Stop the Bitch Campaign (2009) - full transcript

"Do not enter"

Anybody in here?

What's going on here?

Who's made all this mess?

Criminal cases involving minors through SNS.

Over 900 criminal charges were filed

in relation to SNS last year.

"85% of the 900 criminal related crime
victims last year were minors"

These minors were all under the age of 18 years old.

Who did this to you?

What's your name?

What grade are you in?

How could anybody do a thing like this?

But don't worry

everything's OK now.

Do you have pain anywhere?

Were you hurt?

It's blood.

"The Act was passed to protect

minors from SNS-related crimes"


Can you verify that this is your sister,
Megumi Tachibana?

Your parents...?

We lost them...

in an accident 4 years ago.

There was just the two of us.

I'm very sorry.

A security guard found her in a school toilet.

And she became hysterical and stabbed herself.

No...Why did it happen?

We did detect

signs of sexual molestation

when we examined the body.

And this, too.

Infected with a lit cigarette.

Can you read it?




No, Megumi!

Don't leave me like this!

Don't go, Megumi.

"Stop the Bitch Campaign"

Have you heard of STBC Kuni?

Who's that?

I've heard he's a badass.

He's on a "Campaign" to torture

teenage hookers.

No, unreal.

They say he's handsome

I heard he's a filthy rich.

And that his mother was

gang-banged by 100 men.

No way!


They say he's got a huge dick.

A 10 inch hard-on.

No! I couldn't take that.

Ouch, you're stretching me!

"Uploaded successfully"

It's easy to tell who's been

raped by Kuni.


He brands his victims "Bitch"

That's so cruel!

It's almost funny.

Excuse me?

Your sister might have done.

Things you didn't know about.

Maybe you didn't know everything about her.

Things are out of hand these days.

Kids deal drugs in classrooms.

May girls have sex for money.

Just for fun.

Megumi wouldn't do such a thing!

Not my girl.

That's what all parents say.

And they're always the last ones to know.

You're a journalist.

Your must be aware of that.

Are you implying that Megumi was to blame?

Not at all.

Then go and find the rapist!

I certainly will.

But the truth remains that she killed herself.

You can't change that fact.

Thank you for coming.

You, come in, please.

What's your name?

I'm Aya. Aya Fujisaki.

Was Megumi your friend?

A classmate.


Are you a newspaper writer?

No, a freelance journalist.

What did the police ask you?

Why did Megumi kill herself?

The cop didn't tell me anything.

Didn't Megumi tell you anything?

Like what?

You know she was selling.


She was an SNS hooker.


It's no big deal, everybody does it.

Not her...

You lost your parents, right?

Megumi used to say she wanted to help you.

Isn't that sweet?

Did you tell the police?

No, I hate the cops.

So she didn't tell you anything?

It would be sad...

If this wasn't resolved

I need cash. Please help me out.

Are there any stars you look like?

Or movie stars?

Friends say my eyes look like Ayaya's

I'll send you my photo now.

Where are the eyes?

I can't tell anything.

Let's talk business first

I'll send you a photo
of my face when we have a deal.

How much? Please be modest

30K, if it's not too much for you.

Thanks for coming today

I thought you quit smoking

I did, but...

What did you find?

Azusa, do you know about "STBC Kuni"

STBC Kuni?

All the girls seem to know about him.

What's this "STBC"?

It's short for "Stop the bitch campaign"?

"Stop bitches" what's that?

That's dumb.

It's my turn.

The teacher touched me on the shoulder today.

That's horrible.

He touched me like this.


I'm sure he secretly takes panty photos.

He looks sexually frustrated.

Go to a hotel with him.

Why me?

I'll take a photo of you two.

So then he'll be ostracized by society!

No! It would be embarrassing for me too!

Don't even think about it.

Kuni might come get you!

I see...

That was a horrible ordeal...

So was the girl
who killed herself at school with you?

Was she your classmate?

So her name was Kazue?

And Kazue was in live with Hiroshi...

