Stop-Over (2013) - full transcript

In the course of living long months with a group of Iranian illegals in Athens, the director examines this radical choice of pursuing a better life through the most perilous of possibilities: clandestinity. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

- How are you?
- Hi!

- How are you?
- And you?


It's hot in Athens!

- You ok?
- Yes.

You've barely arrived
and you're already filming...

- You're ok?
- Yes.

Very happy to see you.

How are you?

Not too bad,
I've just been released.

I tried to come,
but I was caught at the airport.

I joined the others
after my release.

I'm staying with them.

Let's sit down.

- I'm glad to see you...
- Yes, me too.

Did you tell the others about me?

- Yes.
- How many are there?

About seven with the one
who gives us shelter.

- Who is he?
- Amir. We live at his place.

He's also Iranian.
He's been here for three years.

We live at his place.

- You've changed!
- Well, I'm 28...

Three years ago, my cousin and other
illegal migrants were held up in Greece.

He hadn't yet decided to give up
and to return to Iran.

He was still alive then.

Ask Amir.

Do I take my shoes off?


- Why this curtain?
- So nobody can look inside.

Illegal migrants
hide in places like this one,

in order to be together.


The seven people at my place

had the same bad experience
as I did three years ago.

On leaving Iran,
they met in Turkey.

A smuggler promised to get them
to Europe and then to the USA,

but he got them to Greece first.

- All of them together?
- Yes.

One night, he sent them off
on a boat to Greece.

Once they were here,
they called the smuggler,

but he no longer answered the phone.

They understood
that they'd been had.

Now they're left to their own devices
to continue their journey.

Having experienced this myself
three years ago,

I help them and they help me
to pay the rent of this place,

called "Amir's boarding house".

So they have to find
a new smuggler here?

Yes... or try to get through
by themselves.

But that's even more dangerous
than with a smuggler.

Many of them die,

because they have to hide
underneath trucks...

Or give a huge amount of money
to a good smuggler.

- Why all these photos?
- Kaveh, they have no papers...

If something happens to them,

at least we have a photo
to try to find them.

This is Rassoul.

This is Kamran.



And little Jahan, 16.
My favourite.

His mother managed
to reach Norway.

As long as I can't send him off,
I won't move from here.

Gayana, an Armenian girl,
who met the others on the road.

Hamid "Bruce Lee",
our sports teacher

who sometimes visits.

He's been trapped here
for four years.

Your cousin Mohsen,
whom you know better than I do.

The unluckiest of all:
four months' imprisonment on arrival.

How can I help him, Amir?

You can't.

If he's caught again
trying to get through...

- Jailed for 6 months up to 3 years.
- Is that so?

He is under "the obligation
to leave the Greek territory".

What happened to his lip?

An accident when he was a boy.
Didn't he tell you?

No, this is a rule here:
No questions about the past...

The past is the past
and nobody's business!

Look! The fridge is empty!

- What's with all these eggs?
- We eat a lot of them...


I'll remove it with that!

Yasser, you're a pain in the neck!

Oil leaves marks
which can't be removed!

Want to eat it raw?

- Stop it or I throw this at you?
- Get lost!

- It's not cooked!
- I speak to him calmly...

Asshole! Stop screaming,
I'm next to you!

Have a taste and tell me.

- Yes, it's cooked.
- In that case, eat it.

Farshad, it's too liquid!

Sure, he used 3 litres of water!

Complain some more!

Too many cooks...
Always the same old story.

You'll see,
another few days here...

and you'll be fed up!

This is not our home.

At your own place,
you have privacy...

You can close the door
to your room.

Everything neat and tidy...

You do your own laundry, no problem.

You can eat properly...

But here, we only had
one single meal yesterday.

We don't have much anyway,
but we need to agree first...

Why is everyone laughing at me?

Not bad?
With the other trousers...

Don't film me,
make a picture of me.

- Are meals the only problem?
- I wish!

The real problem
is the uncertainty,

the wandering about.

And the way out is blocked.

