Stop (2015) - full transcript

The story of a young married couple who were exposed to radiation during the meltdown at Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactor.

Kim Ki-duk Film


An earthquake? An earthquake?!

Cover your head!
Cover your head!

It's stopped.

That's the direction of the
nuclear power plant.

What the heck is going on?

- Surely the plant isn't in trouble?
- There's no way!

They said it was earthquake-proof...

What is the white smoke over there?

It's like a cloud.

I don't know if that's unhealthy or dangerous!
Let's go back inside.

I have to go out and take pictures.

And I have to pick vegetables.

- Miki...
- Hmm?

Take a look at this.
This is the picture I just took.

Isn't that nice?

Nothing has changed at all.
It's alright.

Nothing in nature has changed.

It's alright. Relax.

- Excuse us!
- Is anyone still there?

No one home? Mr. Ando!

What is it?

You need to evacuate quickly!

- Evacuate?
- What's happening?

We can't tell you anything else!

What happened to the nuclear
power plant? Is there radiation?

We don't know anything else either!

This is less than one kilometer from
the power plant. Please evacuate quickly.



- Quickly!
- Hurry!

- Bags all packed?
- Yeah.

We can come back.

Will we be able to come back?

They say that access to Tchernobyl was
banned for 100 years after the accident.

Japan will be alright.
Our security measures are perfect.

That's true...

Sabu, wait.


Let's go.

It's alright.

Let's go.



How about this place?

I'll go find out.
Wait here.


Where were you? I was looking for you.

Why are you making ramen
in such an unhealthy way?

We can't make it the right way right now.

It can boil over like that.


Nuclear explosion!
Isn't that what we ran away from?

What does that have to do with ramen?

That's it! This is what we get for
using electricity as we please.

Miki, I think you're being too sensitive!

This is how it starts!

what are you talking about?

It's your phone.
Who's calling at a time like this anyway?




Mrs. Miki Ando?


Who am I speaking with?

Did you get treatment at the Fukushima
Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic a week ago?

Who is this?

Why are you asking?

You tell me first!
Did you take a pregnancy test?

Who are you, anyway?
I'm not telling you that!

What was that about? Sounded like
a call from a clinic...

- It's nothing...
- Nothing?

Let's go back to sleep.

Don't answer it!


Are you the husband?

That's right...

It's possible that in close
proximity to the power plant...

Hello? Who is this?
Are you with the government?

Why are you looking at my
medical record?!

I'm trying to help you avoid problems.

What problems?

I don't need this!

You're pregnant, aren't you?

Tell the truth!
You're pregnant, aren't you?

I already know all about it.
Why are you asking?

Your house is about five kilometers
away from the nuclear power plant.

Did you perhaps go outside and look
at the clouds during the explosion?

Yes, I heard the explosion
and went out to look at it.

What's wrong with that?


I will contact you again.


Who was that? Someone from the government?

I'm not sure.

It sounded like it was
a call from a clinic...

Seems like they're investigating
radioactive contamination...

Could it have caused a problem
for our child?

I'm scared...

It'll be alright. It'll be alright.

Mrs. Miki Ando?


My name is Nao. We spoke on the phone.

Could we talk over in the park
for a little bit?

Where are you from, anyway?

Oh, I didn't tell you.


As you might have guessed.

The important thing right now
is your situation, Miki.

According to the Chernobyl research data,

radiation exposure between the tenth
and twentieth week of gestation

is fatal to the fetus.

That's when you were exposed, Miki.

That could lead to birth defects.

No way! No way!
Don't scare me.

I'm not trying to scare you.
It's the truth.

So what do I do?!
Get rid of the child?!

There's no other option now.

We're organizing a special group
for those who want help.

I'm not going to force you.
I'm just informing you.

No! This is coercion!
We will not be intimidated!

What right do you have to
follow us? Get out of here!

Just think about it!

Our baby is alright! It's alright!

Go! Get out of here right now!
Go back to where you came from!

The nuclear power plant is necessary.

It doesn't matter!

Go back to where you came from!
It doesn't matter!

Do a clean termination!

What's clean about it?!


