Stone Cold (1991) - full transcript

Joe Huff is a tough, go-it-alone cop with a flair for infiltrating dangerous biker gangs. The FBI blackmail Joe into an undercover operation to convict some extremely violent bikers, who are angry at the capture of their leader.

Yeah! Let's go!


Get down!

Get over here!


I love it!


Big fun.

Charlie, unload the cash drawers.



What the fuck!


Go check it out.

GIRL: Mom! Mom!

Shut up!

Don't you fucking move, man.

Relax, man.
I'll buy the damn thing, all right?




- Son of a bitch.
- Shut up and go check it out!

- Screw that business, man.
- Hey.

I said, "Check it fucking out."

Fuck, man.

Why the fuck I got to baby-sit?





- My baby...
- Shut up!

Come on.

Is somebody playing with me?
Huh?! Huh?!

Somebody thinking
they can fuck with me?!

MARKET PSYCHO: I'm gonna kill Miss Tinselteeth!

You wanna play? Okay, come here.

Try me.


Son of a bitch!






Joe, what the hell's going on?
You're still on suspension.

Let me see you sweet-talk
your way out of this one.


What have you got to say
for yourself this time?

You got a clean up on Aisle 4.








Better not shoot me, baby.

Man, that's bullshit!
Try it up here, motherfucker!

Come on. That's it.
Give me some head, baby!

All right, brother.

MAN: Come on, man.


Well, that's cute, baby.
Look at what I got here.

Try that, motherfucker.





WHIPPERTON: I demand the
death penalty.

Court will come to order!



The jury has found the defendant
guilty of murder in the first degree.

I hereby sentence you...

to 45 years in the
State Penitentiary

without possibility of parole.

MAN: You're dead motherfucker!






♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ Say goodbye to those days ♪

♪ All your innocent ways ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ This is the decade of shock ♪

♪ We welcome your every
twisted thought ♪



Yo, Fido!

Here we go. Soup's on, my man.

What's up? Aren't you hungry?
Come here.

Listen up man. You're gonna have to eat
your grub if you wanna be a stud.


Yeah, that's easy for you to say.


Go away.



Why don't they ever listen?

Eat your food.


- What?
- Joe Huff? FBI.


Officer Huff, this is Special Agent In Charge
Frank Cunningham.

He's aware of your three-week
suspension for insubordination.

Chains Cooper.
Runs the Brotherhood in Mississippi.

LANCE: They've been on a killing spree.

Three local religious figures
were murdered there in the last month.

They convicted
one Brotherhood biker of it and

the day after the sentencing,
the judge was found dead.

Yeah, I read about it.

We know they're responsible,
we just can't prove it.

We also suspect them
of working with the Mafia.

They're trying to branch out
nationwide into drugs,

contract hits, prostitution, you name it.

Washington wants to shut them down.

So then... you're not investigating me?

You've logged more biker-related arrests
than any other officer in Alabama.

So how would you go about
nailing these guys?

The agent infiltrates the organization,

turns a witness, sets up a sting,
nabs them in the act.

That's right, isn't it?

Yeah. I'd give him three days before
they drag his ass down the interstate.

- Don't you think if they take a prospect...
- Prospect?


- A prospect's a new member on probation.
- Oh, like a fraternity brother?


How do you feel about working
in Mississippi under FBI jurisdiction?

We can arrange
to have your suspension lifted.

We want you to go undercover
inside the Brotherhood.

Agent Dockery would be your
contact in the field.

Call me Lance.

No sale. I think I'll sit out my three weeks.

Well, Huff, your three week suspension
just became six months.

Without pay.

- On the other hand...
- That's blackmail.

Oh, no, no, no... the FBI doesn't
believe in blackmail.

Well... the choice is yours.


Good morning. It's 6:02, time to rise
and shine. Glad you're aboard with us.

This can't be happening to me.

I got café au lait here. I've got croissants,
I've got those beignet-type things.

I've even got a bran muffin if
that's what you need to get you started.

Are you a little bit cranky
this morning, Joe?

I wasn't until you showed up.

Well, okay, fine. So hey, let's rap.

