Stones for the Rampart (2014) - full transcript

Based on a well-known Polish novel with the same title the movie re-tells a true life story of a group of scouts called ''Szare Szeregi'' (Gray Ranks) during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw and the liberation of one of its members (imprisoned and tortured by the Germans) through a maverick military action in board daylight right under the enemy's nose known ''Action at the Arsenal'' which was the biggest single feat of the sort undertaken by a youth resistance organisation in all of occupied Europe during WWII. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Are you ready to follow the Führer
as the phalanx of the homeland,

standing behind the fighting army,

and to wage war
with wild determination,

through all the turns of fate,
until victory is ours?

Are you resolved to follow the Führer

through thick and thin, to victory,

and to accept the heaviest
personal burdens?


On NSDAP day, the Hitlerjugend
held their sports tournament.

The camp members enjoy their stay.


- What are you doing?!
- Only pigs sit in the cinema.

- Me, a pig?
- No, but…

You idiot! I came to see Pola Negri!


Over there!

- You mustn't go to movies!
- You bet I will.

Stop! Catch them!

Hands up or I'll shoot!

- I'm a policeman. I do as I'm told.
- And your oath of allegiance?!

I have a family.

- On your knees and pray. Now!
- Our Father who art in heaven…

On the ground! Don't move!

…Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done.

Our losses: two tins of paint
and a nose. Smashed in.

People go to cinemas to avoid gas.

- So we bring Germans their audience?
- I'm afraid, yes.

Scoutmaster, task completed!

- Theirs are down, ours are up.
- Well done!

Paweł and I nearly got shot.
Is this all our defense?

- Minor sabotage, no military action.
- Sure. The Krauts can blast us.

- You want to shoot.
- Should I boast of playing Hunt the Fox?

You'll say Szare Szeregi raised those
who'll rebuild Poland, not shoot.

Nice speech. I know the kind.

- Rudy… Do you also want to shoot?
- Sure.

Go ahead.

You disarmed Germans.

Orsza, you mustn't.

Be prepared!

Tabęcki died in Auschwitz
for removing a stupid poster.

He got caught defenseless.
Because we don't carry guns!

If he had a gun
he'd shoot himself in the foot…

The scoutmaster sends you?

I know you have doubts.
I've been there, too.

I've got something for you.

Looted. For your collection.

- Won't he trick us?
- Easy, he's one of us.


- Who's this boy?
- A friend.

- That's unexpected.
- He brings cash.

First the money.

- That's how much I got.
- What's this?

- Pulling my leg?
- I'll bring more.

Get yourself some firecrackers.

And you call yourself Polish?


You want to shoot around? Right?

At whom? Maybe at me?

You have no idea.

Come back with the money. Alone.

Get lost now! Get on with it!

My face is turning into a potato.

No more potatoes after the war.

After the war we'll go eat lobsters.

And when is that?

- Listen, I need money.
- What for?

- I can't say.
- This is for a rainy day.

The rainy day is now, Hania.

Don't let him!
Mom saved it for my wedding day!

- Are you getting married?
- Dad!

Easy. If you don't tell us…

This is for Hania's wedding.

- And this I take away.
- Are you crazy?

The army raised funds in 1939.
We donated enough back then.

It's never enough, Dad!

- Rickshaw!
- No!

- Would you like a lift?
- Yes, sir!

I'm shedding no more tears

Oh, the women! Oh, so tricky!

- Nice song.
- Have a drink!

No, thank you.

Quick! Quick!

I'm not drunk, darling!

What electric charge is needed

for all ions in a solution of

2 mole FeCl3 and 2.5 mole CuCl2
to separate on the electrodes?


I've got a different question.

Where does Germany lie?

I know this one. On all fronts…

That's all for today.

This friend of Hitler's
will wake up bottomless. In a park.

Well done, Rudy!

Show me.

Come on, show it!

Walther P38, 8 bullets, 9 mm.

Magazine worse than Parabellum.
Comes loose too easily.

