Stone of Destiny (2008) - full transcript

The Stone of Destiny retells the fascinating and true story of four young Glaswegian students who, in 1951, outwitted the British authorities in their successful attempt to take back the Stone of Scone - a beloved symbol of Scottish pride, back to its country of origin.

"It was only a rock,
a big lump of sandstone.

You might pass right by it.

But to us it was
a symbol of our freedom.

Of our independence.

We all knew about it, of course.

We learned as children how it was
the Scottish stone of kings.

But they took it from us.

And as a nation I suppose
we'd forgotten about it.

Time does that.

It was history."

Justice for Scotland.

Support home rule.

Justice for Scotland.
Come to the meeting.

Support home rule.

"But I was young and
full of passion for my country.

Scotland needed
to reclaim its identity.

It was time for the young
to remind us of who we were

and who we could be again."


< Justice for Scotland.

Sign the petition.

Come to the meeting.

With your support,

with your names upon this Covenant
as absolute proof of our resolve.

We will plunge this message into
the very heart of Westminster.

We, the people of Scotland,
declare our belief

that reform in the constitution
is necessary

in order to secure good government.

With that end in view,
we solemnly enter this Covenant.

We pledge ourselves
and all loyalty to the Crown

to do everything in our power to
secure for Scotland a parliament.

With adequate legislative authority
in all Scottish affairs.

Scotland will not be ignored.

Aye, let's see them ignore that.

It's only been five years
since the war. Give them time.

Time? Time? They've had centuries.

How many promises have they broken?
In 1707 they -

Ancient history, mate.

That's Scottish history, our history.

The oldest nation in Europe.
The oldest bloody nation in Europe.

You think Scotland can
look after their own affairs?

Certainly not if you have the vote.

I'm saying give London a chance.

Here's the chance right here.
Let's see what they do with it.

If Scotland's ever going
to be a nation again -

Shut up!

Shut your stupid mouth.

There's no bloody nation.

There's nothing but wind
and rain and mud and shit.

Look at that.

What does that say?

"North Britain."


We're all British now.

Scotland is dead.

It died in its sleep.

Nobody even came to the funeral.

One for granddad.

Come on, I'll give you a lift.
No, you'll kill me.

I heard you in there tonight.
You know what you are?

An anarchist. A menace to society.

I'll take that as a compliment.

Come on, I'm doing you a favour.
All right.

- You on?
- Yup.

Careful now.

Here we go.

I'm off, I'm off!

Aw, I broke my bum.


So, been to church recently?

Yes, Dad.

How's the studies going? Well?

Speak up, please.

Aye, fine.

Still thinking about law?

Aye, I'm not decided yet, but...

Still with that Covenant thing?


Harris, please.

Well, Margie, look at him.
He's not stupid.

Why can't he concentrate on
his studies?

I am concentrating.

You're throwing your life away
with that nationalist rubbish.

There's nothing wrong with
having pride in your country.

Nobody could be prouder of Scotland
than I am.

You have to get on in life.
I know, I know.

I said I might try law.
Well, when?

You try this, you try that. When?

Sweetheart, he's only come home
for the day and Bill's here.

How are your studies, Bill?

Good, sir.

You're onto your second degree,
aren't you?

Aye, sir.

Still President of
the students' union?

Dad, I'm not throwing my life away.

But if I see wrongs
that need to be righted -

There's always something wrong,
isn't there?

Let me tell you something, lad.

What's wrong is not out there.

What's wrong is in here.

This is a world for doers,
not for dreamers.

Try and make something of your life,

Here's those things.

If the trousers don't fit bring them
back, I'll make a pillow cover.

Right, Mum.

Remember, your father gave you that.

He doesn't mean to be harsh, Ian.

He had the same fire as you
when he was young.

But the world's not easy,
he's worked hard.

Made a good life for us all.

I know, Mum, I know.

He is proud of you, you know.

Well, let him say so, then.

Thank you.

< Ian.

Bastards, eh?

We'll get them next time.

Aye, right.

They can't ignore us forever.
Can they not?

People are outraged.
No, they're not.

How can you say that?
It's bullshit.

Calm down, Ian.
It didn't even make the headline.

It was on the front page.
Come on, mate.

How can people not care about
their own country?

People care. It's just -

They're busy.

Look, mate, nobody cared more about
the Covenant than I did.

Thought I'd find you here.

Ian's blown a fuse again.

