Stones of Death (1988) - full transcript

The residents of a housing development find themselves in trouble after they discover that their development was built on top of a sacred aboriginal graveyard, on which a curse was placed upon anyone who disturbed it. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(thunder rumbles)

(distant singing in foreign language)

(ominous music)

(water drips and trickles)

(fire crackles)

(demonic growls)

(bones crack)
(Tracy screams)

- (gasps) Shit!


(dark didgeridoo music)

- [Radio Host] From
descriptions given to the police

believe this may be the same
gang that was responsible

for six other attacks
over the past 22 days.

The Salvation Army performed today

at the Carabingy shopping complex,

much to the delight of
the shoppers present.

Our cameras were there
and this report was filed

by Ferdinand Boland.

- Oh, yuck!



- [Ferdinand] 85-year-old
band leader Richard Flemings

will lead the band in the
first lap around the car park.

- Morning, platypus.

What's all the yelling?

- Dad, do you really have to
feed your dog in the kitchen?

- Oh, come on, hon. What
am I supposed to do?

You know he won't eat
it if I put it outside.

- He will, if he gets hungry enough.

- You just have to watch
where you're walking.

- Oh, yeah, sure.

- I hope that's not breakfast.

- It's healthy. Fruit and nut.

- Scramble yourself some
eggs, or something decent.

- Haven't got time. I'll get
something on the way to school.

(upbeat rock music)

(Alex claps)

Dad, do you have to do that?
- What?

- [Gail] Act as though
you like that music.

- Oh, I do. Why, don't you?

- [Gail] That's not the point.
You're a bit old for it.

- Old? I'll boot you
into the ground any day.

♪ 16 summers, call that a lifetime ♪

(typewriter clacks)

- Gail, what're you doing?
- Nothing.

- Not your history assignment, is it?

You told me you finished that last night.

(car horn honks)

- Gee, Dad, you've got a suspicious mind.

There's Matt, gotta go.
Have a good day, okay?

- Yeah, you too.

(Gail giggles)

- Now, before we get up too much speed,

I told Tracy we'd give
her a lift to school.

If we can fit her in.

Your musical jungle
seems to be multiplying.

- Oh, well she'll just have
to sit on your lap again.

(Gail chuckles)

(engine roars)

♪ But I always will remain
down here on our street ♪

- Geez, Trace, you look
like death on a stick.

- Yeah, I didn't get a
lot of sleep last night.

- Oh, yeah? And who was he?

(Matt chuckles)
- Nothing like that.

I just kept having these
really weird dreams.

I'll tell you about it later.

Can I borrow your history assignment?

- What for?

- Oh, I was gonna get
up early and do mine,

but I was too whacked.

I won't copy it word for
word. I just need a few ideas.

- Sure.

For what it's worth, mine
was a bit of a rush job, too.

- Thank you.
- So what else is new?

- Do you have to drive like
we're in the Indianapolis 500?

I'm trying to write here, Matt.

- Sorry, Trace.

(Gail chuckles)

(men hum melodically)

(background chatter)

- Everyone's assignments in?

Okay, settle down. Let's get on with it.

(hushed chatter)

- And then when he turned around,

he was just this awful skull face.

- I thought today we might
take a look at the social

and economic conditions in
Europe which led to the creation

of the first penal colony in Australia.

- It pushed this crystal into
my hand and then I woke up.

- No wonder you didn't get much sleep.

- [Tracy] No, it wasn't that.

When I woke up, this was on my pillow.

Exactly like in the dream.
- That's crazy.

- I know it's crazy, but it's there!

- [Millhouse] Tracy, I
think one person addressing

the class at a time, don't you?

And as I'm the teacher,
it should probably be me.

- Sorry, Mrs. Millhouse.
- What've you got here anyway?

- Nothing. It's just a crystal.

(ominous music)

- Where'd you get this?

- I sort of found it.

- May I ask where?
- It just kind of turned up.

- That crystal is a Kadaicha stone.

- And what's that?

- In many aboriginal tribes,

it was the equivalent
of pointing the bone.

The Kadaicha man was a tribal magician.

If he gave you one of these,

it meant you'd broken tribal
law and were condemned to die.

- Die?
- Yes, but I wouldn't worry.

It's only if it were handed to you

by the Kadaicha man himself.

- [Tony] Ah, looks like you
better watch yourself, Trace.

- You think it's funny? You have it.

(Tony moans dramatically)

- The American War of Independence.

- [Deb] Hey, come on.
It's just some dumb stone.

- Yeah, probably one of your brothers

put it on your pillow as a joke.

- But what about the dream?

- Well, maybe you half woke and saw it

and that started you dreaming about it.

- [Deb] Right, I bet that's it.

- Maybe.

- [Millhouse] So there was
fear of French colonization...

(upbeat rock music)
(muffled pants and moans)

- [Tracy] Oh, my god! Look at the time!

Mom's gonna kill me!

- She won't!
- She will.

- Oh, well. At least you'll die happy.

(Tracy moans)

- No. Stop that, stop that!

I have to go. Come on, we have to go.

- How can you do this to me?

