Stoney (1969) - full transcript

A heist caper set in Indonesia, as two gunrunners try to recover gold bullion from a hidden vault beneath the swimming pool of the Surabaya Commissioner. Complications arise when they both fall for the same woman. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(imposing orchestrated music)

(radar beeping)

(strange, exotic music)

(suspicious, menacing music)

(guns fire)

(boat motor hums)
(loon calls)

(crickets chirp)

- Galaxy.

It's them all right.

Let's go.
- Okay.

- Harvey Ward oughta
know it's too dangerous

to run guns all the way
from Manila to Surabaja.

- Yeah, but I guess out
boss ain't the only one

runnin' guns to both
sides down there.

This is it, let's go.

(speaks in foreign language)

(bell rings)

(boat motor starts)

- [Man] Hey, someone's comin'.

Get the boys up.


(speaking in foreign language)

- [Gruff Man] Come on, come on!

- [Man] Get on the line.

(speaks in foreign language)

(guns fire)
(glass smashes)


(bullets ricochet)

(guns fire)


(speaking in foreign language)

- Get those gun crates!

Let's go!

Come on!

(speaking in foreign language)

- All right, Gerald!

Let's get the Galaxy goin'!

Pass that can of
gasoline over the rail.

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(boat motor starts)

(explosion booms)

- Consigned to Harvey Ward,

Patterson and Company,

Pier five, Manila, PI.

Lots of luck.

Too bad about the Lotus
Queen, Harvey baby.

- When it gets dark,
unload those guns.

And your count better
match with mine, buddy.

(bell rings)
(alarm sounds)

- Got it.

- Yeah?

Oh, hello, Steve.

Yeah, I swung it.

No problems.


- Ah, real good.

You got it all?

- You damn rights, I got it all.

I'm unloading right now, buddy.

- [Steve] Right.

Hey listen, chap,
this'll kill ya.

Mr. Harvey Ward still doesn't
have a clue who's doing him.

He's asking me up there
for dinner and poker.

- You gotta be kidding? When?

- [Steve] Tonight, late.

He's got a proposition.

- Such as?

- [Steve] Oh, I'll find out.

Like the man says, he
keeps that kettle boiling.

- Well, watch yourself, baby.

Let's take Dirk up there
tonight and do his waiter act.

It wasn't all roses last night,

the old boy's gonna find out.

Take Dirk.

- I already fixed it up.

And another thing, you
remember Hashimoto,

used to be a prison
guard in Tokyo?

He's back in town again.

Still peddling you-know-what,

only this time, he
claims he's made a sale.

- You mean that crock
about the Jap general

they hung like 20 years ago?

The one that was
supposed to have buried

all that loot in
Indonesia during the war?

- That's right.
- I don't believe it.

- [Steve] Well, I'm going
to check him out this time,

and if I know Hashimoto,

he'll be spending
what he got for it.

So Dirk and me, we'll have
a little talk with him.

- Well, lots of luck.

Hey, Steve?

You know you're gonna
meet an ex-girlfriend

up there tonight, don't ya?

- [Steve] Yeah, I know.

- Well, don't miss din-din.

(traffic honks)



(lively, funky music)


(smooth, sensual music)

- Confirm the shipment
of 400 chest of Java Tea.

Payment on deposit for the
Central Bank of Jakarta,

name of Patterson Company.

Your party sounds
like a great success.

All this humidity and
you look Gardenia fresh.

I want you to get rid
of all those freeloader

embassy friends of yours early,

I'm having dinner
guests tonight.

It's business, my love,
I want you around.

- When I'm around, I have
the rights of a hostess.

I would like some notice in
the say who comes to dinner.

I thought we had
that understanding.

- I would appreciate
it if you'd cooperate.

(waves lap)

(motor idles)

- Chuck.

Dirk got on for the night.

- You'll need these, too.

- Do you really
believe this junk

about this gold in Surabaja?

- Well, Steve and Dirk found
Hashimoto in Nani's cathouse.

Him and two girls shot.

Hashimoto tried three times
to sell us the general's map

along with a fancy dinner
ring supposed to fit

like a key in a peephole
in the gold vault,

or somethin' like that,
to blow the lid off.

- How much loot there's
supposed to be, anyway?

- I don't know.

You're to come up to
Ward's penthouse tonight

for the party with me.

Dirk'll let us in
after the party starts.

- I guess I'd
better change, too.

- You'll do.

- What's the, uh, new address?