Come on, we'll get a pint,
we'll talk about it.

No more talk, all right? I'm serious.

Someone's got to do something.
So what are you going to do?

Get an army, invade England?
Of course not!

Then what, Ian? What?

A symbol.

We need a symbol, a gesture.

Something to wake these people
up a bit.

An act of revolution. A salt march.

A what?
You know, Gandhi.

When they marched across India
protesting taxes on salt.

So you're Gandhi now?

Bill, you know what we are.
You know what Scottish people are?

We're ashamed.

Ashamed of being Scottish.

Screw them because I'm not.

Oh, look. Wendy Wood.

She was a friend of my mum's.

Are you out of your mind?
It's in Westminster Abbey.

I know where it is.
So it's protected.

It's not some bloody souvenir.

'I'll take two postcards, a tea
towel and the Stone of Destiny.'

Think of what it'll mean.
It's the single most powerful -

I know what it is.
That's not the point.

They'll put you away.
You'll get 20 years.

You might as well go for
the Crown Jewels,

you'll never get away with it.

I might.

All right,
let's say you pull it off.

You somehow get it out of the Abbey
and back up to Scotland.

What are you gonna do with it then?
I've not thought about that.

That's up to the people of Scotland.

If it doesn't raise them to
their feet, to fight and cheer,

then Scotland really is dead,
but at least we'll know.

It weighs a ton.
You'll never even lift it.

Not by myself.

Oh, you evil man.

I'm six months from my degree.
I know.

Lovely position waiting.

And here you come with your crazy
schemes offering me what?

Complete destruction of everything
I've ever worked for.

All great schemes are crazy.
That's what makes them great.

We'll ruin our lives.
Probably, aye.

Prison, Ian.

Aye, maybe. But it's for Scotland.

I'm through with talk, Bill,
I really am.

Now, are you with me or not?

You bastard.

Got a few more.

Give us that Westminster Abbey one,
will you?

Statesman's corner.


Henry the third, Henry the first.

For you.

Here's the back door
I was telling you about.

What do I have to do
to get a drink around here?

Listen, I told you already,
just take a seat.

All right, I will.

I don't think you're right.

If this was you, how can that be?

And up.

Islip Chapel.

Under renovation.

That's right.

Edward the first, Edward the third,
Edward the Confessor.

Coronation Chair.


"Talking about it was one thing.

We Scots have always been good
at talking.

But I had to see what we were up
against with my own eyes.

Only then would it be real to me.

I was off to London."

> Hello.

Did you want to join the tour?

No, is it all right if I just
have a wee look about?

As long as you promise not
to take anything.

...Certainly the work of
the great Henry Gavel,

who incorporated
the latest technological advancement

of the 14th century,
the flying buttress.

With these he was able to raise
the roof to 101 feet.

It remains to this day
the highest roof in Britain.

And the single leading cause
of stiff necks among tourists.

Now, if you'll follow me
we'll go on to the cloisters...

Nine pence, please.


It's very nice.


The Abbey is so clean.

Must be a whole army of cleaners
in every night just... cleaning.

Just once a week.

Oh, that's surprising.

I suppose the night watchman can
always pick up a wee bit of rubbish.

Or men,
depending on how many you have.

The Coronation Chair and Stone,

made in the reign of
Edward the first

to house the coronation stone
of the Scots,

which he brought here in 1296.

Note how the stone is incorporated
into the shelf beneath the seat.

That's so when a king of England
sits to be crowned

he sits over the Stone of Destiny,

which makes him by Scotland's own
traditions King of Scotland as well.

All without ever having to get
his royal trousers dirty.

The original coronation was in 1066.


"It's me."

"Ah, Gandhi."

I was wondering when you
were gonna turn up.

Listen, I can't talk long.
Never know who might be listening.

I just called to say I've been
round to visit my auntie's house.

You what?

I said, I've been to
my auntie's house for a visit.

I didn't know you had relatives
in London.

Why didn't you go straight
to the Abbey like we talked about?

Listen, I'm telling you,
I went to visit her house.

Oh, right.

Where the hell are you now?
I can hardly hear you.

I'm in a pub, aren't I?
Would you let me talk?

Oh, sorry.

I've had a good look at the new ring.
With the diamond in it.

Right, how's it look?

It's a lovely stone.
But it looks heavier then we thought.

The setting's a wee bit tricky.
Is it?

We may need another jeweller.

Right. We'll talk about it
when you get back.