I mean the sooner we get started...

The sooner we can stop
the forces of evil, yeah, right.

I thought maybe we could set up
some lines of communication

and talk about a general
plan of action.

You know. Where you can reach me.

Phone number, beeper.
Since I am your partner.

I don't work with a partner, man.



Joe, do you have a dog?

What's the matter? Haven't you ever
seen one of those before?

Yeah, but not quite that well-made.

- Wake up, baby. You'll be late for work.
- Okay.

- Say hi to the schmuck.
- Hiya.

Hi there.




What are you doing here?

Well I... thought I'd help you out
on your first night.

You know, blend into the background.

The collar up it's no good, right?
I knew that.

- Fix yourself...
- Hey! Come on you're ruining the whole...

Why don't you rub
some grease on your hair?

No, no, sorry.
I draw the line at that.

I get any germs, I'll be eating the whole
spectrum of antibiotics for a week.

- What's the matter with you?
- I'm a little... phobic, okay?

- Phobic?
- Just a little bit hypochondriacal.

It's a problem. I'm dealing with it!
I'm doing the best...

- Does Cunningham know you're out here?
- No.

- Then what are you doing here, Lance?
- Facing my fears?

Well follow me.


JOE: This club's one of six
owned by the Brotherhood.

Truckers get their rocks off
by watching the girls dance.

- Are you paying attention?
- Yeah.

The girls sell speed back to the truckers.
That's where your bank is.

- Let me get two cold ones.
- May I have a glass, too, please?

BARTENDER: There's your glass, Junior.

Casanova with the broad upstairs.

- LANCE: The one who looks like a roach?
- Yeah, the one who looks like a roach.

That's Ice Hensley,
Sergeant at Arms at the Bayou Chapter.

If I rattle his cage, that puts me
one step closer to our man Chains Cooper.

I just don't know how to do it.

He does look kind of viral, doesn't he?

Tell you what.
I'm going to make some noise. Sit tight.

Excuse me.
Can I have another glass, please?

This one is filthy. Thank you.

Hey, Ice! Ice.

Answer me a question.

How come your lady's
been eyeing my tail all night?

My, my, my. What have we got here?

Looks like we got us
a grown-up version of Bam-Bam.

You sure are pretty, Bam-Bam.

- Look, I just asked a question.
- You're really a pretty boy.

Ain't he a pretty boy?
You got a real pretty face.

How'd you like me to fuck it up for you?

What do you want?

I just got out of the pen.

I thought heard you boys were the heavy
hitters in town, but I guess I was wrong.

- Oh you a yard bird, motherfucker, huh?
- I did my time.

Pretty boy like you
must have done some painful time.

You gonna use that stick?
You wanna dance with me?

NANCY: Ice, get down here! Ice!

Let me go! Get out of here!

We want our money back,
and we want it right now.

You sold us some bad shit.

Hey, I heard the bitch say haul your ass!
You can do it, or I will.

We didn't come here for no fight.
Just give us a grand and we're gone.

I got news for you, baby.
You're already gone!




Ice, man.

Ice! Ice, man.



You all right?

Damn, man. Damn!


Next time, mind your own
fucking business, honey.

You're welcome. He's a nice guy.

- Hey, thanks, man. You got a name?
- John Stone.

People around here call me Gut.


The Brotherhood is having a rally
this weekend. Why don't you come down?

- I'll look forward to it.
- All right.




Let's go, asshole.
Come on, Bam-Bam!



BIKER 1: You ran one hell of a race, dude.
BIKER 2: Too damn good.



Fuck him over!





Hey, Stone, man.

Go on, Stone. You can get him, man.

You can get him, man!

Come on, Stone.
Come on, man!


Is that all you've got?!


Fucking wimp.

GUT: Come on, Stone. Get up!

Goddamn pussy.


Kick his ass!

GUT: Come on, Stone.
Come on, man!



GUT: Way to go, Stone.
Way to go!


You beat that dude, man.
That's something I thought I'd never see.

Give me my glasses, man.

- All right. You were great, man.
- Yeah, yeah.

Hey Chains, this is John Stone.
Stone, this is Chains.

