Stones (2002) - full transcript

"In life, we first organize large stones (Piedras) such as love, friendship, family, and a career." In this way, we will find space between these to fit smaller stones, our small necessities. If you act in an inverse way, you will not have the room for larger stones. The five protagonists of my film are women who have not been able to organize the large "stones" in their lives. Ramón Salazar, Spanish director defines his first feature Stones in this way. The film tells the parallel, conflicting trajectory of five women: Anita, Isabel, Adela, Leire, and Maricarmen. All are endeavoring to remove the stones that insistently appear in their path or, worst, that are in their shoes. They are five Cinderellas in search of prince charming and a new chance in life.

This is Joaquín.

I'm sorry...
Do I know you?

Who gave you this address?

Yourself, Madam...
Last week, I think.

No Madam please.
I don't like it.

I'm here for your daughter.

You must be the nurse!
Come on up.

Well. As I told you...
I'm still taking my final exams.

Go to the podiatrist now?

I'm shocked!

I should hav e known better...
...a man who collects cactuses...

I don't need a podiatrist!

I need someone
that makes me feel aliv e!

You idiot!
Be more careful!

I'm sorry.

All day bumping into these idiots!

Why did you do that, bitch?

That's what you're paid for,
isn't it?

- Come in, Joaquín.
- Hi.

My name is Adela,
Anita's mother.

She's walking Alpino, her dog...

...takes the name
after her color pencils.

You look tired! No surprise,
we liv e on the fifth floor.

Would you like some coffee?

I'm sorry I'm late.

I'v e been mov ing.

I hate mov ing.

Coffee is kind of watery.
Hope you don't mind...

- Pardon me?
- Coffee is kind of watery.

A friend told me that professional
nurses are v ery expensiv e,

so it's cheaper to get students.

Morning, Anita!

Look at her!
There she goes again.

- She blows my mind!
- I see.

I lov e her.
She does the same ev ery day.

Round and round with her dog.

I'm getting obsessed with her.

This is what she does, right?

Hey, Kun,
don't you hav e anything left?

No, not until tomorrow.

Hav e you seen Kun?

I just saw him a minute ago.

- Where did he go?
- What?

- Where did he go?
- I hav e no idea.

You're leav ing?

I'd like to sleep a bit
before going to work.

I'll tell Kun, okay?

Okay, come ov er later.


Now she is walking
into the construction site!

No problems with Anita as long
as she doesn't drink any coffee.

Not ev en a drop.
She lov es coffee.

If you make coffee,
she'll find it and drink it up.

She will ev en eat the beans.

I'll be careful. Don't worry.

One thing, Joaquín. Don't let her out.
Not ev en for a second.

I had planned to take her out
after lunch.

She goes out ev ery morning
with the dog.

It's not good for her
to be confined all day.

I said she goes for a walk
ev ery morning, which is enough.


Why is she taking so long?

Don't hurt the animal!
Poor thing...

Gimme a light.

This is the accelerator.

You giv e gas, or reduce speed.






Yes, sweetie.

Why are you always wearing
those plaid slippers?

Ask "Mr. Blister".
He seems to hate my toes.

- What hav e you done to him?
- Who?

Mr. Blister.

I'v e been wondering myself...

This pedal is called the clutch.

Kids at school laugh at me
when they see your slippers.

Tell them it's a new trend.

In a few weeks...

...their moms will show up
in pink slippers.

With flashy ribbons!


You deserv e to go to heav en
after so many extra hours.

- Ramón has just told me...
- What?

He wants to see you
as soon as possible.

- How was the night?
- No big deal.

You know Ramón is a good pimp.

Palma! Stop talking!

- You're still on duty!
- I'm talking to my mother in Norway.

You can talk to your mother
when you make enough cash.

Go and talk Norwegian
to your clients.

You're really too much!
You make me think of...

I hate comparisons!

Come in!

How was the night?

Not bad.

Araceli says you want to see me.

I'm expecting a group of big shots.
Fiv e or six.

- When?
- In two hours.

You need help?

I'll manage.

You can go.

I hope you found the house easily.

There are houses like this
ev erywhere, Madame

- Mademoiselle, please.
- I'm sorry, mademoisell.

We found it right away.
I'v e been here before.

I'm glad.

- This place is kind of cheap, isn't
it? - Wait and see my girls.

Don't make us wait too long.

Let me tell you
our "special" of the house.

We represent the av ant_garde in
Europe. We call it "Karaoke girl".

You pick out the song
and the girl to sing it.

We came to get laid,
not to hear a concert.

Av ant_garde hookers!
What next?

Don't take them seriously.
They're young...

I like Dominique.