Really, what is with that guy?!


It's alright!

Our baby will be alright.
Got it?

Miki! Smile!

Miki, rice balls.

Let me have some too.

This side.

It's chestnut rice.

Mmm! Tasty.

Let's take another picture.


That was a good one.

There's a big carp over there.

Now they're saying no one is allowed
within 20 kilometers of the power plant...

Everyone escaped.

Then it must be a serious problem.

I really don't know what
that guy was talking about.

Find out what types of food are
good for radioactive contamination.

Wakame is good against radioactivity...

Is that so...

Don't think bad thoughts.

That'll lead to worse thoughts
and you won't be able to stop.

He said the radioactivity is fatal to the
fetus in the tenth week. Is that true?

No! Humans aren't that weak!

There would already be symptoms.

It doesn't matter to me.
The baby is inside your body.

I'm sorry.

But I still have to be careful,
so can you get me some wakame?

- Now?
- Yeah. Convenience stores have it too, right?

Alright. Don't keep thinking bad thoughts.

It'll be alright. Got it?

Miki, I got the wakame.


Why aren't you answering your phone?!


Your call cannot be taken at the moment...

What is it?

It's me. We met yesterday...

Give me your name, please!

I'm Miki Ando.

I remember.

Where are you?


You've made the right decision.

Please follow me.

How far do we have to go?

Just a little further now.

You do procedures in a place like this?

You said you're from the government...

We're just trying to keep a low profile.

I hope you understand.

I didn't get my husband's consent.
Forgive me.

It's alright!
It's your decision.

Let's go.

I'm going to think about it
a little more!

There's no time!

We're busy too!

If you don't do it before too late,
your body will be in danger!

I don't know what I'm supposed
to do! I'm scared!

Is there really a problem
with my child?

It's a precaution.

If there are any problems with the
birth, they will last a lifetime!

Do the procedure and then you can relax.

Couldn't it have missed me?!

Have there been any problems?
Have there been any deformed children?

You can't tell just by looking!

It can slowly reveal itself
as the child grows.

I don't know!

I'm sorry but let me think
it over some more!

Are you kidding me now?

What's there to think about?

- Come on already!
- Gimme a second! Stop!

You said you weren't going to force me.
I'm not the only one, am I?

What? We don't have time for this!
Hurry up!

Let go!
Who are you really?!

I can tell when someone wants to do it!

Just shut up and follow your heart, Miki!

I don't want to!

You can all go ahead
with your operations!



Obstetrics and Gynecology

Where'd you go?

Who were you meeting?

Did you go meet that guy?

Miki, I understand how you feel.

But the pictures show the worst
possible scenario. You'll be alright!

Our baby is fine.

Where are you going?!

Our baby is just fine.
Humans aren't that fragile!

You're not really trying to
get rid of the baby, are you?

You can't do that!

This isn't Chernobyl!

This is Japan!
It's different here!

It's alright.
You're just being obsessive, Miki!

Wait! Miki!

Just think it over again, please!

Please don't do it!

I have a say in this too.

Just think it over again!

It's nothing.
Everyone's fine!

You can't do it, Miki!
You really can't.


aren't that fragile...

Nothing's going to happen
because of that cloud of smoke.

Nothing at all is going to happen.

Trust me, Miki. Trust me.

It's not just your problem!

It's about the future of our country!

Cut the bullshit! You again?

It's all lies!

Listen up!

Last warning!
There is no time!

If there's a problem with your baby,
you and the country will both be unhappy!

Even if there's a problem, it's still
our child. It's our responsibility!

That's easy to say.

Did you see the pictures from Chernobyl?

It's our responsibility. And we will
never do that to our baby, so get lost!

There's no time!
Just listen!

Just a second!

Can I really trust you people?

- Trust us!
- We're supposed to trust you?

Trust what?!
Don't go out Miki!

That's a shame...

You're the one who should be ashamed!
Don't you have anything better to do?

You'll definitely regret it.

You're the one who'll regret it!

And another thing: People don't have
the right to treat others carelessly!

If there is a problem with our child
due to the radiation, as you say,

that's our responsibility too!