- Gray Jack
Guerrillas, Surabaja.

It seems Colonel
Natursian pays more

for guns than the commissioner.

- Ward missed a good sale.

- Yeah.


I'll meet you at nine.

(traffic bustles)

(elegant R&B music)

- Oh, Ms. Stone, you will
excuse me for bringing Joanie,

but she was ditched
at a previous party.

- I understand.

(ship horn blows)

(ship horn blows)

(ship horn blows)

(machinery hums)

- Remember, you promised
me a share in this deal.

- Don't worry about it, Jerry.

You'll get your share.


(elegant easy listening music)

(flashlight clicks)

- Cards, gentlemen?

- My pleasure.

(ship horn blows)

(ship horn blows)

(ship horn blows)

- [Man] 500 please.
(chips clatter)

- [Player] Uh, 400.

(chips clatter)

(chips clatter)

(chips clatter)

(elegant easy listening music)

- Goodnight, gentlemen.

- The interesting
thing about poker is

is the other man bluffing?

Incidentally, I thought
I was invited here

to discuss some proposition.

- It'll keep.

- They also tell me you never
leave this eagle's nest.

You haven't set foot on
ground in almost two years.

(camera clicks)

- That's beautiful, Ward, baby.




You're warm, Ward,
baby, you're warm!

All you need to know
now is a street corner.


(easy listening music)

- Your taste in dinner
guests is deteriorating.

Why did you invite that
motley group anyway?

- Wanted to look them over.

I have a deal in mind.

We just bought 400
chests of java tea

in the name of Patterson,
our dummy company.

Local custom service is a farce.

It was so simple to
bring an extra truckload

out of the port of Surabaja.

- You want to smuggle
a single truckload?

We have an agent
there, let him do it.

- Our agent is a
Chinese who'd set fire

to his mother for two cents.

Putting him in charge
would be like flushing

$40,000,000 down the drain.

It's not exactly money.

But it is five
tons of gold bars,

and 10 chests of
diamonds and jewelry.

Occupation loot from
the Java bank vaults.

Nobody knows it exists.

- Who says it does?

- A Jap general.

He was commander in chief
in east Java during the war.

The British sent him back
to Japan for war crimes.

He died in a jail in
Tokyo three months ago.

- That went out with Tom
Swift and the Rover Boys.

I don't believe it.

- Well, neither did
the Japanese guard.

Even when the general
gave him some evidence

and asked him to
help him to escape.

- What kind of evidence?

- You're wearing it.

He gave him 300
US dollars for it.

It's worth 15,000.

Museum piece.

It's also the key to the
recovery of the entire cache

which is hidden in vault
under a swimming pool.

He built it during his occupancy
of his summer headquarters

just outside Surabaja.

It's a highly
technical operation.

I'd go myself, but I don't think

their government would like it.

- I could.

- You could what?

- Deal with the
plantation people

and handle that
Chinese of yours.

- What makes you think
you could pull it off?

- I want true security.

- It's too risky.

You mean too much to me.

(rhythmic percussive music)

(jet engine idles)

- [Captain] Good morning,
ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome aboard flight
BR100 to Surabaja.

Flying time be approximately
three hours and 20 minutes.

We shall be cruising at the
altitude of 20,000 feet.

(speaks in foreign language)

- The real test of
beauty in a woman.

How she looks when
she's laughing,

or when she's asleep.

- What are you
doing on this plane?

- Getting in some flight time.

Read about the Japanese they
found murdered last night?

And two women.

You been to Indonesia
before, Stony?


- I'm on a business trip
for Patterson Company.

(gun fires)


(picks up phone)

- Hello.

Yes, yes, it is.


But why come to me?

No, I don't know what
you're referring to.

Yes, she is.


Well, I'll, um,

I'll let you know.

No, no, you'll hear from me.


(hangs up)

(speaking in foreign language)

(upbeat music)


- Ms. Stone, a Chinese
gentleman has asked for you.

He's waiting in the bar.

- I'll call for him
after I've changed.

- [Concierge] (speaks in
foreign language) is number 14.

(chiming traditional music)

(reed screen rattles)

(lightning crashing)

- Can I have my key, please?

(speaks in foreign language)

You know, the key.

(speaks in foreign language)

(speaks in foreign language)

Thank you, thank you.

(speaks in foreign language)

(birds chirp)

(speaks in foreign language)

(sensual music)

(thunder crashes)

(intriguing music)


- My name is Ah Song.

