Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming (2010) - full transcript

Chance Harris looks to find a balance between his school, work, relationships and opportunity to perform at the nationally televised step competition during homecoming weekend at Truth University.

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This is how we battle.
This is how it goes down.

Everybody put your hands in the air.
Get your hands up right now.

Let's get it pumping.

Let's go.

Come on.

Hey, hey, hey. Hold up, ho ld up.

Ain't no fighting in my house.

We do it clean around here
or we don't do it.

Get on out of here, man.

Anybody want some? We're taking
all money and all bets right here.

Anybody want some? Come get some.
Anybody want some, right?

C Killuh has entered the building
with his money in hand.

Chance, money in hand.

Let's get it.

Hey. What? What? What?


Mistakes count. Mistakes count.
Chance, it's over for you, man.

- Get off.
- Y’all know how it goes.

We got a new champion in the house.

- Everybody say, ''C Killuh.''
- C Killuh!

- C Killuh!
- C Killuh!

Anybody want some? Come get some.
Somebody, anybody.

Somebody. You want some?
Anybody want some?

Hold up. What's up? What's up?
What's going on?

I ain't going out like that.

What's the matter?
You didn't get enough the first time?

So I suggest you pay up
and go back to where you came from.

One more time.

Double or nothing.
Double or nothing.

Anybody want double or nothing?
Make some noise.

Money in the bucket.

Put your hands up right now.

The moment of truth.

If y’all think Chance took it home,
make some noise right now.

If y’all think C Killuh took it home
and represented, make some noise.

The jury has spoken.

So this is gonna be
how it's gonna go down.

The winner tonight
is my boy Craig Killuh, C Killuh.

C Killuh again. He beat him, baby.
It's over.

He knocked the Rock Star off
his pedestal and took him to school.

Where's my money?

Man, I don't owe you no money.
You guys lost and you know it.

That's your problem, not mine.
How you wanna handle this?

All right, all right, all right.

I'll give you the money.
I just need some time.

I was gonna use that money
for school.

Man, you mean to tell me
you're out here dancing for tuition?

Get him out.

Look, let me explain how things work
around here.

If I don't have my money by tomorrow,
you're gonna come up missing.

You hear me, boy?

- I think he needs some more.
- No, all right. I got you. I'll get you--

Get down! Get down!

- Hey!
- Let's get out of here, man.

-Watch out.
-Watch out, man.

- Go, get the wheels.
- Go.

- What now?
- What you mean, what now?

This town ain't so big.
We gonna bump into him.

I'm gonna get my damn money.

Two catfish combo,
one catfish and shrimp combo...

...and the six-piece with...?

- Mac and cheese.
- Mac and cheese, okay.

Here, Shorty.

Hey, Chance,
I may need you to work tonight.

I can't, my line is up tonight.
I told you that. Not that you listen.


...I'm moving into the Theta house,
and so is Wynn.

Boy, you move around more
than a brother at a Klan rally.

Just moved back in
and you're moving out already.

It's not like that.
I'm just moving right down the street.

Whatever. I'm here to stay this time,
so don't you go trying to get rid of me.

Look, Pop, just hear me out, okay?
I really wanna do this. I joined a team.

- I'm putting them moves to use.
- Sounds like a distraction.

You promised when you came home
your focus would be education.

It is.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Make sure you can handle everything
on your plate...

...including this restaurant.

He's just happy you're home again,

Nice way of showing it.

- I want the lobster.
- I am so hungry.

- I'm telling you, I thought it was a joke.
- What do we have here?

- Hey, Chance.
- Hey, Chance.

What can I get you fine young ladies?

- Okay. Let's go get--
- Hey, can I take a picture of y'all?

- I want Santa to know what I want.
- Look, your order's coming right up.

What's wrong with you, Wynn?

Are you done frying up
Sunday's dinner yet?

- Dude, it's time to roll, bro.
- Since when you in a rush to class?

Since campus started looking
like a Nelly video.

- I'm trying to be a featured extra.
- Hey, Chance.

I need you to come early tomorrow
to open up.

Dad, I already told you,
it's homecoming weekend.

How many times
we have this conversation?

Homecoming is the busiest weekend
of the season. We need the money.

All right. I'll be here.