Tolerates no dirt or weak ammunition.
Take it out of the house.


Show me this gem.

Press the bolt.

Put it back in.

- Is it ready?
- We'll practice…

Your mom?

She's dead.

- Mine was also shot by Germans.
- Mine had a stroke.

You'll get a list of films.
Then you may dance with me.

I'll discourage you from this.

- Do you want to bet?
- And the prize?


Rudy, patrol! Patrol!


Go now.

- What are you doing?
- Let me go!

- Spying?
- Come on, mister…

- I can sell it.
- What?

Better than chicken. 20 grosz a piece.

I'll take four.

I would make no scout,
but you are a loser.

You should sit quietly and survive.

That's what Krauts do to us. Your turn.

Very lean chicken.

It's wartime meat, Dad.

Aren't you eating, Janek?

- Happy birthday, Dad.
- Happy birthday.

Thank you.

No more cooking for me?

Switch it off.

- I can store it if Dad's afraid.
- I'm afraid for you. Understand?

For all of you.

Poles want independence
to cost just two drops of blood.

Not Piłsudski again.
It's Dad's birthday.

Sit down before everything
gets cold. Please.

- Why don't you kiss it?
- Your turn.

- You abandoned your lunch pail.
- It's useless.

- And if we go to a camp?
- Sure. Shooting camp?




- The girl from the shop?
- In good hands.

- Does she know?
- She knows about the flyers.

- She'll be surprised when we get guns.
- What with?

- Don't worry.
- I won't. Sorry.

- Let's go back!
- Come on!

- I have a Kennkarte!
- Doesn't matter.

Move away from the wall!

Straighten up!

Ready, aim… Fire!

Get them! Stop!

That boy was from my house.
He kept pigeons.

- He wasn't even 14.
- Who shall avenge him?

- Us?
- You!

What if they murdered your mother?

- I don't know.
- Janek, we didn't start the war!


What happened?

I went to the cinema.

- Melodrama?
- No. Gas!

You should've listened.

You think it's funny?
Just look at me then.

Pola Negri…

peeling an onion.

- I shouldn't have come here.
- Hey! Wait!


The light dazzles me.

It's not proper, in the dark.

This isn't chamomile,
this is peppermint.

Lie down and stop whining.

Shift my compress.


Such an opportunity.

I told him it's on Tuesday.

Good evening. I was just leaving.

- Good evening.
- No need to rush.

Maybe we'll make coffee. Malted coffee.

No, maybe this one. Or that.

- This one, right?
- No, that one!

Let's go to a different shop.

Hello, you here?

I'm replacing a colleague.

Zośka, I heard you need money…

for a big purchase.

I talked to my family. We can help.

Hala, let's agree that
I have no idea what you mean.

What is it?

- Where from?
- Kamionek cemetery.

- I needed earthworms.
- My idea, naturally.

- I dug the spade in.
- My spade.

It doesn't matter whose spade.


- Three minutes late.
- Don't exaggerate.

A life can depend on it.
We have no time for flirtation.

Shame. It could do you good.

Boys! The unit dissolved in September.

They hid the weapons from the Krauts.

No, please. Help!

Stop being childish.
We turn in the weapons.

We wait for the Home Army's decision.

Wait, wait. There we go!

Director, major. Zośka.

Rudy, my friend.
Commander of the South unit.

Lebel… French junk.

It jams, has weak ammunition,
and takes time to load.

Useless in the street.
Completely useless.

Unless you go to the front.
Orsza says you are over 1,000.

Yes, 1,300 in four units.


The guns stay here.
Clean and maintain them.

They stay here. It's your responsibility.

Yes, sir!

At ease.

We haven't yet decided
what happens to you.

So keep going as before. All clear?

Have courage, Rudy.

- In total… 58 men from four units.
- You mentioned over 100.

Fifty eight report for action
and participate in Minor Sabotage.

- The rest dropped off.
- Back to Mom and Dad.

- In total…
- 241.

- 241 men.
- Too few.

Too few.

Heniek, and your men?

