long live The Best!

The bowler!

Darn it!

Franco, one minute left.

- Franco, what is going on?
- I feel ill.

- But it's noon.
- Let's go eat.

- The Chinese is coming out!
- We'll invite him to lunch.

Is he crazy?

Stop! Nobody move!
Each in his place!

- What are you doing here?
- Fishing. Why?

- Fishing bowlers?
- Fishing whatever I find.

- I like this and will take it home.
- This is confiscated.

- Give it to me!
- Who are you?

Inspector Pennisi of His Majesty
the King's secret service.

A man with a black bowler
put a bomb in the Quirinale.

- A bowler, not a bomb.
- A bowler on his head.

A bowler on his head,
a bomb in his hand!

This must be examined,
and tomorrow come to the station.


- Noon.
- Here's the Chinese!

Franco, there's that snake!

- Go on, Franco!
- I have to go to the bathroom.

- Right now?
- The heart has a will of its own.

- The Chinese is approaching.
- Verdicchio, you face him.

I can't. He is The Best.
He could be offended.

I won't be offended. Go!

They've been waiting 2 hours.
Don't let them see you and run way.

Chinese coward,
where do you think you're going?

Bring him here!

You spy!

- Show him who you are!
- The Best!

- There he is! You see him?
- Look at how he floats!

He is more dead than alive.

You're tops, The Best!

- Here he comes!
- The Best is here!

- Let's hear what he says.
- Be quiet. Let him speak.

People of Borgo,
this sun that is setting,

and that will leave us in the dark,
as of this evening won't set anymore

because it will be substituted
with another more luminous sun,

electric light that will be installed,
first in Rome, here in Borgo!

Long live The Best!

Mr. Franco, we are ready.

- You can begin.
- Yes, but can we rest assured?

I don't want people from other
neighborhoods to cause a commotion.

Where there's The Best, there aren't
commotions. Tell that to Mrs. Edison.

- Why didn't you invite her?
- Don't worry.

If some bully comes,
I'll put a light bulb...

- Where?
- In his mouth.

- And I'll hang him on the lamp post.
- You can have electricity at home.

Even electricity in the homes!

Electricity must be put
in each home, even the bathrooms!

And then we'll go on
to the other neighborhoods.

- Alright. Who is signing?
- I have my personal signer.


- I am a thinker.
- Come, come.

Bartolo and his brothers are coming.

- Rip his heart out and I'll cook it.
- Make mom happy.

Franco, your hat is dirty.

- I'll clean it.
- I'll do it!

- The bowler.
- The signature?


Mom, I must go home a minute.

I'll go later.

We have something pending
that looks like a knife.

- It was a fair duel.
- I'd had too much to drink.

I was a bit drunk,
otherwise you wouldn't have made it.

I followed the law of honor.

- You wanted to involve my sister.
- Stop.

I love her.

Iris is a saint for me
and I want to marry her.

Do you love him? Sincerely?

Yes, Verdicchio. I love him
like ivy loves a tree trunk,

like a wave loves the rock,
like a cat loves tripe.

- Eternally.
- You were wrong. Give me your hand.

When I say it,
connect the electricity.

- Alright, engineer.
- Bartolo Di Lorenzo.

My respects.

Professional butcher,
shall we have some chopped meat?

We need sawdust to dry the blood.

I came here to make peace,

- and to ask for her hand.
- Suspend the sawdust.

This Borgo flower
without tricks and without deceit

is the pride and joy
of San Giovanni's The Best.

Long live Borgo and San Giovanni!

Ready to massacre!

I meant that Borgo lighted up
will be quite a show!

Turn on the lights!

Music, Frascatano!

May I? There has been an alliance
between San Giovanni and Borgo.

- May I have this dance?
- I am first.

Hold my hat.

Now that there is light
in the alleys and little streets,

couples can't make out at night.

Oh, illuminated Rome,
it's bad news for thieves.

While gentlemen
will continue to steal.

But the blond Tiber
doesn't give a darn

because it already has
its own current.

Light is a wonderful thing
for attractive girls

but for ugly ones,
darkness is better.

Milan gives light
to the Roman people.

But there is a Sicilian
who has become The Best.

- Long live The Best!
- Long live The Best!

Thank you, thank you.

Who is it?

- Who are you?
- I'm Cesare, called The Executioner.

I'm the Chinese brother.
I came here to take revenge!

The bowler is gone!

If I didn't have a gun in my hand,
I'd slice you up like a watermelon.

But I have a gun
and I'll kill the first guy who moves!

Give me the weapon.
You are under arrest!

That poor brother of mine

was fished out at Ripa Grande
half dead!

I have 5 shots
and will kill 5 people!

But I want to begin with Franco
who is called The Best of Borgo.

Start with someone else.
I'm not in a hurry.

Die, hoodlum!

- Marshal, I got him!
- Where is Franco?

- And Ciccio?
- Where is Silvana?

Hey! And my horse?

Franco, wait! You're leaving me?
What is this all about?

This is the story of fear
and knives.

The most handsome of them all
goes off with the girl.