Stop-Zemlia (2021) - full transcript

An introverted high-school girl Masha sees herself as an outsider unless she hangs around with Yana and Senia who share her non-conformist status. While she is trying to navigate through an intense time of the pre-graduation year, Masha falls in love that forces her to leave her comfort zone. From a debutant Ukrainian director Kateryna Gornostai, a deeply personal story about self-discovery and the patience it requires.

Pass it here!
Yes! And run!

Kick it!

- The goalie missed it.
- Hello.

- Chernykh, why can't you just kick the ball?
- Well...

Alright, I'll get it...
Hey, take it.

- Off to play tennis?
- Badminton.

- Can we play?
- The three of you?

We could play hot potato?
Let's go!

Can I…?

What's that?

Did you sleep well?

Time to get up.

- Mom, I'm off.
- No, Masha. Eat your breakfast first.

- No, I don't feel like it.
- Masha, I made delicious cheese pancakes!

- I'm not hungry.
- But Masha...

- I don't want to eat now.
- Maybe a sandwich?


- Wait a second, Matviy will come with you.
- I'll go on my own.

He can go on his own.

- I can totally go on my own!
- Well, today you're going together!

- Matviy, why are you taking so long?
- Because.

Get a move on, please.

Fuck, Matviy!



What's up?
Today, I haven't seen you yet.

Then you, then you...

No no no!

- Vania, you could have hit me harder...
- What do you mean, "harder"?

- It hurts!
- Not for Solia!

Solia just wants to be beaten!

I just like feeling things.
It's always better than feeling nothing.

Right. So, first... the stress response
is always triggered by the unknown.

Second, you usually don't see
the stress reaction coming.

So the key factor that provokes
the stress response is unpredictability.

Because you don't know
when it's going to begin or end.

Depending on how long
the human organism is exposed to stress,

stress can be acute — when the trigger
is active for up to a few hours —

or chronic...

Good morning!

...when somebody is
always late for class.

And causes stress for the teacher.

I told you he wasn't home yesterday.

It was obvious yesterday
he wouldn't go home...

- Sorry.
- You're early today.

What's the first thing you'll do
after you finish school?

The first thing...?
I dunno!

Hang out with my friends.

Play basketball!

And tell everyone I graduated
from school.

I'll probably get drunk or...

Wasted. I dunno. So many options,
I could do whatever!

Maybe I'll go out with friends.

Well... it's impossible to know what
we'll do in life after we finish school.

It's just impossible.
Starting studies just for the sake of it...

To me, that's pointless.

Dunno. I'll try to get into university,
It's kinda...

- What if you don't get in?
- Then I don't know.

Is being in love considered stressful?

Good question.

If we take a look at the processes
in the brain of a person in love

modern science says it can
be compared to a stress reaction,

but only at the beginning.

- Later on, it's more like an addiction.

In this case, the biggest changes occur
in the subcortical structures,

which are referred
to as "reward centers".

- So, your place at 6, yeah?
- Bring something to eat.

- Yeah, pizza!
- Fuck pizza, ramen!

The gym is open.

Get a move on.

- Again these cigarettes?
- Can I take one?

- Damn, so co-o-old!
- Gimme a cigarette, please.

Why the fuck did you come out, then?

Dude, you don't even smoke,
but you give everyone a light.

- Everybody got one but me.
- That's what friends are for.

The disco is soon! Anyone know anything?
Who is playing?

- Some loser.
- Our Coach?

DJ Exam!

Like he's playing "Nobody's gonna
pass their exams, you are all nobody!"

- Who's going?
- Me!

- I don't know if I'll go.
- Why?

At the disco.

Sounds lame.

- I'd rather go for beers.
- School disco starter-pack.

- Let's go...
- I'd prefer 80s-style disco...

- Anyone got any gum?
- Yeah.

I knew you'd do that!


- That's just what we needed!
- Right, I'm heading back!

Yeah, go rinse your mouth!

Hello, coach!

- It's not funny at all!
- Margo is laughing.

Here, zoom in.

The bag goes from the station Rat 1
to the station Rat 2!

- What the fuck are you doing?
- Rat 2? You're rat 2!

Calm the fuck dawn, you two!

A thieving dwarf.

- Fu-u-uck!
- Watch where you're throwing it!

Nina, you're a bad catcher.

Just gimme the fucking bag!

Nina, stop it!

Chuck it here!

This is a solemn moment...

