Stonehenge Apocalypse (2010) - full transcript

When a group of archaeologists dig up a human skeleton near the historical monument of STONEHENGE, an ancient piece of machinery hidden beneath the bedrock is discovered. Not knowing what it could be the workers accidentally trigger the mechanism and start a chain of events that may very well end the world as we know it.

We're here because we
believe in the strange,

the unknown,

the unthinkable.

We're here because we want
to know the real story.

This is the one.

The first stones were put
in place around 2500 bc.

Local folk though assess
the stones were carried bodily

on the orders of
the wizard Merlin,

but, in fact, no one is sure
how the stones were moved

or how they came to be
located at this site.

Stonehenge was
more than a temple.

It was an astronomical
calculator aligned on the axis

of the summer
and winter solstice.

Who built it remains a mystery,

as well as how any
ancient civilization

could have moved
these massive stones,

some weighing as much
as 50 tones.

Oh, oh.

Oh my God.

Hey, look at
the altar stone.

I'm Dr. Jacob Glaser and you're
listening to the real story.

So, friends, I have
something pretty big

to start us off with today.

I picked up an unbelievably
strong electromagnetic burst

on the earth's energy
grid running all the way

from Maine to England.

Has anyone else
picked that up?

Because it's kinda freaky
and shockingly I haven't heard

anything from our government's
so-called scientists.

Something is rotten in Denmark,
my friends.

Alright, let's go
to the switchboard.

What's on your mind, caller?

I wanna know why crackpots like
you pick on the space agency,

accusing them of lies
and deception.

Do you have any proof that
they covered up the discovery

of aliens on the moon?

Oh, crackpots. Ouch.

First of all, buddy,

I never said they found
aliens on the moon.

It was a robot head.

And second, no, I don't have
any proof

because the president
classified it

as a national
security issue.

What's on your mind, caller?

Hey, Jacob, I think
Stonehenge moved.


Where did it go? Pittsburgh?

Dude, I'm serious.

I mean, the whole thing
is totally--.

It's going to be one of
those nights, isn't it?

Hi, caller.

What's on your mind?

That caller was right.

The stones at Stonehenge

Soldiers kicked me out of
my own house and took over

the local middle school.

I've never seen
anything like it.


There's soldiers
at Stonehenge?

They've set up roadblocks
and closed off the whole area.

They said something about
government excavation, Jacob.

You know that rubbish.

That does sound like
a picture hung crooked.

Dude, some tourists
got killed.

Figured you'd know
the truth.

Not yet.

But rest assured I will get
the real story.


Here's something.

I'm going to sign off
for a minute.

You were listening
to the real story

with Dr. Jacob Glaser.

You have reached the voicemail
of Dr. Joseph Leshem.

Joseph, it's Jacob.

Call me asap.

It's important.

You have reached the voicemail
of Dr. Joseph Leshem.



You've been trying
to reach me I see.

Joseph, finally.

You're a hard man to reach.

I'm a busy man, Jacob.

What's so urgent?

Don't play dumb.

Just tell me what you know.

You're being your usual
cryptic self, my friend.

Know about what?

That massive EM surge that
struck the energy grid.

It looks like it hit

So, still chasing ghosts,

Or is it druids this time?

Joseph, this is real.

Stonehenge is under some
kind of secret quarantine.

Then why aren't you on a plane
to England right now?

What do you think I'm doing?

Listen, I want you to meet
me at the airport.

We'll go investigate
this together.

I can't, my friend.

I've got a puzzle of my own
to solve.

What puzzle?

I found something Jacob,
something big.

Listen, Joseph, there's
been a massive

electromagnetic disturbance
at an archaeological site.

This is just like
you predicted.

It can validate
your interpretation

of the ancient text.

Ah, you flatter me, my friend,

but at this point do you
really think I care

what a bunch of academics and
bureaucrats think about me?

It's not just about you,

It's about us.

You, me and everyone else
they call crazy.

Well then go to Stonehenge.

Go now.

It may be your last chance.

What do you mean
my last chance?

Good luck, Jacob.


Come on.

Welcome, Dr. Trousdale.

Major Peatman.