And he was in a different class, right?

And you loved him too?

You can't blame yourself for that!

Both of you loved him.

And then because Hiroshi was in love with you.

Kazue killed herself out of shock.


You love Kazuo too?

You're dating him?

How about Hiroshi?

Don't you love him?

So you're dating Hiroshi too?

Both Kazuo and Hiroshi?

Did Kazue know that you were dating both boys?

She didn't know.

She was just shocked that you were dating Hiroshi.

And killed herself?

Mr. Tanaka?
Your 're going out with Mr. Tanaka too?

Who's Mr. Tanaka?

Just a man?

So you're seeing Hiroshi, Kazuo and Mr. Tanaka.

Mr. Tanaka...

Did he pay you money?

Oh, god!

But that's prostitution!

What? Not just Mr. Tanaka?

You did it once every 3 days with various guys?

That's more than just sleeping around...


You slept with half the boys in your class?


That's outrageous.

Of course she killed herself.

She sensed it about you.

You're so immoral.

She couldn't stand it

I fell like dying too
Listening to your story

I trusted you.

What are you doing with your life?

I'm an honest man living an honest life

I thought I was the only man for you.

Mr. Tanaka and half the boys in you class...

That's crazy!


It's so hilarious I could cry!

Why do you do it?

I always tell you no tot mess around

I want you to be a regular high school girl, please.

What are the name of the other men?

You don't even remember?

You have Kazuo and Hiroshi.

And half the boys in the class.

Whose names you forgot!

Kazuo and Hiroshi...

The rest of them are just "Numbers" for you.

You only remember Mr. Tanaka.

Am I just one of those men?

How can I go on living with this?

Kuni targets teenagers who have sex for money.

He molests and tortures his victims.

So then his victims will stop having sex for money.

He calls it "Stop the bitch campaign"

He's an asshole who fucks and runs.

Rumors among the girls make him.

Out to be an urban legend.

"Kuni is a big company CEO"

"He is a refugee from Siberia"

"His penis is 10 inches long"

"He has a high-quality pearl under his foreskin"

Your point is...?

Kuni always leaves a mark on his victims.

A mark?

He brands them "Bitch"


They're just rumors.

The police would have caught him...

Those who were branded were all prostitutes.

Who's going to go public?

I don't believe it

I knew you wouldn't.

We covered urban legends in this issue.

Urban legends?

Everything in it was verified

I interviewed all the sources.

These are classified.

Are you serious?

Can I see her?

You can't.

She dive in front of a train
A few days after the interview.

She was a darling.

STBC Kuni?

I want to track him down.

It's just a rumor some girls made up.

They did it to scare off their competitors

I found a girl who was victimized by Kuni.

She has the same burn mark as Megumi's.

Tell me anything you know.

Go to the police.

They're useless.


Ok, we'll help you.

We'll cc-operate with you.

How old are you?

16, going on 17 next month.

How much are you asking?

You don't waste time, do you?

I spent too much on my cell phone bill.

My parents wouldn't help me with money.

They piss me off!

Ok, I'll see you in 30 minutes at the plaza.

Are you Miki?

What's wrong?

You're different to what I expected...

Are you disappointed?

No, it's the opposite!

You're cool.

Where shall we go?

Let me see

I know a good spot.

Let's go.

Stand up!

Attention and bow!

Good morning.

As you know,
your classmate Kazue committed suicide.

You must be as shocked as I am

I bawled my eyes out

I couldn't get up for a whole hour.

But we can't mourn in sorrow forever.

What will it take for us to get over this tragedy?

We need courage!

Where does courage come from?

From our hearts.

But courage doesn't come easily.

We need to do something to change our routine.


We have to change how we think about things.

What would you do?


We all have our own ways.

But whatever you do,
you need money to change your routine.

Whatever you do, you need money.


Now the question is...

"How can we make money?"

It doesn't come easy.

Miki, what do you make hourly?

850 yen.

Is that so?

That's pathetic.

You can't do anything with that.

What are we going to do then?