The question is why we create
and destroy lives at will!

You're the devil!

I'm the devil?

That's right!

You'll regret it!

What's that supposed to mean?!

I'm trying to stop bad things
from happening to you!

I don't like doing this either!
Who likes this?!

Miki, what's wrong?

I'm still scared.

It's alright...

Let's go pray tomorrow.

- Okay?
- Okay...

- What's wrong?
- I can't do this anymore!

Wait a second! Miki! Don't!


Calm down, Miki!
It's alright!

It's alright Miki! It's alright.

- Stop! I'm getting rid of the baby!
- It's alright!

I'm sorry!
I'm really sorry!

Nice and quiet!

Really, it's fine!

Got it? This is for the baby.

It's alright.

I'm sorry, Miki.
There's no other way.

It's for our child, so please
have a little patience.

I'm going to Fukushima now.

I'm going to go and take
pictures of the baby animals.

I'll be back after making sure
it's safe, so just wait a little!


- My apartment is over there.
- You still can't go in.

- I'm just going to grab my luggage.
- It's dangerous! You can't go in!

It's my business so I'll take
responsibility. It's fine, really.

Be careful.

Go away!

There's nothing wrong with me!

Get out!

I'll kill you!

There's nothing wrong with me!

Get out!


Eat this. It's supposed to be
good for radiation detoxification.

It's already too late...

There's a monster growing in my belly.


I have to hurry!

There will be absolutely
no problems with our baby!

The child is in me so
I get to say what happens!

No! It's our precious child!

I don't want it!

- Just let it go!
- If you're so worried, eat wakame.


I don't know what's true.

Even so...

You have to believe.

Our baby will be absolutely normal.

You have to believe.

So believe, Miki.

Our child really will be alright.



I'll show you the pictures
I took in Fukushima.

Look, Miki! No problems.

People exaggerate too much!

Nature isn't that fragile!

Everything is fine. It's healthy.

No problems.

No problems at all.

Wait a second!

That pig...
Is it pregnant?

It is!

That pig could've given birth by now.


Promise me,

that if the piglets are normal

then you will have the child.

Promise me!


- Get out!
- The lens cap!

There's nothing wrong with me!

Don't come here!

The lens cap!!

Are you pregnant?

It's my child!
Leave! Get lost!

When is it...?

When is the due date?

None of your business!

And there's nothing wrong with me!


Get out!

- When is it due?
- Get out now!

Get out! I'll kill you!


Hey, what are you doing?


Why are you selling contaminated meat?

The meat is clean!

I followed you from Fukushima!

So? Is there evidence of contamination?

The people who eat the meat
in there are more contaminated!

Physically and mentally.

The meat is much cleaner!

Stop it! It's dangerous!

- Stop it!
- Get back!


Look at this, Miki.
There are no problems.


Everyone's healthy and
there are no problems.

What's so surprising?
There's nothing like that at all.

It's all still there like
before the earthquake.

There's nothing weird.

It's just blurry. I couldn't shoot
it right because of this crazy lady.

Nothing's wrong. All of those photos
online of earless rabbits are fake.

Photos are easy to manipulate.
Even kids can do it.

Nothing's wrong. Trust me.

Do rabbits like that even exist?

Everything is alright and none are
missing any ears. Absolutely cute.

It's alright.
I'm going back to take more photos.

I'll be back.

It's alright.

Push! It's alright!

Push! Push!

Just a little more! Push!

A little more! Push!

A little more! A little more!

Push! Push!


No! Don't!

No! Don't!

Was it like I said?


Let's be together now.

Alone is too painful.

It's late, but let's
go to the clinic.

The child shouldn't be born!

Let's go to the clinic! Miki!

Why are you acting like this now?

It'll be alright, so let's go to
the clinic. The baby shouldn't be born.

It's already late!
It could be dangerous for me too!

Stop it! Why are you acting like this?!

It's alright...

It's alright...

Let's go to the clinic.


- It's alright.
- Still no!

Miki! Miki!


I'm sorry, Miki.

It's my fault. Let's go to the clinic.

I'm not getting a procedure done.
I'm having the child.