Where's Dr. Leeds?

Follow me, sir.

Looks like radio waves.

They are.

And these particular waves
are only between the stones.

They're not part of the
electromagnetic interference?


These wavelengths
are structured.

That's strange.

She's here, sir.

Dr. Leeds.


You call this a report?

There's not a shred of data
in here that could explain

how seven people could
be burnt to a cinder

by a tourist attraction.

It's been hard to collect
reliable data.

The entire site is awash
with heavy interference.

Any type of recurrence,

No, but we did just find
something else abnormal.

Radio waves oscillating
inside Stonehenge.

What's the source?

I'm not sure.

They're propagating
through the stones,

so they might be
originating underground.

Marla, radio
physics officer.

Run an audio representation,
will you?


Well that sounds creepy.

Where is it coming from?


David, Dr. Trousdale,
head of the task force.

David, geophysics.

So what are we looking at?

Seismic eruption?

Formation of
a new fault line?


We can't say with certainty,

The electromagnetic

is making seismic
surveys impossible.

Uh, but we did find
this anomaly.

What's this?

It's a scan of the
altar stone showing

an electromagnetic field
inside the stone.

Well we need to figure
this out quickly.

Russians are already
making accusations

that this was a nuclear test.

There you are, mate.

This is as far
as I can take you.



This is Dr. Jacob Glaser
reporting from Stonehenge.

Believe me when I tell you
I'm not making this up.

I can see that the stones
have moved.

The big question is how
and why the government

has quarantined the area.


I'm reading unusually strong
electromagnetic currents.

Put a light on this, please.

That's odd.

The soil is discolored.

I'm on top of a subterranean

that's flowing directly
in to Stonehenge.

There's something
in the stone.

John, are you seeing this?

What is that?

It's some kind of
electromagnetic field

in the stone.


EM levels are really
strengthening now.

Sir, EM interference
is rising.


Get out of there!

You're in danger!

Security breach.

Trespasser on the field.

I want security out there
right now.

E.M. Interference?

Climbing fast,
to 100 gigahertz.

Kaycee, evacuate

Everyone out of here.

The stones are moving.

Oh my God.



Everyone go!

EMI is at 200 gigahertz,
nearing radioactive levels.

Secondary wave coming in.

There's someone
still in there.

Energy from the blast was
channeled deep underground.

Seismic readings look like
a thousand Hiroshima's

went off down there.

We're getting it now.

Oh my God.

John, come see this.

Find the source
of that discharge.


The discharge fried all
the subsurface sensors.

Try aerial imaging.

Dr. Trousdale,

we've still got
an intruder on the grounds.

I'm aware of that, major.

Go find him.

We've got a much bigger
problem than we thought.

Right after Stonehenge erupted,

Mexico was devastated by a
volcanic eruption in Yucatan.

Holy cow.

Alright, let's not get
ahead of ourselves.

We still have a lot
of data to analyze

before we can even consider
whether this is connected.

You don't think a simultaneous
volcanic eruption is connected?

We need to find out what's
going on right here

beneath our feet,
not 5,000 Miles away.

Everyone, listen up!

Alright, 50 tone stones
do not move by themselves.

Something has to move them.

Now we know we have a massive
field of energy at play here.

I don't think it's Merlin
waving his magic wand,

so let's come up with
some answers, shall we?

Back to work.

Now, we are here.

The chamber of the sun
is this way... here.


Our salvation depends
on finding this chamber.

Do you understand?

I understand.


We found our
bloody intruder.

Get a unit out there.

Tell me what
you think this is.

It looks like genera
of thermopile.

This was in the soil sample?

Exciting, isn't it?


Put your hands in the air!

Top of the morning,

I thought these microbes only
lived in extreme environments.

That's what's so incredible.

Pyrodictium cells

are one of the oldest
organisms on the planet,

normally formed in volcanoes.

Yet, here they are, reproducing
in soil under the stones.

Well how is that possible?

The electromagnetic
activity is so intense;

it's changing the molecular

of organic matter
in the soil,

similar to how life on earth
was formed.

Well it's an intriguing
development to say the least,

but let's just concentrate
on the geomagnetic data,

shall we?