- Round of applause, please!
- Nina!

Stop it, Nina!

Gimme the bag!

- Ask nicely.
- Take it yourself.

Give it back!

Ask for it or take it yourself.

- It's his own fault!
- It fell out of the window.

- Come on!
- Sorry...

Please, forgive me...

Go and get my bag now.

Come on, dude.
You threw it yourself!

- Such a loser!
- Totally.

Anyone got chewing gum?

Chewing gum?

- Thanks, Chernykh.
- I have a name, you know.


How does your body feel
when you're in love?

Really bad!

You get an ache in your stomach
when you see the person.

You talk nonsense — at least I do.
I really lose control.

When you see them you're like,

Stop, please, stop.
I wish you didn't exist.

As if you are sweating.
Like when you have fever.

It's not enjoyable.

But still, you need this feeling?


Okay, let's get back to our subject.

From love, back to reality.

It's time to talk about
the biochemical phenomena in our cells.

- When we're stressed for a long period,

our cells need a constant energy supply.

That energy comes to our organism
mainly from glucose.

Glucose can be stored
in the form of glycogen.

- And glycogen is stored in the liver.

So when we eat a lot of sweets,
under the influence of the hormone insulin

the glucose is stored
as a polysaccharide called glycogen.

- That's the case when everything is fine

and no stress factor is present.

When a person is stressed,
the body reacts by...


...releasing energy, because it needs to run
somewhere, maybe to fight someone, or run away.

That's when the stored glucose comes in.
So glycogen from the liver is broken down

and converted back into glucose...

So I finally went on a date
with that guy yesterday...

- So you went after all?
- He gave me a rose wrapped in plastic.

Plastic, for fuck's sake!

Yana, you are obsessed. As if one
fucking plastic bag is gonna save the planet.

Yeah, but he doesn't understand Yana,
if he brings her a plastic bag!

He also had this pretentious
tattoo on his neck.

I asked him what it meant
and he was like, "Molecule of love."

- Damn!
- I remembered where I'd seen it before.

In biology class.
It was hilarious.

- I'm not gonna text him back.
- Well, shit...

- Yana, why don't you give him a chance?
- There's no point.

You haven't talked to him enough
to decide that he is a bad person.

Maybe he has
bad taste and shitty tattoos,

but that doesn't mean he's a bad person.

I get the impression girls are
pretty superficial about judging guys.

- And guys aren't, right?
- I wouldn't say so.

I'd spend more time with a person than just
one date before I said he's a bad person.

Are you saying guys don't do that?
Seriously, if a guy sees a girl likes him,

he starts giving her the cold shoulder.

He only does that if he doesn't like her.

Why would he do that to a girl
he really likes?

It doesn't make sense.

I've only had the opposite happen,
so I really can't say.

I'm not going on dates any more!

I dunno what is worse — not liking someone,
or when it's unrequited.

Unrequited love is definitely worse.

Keep your rackets up.

Left hand back.
Then lunge.

Listen till the end.

Listen to all those long notes.

Keep going, keep going.

Question mark.
Listen till the end.

- Come in.
- Sorry.

- I'll leave the music book here.
- Thank you, Nika.

Go on from here,
from this three-quarter note.

- And then continue further.
- From which note?

Yes, go on.

Start from the place
that is most comfortable for you.

Listen till the end.




- Hi.
- Hi, Masha.

Jesus, Matviy!

There's plenty of food in the kitchen.
Why are you coming and taking our food?

I don't want to eat on my own.

- What year is he in?
- Sixth grade, isn't it?

- Yeah.
- The sixth.

So the physics teacher
is his tutor, right?

Matviy, fuck off!

- Matviy, get lost. I'm serious.
- This is so funny.

Fuck, Matviy, what are you doing?


Damn you, Matviy!

Right, that's it.

- Matviy!
- What?

Stay there!

Right, here's an ultimatum.

Say "dick" and then you can
leave this room.

Okay? Agree?
Come on, say "dick"!

- Do you hear me, Matviy? "Dick"!
- I'll go to sleep.

Sleep or jerk off — I couldn't give a fuck.

You're taking my beanie
and insulting my friends here, damn you!

So now you get what you deserve, got it?

- Di-i-ick!
- Okay. Now fuck off!

What an asshole, that actually hurt.

Masha, where shall I put my pants?

There or there.


- Wow!
- Don't laugh!

Very cute. Seriously.

You're gonna sleep like that?