How do we make quick cash?

By turning tricks.

Exactly. There's no better way.

Class, have no shame.

Sell your bodies and make money.

Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am!

Make lots of money.

What would you charge for that?

About 20,000 yen

20? Can I have you for that, Miki?


I'll get around to you all later

I can't do it with everybody.

So today I'll buy Miki

20,000 yen

I have 20,000. Look!


But I don't want to talk about money now.

It spoils the mood.

It feels too business-like

I don't want you to think of me as your teacher

I just want to get closer to you.

So let me give you the money later.

We'll have a good time.

Forget that I'm your teacher.

It will be so good you'll forget the tragedy.

If it was really good, I'll pay more

30, 40, even 50,000.


A girl I know gets 80,000 from Mr. Tanaka.

Oh, my God!

I'll make it good then.

Make it good.

Show them how good you are.

Take off everything now.

Strip naked. Go on!

Wait a minute

I'll make it good too.

Don't rush me.

Ok, then.

What's going on?

No kinky stuff.

No talking back, please.


What do we call a filthy bitch like you?

We call you an empty new piggy bank

I'll tell you why that is.

Because we smash it. There's nothing inside.

Filthy empty piggy banks like you.

It's no fun to just fuck them
like I would a regular girl.

So I put makeup on like this.

And I kind or what?

Now, now, don't move.

If you move...

You'll make a mess and

I won't get it right

1,2,3, messy strokes.

So please stop wiggling around.

Somebody help.

You told me that nobody would come here.

Did you forget what you told me?

Did you really forget?

Let us begin, we're ready.

We have the same face now.

Let us begin.

Let us begin, we are ready.

You and I have the same face now.


Let us begin now.

Let us begin now.

Let's begin.


What is it?

You called me a cheat?

Wait a minute.

Don't call me a cheat.

You said you receive 80,000 yen from Mr. Tanaka!

And you slept with half the boys in the class

I'm not half as bad.

You know I'm only doing this
To stop teenage prostitution.

So stop complaining.

Just watch me punish her.

So she'll never even think about doing this again.


Please don't.

Help me

I wish I had something to offer you.

Don't worry, I just wanted to say
Goodbye to Megumi.

Megumi would have made you feel at home.

If she was here with me now

I always come home late from work.

So she did all the shopping and cooking for us.

She even talked me out of smoking.

Now I've broken my promise.

When our parents died, she was only 13

I was determined to look after her.

Just like her mother.

But in reality, she was the one
Who looked after me.

Megumi never complained all those years.

No matter how hard the things were...

I should have let her act more like a baby sister.

Stop crying.

Sorry, I can't stop it.


What's up, Eri?


Take her over to the sofa.

What happened?

A john hurt her.


You didn't tell me about that!

Put her on the sofa.

What kind of man did this to you?

Are you okay?

It was...

It was "STBC" Kuni.


Miki, show them what he's done.

Relax, just let us have a look.

It's going to be ok.


It's ok.

I am going to get the man who did this to you.

So this is your
"Stop the bitch campaign", isn't it?

Very well, asshole

I'm on a "Stop the bitch campaign"!

"High school girl, into SM sex needs some cash"

I'm Eri and I'm 17.

Lately I've been enjoying getting tied up.

Is it good?

Bullshit, you're not even a masochist.

You said you wanted to tie up a man.

No, I'm a masochist!

How is this.


Hello, are you Eri?

Yes, I am the one.

You are pretty.

Did you say you are 17?

Am I too old?

No, you are so young!

Compared to you, I am an old man.

Come with me.


Your hand's sweaty

I am nervous.


Eri, is this the place you like?

Are we allowed to be here?

We'll be left alone here.

Besides, being in this place really turn me on

I feel hot already.

Me too.

Come on then!






It's pitch dark in here.

Is this your idea of sadism...?

Spooky ghost!


This isn't what I wanted.

Assistant manager?

He's just pretending.

What do you want?

Are you doing this for money?

I bet you did something bad to my friend.