♪ You got your troubles, darling ♪

♪ I got mine ♪

- Friday night after the
dance, we'll go somewhere.


- I can't wait that long.
I could be dead by then.

- Well, so could I, if we
don't get home quick. Come on.

- I'm serious.

At moments like this, a significant
proportion of the body's

blood supply accumulates
in the progenitive organs.

This blood is borrowed from
the cerebral hemisphere.

If sexual tension is
prolonged without release

over a sustained period of time,

the resulting lack of
oxygen to the cerebellum

can trigger a seizure of
the cerebral hemisphere.

- Meaning?

- Expiration of the brain!

- In your case, Tony, who'd notice?

(horn honks)

Come on, you two! We're going!

- [Jeff] Okay, we'll be there in a sec!

(leaves rustle)

(Tracy yelps)

- Hurry up, you two, or you can walk back!

♪ Whisper in my ear ♪

- Geez, mate, thanks a lot.

We were just getting to the good bit.

- Yeah, well if you're gonna
take all night about it.

(car starts)

- Deb, can I borrow those really tacky

green shoes of yours for Friday night?

- Sure. What're you going as?

Bride of Frankenstein?

- Wait and see.

You can drop us off at Deb's, hey?

- I thought you were in
such a hurry to get home!

- It's only going to take 30 seconds

to pick up a pair of shoes.

- Oh, yeah.

Once you two start talking clothes,

you'll be in there for an hour.

- No, I won't.

Anyway, no one's asking you two to wait.

- How you gonna get home?

- Walk. I only live across the park.

♪ You got your troubles, darling ♪

♪ I got mine ♪

♪ But I just wanna know ♪

♪ If I give love to you will
you follow through now ♪

♪ Turn the lights down, darling ♪

♪ And whisper in my ear ♪

♪ Let's turn the lights down, darling ♪

♪ You don't need anymore, I'm here ♪

- Bye!

(smooth jazz music)
(distant chuckles)

- Mm.

Say when.

- (chuckles) When.

- You know, I can't wait to
see that footage we shot today.

That stuff of you on the beach

is gonna look really incredible.

Though, anything with you in
it would have to be terrific.

- Dad, I'm just gonna go
over to Fizz's for a while.

- [Alex] You finished your homework?

- Dad!

- Okay, then. Well,
don't stay out all night.

And before you go, feed
Hannibal, would you, please?

I'm likely to forget.

- Really?

- Uh, (clears throat) Gloria,
this is my daughter, Gail.

Gail, this is Gloria.

Gloria's starring in
our promotional video.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Well, I'll feed the dog.

- Okay. Thanks, love.


- I wouldn't have thought
you were old enough

to have a teenage daughter.

- Mm. Thank you, ma'am.

My ex-wife and I started out
early. Finished early, too.

But that's another story.


- Cheers.

- Well, look, why don't
you wait a few minutes?

Dad will be back and
he can drive you home.

- Don't worry. It's only
100 meters across the park.

- Still, there's a lot of weirdos around.

- Don't worry!

Look, if I get in trouble,
I'll scream my head off.

- What?
(ominous tones)

- Thanks for the shoes. I'll
see you at school tomorrow.

- Okay.
- Bye.

- See ya.

(crickets chirp)
(distant dog barks)

(suspenseful music)
(swings squeak)

- Who's there?

Is somebody there?

There are plenty of
people around, you know.

I'm not too proud to scream.

(leaves rustle)

(animal growls)


(animal growls)


(flesh crunches and squelches)

(distant screams)

(crickets chirp)

- Dad!

- What was that?

- It came from over in the park.

- I better take a look.

(distant dogs bark)

- What's happening?

- Don't know.

(leaves rustle)

- Hello? Anyone there?

(ominous music)

- What is it?

- A school bag.

Wait here.

Stay here.


(ominous tones)

(crickets chirp)

I heard a scream. I
thought it was my daughter.

- [Officer] Which one's your daughter?

- That's her over there.

Anyway, she said it came
from over here in the park.

- Maybe we should go back to the house.

- Police will want to ask us questions.

- Well, we can't tell them anything.

- [Officer Over Radio]
Copy that. Stand by.

- Hey.

Don't touch anything. You
could be disturbing evidence.

What is that, anyway?

- A Kadaicha stone.

- A what?

- It's just something she found.
She had it at school today.

- Well, leave it here. Collect
it with her things later.

(Gail sobs)

(dark didgeridoo music)

(switch clicks)

(switch clicks)

- [Radio Host] Six AM, news time.

(brooding electronic jingle)

Police investigations
continue this morning

into last night's savage
slaying of a teenage schoolgirl.

The girl's mutilated body
was found early last night

in an area of parkland in the northern

beach-side suburb of Kangaloola.

Gordon Trim takes up the story.

- [Gordon] Police are
at this stage giving out

little information as
to the cause of death.

Witnesses say the girl
appeared to have been attacked

by some large animal.

(Hannibal barks)

(Gail sighs)

- Hannibal!

God sake, do you have
to scare me to death?