Dr. Trousdale,

please report to the situation
room immediately.

Let's go.

You guys aren't listening.

The public is in danger

and they have the right
to know the truth.

Caught our trespasser,

Who's in charge?

Are you in charge?

I need to speak
with someone in charge.

More walking, less talking.


Listen, I'm a scientist.

I can help you people.

Piss off.



There's a shortening
sequential pattern

inside the radio waves
that's reducing itself

as the waves recycle.

How long before it recycles
to extinction?

Put up a path loss

It's counting down.

To what?

Whatever it is,

we have 37 hours
to find out.

Excuse me, doctor.

That fellow we just brought in,

he had some documents on him
that I think you should see.

Oh, not now, major.

Very good, sir.

Uh, major, what've you got?

Dr. Trousdale, maybe you
should look at this.

It's some sort of planetary
energy grid.

So what?

That stuff's pseudoscience.

Hang on a minute.

Look at how he's
connected Stonehenge

to the coast of Maine.

Now there was a detection
of an electromagnetic surge

on this same trajectory

just before the tourists
were electrocuted.

And look at this.

It's a direct line from
Yucatan to Stonehenge.

What was this man's name,

Glaser, sir.

Dr. Jacob Glaser.

You're kidding me.

No, sir.

He claims he's a scientist,

Scientist my aunt Fanny.

The guy's a nutcase.

This is a man who claims the US
space agency covered up

the discovery of aliens
on the moon.

I wouldn't write him off
so fast.

I mean, this guy was
the youngest ever recipient

of Prelovich award
for astrophysics.

This guy was a prodigy.

Yes, that was before his
brain went pear shaped

and he started a ufo talk show.

Well he obviously knew
something was going

to happen out there.

Perhaps he knows something
we can use.

Like what?

Is an alien invasion coming?


Come with me.

Dr. Glaser, I'm Dr. Leeds,

senior adviser
of this operation.

I saw what happened.

You cannot cover
this one up.

Have a seat, please.

I'd like to ask you
a few questions.

Do you understand that we
could be on the verge

of a global catastrophe here?


Explain this to me, please.

You're kidding me.

You don't know that there
are electromagnetic currents

generated by the poles
that crisscross

under the earth's
crust and intersect

at points of concentration?

I'm referring to
the pyramids icons,

such as the one here
in Mexico.

Ancient civilizations,

they knew about
the energy grid.

They built architectural
structures on the power points.

They did it in Mexico,
in Egypt, Indonesia,

and Stonehenge.

And why did you highlight
a line between Stonehenge

and a grid point in Maine?

I picked up an EM surge
along that line.

It's probably what triggered
the disturbance here.

You said your grid points
fall on ancient sites.

I don't know of any
ancient sites in Maine.

Do you?

That's just because no one's
discovered it yet.

Have you ever heard
of an EM surge

causing a volcanic eruption?

Is that what happened?

Dr. Leeds will ask
the questions.

Here's a question for you.

Why is the soil around
the stones turning purple?

That's the sign of a
bacterial infestation.

Very good, Dr. Glaser.

I see you know your ecology.

Yeah, I know a lot
of things.

Are you aware that there
is a weird EM field

in the altar stone?

Yes I am.

We've seen it.

I have too, somewhere else.

It could be the missing
piece to the puzzle.

And where did you see this
missing piece to the puzzle?

Get me a computer.

I'll show you.

I'll let her know.

Dr. Leeds, they want you
back for the aerial imaging.


We'll finish this later.

Great, I'll just
wait here.

This is recon one.

Elevation over target
is 200 feet.

Recon one,
hold your position.

Let's have a look.

Radar dish is online.

What are we seeing?

No subsurface
readings whatsoever.

Increase pulse bounce.


We need more depth.

Recon one,
lower to 100 feet.

Roger, control.

Increase pulse bounce.

Pulse bounce at four CPS.


Okay, hold on.

The return signals
are amplifying.

It's getting something.

Keep going, David.

It's working.

No, sir.

There's something causing
the return signal

to bounce back too strongly.

It's overloading the radar.

I don't care if it fries
the radar.