Easy. I'll see to them. Give me time.

- The war will finish.
- It's only just beginning.

You think the underground
is for intellectuals.

In 1939, the likes of you run off first.

No propaganda, socialist!

Damn! Mother will kill me!

- Other people have glasses.
- What people?

- Normal ones.
- Easy, gentlemen.

- In total… 345.
- 345 men.

You said 1,300. How do we look now?

I vouch for my men.
Better 300 trusted ones, than…

Yes, yes. I know.

OK. From now on, no contacts,
no discussions, no recruiting.

The Home Army won't take such a mix.
Thank you.

- That's all. Be prepared!
- Be prepared.

- Kaputt.
- How many hits?

All three!
Two in the guts, one in the balls!

Paweł! Shift your legs. Position.


- All OK?!
- Yes.

- Who was it?
- It fired by itself.

I'm sorry.

Take your positions.
Align your legs. Please.

- Can we go now?
- Everyone has to hit the target.

- Are you crazy?!
- Rudy, please. Adjust the target.

Not in my back, guys…

Faster! Come on!

Come to me.
Don't worry, all will be OK.


- I'd never kill anyone.
- You'd rather get killed?

I thought about it.
Talked with a Jesuit.

Stick to this, not Jesuits.

A long coat covers better.

OK. Only for this operation.
Look after it.

We shouldn't go to Błońskis.
What if it's an ambush?

It's not. We take underground
material and everything of value.

- Do they come back?
- Those who help Jews, don't.

- I don't want to.
- Your initials.

- Or those of Jerzy Bałwan.
- No, of Jan Bytnar.

- Jerzy Bałwan.
- Jan Bytnar.

I'm waiting for you.

Listen to me. You can't go there.

- Much more left?
- One more moment.

We take this. Quick! Hide it!

- Thieves! Shame on you.
- Army in action, step back.


- Boys! Three Krauts!
- Hide!

Conceal yourselves!


- Paweł!
- Look. The coat.

All these holes…

Alek will kill me.

Don't tell him. Maybe I can fix it.




Operation finished. We're pulling back.

Rudy, let go. He's dead, right? Rudy.

Anoda, Hubert… the cases.

Alek, let's go.

Awfully planned operation.
Amateurish, idiotic and unnecessary.

The commander is to blame
for Paweł's death.

We simply need money
for better weapons.

I don't give a toss! You're not soldiers.

I have faith in them.
They need discipline.

Orsza, secure the banknotes, OK?

You'll get training.

Weapons, after your oath. is this clear?

- I can't hear you.
- Yes, sir. Major, sir.

I suggest we take command
away from Zośka.

Without him, there are no assault groups.

Your training starts next week.

You didn't have to. I can defend myself.

- Why so stubborn?
- I have the brains you're missing.

Really? So tell me why Paweł died.

For a free Poland or for silver teaspoons?

Hand grenades… Go!

Line up facing me!

Attention! Ready for oath!

The oath!

Before God Almighty I pledge allegiance

to my Home Country,
the Republic of Poland,

I pledge to stand guard over…

Boys! Get them!

Get him, Heniek!

Hold him.

Before God Almighty
I pledge allegiance

to my Home Country,
the Republic of Poland,

I pledge to stand guard over Her honor,

and to fight for Her liberation
with all my strength,

to the extent of sacrificing my own life.

I pledge unconditional obedience
to the President of Poland

the Commander-in-Chief,

and the Home Army Commander
he appointed.

I pledge to keep secret,
whatever may happen to me.

So help me God!

Get up, young man!

Do you speak German?


Take him! And he comes with us!

You know General Government's law.
We've got enough to get you hanged.

Some say we're brutal.

We don't have to be. We're police.

We know our job. But we have superiors.

You are young and clever.
You speak German.

A friend left those things at my place.

See? Good will helps. What friend?

- We played football together.
- Footballer?


Zdzisław Parulski. From Radom.

Unfortunately, I don't know his address.

I have three questions, footballer.

If you answer them,

you'll leave here today as a free man.