Nobody manages to get through.

- The ways out are closed?
- Yes.

To get further into Europe?

It's not the tourist season.

It's when it's hot, in August.

- Is it easier with the tourists?
- There are more people!

It's easier for us at the airport
where there are lots of people.

It makes it harder
for the customs officers...

- Prettier?
- Yes.

Sports style with jeans...

You can go to Denmark like that!

You're going to Denmark?

No, he's going to Norway.

Go on,
a snapshot against the wall...

Find a way of leaving here
instead of...

We will leave one day...

I'm scared.

We're scared.

Without the police
it would be ok, but...

Where's Mohsen?

"Yasou meremou".

- Does that mean hello?
- No, it means: "Hi, my dear".

- The police!
- Watch out!

- Are they behind us?
- What?

A little further on.
That's why Yasser ran away.

It'll be ok.
We have some shopping...

- Are we leaving?
- No.

- They're coming back...
- No, they're walking...

Don't look at them.
You'll be ok.

They're coming back...

Pretend nothing's wrong...

- The jerk ran off.
- He's mad!

Are they still there?

Yes, but they'll be leaving eventually.

Imagine the stress
you have to cope with every day!

Such pressure on your brain...

Your problem:
you speak too loud.

Without that
you'd be taken for Greeks...

Centre... left and right...

We were given these
in order not to drown,

and we turned them into punching balls.

- Your life jacket?
- Yes.

Left, right...

I'll ask Kaveh
and I'll call Farshad afterwards.

They say
Mohsen has been arrested around...

around the Acropolis.

They were passing a burglarized car.

The police took them for the thieves.
They arrested Mohsen.

The others are wondering
whether you can do something?

Where is he right now?

- Police station near the Acropolis.
- Did they get Farshad too?

No, just Mohsen.

But he should be ok
with his pass to leave the territory...


Poor guy, already
four months of prison...

What can I do?
Go there?

Yes, you can.

And that asshole there,
with his camera!

Do something!

- Where is he?
- You have papers, speak English.

Where do I have to go?

Acropolis, near Omonia, I think...

- Omonia or Acropolis?
- Acropolis.

We were crossing the street.

"Police! Let's cross the street!"
I said: "No, let's continue."

But they changed direction
and we continued.

This is when we saw
the police car following them...

Then I saw the police
search Mohsen.

And Yasser had disappeared.

Then I looked inside the car

and I saw that he wasn't there.
But Mohsen was arrested.

But why did he run, damn it?

I should have run,
because I've no papers...

We've got to look for him...

Go and get him.

Where do I have to go?

- Take a taxi...
- And tell him what?

That he's his cousin.

- So they arrest him as well?
- They can't!

- They'll put him in prison as well!
- He has papers.

I have to invent a story: what
I'm doing in Greece, where I sleep...

If they question you, say:
"I'm a tourist."

"I'm visiting your country."

What nonsense!
He's got nothing to hide!

The idiot! He said so himself:
"Never run!"

Why did he run?

- If Kaveh goes, they'll release him!
- Ok, I'll go.

Ask them:
"What's your problem?"

Here, if a dog has a master,
it is taken care of.

But if you have no one,

you'll rot in prison forever.

Ok, guys, I'm going to go.

You had better go home...

If I can't find him,
I'll call you.

Be firm with them!
If they say he's not there,

say that you'll lodge a complaint.

Show them your papers
so they don't take your for an Iranian.


I'm hurting inside...

- And I was wearing my jacket.
- European truncheons...

- What's that here?
- No idea. They hit me.

I swear, Amir,

I'm hurting all over.

- Obviously they hit you!
- But they were plainclothes cops!

Electric truncheons,
I suppose...

When I got up in the morning,
I hurt all over.

I was hot at first,
so it only started hurting later.

I was unable to continue walking
in the street.

I have to check it in the shower.

It was all swollen here.

He hit me so hard...

- What did he say?
- He said: "Shut up!"

"Or I'll hit you."