- Let's go.
- Early.

Hey, Mr. Harris, love that sweater.

You ladies enjoy. You ladies be good.

- Come on, let's go.
- I'm out.

Hey, man, check this out.

Five thousand dollars
and a full scholarship.

Bro, we have to win the step-off
this weekend.

- Dude, I'm telling you, man.
- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

- Dane.
- Hey, what's up, fellas?

- What's going on?
- Chilling.

- Everything Kool & the Gang?
- Yeah.

- Most definitely.
- Just getting hyped for tonight.

Know what I'm saying?

You know we gotta represent
for your senior year. Touch.

I need you to get control
of your brother.

- Y'all aren't Thetas yet.
- I got you.

Homecoming, baby.
Hope they're ready for big Ty....

Hi. How you doing, big brother--?

- How are you, sir?
- LAX, my man. You all right?

- What's up, son?
- How are you?

- You focused?
- I'm focused.

- Ready to get it in, man.
- Okay.

I'm gonna check y'all later, all right?

- Yeah, do your thing.
- All right?

- What's going on with that class?
- The class--?

Oh, the class
I was telling you about. Fine.

Everything is good. I went last week.

I mean,
I'm about to go this week as well.

Guess who.

- Will Smith.
- You-- See, you think you're funny.

Trying to hurt my feelings?

You were supposed to meet me
after class.

Right, my bad.
I was saying what's up to the guys.

Oh, already putting the guys
before your girl?

No. Come here, I miss you.

You nervous about coming up tonight?
Because I know it means a lot to you.

Who, me? Nervous?
What I got to be nervous about?

- Let's go.
- I gotta get my sweater, I'm freezing.

Don't worry about it,
I'll meet you there.

Babe, you know, I could just go
and get Brenda for you if you'd like.

Come on.
I wasn't checking for that broad.

Good. You better not be.

- Let's get out of here.
- Yeah.

Yeah. We gotta get ready
for the big night.

Let's go.

Let's hear it, Truth University!

Yes, yes, yes!

As president of Truth University,
it is my pleasure to welcome alumni... another homecoming weekend.


Some have traveled from far and wide
to be here.

I promise you won't be disappointed...

...because this Sunday,
Truth University...

...will host the national
Sprite Step Off competition.

Now, winning teams
will receive full scholarships...

...for each team member.

- All right!
- That sound good?


It gives me great pleasure to introduce
our new brothers from Theta Nu Theta.

Y'all got to keep up
To keep up

This time we take
the show on the road

That's what Theta came to do

Somebody told you that you can
go by the easy road

- Let's go.
- Nobody told me, nobody told me

But I got, got, got to get to Theta-land

Because the road to Theta-land
is long, rough and rugged

- It takes a hell of man to make it
- Hold tight in position, come on.

- I can't hear you.
- Ty. Right here.

- Come on.
- All right, Bryce!

Get yourself off the road
because Theta came through


Hold it tight, yo.


- Come on, tighten up.
- All right, Bryce!

Thetas, reveal yourselves.

- Theta greeting.
- Theta greeting!

Please be advised Theta Nu
came to serve you our best, sir

Who wants to come and get down?

All the way down.

Who wants to be served?

What? What? What?

No protection from the truth
Peace be with us

How may we serve you?

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

This work's making me hungry.

I think I want a Coke, a Big Mac
and a what?

Small Fry!

- Get it.
- Yeah!

Small Fry!

Oh, yeah.

Talk to them.


Running after these ladies
as fast as I can.

You supposed to be Theta?

Oh, yeah.
You gangster like that?

My right.

Tell them how you feel.

They call me LAX
because I stay fly.

- Yeah, Ty!
- LAX.

Theta what?

- Theta Nu! Theta Nu!
- What?

- Theta Nu!
- Theta what?

Theta Nu.

Y'all see this? Y'all see it?

Who's next? Who's next?

- Feel like rocking out?
- Let's do it.

- All right, Chance.
- Rock out.

- Rock Star!
- Chance!


- Oh, yeah.
- Rock Star!


- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- Yeah, boy.
- Rock Star!

It's the new brothers
of Theta Nu Theta.

Yes, honey!

- Get out of here!
- Get back.

Yo, bro.