Commander of Szare Szeregi?
Pseudonym Stefan, right?

What is Szare Szeregi?

Question number two.
The structure of your gang?

The what?

Last question.

How can we contact your friends? Names!

Your last chance.

You have been misinformed.

Szare Szeregi was
a scout group before the war.

We never met again after graduation.

I was a group leader, not commander.

Well, my little scout…

Careful, don't kill him.

Let's make potato pancakes.

- Dad doesn't like them.
- He will now.

- We could cook a soup.
- You grate the potatoes.


What is it?
Is he offended or drunk again?

Mom, no! They're gone.

They took Janek and Dad.
Mom and I were out.

- Something wrong?
- Rudy is arrested.

My God!

Rudy is ill.

- Is it true?
- Yes.

- Was he betrayed?
- I don't know.

Dad can move to my grandparents'.
You'll stay at my… our place.



Where are you going?

Your family is going to Auschwitz,
and you want to leave?

How nasty!


Słoń! Słoń, take it.

Słoń, wait! Are you crazy?


- I bring them chocolates.
- Can you find Rudy?

Krauts interrogate in offices.
They want chocolate.

They knock off at 5. Typical Krauts.
The prisoners go Pawiak.

What in?

I saw the Black Maria.

And the guards?

Four or five from the SS.

- Won't Rudy stay in Szucha Avenue?
- I'll find out.

There is a hospital in Pawiak.
For those who still breathe.


Please hurry.
It doesn't look like a gem delivery.

Easy, Mr. Pakauer. We're nearly done.


We'll free him.

- Today.
- Do you want to charge Szucha Avenue?

The Gestapo drives prisoners to Pawiak.
We'll find out when.

No one freed the government delegate.

Orsza, this is Rudy!

Many people will die!
Germans take revenge on civilians.

I'll present the plan of action
in two hours.

I won't pass this on.
The director is away.

Find the director.

Tell him we're freeing Rudy.

Not without an order. We're an army!
You can't do it.

I can!

Excuse me. Luna! Come!

Let's start from the beginning.

Good morning. I'm Ewald Lange,
of the Reich Security Main Office.

- And this is squad leader Schulz.
- Hubert Schulz.

Your turn.

My name is Janek Bytnar.

Good. Go on.

I don't know why I'm here.

I'll start from the beginning.

Good morning. I'm Ewald Lange,
of the Reich Security Main Office.

And this is squad leader Hubert Schulz.

Now you!

My name is Jan Bytnar
and I don't know why I'm here.

I don't know why I'm here!

Sorry, I forgot to mention it.

One of your gang betrayed you.


I don't know a Heniek.

Are you sure?


He's a good boy.

He'll tell you everything.

- But later.
- When?


When the coast is clear?
Are you kidding me?

Is it Stefan?

Your commander?

They know everything.

So? You don't know him,
but he knows you.

Strange, isn't it?

Come on, Stefan. Say hello to Heniek.

Or I'll blast his head off.



Hello, Heniek.

There we go.

Heniek told us a lot.
He doesn't like pain.

We have many scouts here.

It's up to you what happens to them.

The gallows, or work in Germany.

Come on, Stefan. How many are you?

One, two, three, four, five, six…

One, two, three, four, five, six…

Hey! Go away! And you! Go back!

The Black Maria slows down.
Petrol bombs, then machine guns.

We kill the guards
and all Germans in the street.

Is this clear?

No hesitating.

- Sure.
- OK. Assault group is under me.

Petrol bombs: Anoda,
machine gun 1: Maciek.

Machine gun 2: Słoń.
Hand grenades: Alek.

A big unit in the town center.
Barely armed.

Give us more weapons.

- Transportation for Rudy?
- Hackney cab.

Unless Jeremi gets a car.

Arsenal? Close to the ghetto.
Germans will be there in no time.

Time matters.
Wesoły leaves Szucha to ring us.

Half an hour's drive. Enough for us.

- When?
- Today.

- No time to prepare.
- They'll beat him to death!


