Stoned (2005) - full transcript

Fact-based story about the drug-addled and sordid life of The Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones. Unfortunately the story moves so quickly into the sensationalized decadence and drug-induced state of Jones, that the unknowing viewer has to wonder why anyone would care. There are only a few framing sequences with members of The Stones, particularly Keith Richards, that show they had a great respect for him and tried to bring him back into the band as he drifted away. Mixed into the destruction of Jones is a common builder, Frank Thorogood, who is given the unenviable task of trying to please Jones by rebuilding his estate and to watch him per Jones' manager's instructions. Thorogood's life is so far removed from all of the sex and drugs that he sees, that he envies and desires the tawdry life as well, but never quite fits in. Unfortunately, at least according to this film and according to a supposed death bed confessional of Thorogood in 1993, it led to Thorogood's murder of Jones in a swimming pool "accident".

Sorry, we were cut off.

That's right, Rolling Stones.

You said the Harper Twins
were snowed in.

We can take their place.

My name? Brian. Mr. Jones.

The Stones' manager.

7.30 sound check? Great.

We'll see you then.

D I am the little red rooster d

d Too lazy to crow for day d

d I am the little red rooster d

d Too lazy to crow for day d

d Keep everything in the farmyard d

d Upset in every way d

d Dogs begin to bark and... d

d Hounds begin to howl d

d Dogs begin to bark and... d

d Hounds begin to howl d

d Watch out, strange cat people d

d Little red rooster's on the prowl d

d If you see my little red rooster d

d Please drive him home dd

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Hold him up! Pull him up!


Pull him up, for God's sake!
I'm coming!

Help him up, Frank!



Brian, come on!

Oh, my God, Brian!

Come on, Brian! Brian!

Please help me.

Call an ambulance!


Oh, my God, Brian!



Studio A.

Is Tom there?

Tom Keylock? He went out.
I'll tell him when he gets-

D Oh-oh-oh-oh d

D Whoo d

Shit. Really?

Mick? Keith?
Come to the phone. It's urgent.

Brian! No!
Someone, please!

This is the BBC World Service.

In the early hours of this morning,

Brian Jones, guitarist with the popular
rhythm and blues group The Rolling Stones,

was found dead in his swimming pool
in his home in East Sussex.

As the founding member
of The Rolling Stones,

Mr. Jones' brand of rock 'n' roll,
alongside Lennon and McCartney,

was commonly held to be
one of the k ey influences

of the so-called British
Swinging Sixties music scene.

Le d?c?s de Brian Jones repr?sente la
mort de la d?cennie du rock 'n' roll.

Il symbolise la d?bauche et la
sexiness de la g?n?ration permissive.

About midnight Jones went for a swim
with Swedish girlfriend, Anna Wohlin,

and another friend,
Mr. Frank Thorogood.

The cause of death is unknown.

Called Tom.

He's on his way down here.

Everything will be all right.

Come on, Frank.

What, you're telling me your missus don't
want you doing building work for Brian Jones?

The thing is, Tom,

she'd just like me
to find a job on a site in London.

I mean, we spent
all that fucking time away at Keith's-


Watch the ash on Keith's upholstery.

No, I reckon you should chuck
your bit on the side, mate.

What's her name?
Joan? Put it in the past.

New job, new horizons.

Anyway, working for Brian's not
the same as working for Keith.

You're gonna need a clear head.

I mean, Keith was never there
half the time, was he?

Are you really
The Rolling Stones' manager?

Road manager, love. I don't shove
bits of paper round a desk.

I look after them. My boys.

Will Keith Richards
mind us being in his house?

Now, why would he give me the keys

if he had a problem with me showing a
beautiful woman round his beautiful house?


Why don't you take Joan here
on the tour?

Yeah, come on. I'll show you the room
I'm building for Keith's guitars, eh?

Yeah, you chuck her.

I'm elbowing that Janet. Can't understand
half the words she uses, for a start.

Frank tells me you're a nurse.
I like intelligent birds.

Do you want me
to show you Keith's bedroom?

I thought the others
might have got there first.

Oh, no. Frank wouldn't
do a thing like that.

Trust me, Frank,
there's plenty more fish in the sea.

Actually, I think it's quite nice here.
What with the fire and all that.

Don't you?

You should think of me
as your protector, Janet.

You can always rely on me.

If the missus finds out,
I'll be hung out like a kipper.

But like I said,
new job, new horizons.

Brian wants a lot of work
done on this place.