Hey, you! I'm a better hooker
than this one...

...this one and that one.
And a better singer as well.

I'm a hooker not a bartender.

Good choice.
She's better than the real Piaf.

I didn't know her name.

You're not Nuria then.

I don't sing.
I just coordinate the girls.

I was wondering...

if you hav e a priv ate room
where we could go.

I don't work with clients.

I just coordinate the girls.

I'd lov e to chat with you
while my friends are bus y.



Take a seat, please.
I'll be right back.

Anything wrong?

It's this French music.
Too many memories.

Your feet, I mean.
I'm a podiatrist, remember?

Of course!

A friend recommended you.
It's nothing actually.

Would you please
take off your shoes?


Not only ps ychiatrists make use
of these sofas.

It's that what you are thinking?

Yes. Some people, the moment
they lie on one of these,

they feel an urge to v ent...

Nobody is stopping you.

Sorry to disappoint you,
but I don't hav e any problems.

Would you like me
to read the bottom of your feet?

I'm a v ery pragmatic woman
and v ery skeptical.

That's weird.

Women with a size 8 usually aren't.

You were shocked!

I was right, you see?

Well, you "nouv eau riche" people
are easily shocked.

I hav e to admit I will giv e you
more credit from now on.


- I'd like to find that soap
container. - This way.

Here you are, darling.
I know you were dying for it.

You stole it!

In my situation, a stolen present means
much more than just a present.

Forgiv e me for not trusting you.

I'll take you for tapas.

Víctor! Your turn!
José Manuel! Out!

Those rubber boots, Víctor?
Don't you hav e soccer shoes?

Think about it next time.
Enrique! You're in!

New Tony Mora collection, isn't it?

I see you're familiar
with women's shoes.

Can you really read feet?

You're a little heartbroken today.

Sorry to disappoint you.
I just got back from Brazil today.

Women with an 8
are v ery priv ate about their feelings.

- They usually lie.
- Hav e you got a PhD in size 8?

You sound like an expert.

- Do you like wine?
- Of course.

Feet are like good wines.

When you taste someone's feet
it's like a good wine.

You can learn about their origins,
their body...

You can tell someone's life
from their feet.


What's your fav ourite wine?

Vega Sicilia 1990.

I hav e a weakness for size 8.

I can't believ e it.

He told me
that my feet were perfect,

and that the consultation
was ov er.

You didn't take long to get ov er
the Brazilian guy, did you?

I can't see you
with a Brazilian coach.

Had he shown me some feelings
I'd hav e giv en him a chance.

Giv e that chance to your husband.
He deserv es it.

You giv e chances
no matter what!

People don't put up
with just anything.

- I'v e heard this before.
- Enough then.


My husband and I

hav e been discussing the div orce.

- It's just a question of time.
- Good.

- The check please.
- No way.

Let me pay for this.

No, darling.

Let my husband...

I liv ed in Argentina for a long time.

I became a good tango dancer.

Men lined up to tango with me.

My teacher was a great dancer
who fell in lov e with me.

I lov e "milongas".

I don't know that place.

I used to liv e in Buenos Aires.

My name is Leonardo.
Yours, please?

Oh, you're welcome.
I'm Adela.

You don't need
to impress me, Adela.

Let's talk about the weather.

What would you like to be
when you grow up?

I'm already a grown_up!

I'v e been writing a nov el.
I'd like to finish it one day.

A nov el about what?

Perfect stimulation of the clitoris.

You men know nothing about it.

I hav e flat feet.

You look beautiful.

Like a Goddess.

I'm going bald, you know?

Are you going to introduce us?

It was a sign.

A week before
they gav e me time off,

I found this lady in a garbage container
selling the best holiday ev er.

You're so naiv e.

- What are you doing?
- Cleaning this seat...

on which you and I...

...hav e been shitting
for the last fiv e years.

Don't turn the toilet
into a lov e memorial.

Why not?

It's not too original.

Someone tried to make
an object of art out of a toilet,

and people laughed at him.


I'm dead.

I called the trav el agency
and booked two tickets.

For Tuesday.

I asked for a cozy little cottage.

They found a beautiful one.

With a little pier and ev erything.

You should hav e told me before.

About the trip, I mean.

I wanted it to be a surprise.

Too many drugs.

Not today, please.

You come home to sleep it off.

Or to cut the coke, or to snort it.

You spend all day out.

And here I am putting up
with all those dealers...

I'm so tired of this!

I feel the same.

I'v e had enough, Leire.

You're gonna kill him!

Did you hear me?

I'm not sure what I feel.

Stop feeding the fish!

Fish can't eat so much.

They die!

They die.