- Can you get your ass out of my van?
- Chill out, man.

I heard you and Gut
tasted some tar together.

Some knuckle sandwiches.

- What club are you with buddy?
- No club. Independent.

You want to tell me why your
old lady's going through my shit.

CHAINS: She's a cockroach.

She's my house mouse.
Go slice your wrist, Gut.

- Thanks, Chains.
- Come on, let's go party, all right?

I ain't gonna tell you again.
Get out of my van.

You did good at the Tit for Tat, man.
It showed some attitude around here.

Yeah, whatever. Come on, get out of here.

Take my old lady and have some fun, alright.
We'll talk business later.

If you're gonna talk to the Brotherhood,
you're gonna have to talk to me.

So I take it you don't want me in your van?

You're right. I don't.

Just relax, man. All I'm gonna do is
show you a real good time.

No, you're not.

Why not?

Because unlike your old man,

I never thought a pretty lady
was something you just gave away.

I don't know, brother. Big boy rides in out
of nowhere, throwing his weight around.

- It smells too sweet. I don't trust him.
- I smell business.

You know me, baby. I'm a worrywart.

It's you and me, Stone.
We're going to get into each other's heads, man.

You might not like what you find, Chains.



WHIPPERTON: A member of the Brotherhood
murders a minister in cold blood.

Judge gives him a lenient sentence,
he's blown to bits in return.

Well... the days of leniency are over,
my friends.

Gentlemen, the Gulf port chapter
of the Brotherhood sends its regards.


Got a little donation.

But you're late.

Tell me something. Why should put up
with the bullshit if the Army wouldn't?

Fuck the Army, man.
That's just why I deserted.

Take a look at that piece of shit.

WHIPPERTON: I intend to
appeal this sentencing

as many times as it takes
to get the death sentence.

And as the Governor of this great state,
if you choose to elect me,

I will make the war on the underworld
my first priority.

We're gonna eight-six him. Cut him off.

CHAINS: We're gonna crack the Whip.
He's as good as dead.

Who are you?

Stone. I've got a package for Chains.


Hey, Tool! Tool. It's okay.
Hey, Stone, man, where you been?

Chains has been asking about you.
You gonna prospect or what?



I'll get you something to eat, man.

- What's up, fellas?
- How you doin', man?

JOE: What's up, Chains?

- What's that?
- It's a little present.

I think you're gonna need this
when we do business.

Hey... what is it? A letter bomb, man?
Open that.

A bulletproof vest, man.

- This is government-issue, man.
- Yeah.

Where did you get it?

Hey, don't play games with me, Chains.
Half my stash is government-issue.

So's every pistol in this room.
Including that piece in your pants.


Silly boy. Let's try this on.

Turn around. Gotta see how it looks.

- Turn around.
- ICE: Jump down, turn around.



I guess it worked.

Oh, Chains, my man,


I said don't ever play games
with me, Chains!

ICE: Give me your hand!


- Ice, wait!
- This motherfucker deserves to die!

He's mine!

You've got balls of steel, Stone.

You wanna prospect
with the Brotherhood?

I say no way.

This is either gonna be
the biggest pork chop I ever ate

or my bulldozer.

- This is fucking bullshit.
- What do you say?

- What's in it for me?
- Colors, man. Gut!

This may be a rag
to the walking dead out there,

but this is my flag,

my cross, my church.

And these colors don't run.

If they hit the ground even in a fight,

I will peel your skin off
with a knife dipped in shit.

I'm waiting.

All right, say I'm game.

That was round one, citizen.
But our Pensacola chapter needs an ear.

- What do you mean, they need an ear?
- Mudfish.

You'll recognize it.

Tattooed. Wearing an earring like this.

Name and address.
Shouldn't be hard to find, even for you.

What did he do?

Crossed our territory
with a couple of keys of Bolivian flake.

You carrying? You got a gun?

What for?

Well, so he'll hold still, man!