He only bought it
a couple of months ago.

So the money's
got to be good, then?

You just get your feet
under the table, mate.

D Mm-hm, mm-hm d

d You better come on d

d In my kitchen d

d It's going to be raining outdoors dd

Tom, my man!
I forgot you were coming.

Brian, meet a mate of mine.

Frank Thorogood.

One of the best builders around.

Nice place.
I told you, Frank did Keith's gaff up.

Anyone who's good enough for Keith
is good enough for me.

Oh, I found that camera you lost.
Oh, great.

Don't you two worry about it,
your secret's safe with me.

So, what do you mean, secrets?

It stands to reason, don't it? You
two love-birds alone with a camera.

Did your glasses get all steamed up
looking at the pictures, lover?

Cool it, Anna. He's just
trying to mess with our minds.

Isn't that right, Tom?

I won't charge for the processing.

Fuck it, Tom! There's other girls
apart from her on that film.

Blimey! Oh, dear!

Well, they all look the same to me,
so maybe she won't notice.

Brian, you lying bastard!
You said you were at the studios.

I'm going back to London!

You know, maybe you'd do better off
without her around for a bit, eh?

Be a bit of peace and quiet,
knock off a few tunes.

I don't knock off tunes, Tom.

Parts of it go back
to the Domesday Book, 900 years.

A.A. Milne owned it for a long time.

Christopher Robin,
Winnie-the-Pooh. All written here.

They ran wild in this garden.

So, what do you want doing, then?

Well, I want some lights in the pool

and some beams in the kitchen
so it matches the rest of the house.

There's tons to be done.

I'm having ideas all the time.

Come on, Heffalump.


And the drainage is up the spout.

Well, I can take a look at that.

Oh, I got drunk one night. They're
not as expensive as you might think.

What sort of budget,
then, for the work?

The office can deal with the details.

So, what did Tom tell you about me?

I bet he said I was paranoid.



Eh, Tom?

I ain't sure about this.

Course you are. You did it
at Keith's gaff. You know the score.

Patience is the name of the game.

You keep Brian happy
and you're in the gravy.

You'll be staying above the garage, weeknights.
Check it out. It's got a bog and everything.

I'll keep the interfering bitch
away for a few days.

Give you time
to settle in with the boys.

Enjoy, my son! Welcome to
The House at Pooh Corner.

Hello, I'm Julian
and this is my friend Sandy.

Oh, it's Mr. Horne!

Oh, how bona to vada your eke!

Excuse me, Mr. Jones.



Why can't people leave me alone?

What, you want me to get rid of him?

Oi! What do you think
you're doing, eh?

Sling your hook!

You come round here again,
I'll break your neck!

Well, he's gone.
Do you mind if I use your blower?

He was the strangest man.


It's Frank.

I need a cab to Chichester.

Where am I?
You can't go. I mean, Anna's gone.

Well, I'll need to go over there to get
my boys together for the morning.

Sod them all!
I'm not staying here on my own.

You can cook?

I'll call you back.

Got any eggs?

So you were at Keith's?
Yeah, that's right.

He's a cool guy.

I didn't see that much of him,
to be honest with you.

Always travelling
with that girlfriend of his.

Yeah, that's the one.

People think I'm a druggie,
but I'm not anymore.

Now I'm just a boozer.

I've had convictions,
you know, Frank.

Yeah, I read about it in the paper.

The lying English press.

They print
the law's version of all that shit.

They even started
trying to plant the dope on me.

That's all behind me now.

Fuck them.

Well, I guess they were
right about one thing.

I was always my own worst enemy.

When your brother gets home, you are to go straight
to your room and do your homework. Is that clear?

Yes, Mum.

And close the door, Barbara.

Do you have any idea
what you've done?

Is it Mary?

Is something wrong?

No, she's a perfectly healthy

aside from the fact
that she's three months pregnant

and she claims that you're the father.


You should be locked away
for this, you bastard!

Couldn't she see a doctor?

I mean, aren't there clinics now?

Oh, you want to become
a murderer, do you?

As well as a molester?

You make me sick.

Look at this filth! This evil filth!

D Every time
I'm walking down the street d

d Some pretty mama
Start breaking down d

d Please stop breaking down dd

All I had was my music.
And then I got the guys together.

Which one of you smart alecs
changed the bloody locks?

Now chuck the keys down right now!

You and your hairy friends
owe three months' rent!

They're out.
No, they're not. I can hear them!

Oh, physically they're here
but astrologically speaking-

Don't give me that codswallop!