I want to see what's
going on down there.

Pulse bounce at two.

What's that?

Access to the red zone

is strictly for authorized
personnel only.


General Forshaw.

What the devil is going on,

Stonehenge took out one
of our choppers?

We've run into
a spot of bother.

Tell that to the families
of the servicemen

who were just killed.

Good God.

How do you explain a stone
monument shifting like that?

Those stones have
become the focal point

of an unprecedented
geomagnetic disturbance.

And what caused
this disturbance?

That's what we're
trying to establish,

but most likely a cataclysmic
event under the earth's crust,

maybe a massive collapse
of the mantle.

What about this countdown?

It's a shortening sequential
pattern in the radio waves

reflecting between
the stones.

Doctor, in my world if
something is counting down

it usually ends with a boom.

It may simply be a pattern
of attenuation.

But that monument
has already caused

the deaths of ten people.

Heaven help us if it's related
to the disaster in Mexico.

We haven't made
that connection.

Regardless, Stonehenge has
become a destructive force.

It's a security threat
and must be treated as such.

General, we must be certain of
the properties of this anomaly

before we take
any further action.

I've spoken with world
leaders who think otherwise.

We're going to demolish it,

Explosives are set
for detonation.

We're clearing the area.

Explosives, are they nuts?


Hey, hey.

I need to talk to
Dr. Leeds.

Can you get Dr. Leeds,

Are you listening to me?

I need to talk to Dr. Leeds.

EMI holding steady.

The area is clear, sir.

Go ahead, major.


I'm getting a magnetic surge
from the stones.

It's impossible.

What the devil
just happened?

A surface magnetic field
just repelled the blast.

What were the readings
on that, David?

Off the charts.

How do we neutralize it,

Well we need to analyze
the data.

We don't have time
for that.

Does anyone have an idea
how to neutralize this?



there may be someone.


It's the prophecy.


Scan the stone.

There's something there.

It's the symbol
on the scroll.

Yes, yes.


There it is.

It's the power source needed
to energize the stone.

The primordial hill.

This is the key.

Let's go.

He's here.

There's your computer,

Hi, I'm David.

It's an honor to meet you,
Mr. Glaser.

This is it.

The Antikythera Mechanism.

It was found at the bottom
of the Aegean Sea in 1900.

Where is it now?

The American foundation
for archeology in New York.

Can you hold that?

So this is the image that
I picked up of the EM field

in the altar stone.

They're identical.

What does this mean?

My guess is the mechanism

is some sort of
electromagnetic key.

Electromagnetic key?

The thing looks like a piece
of corroded scrap metal.

Radiocarbon dating shows

the mechanism is
thousands of years old,

yet the metal is
machined in a way

that would have required
advanced technology.

So you're saying that this is
a key to turn off Stonehenge?


So in your mind, Mr. Glaser,
Stonehenge is a machine

that you turn on and
off with a key,

rather like an automobile.

I wouldn't call it a car.

It's a highly
complex device.

It transcends our knowledge
of physics.

I see.

And, uh, who created this
marvelous invention?

Our predecessors
on the planet.

Alright, we don't have
time for this.

Get him out of here.

Let's go, come on.

You know there's never been
a plausible explanation

for how Stonehenge
was built, or by whom.

Says the man who accused
the space agency

of covering up finding
aliens on the moon.

I never said they found
aliens on the moon.

It was a robot head.

Come on!


Everyone stay at your posts.

The mechanism will stop it!

Primary wave coming in.

EMI starting to climb
to 400 gigahertz.

The stones are going
to turn again.

John, look at the countdown.

It's been exactly ten hours
since the last discharge.

Volcanic eruption
reported in Java.


Oh my God.

Indonesia has been


This ends the debate on
whether or not Stonehenge

is causing disasters.

We have a planetary emergency
on our hands.

This requires a global
military response.

With an expected death
toll in the millions,

the eruption of a massive
volcano in Java

has triggered earthquakes across
the Southern hemisphere.

Tsunami warnings have been
issued throughout the region.

Massive amounts
of smoke and ash

continue to spew
into the atmosphere

as ongoing evacuations continue
throughout Southern Asia.

