Stone Cold Dead (1979) - full transcript

Sergeant Boyd's police search to find a sniper who has been shooting hookers. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food



♪ Here comes old Rosie,
she's looking mighty fine

♪ Here comes hot Nancy,
she's stepping right on time

♪ There go the street lights

♪ Bringin' on the night

♪ Here come the men,
faces hidden from the light

♪ All through the shadows

♪ Ah, they come and they go

♪ With only one thing
in common

♪ They got the fire down below

♪ Here come the rich man
in his big, long limousine

♪ Here come the poor man,
all he got to have is green

♪ Here come the banker
and the lawyer and the cop

♪ One thing for certain,
it ain't never gonna stop

♪ When it all gets too heavy

♪ That's when they
come and they go

♪ They go

♪ With only
one thing in common

♪ They got the fire down below

♪ Yeah, it happens
out in Vegas

♪ Happens in Moline

♪ On the blue blood
streets of Boston

♪ Up in Berkeley
and out in Queens

♪ And it went on yesterday

♪ And it's going on tonight

♪ Somewhere there's somebody
ain't treatin' somebody right

♪ And he's
looking out for Rosie

♪ She's looking mighty fine

♪ And he's roaming
the streets for Nancy

♪ And he'll
find her every time

♪ And when the
street lights flicker

♪ Bringin' on the night

♪ Well, they'll be
slipping into darkness

♪ And slipping out of sight

♪ All through the shadows

♪ Well, watch 'em come
and watch 'em go.

♪ Oh, they go

♪ With only
one thing in common

♪ They got the fire down below

♪ Oh, they got
one thing in common

♪ They got the fire down below

♪ Oh, they got
one thing in common

♪ They got the fire down below

♪ One, two, three

Who's this?
Your daughter, huh?

Come on, get outta here.
Go on, get out, get out.
You too. Go on.

She look familiar to you?


Uh, just... Does she
look familiar to you?


Are we looking
for the killer
of Melody Stevens

or are you looking
to get even?

Does it matter?


Hey, uh, Claudia. I got
a letter here for you.

Maybe it's from
your boyfriend, huh?

You always this
nervous after a show?

Who says I'm nervous?

You're very talented.

I know where I'm going.

Look, here's my, uh,
card if you need any help.

That's my number.

I got your number.






MAN 1: Now, make sure
you got it close.

MAN 2: Those .22's make
a small hole going in,

but they sure make
a big mess on the inside.

BOYD: Put her on ice.


Wonder who
screwed her last.

Could have been
half a dozen guys.

Yeah, give me a blood type.
Pubic hair report anyway.


If it was a hit,
I wanna know
who set it up.

BOYD: And get it over to
pathology right away.

Have ballistics match
the slug up for me.

I think we're dealing
with the same killer.



What have we, uh,
got here, Boyd?

Dead hooker.

I'll have a look
at your report
when it comes in.

Report? Uh,
give me a break.

That's the second
stiff and I've only been
on the case for 24 hours.

Finders keepers, Boyd.


I got your info here.

BOYD: Go ahead, I read you.

MAN: Claudia Grissom,
19 years. Formerly
Niagara Falls.

Part-time dancer,
sometime actress,
two counts soliciting.

Day timer, huh?
What was the date
of her last arrest?

Let me see here.
Uh, November
eighth, this year.

Thanks. Ten-four.

You're Monica Page.


You were in the bar with
Claudia Grissom a little
after 12:00, is that right?

Uh-huh.Did she seem jumpy
or nervous or anything?


Did she mention any names?

What were you
doing in there?

I'm a music lover.

What do you do
for kicks, Sergeant?

I collect fish.


Because fish don't bark.

It's the most profound
thing I've ever heard
about fish in my life.

I suppose you're
a working girl.

I'm a hostess.

Ah.And I do a
little modeling.

I imagine you take
a very nice picture.

You did a good job.

Visitor, Mr. Kurtz.

Send him in, Danny.Yes, sir.

I'll wait for you outside.

I couldn't help it,
Mr. Kurtz. She
pulled a knife on me.

Willie, you're letting
the ladies control you.

It's supposed to be
the other way around.
You remember that.


it won't happen again.

No. I swear, Mr. Kurtz.

Willie, are you still here?


BOYD: Is that one
of Kurtz's girls?

TONY: Yeah.
Bernice Carnival.

Bust her down.

BOYD: All right,
ladies, come on.

Hustle your ass
somewhere else.

TONY: Come on,
sweetheart. Let's go.

Look. I don't
hustle anymore.

That son of a
bitch knows that.

Danny.Yes, Mr. Kurtz.

What would you do
with a bad headache?

I'd get rid of it, Mr. Kurtz.

Have a nice night, Danny.

You bet, Mr. Kurtz.

KURTZ: Oh, hello, officers.

I see the mayor's
annual clean-up
campaign is in full swing.

I must commend him
in the morning.

All right, take
it easy, fella.
Take it easy.

Voila, magic. The gun
permit, signed by the mayor.


No, no. Not really,
more of a, uh, a traffic cop.

I mean, I direct
people to things that
they're looking for.

For this, they love me.

Mason here,
he prays for me.

Would you like Mason
to pray for you?

He'd do that,
you know, if I ask.