Look, when they stop playing
I'll send them over with the dosh.

You mind you do.

Keep playing, lads.
We could be here till Christmas.

You're gonna be big, big, big.

And forget these perky clubs.

I helped Epstein break the Beatles in
the US and I can do the same for you.

You need a proper producer,
a manager, and I'm your man.

As spokesperson for the band,

I can safely say
we don't want to be the Beatles.

When I brought the guys together,
it was for the blues, man.

Lennon and McCartney
write pop songs.

And so should you,
but red-hot and dangerous.

Lose the suits, burn the house down.

Come on, guys. If the Beatles
are Christ, you're the Antichrist.

Andrew was right, we did
become big. Everywhere.

It's just the U.S. Of A that's
the problem. They won't let me in.

Not that I care. It's them, my band.

Mick's organised
yet another American tour

and because of the convictions,
the lawyers say I'm a...


So you're stuck here, then.
Till the suits sort it out.

Meantime, I think
I'll get legally stoned.

Cheers, Frank.
Cheers, Mr. Jones.


Hi, Keith. Yeah, listen, I think I've got
something. Let me just play it to you.

Keith's not here right now.
Call back later.

Nita, is that you?


Follow me.

Thank you.

I was watching you on-stage.

You were laughing at the riots.

I'm a bad person.

Then I must be too.

I'm Anita.

I'm Brian.

Everybody knows who you are.

You're not unhappy I kidnapped you?

Feel free to kidnap me any time.

Mick and Keith might not like it

but I'm going to love it.



Livrer sur le D

de Nadie.

Lysergic acid diethylamide.


But should you have it?

See the serpent's tongue?

Fais attention. Ne lui
donnes pas trop la premi?re fois.

He thinks you might not like
what you find beyond the door.

But I like the gatekeeper.

What you find beyond the door.

D One pill makes you larger d

d And d

d One pill makes you small d

d And the ones
That Mother gives you d

d Don't do anything at all d

d Go ask Alice d

d When she's 10 feet tall d

d And if you go chasing rabbits d

d And you know you're going to fall dd

Volker. This is my new friend Brian.

It's exciting that
Anita has agreed to act in my film.

To act?

Of course. I would be honoured if
you would consider writing the music.

In my new film
she performs a murder.

Music to murder to? Interesting.

D When men on the chessboard d

d Get up and tell you where to go d

Maybe it isn't planned.
Maybe it's just murder.

D And your mind is moving low d

d Go ask Alice d

d I think she'll know d

d When logic d

d And proportion d

d Have fallen sloppy dead d

d And the White Knight
Is talking backwards d

d And the Red Queen's
"Off with her head!" d

d Remember d

d What the Dormouse said d

d Keep your head d

d Keep your head dd


I need some female company.
You'll have to drive me up to London.

I can't drive.

Why not? Course you can drive.

I've only got the one eye.

Which one is it?
That's for you to find out, isn't it?

Lost it for king and country.

You're no use as a driver.

I'm not a driver.

I'm a fucking builder.


All right. All right, then, cheers.

See you tomorrow, yeah?

D Wouldn't it be nice
To get on with me neighbours? D

d But they make it very clear
They've got no room for ravers d

d They stop me from grooving
They bang on me wall d

d They're doing me crust in
It's no good at all d

d Lazy Sunday afternoon d

d I've got no mind to worry d

d I close my eyes and drift away d

d Aroo de do de do
Aroo de do de di day d

d Lazy Sunday afternoon d

d I've got no mind to worry d

d Close my eyes and drift away dd


Want to take a gander at this?



D Can't stop breaking down d

Pour your own.

Can you move it over there?

D I can't walk the streets
Consolidate my mind d

d Some no-good woman
Keeps on breaking down d

It's a brick wall.

It just doesn't feel right.

D Please stop breaking down dd

Where over there?

D You Saturday-night women
You love to ape and clown d

d You won't do nothing but tear
A good man's reputation down d

d Stop breaking down dd

d The stuff I got'll bust
Your brains out, baby dd

Hi, Brian.


Um, tell Frank
it was in the right place before.

Fucking ponce.

Just ignore the ponce.

We can keep this going all summer
and not even break a sweat.

But he flaunts that bird in our faces!

Just remember to keep your hands
off, otherwise it'll all be over.

When are we gonna
get paid proper, Frank?

I'm sorting it out.

Yeah. Yeah, all right, Frank.
Look, I'll fix it.