I'm off.

Where are you going?

Out, don't know...

Wait, don't go.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't say sorry!

- Wait!
- Stop it, Leire!

It's always the same!


Always running away!

Don't follow me then,
if I run away!

What do you want?

Tell me.

That's it.

This is no way to discuss things!

Leire, please!

Tell me what I'v e done!

Tell me what I did wrong!

Tell me what I'v e done.

You'v e been asking me
the same question ov er and ov er.

So hav e I. And the answer
has been the same, ov er and ov er.


Stop walking!

Don't make a scene, please.

We could hav e gone
on that trip.

On our own.

To that little cottage.

We could hav e
discussed our problems.

There won't be any trip.

Ev er.


'Cause I don't lov e you anymore.


Go home, please.

Go home.

We'll talk later.

When we calm down.

How many times
hav e you cleaned the toilet

ov er the last fiv e years?

How many times?

Not ev en once.


Sorry, sweetheart, but I'm off.

Going home.

Hello! I'm home!

Anybody home?

Víctor? Is that you?

Daniela? Where's Víctor?

Where's Víctor?


Did you pick up your brother
like I asked you?

Did you pick up your brother?
Where's Victor?

- What's wrong, sweetheart?
- Nothing.

- Your sister, on the contrary...
- It's just that I like soccer.

- What?
- I like soccer.

That's all right.

- Where are we going?
- Don't be afraid, lov e.

We're going to the hospital.
J ust for a minute.

- Are you sick?
- No, it's Daniela, your sister.

What's wrong with her?

She ate something bad.

It smells weird.

It's a hospital, sweetheart.

You must be the mother
of the suicidal patient.

Not really.

Well, yes... her closest relativ e.

But I'm not her mother.

It was not a suicide attempt though.

She just likes
playing with medicine.

It's not the first time we'v e had
to get her stomach pumped.

She takes medicine just like that?

Not just like that.

Out of sadness, actually.

Can we see her?

She's still being examined.


- You didn't walk Alpino this
morning? - Yes, I did!

Don't lie to me!
He just pissed in the hallway.

Take him down right now!


You stepped right on it!
Watch out!

It's okay. I'll do it.

I don't know
what's wrong with her.

B ye, sweetheart.

God! What a curse!

I'll pay you later
for the whole week.

How's the mov ing?

It's coming along.

Take the dog for a walk later.
Anita's hav ing one of those days.

Don't worry.

See you later.


Are you still there?

I'm here.

When I'm done with my coffee
would you like

to go for a walk with Alpino?



Do something with this arm.

I hav e these major bruises.

It's for you.
Don't be long, please.

It was so humiliating.

They ev en put me on record.
They treated me as a common thief.

And I had to pay
for those ugly Lladró figurines.

I just don't get it, Isabel.

I could s ympathise with you
if you robbed banks.

It's as if you bought clothes
that were too small.

I need you right now.

I'm on air.

The boss is gonna kill you.

See you for dinner.

Don't worry.

I just remembered
I had a business lunch.

B ye.

She has company today.

- He's handsome!
- What fine company she found!

Let's go, Anita.

You want to come up?

Anita, let's go home!

Go home, girl!

He's gonna show you a good time!

It's as if you bought clothes
that were too small.

I think they are just perfect.

This is not a telephone booth.

I'm sorry.

It was important.

Bring me those shoes in the window.
That's important.

Right away.

- They're gonna catch you one day.
- Fuck!

You scared me!

How are you gonna dance?

In slippers?

I hope some day I'll stop dancing.

You said that last year.

What a control freak!

Analyse yourself.
Your life is far from perfect.

Go on, spit it out!

Why do you think
something is wrong?

You only get this bitchy
when you're in big trouble.

I know you too well.

I'm gay and we gay guys hav e this
sort of understanding with women.

Intuition and all that stuff.

And you'v e been acting

like a zombie all week.

You wanna hear
one more reason?

Or are you gonna tell me yourself?

- I hav e to work.
- Sure.

- Where is Leire?
- She's feeling sick.

This is the pair you asked for.

I hate customers who pay cash.

Visa cards are so eas y!

Could you find some change?

They really suit you.

I'll take them.

But I want a size smaller.

These ones look perfect though.

They're not for me. It's a present.

You hav e a v isitor.

Don't mov e.
You look like Hedy Lamarr that way.

Who is that?

I'll tell you later.

Please, come in.

Thanks, Araceli.

I'll keep ev erything under control.
Take your time.

I didn't expect to see you again.

Only the ones that get laid come back.

- What brings you here?
- Don't know. I forgot.

Since I'm here,
I would like to inv ite you

to an Argentinian place
I like to go to

when I feel nostalgic.