- Oh, get out of here!
- Mu.

Come on, man.



Mu Gamma Xi.

Mu Gamma Xi.


Mu Gamma Xi.
Mu Gamma Xi.

We are the outstanding brothers
of Mu Gamma Xi.

We rep where we go
till the day that we die.

Get off my back.
Get off my back.

Mu Gamma.

Mu Gamma, Mu, Mu, Mu.

Yo, Craig.

Mu Gamma Xi.
Mu Gamma Xi.

You must think you're Superman,
thinking you can come upstage us.

This is how you wanna
start the weekend?

- Couldn’t wait till Sunday, Taz?
- That's how I feel.

Face it, Dane, you're gonna lose.

You're gonna lose huge.

Yeah. It's been two years.

When you graduate, they're
gonna remember you as a failure.

Yo, Taz. Taz.

- What you gonna beat us with, man?
- Hey.

- Hold your line.
- Threats?

Yeah, Chance, hold your line.

That's your new mascot, right?
Is that who that is?

Oh, the Rock Star, huh?

We've heard him speak.
He do other tricks?

Yo, I got your trick. You want--?

You need to calm down.

- C Aim down.
- Oh, he gets mad.

You need to be cool.

Steady, steady. Y'all be cool.

- Relax.
- No, be cool.

- Ease up.
- He gets mad, huh?

- There we go.
- Be cool.

- M-U!
- Gamma Xi!

- M-U!
- Gamma Xi!

- M-U!
- Gamma Xi!

Come on, man.

Come on, man.

Theta what?
Theta Nu.

I love this!


I can't wait to win
one of these bad boys on Sunday.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, man.
Put this thing down.

We gonna have one
soon enough, kid.

- Yes, yes, yes.
- Soon enough.

- Yo, I'm not so sure.
- What?

There's a reason
why we haven't won one since then.

Mus were better tonight.

I mean,
they had some hot moves, man.

They did.

If we don't step our game up,
we're gonna get destroyed on Sunday.

We can say goodbye
to the scholarship and the money.

Don't know about y'all,
but I could use it.

Tuition is crazy, but no way we're
gonna get Dane to change the routine.

But why not?

Why not? I mean, think about it.

Theta's been doing the same routine
since before I left Truth last year.

- I can come up with something better.
- Really, Chance? Really?

We just got the frat. We just got in--

Hey, Roy, what's going on, man?

We just got into the frat.
You wanna rock the boat?

Come on, man, that's not a good look.
It's not. It's not.

One thing's for sure, we're gonna lose
if you keep stepping on my feet.

Man, forget all of that.

Tell Nikki to hook us up
with her sorors.

- Pass the ball. Pass the ball.
- No. I'll be right back.

- Come on, stop being greedy.
- Jeez.

Theta what?

- Theta Nu.
- Theta Nu.

- What's up, baby?
- Come here, baby.

I can't stick around...

...because I gotta check on the floats
for homecoming.

But I wanted to say congratulations.
You were amazing.

Well, I do what I can do.

All right, all right,
don't get all gassed.

I'll see you later, right?

Of course.


- Let's go.
- All right.

Hey, can I talk to you for a second?

What's up?

What happened at the pep rally earlier
was unacceptable.

And I think you know that.

I wasn't gonna stand back
and watch Taz disrespect us.

But what you did was disrespectful
to me and to the frat.

Look, Chance, you're a Theta now,
and we expect a lot more from you.

Believe me, nobody wants
to outdo Taz more than I do.

You let me handle him. Understand?

My man.

- Fellas, keep form.
- All right.

I wanna hear it. I wanna hear it.

Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?

That's all you got?

- I'm trying.
- Not trying hard enough.

We have until Sunday, you guys,
to get that routine together. Okay?

Or we're gonna lose.
Is that what you want?

- We're gonna lose anyway.
- I'm sorry, you say something?

I didn't hear you.

You got something to say?
Do you have something to say, Neo?

- The Mus were dope the other night.
- I don't give a damn about the Mus.

If you have a point, damn it,
you better make it.

Look, a few of us was thinking
that maybe...

...we should step our game up
a little bit.

- We doing the stuff from last year.
- So now what?

- Maybe I should just show you.
- Yeah, maybe you should.

