Stone (1974) - full transcript

Members of the Grave Diggers Motorcycle Club are being knocked off one by one, and someone needs to find out why! Sandy Harbutts timeless Australian cult film about a bunch of regegades riding Kawasaki 900s.

How long must we
tolerate the destruction

of our environment by
irresponsible industry?

Our government has here by its

is prepared to stand up

When the interest of big

conflicts with the
interests of the people.

Lone shark.

Our forefathers settled this

to escape the swallowed Europe

with the industrial revolution.

This great and beautiful
land of ours is being raped.

Who are you calling a bore!

We pledge to preserve this
wide, brown land of ours.

If it continues to
pollute, it will be closed.

Our golden beaches will not
be despoiled by

With no thoughts of restoring

Open cut mining.

And who will pay for this?


The same industry that three
years ago

who come from this country,
will reinvest a large part

of these profits into the
country and its people.

Let's get outta
here! We're movin' on.

You old bitch.

You taught me a newie tonight,
didn't ya?

Oh, go on. You know
'em all.

Oh, yeah, you reckon?

See you on Monday.

...who was fatally shot

while speaking at a Save
The Environment campaign

at the Domain on Sunday.

Meanwhile, police fear an
outbreak of bikie violence

following the death on
Thursday of Go Down,

third member of the Grave
Digger's Motorcycle Gang

to be killed within a week.

The unreported deaths of the

only came to police
attention following funerals

for the dead men were rival bike

have demonstrated their solidarity
with the Grave Diggers.

Police report over 400
motorcycles gathering

at Gosford to escort the
body of Go Down to Sydney

where he will be buried
with full bikie honours.

♪ Standing here on planet Earth

♪ There's just one thing I know

♪ Though you try so hard to live

♪ One day you gotta go ♪

♪ If I'm glad for all of the
pain ♪

♪ I've had the right to choose ♪

♪ Seems a heavy penalty ♪

♪ To know I'm gonna lose ♪

♪ Cosmic flash here you are ♪

♪ Cosmic flash now there you go

♪ Cosmic flash now here you are

♪ Cosmic flash now there you go

♪ When you know, you never,
never know ♪

♪ No, you've just one chance ♪

♪ That's the day when you
get up off your knee ♪

♪ And start to dance ♪

♪ Yeah, I played the game of
life ♪

♪ Although the rules are rough ♪

♪ Go ahead, think of us,
remember me ♪

♪ No, no I was too late. ♪

Okay, Go down, you got it.

But believe me, whoever got you

is gonna get got too, and
that's a promise, right?


Know you're going down
for the last time, mate.

But don't worry because
we'll be thinkin' about ya

'cause you're our mate, right?


Anyway, well Satan
will be in there with ya,

so you'll be all right.

Let's get it over.

Okay, Doctor.


Sweet prince of darkness,
here comes one of yours.

His name's Go Down and
he's going down to meet you

and we want you to take
care of him for us.


There's your colours, Go Down.

Now you keep your
identity down there, man.

Let's get him in there.

Now, the reason we're
burying you standing up

is so as you don't have to take

from the evil one lying down.


What does that pack a
morons think they're doing?

Burying one of their mates.

I can see that.

Didn't you tell them it's
against the law

to go around burying people?

Yeah, but it's been
approved by the authorities.

They're a religious sect, call
themselves Satanists, yeah.

Ah, hell.

Go Down.

You always wanted this of me,

and I never let you have it.

Well, I figured I owe you now,

So there you go, son.

Hey, I'm sorry.


No. No, Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!


Christ. Well, we can't wait
all day.

Hey, Undertaker. Here
come the pigs, man.

Come to pay your respects?

I've got better things
to do with my time.

Well, go and do it.

We're holding a religious
service here.

Unless you start
telling me what you know

about these killings, you might
be holding

a lot more religious services.

Listen, Piggy.

We can look after ourselves,

You animals'll do nothing.

We'll do what we fucking like.

We're not going to hang around

getting knocked oft one by one

while you smartass bastards do
your investigation routines.

Anybody gets in our way,
we'll kick 'em, man.

We'll kick him to death.

Now look here, fellas,

we're only trying to get a job

We don't wanna see any more
of you blokes get killed.