You are in charge.

Listen, Rudy's my best friend.

These are the rules!

You're right.

Doctors don't operate on relatives.
We're waiting for the decision.

Departure at 16:00.
From the jeweler's.




I'm getting angry with you.

You're filthy.

- Has he complained about bathrooms?
- Not in writing.

I'll wash you.


Who is your commander?

Jacek! Jacek Tabęcki!


Słoneczna! 23 Słoneczna Street.


I knew you were clever.



Go ahead.

Scouts don't smoke!

The commander he mentioned
died in Auschwitz two years ago.

Where to?

- Don't you know me? Wedel sweets.
- Documents!

- I bring the chocolates.
- Papers! Kennkarte!

Shall I open it?

Get in!

The interrogation showed

that the head of the criminal gang
Szare Szeregi,

S-Z-A-R-E S-Z-E-R-E-G-I,

is Jan Bytnar,

pseudonym Stefan.

I don't like her.
A brunette with small breasts.

Too delicate for me.

The guards in Pawiak
aren't picky, though.

They fancy delicate Poles.

Has your sister got a boyfriend?

She will have had several
since last night.

His detention allows us…

"Bytnar" with a "y."
Damn it! Get in!

And your mother?
How long will she live in the camp?

A month? Three months?

- Good afternoon.
- Come on in.

What is today's treat?


I don't like pistachios. Anything else?

- Try these, please.
- Yes, please.

I'll take two packets.

Maybe these ones. Shall we try?

And? They suit you very much.

- Too heavy.
- Too heavy?

- Something different.
- Of course.

These are the best.
This is all I can offer.

- They are beautiful.
- Good choice.

I don't like them.

Some other ones.

No, not these.

- Maybe these.
- Those!

No, no.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

No, no. Not these.

- Maybe the first ones again?
- First ones?

You only just had them on.

- Go back to them.
- Beautiful. These are the best.


- Are they nice?
- Very beautiful.

- We'll take them.
- Of course. 2,000.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

All the best, officer.

Let's go!

- Chocolates. Look!
- Look at these!

It's on the house. At your service.

They found your address.

I told them nothing.
I made up this "Stefan."

Go away!

- Position!
- Good.


What are you staring at?
Read a newspaper!

Cover the gun!

Słoń, are you crazy?

Zośka is coming.

Everything OK?

I came late on purpose.
Which one did I have on?

The blue, pleated one.
I was waiting for him to…

- Urgent.
- I was on the phone, wasn't I?

Sixteen zloty.

Bandage and cellulose wadding please.

- Yes?
- Rudy is coming.

I got you.

The Director is not back.

Call off the operation.

That's an order!

Can you hear what I'm saying?


Tell the men, Rudy isn't in the car.

- What is it?
- Rudy's not there.

Operation canceled.

Your mother and sister are safe.
Do you understand?

Please give me something.

- I can't take it anymore.
- I can't.

Get him back on his feet by tomorrow.

They're cheating, lying to me.


Tadeusz… Talk to me.

- He's not in!
- Why didn't you free him?!

Tell me! So you got cold feet?!

Calm down!

Are you happy here? Together?

A cozy place.

No one bothers you. Just think…

where Janek is and what they're doing
to him. He wouldn't leave you.

Easy, easy…

I'll pull through.

So will you.

Only two drops?

- I'd rather they took me.
- I'll ask them to.

I'm very proud of you, son. Very.


- Yes?
- The parcel is on its way.

Thank you.

Tadeusz, wait.


Are you crazy?

Rudy is there with only two Germans.

Two more in the driver's cab.
Calm down.

You can't help Rudy, damn it.


Drive on.

Drive on!

Drive on!

And this one? Why do German women
wear black knickers?

Blackout of entertainment sites.

Słoń… Słoń…

Enough already.


Be quiet, OK?

- Rudy is in Szucha Avenue!
- Not so loud.

- We have to wait.
- They'll beat him to death!

- No director, no orders.
- We used to act without!