After the break
we'll take a look--

alright, doll,
what's on your mind?

Trousdale is lost.

He has no idea
what's happening.

None of us do.

Well that's bloody scary

when none of you geniuses
have a clue.


That's why I want to go
with this man Jacob

and bring back this mechanism.

Are you having a laugh?

He's the only person here with
any semblance of an answer

for what's actually happening.

Well I think you're mad,
but don't let me stop you.

I don't have authority to use
military transport, major.

I need you to take us.

Whoa, doc.

You need to get clearance.

Come on.

You heard how he was mocked.

They'll never authorize it.

You need to help me, major.

Dr. Leeds, I could
be court-martialed.

This is a global catastrophe.

Think about your family.

We have to do whatever
it takes, and now.

What if this bloke turns out
to be a total wacko?

Well then we live with it,
but if we sit on our hands

and do nothing as Stonehenge
destroys the world,

no one lives.

Open the gate.


Let's go!

What now?

We're getting the mechanism.


I pray you're right
about this.

Me too.

Pretty soon there'll
be another occurrence

at the twenty
and ten hour marks.

Then you better come up
with something fast,

because I guarantee
the joint council

will order directive

You're going to
nuke Stonehenge?

Are you joking?

Do I look like I'm joking,

I've been thinking.

We need to try to disrupt
the electromagnetic field.

Jam the radio waves?


If we can disrupt the waves

it should take the oxygen
out of this thing.

Now we'll need a
high-powered transmitter

that can generate a
concentrated magnetic field.

Radio telescope.

There is one just
South of here.

Great, get on it.

Where's Kaycee?

She was outside
a few moments ago.

Go find her.

The stones turned
and discharged again

after exactly ten hours,

followed by a super volcano
in Java

which has wiped
out Indonesia.

Millions are dead.

My God.

And there was another volcano.

Ten hours before?

In Mexico, both are grid points
on your map.

This is going to sound
so crazy.


If you think it sounds crazy...

What was the bacteria
growing in the soil?



Are you sure?



I think the planet
is being terraformed.


You're right.

That's crazy.

No, listen.

Pyrodictium is one of
the ancient organisms

that first oxygenated
our atmosphere, right?

Everything that
Stonehenge is doing --

the volcanoes, the quakes,
the bacteria --

that's how you create a
life-sustaining environment.

I'm no muckety-muck scientist,

but I thought our environment
was life sustaining.

It's a machine.

It doesn't know.

What once created
life on this planet

is about to wipe it out.

Radio telescope is online.

Guards say Dr. Leeds left
with Jacob and Peatman.

God's sake.

Didn't anyone try
to stop them?

No, they said it was
a prisoner transport.

Jamming frequency locked
on target.

Transmit jamming signal.

It's having an effect.

The stones are shortening
their wavelength

to evade the jamming frequency.

Defensive measure?

Shorten the jamming
signal's wavelength

to the same frequency.

The stones wavelength
shortened again.

Shorten the jamming signal.

Stay with the stones, Marla.

It stopped.

It's out of hearing range.

Are you still
with the stones?

I'm trying to catch up, but
they're changing so fast.

The stones' wavelength is
approaching visible light.

Accelerating jamming signal
frequency to visible light.

Stonehenge's wavelength
is going gamma.

Electromagnetic radiation
is over 100 R?s.

Shut it down.

What do you mean,
shut it down?

Gamma waves are atomic,

Pushing the wavelengths
this short

is turning Stonehenge
into a nuclear reactor.

Well done.

So the world is on
the brink of disaster

and the government sends you
here to view a museum piece.

It might have
some relevance.

Follow me, come on.

Where is it?

Straight ahead.

This bloody thing is going
to save the world?

Look, I'm getting
a reading.

It's generating a current.

How can an ancient relic
generate current?

Where's the power
coming from?

It's like the stones.

It's pulling power
from the energy grid.


Open the case.

We're taking this with us.

Get out of here!

Come here.

Hide in here.


Just hide in here.

Wait until me or Peatman
get back.

Just stay low.


Peatman! Peatman! Peatman!!

Hello, my friend.


What are you doing?