Now look, if you’ll only tell
us anything that you know.

You know, take a few minutes-

Don't give us that nice guy

Somebody's been doing it to us

and we're gonna do it to them.


I think you'd better
keep right out of this.

Look, I don't wanna hear any

You're persecuting a minority


So why don't you just piss

Yeah. Okay, fellas. See you
some more.

Yeah, ya pigs.

What's yours,

Bottle of scotch.


Oh, piss off.

What's your problem?

You look at me when I speak to

Come on, sonny!

Hey man. I thought he
had you there for a minute.

You blokes. You're not real

at public relations, are ya?

Who need public relations?

You only get arrested
for indecent exposure.

I wouldn't worry about
a little thing like that.

Let me handle the patter.

What do you want?

Do you sell beer here?


Well I'd like to buy some.

How much do you want?

A glass'll do for a start.

Looking for someone?

Yeah, the president of your


Right. What do you
want the Undertaker for?

Isn't he the head man?

We're all heads here.

Joke, joke, joke.

Now what's the deal?

You pushing dope or something?

No, it's about these mates of

that have been getting killed.


You know something about it?

No, I thought maybe you would.

Why would you think that?

Hey, I've seen this bloke,
he's a pig.

Hey, hold the phone.

When I was up for pushing that
last time.

He gave evidence on a
busted case before mine.


Yeah, that's right, I'm a cop.

I've been sent to find out
who's been killing your mates.

Why would you wanna know that?

That's the way I earn my

Well, go and earn it off somebody else,
we don't need you.

Look, man, don't get heavy.

Just listen to what I
have to say, all right?

Piss off.

Look, man.

You're gone, man.

I didn't want any trouble.

I don't want any hassle.

Okay, I just wanna talk to your

Get those bloody lights

What's happening, man?

You're in big trouble.

What's the score man?

You've got a pro after you.

A pro, yeah?

It was a crossbow.

A what?

A crossbow.

Three shots fired in 10 seconds

and all pretty accurately.

Now there's nothing left up

and there was a getaway car

Give us some light.

Stay there, Stinky.

Thanks, man.

Yeah, man, that was cool, we
owe ya.

Like I said, that's
the way I earn a living.

Well, you'd be the
first pig we ever knew

that did any good for anybody,

He didn't do much for Harry
the Horse and the drug bust.

Yeah, but Harry the Horse

never did much for anyone,

except mess up a lot of heads.

Okay, mate, what's your ploy?

What do you wanna know?

Well, I'm supposed to find

who's knocking you blokes off
and why.

Well, for Christ's sake, man,
I mean,

you think if we knew that
we wouldn't be out there

kicking the shit out of them

So, what do you think
you can do about it?

Well, how about if I ride

with you blokes for awhile?

So what's so funny about it,

If it wasn't for him, man, the

would be nailed to that wall.

Listen, do you wanna
see the Grave Diggers

riding around with a pig?

So who's gonna know?

He sure doesn't look like a

Shut up, mole.

Listen, man. The whole
point of us being outlaws

is because we're against pigs

and everything a pig represents.

Now how are we gonna do our

with a pig riding around with

Dig, man.

Like, we owe the cat a favour.

Listen, man.

I don't care how you carry on.

Your ploy is breaking the
speed limit, smoking dope...

I don't know, I don't care.

I'm supposed to find a killer.

Okay, Diggers, what do you


I'm going with him.


Yeah, man.




Why not?





No pigs.

Bad Max?




Give him a go, mate.


Oh, Forget it.


No way.

Well, I'm against you man,
but it looks like I'm outvoted,

so okay, you're in.

But we don't wanna know
any bullshit from you, man.

Just ride at the back of the
pack and keep ya spanners

off our moles.

Except by invitation only.

Shut your face, Tart.

He's only one cop.

He gets too heavy, we kick his
teeth in.

Yeah, man, that's cool.

All right, it's a deal.

If you blokes wanna
blow, I'll get the boys

from ballistics over to
look at the damage here.

Hey, Septic, find out where he
hangs out

and he'll pick you up in the

Let's get outta here.

See ya, pig.

Hey, you can't go
around calling him that.