No, I didn't

I have no idea!

I have never had a high school girl before.

Who asked you?

He has nothing valuable.

It's Miki.

What's she say?


Wrong guy.

Seriously? Burmer!

Leave him alone, let's go.

Wait a minute.

Are you left-handed?

Or right?

What are you going to do?

I think you deserve to be punished.

One broken arm is kind of unbalanced.

Please don't...!

You're right.

Your turn, Azusa!

I think this is unnecessary.

What's that? You want to stop the
STBC, don't you?


How can you stand him?

It was a pervert like him who killed your sister!

Help me, they are mad!

You're the one who brought me here!

La was doing you a favor!

Don't you act righteous now!

You're too stupid to make money any other way.

You're nothing but silly girls!

You 're all whores!

Are you finished?


That's extreme.

It's pretty bad.

Say cheese!

Look at him.

He is filthy.


He's licking it.

We made him happy.

This man's a real pervert.

Stay away!


You pig.

He's getting a hard-on.

Shit, he is really grinning

I'm Aya, 16.

Need my financial support?

How much will you do it for?

I want the money too but

I am also really keen on hardcore S7M.

You could detach me some tricks if you like.


Yes, that's me

I have the gear

I can't wait.

Let's go.

Sorry, I have to take this.



That's him.

Are you sure?

I would never forget him.


Are you done?

Sorry, it was a friend.

In here?

Yes, don't you love the atmosphere?

I'd rather go to a hotel.

What? I'd prefer to do it here

I have to be careful of those girls.

Who've been assaulting men

I won't assault you!

Of course you won't.

Let's go to a hotel.


Wait a minute.

Let's see...

I really like this place.



Why here?

It turns me on.

Here then.

Yes they're not here.

Where have they gone?

It is Aya!

What's she say?

She's at Hotel Aine. Let's go.


Hold on a second

I've changed my mind.

But I like it here.

No talking back, please.

Let's go.

They never showed up here.


Where are they?

It's Aya.

At Love Castle.

Let's go.

They're not here.

What's going on?

We've got to find them.

"Where are you?"


"I'm at Shibuya, playing some video games."

You're not as smart as you think.

Do you realize that?

You're no smarter than a bitch.

What is it?

A bitch like you should
Just spread open and get fucked over and over.

That's what you deserve.

You said you liked S7M.

You said you love it

I got something special to stick in you.

Something very special

I'm going to stick this in there.

Here it comes.


Here it comes in.

Is it good?

Is it good?

Careful, or you'll get another hole down there.

Say it's good

I know it is.

Say, it's good.

Yes, it's good.

Is it good?

You feel good now?

Want more?


Yes? Is it really good?




You like it? I'll put it in deeper.

Can you take it more?

Deeper than this?

All the way in? Are you sure?

Can you take it?



I can carve a new hole in your head if you like.


Are you Ok?

Drop the gun please.

Nobody spoils my fun.

This is no child play.

Up yours, male pig!

They're green.

He has an attitude problem?

I beg you.

Please let me go.


Stop babbling!

Remember me?

Stop. He'll die.

This man is better off dead!

Cut it out.

Don't let him make you a murderer.

What do I do then?

Any opinion?

Did you rape Megumi?

Who is Megumi?

I don't know her.

Did you rape her? Answer me!

I don't know who Megumi is.

Please let me go.

Say cheese.



He isn't a bitch, he's a pig.

Are you through, Azusa?

Take off his trousers.

What now?

She sounds totally serious.

She does.

Aya, help him up.

Such him off, Yoko.

My pleasure.

What are you doing?

Oh, this is so good.

He's getting it up now.

Oh, this is good

I'm sorry but I'm coming.

Here I come!

I came.

Gross! Spit it that way!

I didn't do it for you!



Premature ejaculation.

Way too fast.

What is this?

What did I do to deserve such pleasure?

Lick it off the floor!

I'll make a stage worthy of STBC Kuni.


You have the wrong man.

Hold him still.

You're wrong

I'm not STBC Kuni.