He'll also tear you
in two like the losing
ticket at a track if I ask.

Have a nice night, Boyd.

And don't be too rough
on the ladies, huh?

Son of a bitch.



Goodbye!What? Hey, Boyd, it's Tony.

Oh, Tony. I'm sorry.

You been getting
obscene calls again?

Yeah, yeah.

Well, look,
the Inspector called.

He wants us to
check out Danny DeLeon.

DeLeon, why?

They just found
a third body.

Wet Willie with
a .22 in his hand.Oh.

DeLeon works for Kurtz.

Maybe there's
a connection with
the Stevens' murder.

Boyd, what the
hell is it with you?

Why is it always Kurtz?

Maybe I don't like pimps.


Hello? Rosie!

Yeah. What?

Look, man,
he can't fight.

He can't box.
He can't move.

He can't punch.
He can't do anything.

The only thing that Limey
can do is kiss the canvas.


Meet him in the ring?

Or do you want me
to meet him socially?

No, man, I don't
wanna buy no watch.

Hey, Boyd,
how are you, pal?

Hey, Rosie.

Good, man,
good, good.

So, what can I
do for you?

I'm looking for
a black fighter,

a cat named,
uh, Danny DeLeon.
You know him?

Danny the Lion?
He ain't no fighter, man.

Hey, Danny.

Listen, how come
I don't see you
around no more?

Oh, you know,
you get busy.

You know how that goes.

Got any kids, B?No. How about you?

Man, I got no kids.
I just got a wife
and three orangutans.

Danny!That's all right.
I'll find him.

Hey, uh...Yeah, what do you want?

Oh, man, what'd he do?

TONY: We're checking
out Rosie's gym. Ten-four.


That way.

Come on.


Hey, how would
you like a nice,
sensuous body rub?

What about a
foot massage?

No, thanks. I got
a hole in my sock.

Hey, you're a cop.
It's a cop!


MAN: What is this,
a shakedown?

Back off, Gorilla Boy.


WOMAN: Go around front!
Go, Danny!




You're under arrest.

You're jivin' me,
man. What for?

For littering,
you son of a bitch.

I've had it.
I wanna change.

I don't care who the
hell you put me with
as long as it isn't Boyd.

What's the
problem, Antonio?

What's the problem?

What's the...
I'll tell you what
the problem is.

I don't know what the
hell he's gonna do

from one goddamned
minute to the next.

This is my life
we're talking about here.


[SIGHING] He's obsessed.

He wants to turn
every homicide

into a crusade
to clean up the city.

Well, I'm a cop,
I'm not a janitor.

I'll look into it.

Meanwhile, you take care
of that shoulder, huh?


We're having you as
the last man to make
it with Claudia Grissom.

The forensic
tests prove that.

Don't prove nothin'.

Why would I do
something like that?
Tell me that, sucker.

Claudia had
something on Kurtz.

She left your stable.
You knew her habits.

So, Kurtz hired
you to hit her.

Maybe Kurtz has got
something on you.

Just some chicken shit
head games.

Don't mean nothin' to me.

Well, maybe you're
not guilty of murder.

Maybe you didn't
actually pull the
trigger on Claudia.

But how does the name
Wet Willie sound to you?

How does "kiss my ass"
sound to you, motherfucker?

Oh, don't bother
to stand up.

You don't want the
guard to think you
pissed your pants.


Police are baffled
by the identity of the killer

of Claudia Grissom,
a former prostitute.

This is the second such
murder in less than 48 hours.

Tuesday afternoon,
Melody Stevens, 14,
was shot to death

in a downtown parking lot
near the Grissom murder

as she walked
from a parked car.

This brings the total to
three homicides this week that
police suspect may be linked.

KXET's Murray Short
has this report.

MURRAY: I'm speaking to
Inspector Webb of Homicide.

Uh, Inspector, how similar
are these killings to the
Jack the Ripper murders?

WEBB: First of all, ballistic
evidence is inconclusive.

It may be a possibility
that the same murder
weapon was involved.

MURRAY: So then
the Sin Sniper may be
gunning for a fourth victim?

OLIVIA: Hello.Hi.

Who is it?

It's me.

Oh, hi.
What do you want?

Well, I thought we could
get together for lunch.

No, I can't.Please, I wanna talk to you.

Okay. What about tomorrow?

Can't you make it any sooner?

All right. How about
this afternoon on campus?

Okay, fine. I'll be there.

Was that your mother?Mmm-hmm.

She wants you to
move back in with her?

Yes and, uh,
I just can't handle it.

Don't worry about her.
I'll take care of her.

This is Boyd in D-Eleven.
I just spotted
suspect on campus.

I'm gonna stick
with her. Ten-four.

OFFICER: Ten-Four, D-Eleven.

How come you get
all the easy assignments?


♪ My friends

Hi.Hop in, honey.

You working hard?BERNICE: Six nights a week.

Where to?Downtown.

♪ All you wanna do
is use me, baby

Okay, bye-bye,
see you next week.

Now, take me to
Chez Pierre Boutique.
I wanna get a new dress.

And then I wanna
get some wine.Hey, hey, hold it, honey.

One at a time.

♪ Uh-huh, I wanna
spread the news

♪ That if it feels
this good getting used

♪ Hey, just keep on using me

MONICA: He doesn't care.