- Well, yeah.
- In your outdoor clothes?

Go and brush your teeth, then,
if you're gonna ask such questions!


- Then stop fucking around.
- Show me your hands.

- Nothing new?
- Of course, no.

- Okay then, you're admitted.
- Admitted.

Senia, I want to sleep next to Masha.
Could you move up a bit, please?

- Okay.
- It's decided.

Fuck, I forgot my phone.
One second.




- What are you doing?
- Scroll back.

- Here we go. Like!
- Why?

Because it's Sasha.
Because it's a like.

Niusia, here you go.


- What?
- What are you hanging it on?

- The eyelet.
- This is the lower one.

Here's the first eyelet
and here's the second one.

And the hook is there.

- Now fold it in half.
- Watch out.

No, count it,
it should be equal on both sides.

Got it?

I made an appointment for you with
an ophthalmologist tomorrow at 2 pm.

An appointment at 2?
I have seven lessons tomorrow.

- What is your last class tomorrow?
- Have a look at the time table.

You don't even know
what classes you have?

Now fold into half in the same way

and hang it in the middle.

You need glasses.

Even our neighbors complain
you never say hello to them.

What if I just don't want to
say hello to them?

What if I don't want to, either?
I still do. You just don't even see them.

Fold it in half the same way
and hang this one.

I talked to your Uncle yesterday.
He promised to help you get into university.

Now hang it up.

So what else did you decide for me
with Uncle?

- Nothing.
- What if I just don't want to go there?

There are many things you don't want to do.
You should be grateful.

Oh, dear... do you want to
join the army or something?

Maybe I do!

Hang it up.

You're unfit for military service.

How so?
They take anyone these days.

- But they won't.
- Why?

Cause you're unfit for life.

There's a gap there, can't you see?

- What gap?
- Sasha, are you kidding?

Thank you.

- Morning...
- Good morning.

...Mrs Chernykh.

Senia, cut that out.
Just "Inna".

- Would you like some omelette?
- Yeah, sure.

Hello, Yana.

How did you guys fit in there together?

Senia snored all night!

What do you mean I was snoring?
Tell them I wasn't. Come on, defend me!

- I can't, you were snoring!
- I didn't! It's not true!

It's not the first time I've slept
over at someone's place, you know.

And I've always been told
I am a very quiet sleeper.

- I don't even talk in my sleep.
- So you decided to make an exception for us?

- No-o-o.
- Yep.

- Ah, you're all here. Why no one called me?
- Have a seat, Oleg.

- Hello Masha.
- Hi.

Oh, Senia...

Wearing his helmet, as usual.

- Are you blocking the cosmic transmissions?
- Sure am.

Good boy!

- Tea? Coffee? What are you taking?
- Tea.

How do you feel about hanging out
with two girls all the time?

It's fine. It might look like
I am an ardent supporter of feminism.


I only have female friends.

But, I dunno, it's okay.

People probably think we have orgies
at my place while my parents are at work.

I dunno. Senia gives me a strange feeling.
I envy him a lot in that sense.

Whatever happens to him,
he kind of stays at the same level of...

Like he doesn't care, or something.

Would you say you're
closer to one of them?

Masha, I think.

I mean, however sexist it might sound —
she is a girl after all —

so she understands
and opens up to me more.

I feel she is more open with me.

But I love Senia a lot, too.

No matter what.

So, how do we proceed?

Slightly open the cuff like this...

Shake some air in.

Close the cuff.

Got it?

Pay attention!

Now put them on as usual.

My mom is upset with me
for sleeping over at yours.

You didn't tell her?

I did.
But only at the last minute...

Well, she's not upset about sleeping over.
Just about not telling her.

- That's how it usually works...
- I just thought it was okay. We're already... an adult relationship.

- Well...
- What?

Opinions differ on that.

By the way, what's happening with
Boyfriend of your mom's?

Haven't seen him for a while.

So you pull the cuff, so the glove
is on your fingers. Don't do it now!

And then you turn it inside out
so that the dirty part is inside.

- What about the second one?
- I'll show you now.

You crumple it so that it takes less space
and with a clean finger under the clean cuff

you pull it down
and then turn it inside out.

Have you seen this photo in the chat?

It's Tokha!

Somebody is very good at Photoshop!

Mister Mykola, can we go
to the pre-conscription training class

and do some shooting with the guys?

Go away!

- Looks like our maths teacher!
- The moustache is a bit smaller, though.