- I told the desk clerk
I would send for you.

- I can wait.

- Do you understand
why I'm here?

- Perhaps you want
a little help.

- I would like to see
the high commissioner.

Can you get me an appointment
with him tomorrow morning?

- What for you want
to see commissioner?

You want to move tea to ship?

It can be done.

Pay little comsha.

Hire some more trucks.


50,000 rupia.

Is okay with you?

- We do not care to pay
any comsha, Mr. Song,

or hire trucks.

Now can you get
me an appointment

with the commissioner or not?

- It can be done.

Perhaps you should
explain a little more.

- There is nothing
to explain, Mr. Song.

- A little more information.

- What information, Mr. Song?

- You are a very pretty lady.

And very smart.

But I believe you have
not been in the east

for a very long time.

- My name is Mr. Ah.

Not Mr. Song.

(tense, tinkling music)

(upbeat dance music)

- [Chuck] Steve, baby.

- I want you to know I ordered
her special just for you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How goes it?

- I'll see the
commissioner tomorrow.

No problem.

(crickets chirp)

- (speaks in foreign
language) Stone.

(speaks in foreign language)
Ah Songs says you go

to commissioner's office
tomorrow morning at 11, please.


You understand?

- Yes, yes, all right.

(speaks in foreign language)

(upbeat dance music)

- Let's pour one to the
Indo-American Airlines, buddies.

(rain patters on glass)


- You're late.

Eight minutes late, madame.

- I'm sorry.

- You may go in.

- Thank you.


(tense music)



- Good morning, Ms. Stone.

Good morning.

- [Guest] Good
morning, Ms. Stone.

- [Diner] Good
morning, Ms. Stone.

- His excellency
orders me to say to you

to go with him at
Krawaton 9:30, please.

- Well, anytime, I'm ready.

- You're interested
in the tea factory?

- Just shows you how
wrong you can be.

I'm also interested in
walks in the moonlight.

- Really?

Not afraid of the boogeyman?

- Only his associates.

- Good morning.

- [Assistant] Sir, Captain
Haryan waiting at main entrance.

- Ja.

- Your excellency, Ms. Stone
said I'd be most welcome.

- [Commissioner]
Certainly, Mr. Blessing.

(exotic music)


(speaking in foreign language)

conspiratorial music)

- Come, I show you the factory.

(machinery churns and hums)

Your tea's ready for shipping
off the landing docks, madame.

- And my transportation?

- Oh, there will be trucks,

probably this afternoon.

- I understood it to
be tomorrow afternoon.

- Well, if you prefer.

- Well, I hate to miss
Mrs. Suwono's dinner party.

- [Suwono] Surely you
were not considering

returning to the city with
the trucks, Ms. Stone.

- Your excellency, it
is my responsibility

to see these shipments through.

- If you insist, Ms. Stone.

Although there is the
problem of security.

The convoy may not
be well protected.

- I'm not as valuable as your
excellency to the Gray Jacks.

But in case, if I
could possibly borrow--

- Captain Haryan?

Yes, I suppose that
could be arranged.

(thunder rumbles)

(canon fires)

(guns fire)

- Good afternoon,
Mr. Commissioner.

(speaks in foreign language)

I see you're out for
an afternoon drive.

I must apologize for
this inconvenience.

My men sometimes lose
some degree of discretion

as to whom they detain.

You're in excellent
company, Mr. Blessing.

- Oh, thank you, Colonel.

I try to keep in
pleasant surroundings.

- I hope you're enjoying
your brief visit

to my country, Madame.

Does is distress to
see people at war?

I thought it part
of Mr. Ward's policy

to keep the kettle boiling,
as the saying goes.

- I don't know what you mean.

- On our last meeting,
it was I who was caught

in an uncompromising
situation as this.

And you permitted me to escape.

- Well, in the future,

I'll have to ignore
such an opportunity.

- You're free to continue.

I'm no longer in your debt.

(jeep starts)

(bird calls)

(sky rumbles)

(sky rumbles)

- Yellow roses.

Love you, can't afford you.

I think the monsoons'll
break tonight.

(sky rumbles)

(bird calls)

(curious, mysterious music)

(chill easy listening music)
(party goers murmur)

(crickets chirp)

(speaks in foreign language)

- Get out!

- (speaks in foreign
language) Ah Song say

you come quickly please.

He waits to see you.

- I said get the
hell outta here!