If they don't let you talk,
how can they know the truth?

If we'd known,
would we have gone out or not?

I know
that these things can happen...

Which one of us
did four months' prison for nothing?

- What shall we do?
- No idea.

I'm going crazy because I keep asking
myself the same question...

I won't be able to take
another imprisonment!

Either I go back to Iran
or I ask for a pink card...

Look at that!
The Swiss flag.

It's only the cover.


See the difference
between a real passport

and the fake one you had.

I've never seen
my passport like this!

It's phosphorus.
Passports with phosphorus.

No forger could possibly tamper
with Kaveh's face.

Compare it with the passports on the
market. None of us will get through.

- Unless you're lucky!
- Yes.

It's inimitable.

Were you born in Switzerland, Kaveh?

I grew up there,
but I was born in Iran.

I remember:
Kaveh was 8, I was 5.

You remember the night we left?

I wasn't taken along to the airport.
I was crying under the bed

because I wanted to come
to the airport to say goodbye.

All illegal migrants,
except you...

- But you have the "pink card", Amir.
- Yes, but without phosphorus...

- What is this "pink card"?
- A temporary residence permit...

I have to renew it every six months.

- Where do you do that?
- At the immigration police...

200 or 300 of us
in front of a barred window...

A cop takes your card and renews it
if he likes your face.

Would you have emigrated
at your age?

- You mean like you?
- Yes.

- Difficult question...
- Why?

I see things differently.

The day migrants no longer
want to come to Europe

will mean that it's up
to us Europeans to emigrate.


I hope you'll succeed!

Let's go...

- You're coming back?
- Yes, they're closed...

Take your jacket!

I've understood one thing here.

God is more merciful
than one might think.

But did he have nothing better to do
than sort people?

Separate the strong
from the weak?

Could he not have offered
tranquillity to all?

I have to cross
oceans and mountains,

put my life at risk
to maybe succeed in living?

I was not in love with Europe,

I have never dreamed of living here,

although I have already visited it.

But where is this God?

And when, cold through and through,
I knocked on an iron door,

asking for a blanket!

I was crying
but nobody gave me one.

I said:
"Help me, God!"

But did He?

When I was beaten up,
did He help me to hurt less?

Where is He?

"God, can You help me?
2,000 euro so I can pass through."

Will He give them to me?

If you were God,
would you give them to me?


Have a good trip...

Leave that inside...

Good luck!

Hi, Gayana.
What's new?

I was on the phone
and I saw you were calling.

The lawyer...

- Why won't they release you?
- One month's imprisonment!

She is around the border.
We can't do a thing!

I don't think
we'll ever see her again...

Cut off.
Battery's dead.

Well, it's because of Jahan,
all the time on the internet.

Let's go out
before getting depressed...

There are no policemen here.

What shall we do?
We can't find a passport.

Nobody in this world
resembles me, except my cousin.

And he's in Iran.

The smuggler said to me:

"I have 44 new passports,
but nobody resembles you."

A Polish passport costs a lot,

a Dutch one too,
if you can find one.

Those are really expensive!

Or American passports, Chilean
and Latin American passports too...

- Are they real passports?
- Oh, yes, originals.

Which people sell...

If there's a resemblance,
we try to get through with them.

That's right...

As long as we don't find a passport,
we have to wait. That's how it is.

It may take another six months.


Hello (in Greek).

Offer him the chair!


Interesting, isn't it?

- Are you all Persians?
- Yes.

From which city? Tehran?




And you live in Greece?


- Are you students?
- We have to leave.

She has such pretty nails.

Touch wood...

Suits me, doesn't it?

- How old are you?
- 30... 40...

29... 28... 30.


If you pass this fence,
you've managed 50% already.

How so?

You jump and get on a ship.

Or on a truck
which gets on a ship.

- Where do the ships go?
- Spain, France, Italy...

- Have you already tried?
- Yes, but we failed...

- It's dangerous!
- Are the trucks checked?

Obviously. If they find you,
they beat you up.