It'll crew our reputation.

So what's your name?




Hey, you mean like, that kind
of stone?

Yeah, something like that.

Been for your swim?

Everything working all right?

How can I be sure of that?

You just have
to take my word for it.

Ooh, a rejection, a rejection.

I told you that bloke was

around to pick me up this

Oh yeah, Rent-a-Bikie.

Why do you always get picked
for these weirdos scenes?

Type casting, I guess.

So you'll be living
in some stinking cave

with those mutants for an
indefinite period, right?

Something like that.

Oh, well I suppose I might
as well move out for a while.

Oh, why don't you grow up?

What do you mean?

All this fearless gang

When's it gonna end?

When all the fearless

have been busted, I guess.

Why don't you do a centrefold
for our magazine... Big boy?

You mean I passed the

Oh, bugger it, Stone,
I sick of you pissing off

on all these Boy Scout

I've gotta earn a

Well, why don't you
do something honest like

sell used cars to old ladies?

Give us a kiss.

Sorry, honey, I gotta
go, that's my escort.


Follow me.



Slow down, will ya!

Hey, man.

Wow, man, what a

Yeah, well, man, when the

started getting knocked off,


we moved in here so we
can protect ourselves.

I mean, we got cats
stationed all over the place.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, Blue, get up, man.

We got a little generator

Give us some power.

Doesn't that guy ever

Nah, he speeds a lot, man.
I ain't never seen him sleep.

Hey, Undertaker. The man's here.

Hey, Stone?

Hey, in here, Stone.

What's you doing, man?



Come in. Grab a seat.

Don't look at that.

How is it?

What a place, what a place.

Oh, yeah.


Come on.

Okay, you blokes.

Now look, nobody's gotta know

that this cat's a pig.

So just keep your head shut

and we'll be all right, okay?


Alright Stone, Get into those.

They smell crook, man.

Try it on for size, mate.

They'll never know your true

Need to put it through
the washing machine

a couple of hundred
times first, don't you?

You do that, man, you ruin
a good set of originals.

Yeah, you kill their

Anyway, the Phantom
never washes his suits.

I haven't seen him.


So that's what fuzz really
look like.

Yum yum, pig's bum.

Hey, C'mon, ya
clown. Put your own on.

Anyone think
you're expecting a flood?

Haven't you forgotten


Yeah. Now, that is a thing, huh?

Yes, nice.

That is a thing.


Hey, Stone?

Break his bloody neck.

Got him

Okay, Doctor.


This is gonna hurt.

Put another hole in his

I can't get it down.

I'll pull it off, man.

Wear 'em with pride,


Hey, you want a beer, man?

No, thanks.

Well, you're gonna get one.

What else do they do for

Is that meant to be a personal

Is that part of the deal?

I just dig the taste of blood.

You're in.

By the sound of it,
so is everybody else.


Just relax, love.

How's Stone?

They sent him off to
chaperone some awful bike gang.

How uncool.

He'll probably reform them

and recruit them all as
telegram boys for the PMG.

Like to screw it on, do ya?

My foot slipped.

Oh, yeah?

Wanna drag, do it our way.

Drag, folks!

Hey, Midnight. Come on.

Midnight here can blow there
rest of us off pretty easy,

so if you can get anywhere near
him, man, you're doing okay.

Now you've been around the
circuit here.


Yeah, well you know your way.

Right, once around the
circuit. Back to here wins.

Fire up your engines.

You dropped it like
as bag of spuds, Stone.

How are ya, Stone?

You got some guts, son.

Now, anybody tries to
knock you blokes off,

give 'em enough time,
you'll do it yourselves.

Who'd wanna kill a lovely
bunch of guys like us, eh?

Everybody wants to kill those
mad men.

I know plenty of people
that really enjoy seeing

all those outlaws bulldoze
into a mass grave,

bikes and all.

What sort of people?

Ordinary bike riders that
get the rough treatment.

You know.

Go on.

Well, blokes who own garages.

Guys who own pubs and run
milk bars, hamburger joints.

Like would you believe
just about everyone?


Oh, no, no. They don't give me
no grief.

Besides, they've got a bit
of class, the old outlaws.