- [Gordon] While the suburb
where the attack occurred

is adjacent to large tracks of bushland,

it is unlikely that
dingoes or other wild dogs

would be inhabiting the area.

A spokesman said the ferocity
of the attack was far beyond

anything that might be expected
from an animal of this kind.

Circuses and zoos are being
contacted to establish

if any large animals may have
gone missing during the night.

(distant birds tweet)

- I told her she shouldn't go
through the park on her own.

If she'd waited a few minutes,

Dad would've given her a lift home!

- Cops say it was some sort of animal.

Was there any who'd do that?

- That dream she told us about,
remember? And that stone.

- You're not saying
someone put a hex on her?

- Hey, come on, mate.
- That's crazy.

- Yeah, I know, but it just
seems like an awful coincidence.

- What was that about a stone?

- Oh, it's just this thing

that Tracy found in her
bed yesterday morning.

Mrs. Millhouse said it was aboriginal.

- Oh. Well, um...

Was it anything like this?
(ominous tones)

- Where did you get that?

(bell rings)


- Oh, come in. Gail, Felicity.

Look, I'm really sorry about
what happened to Tracy.

I know she was a friend of yours.

- We were wondering if you
could tell us anything more

about that crystal that
she had in class yesterday.

- You said it was a
Kadaicha stone or something.

- Whatever terrible
thing happened to Tracy

was certainly nothing to do with that.

- But it's really weird how
it just sort of turned up

out of nowhere and now
Franky Boland's got one.

He had a nightmare last night, too,

but he can't remember what it was about.

- Look, the stones aren't such a mystery.

Not when you consider where you live.

- [Gail] How do you mean?

- Well, your street is the site

of an old aboriginal burial ground.

There was quite a protest
about it a couple of years ago

when the area was being developed.

I was involved in it myself, actually.

I'm surprised you didn't know,

because your father's
company was the developer.

- No, he's never mentioned it.

- Anyway, that's the reason why

aboriginal relics turn
up from time to time.

There's really no mystery about it at all.

- Look, are you sure it was a wild animal?

It could have been some maniac

who deliberately made it look that way.

Christ, there's not a wild
dog within 100 miles of here.

- [Man On Phone] Oh, fuck it, Alex.

Forensic confirmed
traces of wild dog saliva

in the throat wound.

Up until last night, I
would've agreed with you.

Seems like we'd both be wrong.
- Oh, shit.

I'm about to launch a promotion

for the second stage of
the area development.

All I need now is a wild dog scare.

Look, will you let me
know what's happening

as soon as possible?
- We're doing out best.

- Yes, mate.

Yeah, thanks a lot. I'll
talk to you later, bye.

(phone clacks)

- [Shelly] Mr. Sorenson, your
daughter is here to see you.

- Okay.

Hi, hon. How was your day?

- Okay.

Everyone's pretty down about Tracy.

- Yeah.

You holding up all right?

- Yes.

- Good.

- [Shelly] Mr. Sorenson,
sorry to interrupt you...

(ominous music)

Is there any more news we can give them?

- No, not at the moment,
Shelly. Thank you.

- [Gail] You never told me we were living

on an old aboriginal burial ground.

- You never told me you were interested.

- Mrs. Hillhouse, at school,

she said a lot of people
protested about it,

when you built the neighborhood.

- Oh, we had the standard hassles

with a few land riders and greenies.

Nothing serious.

- But our street is on burial ground?

- I doubt it.

If you take notice of that
crowd, every piece of dirt

in the whole country's a
sacred site of some kind.

Why are you asking?

(Matt mumbles melodically)

- So, how did it go?
- He dodged the question.

Which means it's probably true.

- So, where to now?
- Let's go home for a while.

(somber electronic music)

- [Tracy] Friday night after
the dance, we'll go somewhere.

I promise.

- [Tony] I can't wait that
long. I could be dead by then.

- [Tracy] Well, so could I,
if we don't get home quick.

Come on.
- I'm serious.

(upbeat rock music)

(Gail laughs)

- Oh, I'm sorry! Am I
keeping you from something?

- No. (laughs)

When's your father getting home?

- Late!

He's off somewhere with his
newest bit of jail bait.

(both laugh)

Oh, she's all right, actually.

Except, she's not much
older than me. (chuckles)

(Matt mumbles)

It's all right for you!

It's not your father off
making a fool of himself.

- Well, how about I
give you a shoulder job?

(Gail grunts)


(Gail giggles)

(phone rings)

- Oh, go away! We don't want any!

(phone rings)

(both laugh)


- Gail, it's Fizz.

- Hi, what's up?

- I've been looking through
old newspapers in the school

library and I think you should
come and see what I found.

- What, now?

- Yeah! It's about what Mrs.
Millhouse was saying today.

(muffled chatter from phone)

- Okay, on our way.

(phone clacks)

- What?

(phone clacks)

(footsteps clack)

(suspenseful music)

(footsteps clack)

(dark didgeridoo music)
(birds tweet and chirp)

(Fizz gasps)
(clocks chime)

- Place is like a tomb.

- Yes.

(suspenseful music)


- These must be the articles
she was talking about.