And what did the smuggler say?

- Does he have passports?
- No, not yet.

It's a real mess tonight.
Some will get through.

Wait a second...

What's the situation at the airport?

Great, I managed
to get two families through...

You would all have made it today.

- Really?
- Yes.

So, can we meet?

Ok, at 7...

He's lying! 2 out of 50 get through,
the others are arrested...

There was a smuggler
who also owned a shop.

He said: "You must put on
this jacket and this shirt."

- He sold you his goods!
- Exactly, in his shop.

- Did he force you to buy things?
- Yes.

He said I'd be arrested without them.

Whenever we saw a guy in prison
wearing a brown jacket,

we would say:
"We know your smuggler!"

God knows what his new collection
is like.

How can some people say:
"At worst, it'll mean prison."

When it's about yourself,
you can't speak like that!

When I told my relatives
that I was imprisoned,

they said:
"No, he means a refugee camp."

As if I didn't know the difference.

The denial of the Greek state,
plus your family's...

you just feel like dying.

My mother was here.
She managed to get through.

She didn't see the police,
was not imprisoned.

It's obvious
she doesn't understand.

She says: "Why aren't you coming?
Don't be afraid!"

But if she were to see the state
of the prisons, she'd be shocked!

Plus we risk three months' prison!

To understand, you need to spend
a day in one of those prisons.

I was handcuffed to the bench

for a full two days!

That's a fitting treatment
for a murderer...

But I simply want to join my parents!

What is my crime?

What on earth have I done?

I'm asking you, as a European:

Am I not a mammal like you?

What makes us different?

I'm a man with arms and legs,

with the same needs.

Obviously, not all of Asia
can come to Europe.

But migrants are not criminals.

The majority of them are ready to do
the work Europeans don't want to do.

We can also be an asset.

If I manage to get to Norway
at the age of 16,

I can become an engineer
at the service of Norway.

- Wouldn't you rather be a lawyer?
- Oh no!

I've seen too many things,
I just want to get away...

My dreams are full of policemen
attacking me.

Seven months...
I've had it.

As soon as I see the police,
my heart starts racing...


- Are you rational?
- Yes.

Logic dictates that you should leave.

Yes, but...

at any cost?

- Yes.
- Ok, Mr Amir, got it.


That's it...


Cut off!

Farshad, got cut off again.

I'm not his father.
He doesn't have to live with me.


Can I just finish my sentence?

The smuggler didn't give
me a specific date...

He merely said...

He'll call the day before leaving.
We don't know when!

He said: "To Italy,
and then to Norway with Eurolines."

He doesn't even dare to go out!
How to get him out?

No, I'll take him
to the "GCR" organisation

which helps refugees
who are still minors.

We'll try to get a paper
with which he can get around.

He could just walk the streets
with such a paper.

We'll see....


Alright, Mum?

What's new?

Can you see me, Mum?


What's new?

You ok, Mum?



Tell him...

You're acting like a kid.


Dad, can you hear me?

You ok?

I'm going to stay with you
longer than planned.

With pleasure!

Are you going to change your ticket?


It's 2 p.m.

I think that...

I'll go back to Iran.

12,000 euro...

just to get to Greece!

Seven months of wandering about...
that's enough!

1... 2... 3...

Have you finished?

Admit you're a spy!

Admit it!

Leave me alone!

He's a spy!

This will hurt!

Leave him...

Get the hell out!

I told you to behave in here!

But it's them!
How many times do I have to tell them?

I'm already destroyed!

How many times did I say:
"Leave me alone!"

There are limits, damn it!

Where are you going like that?

I left so that I wouldn't see you again.
And here you are.

- Come back and I'll leave.
- No.

Come back and I'll leave!

You sure
you want to return to Iran?

If I do,
I will have even more problems.

Because I have nothing left.

I have to start from scratch.

- What have you got left in Iran?
- Nothing!

Neither money...

nor work...

- Forgive me.
- But it's you who has to forgive us!

- I shouldn't have.
- What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

Stop crying.