I'm doing what's become
necessary to survive,

just as you are.

I'm not killing anyone
over some ancient relic.

Is this your big discovery,
the Antikythera Mechanism?

No, I must give you
the credit for that.

In fact, I must thank
you for finding

this missing piece
to the puzzle.

How do you know that?

Come on,
figure it out, Jacob.

That's what you're good at.

My discovery is where
that mechanism belongs.

Some might say it's
the primordial hill.

Are you saying that you have
found the buried pyramid?

Would you like to see it?

No thanks.

What do you mean,
this belongs there?

Just as you figured out,

that mechanism is
an electromagnetic key

that can energize
the ancient sanctuary

that will provide shelter
from the apocalypse.

Have you completely lost
your mind, Joseph?

The ancient texts corroborate

the scrolls I found in Egypt.

So, as you can see,

I need that.


This is the only thing
that can save us.

Jacob, mankind does not
deserve to be saved.

What happened to you,

Where is your humanity?

The world is dying here.

No, no, not dying.


I want you to be a part
of this new beginning.

You want me to come
live with you

and a bunch of lunatics
in a pyramid?

Jacob, trust me when I tell you

that it will be
the only shelter.

And when a new dawn rises,
the skies will be so clear again.

The air we breathe, the water
we drink will be fresh.

This is the new cycle
of creation.

I think I'm going to stick with
this old, dirty, stinky world...

Don't walk away, please.

... just the way it is.



Thank God.

Where is the major?

He's dead.

I'm sorry.

There's a rat at Stonehenge.

Someone is feeding them


I don't know.

How can you make such
an accusation?

You think someone there
is a spy?

For whom?



He was the one who knew
that I made the connection

to the mechanism.

Who is Joseph?

He's an old colleague.

How could this be real?


Overlay this on the em
tracking screen.


Just do it.

Joseph has this apocalyptic
view that the world

goes through these cycles of
creation and destruction

and that the next cycle is
beginning at Stonehenge.

Why would he murder
for the mechanism?

Apparently Stonehenge isn't
the only ancient site

that the mechanism
is a key for.

We have to get to Maine.


Remember when you asked
why there wasn't an

archeological site on
the grid points in Maine?

He found it.

Energy amassed by the stones
has increased exponentially.

This is going to be
a bigger bang.

I've overlaid that, sir.

Thank you.

What do pyramids have to do
with anything?

One minute to go.


Multiple eruptions in giza.

North Africa is being torn
apart by volcanic tremors.

The middle east is in
a state of emergency.

Oh my God.

What now?

The Mediterranean Sea
is flooding in to Egypt.

You need to send emergency
alerts to every coordinate

with a pyramid.

These areas need to be
evacuated right away.

And you should
get authorization

for a nuclear strike
on Stonehenge.

The multiple eruptions
in Egypt have religious groups

claiming it is the end
of the world.

It won't be long before
volcanic ash starts

blocking out the sun.


The military red lines
are jammed.

Heads of state are
meeting in emergency sessions

to deal with the worst
series of disasters

in recorded history.

At what point would it be
too late to do anything?

I don't know, but if we don't
find Joseph's pyramid--.

Wait, I got through.

Sir, emergency call
from Dr. Leeds.

Thank you.

What do you think
you're doing?

John, I saw the
Antikythera Mechanism.

Jacob was right.

It is an electromagnetic

Do you have it?


A group of fanatics
stole it.

Someone from our team told them
we were coming.

That's ridiculous.

What would they want
with that artifact?

To activate a pyramid
they found.


Another pyramid.

What does that mean?

All the volcanic eruptions
occurred at pyramid sites.

That proves everything
that Jacob's been saying.

What does?

They've confirmed all
the volcanic eruptions

have occurred on
pyramid sites.

You don't say.

So where are you now?

We're driving to Maine
to retrieve the mechanism.

You won't have time.

I've recommended
directive ten-fifteen.

You're nuking Stonehenge?

Are you kidding me?!!

Give me that!

Are you insane?

The stones are tapping
into the earth's energy grid.

If you nuke Stonehenge
you will disperse radiation

across the globe.

That is an entirely
hypothetical scenario

and frankly we are
out of options.