- "A conservationist
spokesman today described

as 'mindless desecration',

the siting of an exclusive
new residential area

upon land claimed by local
aborigines to be sacred."

- Hey, check this.

"Future residents of
the exclusive Kangaloola

development area will live
under the shadow of an ancient

curse according to full-blood
aborigine Billinudgel.

- [Fizz] What do you think?

- [Matt] Sneak up on us, why don't you?

- [Gail] I was worried about you.

- What do you think?

- Most of it's what Mrs.
Millhouse has already told us.

- She didn't tell us
there's supposed to be

some curse on the neighborhood.

- Well, you don't take all
that stuff seriously, do you?

- Well, no.

What if someone wants us to?

- How do you mean?
- Well, I don't know.

Maybe somebody wants to make it look

like there really is a curse.

- I don't see why they should.

- Well, couldn't your father
have some business enemies?

What about that old aborigine?

What if he's some sort of nutcase?

Sneaked into Tracy's
house, left that crystal,

and then killed her the next night?

- It all sounds a bit way out, really.

Maybe we should just wait

and see what the police come up with.

- Hi, guys. I thought I'd
have the place to myself.

- [Matt] Oh, no problem. We're outta here.

- Going to be long?

They'll be locking up anytime.

- No, no. It's okay, I got
a key from Mr. Hollace.

I'm doing some research
for my history project.

I'll be here for hours.

- Well, goodnight.
- Bye.

- The, uh, rude magazines are
on the top shelf at the back.

- What?

- Don't leave any stains
on the centerfolds.

(Franky chuckles)

- (clears throat) Do my best.

- Okay. See you later, mate.

(footsteps recede)

(crickets chirp)
(dark electronic music)

- I'll tell you one thing.

If I was Franky and I'd
found one of those crystals

on my pillow this morning,
no way I'd be staying

back in that empty school
by myself at night.

- Yeah, I know.

(engine revs)

(ominous didgeridoo music)

I'll see you in the morning.

- Thanks for the ride.
- Pleasure.

(car door slams)

Don't lie awake all night
worrying about curses, eh?

- Goodnight.
- Night.

(engine roars)

- This thing has got you
really freaked, hasn't it?

- Well, I don't know how
you can be so cool about it.

You even saw the body.

- I'm not cool, Fizz.

It's just there's no sense

in getting into a wild panic about it.

- Well, I hope you're right.

I'll see you tomorrow.

(footsteps clack)

(Hannibal barks)

- Bye.


(Hannibal barks)

Quiet! It's only me.

(Hannibal barks)
Hannibal, settle down!

What's the matter?
(Hannibal growls)

- Your father home, missy? I talk to him.

The street you live in, very bad place.

You leave, everybody leave.

If you stay, more young white fella die.

- You were the one in that
photo in the old newspaper.

- Tell your father what Billinudgel say.

I tell him before, but he say
I'm silly ol' black fella.

But now, maybe he'll listen!
(Hannibal growls)

- Wait!
(Hannibal barks)

(suspenseful didgeridoo music)

(eerie dissonant music)

(Franky groans)
(dramatic music)


(Franky coughs)

(Franky moans)

(Franky grunts)

- Mr. Hollace!


(Fizz pants)
(suspenseful music)

(dark didgeridoo music)

(Fizz breathes sharply)

(Fizz screams)

(Fizz pants)

(Fizz moans)

(Fizz gasps)
(ominous music)

(Fizz sobs)

(birds tweet and chirp)

(footsteps clack)

(paper rustles)

(ominous music)

(Millhouse screams)

- It's incredible.

I had this real composer's
block, you know?

I thought we were gonna have
to get up and play at the dance

with no new material and then
suddenly I come up with three-

- I don't have time. You can
play them for me tonight.

Hey, Fizzy, what's happened?

(somber electronic music)

- What's going on?

- Gail, Felicity? Can I speak
to you for a moment, in here?

(door closes)

- [Gail] Mrs. Millhouse, what's happened?

- They can't be sure what it
was until after a post-mortem,

but he was bitten by something.

The police doctor thinks
it was a funnel-web spider.

- Franky?
- A post-mortem?

- I'm afraid so. I'm sorry.

Look, I wanted to speak to you,

because of what you said yesterday
about the Kadaicha stone.

I think you said Franky found one.

- He did. So did Tracy.

- People are going to get very
upset about what's happened,

understandably, they'll be
looking for an explanation.

As I told you yesterday, when
this area was being developed,

there was a lot of protests,
quite a few aborigines were

involved and there was a lot
of ill-feeling at the time.

- Mrs. Millhouse, it's no coincidence.

There's something going on

and those crystals are part of it.

There was an old black man who
came to our house last night.

He said more people were going to die.

- Billinudgel? He wouldn't
have meant that as a threat.

The aborigines believe this land

has some sort of a curse on it.

They're trying to do the right thing

and warn us of what they think
is a danger, but I know them.

They wouldn't hurt anyone.
- Mrs. Millhouse!

- Now, listen.

Early last century, a group
of young black people,

they'd have been about your age,

were attacked by a gang of bush rangers.