♪ There is a hole where
my heart was ♪

♪ I can't control what my
mind does ♪

♪ I gave you more than
you asked for ♪

♪ and now you want me
to give you more ♪

♪ I just don't understand ♪

♪ There must be something
that I missed ♪

♪ I should've known
better than this ♪

♪ But to bet on the horse you rode in,
it doesn't get much better than this ♪

♪ I get life from your fatal... kiss ♪


You're a hell of a dancer, man.

- Thanks, amigo.
- You've got some great moves.

You should be one of those
Solid Gold dancers.

- A performance like that, I'd take a bow.
- Oh yeah?

You know what?
Don't fuck with me, okay?

Oh no, really, seriously, take a bow.


Excuse me. Trash going out.

Hey, I know my rights!
Whatchu want?!


Hey! Whatcha doing?!

Fuck! Federales!

Let me go! Fuck. Let go! Ay!

Police? You Federales! What the...
Let me go!

I've tattooed tits.
I've tattooed a flabby ass.

But I ain't never tattooed
no corpse's ear before.


JOE: I remember my grandfather used
to take a chicken,

cut its head off, put it on the ground
and watch it run around.

I see you again, I'll introduce you
to my grandfather. Don't come back.

BOLMAN: What comes around goes
around, you fucking pinche gringo.


Look what the cat dragged in.

Here's your ear.

How did it go, man?

Let's just say I saved the guy
a fortune in Q-tips.

These are for you, my lovely.

Smell that.

They're not exactly to die for.

The day's not over yet, man.

Tool and Nancy got some
collecting to do downtown. Oversee it.

- That's my gig.
- It's his now. Now!

He's not even a member.

- You ready?
- Do I have a choice?

CHAINS: There are no
golden calves here, man.


- Biloxi Police.
- CHAINS: Hi, baby.

Oh what can I do for you today?

Listen, I'm sending you a picture
of a guy named John Stone.

I want you to run an NCIC on him.

- I need it yesterday, Sharon, all right?
- All right. I'll get back to you.

All right.



Why you take so much?

- Don't start no shit.
- MARIE: Come on, Tool.

- Don't fuck with me.
- Tool.

See you later. Bye.

What was that behind my back?

WOMAN: My poor brother in Vietnam.

- What was that?
- Nothing.

- What, you got family here or something?
- You wouldn't understand.

- Why should I explain it to you?
- What? What?

- Oh you want me to give you some money?
- Well, you know what? They work real hard.

- Here. Take it. Get out of here.
- Thank you, Tool. Thanks.

Get out of here!

DOMICCI: Goddamn bikers collecting in my
territory. There's that little son of a bitch.

Oh, shit!

Stupid lady tried to hold back a couple
of hundred. Brother's would eat her...



- Come on, let's go.
- No!

- Fuck you!
- Come on!


Can you believe this fucking guy?

You just picked up
the wrong passenger, buddy.

HENCHMAN 2: Come on, Domicci,
what are you waiting for?






DOMICCI: I'm not gonna tell you
biker pricks again. This is my territory.

Tell Chains to keep his castles
out of my sandbox.

Get in the car.

We're out of here.


Would you like to tell me
who the hell that was?

His name's Domicci.

He got the money
and Chains is gonna kill me.

- How much was there?
- $400.


Take it.

- I can't take this from you.
- Just don't forget where it came from.


Excuse me. Can I help you gentlemen?
Excuse me!

There are to be no visitors in this hall.
Can I help you?!

Fuck off. What are you looking at?

CHAINS: I got something for you.


I got you some pineapple pizza, man.

- Thanks, guys.
- What is this, a giant Q-tip?

You see what's left.

Let's see how much is left.
They left the tool.

They left the tool!

Kill me, man, please.
Please, Chains.

- Hey man, we need you.
- Don't talk like that man.

Tool, I'm gonna give you my...

Hey take that fucking harmonica
down to the parking lot, man.

Sit by the bikes.

- Now, Gut.
- You know what I got for you?

This one's gonna take care of you.
Right, Marie? Right, Marie?

You're gonna marry him, right?
You're gonna take good care of him.

I'm gonna marry you myself, all right?



...Warfield's killing
and underworld bikers in general

have become the campaign issue.

Executing one member of the Brotherhood
is just a drop in the bucket.