What train are you on?

I'm going to be late -
go back tonight for another visit.

Back to your auntie's house.

She won't be home
but I'll go round the back.

Well, I'll see you tomorrow, then.

Oh, and Ian.

"If you see your auntie, ask her
if she wants her panties back."

Writing a book?

No, I'm just doing a wee sketch.


Don't they have any churches
in Glasgow?

Move on, Jock.

Mr Hamilton, you're expected.

Just a moment, sir.

Ah. You're the young lad
that wanted to see me.

Mr Hamilton. Have a seat.

Some tea?

Please, thank you.

Thank you, Mrs McQuarry.

That's a wonderful woman.

Been with the family
since I was a boy.

Still treats me like one.

I've seen you before.

Covenant meetings.

That's right.

You're quite keen, if I remember.

Is this, uh...

Can I talk?

I think so.

Because what I'm about to tell you
is of the utmost secrecy.

If what we say here were
to become known to others it...

Well, it could cause me and you
and Scotland irreparable harm.

Well, I'm on the edge of my seat.

I'm going to Westminster Abbey.

I'm going to bring back
the Stone of Destiny.

Of course, it's been tried before.

I know.

Even considered it myself once.

I didn't know that.

We were going to sneak in
dressed like monks.

Throw a cloak over the stone and
drag it out after Sunday service.

I was 16.

Your plan's a bit more
sophisticated, I presume.

Aye. I've got a couple of -

No details. I'm chairman of
the Covenant movement,

rector of the university.

I can't afford to take the risk.

You have accomplices?


Done your research?
Of course.

And the plan - is it airtight?

Will it succeed?

Aye, it will.

All right.

What do you want from me?


How much?


That's a...

That's a fair amount.

Still, nothing is impossible.

I suppose I could make arrangements.

You have a financial plan, a budget?

Not really.

I'll need something.

Well, we need to hire a car.

Petrol, obviously, and meals.

Fish and chips and so on.

£50,000 for fish and chips?

No, 50.


You came to me for £50?

Aye, well...

We're students, we're broke.

Mrs McQuarry.

Kindly show young Mr Hamilton
the way out.

Sorry if I inconvenienced you, sir,
that was never my intent.

Thank you, ma'am,
I'll find my own way.

Would you like me to clear
- the tea things up?
- No.

I mean, yes. Sorry, Mrs McQuarry.

It's all right.

Nothing wrong with a man
changing his mind now and then.

Mr Hamilton.

We never met.

Here's the Chair. At 5:30
one of us slips through the chapel.

My idea, so I claim the honour.

At 6:30 the Abbey closes, at which
point I come out and hide here.

Which is under renovation.
Tarps, ladders - perfect.

I could be there all night
if I needed to.

The night watchman finishes
around midnight, 1 o'clock.

Then I come out, screw the lock off
the door, and let you in.

Here's the brilliant part.
I say we do it at Christmas.

All of London will be in the pubs
and at parties.

We'll come down on them
when they're lying in drink

with their minds unbuttoned. What?

What, Bill? What's wrong?

I plan to go home for Christmas.

So cancel it.

I've got a committee meeting
on the 23rd.

Miss it.

I think we should give this
a bit more thought.

No, why? What's the matter with you?

I've been thinking, Ian.

I'm so close to my degree. I've got
such a great position waiting.

We could do 20 years for this.

Are you backing out?

We're getting married, Ian,
Jen and me.

Next spring.

I mean, this is my life
we're talking about here.

I can't risk it.

Aye, aye. No, fine.

Forget it, Bill, I'll go myself.
I don't need you.

I'm sorry, Ian.

I really am.

Hey, Ian.
Oh, hi.

> This person asks
why they keep the monarchy.

This voice from the back shouts,

"Aye, long live King John."

Excuse me a second.

Mr Hamilton, isn't it?
Yes, sir.

How's things?
Aye, moving along.


One moment.

Jamie, I hear you are very
interested in joining the committee.


What would you like me to do?

Excuse me, it's Kay, isn't it?

It might be.

Ian Hamilton.
I know.

Nice to meet you.

Are you dancing?

Are you asking?

I might be.

I like the idea of teaching.

Working with children and helping
them find their way in the world.

Must be the Highlander in you.

Only happy when you're tending
the helpless or battling the English.

Well, we're simple folk.

I like your necklace, by the way.

No, from my father.

Wonderful man, a crofter.