I just came too... it's sensitive there.

Don't look!

Please take it easy so I can come again...

Don't look.


Don't make me say it again.

Sorry. I won't look.

Please go easy.

Then I can some.

Say cheese!

What's going on?

I'll explain it to you.

When the gasoline overflows from this tin.

We'll have a roasted pig.

If you don't want that.

You can put it out.

It's your choice.

The chains or your penis is.

Whichever you think you can cut through quicker

I can't make such a choice!

Let's go.

Don't make me do this!


I am not Kuni!

Die, pig.


Bye, bye!

I'm not the one!


No! I'm not STBC Kuni!

I look like my cousin, you know?

I was just imitating him!

I'm not the real one!

Oh, no...

Get soft now.

Don't stay hard, damn it!

Hey, you!

What would you choose if you were me?

Cut off"Mr. Johnson" or get fried?

Look at me!

Talk to me!

Don't be so stuck up!

OK, if you don't want to talk to me...

What do you think Mr. Tanaka would choose?

Of course.

He'd cut his penis off.

That's right.

Me too

I got revenge for you.

"Megumi Tachibana"

Dear Azusa,

It would be better
If I'd had the courage to tell you directly.

Ever since our parents died

I've been such a burden for you.

You came to my graduation and.

The first day of my high school.

Even though you had a very busy schedule

I can never thank you enough.

You even stopped smoking at my advice.

You always come home late, tired.

But you never complained
about the meals I prepared.

You're the greatest big sister and.

You made me so happy.

There is one thing I could never tell you about.

But I have to tell you.

Are you Aya?

Yes, I'm Aya.

Let's go.

"See me at the abandoned building, Aya"

Who's there?

Who are you?



What's going on?

It's him...

Azusa Tachibana.

So you are a journalist.

You've been looking for me?

STBC Kuni?

Ls that what you people call me?

This isn't funny.

Let me go at once, asshole.

You women really have no manners.

You can't scare me with a toy.

Sorry to disappoint you. But this is real.

You are really "STBC Kuni"?

I heard about a copycat Kuni.

So I've been investigating.

And that lead me to you girls.

What do you want with us?

So you're the one out
to punish the STB Campaigner?

All you did was to torture an imposter.

So here I am
I can show you how the real STBC goes

I already taught Aya some valuable lessons.


You flaccid fag!

Wash your mouth out.

She certainly doesn't know how to talk

I bet her parents are the same.


Watch out!




Don't touch me.


Don't touch me...No!

Please, no.


Don't do this to me.

Titillating tits.


Don't touch me!

So that's how they feel.

Stay away!

It's a naughty leg.

Very naughty.

Let's stop this game.

We'll do this now.

A new game.

Oh, cute!

It's very nice, huh?


But it's cute though.


But it's very cute though.

Oh, don't!


I said, "No!"

Die, pervert!

That wasn't good.

You taste really bad.

So disgusting.

Stay away.

You taste really bad!

Really horrible.

But I'm getting a hard-on.


A hard-on.

Do you want it?

Do you?


No, then.

It wasn't fun.

We should move on.

You want to go on?

That's right, you want to suck it?

Come on, suck me.

Come, suck me.


Then, suck this one.

You have to suck this one.

Keep it in your mouth, baby.

Keep it held in there.

Don't let go.

Don't let go
Keep it there.

You have to watch out.

It can be dangerous.

It's very dangerous.

Hey, look at them!

Damn, foul stench!

You smell very bad.

Please stop.


Don't do this to me.

Please don't stop?

You want more, right?

I'll do more then

I'll stick it in.


What? What is it?

Here I go.


No, don't.

Bitch! Bitch!

You bitch! You whore!

Whore, you're a bitch.

Do you know what this does?

It goes, "Ssssssizzzi!"

I saw the brand the copycat did on girls.

But a copy is just a copy.

It's not beautiful.

The real one uses this!

It was custom made just for me.

No, I'm just lying.


Tell me your blood type.