♪ Until you use me up

Will you zip me up?

♪ Take my love...

I love him.

Do you, babe?

Don't you want
somebody to love?

I can't afford it.
There you go.

Monica, can I
sleep here tonight?


You know
I can't sleep alone.

Don't be so nervous.

Look, I got a client
coming here from Montreal.

But I'll be home
before you will.

You look pretty tonight.

MAN ON RADIO: A sudden
storm from the East
has crippled traffic.

For a report, here's our
Sunshine Girl, Debbie Lee.

DEBBIE: Hi, Bob. Uh, there's
an accident on the freeway

and it's brought all
traffic to a standstill.

Hello, little girl.

Would you like
a ride in my
shiny, silver car?

Sure, Julie. How far?

As far as you wanna go.

DEBBIE: And that snowstorm,
well, it's tapering
off to snow flurries.

So, just sit back folks,
turn up your radios and...

You wear much, much,

much too much lipstick

for my lady.





Goddamn it.

What do you do that for?



You're puttin' a lot
of money in that arm.
I know where you get it.

You're selling
your ass up and down
the street like a...

Like a common hooker.

You're not
a hooker, Bernice.

Not a hooker, Bernice.
You're my lady.

Julie... Don't, Julie.

Mason, pull over.

♪ Children of the night

♪ Where do you come from?

♪ Children of the night

♪ Where do you go?

♪ Flashing neon lights

♪ Flickering candlelight

♪ Soft voices whispering low

♪ Children of the night

♪ Where do you come from?

♪ Children of the night

♪ Where do you go?

♪ Flashing neon lights

♪ Flickering candlelight

♪ Soft voices whispering low


Uh, scotch and water,
please. Thank you.


I've told you
everything I know.

You didn't tell me
you were on junk.

I took a look
at your rap sheet.

Well, I had a habit once.

And you kicked?

That's right.

You married?

No. Are you?

I'm separated.

Bet you still
pay the bills.

Your son?

My daughter.

Sergeant, why do you
really wanna talk to me?

I'm looking for a killer.

Is that all?

I've gotta be going now.




Did any of you know
Claudia Grissom?

No, she was a loner.

Aren't we all? Okay,
wait, I'll tell you when.

What about you?



What do you do?

I work for the city.

[LAUGHING]That's cute.
That's real cute.

You know a dope dealer,
whoremonger named Kurtz?

Hey, I'm talking to you.

Kurtz, Julius Kurtz.

No. Why should I?

I'm no hooker.
I'm just new in town.

She's right about
the last part.

To you, then.

Come on.

I don't have to answer
your dumb questions.
I know my rights.

Look, I'm gonna
put it this way.
We can play it tough.

Go soak your
head on your face.

Let go of me.

BOYD: Since Kurtz moved
in with his meat market,

we've had a 45%
increase in homicides,

plus B and E's
boosting the whole shot.

I want you to move inside.

I want you to check
his girls out and
I want you to bring him in.

So, where's the evidence?

You're looking
at it. It starts
with the peep shows,

the jerk-off parlors.

And then the pimps
move in with the hookers.

The junkies move in
with the pimps.

First thing you know
we got a sewer
instead of a city.

Why Kurtz? Anyone
could be the sniper.

Even you, Sergeant.

There's a lot of men
out there who have
a hate-on for women.

Like the one that wasted
Melody Stevens, 14 years old.

When I went to tell her
parents, her mother said,

"Save the condolences."

That's when I
asked myself, what the
hell am I doing out here?

Rule number one,
don't take it home with you.

Knock that crap off.
I don't take it home.

I just do my job.

So let me do mine.

Look, MacAuley,

I want Kurtz's nuts
in a meat grinder,
you got that?

Yeah, yeah, I got that.

Now you get this, Sergeant.

I've been in
undercover three years.

I got guts,
I got determination,

and at times I even
show a little initiative.

And if you crowd me,

I'll blow your shorts off.

Stick it up your nose!

are baffled by the
identity of the Sin Sniper.

Two prostitutes have
been killed today,

and that leaves...

Julie, take me
to Miami with you.



What do you mean, why?

It's a business trip.

I'll be good.

Will you take me home?

Mason will
take you home.


you're gonna be
a good girl while
I'm gone, aren't you?



Monica? Monica?

Oh, no, you don't.

Get outta here.
Come on, get out.

Come on, get outta here.
Get outta here. Let go.

You're hurting me.

Aw! Oh.

Well, well, well.
Isn't this pretty.

You told me you
didn't hustle anymore,

and I suppose you don't
do junk either, huh?

Let's find out, huh?
Take a look.

What are those,
huh? Mosquito bites?

What the hell
is going on here?

It's just a little
needle party.

Bob, you got a warrant?

Look, you got
enough junk here
to fuel a jetliner.

Your friend's so vegged out
she can't even stand up.

So, don't give me that civil
liberties crap, all right?

You're under arrest.

MACAULEY: ♪ Peace of mind

♪ Peace of mind

♪ Elusive as a dragonfly

♪ Hovering in the sky

♪ I can take the pain

♪ Just give me
one chance again

♪ Help me to climb
to peace of mind

♪ And you think
it's so funny... ♪

Shut up!