- I wanna take you tangodancing.
- That's not possible.

I can't go on a date with a client.

I could giv e you other reasons
but I don't see why I should.

I'll wait outside.
In case you change your mind.

Don't forget...

I'v e nev er been your client.

Look at him!
He looks like a mediev al knight,

waiting for the lady
to giv e him a chance.

Stop it.
What about my reputation?

What reputation?

If that man was standing there
for any one of us,

do you think
we'd be here praying?

If you like him that much, go!

You just don't get it.

Did he say
"Araceli, I'll wait outside"?

He didn't.

- Tell him at least to leav e!
- No way.


Are we going to the hospital?
Your wife is about to break water?

I dream of that moment!

We're going to a dinner.
At this address.

I should be giv ing birth soon.

So please driv e slowly
and carefully.

This is just around the corner.
You could hav e walked.

Ex ercise is good
in your condition.

I was thinking you both looked too
elegant to be going to the hospital.

Who knows, anyway?

People dress up for the new year.

Why not to welcome a new baby?

We're going to a dinner party.

- It must be your first child, right?
- It is.

I can see it in your face.

Inexperienced pregnant women
look uglier.

You always get that silly
and constipated face

that shows how scared you are.

Like smoking,
talking should be forbidden in taxis.

- Are you sure this is the right way?
- One hundred percent.

I'v e been driv ing this taxi
for four years.

I had to get the license
when my husband died.

His first wife

gav e birth to their first child
in this taxi.

While he was driv ing she had the baby.
Right there on your seat.

The other two children
were born at the hospital.

You better be careful, Madam.

This taxi has seen
other pregnant women before.

- Will it be much longer?
- Almost there.

Then my husband's wife died.

A year later I met him.

And then he died.

You see. There are so many ways
of becoming a mother.

Look at me.

Three children, just like that.

Actually, there are two left.

I'm driv ing this cab to feed them.

My husband used to say this taxi
was an extension of his cock.

So, here I am.

In charge of
my late husband's extension.

End of the trip.

I don't know a single step.

Pardon me?

I lied to you.
It's part of my job.

You can't dance tango?

Nev er had that priv ilege.

If you allow me
I'd like to grant you that priv ilege.

I'm not dressed for the occasion.

Believ e me,
you look just perfect.

Can you wait?

I hav e to call home
to tell them I'll be late.

Are you married?

- And you?
- I'm not.

What's this?


Is it for me?


Who is this?

Is this me?


Ev erything is fine.

Don't worry for the time.

I'll be here.

- Good ev ening.
- Hi!

Where is your shameless husband?

I'm married to a v ery unpunctual man.

Carmen, you look splendid.

Thanks. Hav e an ambulance ready,
just in case.

Why are you limping?

You hav e your cell phone
with you?


These Lladró figurines
are so beautiful!

Hello, darling?

We are all waiting for you...


What a pity!

I'll offer our guests your apology.

I love you too.

I can't believ e it!

Yes, darling!

My husband.

He wanted to apologize.

He had to land at some tiny airport
some electrical storm.

He'll spend the night there.

Let's eat.

- Champagne, please.
- Yes, Sir.

A penny for your thoughts.

Don't know.

I hav e goose bumps
but don't know why.

That noise impresses ev erybody
with no ex ception.

It's stronger than the music.

They used to call it
"shav ing the floor",

when floors used to be wood.

Good way to polish the floor.

Do you know
why it's so impressiv e?


It's like...

two lov ers' bodies
caressing each other.

Time for your first lesson.

Not sure I'm ready.

First lesson: How "to walk".

I can do that.

You hav e to learn
how to walk "tango"

around the edge of the dancefloor
to let the others free.


I think I'll step on you.

Imagine you're walking on water.

Thanks, you can leav e us now.

They say

that clinic is admitting people
from the lower classes.

When actors, actresses and those
people start v isiting those places,

I stop going myself.

As if popularity
gav e them good breeding.

I'll hav e some more sauce.

Darling, we hav e a waiter here.

Leticia, how could we possibly

liv e this great life if
our husbands hadn't mix ed with us?

You wouldn't be driv ing
your great car.

Carmen wouldn't be wearing
her new diamond bracelet.

We're nothing but bitches.

When are you and your husband
going to hav e children?

You know we can't.

Nowadays, ev erybody can.

We can't.

But technology...

Enough, Carmen!

- Carmen is a biologist.
- I'm a pediatrician myself.

But I keep my mouth shut.

This place makes me think
of that famous glass.

Is it half empty...

or half full?

Lmagine this apartment

is a blank sheet of paper, okay?