You can't!

No matter what state the baby is
born in, let's just accept it.

No way!
I saw it in Fukushima.

Whatever this baby looks like,
it's a reflection of us.

If the child is a monster,
then so are we.

No way!

It's a monster that we made,
so don't look away but face it.

No. No way!

This is the price for using electricity
as I pleased so I will accept it.

The decision has been made.
Don't try to do this.

I'm going back to Fukushima.

That's a contaminated area!

I know! I know!

I'll only eat the food grown there.

That's crazy!

We're both crazy, aren't we?

But you can't, Miki.


It's all because of electricity.

Because of electricity.

Let's go back to Fukushima.
I'll wait.

I can't, I have work to do in Tokyo.

All of this is because of electricity...


Just listen!

Turn off the lights! The lights!

Turn off the electricity now!

Even if it's dark and stuffy,
let's turn off the electricity!

Let's turn off the lights now!

Before everything's destroyed...

We have to turn off the electricity!

Can't you stand it for a little while?

We have to turn off the electricity!

Last warning!

Turn off the electricity!


What is that?

It's a sign. So what?

You don't even have to turn it on
and it's wasting electricity.

It's my money and I'm the one
using the electricity.

What do you care?

People like you are the reason
the nuclear power plant was created

and Fukushima was contaminated with
radiation after the earthquake!

Nuclear power?

That one sign?

You're getting on my case about
the electricity it's using?

Try going to Shibuya,
Ginza, or Shinjuku!

The signs are bright as
daylight there!

Turn off the lights!
You're telling me to turn off the lights!

What's with you?!

Cut out the bullshit!
Before I call the police!

Turn them off!

- Turn them off!
- Go away!

Then I'll shut them off!

Where are you right now?

Just get over here!

There's some weird guy.


Hey, what are you doing?!

Hey, wait!

You! This bastard! Hey!

Stop right there!


I told you to stop!

Run away!

These bastards!

Who are you, then?

So why'd you help me?

I don't know why either.

Because it seems like you're
sick of it all, just like me...

Thanks, but selling
contaminated meat is bad.

Forget that! But what on earth
is going on with you?

I escaped from Fukushima

but my wife is pregnant.

There's a high probability
that the baby will be deformed!

It's all due to electricity.

Use of electricity at will is the reason
the nuclear power plant was created!

I have to shut off all the electricity.

I was thinking the same thing.

I'm from over there too.

That's why we have to eat all
the meat from Fukushima!

All the electricity is
being used in the city,

so why are we the only ones who
have to suffer the consequences?!

But why'd you pull the power cable?

It's all because of electricity!

We have to shut off the electricity!

And one pachinko parlor's
going to solve the problem?

I saw the bright lights and
just got furious.

Look at it.

It's a monster that devours electricity.

All the people are moving through it.

You can even walk the streets.

It's a spider's web
and we're all spiders.

How much electricity could be
saved by shutting down a train?

Would it be enough so that we
wouldn't need a power plant anymore?

Not entirely, but it
would help somewhat.

Where are you going?

I have to shut down the train!

Tell me where the control box is!

Where is the control box?

Have you gone crazy?

We've all gone crazy!

So where is the control box?

If you get caught you'll
end up in prison.

I'm not scared.
Where do I shut it off?

The breakers are in the box over there.


Hurry, hurry!

You really cut them...
I thought you were joking...

It's a serious problem to me.

I can do even more.

Did they already fix it?

We failed...

Look at that thing!

Does it have to be so obvious?

People put their hopes in
those lights, don't they?

Do they?

If you go up there you can see the
places using the most electricity.

Hey! Hey!

That's really bright.
What's over there?

Looks like Shibuya.

That's Shinjuku, that's Roppongi.

It's really consuming
electricity like a hippo.

Those are factories.

Without electricity there wouldn't
have been any development in Japan.

Many factories in Tokyo Bay are industrial
bases made of water and electricity.

Electricity powers the
leading Japanese companies.

Japan has lived from exporting
the machines manufactured here.

Are these factories as
important as human life?

Even those cars are made
using electricity!

You use your phone too.