Leave her alone, lard-ass.

Next time I search you,
I'm gonna make it hurt.



I think she means it.

Oh, boy.

Never trust a man, honey.

Particularly if it's a cop.

Oh, I don't
know about that.

Cops make good johns.

They usually
got good dope.

Let's just
forget it, huh?



You a working girl?

Look like you're
doing okay.

I'm making a business.
No pimps, no enemies.

You know,

I get nervous.

I mean, suppose
a john figures
he's been suckered

and comes back
on you, you know?

Like that chick who got hit.

Man, stone cold dead.

Well, you work the streets,
you're asking for trouble.

Sound like
you've been there.

Yep. I've been
there and back.

If you're gonna
do it, do it right
or don't do it at all.


♪ You take
the high road

♪ And I'll take
the low one

♪ I know it well

♪ And I'll catch up
to you some day

♪ Yes, I will

Well, that's nice.
Keep it up.

I mean, make all
those things banging
in my head go away.

♪ I can take the pain

♪ Just give me
one chance again


It's a tranq.

That ought to
do the trick, huh?

♪ Peace of mind

♪ Peace of mind...

You got a real nice voice.

You know, I got
a friend you should meet.

♪ Hovering in the sky


did you say you were
going to the jail to
talk to Bernice Carnival?

Yeah, why?Forget it.

Kurtz's lawyer
just made her bail.

Oh, shit.

Hey, where
are you going?

To pay Danny
another visit.

He's out, too.

Ah, shit.


Were you working
again all night?


Marge, you better
get inside. You're
gonna catch pneumonia.

TEDDY: You know,
from the very first time
you walked into my class,

I knew you were special.

I appreciate everything
you've done for me.

You've taught me a lot.

Oh, that's all right.

But, uh, but I don't
know how to say this.

Just say it straight.

Well, what happens
between my mother and I

is my business.

Look. I'm sorry.

But it's just that I care
about you, you know.


I just wanna be your friend.

Well, I can take
care of myself, okay?

Why do you say that?

I just wanna
be your friend.


♪ She sat me right down
and she talked to me

♪ She told me,
girl, that's a man

She's the sweetest
stripper in the business.

No man's ever loved her right.

Yeah. Well, I think
Julie's taking care
of that just fine.

ain't enough for her.


She ought to stick
to stripping if she
knows what's good for her.

What's that supposed to mean?

If I was Julie's girl,

I wouldn't mess
with new tricks.

♪ Hey, I'm saying, use me up

♪ I said, use me up, baby

♪ Use me, use me up

Hey, baby, what
took you so long?

I had to change.
Going to the hotel?

Yeah, but I'd
like to have you
for the night.

You know that's
an extra two bills.

Oh, I thought we
could talk about that.

Talk? I thought
you wanted action.

All right, all right.

DANNY: Evenin', baby.

You know, you're real
talented, you know that?

Yeah.Listen, sugar.

You're sittin'
on a gold mine.

Why you givin' it away?

That's for street chicks.

You lookin' for a hustle?

What's the
matter, baby?

Let me lick you
a little bit.
Don't be shy.

Hey, bitch,
what's your trip?

Junk, man. Junk's my trip.

Well, you gotta do
somethin' to get it.

Come on.

Okay, what have
you got for me?

I think I'm onto somethin'.

Peddlin' some
awful good junk.

More coming in
from the East.

You're a real zealot,
you know that?

My dad used to say,
"You wanna play it safe,

"be a housewife
or a filing clerk."

Look, MacAuley, let's
get something straight.

I got no use
for dead heroes.

What's the matter, Sergeant?
Afraid of getting too close?

Yeah. Scares
the shit outta me.

Professional ethics.

No. Past experience.

DANNY: Okay, let's go.BERNICE: Hey, let me go.

I was just
having a drink.

That's some
drink, all right.

Come on,
get in there.

All right,
Mason, let's go.

KURTZ: Thank you, Danny.

Sure thing,
Mr. Kurtz.

Monica's in jail.

I had to bail her out.

She doesn't
have any money.

You never cared
about money, Bernice.

You're doing this
because you like it.

You always will.

At least I work for my money.

What do you do, Julie?

Get out, Bernice.

I hope you mean
what you say.

'Cause when I walk
through this door,

you'll never
see me again.


[CRYING] Julie.

Do you wanna party?

All night long.





"I hope you are
home now and well.

"I'm so sorry to cause
you all this trouble.

"I know I promised to be good.

"Please forgive me.

"I love you."

[SIREN WAILING]OFFICER: Folks, you're gonna
have to stand back.

Please, come on, move back.

WOMAN: It's awful. Can't
even come downtown anymore.

OFFICER: I'm sorry.
Please, step back.
Excuse me, yes. Step back.


A hundred and forty bucks.

Doesn't even
pay for the box.



♪ Or did you think I was blind

♪ Not to have noticed

♪ Or read between the lines

"Greetings from
the darkroom,

"and the sewers and
the shit you call your city.

"Here's a centerfold that's
guaranteed to blow your mind.

"What a cutie."

That's what a call
a real sickie.

BOYD: When did the
newspapers get this?

Came in this afternoon.

First damn lead we got.

It is the first
lead we've got.

I gotta get something
to wash this down.