They were all killed. The
girls were raped first.

When the tribe found the bodies,
they had no way of knowing

who was responsible, so they
buried them on sacred ground,

where your street is now, and
then in understandable anger,

they attacked a nearby white settlement.

The next day, whites from
all over the country banded

together in an armed hunting
party, probably including the

bush rangers who'd started the
trouble in the first place.

They hunted the tribe down and shot dead

every last man, woman and child.

Now, if people were to get
the idea that aborigines

were responsible for what
happened to Franky and Tracy,

then we'd have history repeating itself.

That's why I want you to
be careful what you say.

- Someone has to find out what's going on.

Because I don't want to be the next.

- Where'd you get that?
- On my pillow, last night.

Just like the others. I
had that same dream, too.

- What do you think of all that?

- (chuckles) I was hoping
you weren't going to ask.

- I suppose, hypothetically,

it's possible someone could
train a wild dog to kill.

But a funnel-web?

(distant waves crash)

(birds squawk)

- I see your guardian
angels are still with us.

- Every time I came out of class today,

they were in the corridor, waiting.

I feel like a real dork.

That's it.

- What?

- The tunnel. The one I dreamed about.

(waves crash)

- Fizz, it's just a storm water drain!

I know. My father's
company built all this.

It's a tunnel.


(eerie music)

- Now where the fuck do
they think they're going?

- [Fizz] I thought I
could see figures moving,

but then when I really looked,

there was never anything there.

- [Shane] Uh, let's get outta here.

- [Gail] There's a T junction up ahead.

- We've come to the end.

(eerie music)

(water trickles and drips)

- I came up to this wall.

And then somehow I was in a cave

with a fire and aboriginal paintings.

(waves crash)

- Listen, I vote we get
our minds off all this.

Let's go down the river for a swim.

- Sounds good to me.

- All right but we have to go
home first and get some gear.

- Why? Are you getting
shy in your old age?

- No, I just don't want to get arrested.

We've got an escort, remember?

- Oh, yeah.

(suspenseful music)

(muffled police radio chatter)

(upbeat acoustic music)

- Woo!

- Think that's one of 'em
getting killed or what?

(both chuckle)

♪ When we wake up, wake
up in the mornin' ♪

- Yeah!

♪ We know another great day has begun ♪

♪ The sun is shining,
happiness is calling ♪

♪ Look out, world, we're
gonna have some fun ♪

(girls cheer and giggle)

- [Gail] Are you going to
do them tomorrow night?

- Yeah, if we get it together in time.

- [Gail] Let's go in.

- We come out for a swim.

So let's go.

- I think I'll give it a miss.

(water splashes)
(Gail yelps)

- Come on. A swim will be great.

- No, Shane, I don't want to.
- It will, come on.

- [Fizz] No!

(water splashes)

- [Gail] Oh, it's gorgeous!

(Fizz giggles)
- Come on.

(Fuzz giggles)
Let's go.

Swimming. (laughs)

(Fizz screams and laughs)

(Matt and Gail sing)
(water splashes)

Oh, man, is this beautiful or what?

(water splashes)

(Fizz yelps)

(water splashes)

(Matt and Gail sing)

(Matt laughs)

Okay, kiddies! Time to get wet!

(suspenseful music)

(group laughs)
(water splashes)

- Hey, where's Shane?

- Hey.

- Come on, mate! The fight's
over, you can come out now!

- Shane?

- Oh, don't worry, girls.

I shall put a stop to his little game.

I'm coming down after you, red beast!

(Fizz screams)

- Oh, Shane!

Stop it! (giggles)

- Hi, guys!

- Aww!


- Somebody call?

(ominous music)

(Fizz screams)

(water splashes)

(water splashes)

- Jesus, what was that?

(water splashes)

- Help!

Help us! They're here!

(water splashes)

- Not too close.
- Not by me, mate.

(water splashes)

- Fizz!

(water splashes)

(officer pants)

(water splashes)


(water splashes)

- I'll call in.
- I'll come with you.

(water splashes)
(ominous music)

What the hell happened?

- I don't know. Something took her.

- What kind of something?
- I don't know!

I couldn't see!

- [Officer] Just tell me what you saw.

- [Matt] I told you, I
couldn't see a thing!

- [Officer] Listen, Elvis,
can we get a grip on this?

- [Matt] Don't insult me, you useless pig!

She's fucking gone!

Don't just stand there,
do something about it!

- [Officer] Just tell me
what you saw, fuck-wit!

- [Matt] Why don't you go and do

something bloody constructive?

- [Officer] I'll reconstruct
your face in a minute,

if you don't shut up!

(water splashes)

- You said something took
her. What kind of something?

- All I could see was
something black and...

Looked like a snake or
an octopus or something.

(suspenseful music)

- Snake or octopus?

Is that what it looked like to you?

- It could've been anything,
the water was so cloudy.

- [Rose] If the water was cloudy,

how can you tell if
there was anything there?

She could've got into difficulties,

been caught in the current.

- She was a good swimmer!

Something dragged her
under, against the current.

- Gail!

Are you all right?