No way,
her moustache is really thick.

That's what I'm saying:
his moustache is smaller.

Fuck you!

So what do we do with a rifle?

We load it.

Okay. Then assume
our stance for shooting.

So you get into your stance,

Rest your rifle on a support or something.

It should be stable.

And only then do you pull the trigger.
And what happens next? Boom!

That's what we'll do now.

So you place your head
against the butt of the rifle, aim,

place your finger on the trigger,

and slowly pull.

Everybody got scared, right?

Okay, who wants to shoot next?
Any volunteers?

- I want to.
- You? Okay, Ivan, have a go.

And slowly pull the trigger.

We're all waiting for
you to hit the target.

Got it!

Now it's your turn.
Wait, let her shoot first.

Got it.

You put it, aim

and start pulling the trigger.

Don't aim for too long,

try to shoot immediately.

- Let's get out of here.
- Yeah.

Is that what you heard
when you were there?


Actually, it didn't
sound like real shooting.

There was shelling on
our street once, but...

But I wouldn't call it...
I wouldn't call it a war.

I didn't expect to react like that.

I understand...

I can't even imagine
what you went through there.

Aren't you cold?






That's correct.

Now let's do the same for the left eye.

Please say the letters one by one,
from top to bottom.




- I can't read any further.
- It's difficult, isn't it?

And now?
Is it better, worse or the same?

Well, a bit better.

- Your medical record.
- Thanks.

Why are you taking your phone out?

- Sorry.
- The doctor just gave you eyedrops.


Is there anything important?

- It's personal.
- What's personal?

Personal means I don't want to share.

You don't want to share anything.




Because you always react like this.

How am I supposed to react,
if you don't tell me anything?

I don't even know
if you have a girlfriend.

I would feel awful
if I were the last one to find out.

- Take it.
- Thanks.

There is a party at
my friend's place today.

- This evening?
- Yeah.

Maybe it's better if you stay home
after all that messing about with your eyes.

We'll see...

I'll cook something tasty.
Maybe we can talk...


I don't know,
maybe there's something wrong with me.

What do you mean?

You never tell me anything, I...


Don't you understand how it hurts?

You're just like your father.

Actually, sons are genetically
closer to their mothers.

Well, here we are.

It's fine.

You'll understand
when you have kids of your own.

Maybe I don't want to have kids.

- Maybe I'll be "child-free".
- What?

Child-free. It is a sociological term
for people who don't want children.

Your father should have been
one of these "child-free" people.


Maybe you are gay?

No, I don't think so.

I just don't have a girlfriend.



- Let's go to the bar.
- I wanna just stroll around.

- Andriy.
- Yes?

I like you a lot.

I like you, too.

Maybe we can...?

Are you coming?

Just a minute!

- Go on.
- Do you want some?

I do, I do.

Mouse's sucking on it.

What's up?

Now gimme a big hit.

- Fuck!
- Go open it, it's a penalty!

- Why me?
- Look what you did.

What's up?

Your pupils are huge!

I can't even see the color of your eyes.

They gave me these drops
so they could see my eye's fundus.

- Your eye's fundus?
- Yeah!

- Don't eat it!
- Here, drink this!

You're so greedy!

I like this one.

- I...
- You...

Quiet, girls!

I love you guys!

I've heard that before!



- Fucking great!
- Vania, sorry!

- Damn, it's...
- Does it hurt?

- It's fine!
- What is fucking fine?

Gimme your shirt.

I'll order the cleaning
service tomorrow!

- Wasted assholes!
- Look at yourself!

- Tioma wanted a kiss on the lips!
- Why will nobody kiss me on the lips?

You've got hepatitis.

My turn?

- Well, this is something new.
- Sasha.

Let's see how they kiss!

Kiss, my children!

- And he's talking while kissing!
- He's praying!

God, forgive me!

Let me sit here!

It's not working for me there.

Somebody... like me, I haven't had it yet.
I am about to turn...

How old am I?
I am 17 years old already.

I haven't had it yet,
even though I could, but I didn't do it.

But I try to...
Not to perceive it as...

As something bigger than it actually is.

I dunno...
After all, I want it to be...

Based on feelings.
I wouldn't be able to do it just like that.

I don't really understand,
when I think about it,

why someone would need a relationship

that doesn't go anywhere
and will eventually end.

And you'll feel even worse
than before... I dunno.

Do you feel lonely?


Yes, maybe, but...