Look, I gotta get some money
to Brian's builders.

Can we talk about this, Tom?

Hello? Can I ask you to hold?

Brian's constantly overspending.

The clothes. The travelling.

Just the lifestyle.

Way above the other four.

And then there's the lawyers' fees,
and it's not just the drug bust.

There are five women all claiming
to be the mothers of his children.

The others are gonna have to approve any
more large sums being spent on his house.

Yeah, well, I need cash now.

These boys don't get paid, then what
we've spent so far goes down the toilet.

This is the last payment
without approval.

Brian has no incomings.

He's not touring. He's not writing any songs.
He's not even at the recording sessions anymore.

But it's still his band, though, isn't it?
Is it, Tom?

Well, he thinks so, mate.
He thinks so.

Boys, boys, this song is great.

Just needs a little more work.
Later, man. We're going down the pub.

No, it'll just take half an hour.
We'll see you in the pub, Brian.

See you down there, mate.

I hope you've got some money, then.

I can't do you both
at the same fucking time, can I?

Here we are!
Hey, Tom!

This is nothing,
just the down payment.

So get those down your throats
and this in your pockets.

That's it. Cheers, Tom.

What you doing?

Tom, I'm the one
who should be paying them.

You're right, Frank.
That's a good point.

Everyone should know their place.

You know, you should've called me
earlier. I'd have come down like a shot.

Pity Brian's not around. Could've had
a word with him about taking the piss.

Yeah, well, we got more done today with
him out of the house than all last week.

What's up here, Tom?

Yeah, you have
a look around, darling.

I thought you was dumping her.

I am. This is it.
You know, the big E.

Bring her down here, give her a bit
of excitement, then, "Boof!" Finito.

Well, come on. Tea break's over.

So is Frank taking Brian Jones
for a bit of a ride, then?

What you on about?

It's just that that's what Joan said
Frank was doing at Keith Richards'.

"Skimming off,"
is that the expression?


Frank's as good as gold.
Nah, she's just-

She's just pissed off because he's
giving her the elbow, that's all.

Mm, yes.

A woman scorned
can be a vengeful creature.


Come on.

Who's been sleeping in my bed?

Thank you, Frank.
That's all right.

So are you like Tom,
got these birds on the side?

I got a girl, yeah.
I bet you have, you dirty dog.

What's Tom's woman like?

Janet? Leggy, posh.

Mm, nice. So have you had her?

You must be joking.

Come on, Frank.

Haven't you ever heard of free love?

She's beautiful, isn't she?

Yeah, very.

If you want her, you can have her.

You can.

But Anna only goes with real men,
don't you, honey?

I know.

Why don't you show her your stuff,

some press-ups?

How about starting with 50?

You must be able to do 50.
Even I can do 50.

I'm sure she'll show you
some form of appreciation.

Fifty, eh?

One, two, three, four,

five, six-

I knew you was having me on.

The next 50 will be harder.

I wonder what she'll do then.

All right.

One, two...

There. Fifty.

I'm into brain not brawn.

Come on, let's go up.

Come on, Frank!
We're still mates, aren't we?

I mean, love the beam, man.

D Beautiful miracle
Pardon my lyrical rhapsody d

d But can't you see d

d You've captured me d

d Being so glamorous d

d Can't you be amorous
Just with me? D

d Make it soon d

d Take a look at the moon d

What's it like
at this Brian Jones', then?

All right. Swimming pool and all that.

All right for some.
D -around the cornerd

d When I'm around you d

d Let's go cuddle in a corner d

d Any cosy little corner d

d Love is just around the corner d

d And I'm around you dd

Frank, it's me. I need you here.

The cover's blown off the cesspit

and if it keeps on raining,
we're going to be engulfed in poo.

Brian, how did you get my number?
Don't get all paranoid on me, Frank.

Only one of us is allowed to be
paranoid. That's the arrangement.

I'm sorry. Look, just get in a cab
and I'll pay for it. Thank you, Frank.

All right, I'm gonna have a bath.

I'm in the bath!

Anna? Frank's arrived.

There's no cover on it.
I know.

It's only there.

Shall we put it back on?

Thanks, Frank.
Couldn't have done it without you.

Let's go up to the house. Anna can fix
us some grub and a nice stiff drink.

Carrot juice?




Good party?


Missed you last night at the studio.
Had the groove down.

Could've been really something.
Like old times.

Get those guitars weaving again
is what we need.

Are you gonna put down
some tracks today?

Can't right now.