(suspenseful music)

- [Officer] Found her!

- Shit.

- Think I'm gonna throw up.
(water swashes)

- What was that?
- What?

- Don't you see it?
- Well, what then?

- It's either the Loch Ness Monster,

or the biggest fucking eel
I've ever seen in my life.

(ominous music)

- A dog savage enough
to kill a teenage girl,

and a spider with the
fastest-acting venom in history,

and now a giant eel that
thinks it's a boa constrictor.

What the hell is going on?

(somber string music)

(door closes)

(distant laughter)
(water trickles)

(water trickles)
(eerie music)

- No!
(mirror cracks)

(phone keypad bleeps)

(eerie music)

(hammering thuds)

- [Matt] Are you sure about this?

- No. That's why we're doing it.

This is it. Exactly what I dreamed.

The thing was here, dancing
and chanting something.

- [Matt] This is weird.

- Oh!

- Is that what you saw?

- Sort of, except it was alive.

Well, we know one thing.
It was no ordinary dream.

Let's get out of here.

- You've got my vote.

(eerie music)

(Gail screams)

- Right. Just what do you
two think you're doing here?

- What on earth did you
think you were doing?

- Proving to myself I'm not going mad.

That cave, it's the one we've
all been dreaming about.

It's got something to
do with the killings.

- Come on, hon. Listen to yourself.

I know you're upset about your
friends. It's only natural.

- I'm more than upset, Dad. I'm terrified.

Everyone who had that dream

and got one of those crystals
has been killed and I'm next!

- Come on, hon, now take it easy.

No one's going to hurt you.

It's just been some horrible
series of freak accidents.

- Like hell it is!

Whatever killed them is tied up

somehow with what's in that cave!

- That's rubbish. It's got
nothing to do with the cave!

- We think it has, Mr. Sorenson.

- Look, you've done enough tonight,

dragging Gail out on
this senseless escapade.

- He didn't! It was my idea.

We want to know about the cave.

- There's nothing to know.

- No one even knows it's there, do they?

- [Alex] What are you talking about?

- There is no way the
authorities would've let you

build a supermarket over
something like that!

- Well it just goes to show
what you know, son, doesn't it?

The whole thing had full
departmental approval.

- Well, we can find out
easily enough tomorrow.

I'll phone the Heritage
Commission and ask!

- (clears throat) I better
get back to my rounds.

- Yeah, sorry. Thanks for calling me.

- Night.

- Well?

Do we do that? Phone
the Heritage Commission?

Or are you going to tell us the truth?

- A work crew found the cave

when they were excavating the foundations.

If it had got out, it
would've been ruinous.

We were already having enough
problems with protestors.

It would've meant canceling
the whole shopping complex,

and that would've meant
redesigning the entire subdivision.

So, we kept quiet and built around it.

Well, what purpose is
it going to serve now,

going public on it?

I mean, they're hardly gonna rip down

a complex of that size, are they?

- I wanna talk to that old man

who came to the house last night.

The aborigine.

I want to talk to him. Where does he live?

- How should I know?
- You can find out.

- Gail, you're being
stupid. Just forget it, huh?

- I want to talk to him, or
I'll tell him about the cave.

- Gail, I'm your father.

How dare you.

- Dad, I don't want to,

but I don't want to be killed, either!

That old man is the only one

who can maybe tell us what's happening.

- Gail, he's nothing but a crazy old man.

And he's put enough wild ideas
inside your head already.

He's not at the address we had on file.

The police went looking for
him today and he's gone.

- [Gail] Maybe they
didn't look hard enough.

They don't have my motivation, do they?

I want that address, Dad.

(ominous music)

(Tracy screams)

(Fizz screams)

(muffled lively chatter)

- Ah, Mr. Fitzgerald, I
heard you've made a decision

about the dance tonight.

I think most of us assumed
it would be canceled.

- I've given it a lot of thought,

and I've spoken to a number
of staff and students.

The feeling is that we pay
tribute at morning assembly

to the three young people we've
lost so tragically and, uh,

just go ahead with the dance as a sort of

an affirmation that life goes on.

- And that's the final decision, is it?

- Yes.

- Have the police found anything yet?

A connection between those
crystals and the deaths?

- I don't imagine for a minute they will.

All this stuff about
death stones and curses...

It's the beginning of mass hysteria.

Which is why I believe
it's all the more important

we go ahead with the dance
as scheduled, just...

Give them something else to think about.

Excuse me.

- [Man On Phone] Apart
from the fucking stones,

we've found nothing at all
to connect the three deaths,

and they're hardly what you'd call

concrete evidence, are they?

- Wish you'd tell my daughter that.

She's got onto some story
about an aboriginal death curse

and she's worried she's his next victim.

- [Man On Phone] Oh, come on, Alex.

Why should she think that?

- Something about a dream

and finding one of those
crystals in her room.

- [Man On Phone] Oh,
yeah? Where is she now?

- Well, she and her boyfriend went looking

for that old fool bloke, Billinudgel.

She thinks he might know something. Why?

(eerie music)
(birds tweet)

(brakes squeak)


- We're looking for an
old man named Billinudgel.