Maybe I'm lonely,
but it doesn't bother me.

Sure, sometimes I'd like to...

Go out like other boys...


I feel okay without it.

I wouldn't call myself a lonely person.

I have my friends, my mother.

I'm not lonely all the time.

But still, sometimes...

I have this feeling that...

I'd love to have...

Someone in my life who would
always be there for me.

Katia, is everything okay?

Who's there?

- Hey, Mouse!
- His jacket is in there.

- Strange.
- Vania, you have mice at your place.

- Mouse!
- Try calling him.

Call him.

His stuff is here?

Let's put out some cheese for him.

- Sasha!
- Put a mousetrap down!

- Maybe you should get some rest?
- Yeah, go take a nap.

- I'm fine.
- Okay.


- Dude, we're gonna have to kick down the door.
- Have you lost your mind?

- What if something has happened in there?
- Like what? He'll wake up!

- What should we do then, Vania?
- He'll wake up! No need to kick the door down!

It's just a door.
This is about Mouse!

Fine, it's about Mouse.
But this door is expensive!

- What if he's in trouble?
- Let's just call!

- Just keep your mouth shut!
- Maybe we just take this thing and...

Move aside.

- He might be asleep behind the door.
- What do we do, then?

Kick it down!

Stop it!

- Is he okay?
- Good morning, little Mouse!

- Artem, can you get him out of here?
- We need to help him first.

- Then I need to go to the bathroom!
- Sasha! Stop it!

Out of the way!

Fuck, go to sleep!

Let Katia pee finally!

Is he okay?

I will fix it, Vania!

- Mom, get out.
- Was it so difficult to send me a text?

Or don't I matter?

- Mom...
- I'd like to have a rest, too.

I work hard.

I asked you not to go out for one night,
or at least to come back earlier.

Get out, please.

I wanted to have dinner together.
To talk.

Why don't you say anything?

Get out, please.

Are you drunk?


Look at me!
Let me have a look at you!

- Get out!
- Why? Are you drunk?

Take the towel and get out!

- Get out!
- Mama!

Take the towel and get out!

Mom, get the fuck out!

Mind your hands!

- Thanks.
- Bon appétit!

- What university is Yana going to?
- She decided to take a gap year.

- Is that allowed?
- Yeah, why not?

- And Senia?
- Senia is going to do biology.

I am not surprised.

I am a bit worried about myself, though.


I started realizing these entrance exams
are like a lottery.

Chances are I won't pass them.

Well... if you pass, that's fine.
And if you don't, that's fine, too.

- In any case, we'll go to the seaside.
- The seaside?

All of us together,
with mom and Matviy.

We haven't been to the seaside in ages.
Maybe five years or so.

Yeah, about five years.

Did you know your mom
didn't get into university first time?


Or the second time.

- And the third?
- Yeah, she got in at the third attempt.

Otherwise, we wouldn't have met.

I don't feel guilty because...

There were so many situations
when she hurt me and...

She said she wanted to leave behind all
the resentment...

That she wanted to sort out
our resentment and...

she just gave me this whole list...

Of things she thinks I should...

Be sorry about...

And I didn't feel I was responsible
for a lot of the things she said.

It really hurt me a lot...

For the first time in my life I felt...

Like being nervous brings on nausea.

But for her to accept me...

I am fine with compromises,
if I am honest.

(a wordplay that means "moping meteorite")

Has anyone heard
of the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet?

- Oksana, maybe you know something?
- Well, I heard about it today.

Actually, it is very famous,
because it is the most well-studied comet

thanks to the probe that was
sent from the Rosetta spacecraft

in 2014.

And it is remarkable, because it was
discovered by our fellow countrymen

Klim Churyumov
and Svetlana Gerasimenko in 1969.

It was chosen as the object of study
for the Rosetta spacecraft

that was sent to study this comet in 2004.

Get inside, jerk!

I'll get in after you.

- Okay?
- Yeah.


- Tioma, what are you doing?
- It's a...

- Tioma, what are you doing?
- It's all good.

- Damn, Tioma, open up!
- Smile!

Fuck off!

- Five minutes, Mouse.
- Dammit!



- Why did you shut me in?
- I can get in, too.

Come on!

- Why the hell did you do that?
- It was just a joke.

Very funny!

Imagine if they were the size of dogs!

- On a leash!
- Yeah!

You could walk it in the park...

It could come to be with you
and you could cuddle it...