It'll be alright.

You're leaving at 18:50...

there's only 1 hour 30 left.

Give him his pass.
- Go on...

You're a good guy.


- Does one get used to it eventually?
- No.

If you stay more than five years,

you start having psychological problems.

You go off the rails.

Take Hamid.
He hasn't been here five years,

but the ones that have
are definitely crazy!

They are inflexible...

do strange things...

- Really?
- Yes.

I also have to try
to pass through illegally.

- At any cost?
- Yes.

Right now, I'm learning Spanish,

because I have a fake Spanish passport.

To pass the Greek border
and get to a country

where I can defend
my fundamental rights.

Because human rights
are meaningless here.

Defend them as you may,
you get trampled on.

So I'll fight
until I'll obtain these rights.

If I manage, so much the better.
If not, at least I will have tried.

- I'll try my luck...
- I tell you not to do it!

But we've been looking for a passport
for three months...

How much longer do we have to wait?

You will be asked for a document
at customs.

A fake identity card
won't get you across!

Especially from here. From other
countries, yes, but not from here.

I'll take a chance, we'll see!

There are thousands of flights a day
at the airport...

With a little luck
I'll get through...

- Don't do it!
- I don't know.

Obviously I want to see him
leave tomorrow.

It would be unforgettable
if he made it.

Let's go.

How do you feel about it?
Will I get through?

I would say yes.

The tourist season is starting.
The right moment.


I won't kiss you goodbye.

I hope to see you on the other side.

One has returned to Iran, one has
gone... what about the third one?


You left without making your bed!

Is it up to me to make it?

I was just visiting...

- Are you at home?
- Just arrived at my uncle's.

You should see this! A room all
to myself. I feel like screaming.

Well, scream then!

Were there other illegal migrants
on the plane?

No, just Germans...

I thought to myself:
"They'll arrest me..." But no!

They only look at your boarding pass.
So keep that in your hand

and hide the passport, ok?

- Ok.
- Then there was a search.

I put my stuff in a box

and then I threaded my way
between the others, hiding my fake ID.

We're happy for you.

- I miss our arguments!
- We'll meet up again one day!

Don't take too long!

Yasser, are you getting a haircut
before leaving?

No, not for the time being...

I'm still here...


Did he make a mess of it here?

Don't know...

- Don't you see anything strange?
- Yes...

Kaveh, ask him if he has
all the scissors he needs.

There are at least
20 pairs of scissors here.

Why choose this one?

The way you look...!

Like a scarecrow...

Don't be stupid, Kamran.

- And you said "good, good" to him.
- What else was there to say?

We told you to go elsewhere!

But why say "good, good"?

Six months and nothing!
This guy's head looks like an eggplant,

and people say he resembles me!

In what way does he resemble me?

Is this the photocopy
of his passport?

- You find a resemblance?
- So so...

- You're not saying anything?
- There is some resemblance.

- What are you doing?
- The signature...

- You have to imitate it?
- Yes.

What's my name again?

- It's an H or a G or an S...?
- An H.

"Silvio Estera".

Pronounce the R well!

Not "EsterÂÂÂÂ"...

Mohsen thinks
you need to close it...

I'm blinking...

Just keep still for a second!


Wait, I'll just wash my hands.

I had to chance on a passport
with blue eyes...!

Leave him.
We'll try at dawn...

But he'll freak out
if it doesn't work.

It's ok!

It looks natural!

- What's the time?
- 3.45 a.m.

That's it, get dressed...

I'm supposed to be 20.

He's your look-alike, I swear!
Come on.

Mohsen, I hope
that your day will come.

- It's ok!
- He's passed through?

Yes, I told you he would.

- Cool...
- Yes.

- Like...
- Farshad.

Yes, like Farshad...

You can let me finish for once.

I've taken care of Jahan until now.

I hope he'll get through
this week.

But I also need my money
to be able to get through,

to pay the "person".


In one or two days...

No, in a few days,
everyone will leave.