These bikers work with the Mafia
in dealing drugs.

We must hunt them down. Checkpoints
must be set up throughout the state.

And that is why,
only a couple of hours ago,

I counseled the outgoing governor
of this state to call in the National Guard.


Shut if off, will ya!


Let's get the fuck out of here.

If I was there,
this wouldn't have happened, bro.

But I promise you right now,
I'm gonna take care of Domicci, all right?

- Is that what I think it is?
- P2P.

See, now you're talking, Stone.

I know a driver itching to unload 12 tons
of it. I need protection and a buyer.

Just remember, it's my deal.

- I got a buyer.
- Who?

The wops.

- Not Domicci?
- No, not Domicci.

He's out of business.
His head is all fucked up.

CHAINS: You know you knuckle-dragging wops
should keep Domicci under wraps.

- A gift?
- Yeah, a gift.

MOBSTER 2: That's very nice.

But I don't ride.

That's good. Very funny. Open it.

Listen, I got some P2P here.

This is impossible to get.

In about a week, there's gonna be
a truck coming through here

with three dozen
50-gallon drums on it.

That's enough crank
to wind up half the Gulf Coast.

Hey, I wouldn't sniff that shit if I was you.


$50,000 a drum.

Another gift.

Let's get out of here.

I intend to appeal this sentencing

as many time as it takes
to get the death sentence.


...sentencing as many times as it takes
to get the death sentence. get the death sentence.

Death sentence.


Death. Death. Death. Death.


Open it, Poker.

You gonna fuck with my serenity, Ice?

I think we should talk.

I know why you're here, man.
That fear is gonna rot your heart out.

My fear?

So far bro, I'm the only one
who's been doing any of the killing.

You wanna know what
my fears are, brother?

My fear is that this boy Stone
has got you wrapped

around his little finger, that's my fear.

We have a lot at stake.

I'm afraid I'm gonna wake up tomorrow
and he's gonna be in on everything.

Gonna be in on the Whip.
I don't trust the man.

Hey, if I want to,
I'll milk him to a gourd, man.

I'll chop his arms and legs off

and I'll weld him into a steel tank
and drop him in the bayou.

So fuck you, man. The Whip's mine.

Covert. D-Day.


Real covert.

Yeah, I don't like
what I'm seeing, brother.

I don't like what I'm hearing, man.


It's safe.

That's what you think.

That toilet seat has not been cleaned
since VJ Day.

I think George Washington
took a dump in there.

Probably got scabies,
or eczema, psoriasis.

I never actually sat down here.
I just kinda hovered the whole time but...

Are you through?

Yeah, I'm through.

What's up?

Cunningham-he wants to move.

He figures between the ear job
and the weekly collections

we got enough for
racketeering and conspiracy.

That's weak, Lance.

What do you got?

How about the Brotherhood and
the Mob in one shot.

Look, I'm gonna need
three dozen drums of P2P.

Transportation... and an agent
who's got balls enough to pull it off.

Oh yeah? Fries come with that shake?

How about a witness to close the case?

- Who's your witness?
- Chains' old lady.

I need a few days to nail her down...
but I'll get her.


- Look at these two, bro.
- Toy soldiers.

What's shaking, fellas?

Mandatory registration inspection.

- By order of District Attorney Whipperton.
- We'll need to see all your papers.

Hey boys, they want to see our papers.

I got papers. Wait, how about these?

Papers. You can use these.

Look. It'll just take a minute.
Please let us do our job.

I got a job for you.

But it's a much more righteous job.


Hey come on, let us out.

It is better to be first in hell
than second in heaven.

No, please.


Deliver this to fucking Whip.
Tell him it's a campaign contribution.

You killed them.

- This is some shit!
- Little present from the Brotherhood!

You killed them!
What kind of a maniac are you?

Get this bitch out of my...
Turn her out! I need a new bitch.

Hey you know me, brother.
I'll be there with you til the bitter end.

Why don't you take
one of my old ladies?

Hey, brothers, something here ain't right.

MAN: Shut your fucking mouth.

- This ain't the Brotherhood that I joined.
- Shut up.