And the furniture,
the color on the walls,

the fish bowl
represent a big drawing

that I completed ov er fiv e years.

Got it.

And ev ery time I'm back from work,
someone has erased something,

v ery discretely.

And day after day the apartment
looks more and more empty.

No need to use metaphors.
I call it cowardice.

One day half of the CDs
are missing...

or his yellow mug.

And his toothbrush.

Let's take a bag then
and throw in your part of all this.

Thanks for keeping the boy.

- Anytime...
- Good night.

My husband would tell me

he was going to some place...

But I didn't know where.

And this
one day after the other.

Did you look for a job?

And I used to call my friend
to tell her all about.

They're gonna giv e me
social assistance.

And my friend never told me...

Silence, please.

Don't get anxious, Miranda.

So, you are saying

that your husband was cheating
on you with your friend

the one you were calling
to tell her your problems?

- That's it.
- Unbelievable.

That's it.

Come in.

I'v e missed you so much.

I'm sorry.


How was dinner?

Your Ambassador friend says hello.

He's going to call you.

I guess you both
will go out to get laid.

His wife was about to break water
when I stole her diamond bracelet.

Right before her husband and I
had terrible sex in your bathroom...

Anything more interesting?

What about
my pathetic leisurely existence?

Or my usual therap y,

shopping and dinner routine,
inv iting people

ov er I just know through you
without you ev en showing up?

You want a div orce?

Don't know.

When you know,
you know where to find me.

Good night.

"Hola" magazine, please.
You want anything?

An eraser.
Where's Joaquín?

And an eraser.

- He's not coming today.
- Why not?

Because today it's my day off
and I can stay with you.

Nice company you had
the other day, Anita.


- Hi.
- What are you doing here?

Who gav e you this address?

- Your daughter?
- Correct.

Araceli gav e you
this address, right?

Don't be mad. She told me you were
on your day off and I insisted.

- Will you forgiv e me?
- How dare you inv ade my priv acy?

Go in, Anita.

What did you giv e her
in ex change?

I gav e her a good alibi that
I had hired a detectiv e to find you.

You lied to me.

You said your daughter
was sev en years old.

I didn't lie.

Her birthday is on February 29th,
so ev ery four years.

That's her age.

She is sev en in her head anyway.


I'm gonna cook "salmorejo".
Anita's fav ourite dish.

Pass me the butter.

Would you like to try?

What's 'salmorejo'?

It's like...


but thicker.

I'll try if you let me
buy dinner tonight.

Hey you!

You did them all by yourself?


She is v ery talented, my girl!
The problem is we don't hav e

- any walls left. Right, sweetheart?
- Right.

She has those fixations.

For instance, now she is obsessed
with these three things.

Herself, the dog, the plane.
The plane, the dog, herself.

I can't see any dog.

Why did you erase the dog?

What's wrong with Alpino?

"This is the most desirable end...


Or sleep.

Maybe dream."

Maybe dream.

It's funny.

I remember I didn't like shoes
when I was little.

I walked bare feet
whenev er I could.

Hav e you ev er had the impression

that ev erybody
looked at your feet?

I mean...

When you're wearing shoes
in which you don't feel comfortable?

Hav e you ev er had that impression?

Yes, I hav e.

They say
only when we find the shoes

that make us feel comfortable
and attractiv e...

only then,
we form our personality.

That's why homeless people
walk bare foot.

Or somebody else's shoes.

Let's see why it was so important.

I told you it was really important.

What the heck hav e you been doing
this last week?

Walking on hot coals?

Blame it on Gucci.

I'm afraid I deserv e
an explanation.

I'll try to fix you up.

Mind you... I lov e,

but I must be the only woman
Gucci giv es a hard time to.

They say blisters are the result

of a sev ere lack of affection.


J ust kidding. Relax.

What about that theory that says

ev ery part of the body...
has a corresponding spot on the foot?

Is it also a joke?

No. I could prov e it.
I could giv e you an orgasm

by touching your foot.

Right now, if you want.

Thanks a lot.
But I don't consider that necessary.

What part are you massaging now?

Your appetite.

Arent you getting hungry?

Forgiv e me, sweetheart.

But all the yolks broke.

Will you forgiv e me
if I fail my exams?

Emotional blackmail
is a bad thing.

Breaking all the yolks is bad too.

J ust like his father.


- Huh?
- Would you like to join us?


Can I hav e short hair
like my fav ourite soccer player?

- Which team does he play for?
- I'd like to get my hair cut like his.

Can I?

We'll see.

I hav e the day off. I thought
we could all go to the mov ies.

Would you like that, Daniela?


A friend of mine is coming with us.
He's really nice.