Brian, you can't like them
recording without you.

I'm not exactly in love
with the music we're playing now.

Keith can lay down my stuff.

It's really not that difficult.

Brian, you've forgotten
I go to Munich today. The film.

Can't you push it back a bit?

I'd like to, but it's a film.

So you could go to the studio.

Don't tell me what to do!

I can do whatever I bloody well like!

Brian? Brian!



It's not just his funeral, Keith.

It's ours as well.

Keith, he's right, you know.
It's just another wasted session.

Cat just needs a break, that's all.


Und schnitt. Dank e.




jetzt wieder...

Sind Sie fertig, oder?

Brian? Where have you been?

Volker keeps asking.
You got the rushes, yes?

Yeah. Yeah, don't worry, Anita.

I've been working night and day.

Hab immer noch das Drehbuch.

Why are we on holiday

if you have to be finished
with the music in two weeks?

I want to be proud you,
Brian, and you just keep-

I need more time.

What's wrong?
You're a wreck!

I'm going home. I'm telling Volker
to get someone else to do the music.

Don't leave me.
Get out! Look at yourself!

You can't handle the drugs!

We take drugs. We do.
You, me, Keith-

I can handle them, Brian! Keith
can handle them! You, you just-

You just fade away!

You drink too much,
you take too many fucking drugs!

You can't even get it up
without hitting me!

That's what you like.
Not all the time.

You're not leaving.

You're fucking pathetic.

That was wonderful, Brian. Thank you.


Frank! Frank!

Sorry, Brian. Didn't I tell you
I was emptying the pool?

Don't worry about that.
It's the sound, Frank.

Watch that step there.
Come on, I'll show you.

I'm just gonna lower it down.

Right, Frank, start the tape.

Wait, grab this.
Now, why don't you to take this?

Give it a shake.

That's it. Come on, get into it.

Use your hand like this. Like this.

Into the microphone.

Come on! Get into it!

That's it. Feel the music.

Come on, Frank, come on!

That's it!

All right, lads. Knock off.

Nice one, Frank!
What, 3.30?

You coming to the boozer?
Later maybe.


Definitely a six, Frank.

What do you think?
Someone's in trouble.

You did restock, didn't you?
Course I bloody did.

You know, you play quite well
for a bloke with one eye.

Have you ever heard of the
blues legend Blind Willie Johnson?

He was a very cool guy.

So your partial blindness
makes you partially cool, Frank.

Thank you, Brian.
I'll go and get the booze, eh?

What are you doing in my room?

Do you know what'd happen to Brian
if the cops found this here?

It's only grass, Frank.

The black bombers are his prescription.
I need to hide them from him.

You don't care about him, do you?

Prison would kill that boy.
What are you now, his babysitter?

I'll keep these from now on, eh?

And this. If I told Brian about this,
he'd chuck you on the spot.

Maybe he'd chuck you, Frank.

He's got you now.

You need to keep in with him to get
your bread. I know what you're doing.

I'm not the hanger-on.


Mick and Keith?
They want to come down tomorrow?

Yeah, Brian will be here.

Thank you. Bye.

Do you want to tell him?

If Mick and Keith are coming down tomorrow,
I'll get some more booze in, eh, Brian?

I'll leave you to it, then.

D Paper sun d

d On the run dd

Loved your movie, Anita.

Brian's music was amazing. But I'm
not so sure about my performance.

You were wonderful, darling.

What do you see?
Clouds look like big fucking rats.

Need their arses blown off.

Somebody give me a gun.

We're changing. It's like we're part
of some experiment.

Like something amazing's
going to come from it.

I'm going somewhere, that's for sure.

I'm going to hell, Brian.

Race you.

Don't you feel her power?

You want to fuck her!

Oh, shut up!

Fucking hell, Brian.

And you want to fuck him.

I know that. I've seen the way
you've been looking at each other.

I'm telling you, I don't care.

I honestly don't care.

Brian, this is stupid, man.
Keith! I love you, man.

I want you to have a good time.

This is our party.
This is just part of the experiment.

We can do whatever we want.

I don't want him, damn it.

If you want to fuck Keith-

What are you doing?

Don't be so bourgeois.

Besides, I'm ordering you.

Gysin, where's the dealer?
The Eggman?

In bed, asleep?

Gysin, can you get me some coke?





I suppose that'll have to do.

Why don't you go
and look for Anita, Brian?

Anita can take care of herself.

Tom, get the car!


What's going on?