I will be the only one left
and I can no longer stay in Greece.

But can I finish...

Lady, let me finish...

The money sent by my father...

It is said: "Unlucky children
will be lucky adults".

It's the opposite for me!

The more I grow up,
the worse it gets.

Worse and worse.

- Do you believe in your luck?
- No.

It hasn't manifested itself.

Well, yes, I was lucky
to have been released so quickly.

The others say:
"You were lucky."

That's no reason
to mess everything up.

But you don't understand!

You got to Switzerland when you were 8.
You don't know any of this.


- Any news from the smugglers?
- No.

Aren't you tired of trying?


Tired of hearing the smugglers say
that it's too risky for me.

Another tells me that it's ok...

only to admit finally
that it is too risky for me.

He also advised against it...

You have to be 100% sure
of getting through...

But 100% is meaningless
for an illegal migrant.

Is that enough?



At six in front of the store.

- What did the smuggler say?
- Tomorrow, at 6 a.m.

- You no longer want to leave?
- No.

- Why not?
- I'm scared.

It makes me feel sick.

- But it only lasts a moment.
- A moment that can ruin my life!

- Shall I give him a tranquilizer?
- Good idea!

- On an empty stomach.
- Oh no!

He'll eat immediately after...

Its effect lasts for twelve hours.

- Twelve?
- Yes.

That's too big for me!

I'll fix it for you.

I'm just too scared.

You just got to do it!

You have to take chances
in your life. Learn it now.

The tranquilizers have kicked in!

If I'd known, I'd have
given him some every day!


I hope you'll get through.
Be careful!

A ticket to Austria?

Yes, he'll take me to Austria
and then...

- How much is the ticket?
- 120 euro.

- How much have you got left?
- About 80 euro.

I'll have to send you
some money to Italy.

- Buy an Italian SIM card.
- Ok...

It's Sunday, what's more!

I'm a friend of Farshad's.

He lived at my place. Another friend
has just arrived in Rome.

Do you live in Rome?

You're in France...

Sorry for disturbing you...


If we don't get through,
be careful with your money

and take a hotel
that's not too expensive.

What's new, Yasser?

My parents sent me money.
This very morning.

- You're about to leave too?
- Tomorrow, inch'Allah!

Pray for me!

My last chance!

Jahan is gone.

Thanks for everything...

That's not bad!

They had someone in Oslo
who sent the money...

He's gone for good.
It's over.

My worst memory
is our row with Rassoul,

and his leaving the boarding house.

But it's the very thing
that made us act...

It made us refocus
on our goal to leave.

We no longer made any decisions...
We were all...

at a dead end!

Nobody dared take
any decision any longer.

Any resemblance?

It's ok...

Put your T-shirt on
and leave everything as is.

Pray for me...

Yasser has got through.

- Really?
- Yes.

It's unbearable:
they come, they go...

It's over!
I won't accept any more people here.

Let's go out
before depression sets in...

Call "Bruce Lee"
to do some sport.

No, he's not well.

Spend five years here
and you'll freak out!

- Has the water supply been cut?
- I didn't pay the bill.

What shall we do?

It's slowly getting clean...

I'll call you back.

Incredible, this Hamid!

- Who?
- Hamid "Bruce Lee"!


A hunger strike
in front of the HCR... wait!

- Really?
- Yes!

- But when?
- I don't know.

Hello, hi, Saïd!

He sew up his lips
in front of the HCR.

Can you come?
Does your car work?

Never mind, we'll fix it...

- You ok?
- Hi!

- Did Vahid also sew his lips?
- Only Hamid.

Really sewn up?

They're both on strike
and Hamid sew up his lips.

- Do you speak Greek well?
- Sorry?

So so...

- How long have you been here?
- 12 or 13 years.

Where are we...?

I think...

this way.

No, that's wrong...

12 years and you still manage
to get lost!

If I can turn here...

- Yes...
- It's here!

- Any parking spaces?
- Yes, but this is the entrance.

What have you done?