Does he live here?

Please. It means a lot.

- Do you think like the police?

That me grandfather's been
killing all those white kids?

- No, I don't think that,

but I do think that he
knows something about it.

- Please, you must have
some idea where he is.

- Sorry, I can't help ya.

- Okay.

(eerie music)

- Look, if you like, come back tomorrow!

He might be back then.

- By tomorrow, somebody
else might be dead.

- Well, wait a minute!

(eerie music)

(birds chirp and squawk)

It's not the cops. It's
just a couple of kids.

I reckon they're pretty scared.

Wouldn't hurt you to talk to them.

- [Gail] What can I do?

- Kadaicha man dead.
Been dead for 100 years.

But he got strong power.

Once you've got the stone, it's too late.

Wherever you go, Kadaicha
spirit follow you.

The Kadaicha make themself animals.

Spider, fish, anything you like!

Story says when Kadaicha
alive, very bad man.

Even his own tribe!

- But why kill just us teenagers?

We're not the ones who
built the houses round here.

- I think I know.

Those aborigines the bush rangers killed.

They were round our age.

It's their graveyard we're living on.

Someone's idea of an eye for an eye.

- Jungy.

Help them.

(suspenseful music)

- [Billinudgel] Maybe this help you.

- [Gail] What is it?

- Spirit stone.

Take away strength!

Maybe send away.

But Kadaicha never dead.

- What if it doesn't work?

(ominous music)

(car door slams)

- Miss Sorenson, everything all right?

- Yes.

- You talk to the old man?
- No, he's not here.

- I told you yesterday, don't
know when he'll be back.

- Uh-huh.

(car doors slam)

(car starts)

(engine roars)

(suspenseful music)

- You know, that was cops outside.

Wanted to know if you were here.

Well, she told them no.

(birds tweet and chirp)

- Hey, come on.
Everything's gonna be okay.

I know it.

You know, I still reckon
the best thing to do

is just to get into my car and drive.

Stay right away from here
until it's all sorted out.

- You heard what he said.
It'll just come after me.

- Hi, hon.


The police told me you were here.

You okay?

- Dad, the fact that you've
built part of this neighborhood

on an aboriginal burial ground
doesn't worry you, does it?

- Not again, Gail.

- There's a death curse
and I'm on the hit list.

(birds tweet and chirp)

- [Billinudgel] You gonna sulk all day?

- I'm not sulking.

None of my business if
you wanna let that kid

get herself killed.

(blues rock music)

♪ When we wake up, wake
up in the mornin' ♪

♪ We know another great day has begun ♪

♪ The sun is shining,
happiness is calling ♪

♪ Look out, world, we're
gonna have some fun ♪

- Sorry.

- It's just a riff in C,
mate. It's as simple as that.

(Shane chuckles)

- Sounding great, guys.

- Yeah. Come on, let's do it again.

(blues rock music)

- Oh, shit!
- Fuck!

- Oh, sorry, Mr. Fitzgerald.
- I should think so.

Going well, is it?
- Yes, fine, sir.

- Good, good.

Okay, well, great noise.

Keep it up.

(feedback rings)

(blues rock music)

Never understand why bands today
have to make so much noise.

- What, sir?

- Why do they have to
make such an awful no...


- Come on, Gus!

(laughs) What is this?

- Oh, well. Keep it up.

See you all here tonight, no doubt.

(blues rock music)

(balloon rasps)

- Here. I'll be back in a second.

No, I just want to freshen up.

♪ We know another great day has begun ♪

(muffled rock music)
(water trickles)

(faucet squeaks)
(water splashes)

(ominous music)

(stone clacks)

(faucet squeaks)

(door slams rhythmically)

(lights crackle and buzz)

(blues rock music)

♪ We know another great day has begun ♪

(lights crackle and buzz)

(distant chatter)

(door closes)

- Yeah, Tony's picking me up tonight.

Gee, he's acting strange lately.

- Yeah?

- Mm.

- What're you gonna wear tonight?

- This great low-cut black Morticia dress

with these great green shoes!

- It sounds fantastic!

My granny says she'll
lend me her diamantes.

(girls laugh)

- What're you wearing tonight?
- I don't know.

I've got an unreal dress,

but I reckon it makes me look too fat.

- Don't worry about it.

You couldn't look grosser than Shelley.

(both giggle)

- [Brunette] Do you
hear who Jane's taking?

- [Blonde] Yeah, I couldn't
believe it. It's Dave.

- [Brunette] I know, he's so up himself.

- [Blonde] Oh, god. I
hope this gone by tonight.

- [Brunette] Don't get excited.
It's only the school dance.

Come on.

(footsteps recede)

(ominous music)

(faint snarling breaths)

(ominous music)
(Gail screams)

(Gail screams)

- What is it? What's the matter?

What happened?
(Gail sobs)

- Where are we going?
- I'm taking you home.

You'll be safe there with your father.

- For how long?

- [Matt] Long enough for me and Tony

to go and talk to Billinudgel again.

After this, he's gotta help us.

- Is he home?
- His car's there.