Ah, a wee farm lass.

Grew up with the sheep.

And watching my father struggle
every day trying to feed us.

Paying taxes to a government that
knows as much about the highlands

as they know about the moon.


So what does he think of you now,
his young Covenanter?

Don't know. He's dead.
His ship was torpedoed in the war.

I'm sorry to hear that.
Me, too.

By the way,
why haven't you said hello before?

I sit right behind you
in European History.

Didn't know you wanted me to.
I didn't, but that's no excuse.

What's wrong?

What are you doing for the holidays?

Going home. You?

I'm going to London.

To bring back the Stone of Destiny.

I mean it.

You do, don't you?

And so do Wendy Woods
and Bertie Gray.

Every nationalist worth his salt has
talked about it but it's just talk.

I know.

Has it occurred to you there's
a reason why it's never been done?

I've been to London.

I know I can do it. Come with me.


If we fail we'd be laughed at.
Even Scotland, I couldn't bear that.

Nor could I, but that doesn't
mean we shouldn't do it.

Can I ask why you're doing this?
Ultimately the glory of Scotland.

- Urgh.
- What?

My guess is it's not so much about
the glory of Scotland

as it is about
the glory of Ian Hamilton.

There's no need to insult me.
If you don't want to go -

I never said that. I just want
to know the lay of the land.

All right, then. Why me?

For a start, you were recommended.

Let's be honest.

You're perfect. Who'd ever suspect
a wee lass like you?

Is that what you think of me?
I don't know you.

No, you don't, do you?

First, the rules.
Number one, the answer is no.

I'm going to London for the stone.

There'll be nothing
extra-curricular, if you follow.

It had not even crossed my mind.
Now you're insulting me.

No, I -
No, I didn't mean that.

What did you mean?

Look, I think you're smashing, I do,
I just don't think of you in, like...

I mean, I might.

Why don't you just stop talking
altogether? You're making it worse.


Stop it!

Come on, we need a bit of muscle,
don't we?

Come on.

"I didn't really know Gavin,
but I'd seen him.

He was an engineering student
better known for his drinking

than for his studies.

But Kay said if you got past that
he had a heart as big as Scotland.

As usual, she was right."

Let's do it.

"On top of that
he was bloody strong."

Looks good.

So tomorrow, then.

Aye, first light.

You know, the Scots have a history
of being great debaters.

More often than not
that's as far as we get.

I poured my whole heart and soul
into the Covenant movement.

Pains me to think
that maybe it wasn't enough.


Oh, you're out.

Ring me if you need help.

Don't worry, we won't.

That's quite the ego you have there.

Remember, we're in your hands.

Christ, Gavin, what's that?

You're lucky to get anything
for this money. She runs.

Aye, but for how long?

Who the hell is that?
Alan. He's an engineer.

He figured something was up.
He wants to help.

You didn't tell him, did you?
Well, he asked me.

You told him? How could you?

He's not gonna squeal. I know him.

I don't give a shite.
How old is he, anyway?

19, 20. What's the difference?
Look at him. He's...


He's here.
That should count for something.

Aye. He's just shy.
I'll take full responsibility.

One mistake, he's on a train home.
You cannae say fairer than that.



I'm sorry, we can't use you.

Yeah, course.

You'll have to forget
you ever saw us.

Yeah, I understand.

Ian. He's got a car.

We could really use another car.

"We'd been thrown together,
the four of us.

Strangers, really.

But we were amazed at how it felt
like we'd known each other for years.

Alan's shyness had obviously
made him a good listener.

It was like he'd been with us
from the start."

We have two teams.
I'm with Gavin, you're with Kay.

I'm going to screw off the lock.
We go in, grab the baby.

Put it in the back of your car.
Back to the car park.

Switch it to the Ford.

I get in Alan's car,
put my foot down for Wales.

But the stone is in the Ford?
Right - she's a decoy.

Case anyone's seen your car
- at the Abbey.
- Right.

So then we drive the stone
back to Scotland?

No, that's the beautiful part.
We drive it south.

They'll expect us to go to Scotland.

So we stash it somewhere,
come back when the heat is off.

Aye. What could possibly go wrong?

Thank you.


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
They'll be in their cups.

Bugger that. Excuse my French.

Why put off 'til tomorrow
what we can do tonight?

He's right. It's not a bad idea.

Why not do it tonight?

We've not slept.

Can we even think straight?
Thinking is overrated.