Shut the fuck up!

We ride together. We live together.

We even die for one another.

But killing in cold blood, man,
that ain't right.

Chains, I think you're
way out of line, man.

You do?

He's got to go, brother.

Okay, gutless Gut.
I suggest you get on your bike.

Get on your bike.

Start it up.

This is my home, man.



I didn't mean what I said, Chains.

Open it.


Do it!



- I've been looking for you.
- Where have you been all day?

What's the matter?

- Chains killed them.
- Chains killed who?

One minute it was a practical joke.

And the next minute,
there's two guardsmen... dead.

- And you saw this happen?
- Yeah.

God, I should've split this scene
before it got weird.

Before D-Day. Before Chains flipped.

Wait a minute. What do you mean
"D-Day"? What's going on here?

It's what Chains needs all his money for.

It's why he pushed his luck with the Mob.
It's why he went for your deal.

- Do you know anything about it?
- No, I don't... and I don't want to know.

Why are you interested anyway?

Because, Nancy, I want to know
what I'm getting myself involved with here.

I'm an outsider, remember.

I'll tell you what.

I'm getting out of here... right now.
I got to get out of here.

Before you go, remember your brand?

GFBD. "God forgives,
Brotherhood doesn't."

Come here.

You can't leave this place.

Because if you do,
you'll become the hunted.

Who cares, Stone?

Let him kill me. Let him try.
I'm gonna take my chances.

Nancy, listen to me.

I came to the Brotherhood for one reason.

To get what I want and get out.

That's not to say
that I can't take you with me.

You would do that?
Take me with you?

If you play by my rules.



MAN: Oh, my God.

MAN 2: We're not sure what it is.
Stay back. Stay back.

It's pretty terrible. Some of
the worst beatings you can imagine.

He wasn't my real father.

He was just a dick. So I split that scene.

And hitchhiked around from here to there.
Partied a lot.

Made a little money when I had to.

- Got into a lot of trouble?
- Got into a lot of trouble.

Then I ran into the Brotherhood.

They were really cool. They took me in
and made me feel like I belonged.

You know, like a family.
No "please," no "thank you."

None of that pole-up-your-ass shit
that I grew up with.

Anyway, it's completely changed now.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

Look, I need to make a phone call.
Sit tight.


JOE: So what's the problem?

- I think you're off the hook, Joe.
- What're you talking about, Lance?

Found two National Guardsmen
murdered last night.

Cunningham thinks he made a mistake
by putting you under so soon.

- A mistake?
- Yeah. He wants to re-evaluate.

- I can't back out now. You know that.
- Sorry, Joe. I don't give the orders.

Well maybe you should.

You tell Cunningham I'm staying.

No, I can't. Joe, you're an Alabama cop,
and suddenly, you're out of your jurisdiction.

- I'm seeing it through. I got no choice.
- Joe!

ICE: Hey, Joe!



I'll see you back at the compound!


Let's dance!

Come on, cop!





Hi, there.


Come on, Joe!



Fuck you, cop.




- SHARON: Hey, is Chains there?
- No, he isn't.

- Nancy, right?
- Yeah.

This is Sharon in Biloxi.

He asked me to check out a prospect
named John Stone.

A friend here let me access the mainframe.
There's something funny.

John Stone's driver's license is cross-indexed
with a guy in Mobile named Joe Huff.

Joe Huff. Got it?


Yeah, I got it.


- Have a good time, buddy.
- Have fun, man!

- What's the matter?
- That was some disappearing act.

- I had business.
- Business?

John Stone business?
Or Joe Huff business?

What are you talking about?

A sister from the Highway Patrol.
She said the names are cross-referenced.

So I got a few names.

Look, Stone.
There's a lot of things I can accept.

And there's even more I can ignore.

Look at me, look right at me...
and tell me you're not a cop.

You're right, I'm a cop... satisfied?





- Hold it down, brothers!
- Shut the fuck up.

I don't know what to say about Ice
except that he used to run his mouth a lot.

- We all know that.
- ALL: Yeah!

But we cut him slack.
Because he took care of business.