(speaks in foreign language)

(crickets chirp)

(horse whinnies)

- Ah Song would like
to oblige Mr. Ward.

- Now the army will move
our tea tomorrow afternoon.

A convoy will stop
here to pick me up,

but I don't want to leave
until about an hour after dark,

so can you arrange
some sort of delay?

Now in case those
trucks break down,

I would like to hire one
or two of your trucks

from Surabaja to stand by.

One of those big ones

that carries about
five to six tons each.

And about 15 to 25 workmen.

And I want them here tomorrow
night, six o'clock sharp.

It'll be very hard work
and little time to do it.

- No problem.

500 or 600,000 rupia.

- I'll pay you when
we get to the docks.

Now I want those trucks loaded
and off the palace grounds

within 15 minutes.

- No problem.

(horse whinnies)

(chill easy listening music)
(party-goers murmur)

- Ms. Stone?
- Yes.

- I'm Commissioner
Suwono. How do you do?

Won't you be seated please?

- Thank you, your excellency.

I was warned to be considerate
of your excellency's time.

- I understand that
you're representing

Patterson and Company of
San Francisco, are you not?

- Yes.

- I hope you will
forgive my English,

I haven't had the
chance to use it often.

- It's quite all right.

- This matter that
you're interested in

covers the purchase of--

(paper rustles)

300 chest of orange pickle,

100 chest of chi-chong from
your factory at Krawaton.

This offer was transmitted to us

from your agency in Tokyo

by cable on the
18th of last month.

Is that correct?

- Yes, your excellency.

- I also understand
that you sent us a draft

and we cleared it.

Your tea's packed and
ready for delivery.

Exactly why are you and
your other ships concerned?

- We were informed
that the consignment

is still at the
factory, excellency,

60 miles away,

and there's a problem
about transportation.

- You are quite right, madame.

Your teas is still at Krawaton.

And these terms of
sale here is FOB,

so it is our obligation to
deliver your tea at the docks.

- And when can that be
arranged, your excellency?

You see, we have
cargo space in port,

but only for a few days,

and we'd be more
than happy to pay

for the extra expenses
for shipping by truck.

- I'm beginning to
believe that you are

very accommodating, madame.

- It would be much
more expensive for us,

If we had to cancel
with our customers.

(dialing phone)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Ja.

I understand that you're staying

at Park Hotel, Ms. Stone?

- Yes.

- [Suwono] I hope they
made you comfortable there.

- Well, they try their best.

- I'm afraid that Surabaja

does not qualify
as a summer resort.

If you intend to
spend your weekend,

you'll not have a
pleasant time there.


You can have your
trucks, madame.

The army will provide
them at no extra cost.

The convoy will be
available Monday.

- Oh, thank you very much.

Oh, do you think we'll have
a problem with the rain?

- No, no, the
roads are adequate.

I wonder if I can persuade you

to accept our
hospitality in Gonoicho.

It's rather colder.

It's but a few miles away

from our factory at Krawaton.

- Well, that's very kind of you.

I would love to but--

- You have other plans?

- No, not really,

but are you sure I'm
not inconveniencing you?

- Not at all.

I'll have someone finish
business affairs at Krawaton.

I'll send my car for you at
three o'clock this afternoon.

- How can I refuse?

- Ms. Irene Stone?

Telegram for you.

(birds chirp)

(car starts)

(car starts)

- Thank you for being prompt.

(conspiratorial music)

Don't worry.

Nothing to be concerned about.

Our people are law-abiding

and they support my
government wholeheartedly.

There are a group of dissidents,

religious fanatics, radicals,

and even communists.

(tense music)


(conspiratorial music)


- Excellency.

- Ms. Stone, may I
present Captain Haryan?

This is my personal (speaks
in foreign language).

- Hello.

- How do you do?

I'm Margaret Suwono.

Would you like to go
upstairs to your room?

- Yes, I'd love to.

(birds chirp)

- I hope you'll be comfortable.

If you care, Suku can show
you around the grounds.

- All right.

(suspicious, exotic music)

(exotic music)

(speaks in foreign language)

- I want you to meet this
gentleman, Ms. Stone.

- Oh, we've met,
Mr. Commissioner.

Hello, Stony.

(crickets chirp)

- (speaks in foreign
language), Blessing.

- You're a very lucky
man, Commissioner.

You have a charming wife.

And this magnificent
estate, it's beautiful.

I wish I could see it all.