Who is it?


you've got a lot
of nerve, buddy.

Look, Monica,

this is something
that should be
said face-to-face.

Well, you're not
coming in here.

All right, if that's
the way you want it,

Bernice Carnival's
been shot. She's dead.

I'm sorry.


A lot of help.
Are you satisfied?

[SOBBING]Now, look, Monica.

I wanna find her killer,
but I need your help.

You knew both victims.
That means something.



Go away!

Go away!

They've got her
painted like a
whore, haven't they?

You son of a bitch.

Tears, Kurtz?

Oh, you're almost
acting like a human being.

I didn't think you
took death this hard.


I loved her.

Oh, is that right?
You loved her.

I forgot, even
scumbags like you
have feelings.

But how did you
feel about, uh,

Claudia Grissom,
Melody Stevens?

Did you love them, too?

I loved

Bernice Carnival, Sergeant.

I am paying my
last respects.
Do you mind?

When you say goodbye,
you really mean it.

You don't belong here.Neither does she.

Oh, incidentally,
the white carnations
are from me.

BOYD: Thank you for
coming, Doctor.

I know how
busy you are.

BOUVIER: Always glad
to help an old friend,

Want some
more wine?

No. No, thank you.

What I want is
a motive for
these killings.

Well, there probably
isn't one, in the
accepted sense.

You're not dealing
with your average killer.

He's not motivated
by jealousy,

money or even sex.

Oh, what is it then?


You look upon his
murders as crimes
of protest.

[EXHALES] Against what?
Against hookers?

Against society.

Every time he
presses the trigger,

he gets back at
the society that has
blocked his creativity.

He finds self-expression
through acts of violence.

It's murder with
a purpose,

with self-definition
of the goal.


What kind of
a goddamned
motive is that?

Every time he focuses
his sights on a woman
and shoots her,

he knows
who he is.

Why, he's the Sin
Sniper, like the
papers say.

And he doesn't
feel guilty

because he's
not responsible.

It's society
that's to blame.

Oh, I'm late for
my 1:00 session.

♪ I only came in
to see a doctor

♪ Won't you take
a look at my hands?

♪ They're shaking
and twisting all over

♪ A two-bit
gambling man

♪ He came home
yesterday evening

♪ He said he had
conjured up this plan

♪ To make
a bundle of money

♪ Believing and hoped
I'd understand

♪ It ain't my place
to speak ill of your man

♪ Here's some pills

♪ Here, take 'em for your
hands but nothing for lies

♪ His sister,
Sarah, came over

♪ I offered her coffee,
she said, "I'd rather not

♪ "Just pour us a glass
of bourbon, honey

♪ "Oh, I'm so good and hot"

♪ It ain't no use

♪ You're believing
all his lies

♪ He's still in town

♪ Check up on the eastside

♪ But, honey, I told him

♪ Here's what I said

♪ Well, what you doing with
a one-man woman, Simon?

♪ Uh, don't you care
she's at home a-weeping

♪ And a-pining

♪ Uh, didn't I say you
lacked the salesman's

♪ About lies

♪ About lies

♪ About lies

♪ Lies

[PEOPLE CLAPPING]MAN: Hey, darling, you
can sing a song. Great.

Well, what'd
you think?

Yeah, she's got
a nice set of chops.

But I'd still have to
see her in front
of a crowd.

Thanks for
coming down,


You think you
slick, don't you?

Look, honey, better
luck next time, huh?

What you know about
the blues, honkey?


Well, maybe a soul
sister can teach
you a little more.


Bitch, I'm gonna cut
your ass three ways.

Long, deep,
and frequent.

I'm gonna stick you.

You a gambling bitch.

But I'm gonna stick you
good and make you holler.



MACAULEY: Kill you.


[GRUNTS] Bitch.


MONICA: Hey, knock it off.

WOMAN 2: No, let them
fight it out first.

For Christ's sake,
somebody's gonna
get hurt.

What the hell
is going...

Bitch tried to knife me.

Well, next time
I'll do it, too.

What'd you do that
for? Look at you.

Hair all messed up,
don't no man wanna
look at you twice.

That's what you think.

That chick needs
her ass kicked.

Save it, bitch.
That's my woman
you're talking about.

Well, that's your
problem now,
ain't it?

I'll see you
later, momma.

Do you fuck
as good as
you look?


Well, let's go.

What's your hurry,
white sugar?

Cause I don't wanna
be seen with you.

Well, I've had
better myself.


Go wash up,


I want you to punish
me for what I said.

It's your money, honey.







Hey, something wrong
in room 45. Get it,
come on.

[SOBS] Oh, my!
Oh, my God!

What the hell's
going on here?

I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.

I gotta get outta here.You ain't going nowhere.






MAN: Now just move
aside, please.

Let me get through here.
Let me get through here.


Just like old times,
huh, Boyd?

How's the shoulder?


You could be
a hell of a
lot stiffer.

WOMAN: Just answer...MAN: Get out of
the way, please.

Come on, we've gotta
move this outta here.


You know, Tony, all
this is making me
very angry.

At least, this time
we got a witness.

BOYD: What does an
associate professor,

married man,
a wife, two kids,

want with a
$30 hooker?

That is a very
good question,

I don't know.