Now I get it bitch!

He's coming because I told him...

Now I get it!
The nice meal and ev erything.

- Listen to me, Daniela...
- You bitch, you listen to me!

You could at least respect
my father's memory.

This is his apartment!

This is his kitchen.

And this...

is my brother.

And you're the fucking bitch
that got ev erything!

Eat, sweetheart.

Stop that painting!


It's Leire!


I'm Kun's friend. It's my day off
I'm giv ing him

a hand.

That painting is mine.

Kun is upstairs.

I'm done.
I just hav e this box left.

And the lamp.

What are you doing here?

I'm on holidays.

Our trip.
Don't you remember?

They gav e me these days off
long time ago, so...

Is that the Ibiza album?


I'd like to keep some pictures.

Keep them all.


- We both should keep some.
- I don't want any.



I'm dying to tell you
so many things...

Some other time.

We can meet for coffee
and talk.

Are you in a hurry?

How much time do you hav e?

I hav e to finish packing this box.

Then I'll let you finish.
You can talk at the same time.

Leire, please. Not again.

I'm fine.

I just want the truth.

What if it hurts?

Ev en more?

Do you remember?

They're yours.

This one too.

This was your future.

But you gav e up
because you were lacking something.



Let me keep the toothpaste.

I'm done.




The money for our trip.

Keep it.

For my pension?

B ye, lov e.


B ye.

He's coming.

He died a terrible death.

He was v ery adv enturous.

He took a trip to the Amazon Riv er
and one day he fell off the canoe.

And was attacked by alligators.

He liv ed a whole week
with an amputated arm.

But in the end...

I'm really sorry.

Ladies' room, please?

All the way to the back,
then to the right.

Hello, Leonardo.

- How are you?
- It's been so long.

Too long.

I thought you were back
in Buenos Aires.

So, how is life?

Isabel, this is Adela.
A good friend.

Pleased to meet you, Isabel.
You are such an elegant woman.

- This is my daughter Anita.
- Anita

Campos Campos.
The pleasure is all mine.

I thought you didn't frequent
this restaurant anymore.

I came with a good friend as well.

I felt like hav ing a nice ev ening

with someone that could
make me feel aliv e.

I apologize, Adela.
It's v ery impolite of me

to interrupt your dinner
with all these stories of mine.

Not at all. It's nice.

I'm in awe. Like I was
when I saw the prices here.

Well, Leonardo.
Good to see you again.

Nice to see you...

as well.

Very pretty.

See you.

Pleased to meet you.

Me too, Isabel.

What a refined woman...

and so natural at the same time!

Take them, sweetheart.
You can go first.

Good night, Anita.

It's been a pleasure. Will you show me
your drawings some time?


I'm so scared, Adela.

Can you believ e it?


Really scared.

I'm more scared than you.

I'm scared to death.

I'm sleep y.

Are you okay?

- What are you doing?
- She's cutting my hair.


Giv e me my brother back!

Come on, bitch!

I'm gonna cut you up!

Put down those scissors!

Stop bossing me around!

You're not family!

You're not!

Drop them!
I'll call the police!

You wanna get rid of me?
That's what you want?

You fucking bitch!

I'm with you, Daniela.
I don't hate you.

I want to see my mother.

I know, sweetheart.

Last time my legs
were this shaky.

I was in school.

I was in lov e with a boy
two grades ahead of me.

I must confess...

I nev er thought

I'd feel this way again.

I'm leav ing.

These things nev er work.

I'm okay, Ramón.

Alright then.

More wine, Martina?

Yes, please.

- How is the program going?
- Oh, fine.

How is Luis?

Who do you think you're fooling?
All these layers of make_up?

We need to be tolerant...

You can be tolerant...

when they burp, when they fart,

when they watch soccer
ev en when they fool around!

But this?!
If you tolerate this...

It means you're dead!

Where is your pupp y today?

Another independent woman.

What's that?

Come on, Anita.

Don't be scared.

- You want to go that way, right?
- Yes.

Come on, girl!
Go with your Prince Charming!

Giv e me your hand.
I'll take you.

No! No!

You try.

Try by yourself.

Come on.

I'll hold you.

There you go, girl!


Come here!

Anita! Look up there!


Come here!

Are you okay?

This smell...

I can't stand the smell
of hospitals.

- Are you her boyfriend?
- No,

I like men.

Are there any relativ es?

I'm afraid not.

You can talk to me...

Does she usually
take so many drugs?


I mean, not that many...

But it's not a drug issue...

It's not?


Lov e.

Would you like to see her?

Jav ier...

I'm right here.

I'm going nuts.

J ust a little.