Which is why we loved him
as a brother.


If you tried to out-party him,
he'd leave you in the ozone.


If you tried to out-ride him,
you'd crash and burn.

If you tried to fight with him,

he'd cut your balls off
and give them to you on a plate.

He was cold.

So let's send this prick to Valhalla!




So where the hell is he?

JOE: What's up, Cunningham?

Look, I'm getting a shit
load of heat on this, Huff.

You better know what you're doing.

LANCE: Sir, Joe's come this far.
I've got a good feeling about the sting.

Can we talk about that?

Look, Chains and I will make the buy
from Martinez down at the old fish factory.

- You know the place?
- Yeah. I know where it's at.

LANCE: The buy goes down tomorrow
night. We get the truck from Martinez,

we move the drugs down to North Point;
that's where the Mob is gonna be.

Then we'll get both the Mob
and the Brotherhood in the act.

Don't fuck this up.

You're late.

Yeah. I'm late.

- Any problems?
- No. No.

Can I talk to you for a second?

You know, Stone,

I've been thinking.
I've been getting $50,000

for turning over $1 million.

That ain't even 10%.

Let's take a walk. Chains.

We had a deal.

I got to get at least 10%.

We had a non-negotiable deal.

Yeah, well, Stone,

everything is negotiable.


I got my negotiator right here.

I'll check with my boss.

I guess we decided not to negotiate.

GUT: Hey, what happened?

Follow them.
Greek, Mudfish, you ride escort.



- Man, I died good tonight.
- Yeah, but you ruined the shirt.


Eddie, hold this.

- Hello.
- AGENT: This is Checkpoint Two.

They just turned south off Highway 10.
What's the deal?

Huff? It's Lance. Is everything okay?

You're... you're a cop.

You're a fucking pig!

Good going,
you just said hello to my witness.

You're fucking using me.
You're a fucking cop!

Look, when this deal goes down,
everyone burns.

Old ladies included.

- Fuck yourself.
- Nancy, listen.

If you cooperate,
I can guarantee you immunity.


But you're gonna have to trust me.

What's going on, Chains?
I thought this was my deal.

- Why the switch?
- Time to crack the fucking Whip.


What's the matter? Don't you trust me?

It doesn't matter where.
This is how I do business, man.

Fine. We'll settle up later.

Get off my horse.


I'll get back to you.

Joe, what happened out there?

Chains pulled a switch on me.
The deal went down at a different location.

Oh, that's terrific. So we got $1 million
of P2P out on the street?

As if that wasn't enough,

I overheard one of the brothers say
they're gonna crack the Whip.

- As in Whipperton?
- Yeah.

We just dropped a dime on your boy.

You better call Cunningham.


I got to stop that truck.

You can't go back there.
They must be on to you by now, Joe.

If they were, I'd be dead by now.
Look, Lance, there's a time to turn it on.



- Pull it over.
- Fuck you!

The trailer's loose.


Here you go. $200,000 for the weapons.
$50,000 for the chopper.

Be back at 2200 sharp,
or we're both in deep shit.

Rest easy. It'll be just like old times.

You know I can fly this baby
faster than anyone on base, huh.


Stone, where you been, man?
Been a long day or what?

What's going on?

Hey man, loosen up a little bit.
Come on, Chains wants to see you.

Hey, man.

We're having a little going-away party.


Glad you could make it.

- Who's leaving?
- You are.


Betrayal is a bitch.

A bitch.

Hola, amigo.

Long time no see.

Cómo estás, my friend?

I told you...

don't fuck with me.

What do you do?

You remember?
What goes around comes around.

God forgives, the Brotherhood doesn't.


So what?

Are you asking
for my undying devotion now?

No... Joe Huff.

I want to break your heart.

You fuck!


You know they say
that the devil was a rebel angel.

So they kicked him out of heaven.

If you wanna fuck with the living,

you got to learn to fuck with the dead.

The Whip dies tomorrow.



I guess you're gonna be my angel.

NEWSCASTER: The State Capitol
courthouse is the setting

for today's controversial re-sentencing
of convicted murderer Trouble Owens.