[STUTTERS] I suppose
I felt like I missed
the boat.

Sounds so stupid.

I have never been
with a black woman


Well, she sure
as hell changed
your luck.


[SNIFFLES] Well, I guess

this is gonna make
a hell of a front
page story.

College professor
with dead hooker.

Not necessarily.

I think I can keep
your name out of
the papers.

What do you
want me to do?

Just a little research.

The only lead I got
is a woman who knew
all the victims.

I want you to check out
anyone she might know at
the university.


TONY: Okay, line-up.
Shape up.

I want you to
look straight...
You there.

Stop slouching.
Stand up straight.

All right. I want you
to look at these men
very carefully.

You got that?

Is that the
guy you saw?


How about him?

No, no, no.

What about him?

I don't think so.

How about
number five?

Hmm? Well?

I don't know. It...
Maybe if he walked.

Number five,
let's see
you walk.

Well, is that the
guy or isn't he?

It was pretty dark.

Is it yes
or is it no?

He was moving
pretty fast.
It was dark.

Oh. Jack, for
Christ's sake,

You're shaking so
bad you're giving
me double vision.

I can't, I can't
help it, Sarge.

This guy's trying to
put the squeeze on me.

Would you knock it off?

The old guy's
pissing razor blades.

What do you mean,
knock it off?

We got a homo dance
critic who limps, who
lives in the area.

We got a weirdo
minister with a record
for indecent assault

and attempted murder.

Yeah, I know what
we got, I know.

Yeah, but you
don't know this.

Morali got a call
this morning from
a concerned mother.

Apparently, Matthews
was copping a feel
from her daughter

at choir practice, only
she's too embarrassed
to press charges.

What's the point?The point is

that he likes
little girls

and he's got
a bullshit alibi.

Well, Tony, just
because the good
Reverend has a limp

and likes little girls,
that doesn't make him
the sniper.

Why is it that every
time I get an angle
on something,

you walk
all over it?

All right. We'll release
him and you can put a
tail on him.

You, go.

Well, if it isn't
the guardian angel.


I can look after
myself, okay?

Listen, Monica. I know
this hasn't been easy.

Look, what
do you want?

What are you
hanging around for?

I'm here on

Eh? Isn't everyone?

All right.
I wanna help you.


Because I'm

I think you're
turned on.

You think I just
want a quick fuck?

[CHUCKLES] That's what
you're looking for.

A freebie maybe?

You're a
beautiful woman.

Cops like free stuff,
yeah? Uh, free hamburgers,
free cups of coffee.


What do you want?

I want you
off junk.

I want you off the
streets while this
maniac's running around.

Well, a woman has
got to make a living.

How much would
you make tonight?

Two hundred?

Will this keep
you home?

I'm reserving
you for the night.



MONICA: Why don't
you get yourself
a drink?

Sure. Don't
worry about me.


Don't answer that.


Why spoil a perfect
evening, huh?


Besides, I feel
much safer with
you sleeping here.



the recorder?


Now I got
something for you.

I always knew
Monica was involved.

With you?

Look, MacAuley. I don't
need you investigating
my life, all right?

You know, I still
feel like a shit
when I nail someone

who's become a friend.

You all right?
You need a backup?

Nah, don't worry.
I can deliver
Kurtz for you.

Yeah, but he's the
wrong killer. He's
not the sniper.


You're really something,
you know that?

You're the one that
had the hots for Kurtz.

Kurtz is a survivor.
We're looking for
a suicide case.

But I still want
his ass, MacAuley.

So maybe we'll
score a combination.

If we do, I'll buy
you a drink, a good
long stiff one.

What's the matter?

I was just thinking
how long it's been

since I had a drink
with a man I liked.



BOYD: Can I come in?

MONICA: I guess so.

Oh, you got
a nice place.

You've been
here before.

Look, what do
you want here

Oh, I thought I
might be able to
use your phone.

I don't
have a dime.

My phone.

[CHUCKLES] Go ahead.
Use the white one.

I gotta call
my fish.


Yeah, I know maybe
this sounds strange,
but you see,

I got this mechanism
hooked up

and when I dial

it activates this
little gadget and
my fish get fed.


No, it really works.

[PHONE RINGING]I'm not home much.

What happens if
somebody else
dials the number?

It's unlisted.

Um, you got an
unlisted number
for your...


You're really crazy.


Look, uh,

sorry about
last night.

I started feeling
sorry for myself.

Needed some company.

Well, I might
have been able
to provide that.


Maybe next time.

Well, how about
this time?

What do you feel
like doing?

Something I haven't
done in years.




[MONICA CHUCKLES]Now, aren't you sorry
we didn't go bowling?


I can't believe it.

We've been together
all evening, you haven't
asked me any questions.

I haven't had
any breath all


How come you're

Oh? Since when
did you get on
my case?

You just look like
the kind of guy who'd
like a steady thing.

I thought so, too.

Got any kids?

No. Found out
it took two.

How about you?
You just got
the one?

Yeah, Olivia.

You must be very proud
of her. Very pretty girl.

Straight "A" student.

Yeah, well, I don't
think she approves
much of me.

So give it up,
change your life.


Why are cops such

Did it ever occur
to you that I'm
very happy,

that I don't wanna
change my life?