This is just part of the experiment.

What are you doing?
You know what I'm doing.

I don't want to! I don't want to.
Yes, you do. Yes, you do.

Get off. Get off!

Aaahh! Please!

You experiment with Keith?
You made me! No!

Experiment with me!




Look, I've been ringing and
fucking ringing. What's going on?

Nothing. It's- It's all coming together.

You want to talk to Brian?
No, I don't want to talk to Brian.

Your missus has been calling my missus.
You've not been home for three weeks.

What's happening, Frank?

I just had a lot of work
on my plate, that's all.

Yeah, well, just so you know,

I'll be back to take care of things
after everything goes khaki, all right?

He missed a bit.

Where's the arsehole?


Get us out of here.

She kept fucking him.

I don't know about anything, but
Joan's gonna take you to the airport.

Come on, Anita. Come on, come on.

Come on, Tom!
Just put your foot down.

Don't touch the car!

What do you mean, we've checked
out? "We" is standing right here!

Where are the others?

Gone? What, disappeared?

Just like that?

Did they leave a message?
No, sir, just this.

What's this?

I'm not paying the fucking bill.

D With your pencil in your hand d

d You see somebody naked d

d And you say, "Who is that man?" d

d You try so hard d

d But you don't understand d

d Just what you'll say
When you get home d

d 'Cause you know
Something is happening d

d But you don't know what it is d

d Do you d

d Mr. Jones? D

d Your raise up your head
And you ask, "Is this where it is?" d

d Somebody points to you
And says, "It's his" d

d You say, "What's mine?" d

d And somebody else says
"Where what is?" d

d And you say, "Oh, my God!
Am I here alone?" d

Hi, guys. Great to see you. Come in.

D 'Cause you know
Something is happening here d

d But you don't know what it is d

d Do you, Mr. Jones? Dd

So. You fellas don't make it
down here very often.

Looks like a nice one.


You got some live Hendrix. Cool.

Yeah. He sent one over.

Look, Brian, we've got this tour.

Even if the lawyers can get you into
the States, you're never at the studio.

We need a guitarist
who knows the new material.


And we- I mean, you're not...

You're out, cock.

You're fired.

What we thought,
what the management figured out,

you'll get 100 grand now, and 20
for every year the band keeps going.


Come and see us
at the studio, you know?

So long, mate.

You'll get your act together, man.

D I'm gonna tell you
How it's gonna be d

d You're gonna give your love to me d

d I'm gonna love you night and day d

d Well, love is love
And not fade away d

d Well, love is love
And not fade away d

d My love is bigger than a Cadillac d

d I'll try to show it
When you drive me back d

d Your love for me
Has got to be real d

d Want you to know just how I feel d

d Love is real, not fade away d

d Love is real, not fade away d

d Yeah d

d Oh, love is love
Don't fade away d

d Love is love
Don't fade away d

d Love is love
Don't fade away d

d Love is love
Don't fade away d

d Love is love
Don't fade away dd

Brian, what happened?

You've got my pills, haven't you?
Anna told me.

I need one.

I don't think you need
anything else, Brian.

Frank, they're my prescription.
I need them.

I don't think you need-
I need them.

Do you want any, Frank?


Come on.

Can't you do something, Frank?

He needs your help. I thought
you were supposed to be in control.

Now, then, Keylock's here.

Oi, Brian! Oi, oi, oi! Come on.

What are you doing, mate?

Just clearing out the crap.

Yeah, well, you don't want
to destroy this stuff, eh?

It could be worth a fortune.


When are you getting
your new band set up, eh?

You know, there was
a call from Hendrix at the office.

He's a cool cat.

We've been talking
about getting it together.

He called?
I'll take over.

I can handle that.

Get that down you.

I'm out of the band, Tom.
I know, son.

But it's for the best.


You don't need that.

What the fuck happened?

I don't know. He got hold
of something, went fucking crazy.

It's been like a madhouse down here.

Yeah, well, don't worry about it.
Maybe I should get Janet down.

Thought you'd given her the big E.

I'm just thinking
that we might need a nurse,

what with Brian going all loose.

Shame she wasn't here this morning.

Hey, Frank, you stick to this kind
in the future, all right?

When you gonna get
your hair cut, Frank?

It's only been a few days.

It's just the drugs
are leaving your system, you know.

I still feel terrible.

D Good morning
The world is bright d

d And you sit tight
And you'll be right... dd

And here's more sensational news.

After months of speculation,

Brian Jones, founder member of The Rolling
Stones, said he is to quit the group.