- You're also on strike?
- Yes, since this morning.

- Does the HCR know?
- Yes, but they told us to leave.

We're doing a hunger strike
in front of the HCR.

Good evening.

Do you speak Greek?

I'm a psychologist,
of the NGO Praksis.

We need the television...

- A reporter...
- They'll come!

It would change everything!

I'll call them...

They said:
"It's not important."


It's a disgrace!

Don't worry, Hamid,
everything will be fine.

- Don't make him laugh!
- Don't laugh!

Moisten his lips...

You're sure about your decision?

It's better for me
to return to Iran.

It's useless
to stay here any longer.

Day is followed by night,
and nothing else.

And every day is the same.

I can't bear this life any more.

Like Amir says:
"We get older, that's all."

And when you see old friends...

Well, you see... Hamid...

Even Amir...
they're like living dead.

I have things for you
to take back to Iran.

These photos.

Take them to my father.

I hadn't seen these.
Where were they?

In my cell phone.

- Those trousers...
- My last feats...


Yasser... the clown!

Where was this?

Two streets away.

Just memories...

Look at my bag full of nothing...

Somehow I'm relieved
that you're going back alive.

Me too. I was close
to death twice,

no, three times on this journey.

It's too tough to say goodbye...

It's tough...

Are you sure
you don't want me to come?

It's even worse
if you come to the airport...

How to say goodbye to you
and your camera?

- We'll meet again!
- I'm sure of that.

We'll meet again
in Iran or in Europe.

Let me kiss you...

Be happy!

- Will they be able to swallow all that?
- I hope so...

They'll feel sick!

You won't find
anything like this anywhere!

No, frankly...

- I hope you can't find it anywhere.
- It's disgusting.

Take the bottle!

It's ok,
Kaveh is freaking out too.

A bottle!


Let me mix it once more.

It no longer works!

Saïd, we've got to do something
about our bellies...

- How can we lose them?
- A hunger strike...

- Kaveh, you coming?
- Yes, sure!

even if Hamid refuses,

we won't listen to him:
we'll call an ambulance...

Otherwise he might die

Well... I don't know.
This is impossible.

If he refuses, I'll stop.

- We'll force him.
- Yes, we'll do that...

At this stage,
he's tampering with his life.

- What's going on?
- What?

He has fainted...

Call the police!

- Are you in pain?
- Yes.


- Here.
- The kidneys.

You're striking
in a godforsaken place.

You need people around you
in case you fall!

He's right,
there's not even a lamppost here.

Drink! Drink, I tell you!

He can't.
He's feeling sick.

Ok, leave him alone!

When do you want us
to take you away from here?

He says he'll continue
until there's a result.

What if there's none?

That's true, if...

How do you mean: none?
What are you saying?

Our duty is to help him

and to support him,

so that he can continue his fight.

But inciting him to stop
means offending him!

We can't leave him like this!

- We must talk with the authorities.
- We already have! Ten times!

Hello, aunt.

I can hear you.
Can you hear me?

What's going on, aunt?

Wait, I'll call you back...

I'll call you back...

Only the first hundred years
are tough...

After that...

My aunt told me
my cousin went out one night...

The circumstances are only little known.
Two or three thieves mugged him,

took all his money,
his cell phone, his watch...

Mohsen defended himself...

He was found in the early morning.


it was too late.

Don't be afraid. It's me.
Have a drink.


One's enough.

Honestly, one's enough.


May he rest in peace.

He's dead.


He died in Iran.

I'm sorry...

He was killed.

Vahid, this is for you...

- Sign it.
- What is this?

The minister's stamp is on it.

So the lawyers say
this is your positive answer.

Your lawyers say:
"You've won!"

Don't you trust them?

You've always trusted me?

So get up, also for Mohsen!

Do it in his memory...

You've won now!

Get up.

For Hamid!

The strikers received their passport
and left Greece.

Amir gave up the "boarding house"
and finally managed to get to Norway.

My cousin's muggers
were never found.

For Mohsen