Come on. Are we men of talk
or men of action?

We have to leave now.


Check your times.

Twenty past three now.

Well, I say a yes.

Depending, of course,
on the visiting hours in prison.

Go on, now.

See you at the party.

Could you not stick me
with the damn thing?

Shut up and stop acting
like a big baby.

Will you stop moving?

Lie back and think of Scotland.

That's it.

Now, be careful with this
cos this is the big one.

Are you OK? Can you take more?

What are they doing?

Let's go and have a look.

You all right?

How do I look?

When's the blessed event, mother?

And a merry Christmas to you, too,

Can't wait to see the look on his
face tomorrow morning. You ready?

You realise the moment
I walk through that door

my life will never be the same.

Right, keep your eyes on daddy.

> Hello.

Are you here to take the tour?

Only if you're the one giving it,

No, I just hand out
the educational literature.

Well, darling,
by all means educate me.

..Who incorporated the latest
technological advancements

of the 14th century,
the flying buttress.

With these he came
to raise the roof to 101 feet.

It remains to this day
the highest roof in all of Britain

and the single leading cause
of stiff necks among tourists.

I'm afraid that's all for today,
so if you'd like to follow me...

The Abbey will be closing
in five minutes.

Five minutes to closing.


What the hell are you doing in here?

Why didn't you shout out?

Well, because of the -

You're lucky I didn't hit you
over the head.

I'm patrolling around here
all night, you know.

How old are you?

How old am I?


You all right?


You look horrible.


Making yourself comfortable.

All right, put them on.

Come on,
don't take all night about it.

Right, son. Let's be having you.

Come on. Come on, come on.

There's a good lad.
You can't spend the night in here.

Come on.

Wait a minute.

Merry Christmas.


Hey, shut up. What happened?

It just doesn't make any sense.
We should have had at least -

All night. He said he's patrolling
- all night.
- Maybe not.

I got caught, didn't I? Why did he
have to be so damn nice about it?

He thought you were a vagrant.
He felt sorry for you.

It was bad luck.
We'll try again tomorrow.

We'll think of something.
Will we now?

I've not heard
any brilliant ideas so far.

Not that you would listen to anyone.
Stop it, both of you.

We're all tired, that's all.

Do you remember Robert the Bruce?

When he fought the English?

And the story of his spider.

Six times he watched her spin
that web and six times she failed.

But she never gave up.

I think we should go back to
the Abbey and look for spiders.

Spiders it is.

Miss McQuarry.

I have some work to finish
so I'll be up for a bit.

You should get some sleep.

I've a bit to do myself.



Ian, it's Kay. Hurry up.

Hurry up, it's Kay.

She's burning up.


We've got to get her to a hospital.
They'll ask too many questions.

A doctor, then. Something.


Where's Ian?

He's checking schedules.

He wants to put Kay
on the next train home.

Gavin, I've been thinking.

Maybe we should all be on it.
Jesus Christ.

Well, look at us.
Our money's almost gone,

we're half-frozen and no sleep.

It's a miracle
we're not all in hospital.

So you want to quit?
I'm not saying that.

What are you saying?
Maybe we need to rethink it a bit.

Get Kay home and regroup.
The stone's not going anywhere.

Cannae believe I'm hearing this.
I stuck my neck out for you.

I'm just saying.

Next train to Glasgow is 11:25.

What's the matter with you two?

Tell him, then.

What? Tell me what?

Alan wants to quit.
No, I don't.

I'm just saying - maybe this
is happening for a reason.

Look, we're all nearly half-dead.

Even if we weren't
we can't do it without Kay.

One of us has to stay with the car.

That only leaves two to lift
the stone. It's not possible.

You've said it yourself, Ian.
Maybe it's a sign.

Maybe we should just go home
and make a new plan.

Try again another day.

Is that what you want to do?


No, I really don't know.

I can't think any more.

All right.

Well, are you gonna talk
to him or what?

Talk to him yourself.

Listen, you said you'd take
responsibility for him.

I will. But answer me this -
is he wrong?

Could you for once in your life
accept the possibility

that somebody other than you
might be right?

All right, come on.

Here's what we're gonna do.

We'll take a vote, right?
Secret ballot.

S means stay, G means we go home.

And if you vote to go
there's no shame in it.

We can always live
to try another day.

But I will say this.

If we go home, if...

Will we ever really come back?

Doesn't the lassie get to vote?

We didn't think you heard.