In an official statement today
he said-

I no longer see eye to eye with the
others over the disks we are cutting.

We no longer communicate musically.

The Stones' music
is not to my taste anymore.

I have a desire to play my own brand
of music rather than that of others,

no matter how much
I appreciate the musical concept.

The only solution
is to go our separate ways,

but we shall still remain friends.
I love those fellows.

What do you think?

You look beautiful.

I am Sir Brian, king of the castle.

Sir Brian was meant
to write his music in paradise,

not a building site.

So you gonna get rid of them, then?

I've got to fire someone
I didn't even hire in the first place.

Yeah. It'll be just you and me.

Just us? Never.

D The man I love d

d I took from my best friend d

d Some joker got lucky d

d And stole him back again dd


Fucking ponce has locked us out!

What do you reckon I'd get for this?

You wouldn't know too much about money,
would you? Or we'd have seen some.

What about those guitars in there?
Must be worth a bit.

They wouldn't notice if you nicked
one. If you had the balls, that is.

You're just a fucking brickie.
What do you know about anything?

I'm coming!


Tom? It's Frank.

Frank, I'm just on my way out
so call me later, yeah?

No, it's getting messy down here now.
The boys want paying.

Yeah, well, maybe I'll get down there,
maybe I won't, all right?

Well, maybe you should.

Tom, I'm owed.

All right. Go down the Stones' office this afternoon
and whatever Brian owes you will be waiting for you.

Thanks, Tom.

It's been touted as a free concert

but really it's a way of introducing
the new boy who's replacing Brian.

Yeah, Mick Taylor.
He's quite gorgeous, actually.

Look, I'm gonna have to go. Yeah.

Hiya. Is Tom Keylock around at all?

You're Mr. Thorogood?
Yeah, that's right.

He left this for you.

I ain't having that.
There ain't enough money there.

And there's a mistake. It says "full
and final payment for all services. "

There's no mistake.

Mr. Jones isn't happy with your work.

And quite frankly,

The Rolling Stones are no longer
willing to finance your shenanigans.

Until Mr. Jones
opens a separate account,

that's all you're getting from us.

Good day, Mr. Thorogood.

You ain't firing me.
There's 8 grand still owing.

You ain't getting away with it.

All good things
come to an end, Frank.

Don't worry, you'll get your money.
That's why you have to go.

It's built up too much.

I don't want the work completed.

For chrissakes,
don't you want the fucking job done?

I've done all this work.
I could still finish it.

I need space. I need peace.

I've got my own work to do now.

I thought it was agreed.

Oh, so that's it, then?

Look, you're good company,
you're fun to wind up.

But you're...

a fucking terrible builder.


Well, I ain't going nowhere
till I get my money.

Well, I'm going...


Get the door, would you?
And what's for supper, Frank?


The door was open.
Are you okay, Frank?

Things will work out, Frank. Let's
just try and have a lovely evening.


Let's have a lovely evening, eh?

We're not hungry.

All right, Anna.
You might change your mind, eh?

Ungrateful cow.

No fucking manners.

So, what now?

I go back home,
see what work's around.

Had enough of this gaff anyway.

Stonesville. A very strange place.


This is nice.
Can't quite place the seasoning.


Have you spoken to Tom?
I called him today.

He ain't coming down here.

Told me he don't want
nothing more to do with you.

He let me down today and all.

That's Tom all over, isn't it?

That's his trouble, just not reliable.

Come on.

I want to get smashed tonight.
Last night and all.

I'm not really a vodka drinker.
Come on.

Put a little lemonade with it, eh?



Oh. Oh, Tom.

I knew you'd come.

Frank! Stop it!

Frank, get off!

A touch more Jane than Tarzan,
I'm afraid, Frank.

So says the ponce with a girl's barnet.

Ha-ha, very droll.

Come on. Don't tell me you wouldn't
like to look like me, be like me.

What, look like you? You're a freak.
There's only one freak in this pool.

Piss off, you poof.

That's stupid. You're acting like kids.

You've both had enough.
Come on, Brian.

Well, you sure can pick them.

Oh? Well, who should I pick,
Frank? You?

Do you want to replace Anna?

Why don't you piss off, eh?
I'm not a poof like you.

Come on, Frank.
You swing both ways, don't you?

Maybe you, me and Anna
should have a threesome.

Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.

I think you should get out.

Honestly, I'm fine. Could you grab
my inhaler? It's in the music room.