Would you like to make lov e?

I'm not in a hurry.

I can wait.



I don't know?

Are you in a hurry?

Well... Not really.

I lov e you.

You're becoming an expert
in the dance of passion.


- Are you forcing your wife to tango?
- No, no.

I just met Isabel in that restaurant
where we used to go.

She told me you were
on a business trip...

I'll take them.

Perfect, Mrs. Batres.

- Visa?
- Cash.

I want this same style...

- two sizes smaller. - Leire! Bring
this style. In a sev en.

Those look perfect, Madam.

I just asked for a smaller size.


Leire? Did you hear me?

Could it be a smaller one?

Dancing like a go_go dancer.

in the club. That was wrong,
yes. Really bad.

The manager got it all! Off with Leire.
Off with her wages...

Your life just changed radically.

What are you gonna do?

What am I gonna do?

Something dramatic.

More dramatic than getting pissed?
Or than turning into a lesbian?

I'll tell you tomorrow.

Like Scarlett.

Are we sleeping here?

Like brother and sister.

It's so weird.

I feel like seeing my father again.

To tell him I'm sorry.

Too bad you're gay...

Too bad you don't hav e
a big dick.



Hi, Kun.

The sounds of the city
make me think of you.

I don't know why.

Why did you lock up the dog?

Anita! Look at me!
You hav en't taken the dog out!

- What's wrong with you?
- I'm not walking the dog.

How come?
Take the dog out, right now!


I'm telling you to take the dog out!

Get the dog out!

What's this?

What are you waiting for?

If you are waiting for Joaquín,
he's not coming anymore.

Why not?

He doesn't like you.

Take the dog out!

Hi Luis.

Martina is in bed.

I don't intend to wake her up.

Now that you're here...

How do you feel
when you're hurting her?

Do you feel more macho

or just less miserable?

B ye, Luis.

You'll hear from my lawyer.

Let him in, I called him.

I think...

we hav e to...


What are you doing?

Let go! Anita!

What hav e you done to my daughter!
You bastard!

What hav e you done to her!
I'm gonna kill you,

you perv ert!

We don't want to see you again!

Get out! You son of a bitch!
I'm gonna call the police!

We hav e two alternativ es here.

You can't smoke here.

I'm a mess right now.

One problem is Daniela's
legally an adult.

And you're not
her biolological mother.

So, either she agrees...

- Or?
- You could file

a lawsuit against her.
On the grounds that she can be

a danger
to her little brother.

Be careful, boy!

Can I take you somewhere?

You're looking for something?


Hi, sis'.

What are you doing?

Are you alright?

Where is my father?

In the kitchen.

Do you think
ev erything would be the same...

after fiv e years?

Right after getting married,

I started to like shoes.

I had nev er been too crazy
about them. All types,

from ev erywhere.

This is the result
of my thirty_year expedition around

the world,
in search of the right shoe.

Like Cinderella.

New shoes, stolen shoes,

unique shoes,
collectable shoes,

impossible shoes,
old shoes,

confiscated shoes,

shoes in which I drank,

shoes with history.

You should take a look at my feet.
They're killing me.

Don't go, Anita!
Stay here!





Are you my sister

from America?

Don't you remember me?

I was little when you left.

I lov e your haircut.

I guess you're staying for dinner.


- Can I watch TV now?
- No.

You should be in bed by now.

Can Leire put me to bed?

If she wants...


What are you doing in America?

I design...


With laces?

Of course, silly.



Your father wanted so much

to take me to Lisbon.

For three reasons, he said.

It's not far, the trip is cheap
and it's a beautiful city.

And shortly before setting off,

he died.

Like me.

Like me.

I can't believe you put up
with that.

I couldn't do anything.

I was in love with him.

You admit then

before our TV viewers,
that you were letting your husband

beat you to death
out of love!

And you're not even ashamed!
Don't you agree

that you are dead
when you allow such things!


You're dead, Carola!
You are dead!

I'm leav ing.

I want a div orce.

Are you okay?

Do you wanna stop?

I just need some fresh air.

The dog knows the way.

Yes, let her go.

You can see her
from the balcony.

Thanks Araceli.

Don't worry, we're doing fine here.
Kiss Anita from me.

- B ye.
- See you tomorrow.

Sit down, please.

I'm gonna finish my shift
and then I'm gone.

I won't be coming anymore.

I am taking an early retirement.

I'm planning to be a good mother.

- Gonna grab something to eat.
- Now?

There's no one around!

- Afternoons are better.
- What?

- Yesterday three clients.
- My God!

This morning one.

We deserv e some rest.


It's too quiet now.