What's your blood type?

It's A.

Oh, you're type A!

So many type A!

Type A is the majority in Japan

I'm type A, too.

It's true, type A is the most common one.

See those 4?

They're type AB.

Only 4 of them.

These ones are type O.

Type O is rare, too

I hate blood type O.

There are quite a few type B.

But not as many as A.

So you're type A. Me, too.

I see.

You're the 20th type A bitch.


No, stop!

No, no.

Good, no problem.

This is perfect.

Please stop, please!


See how beautifully it's done?

The seal of the real thing.

Now, the second half

I'll be right back.

Nice to see you again.

Ouch, that's hurt!

It hurts good!

Hey, that hurt...


Untie me. Call an ambulance.

You lied to me.


It's ll because of you.

What do you mean?

Megumi killed herself because of
What you and your friends did to her.

What are you talking about?

Don't play games!

Megumi told me in her letter.

You did many horrible things to her!

She said you would eventually kill her!

You and your friends!

I knew she would tell.

Did you help me just in case I knew the truth?


I helped you.

Because you asked me to help you.

Why did you do that to Megume?

Maybe what I did was a quite cruel.

But it's really Megumi's fault.

She got too close to Koji.

Who's Koji?

A boy who is destined to be mine!

That Megumi.

She dropped her pencil in class.

And Koji picked it up for her!

How bad is that?

Also I hated the way Megumi
Was always so "good"

Who cares if her parents were dead?

She was always acting like
She was the tragic heroine.

"Do not enter"

Let go of me!

Don't move, you are annoying.

Be quiet!

We did her a favor and.

Gave her a taste of real life.

We sold Megumi.

Sold her?


There were some boys who wanted to fuck her.

She was a virgin, you know?

So we sold her for good profit.

Say cheese.

So un cool.

Now, for the finishing touch.

You saw the burn mark on her

I don't know what happened to her.

It was STBC Kuni who did it.

It's all his fault.

You got it?

Can you untie me now?




I'm sorry.

Hey, I apologized already

I'm sorry

I'm sorry.


This is wrong.

Apologizing to me won't work.

Find Megumi in hell and apologize to her!

Now is the turn of the main attress
Miss Rio and Miss Candy.

They are now heading to the shooting site.

Is it a quite place?

Oh, it is a film show

I am longing forthis at the bus

I like eating sushi.

And I eat it very often.

This is the first time
I show up in this kind of function

I have never dream of this before.

It is great.

It is snowing outside.

It is the first time
to see the snow in such atmosphere.


It is snowing.

That night.

It wsa freezing.

Is it cute?

You want to go outside now?

Seems so pitiful.

Yes, you are right.

But I have to work

I am very nervous.

About the schedule of the film show

I need to well dress
when I attend the film show tomorrow

I am longing forthat

I can rarely touch the snow like this.

My home town rarely snow

I almost never see any snow before.

Seems like going back to my childhood.

Are you crying?

Oh, you are crying.

You face seems to be angry.

Let me be more beautiful.

It is the result of our hard-working.


The next day.

Sight seeing day.

It is very funny.

My lower body seems like freezing.

Is it funny?

I will work harder

I will preserve a bit more

I want to keep it slowly

I am very happy.

It is finished.

Thank you very much.

My legs are so tired

I am scared.

There are so many people.

Slide down quickly

I am so scared.

The preparation party of the film show

I am ready to attend the party.

Theis is the traditional part of a film show.

And this clothes is very trendy.

Try it.

It is very tasty

I am eating now.

Look at this.

This is still very hot.

Let me try it.

It is really tasty.

Candy is late.

Because I was so excited yesterday.

And I over-sleeped this morning.

It is great.

Is there any shrimp inside?

No, there is not.

It is so tasty.

Everybody was stuffed.

Finally, the show begin!

Don't be so nervous later.

You just need to follow the schedule and show up.

We will give you the hints.


Thank you, everybody.

Two girls getting nervous.

The secret of the clothes.

Look at yours first.

How about you?