Minor Sabotage, disarmament.
Shall I ask the Gestapo's permission?

Sit down.

We are an army.

A unit of the Home Army. Sit down!

Rudy was told
that his mother and sister are safe.


Is that all?

- Give him cyanide as well.
- Zośka…

Lawlessness means court-martial.

Never hold a Sten gun
by its magazine, OK?

This becomes hot, don't touch it.

The bolt carrier. Don't touch it
or you'll lose your fingers.

No permission?

They're waiting us out.

We have no time.

You know what it means.

- Hello.
- Stop!

Let go. Come on.

- It's not working.
- Easy. Let's wait.

- How long for?
- Do you have a better idea?

Just let me do it. Come in!

You owe me. For the last delivery.

- Don't you come here too often?
- That's my job.


What do you think of bandits
who shoot at us?

War isn't good for
the confectionery trade.

- Get out. I won't need you again.
- What a pity.

Out with you!

You know, I'm tired.

But I like you. You're a man of character.

There'll be no more beating.
It makes no sense.

You'll go to the hospital and get better.


Let's make a deal.

Give us one name, just one contact

of Szare Szeregi in the Home Army.

I promise, we won't arrest him at once.

I'll organize your escape, a credible one.

After a while, we take the man out.

As if it's a different grass-up.
That's the phrase, right?

You'll be above suspicion. And a free man.

What do you say?

Our contact is…

Joseph Goebbels.

Should you survive the war,
you'll be a hero.


I have an important errand in town.



Kurier Warszawski! Latest news!

- May I have the blue one?
- Isn't it too small?

Or maybe the other blue one,
that one.

It's very pretty, right?

- And the red one?
- This one!

No, thank you.

- We're calling it off.
- They won't listen.

- All in?
- None missing.

Excuse me. May I use the telephone?
Just this once.


My brother went to the hospital.

- What is it? Go away!
- Good afternoon. My bad luck.

This car keeps breaking down.

Trouble with the carburetor.
Could you have a look?

Get in!

He left five minutes ago!

Try again.

Damn it.

Go for it.

Try now.

Come on.

We're on!

- I want the green one.
- Maybe red?

- The red one is too small.
- The green one?

This should do. Get lost.

Polish armed forces! Drop the gun!

Don't kill me!

Anoda… petrol bombs!

Come on, darling! Run away! Run!

Słoń! Maciek, the machine guns!


Słoń, not at the car! Rudy's inside!

- What's happening?
- No idea.

- What is it?
- It's stuck!

Give it here! There!

Buzdygan got hit!

Two more behind the car!

Zośka! We're out of bullets!

Shall we withdraw?
Their backup will come!


Open it up!

- To Buzdygan.
- Open it up!

- Where is Rudy?
- Zośka, help us!

- Maciek, hold the gun.
- OK, let's go, let's go!

- How is he?
- Get on with it.


Rudy, Rudy.

- I'm here!
- Not another word.

- Wait.
- Slowly! Be careful.



- Operation complete!
- Boys!


- Heniek!
- Boys, let's get going.

Don't move. Don't talk.


Tadeusz, I wouldn't have thought
you'd do it.

Tytus, the bandages.


Careful. Careful.

One more bit.


I'm thirsty.

Don't talk, just rest. OK?

Where is the doctor?

My boy…

Where does it hurt?

Just this little finger, Mom.

I made chicken broth.

You have to get strong.

- Not pigeon soup?
- No.

Mom, the doctor is here. Come.

Would you excuse me…

He's in a critical condition.

Professor, Janek has to go to a hospital.

- You got me wrong, he's…
- No, you got me wrong!


I'll do my best.

Section leader Lange
and squad leader Schulz

know that Szare Szeregi
are a part of the Home Army.

They take me for the commander,
pseudonym Stefan.

That's enough.

Did you give them
any names, addresses?

- Sure. The beating was a reward!
- Easy, Zośka.

Only of dead people.

They want the Home Army officer
responsible for the Szare Szeregi.


They don't know the name
or the pseudonym.