Okay. I'll be right back.

Like it underwater, do you?

Fuck off, you arsehole!
Arsehole? Who you calling arsehole?


Where do you think you're going, eh?

Quite strong for a ponce, ain't you?

It's a fucking joke! Never serious.
I'll get you!

Don't you laugh at me,





I need a towel.

Brian, I-




Oh, fuck! Brian!



Frank! Frank!


Ja, men det var j?ttel?nge sen.

Anna? Will you
come down here, please, now?

Get off the phone. This is a private-
Now, please. It's Brian.

Get off the phone.
This is a private call.

I can't swim, Anna.


Oh, my God!

Damn it, get help!

D Well, I followed him d

d To the station d

d With a suitcase in my hand dd

Oh, my God!

Tell us again what happened,
in your own words.

I told you. I saw Brian.

He was lying facedown at the bottom
of the deep end of the pool.

Janet and I jumped in
and after a struggle, we got him out.

And that's your sworn statement,
is it, Mr. Thorogood?

D Well, it's hard to tell d

d It's hard to tell d

d When all your love is in vain dd

Cops held you a while.

Yeah, well, they just hammered me
with the same questions.

"What was he drinking?"
"Was he on drugs?"

Yeah, well, pop star dies like that,
drug squad got a result, haven't they?

Did my name come up?



Said she was a friend of mine.

Well, sometimes you've got to lie,
haven't you? For everyone's sake.

You were supposed to look after him.

What the fucking hell happened here?

It's been building for months,
hasn't it?

You've let yourself go.
Look at the state of you.

What are you doing?
Brian's stuff, isn't it?

I don't want kids ransacking the place

and I don't want Plod finding any
drugs he might've hidden in his clobber.

I look after my boy.

He was trouble to me alive
and he's trouble to me dead.

You're well out of it, sacked.
Now look what I've got to do.

I gotta get a statement, I gotta get that
Swedish bint on a plane out of here.

Supposed to be with the lads. They're
recording Top of the Pops today.

And then there's you.

I'll cover your arse
because it's my arse too.

Your stupid games
could've ruined both of us, Frank.

I don't want to know the truth!

We both know it was
your fucking fault either way.

Come on, you give me a hand.

D And all my love d

d Is in vain dd

d Oh, oh, yeah dd

Without Brian Jones
they're finished as a rock band.

I mean, in the next 12 months.
You mark my words.

No, they'll do all right without Brian.

We all will.

Tom, my man.

Look at them all.

Isn't it fabulous?

Thanks for making a martyr of me.

If it wasn't for you, I'd still be alive

and no one would care.

You know that isn't true.

It was you screwing
with Frank's head what did it.

Because you had nothing better
to do. Because you didn't have her.


Just had to go and
screw it up, didn't you?

Your problem is,
you were never happy.

Even Frank was happy.

You're wrong, you know, Tom.

I was happy
somewhere in the middle there.

But the thing with happiness was...

it was boring.

D Time d

d Is on my side d

d Yes, it is d

d Time d

d Is on my side d

d Yes, it is d

d Now, you always say d

d That you wanna be free d

d You'll come running back d

d Just like I hoped you would, baby d

d You'll come running back d

d I won't have to cry no more d

d You'll come running back d

d Uh-huh d

d Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah d

d Time d

d Is on my side d

d Yes, it is, yeah d

d Time d

d Is on my side d

d Uh-huh d

d I know that d

d You're searching for good times d

d But just wait and see d

d You'll come running back dd

d Well, I can't d

d Get the devil d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me d

d No, I can't d

d Get the devil d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me d

d But I hate the world d

d And everything I see d

d Everything I see d

d Everything I see d

d And I'll never d

d Get the devil d

d Outside of me

d Outside of me

d But I hate the world d

d And everything I see d

d Everything I see d

d Everything I see d

d I know the meaning of the word d

d When it came to me d

d When it came to me d

d When it came to me d

d I don't live d

d I just breathe d

d I don't give d

d And I don't receive d

d And I'll never d

d Get the devil d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me d

d Well, I don't get d

d All the good things d

d You said I'd see d

d You said I'd see d

d And I don't d

d See the light d

d Surrounding me d

d Surrounding me d

d But I see lovers d

d Walking free d

d And I see red d

d Each time you say d

d All the good things d

d Gonna come my way d

d And I don't know you d

d And you don't know me d

d I know what I want d

d What I can be d

d And I'll never d

d Get the devil d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me d

d Outside of me dd

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