- Okay, now stay here,

and make sure he stays with
you until I get back, okay?

(engine revs)

- Perhaps a French restaurant,
just the two of us.

No, tomorrow's fine.

Yeah, great.

Terrific. Okay, bye.

(phone clacks)

What's happened?

- Gail has never hurt anyone in her life.

This thing's out to kill her.

It's just had one go and
for sure it'll try again.

You have to help us, please, Mr. Nudgel.

(eerie music)

(spoon clinks)

- There you go, hon.

Have this. It'll make you feel better.

What you got there?

- I appreciate this. I really do.

I'll give you a lift
down there, if you like.

- I'll go this way. Much shorter.

You come with Billinudgel.
I might need you.

This way.

(dark didgeridoo music)

(Hannibal barks)

- What was that?

- I'll take a look, shall I?


Have your tea.

(water trickles)



(door creaks and slams)


(door rattles)
(garage door hums)

(button clicks)
(garage door hums)

(garage door thuds)

What the...

(door rattles)


(ominous music)

(sticks clack rhythmically)

- [Matt] I heard some noises
coming from over in the park.

- [Officer] We'll check it out.

(car door slams)

- Dad?
- Gail, I've locked myself in.

- This door doesn't lock!

- Well, it's jammed or something.

See if you can budge it from outside.

- I can't. It's stuck.

- We might as well get some
use out of the cops outside.

Ask them to come up and open it.

- How about the garage doors?

- [Alex] They're shut.
The fuses must've blown.

Just get the cops, love.

(eerie music)

(door closes)
(lock clicks)

(Hannibal barks)

- Hannibal!

(electricity zaps)
(buttons clack)

Hannibal, will you shut up!
(Hannibal barks)

(Hannibal whines)

(muffled splashing)


(ominous music)

(lights click)


(door closes)
(locks click)

(doorbell rings)
- Gail!

(knife scrapes)


What's going on?

(heavy knocks)


- God.

- Well if that kid did
hear someone screaming,

they're not around here.

- Dad? The police aren't outside.

I tried to call 'em but the phone's dead.

And something's killed Hannibal.

- [Alex] What do you mean, killed? How?

- I don't know! Something's
outside the house.


(Alex grunts)

- Everything's okay, Mr. Sorenson.

- [Gail] Dad!

- We'll let you out in a second.

(ominous music)

(fire crackles)

(door closes)
(lock clicks)

(ax thuds)

(dark didgeridoo music)

(blues rock music)

(audience cheers)

- Well, I thought that was hot.

- Yeah, but I can't play all night.

I don't know half the songs.

What the hell has happened to Matt?

- Let me in, Gail.

- Leave me alone!

(Billinudgel shouts in foreign language)

(wood cracks)

(Billinudgel shouts in foreign language)

(Billinudgel shouts in foreign language)

(wood cracks)

(Billinudgel shouts in foreign language)

(door creaks)

- Hi.

(ax thuds)
(wood clatters)

- No.

(Gail grunts)

(Gail yelps)

(Gail grunts and yelps)

(Billinudgel shouts in foreign language)

(Gail groans)

(Gail screams)


(Gail groans)


(Billinudgel shouts in foreign language)

(flames roar and crackle)

(body clunks)

(crickets chirp)

(Matt moans)

- It's up to you now.

You want more people dead? Stay here.

- So what happens now, Dad?

(somber electronic music)

- [Radio Host] The
exclusive beach-side suburb

of Kangaloola lakes, still
reeling from a series

of tragedies which has claimed the lives

of three local teenagers, is this morning

coming to terms with more bad news.

The residents of an entire
street may need to be relocated

following the discovery
of severe stress fractures

in the underlying sandstone.

A spokesman for Sorenson
Developments said the fracturing

had not been detected at
the time of construction.

The condition, he said,
was strictly localized,

and other streets in the
area should not be affected.

(radio buzzes)

- Hey, did you hear something?
- Come on, mate.

It's bloody cold in here.

Besides, it's past my breakfast time.

(snake hisses)

(tool clacks)

(upbeat rock music)

♪ 16 summers, call that a lifetime ♪

♪ Try 15 weeks in a cultural void ♪

♪ An awkward feel and down on the boards ♪

♪ The people chase with their faces down ♪

♪ The screens are for those who won't ♪

♪ Life goes on uphill but
back down here in our street ♪

♪ It can all be over,
no one ever sees me on ♪

♪ The first day keeps me safely in ♪

♪ Thank god for the
river and stone walls ♪

♪ The sidewalk's wet but
no one gives a damn ♪

♪ Could it be those things
we took for granted ♪

♪ Or when they follow
the way of the heart ♪

♪ All of those times, we could have over ♪

♪ I guess it had to reconcile
the bitter pill of self denial ♪

♪ But we wouldn't hear,
not for that view ♪

♪ But I always will remain
down here in our street ♪

♪ There's evil in the air,
you say you don't believe it ♪

♪ But look at the red and
those spring time blues ♪

♪ Thank god for the
river and stone walls ♪

♪ The sidewalk's wet but
no one gives a damn ♪