Did you hear a word
Dr. Leeds just said

about the mechanism?

You need to help us get it.

Alright, what do you need?

A small unit of
heavily armed cops

and transportation
to waterside, Maine.




Let me get this straight.

The fate of the world
depends on us driving around

until you pick it up on
your little meter there?

They say you were
a brilliant scientist,

a prodigy I heard.

Didn't you care when they
started calling you crazy?

It put me in good company.

How's that?

You know, Copernicus,



Yeah, I got something.

I've got it.

Go east, east.

Go east.

You are the chosen few

who will see this earth

with a pure spirit.

Are you ready
for the new dawn?


Bring all of them to
the underground chamber.

Then I will seal
our sanctuary.

This way.



Wait! Stop, stop!!!

Go back.

Let's head down there.


Something's happening.

Do you feel that?

Holy crap!

Oh my God!

Hey! Look out!

Go faster! Faster!

What on earth is that?

The primordial hill.

You call that a hill?

In ancient text it was always
depicted as a pyramid.

It's written that
during creation

it would rise
out of the chaos

and provide a sanctuary.

The strike has
been authorized.

Everyone needs to evacuate.

General, I have
to be honest.

Nuking Stonehenge,

there's a chance it
may backfire on us.

Now you tell me that?

This was your idea.

And it was logical,

but I didn't really have
time to think it through.

Jacob's concerns have merit.

The brightest minds
in this world

have reviewed your
proposal and they think

it's a good idea,

so I'm going with
your first instinct.

Sergeant, order your men
to evacuate everyone

within 100 mile radius.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is now a hot zone.

Back! Get back!

Get back. Get back.

What's happening?

Those doors are
electromagnetically sealed.

Then let's unseal them.


Stun grenade.

Stay close.

Leshem, where is he?

Where is leshem?

Jacob, it looks like
an altar stone.

He's taken it.

He's got the mechanism.



Can't you track him
with your meter?

He's in the woods.

We've hit the ten hour mark.

Why aren't the stones

Do you see that?

The whole altar stone
is glowing.

It's this way.

Come on, the signal
is getting stronger.

This way.

Doctor, look at
the energy grid.

What's happening?

The stones are siphoning
the earth's energy grid,

sucking up the entire planet's
electromagnetic energy.

Which means what?

Which means when
the countdown hits zero

you'll get your boom.

The death blow.

Everyone out!

We're evacuating!


Let's go.

Alright! Move out!

He's close.



Hang on.

Hang on,
you're going to be okay.

Hold this tight.

Damn you, Joseph!

You disappoint me, Jacob.

Give me the mechanism.

Look around.

Stonehenge is destroying
the world.

It's not creating some
utopian paradise for you

and your so-called
pure spirits.

The only thing we know
for sure is that Stonehenge

is a terraforming device
that was left behind

by beings from another time.


And this is exactly how
our forbearers planned it.

Civilization as we know it
is a failed experiment.

It's time for a clean slate.

I know you, Joseph.

I know there's
compassion in you.

Please, just give me the device

and let mankind survive.

Jacob, only the chosen
will be saved.

And I'm sorry, my friend,
that you are not among us.


I need to get to an airbase.

Dr. Trousdale!

Urgent call from Dr. Leeds.

Kaycee, what's your status?

We have the mechanism

and need immediate
transport to Stonehenge.

They have the mechanism.

It's too late.

Uh... how do you put
this on speaker?

Kaycee, you're on speaker.

I have the general with me.

Tell us your situation?

The cult leader is dead.

We are in possession of
the Antikythera Mechanism

and on route to Gilboy
air base.

Dr. Leeds, directive
ten-fifteen is in effect.

No! No, general.

Trust me.

The mechanism
is a real device.

You have to cancel
the strike.

Out of the question.

General, a nuclear
strike on Stonehenge

will destroy the entire planet.

I will not gamble the fate
of this entire world

on a museum piece.

Come on, general.

You cannot deny that there
are forces at play here

which we just
do not understand.

Please, just get me
on a supersonic.

I am begging you.

General, there is nothing
to lose by trying.

He might make it.