- I shall consider
it a privilege,

although we might
not have much time

since I have arranged for
our visit to Krawaton.

In the evening, my
wife wishes to give

a dinner party in your
honor and Mr. Blessings.

- That's very kind of her.

- A lady's graciousness should
be recognized, Ms. Stone.

So should a man's
wholehearted generosity.

Mr. Blessing was
a transport pilot

working for us
during the blockade.

It was hard work,

but he accepted not
more than his expenses.

- That was generous of him.

- Earlier this afternoon, he
approached me to my office

asking for a favor.

One which I did not
hesitate to grant.

A temporary franchise to fly
air freight out of Surabaja.

Please excuse me.

(sensuous R&B music)

- That's a nice dress you're
almost wearing, Stony.

- How did you get here anyway?

- Cab.

Gray Jacks are not after me.

- Don't be funny.

- What's your feelings
about accepting hospitality

under false pretenses?

- So?

I lied a little.

- Look, doll--

- You know very well
that those natives

are against everybody who
used to deal with the Dutch.

Ward isn't the only
one who's trying

to deal with them
through a dummy company.

- I'm not talking about
any dummy company,

I'm talking about you,

and I don't like getting
chucked for no good reason.

Unless there's a
prize in it for me.

- I thought you were broke.

- Oh, come on, doll.

- I have a headache, will
you make excuses for me?

(tense suspicious music)

(tinkling, off putting music)

(sudden percussive music)


- Damn, damn, damn little--

(pained grunt)

(suspicious music)

(party-goers murmur)
(smooth chilled out music)

(gong chimes)

(gong chimes)

- I would like to thank you

for offering to
escort me tomorrow.

- I'm very honored
that you requested me.

(singing in foreign language)

(traditional music)

(tinkling, off-putting music)

(crickets chirp)

- Don't make yourself
too comfortable.

You're not staying.

- You fool.

Don't you realize this whole
bundle could be booby trapped

and blow this place to hell?

And even if you do
get your hands on it,

you're bound to foul up
somewhere down the line.

Do you know what it's
like to spend 10 years

in an Indo prison?

- I wish you'd get
the hell out of here.

- [Steve] See ya.

(door closes)

(people murmur)


- I must talk with
you, Ms. Stone.

- Come in, your excellency.

Won't you have a
chair, your excellency?

- Thank you.

Ms. Stone, may I
try to persuade you

to extend your stay
longer in Surabaja?

- I can stay until Wednesday

if my tea gets
shipped out, but--

- I didn't mean to say
just that you remain

for just another day or two.

Please, I find myself in an
extremely difficult situation.

I had hoped for a
better time and place

to propose an
arrangement to you.

- I'm flattered.

Really I am, but--

may I think about
it for a day or two?

- I have urgent
business in Jakarta.

With your permission,
I shall contact

your hotel on Tuesday.

(tinkling, off-putting music)

(door closes)

(smooth easy listening music)

- Steve?

- Telephone, madame.

- Thank you.


- [Phone Man] Ms. Irene Stone?

- Yes, this is Ms. Stone.

- [Phone Man] Your convoy,
madame, is here at Krawaton.

- Oh, good. When will
it be by to pick me up?

- For that I am not
myself responsible.

Your tea has been loaded
up, but it's already late,

and they have to
make some repairs

before they can start it.

It may take a long time.

Who knows?

- Well, that's all right,
I don't mind waiting.

As long as they get it done.

- The officer, he
wants to advise you

that it would be
best to go tomorrow.

He doesn't want you
to take the risk

of the journey after dark.

- Tell him I can't postpone it.

The ship is supposed to sail
tomorrow morning with the tide.

- [Foreman] The officer
says it's too dangerous

for you, madame.

- Tell him if he refuses,

I will call the High
Commissioner in Surabaja

and ask for another officer.

I'm here all alone
with the servants

and I'm not about to
stay another night.

Could you also ask
him what happened

to Mrs. Suwono and Mr. Blessing?

- [Foreman] The officer says

that you will be ready
please at five o'clock.

He says that Mrs. Suwono
has gone to see her family,

and Mr. Blessing, he
doesn't know where he is.

- All right, thank you.


- Goodbye.

(tinkling, off-putting music)

(birds chirp)

(tense music)


- [Irene] No!

(low, suspicious music)

(exciting percussive music)

(crickets chirp)

(speaking in foreign language)

(explosion booms)

(birds chirp)

(chiming, worrying music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(crickets chirp)

- [Song] The trucks are loaded
and ready to join the convoy.