How'd you look
with a moustache?

I'll make you a deal.

I won't try to
change your life
if you don't try to

change my face, okay?


Come on, Tinker Blades.
Let's show 'em how.

Haven't you ever
heard the term


I'll, uh, I'll
give you a call,

Aren't you
gonna come in?

I'll take a rain check.
Good night.



Hi, Professor.
What have you
got for me?

The lists.

Who's Teddy Mann?

I checked him out.
He has a teaching

at the University
in photographic arts.

He's here on
a scholarship.

Athletic?No, not really.

Hmm, so Teddy
likes taking

It's too bad he
doesn't like guns.

I checked his
record in the Army.

Well, what do
you know?

Teddy's a

PROFESSOR: He studied
photography in high school,

got drafted and
was recommended
for a commission.

He was refused,
psychological instability.

Apparently, he has
become fond of one
of his students.

Her mother has
complained of

to the faculty head.

Oh, and I checked
the cameras on loan

from the university
like you asked?

Teddy's had one out
for over a month.

A Canon with
a 135 millimeter lens.

That's what he and
his students use
in class.

Funny thing
about the 135,

there's only one
cap that fits that
particular lens.

All the rest
are interchangeable.

I think you should
have a word with
him, Sergeant.




TONY: Her name's
She's a cop.

KURTZ: Just like you.

Yeah, just like me,
except she's not
on the take.

Maybe she's not
as smart as you.

Listen, I don't want
anything to happen to
her, you understand?

Of course,
of course.

We'll have to change
the destination of
the shipment.

Where to?

I'll tell you that
tomorrow night.

Same place?

Yeah, processing plant.



I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to frighten you
like that.

Like hell
you didn't.

You didn't hear me
knock, that's all.


What's the
matter anyhow?


Well, I don't understand
what's been going on,
you know?

You've been acting
really strangely lately.

Oh, it's me,
is it?

Yes, you're
goddamned right
it's you.

You've been avoiding me.
And don't try and deny it.

Teddy, I don't think
I can go out with
you tonight.

Listen, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to
frighten you.

I love you,
you know?

I was just
afraid that...

That what?

That there was
somebody else.

No. There's no
one else, Teddy.

Will you turn
the lights off
when you go?


KURTZ: There's a songbird
about to sing some sour

You're going to
have to stop her.

DANNY: I'll do
that, Mr. Kurtz.

Enjoy yourself,

Yes, sir,
Mr. Kurtz.

MAN: And what else?

I don't recognize
the voice. Boyd
should be able to.

It's probably somebody
on the drug squad.

It's a hit!




It should have
been me, you know.

What the hell are
you talking about?

If I hadn't
quit on you.

A hero.


Everybody wants
to be a dead hero.



Boyd, I played
ball with you.

I've done things
no other inspector
would even consider

and what have
I got, huh?

Three dead women,
two police
detectives murdered

and a city
that's petrified.


Yeah? I don't care
if it's the mayor.

Well, tell him
I'm under heavy
sedation, hmm?

Okay. What have
you got to say?

Here, listen to this.



That's terrific.

The police chief is
coming over the...

Where the hell
do you think
you're going?

To say goodbye
to a friend.

Daddy, when can
I drive your car?

When you get older.Why?

Because you're
too small.Why?

Because you're
only four.Why?

Dummy. All right,
there you are.
Go ahead.


And don't do
any speeding.

Okay, I won't,


Hey, Boyd.Tony.

How're you doing?

Your hands are dirty.Oh.

Yeah, I was just
fixing Bobby's bike.


How about a coffee,
huh? A little snort.

No, no, thanks.
I'm working.

Oh, this isn't
a social call,

All right.

What is it?
What is it?

KURTZ: We'll have to
change the destination
of the shipment.

TONY: Where to?

I'll tell you that
tomorrow night.

Same place?

Processing plant
at 1:00.


Oh, Jesus.
Oh, Jesus.


Honest to God,
I didn't know that
would happen to her.

No wonder we could
never nail Kurtz.

You always made sure
we were at the right
place at the wrong time.



All my life
I wanted to
be a cop.

But what did
it get me?


I go out and
I bust those

Throw 'em
in the can.

They'll be out
the next morning

and their three-piece
suits laughing at me.

So, what's the point?

Cut the crap, Tony.
You sold out.



Not like you,
huh, Boyd?

You'll still be slugging
it out till the bitter
end, won't you?

I'll wait for
you in the car.



MAN 1: You gonna be
my main butt boy.

MAN 2: Hey, Julie,
remember me in '73?

MAN 3: I'll see
you in the yard.

I didn't tell
'em nothin'.

BOYD: First-degree
murder of two police

Accessory to two
additional counts
of murder

and trafficking
in heroin.

You know, Julie, on
you this looks good.

I'll be out of here
in 24 hours, Boyd.

Not this time, Julie.
Not this time.

Twenty-four hours, Boyd.
Twenty-four hours.


May I please
have my glasses?

Would somebody bring
me my glasses, please?
I can't see?

OLIVIA: I'm confused.
I don't know what
to think.

I'm sorry.

Will you kill him?

If I have to.
I'd rather
bring him in.

He needs help.

Does he?

And what if he isn't
the Sin Sniper?

How can you
be so sure?