You don't need to worry.

Scoutmaster, what is it?


We're tough. Unbreakable.

Like stones…

Let the living never lose hope…

and when the need arises…

And when the need arises,

they'll march into their deaths

like stones

hurled by God onto a rampart.

A bullet would've made me a hero.
As it is,

I'm dying like a beaten dog.

- Careful.
- Watch out!

Why did you hide him from me?!


Monia, calm down.
Rudy's under morphine.

He's going into the OP.

Calm down.

Now everything is in your hands.
We'll wait.

Nurse, the stethoscope.

You don't need to wait anymore.

No, no, no…

You fool. Get up.

Janek, Janek, come with me.

Janek, get up. Stop joking.
Come on, Janek, dear.

Janek, please get up.

Janek, Janek, I beg you.

I'll go now.

No. You'll sit here with me.
You are my son's commander.

Make some tea. Serve the cookies.

I made them for Janek's return.

Come here.

Sit down.


I like this one best.

With Monia…

Easy, Tadeusz, dear.

I've told him so many times
to tidy his hair.

Tadeusz, are you in there?

Rudy didn't have to die.

Let me go first, OK?

You know
why Heniek's arrest raised no alarm?

He's from the Praga district.

Not from our close circle.

We ignored his disappearance.
Do you understand?

Ax, wood saw, moonshine galore
The stupid painter loses the war

Ax, wood saw, moonshine galore
The stupid painter loses the war

Louder, louder, please!


Ax, wood saw, moonshine galore
The stupid painter is no more


Ax, wood saw, moonshine galore
The stupid painter loses the war

Were you in a fight?


I fell off a swing.

I'll get it.

I have something for you.

It's fully loaded, eight bullets.

- You'll kill them.
- Who?

Those who tortured him.

Monia, it's not that simple.

First the trial, then the sentence, right?

- OK.
- OK?

- I'll kill them.
- Give me that pistol.

- I'll do it.
- Monia, give it back.

Please, give it to me.

We could have freed him on day one.
He'd have lived.

Or not. Like Alek and Buzdygan.

Their deaths weigh on my conscience.
Not yours.

- Rudy died due to lack of decision.
- The Gestapo beat Błoński to death.

Didn't you want to free him?

Rudy was a special man. A unit commander.

We were ready to die for his sake.

And Hubert? You left him there.
He's at Szucha. Maybe still alive.

Will you let us free him?
Or do we have to wait…

You haven't enough guns or training.
And you simply lacked the courage.

I beg your pardon?

Two Germans held you checkmate forever.

The town center. You were lucky
the SS were this slow.

Are you surprised we didn't want it?

Does it mean…

you were in Warsaw the whole time?

Were you?

- Ask your father what he thinks.
- What's he got to do with it?


Did he know about the operation?

OK. From now on Szare Szeregi and you

obey only the orders from the Home Army.


Is it clear, officer cadet Zośka?

Sure, yes.

Officer cadet Rudy
got the Virtuti Militari cross.

- To the honor of the Home Country.
- What did you say?

I said to the honor of the Home Country.


Were you involved in Rudy's freeing?

Hania, leave us alone.

I asked you a question.

I'm responsible for
the Home Army's explosives.

Including your anti-train mines.

You asked for the operation
to be canceled.

I don't give orders.
They asked for my opinion.

They feared high losses.

You let Rudy be tortured for days.

You forced this operation by blackmail.

When Mom had the stroke,
you told us to study hard.

- What do you mean?
- Mom needed us.

She was very lonely.

She had the best care.

You shall never decide for me again.

She had the best care.


- Newspaper, please.
- Here you are.

- Papers!
- I beg your pardon?


- Are you crazy?
- Documents!

Name and ID number!

What is this operation called?

- Sentinel.
- What is it for?

- A few Krauts less.
- And 200 hostages.

An order is an order.

I'm sorry.

Well then, to victory.

You have to come back, understand?

What is it with this junk?

I got used to it.

Anoda, Katoda, the windows.