A sworn member of the biker gang
known as the Brotherhood,

Owens was found guilty of brutally
gunning down a Baptist minister.

Security is extremely tight here
at the courthouse.

National Guardsmen can be seen
posted everywhere.

District Attorney Whipperton,
following up on his anti-crime claims

as candidate for Governor
has pressed hard for the death penalty.

Whipperton has spear-headed
the Persecution's appeal...

One-Eye. Poker.

...saying that the original sentence
of 45 years...


Without possibility of parole
is far too lenient.


What about me, man?

You're gonna be famous, Stone.

We're going to blow your ass
all over the sky.


You're gonna make
a perfect little diversion for D-Day.


Form two lines, please.
Form two lines.

Step right here.

GUARDSMAN: Step over here, ma'am.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you. Next, sir.

Go in, sir. Thank you.

Hi, Father. How are you?


Go inside, Father. Go right ahead.

- Good morning.
- Father.


Mr. Martinez.

BAILIFF: All rise.

The Supreme Court of the State
of Mississippi is now in session.

The Honorable Supreme Court
Justice Townsend presiding.

The prosecution's appeal will be heard
from District Attorney Brent Whipperton

representing the people
of the State of Mississippi

versus the defendant, Trouble Owens.

This court is now in session.

This will show those bastards
who's in charge!

First the courthouse.
Next, the White House!

These pigs won't even know
what hit them!



WHIPPERTON: The Brotherhood
must be sent a clear signal

that the State of Mississippi
will not tolerate this assault on society.

A.W.O.L.: When this ticker hits 20,

we're gonna strap it on
and boot your ass out!

- Fuckin' A!

Having reviewed the record
of the lower court,

which is overwhelming in its evidence
against the defendant,

my colleagues and I
have come to the conclusion

that a more severe
sentence is called for.

GUARD: Yes sir, we're checking all
the vehicles.

Time for your flying lesson, piglet.

Bombs away! Strap it on him!


Son of a bitch!



A.W.O.L.: Get the bomb out of here!

Sorry, sir. Got to inspect your load.

This court sentences the defendant
to die by lethal injection.


WOMAN: What was that?

This time it's for real, asshole.


Hey! Stop the truck!

Take it down, A.W.O.L.!




Hey, Whip!



You know, at a moment like this
I think of my father's last words.

Which were,
"Don't, son. That gun is loaded!"

Gunshots, outside the Records Office!



- Take it down!
- You want down?

Shit... you got down!



Down! Everybody down!

Pull it up!

That's Joe! It's Joe!

Rock and roll!

We've got hostages
and we own every exit!

Make one move toward this building
and Mississippi burns!

The Whip is cracked. Come on.

Six Pack,
the whole hall of hostages are yours.

We're out of here. Let's go.


A.W.O.L, we're out of here. Pick us up.

- Mayday, Chains. May...
- Shut up!

Guess who, buddy? Angels don't die!

Everybody bail. You're on your own.

Get 'em up! Fuck! Nobody move.
Don't nobody move!










MUDFISH: If you try to block our escape,
we'll kill them all!

No more bullshit!

Mudfish! Someone's coming!


GUT: Hey, Mudfish, what are
you doing, man?!

MUDFISH: I'm telling you now,
will you just shut up, you little punk?!

GUT: You're going too far, man.
This ain't right.

MUDFISH: Just shut the fuck up! Shut up!

Don't send in any more guards!
What did I fucking tell you?!

I'll fucking carve out her liver
and spit it at you, you motherfuckers!

What the hell's wrong with you people?

Anyone comes near the building,
everybody here is going straight to hell!

You just lost one of Mississippi's finest.

We're not fucking around!
Now pull your people back!

I'm not telling you again!

Hey, Stone!

Die, pigs! Die! Die!


Time to fly, ASAP.
It's getting a little bumpy up here!


Take the fucker out.


Die, motherfucker! Die!


Welcome to my slaughterhouse.

You son of a bitch!


You're dead.



Imagine the future, Chains,

'cause you're not in it.



Let's have it.

It's all over, Huff.


Hey, partner.

It's time to turn it on.