You have access to his
photographic equipment?


I'd like you to check
and see if he's missing
a lens cap.

are you afraid?

Uh-uh. Are you?

Why should I be?

I mean, the Sniper
only shoots whores,
doesn't he?

But that's all
some men think


MONICA: Good evening.
Greta, would you seat
them, please.


Oh, Mother,
I've got to
talk to you.

Honey, I'm working.

I'm so afraid.





Look, he has no
one he can trust,


but he loves me.
And you're my

And together we can
talk him into giving
himself up.

You've got to
call the police.

No. They'll kill him.

That's not my

Look, you know
what I am.

He'll kill me.

You don't seem to
understand, do you?

No one seems
to understand.

And that's
the problem.


Can I come
home with you?

Yes. Yes, you can
come home with me

and you can stay
as long as you like.
You'll be safe.

I'd like that.

Melody, Claudia, Bernice,
Elvira, Monica.

Melody, Claudia,
Elvira, Monica.

Melody, Claudia, Elvira,
Monica, Melody, Claudia,
Elvira, Monica.

Melody, Claudia, Elvira,
Monica, Melody, Claudia,
Elvira. Claudia.

Claudia. Bernice. Claudia.
Elvira. Claudia. Monica.


So good to have you
here. Never get to
see you anymore.


Hello?BOYD: Monica?
This is Boyd.

Oh, hi. I didn't think
I'd hear from you again.

Well, look, Monica,
I've gotta talk to
you. I need your help.

Yeah, I thought it
might be business.

Look, I'm just on my
way to put some flowers
on Bernice's grave.

BOYD: No. No, I've got
to talk to you now.

I'll be right over.

Look, I gotta go out for
awhile but I'll be back
as soon as I can.

No, don't go.

Honey. I know we
haven't been very
close in the past, but,

maybe it's
not too late.

I'm afraid.

[SIGHS] You don't
have to be afraid.

This place is locked
up tight. Nobody can
get in here.

I'm afraid.

For you.

it's Boyd.

I got a hunch that
Monica Page is the
next to get hit.

I'm tired of your
hunches, Boyd.

I want facts.

Then give me
six men on

Boyd. Boyd, if
you screw this up,

I'll make sure that
you're out on the...







I'm sorry, ma'am.
You can't go in there.

MONICA: Go ahead.

I don't like
the end.

Oh, my God!

I've given birth
to a monster.

A monster's ugly.

I've never met a man
that didn't want me,

like your friend,
the super-cop.

Oh, God, Olivia.

He was easy.

What the hell are
you trying to prove?

There aren't very
many girls who kill
their mothers.

Are you proud?

Of what?
My mother's
a whore?

What does
that make you?


That makes me
a sniper, Mother.

Not a victim.

I've done more
to clean up this
fucking town

than your cops and
all the politicians
put together.

Your little
baby girl.

I've got this
whole fucking
city shook up.

Olivia, it's wrong.

[SCOFFS] Wrong?


You're the last one

to talk to me
about morality,

"So go thou and slay

"and when thou returnest,

"my angels shall bear
thee to paradise."

Olivia, freeze,
don't do it.



Keep him here.
I want him where
he's safe.

Don't hurt her.


BOYD: Come on.

When did
you know?

I think
I always knew.

I just couldn't
face it.

Take care of her.

OFFICER: Hold your positions.
Sniper heading towards
the railway yard.

Repeat, sniper heading
in your direction.

Stand by.






OLIVIA: I could have
nailed you, Boyd.

So, I'm warning you.
Don't come after me.

BOYD: Olivia, there's
gotta be another way.

Not for me.



You hear that?

They're all around us.
There's nowhere to run.

Don't do it, Sergeant.

I don't wanna do you.

That's funny.
I was gonna say
the same thing.


Put it down.


Because I know
something about
walking on the outside.

Olivia, I want
to help ya.

Give me the gun.

You want me?

Yeah. Alive.

all want me.

Let me help.The whole

fucking city
wants me!

[SOBBING] But you,
you could have me
for free.


Olivia, no!




TEDDY: Let me
through. Boyd!

Let him through.


WEBB: The city
should be proud
of us on this one.

Hey, Boyd.

Stick around.
Take a few photos.

Don't let this
go to your head.

MURRAY: Murray Short,
Inspector, from KXET.

How did you catch
the Sin Sniper?

WEBB: Well, we found
her boyfriend who works
at the University.

His cooperation
led us to her.

It's a typical example
of the police force

working with the
public, for the

MURRAY: Thank you, sir.WEBB: Thank you.

Murray Short live,
on KXET.

Never should
have happened.

Remember rule
number one.

Never take it
home with you.

So who's
got a home?

♪ Children of the night

♪ Where do you come from?

♪ Children of the night

♪ Where do you go?

♪ Flashing neon lights

♪ Flickering candlelight

♪ Soft voices whispering low

♪ Children of the night

♪ Who do you turn to?

♪ Children of the night

♪ Who do you love?

♪ Who will dry your tears?

♪ Chase away your fears?

♪ Ask what you feel inside?

♪ You're always running away

♪ Too frightened
to say you feel

♪ But when you wake

♪ In the night now

♪ It's not a dream, love

♪ Hush now

♪ Run and play