Are you sure my father would hav e
liked this riv er? It's ugly.

Don't know,
He was always talking about Lisbon!

I don't find this riv er so ugly.

I kind of like it.

Do you think this is legal?

I'v e been through a lot in my life,

I'm not gonna worry now
about this being legal or not.

Is it legal that God gav e me
a good man so late,

to take him away
from me so early?

He took it all.

I hav e nothing left.

Now I'm scared.
I was so happ y...

When the belov ed person leav es
with no trace, it's much easier.

The pain disappears much faster.
Believ e me.

Some days I get in the taxi
and ev en now,

I can smell your father inside.

Sometimes I can't wait to get in.

But some other times
I wish the smell was gone forev er.

What's that?

J ust a gram of coke.

The only thing he left me.

I'm gonna use it up,
like my sav ings.

The pain will disappear faster
this way.

I'm gonna snort some ev en if
I nev er tried, but promise me,

you'll nev er touch
that stuff again.

I promise.

How do you do it?
I only snorted snot in my life.

Don't blow.

That's all.

Do you wish you had met
my mother?


still present, you know?

I can see her perfectly,

taking care of her family

in the house.

Was it painful
when my father talked about her?

He nev er did.

He kept her to himself.

Deep inside.

That lov e made her stay

in that bed, in that kitchen.

Time helps.

Time heals.

You know I don't feel a thing?

You hav en't stopped talking!

You think I need this to talk?

That's why you guys
snort cocaine?

Don't know.

I'm staying.

You're staying?

I'll call you. I promise.

Giv e me a kiss.

Thank you.

B ye.

Take this.

- Oh, come on!
- Please.

Thank you.

Good luck.

B ye.


I'm sorry.

For being such a coward.

It scared me when you said
you lov ed me.

I knew you meant it.

Like "Pretty Woman".

Only the Spanish way.
No happ y ending.

- You just made one little mistake.
- Which one?

You tried to giv e m
what you wanted to giv e to your wife.

To Isabel.

How is Anita doing?

She asks about you.

She remembers you.

I'd like to help you with money.

I didn't want to offend you.

Don't accept it
if you don't want to.

All my life...

I'v e been offered money
for fucking.

How could I refuse now?
It's for my daughter

in ex change for the only
true feelings I ev er had.


Thank you
for giv ing me the sound...

of tango,

Whar's wrong, Araceli?

I can't hear you!
It's too nois y in here!

Calm down, please!

Gonna tell her, right now!


Your daughter!


No, I'm not.
Who are you?




What's this moron doing?

Are you nuts?

We both could be dead
and hav e caused a major pileup!

I could hav e my license taken
away for stopping here

in the middle of the highway!

My daughter is missing.


Don't go.

Always late, Leonardo.

I could kill you...

and not feel any remorse.

There he is!


Come on, Joaquín. Tell me where
we're going. The show is for later.

Yes, we're going to...

This is Kun, my boyfriend.

Madrid looks nasty tonight.

- Hi, Anita.
- Joaquín!

My baby! Are you okay?
Look at me.

I'm fine, Mom.

Do you remember me?

Leire is fine.

Holy shit!
We better ignore all that fuss.

Don't turn back, please.
No matter what.

"Congratulations on that new doctor
boyfriend of yours.

Funny face,
but sexy nose,

I hav e to say. He likes Mafalda,
like you and lov es music as well."

That can't be me.


"Come and visit me soon,

so I can give you both
my blessing.

Lisbon is a funny place, Javier.

It brings memories of things
I've never lived.

That's why I walk around,


making sure my fingertips...

are on the right keys.

I feel so relieved.

At last.

I don't feel
like I am dying anymore.

I feel like fighting again

or just starting to fight...

and forget that this city as any other,
can be as sad as me sometimes.

I want to feel that I'm changing...

a little bit,

or a lot why not?

Have you noticed how selfish
we are when we feel lonely?

I hope your doctor boyfriend
finds a cure for selfishness.

Do you think we fall in love
so we don't feel lonely?

I'm in love with a boy actually,

with the back ofhis neck...

I love the back of this driver's neck
and I don't know his name.

I hope you're living up
to your dreams.

What happens to those dreams
we cannot fulfill?

Those dreams
must go somewhere. "


"I guess

dreams are just an ex cuse,

a big one,

the ex cuse for us to stay alive.

Must be the reason
why dreams become a sad look

into the things we never fulfilled.

Too bad!

It's tough to accept you'll never
become what you always dreamt of.

It's bad to feel no hope.

I want so bad to be happy.
Really happy.

And make everybody around me
a little happier too.

I feel great...

I love Lisbon, Javier.


Subtitles: LASERFILM