- Not bad.
- Looks a bit like a vacuum cleaner.

- Very cute, though.
- No, look, this is an old tardigrade.

- This one's desperate for a hug...
- Awww!

- Hysterical.
- Angry.

- Angry and hysterical.
- Damn...

We will all die
and they will survive.

I'm serious.

Immortal creatures.

- Is that "Chizhik-Pyzhik"?
- Yeah.








Are you okay?

Get up.
Are your hands okay?

- It's our fault.
- Everything is fine.

Are you hurt?

Why did we come here?

We'll leave in a while,
let's stay a bit longer.

We never come.
So what now?

Friends, let's play.

- I don't want to.
- Me neither.

- Why did we come then?
- I dunno.

Come on, it's gonna be fun.

I offered it to her, not you.

- Nobody cares.
- Let's go.






Nika! Nika!

- Nika!
- Careful, there's hole there!

- Nika Nika Nika!
- Hole is your future!

Wrong direction!

She's good at finding her bearings.

Mouse! Mouse!

- Go, jump!
- Come-come, you're almost there!

- It's my house!
- Hotcakes!

- Where are you?
- Here.

Artem, it's your conscience!

Two! Three!





You missed the beer.

- Go! Go!
- What?


It's your turn.

One! Two!



- Back!
- Masha!

The beer!
Don't touch the beer!


No one's there!

Missile, Masha!


- That's suicide!
- Almost!

Just touch someone!

I haven't touched anyone!

Walk ahead, Masha!

Masha, sit down,
You took too long.

- What a strange game.
- One.


- God, holy crap!
- Three.

I realized it when I was at the stage
of not being able to get out of bed

and waking up with a feeling of anxiety
and pain in my body.

And I was like,
"Fuck, this is not okay."

But looking back, I understand now
it began in autumn,

long before that morning
when I realized things were getting bad.

I couldn't tell myself I was depressed

'cos I knew that wasn't it. There are
people who feel it, and it's freaking scary.

And when I was told I have depression,
I was...

It was hard for me to tell the others about it,
because I thought depression was worse.

I thought it was worse than
what I was feeling.

My mother couldn't accept it
for a very long time.

I can see why.
It's frightening

when your daughter suffers from depression
and there's nothing you can do about it.

- How many do you want?
- Two.


Masha, when do your
parents get home today?

I dunno.

They're very adequate and this is cool.
You know what I mean.

Yeah, they're nice.
It's just that they are never home.

I wish mine were like that...

My dad doesn't work at all

so he's always at home.

Every time I come home,

he's like: "Where have you been?
What were you doing?"

"Are you gay?"
He's really afraid of that.

- And you're not?
- No.

I am not afraid.

- I mean, you're not gay?
- No...

I think I'm bisexual.

I guess.

So you might be attracted to guys.

What the difference does it make?

- You sound like a homophobe.
- No! God, no!

I dunno.
Rumors fly round about you at school...

You believe in rumors?

But they exist.

- Too much butter!
- I think so, too.

When my dad wants to tell me something
he gives me a lecture.

Yesterday he gave me an
hour-long lecture about contraception.


Turned out I knew more about it.

With your rich experience!
I am not surprised.

I have lots of experience!
I am the most experienced man-whore!

What if I ask you seriously?

- What?
- We-e-ell...

- What do you want to ask seriously?
- About the experience, not the whores!

- And now?
- Now? Now I am in love.

Who is this person?

- It's a girl.
- Wow.

I had no idea...
Does she know?


Are you gonna do anything about it?

No, why?

I am such an amorphous aromantic,
what can I do in this situation?

- You gonna tell me who she is?
- No.


You know, it's like you wake up one day
and realize you're in love with this person.

It's like — this is a bad example,
but still —

it's like you just smoked a joint,
and you're like...

You don't notice when you got high,
you sit there for five minutes and it's like,

"Damn, I am wasted!"
Being in love is the same thing.

You may not notice.

We are still friends,
but we're so close now,

that maybe one of us
feels that this is love.

But I even like that!
You know, it feels like...

How do you say "anticipation"
in Ukrainian?

"Sometimes I feel like I have an aquarium
inside, with big fish, like in a supermarket."

Aren't you curious who that is?

I am. But I won't ask,
'cos then he'll stop texting.

- I'd stop.
- And I'd ask.

- Have you started drinking without me?
- We'll have another one now.

I haven't finished mine.

- Do you want it on its own?
- Yeah.