Keep their bikes going well,

and they know what hard
riding's all about.

But, I always managed to
keep a bit ahead of them.

Oh, wow.

I bet that really moves
past the competition, eh?

Baby, it makes mincemeat out
of them.

Well, I don't know who'd

actually want to kill 'em, you

Well rough 'em up, maybe.

They do you any harm?

Oh, yes and no.

Well they knock stuff off.

Sauce bottles, knives and
forks, stuff like that.

And they turn up the jukebox
hell of a loud with pliers

and screw up the works.

And they park their bikes

I suppose they scare away

a lot of potential customers,

No, that's the funny thing.

This is kind of their joint, you

People actually come here to see

What sort of people?

Snotty looking guys in big

with they're snotty looking

Anything else?

Yeah. A lot of birds
by themselves, you know.

Go on.

I've seen the Grave
Diggers soon sort them out.

They're pretty strange chicks, I
tell ya.

They didn't do much sitting down

after a couple of weeks
after the Grave Diggers

have done it to 'em.

Any outraged boyfriends?

Yeah, well these birds
are their own people.

Like they head Grave Diggers

Oh yeah, Vanessa.

You know, she was a big model.

Made a lot of dough, really big

Now who'd think a chick like

would wanna be an outlaw mole?

I mean, she was famous,
had her face up everywhere,

and then she met the
Undertaker, and good night.

Wow, man.

Like I really love the Grave

They are far out.

You know they're really, they're
too cool.

How come you love 'em?

Because they did me a big
favour, man,

a big fat, beautiful favour.

They came in here one
night with the Orgasm.

They're a group, they're good

Some of 'em had laid some really
good acid

on the Diggers, so the Diggers
used to travel with them

and it was collection night.

How's that?

Don't lay that hard
cuttin' jive on me, man.

You're a fuzz, the protection

Anyway, the Diggers were
hanging in here grooving

and in come the heavies, the
protection collectors, you dig?

Well, they hung out in the crowd

in their jivey looking
clothes and hats and things.

And the Diggers started putting
them on,

you know, seeing them up

sort of feeling their gear.

The next thing, they
got nasty and it was on.

Wow, what a freaky scene, man.

Those racket guys are mean.

But the beautiful Diggers
kicked 'em almost to death

and in time to the music as

The way they danced out the
side of those hoods heads,

Fred Astaire would have lost his

Anyway, the Diggers soft shoed

right out the freaking door.

All the heavies, they really
didn't groove on it at all,

but the Diggers loved it

so much so that they made this
their place

and the collection men
haven't been back since.

This has gotta be the
only night-time groover

in town that doesn't
have to pay protection,

unless of course you count
a few caps from time to time

for the Diggers, but that kind
of protection we can handle,

you dig?


All right, okay, so you
think the Grave Diggers

are good news, right?

But what about the protection

What do they think?

Who cares, man, but the Grave

they're beautiful studs.

They are just beautiful.

There's a cop on the
phone for you, Amanda.

Inspector Hannigan?

Amanda St. Vincent speaking.

Yes, yes, that's right.

What have you done with him?

Well, yes, I know that but...

Well, I haven't seen him for...


No, but dear Inspector Hannigan,

doesn't he get any time off?

Why for me?


I miss my policeman a little

Well, couldn't you
relieve him with someone?

Oh, really, Inspector.

Surely anyone can look
after pack a bike hoodlums.

Or did you pick him because
he has a university degree?

Yes, I know he's a good

but he's a good tennis player

and we're one short here.

Well, you can't keep him
on duty for 24 hours a day.

Oh, maybe I should run that
article on police brutality.

Indeed, Inspector.

But you must understand,

Doesn't your girlfriend get

when you have to work long

Yes, I know you're married.

Bye, inspector. Thank you.

What will it be?

Gin and tonic and a
Bacardi and coke, thanks.

Give us a cigarette.


Ah, yes.

Give us a... kiss.


I said give us a kiss.

Hey, fellas.


He won't give me a kiss.


Poor old Toad, eh, they
won't give him a kiss.

Here, Toad.

I'll give you a kiss.

Who are you staring at?

Wasn't staring at anyone.

Fancy me, do you?

Not really.

Why not?