(truck starts)

- Just what in the hell
do you think you're doing?

- Comshaw, Stony.


- [Irene] Do you
mean you bribed--

- Haryan?


But I do have a nice
big bird waiting

to load that interesting
bundle you just scooped up.

- Nice big bird for what?

- To fly in the air.

It's an awful lot of loot
we're carrying back there.

(speaks in foreign language)

From here on, we're on our own.

(speaks in foreign language)

(tense music)

(explosions boom)

(guns fire)

(speaking in foreign language)

(guns fire)

(speaking in foreign language)

(guns fire)

(bullet ricochets)

(explosion booms)
(gun fires)

Get down and stay down!

(guns fire)

(speaking in foreign language)

(gun fires)

(guns fire)

(gun fires)

(explosions booms)

Stay down until the Colonel
gets fed up and takes off.

If he ever does.

(guns fire)

(guns fire)

(guns fire)

(speaking in foreign language)

(guns firing)


(guns firing)

(explosions boom)

(explosion booms)

(guns fire)

(pained grunting)

(gun fires)

(bullets ricochet)

(guns fire)

(explosion booms)

(guns fire)

(speaking in foreign language)

(guns fire)

(truck starts)

(guns fire)

(guns fire)

(gun fires)

(guns fire)

(explosion booms)

(guns fire)

(explosion booms)

(guns fire)

(gun fires)

(guns fire)

(truck pulls away)

(crickets chirp)

(gun fires)

(gun cocks)

(gun fires)

(tense music)

(guns fire)

(gun fires)

(casual, exhausted music)

(calm music)

Poor bastard thought
we were running guns.

- And what's going
to happen to me?

- You sure as hell
can't sail to Singapore

and go back to
Ward empty-handed.

- [Irene] Am I supposed to
just vanish from the scene?

- Looks like you're
going on a plane trip.

Oh, I'll get you out of here

and back to New York
some way or other.

No strings attached.

(thoughtful, jazzy music)
(seagulls call)

- If I stay with you?

For good, I mean.

- Last night, I would
have kept the whole load.


No deal.

There's a reward

which I'll split three
ways with Chuck and Dirk.

We could have a
happy life together.

If you don't like
it here in the east,

I'll take you back to New York,


any place you'd like.

I can give you
everything you need.

A couple, three kids.

Maybe a whole battalion.

(plane soars)

(seagulls call)
(waves lap)

(off-kilter music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(menacing music)

- I expected you in sooner.

- I didn't expect to be.

Until your friends crossed
you and contacted me.

- Tell me another, I'm all ears.

- Still a naive believer.

- Seems I've missed all 'round.

You make a cozy family portrait.


- Arithmetic.

One third of 40 adds up to more

than one third of
five percent of 40.

- You don't think
you'll see any part

of that answer, do you?

(gun fires)

(tense, dangerous music)

(gun fires)

(nefarious jazzy music)

Suwono, Commissioner Suwono!

Pier 18, Surabaja!

(speaks in foreign language)

- Ja.

(speaks in foreign language)

- Pier 18, Surabaja.

(tires kick dirt)

(ship horn blows)

- Get it loaded quickly.

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaks in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)
(siren wails)

(whistle blows)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)


(guns fire)

(guns fire)

- Ward!

Give it up!

You're boxed in!

(guns fire)

(guns fire)

(bullet ricochets)

(gun fires)

(guns fire)

(gun fires)

(sudden, tense music)
(guns fire)

(whistle blows)


(speaking in foreign language)

(gun fires)

(guns fire)

We could have a
happy life together.

If you don't like
it here in the east,

I'll take you back to New York.

I can give you
everything you need.

A couple, three kids.

Maybe a whole batalion.

(romantic R&B music)

♪ Stony woman

♪ What's the answer

♪ Stony woman

♪ Where to go

♪ Here you are at the
end of a rainbow ♪

♪ Come so far to the
end of a rainbow ♪

♪ End of the road

♪ And I don't want to leave

♪ Stony woman

♪ I can make you believe

♪ Stony girl

♪ Stony woman

♪ There's an answer

♪ Stony woman

♪ Know you know

♪ All you do for the
end of a rainbow ♪

♪ Follows you to the
end of a rainbow ♪

♪ End of the road

♪ And I can't let you leave

♪ Stony woman

♪ It's too late to believe

♪ Stony girl

♪ Oh, Stony girl