What about this "gryum"?

Don't you find it a bit creepy?

Don't you think so?

If he asks you to meet,
tell someone where you're going, please.

Especially if he invites you
for a walk in the forest.

- Masha will be like, "Okay, sure!"
- No problems.

- Wait!
- What are we drinking to?

What are we drinking to?
To extra-conjugal relationships!



Sharp elbows.

Elbows like knives...

Fertile soil.

It bounced.

How did you manage to pull Masha?

It's fucked up.

It's so embarrassing.


Have you noticed how she looks at you?


Anyone can see it.

- Like a mouse looks at cheese.
- What do you mean?

Dude, Masha has a crush on you.

- And you're like...
- What makes you think she does?

- Tell him, Mouse!
- We see everything, Sasha.

- Seriously.
- What do you see?

- Everything we need to see.
- Okay, good.

- I've got one more bottle, let's drink it.
- No, I don't want to.

Why not?

- Did you see that?
- You're just not drunk!

- It jumped...
- It bounced, very cool.

- Senia, you go!
- I'm not going to the shop!

Me neither.

Let's go.

Your parents are even more adequate
than I thought!

- It smells so tasty!
- I like it a lot!

It's medical, by the way.

- Don't touch it!
- Don't!

- You better smell it.
- That one is Askold, the other is Ramses.

This one doesn't have a name.
You choose one.

My mom uses it for compresses.

- Vodka.
- Horilka.

It says "vodka" here.


- We can make Bloody Mary.
- We don't have any tomato juice.

Why do we need tomato juice
when we have Mary (Masha)?

- What?!
- I mean, your blood.

- Oh, my God!
- It won't be the first time for you.

You're an experienced whore —
I mean person, in that sense.



Are we really going to do this now?

Let's do it.

On the count of three?

- This is so childish.
- If not now, then when will you do it?

- Let's start cutting.
- Okay, that's a good argument. Let's do it.

Who's gonna count?

- To three?
- Me.

- Third time's a charm.
- Let's do it.

One. Two.

What now?

What do we do?

What we started this whole thing for.

Bless you!

This is true.
Let's mingle.

HIV, herpes.

- Damn.
- You spat on me.

- Is it tasty? Sorry.
- No, I'll never forgive you.

How long have you been doing this?

I see you've cut it deep.

I don't do it.

- Do I have to bandage it?
- Yeah, otherwise it won't hold.

- It's stretching.
- Sorry.

Like that, yeah.
But not where the cut is.

A friendship bracelet.

It doesn't even cover the cut.

It's fucked up, let's redo it.

Don't fucking move it.

Calm down.

Okay, got it.
God, I just had to cross it.

One second.

I know we are not just school friends.
It's not because we're in the same class

and we need to find somebody we can
get on with. That's not the case for us.

On the one hand,
there is this feeling of stability.

This kind of...

Trust that I feel.
And that's real.

But still, I fear losing something.
Friends, for instance.

Or rather, I'm afraid of what
will happen to me if I remain alone.

Senia, gimme a smoke.

Now your turn.

Okay, this is the last one.

We're very synchronized!

I was listening and it was synchronized.


In rhythm, like one-two-three,


Matviy, go wake Masha up, please.

Wake up!

Matviy, go and get ready.

What happened with your arm, Masha?

I'm worried, Masha.

I'm fine.

Maybe you should
start your therapy again?

- No.
- I can come with you.

- I don't want to.
- Or you can go on your own.

- I don't want to.
- Masha!


- Only one.
- I'll pick one.

- Hi!
- Hi!

It's for girls.

Solia Solia Solia.

Listen to this, give me a nice line
then you'll get a prize, sunshine!

It's the day of the beat
When I look at you, it feels so sweet

I see you look at me and my heart goes rush
Then I look back at you and I see you blush


You doin' everything to make me redden,
if you wanna know, I'm already sweatin'!

Dude, we have a match!


It's not fair!

Who has 47?

It's such a dumb tradition.
Why is it only boy and girl couples?

What if I like girls?

- Good morning!
- Hello!

- Do you want something?
- No.

Sausage bun, please.

- You're a little chatterbox!
- What happened?

- Did you talk to mom this morning?
- I did.

- And what did you tell her?
- Nothing.

- Why didn't you talk to me first?
- You wouldn't have admitted it.

So you just went and snitched, right?
Now I'm in trouble!

- Why did you cut yourself?
- None of your business!