I'm just ill, not dead.




Four stays.

Excuse me, I wonder if you might
have any rooms available.

We've just come in from, uh,

And, um...
Is that the missus?

Aye. Uh, no, sorry. She's my sister.

Is she drunk?
I won't have drunkards in my house.

No, she's just not feeling very well.
She just needs to sleep.

All right, come in.
Thank you.

Thanks for sticking up for me
back there.

Sod off.



Are you sorry you came?

Of course I am.

Nobody in their right mind
would WANT to go through this.

Then why are you?

I'm mad, obviously.


No, really, why?

Gavin Vernon, the mad bloke.
Opens beer bottles with his teeth.

You want to prove to people
that there's more than that.

Prove it to myself.

It's funny.

I'm just the opposite.

Being shy, you know.

Even when I was a wee boy, when
people would look at me I'd just...

..freeze up.

But I always wanted to be someone,
you know?

Have adventures.

Just never thought
I'd have the nerve.

You think too much.

Be more like me.

Just dive in.

Something'll come to you.


What did you say to Ian?

That day in Glasgow.

I told him if you messed up
I'd thump you and send you home.


And I will, too.


Promise you'll come get me.

I swear.

I knew you'd try to get me into bed.

What are you thinking?

Just that it's not long until
Christmas now.

I told my mum and dad
I'd be with friends

and I'd see them on Boxing Day.

My poor mum was so hurt.

I never meant
to put you all through this.

Don't flatter yourself.
We're here because we want to be.

Stop taking everything on yourself,

You're not a great high and mighty.

You're just another boy
with grand ideas

and a head like a concrete block.

Why do you want to push
a rock up a hill all by yourself?

Just let go a wee bit.

Maybe people will like you more.

You seem to like me fine.

No, I don't. I just put up with you.

If you go for the Stone without me
I'll break your arm.

"We were stuck.

We needed a new plan.

So back we went to look for spiders.

It was Gavin's idea to draw someone
out and grill him for information.

Since the night watchman
now knew my face,

I stood back and let him try."

Magnificent architecture, isn't it?

Smashing stonework, what?

You just don't see this sort of
craftsmanship any more, do you?

No. No, you don't.

Get on.



Come on.

Gavin, what are you doing?

Gavin, will you stop?

Come on.

Excuse me.

Can I help you?

Good afternoon, sir.

We were just passing by
and remarking on

what a masterful example of
ecclesiastical architecture this is.

Sebastian Fenster, School of
Architecture, Horsen College.

I've never heard of it.

I'm particularly impressed with
the preservation of the woodwork.

To my eye the carvers of the late
Gothic period far surpass anyone

from the Jacobean or Tudor periods.

Yes, I quite agree.

They've really stood
the test of time.

Such formidable doors.

Oak, aren't they?

If it was up to me,

we'd smash through
one of these stained-glass windows.

That might be too noisy.

The old codger told me the door
was replaced after the war.

That tells me it's made of pine.

Unlike this door here,
here and here, made of oak.

I'll never get through that. The
sheer strength of oak is 1200 PSI.

What's pine?600.

We're through that, no problem.
The right tool, we're through.

If we can't get through with
a crowbar we'll use his head.

Come here, you.


Gavin, stop it!

"And that was it.

After all our planning we decided on
a good old-fashioned Highland raid.

But before that
I had a promise to keep."

Who is it?

Hi. I've come to fetch my sister.

It's two o'clock in the morning.

I'm sorry. Our father is ill,
we have to leave immediately.

I'll send her out.
Actually, if I could -

"Get me the police.

Yeah, those Scottish boys are back.

How should I know?
They're up to something.

Send someone right away."


What's taking her?

Go and see again. Go on.

Hide it.

Close your coat.

Licence, please, sir.

What's, um, what's wrong, sir?

Lady there says you told her
you're from Shrewsbury.

Mr Hamilton.

From Glasgow.

Is this your car, sir?

Aye, it is.


Right, out.
Hold on a second, sir.

If you could just -
If you will.

Thank you very much, sir.

If you could just let me explain.
Thank you, sir.

> What seems to be the trouble?

Who are you?

I'm with them. Is something wrong?

This gentleman seems to think
we stole the car.

That's silly. Where's Gavin?
Hasn't he got the papers?

Uh, aye.

Our mate Gavin in the car there.

Mind stepping out of the car, sir?

That road there leads you
straight out of London.

Take it.