What's wrong?

You're staring at me again.



You want a drink?


I've got a couple.



Thanks for the cigarette,

One for you, Doc.

One for you, my darling.

One for you, Stinkfinger.

One for me.

One for you Doc, and another
one for you, sweetie.

One for you, Stinky.

One for me, one for you Doc.

My darling, one for you.

Stinkfinger, me, Doctor Death

and my little beauty, one for

Stink, me, Doc, my sweetie.

Avery, uh, special one
for you, my darling.


Show your cards.

Hey, man, it's the Black

Well, if it isn't our
old mates, the Gravies.

Bird Man and his Dodos.

Doesn't seem to be too
many of your own lately.

Been living up to your names,

Who's riding this?

I am.

Hey man, where'd you get that?

He made me an offer I couldn't

Jap crap.

It fell over.

Cool it!

Cool it, man.

Take it easy.

You wanna get heavy?

Take it easy.

Come on, you wanna get heavy?

Come on, piss off.

We're going.

Get outta here!

So, there it is.

Prime real estate at a
reasonable price.

But the most attractive aspect
is if we control this land

we control the whole surrounding

We've had a bit of luck.

The Grave Diggers were involved

in a fight with another bikie
gang and firearms were used.

It seems to me to be a
perfect opportunity to, uh,

set them up for a major hit.

Transfer the blame to the Black

Good way to put all our
eggs in the one basket.

Grab a chair, man


Man, we better check
the west, right. Come on.


I can't believe your bike.

Yeah? Really goes, doesn't it?

And you screw it on in second.

Wow, the vibrations.


Rip him, rip him.

No, Undertaker.

I told you to keep your
spanners off our moles.

You think we're a pack
of imbeciles, don't you?

Yeah, right.

Listen, what Tart did
was against our laws

and when you break the law,
you get punished, right?

If she doesn't want to be Toad's

all she has to do is tell
him and it's finished.

Oh yeah.

Well that's a good law.

All based on violence.

All law is based on violence,

And any cat that breaks
the law gets clobbered.

Only difference is our
law only applies to us.

Your law, sends young blokes
to somebody else's country,

to fight people you know nothin'

As long as you keep on shooting

they hang metals on you.

When you don't shoot them

they shut you in jail.

And now somebody's knocking off
our mates

and you tell us we're not
supposed to do anything about it.

That's bullshit man.

Shit, it's my watch.

I'll come with you.

I wanna see Toad.

How'd y'all get together?

It's peculiar.

But when you've been conditioned
into believing something

and you blow it, I mean,
you really blow it,

you get this incredible sense of

And it's funny because
you can almost recognise

fellow travellers.

And when you ride bikes, man.

I mean when you really ride

I suppose it's inevitable.

No, thanks man.

I thought you were meant to be

on the drug squad or something.

Yeah, well they don't
encourage field research.

Are you into dope?

I'm into a natural thing at
the moment.

And bikes, of course.


Hey, well man, when I was
cranked over on that last corner

and you were coming
around the outside of me,

I really thought you was going
to take me.

I had to lean so far
over that back wheel

started to come up.

And of course it did.

Hey, Midnight, where'd you
learn to ride like that?

Up in Coonabarabran.

Used to round up the
stock in the old BMWs.

I never rode in the tar before
I come to the city though.

Do you miss the bush?

No bloody way.

Live in a humpy on Gunnedah Hill.

Work for nothing.

Hang around the main
street on Saturday night.

Stick that up your ass.

Hey, I remembered who you

You fought that world rated at

right in the States, right?


You were in hospital for a

I wasn't ready.

That hungry manager of mine
was off to some quick bread.

When I came out, he was gone.

Undertaker was then in the army

When they let him out, we just
got on our bikes and rode.

Everyone just came together.

They found us or we found them.

Now we've got a good thing

Yeah, that's what bikes do for

Right, that's right, mate.

When you're on a bike, I mean a
big bike,

you've got all power.

That big iron thing,
man. It's all fins and rods

and edges and noise.

It's power

and you're part of it.

Strong like it is.

Yeah, it's the greatest
feeling in the world.

Yeah, once you've
really ridden a big bike

fast and hard, who wants
to do anything else?