I'll fucking kill you
if you show up in my room again!

Fuck you!

Good job!

Masha, well done!

I reckon Masha and Dania would
make a perfect couple.

- Masha and Dania? Nah.
- Why not?

Masha is normal.

Oh, I get it!

- What do you get?
- Well, I get what you mean.

So it's called thermoregulation.

It's a very important process
that keeps our body temperature at...

- 36.6 degrees!
- 36.6 degrees!

Yes, but that's the temperature
in a pretty warm place which is the...

- Armpits!
- Armpits.

But actually, our brain keeps the temperature
at a level of 37°C.

- And this is maintained in the body's core.

And this is a fixed, constant indicator
that is maintained precisely.

Because the changes in temperature
can affect many other processes.

Why do you think it's so important?

As the temperature increases,
protein fibers start to change.

HELP Once it hits 40
degrees it's irreversible.

When you hear the whistle,
run in the opposite direction.

Turn around.

Listen carefully!


Now swing and hit!

It's all good. Come forward!


Once more.
Go. One more time.

Once again, steady!


Nothing changes! Senia tells us the time
and then doesn't show up! Where is he?

Late as usual.

- It's not so cold today at least. Let's wait.
- It only snowed three times this winter.

The Antarctic ice cap
melted in nine days.

- We're all gonna die soon.
- We'll all die anyway.

- Hi!
- Hi!

Can I have a cigarette?

- 20 minutes, Senia!
- Sorry.


- We're late already.
- Let's go, then!

I don't smoke when I walk.

Look, I want to put these on.

Oh! These are cool.
And these too!

I'll take these.

- These ones?
- Uh-huh. Come on, Senia!

Now you'll see them!

Dania! Help me water
the plants after the disco.

You're the class prefect, you do it.

- Why so rude?
- No reason.

- Okay.
- Okay...

Come on!

Senia, go-go-go,

- Let's slam!
- No no no!

Slow dance!

Everybody finds a partner.

- What's up? You feeling bad?
- Are you kidding me?


- Rum baba!
- Anchovies.

Cold boiled pork!




Masha, are you okay?

Will you ask him for a dance after all?

I dunno.

I think you should try.

I doubt he'll say no.

Will you ask him?

Okay. I'll do it for you.

I'm giving you my glitter.

But it doesn't work very well.

Now it works, more or less.
Now the right eyebrow side.

- God, I inhaled them.
- It happens.

This is the last track for today.
Don't miss your chance.

- Will you dance with me?
- Sorry.

- Will you dance with me?
- Sure.

Thanks, everyone!
You were amazing.

Shall we go?

Yeah, let's go there on our way.

- We need to find Vanya first.
- Yeah.

Anyone got his number?

- So what are we doing? Are we going or not?
- We are, but we should find Vania first.

I don't think we'll be welcome
if we show up at Vania's without him.

- Let's go somewhere?
- Maybe the "Green theatre"?

- I'm gonna go home.
- We'll walk with you.

I wanna go on my own.


Text me when you get home, yeah?

Senia, let's go.

You're blind.




It's just...
I guess I became less afraid of things.

'Cos before...

I mean, there's still stuff I'm afraid of,
but they're different things.

The things that scared me before just
don't have the same effect any more.

I think the only way to get rid of anxiety
is to do something.

Whatever it is:
just do something.

Something connected to that thing.

Just to stop wondering...

Trying to guess who it might be
or might have been.

It lets you know it was one way
or the other, and that's it.

When I go too deep into the past
or into the future...

Things I cannot know...

I then notice that I...

Lose my grip on things in the present,

the present moment.

I think you just have to find the reason
for yourself.

And for me, it's the fact that
I exist only in the present.

I am not there anymore.
And I'm not there yet.

I am here, and I should use that.

It's the only thing I can do.

Otherwise, I can't do it anymore,
or I can't do it yet.

Is there anything you'd like to ask me?

Do you feel this...

Kind of...

Do you feel connected to the emotional state
you were in when you were my age?

Do you feel like it's all in the past?

Can you relive...

All the experiences you had back then?
I don't know how to put it.

Come here.

Stand up.

This is enough, I guess.

Move closer together in the middle.

Dania, go to the other end.

And… Get ready!



Can we do one more?

Okay, one more!

Right, concentrate!


One more!
The last one!




Thank you.

- So in one hour?
- Maybe an hour and a half?

Next to my place.

- Don't be late!
- Don't you be late!