It's all made using electricity.

If you take a look, you will
see that you are also complicit.

Take a look!

Everyone's involved.

I travel and write.

We are all guilty!

You can't complain, even if
you die of radiation!

Is that so...

Are you also against atomic power?

Of course.

And if the nuclear power plant
explodes, we will all become monsters.

Do you know how to shut down Tokyo?

What? Are you really crazy?

I'm not crazy, I'm waking up!

The incident in Fukushima showed
me what's really important!

I don't want my child to live in
a world with nuclear power plants!

Even if you end up in prison.

I'm not afraid!

If people recognize the truth
through my actions

is there anything greater than that?

That's a great idea...

First it's important to shut off the
electricity in Toyko. How do we do that?

The only way is to cut the
power line coming into Tokyo.

The nuclear power line?

Where's that, then?

It's not possible. It's ultra high
voltage electricity and very dangerous!

Let's cut it there!

Then there won't be any electricity
in Tokyo anymore and it will be dark.

That's right. Where can we do it?

We can't!

It's not easy to fix right away
and it will be a big deal in Tokyo.

If we get caught, we'll spend the
rest of our lives in prison!

You know what I saw in
the contaminated area?


A pregnant lady gave
birth to a child...

It was really...


No ears?

No eyes? What? What about it?

I'll leave it to your imagination.


Where's the power line
that runs to Tokyo?


I'll find that out first.

We'll meet again.

You're not chickening out, are you?

Maybe. I don't know...

3 days from now, Shinkuju Station...

It's for our future.


Eat this. I got it for you in Tokyo.

I'd rather eat these things here.

Why are you being like this?

I can't understand it.


I decided that I have
to accept everything.

No special reason.

I just don't want there to be
any problems with the baby.

There will be problems.

I saw it with my own eyes.

I went to Fukushima and saw a
full-term woman having a baby...

Stop it!

I can show you.
It's not far from here.

I said stop!
I don't want to hear it!

Listen to me!
This is a disaster!


Go and say that!

It's all because of electricity!

I'm gonna cut the line coming from
the plant and cast Tokyo into darkness!

Don't be crazy!
There's no point!

I think the baby will
reach maturity soon.

Do you want me to take you
to the hospital?


I'm going to give birth here alone.


Will you be there too?

I'm too scared to watch.

Do what you want.

During the birth

will we be together...?

I'm sorry.

I'm too scared to watch.

I'm sorry.

Miki, I'm sorry...

I'm sorry.

There's something more important.

I'm sorry...

That's really big!

You cut on that side.

I got this side.


We don't have a lot of time. Hurry up.

I know!

Do it quickly because
it's getting darker and darker.

Alright! Leave it to me!

Wait a second!

Let's take a little break.

Man, that's hard work.

Man, I'm tired.


This side's almost done!

This side's done too!

Now there's just one left.

This is the last one!

It's going to fall down soon.

Almost done!

It's falling that way! Watch out!

Just a little more!
Just a little more!

Stop! That's enough now!


Did you sleep well?

Let's put in your earplugs.

Right ear.


Is that alright?

- Let's go have breakfast.
- Alright!

- Enjoy.
- Enjoy.

Miki, would you give me some tea?

- Sorry. Are you alright?
- Sorry.

What must it be like to hear things a
thousand times louder than anyone else?

The door will sound like thunder.

It will keep getting louder.
I'm worried about the future.

- But I'm glad it's only this much.
- Yeah, I'm glad...

Is it good?


Here, have a nice day.

See you later.

Have a nice day.

Restart of nuclear power plants approved


The nuclear power plant was
permitted to start back up.


What on earth are they thinking!

People forget so quickly.

You can say that again!

They still say that daylight
is good for your eyes!

It's raining.

Daiki left his umbrella.
I'll take it to him.

I'll go with you.

Daiki! Daiki!



Are you alright?

It's alright, it's alright.

Get up slowly.

What is it?

What do you hear from the ground?

- It's scary.
- It's alright, it's alright.

- It's alright, Daiki, it's alright.
- It's scary.

- It's alright.
- It's scary!

- It's alright.
- It's scary...