That's right, understand, right!

Right, it's a good thing.

Yep. Well that's we're
here man, together.

Because when we're out there

with the Grave Diggers, right,
Christ, we own the world.

What can stop us, man, what can
stop us?


Sun's up.

Who's for a swim?

You gotta be kiddin'.

No, it's the best time of day.

Best time for the sharks, man.

Well, we won't tell them we're

Who's idea was this

Give us one of them yarnies
there, man.

Stick it in there and
make this bludger burn.

What a beautiful way to go to

Yeah, with your head
stuck in a newspaper.

They catch the fastest boat
they can

so they don't have to look at
the view.

Suppose if you went fast
with every day of your life,

you'd get bored too.

That's why you gotta keep

Who wants some beer at the pub?

You've got beer here.

Feel like getting out.

But this is a fortress, man.

And you're safe here.

Who needs it?

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot.

Some joker come in this morning.

Left this for ya.

Said you'd be interested to get
it back.

Anything wrong?

Yeah, man.

That's Go Down's helmet.


Someone's been missing with
his grave.

Who brought this in here?

I don't know.

Never seen him before.

He just said to tell ya
it was the compliments

of the Black Hawks.

Ah yeah.

Intrepid bird man, eh?

Bloody clowns.

We better get over there.

You moles wait here.

Stick with them them will you,
mate, this is our business.

Come on, fellas.

Hey, hang on.

Hey, Undertaker, you gotta be
kidding man.

I mean, this is, this is a

It's a hit.

That wasn't left there by the
Black Hawks.


Surprise, surprise, man.

Look, man.

You'll walk into a bullet.

We'll make out.

Okay, buddy.

Listen, this is police

Will you come off it.

You're wrong, Stone. This is
our person.

I need change for your phone.

Drop your guns!

Get down.

Cool it.

Get up!

Get their guns. Come.

Over there. Round the back.

That's him. That's the man.

Okay Toad, I got him.

Come on, let him go.

Hey man, how are ya?

You okay?

I got him, Undertaker, I got

Course you did, man.

Hey, who is he?

The lead.

The guy from the demo.

The demo we was at, he
shot the other cat, right?

Dr. Townes.

Right, the politician cat.

He shot him.

I saw him do it.

Why didn't you tell us, mate?

I was tripping so hard, see?

I was on rad.

I was off my head, right?

I did some figuring,

thinking it was my fault

and you'll give me a
kickin' and kiss me off.

And I got scared.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, I'm gonna die.

Bullshit, Toad.

Two small holes like this, no


I can tell, I think.

How your guts?

My guts is in a knot, son.

Oh well, we can fix the
old saddlebags up for ya.

You can have 'em out the
back while you're riding.

Yeah. You'll be able
to crap in a plastic bag.

I'm not scared, 'cause
it doesn't hurt, right?

Oh, I'm sorry, mate.

Forget it.

Still together, right?


Where's our Doctor Death, then?

He finally made it, man.

I'll be there too soon, hey?

Doesn't feel bad.

It feels quite good really.

What a fucking trip it's been,

Cool it, Undertaker.

Get back, son, he's ours.

Keep still all of ya.

This is what my job's all about,

I'll kill ya.

Look, man, this cat is
wanted internationally.

Man, this cunt has
killed six of our mates!

If you put him in, he'll get 15

and he'll be back out
on the streets in 10.

I gotta protect him, man.


I will kill you!

You really are a pig, aren't

All right, you can fucking have

You can have the lot of 'em.

We'll be back.

Come on, let's go.

That bloody fool.

He'll have every cop in
the state looking for him.

Why? What have they done?

Well, there has to be an

to be charged with illegal
possession of firearms,

starting firearms in a public
place. Christ knows what else.

That's if they’re caught,

and they will be.

Will they go to jail?

It's hard to say.

And you better get rid of that

before Inspector Hannigan sees

I don't think so.

I can't understand why you
like them.


They got something going for

They've got a sort of a

sense of honour that I like.

They just up and do the sort of

that people would like to be
able to do.


I like the old Grave Diggers.

I'd be glad to see 'em any time.

Get out of here!

Inspector Hennigan.

No cops.

No cops.