I'll get you back
here, Mr. Glaser,

but then you're
on your own.

I'm putting my men
at risk.

When the time is up
the bomb drops,

even if it lands
on your head.

Thank you, sir.

I'm going with you.


We have to get you
to a hospital.

I'm going back.

You realize the risk
you'll be taking.

I have no choice but to drop
the bomb the moment

the hot zone is
completely evacuated.

General, the way I see it,
either way this plays out

there's not going to be much
of a world left.

The least I can do is try
to help save it.

I'm coming.

Me too.

You're all crazy.

Gunner, you're with me.

You take this vehicle.

Thank you, general.

John, God be with you.


I want you to have this.

Your Prelovich award?

I can't take it.

Relax, it's not a proposal
or anything.

Just take it.


You know the trust
that you've placed in me,

it's validated my work,
maybe my life.

I'll hold on to it
until you get back.



There's got to be something
we can do.


Dr. Glaser just landed, sir.

I doubt he'll make it in time,

but get him moving

and then get out of there.

Tell him Trousdale
is waiting for him.

Dr. Trousdale is
waiting for you, sir.

Good luck.

Images continue to
flood in from around the globe

like scenes ripped from
the pages of revelations.

Reports remain unconfirmed
that these events

are somehow triggered by
an unknown phenomenon

emanating from
the Salisbury plains

and the monolithic stones that
have stood there for ages.

Awe-inspiring destruction
and a persistent silence

from the collective
governments of the world

leave us with little do
but wait for some word,

some hope that there
may be a reprieve,

as we stand
on the brink

of a veritable
Stonehenge apocalypse.

Joseph Leshem's colleagues
once laughed at him

when he said the planet
had been terraformed

into a habitable planet
by other beings.

I guess they're
not laughing now.

What do you know
about Joseph Leshem?

I know his prophecy
has come true.

As we speak,

an extraterrestrial
apparatus is amassing

the entire planet's
electromagnetic energy.

And when that
countdown hits zero,

unimaginable power
will be unleashed.

The death of the this world
will be the dawn of the next.


You son of a bitch.

You tipped off
those murderers.

My brothers aren't
murderers, John.

You are not a scientist.

I don't know what you are,
but you don't belong here.

Get out!

Actually, uh, my orders
are to stay.

Don't you care that we are on
the brink of extinction here?

It is necessary for the rebirth
of the human race.

David, you can't possibly
believe that.

I believe that now
more than ever.

The prophecy has come true.

And your prophet,
he's dead.


And now it's up to me
to see this through.

I will kill Jacob Glaser
the moment he arrives.

Hot zone is clear.

Do it.

Forgive me, doctor.

Eagle one, hot zone
is clear.

Proceed to target.


Proceeding to target.


We've got a front row seat
to the planet's rebirth.

This is going to be
the thrill of a lifetime.

You think this
horror show is thrilling.

Oh, David, you are insane.

Well, if that's the way
you feel.

Marla, you shouldn't
have come back.

Let's go. I've got it!

Where is it, Jacob?

He's got a gun!

This is Eagle one.

Approaching target.

Confirm authorization
to arm missile.

Roger, Eagle one.

Arm missile.

Missile armed.

Thirty seconds to target.

Ten seconds to target.

Locking in on target.

I'm getting hit with
electromagnetic shockwaves.

The system is fried.

I'll have to drop this puppy
the old fashioned way.

Ugh! Oh!

What's going on, colonel?

Has the missile
been released?

No, sir.

The pilot reported losing
precision guidance

due to magnetic interference
from the target.

He's switching
to manual release.

We've only got one minute.

Just tell him to drop
the damn bomb.

I've got visual
on the target.

Releasing missile.


You're cutting it awfully
close, Jacob.

I must admit, your
tenacity is admirable,

but surprisingly misguided
for someone who believes

that the space agency
found aliens on the moon.

It was a robot head!

Reports from
around the world indicate

that volcanic eruptions
and tremors have stopped.

Climatologists say
it will take years

for ash to clear
from the atmosphere.

We're here because we
want to know the real story.

I'm Dr. Kaycee Leeds

and you are listening
to the real story.