I heard her phone the police.
I came straight down.

Four Scots, two cars.
Suspicious circumstances.

They're gonna put two and two
- together.
- Maybe not.

I didn't come here to freeze
and go home with nothing.

It's ten past three.
We've missed our time.

We've no clue
what we're walking into.

Who cares?
I say we try anyway.

They've got our names, you know that.

They've also got our stone.

What about you?

Yeah, let's do it.

Aye, we might as well
go down in flames, eh?

You all right?
I'm fine - go.

Just cut it.

Go, go.

Higher. Try higher.

Give me some light here.

Come on. Bloody hell. Get back.

Christ, can't you do that quietly?

Shut up.


Be quiet.

Come on, shush.

Come on.

See? No problem.

Come on.

Give me that.

Right, take that.


It's Christmas.

Give me a hand.

Now, get behind it.

All ready? Push. One, two, three.

Come on, push it.

OK, again. One more time.
Two, three.

Come on.

One last push.

Three, two, one.

Put it down.
Put it down, put it down.

Four hundredweight my arse.
That's more like six.

Put it on the coat.

You're right. Brilliant.

Come on.

On three.

One, two, three.

We've broke it.

We've broken Scotland's luck.
Shut up!

No, we didn't.

Look - these edges are worn.

This has been cracked for years.
Aye, it has.

Right, put it on the coat.

Got to get this to the car.

Slide it under.


Quick, come on.
It's under.

Let's go.

It's broken. Get back into cover.

Come on.


Wait here.

Well, it's not as if
they'll be needing it.

What the hell's she doing?

A policeman has seen me.
He's coming across the road.

What are we going to say?

Sorry, officer.

It's Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve be damned.
It's four o'clock in the morning.

Is it that time already?

This the missus?

No, she's my si- um, girlfriend.

Well, you're parked on
private property here.

Why did you move
when you saw me coming?

I suppose we knew
we shouldn't be here.

You should be on your way home.

Where'd they go?
To hell with it.

We'll move it ourselves.

Ready? Push.

That's just it, sir.

We drove down for the holidays
and arrived too late to get a bed.

So, well, we drove around
and we ended up here.

Oh, Lord.

That bastard making us do the work.

Shut up and pull.

Well, there's a car park
- just along the road.
- Oh, good.

Then again, we can always
get you to run us in

and give us a bed in the cells.


Well, you two had best
be running along, eh?


We've got part of the stone.
That's something.

You need to take that somewhere safe.

I've got a friend in the Midlands.
- I can leave it with her.
- Great.

Where's your coat?
It's in with the stone.

You'll catch your death.

I seem to have forgotten
my own rules.

Kay, you realise when we get home
we can't see each other.

I suppose.

It won't be safe.

Well, like I said,
I don't really like you, anyway.

It's been
a marvellous party, darling.

Thanks so awfully for inviting me.

Take this.

Oh, they're in my coat.

Maybe he ran them in.
Aye, maybe.

What do you think we should do?
I don't know.

Do you think we could carry it?
Where? Out to catch a bus?

It's not as if you've
had any bright ideas.

How can I with you
gibbering on at me?

I won't say another word.
- Good, don't.
- Fine, I won't.

- Good.
- Fine.

That's it.

We'll get the other car.

Come on.

The keys are in his coat.

Get it.
Got it.

Gavin. Gavin, Alan.



They're not in here.

Give me that.

He left them in the car. Please,
God, he left them in the car.

Can we break in? Hotwire it?

Stand back.


Oh, Christ, no.

That's it.

It's finished.

We'd better get out of here.
Come on.

Why would they have taken my coat?

The keys.

Gavin, Alan.

Come on.

Damn it. Damn it.

Damn it.

"I had no clue what had happened
to Gavin and Alan.

My only thoughts were of the stone.

Someone once said a nation's soul
is in its people's keeping.

That morning it felt like the soul of
Scotland was in my hands alone."

You bloody maniac.

Gavin, Alan.


I've got it. I've got it!

We did it! We did it!

Get in, let's go.

Wait. Just one of you.
There's too much weight.

You go.

I'll get the train back.
No, I'm the one who -Shut up.

I'm fed up babysitting you, anyway.
Go on. Before I whack you one.

Go on.

I'll see you back home, OK?

Good morning.

It's December 25th,
Christmas morning,

and this is the BBC news.

A break-in has been reported during
the night at Westminster Abbey.

Although details
have not yet been made available,

unconfirmed reports indicate that
the ancient Coronation Stone...

Mrs McQuarry, come listen to this.

..or Stone of Scone
has been reported missing.

There is speculation its theft was
a gesture of Scottish defiance.

Mrs McQuarry - we did it!

We did it!

Police say this is unconfirmed
and we will keep you up to date.

My God.

♪ "Tae The Battle"
- The Real McKenzies

♪ Yer hearts and souls
Are burning bright

♪ We're headed for higher ground

♪ So remember the creed
Remember the cry

♪ Remember the ancient way

♪ And we'll be the ones
Dug in with the hounds

♪ We've taken the highest ground... ♪


"We've been to the nursery and
we've got the baby with us."

For God's sake, drop the code talk.
Tell me what happened.

It's a long story.
"You're all over the news."

We are, really?
"Quite a kafuffle.

They're dancing in the streets up
here. You've awakened something."

"My God."

Was one of you wearing
a brown wrist watch?

"Aye. That was me."

Best lay low for a while.

And, uh, better take the baby
to his relatives or something.

Don't worry. It's all worked out.

"Good, good. Ian, one more thing."

"Congratulations, man. I never
thought you could pull it off."

That's funny,
I never thought I couldn't.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Let's go.

To the stone and them that took it!

Ian, come on. Admit it.
It was you, wasn't it?

Aye, it was me. I told you it was me.

Right. The only guy that suspects
Ian Hamilton is Ian Hamilton.

I don't understand.
What has this got to do with you?

You did it?

Ian, have you any idea the trouble
you've gotten yourself into?

Speak up.

Aye, Dad, I do.

I'm so proud of you, son.

I am so very proud of you.

Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.

Your landlady let us in.

What's going on?

Just spent the last five hours
down at the police station.


They were asking me a lot about you.

I told them you spent Christmas
with me.

That's last year.

Thanks, mate.


There's something else.

My dad's a builder
so he knows a lot about stone.

He was saying if the stone
has been dry for 600 years

and moisture gets in now and freezes

the whole thing
could just disintegrate.

There'll be nothing left.

We'll be shovelling it
into paper bags.

We're going to need to go and get it
before we're all arrested.

Before there's no stone left to get.

What the hell is that?

Should we wait, see if they leave?

Is that it?


At least it's in one piece.

It might as well
be back in the Abbey.

We were just travelling through
and we saw your fires.

Thought we'd see if we
could have a bit of a warm.

Have a seat.

I expect you have a bit of trouble
now and then with the police.


That's because they don't like
the way you live.

You're free.

I think freedom is the most valuable
thing a people can have.

There are many who would
take that freedom away

from the people
they don't understand.

Like yourselves and...

..well, ourselves.

Our people, the Scots, have died for
freedom over and over for centuries.

And we would again, too, gladly.

For us to continue our fight we need
a symbol to unite our people.

We've not done anything wrong.

what we have done is illegal.

But we've done
the only thing we could.

We need that symbol of freedom so
that the flame that burns in here

can never be extinguished.

This symbol of yours.

What is it?

It's under your arse.

And it was under my arse!

Here we are.

Watch your feet. Alan.

To the brave souls
who brought the stone home.

Wherever they may be.

May Scotland never forget them.

Well done.
Thank you, John.

Thank you.

"I knew it was only a matter of time
before I was arrested.

And I longed for it.

The excitement.

A chance to have my say in court.

But what really mattered
was the stone.

We couldn't just let it disappear.

Public sentiment
would never allow it.

I decided to put the stone into
the hands of the authorities.

The next move would be theirs.

Would they leave it in Scotland?

Or take it back to London to
the outrage of an entire nation?

We returned the stone
to the Church of Scotland

at the ruined abbey of Arbroath.

The estates of Scotland met here

to sign their declaration
of independence."

Mind your backs.

Stay calm. Let us do our jobs.

"The stone was bundled back to London
and I never saw it again."

Are you the ones
that took the stone?

Which one of you is the leader?

Speak to this man here.

What's your name?
My name shouldn't matter.

We want to know.
Tell us who you are!

You can tell them we're
the children of Scotland.

"On that day I heard
the voice of Scotland

speak as loudly as it did in 1320.

As long as 100 of us remain alive,

we shall never give in
to the domination of the English.

We fight not for glory,
not for wealth, nor honours,

but only and alone for freedom.

Which no good man surrenders
but with his life."

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