Dane. Dane,
we don't got time for this, man.

No, no, be cool, boy.

Let the boy have the floor.
Let's see what he's made of.

All right.

We could still incorporate
the same moves from our last routine...

...but it doesn't hurt
to have a ace up our sleeves.

For those of you who wanna
incorporate Chance's choreography...

...into the routine, raise your hands.

Looks like you guys
better get started.

- Yeah, thank you. All right.
- Oh, yeah.

You gonna put our fate
in the hands of a Neo?

I'll be damned if I let Taz win this.

Maybe he can give us the edge
that we need.

That's all I'm saying.

I hope you're right.

Yes, yes, yes.

Show me what you got there, man.
That's it.

I didn't call a break.
You got a routine, you better show it.

- All right.
- So let's go, let's go.

- Morning, Terry.
- Hey, Shorty.

- Chance in yet?
- Course not.

One more time. Wynn, stay with me.
Remember that right leg.

All right, y'all, one more time.
Daredevil, I see you. Right leg.

- One more time. All right, come on.
- No, no, no.

That's enough, that's enough.

Yo, so good job.

I admit it still needs a little bit of work.
Don't think this gets you off the hook.

Still have community service
this afternoon.

On homecoming weekend?
Come on.

- Thought it was all about stepping?
- And girls.

Learn to step,
get as many girls as you want.

Come on, let's go. I'll see y'all later.

- Yo, what time is it?
- It's 11:00.

Damn. I gotta go.

- Good morning, come on in.
- Good morning.

Janice. All right.

Nice to see you. Good morning.

Come in. I don't even wanna hear it.
Come on. Get ready.

Dad, practice ran over. I'm sorry.

- Dad, I said I was sorry.
- Look, Chance, I don't wanna hear it.

I already told you how important this
weekend is, didn't I? Just get ready.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

You guys enjoy.

Chance, my office, now.

Sit down.

Look... didn't re-enroll in Truth
just to slack off.

Slack off?

I'm here every day
trying to help you out.

I'm entering the show
so I can win scholarship money.

That frat is not a priority.


...when your mom died... ran out of here
with no money and no plan.

You left me
to handle this restaurant.

Now that you're back home, I wanna
see you take some responsibility... see this thing through.

I'm not trying to run your life.

I've always tried
to be supportive of you.

Now I need you
to be supportive of me.

- Pi.
- Delta.

Pi Delta Mu step.

I gotta admit, man, your girl
is getting it in right now, Chance.

She looking kind of fly too.

All these fly honeys here,
and you gotta check out my girl.

What's the matter, man?
You worried about all this big Wynn?

Don't do that. And I'm good.
I ain't worried about nothing.

- Come on.
- Maybe you should, dude.

- Home-wrecker, 7 o'clock.
- Hi.

Man, you better run.

We are the Pi Delta Mus, and not only
are we smart and beautiful...

...we also know
how to get down and dirty.

My girls are about to show you
something y'all need to see.

- Pi Delta Mu step.
- Chance.

Pi Delta Mu step.

Pi Delta Mu step.

Aren't you happy to see me?

Slow it down.

Come on.

- Get it, girls.
- She's cuter than last year.

- Is it serious?
- What do you want, Brenda?

I don't know.

You're just kind of on my mind.
I never got a chance to explain myself.

Hey, hey, hey.

It's been a year.

Why now?

Because it's not the same
without you.

I kind of miss you and me.

You know... and you did have
some good times.

Wasn't all easy sailing.

You see,
when I needed you the most... wasn't even there.

Too busy hooking up with Taz
to notice.

I deserve that. I do.

But when your mom died,
you shut me out.

And then you transferred schools
in Florida.

What was I supposed to do?

You know,
you're a real piece of work.

Everybody makes mistakes,

Same number, right?

- Hey, babe.
- Hey.

- Did you see us?
- You guys did good.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- How good?
- Real good.

- Proud?
- Real proud. Let's go, baby.


Could you just drop me
at the stadium?

I gotta check on some stuff
for the game.

Of course.
I was on the way to Ashby anyway.

Ashby? For what?

I got a little community-service gig.

All the Neos have to do it.

Look at you, getting involved.

I thought you were too cool for that.


Yo, man, watch it.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

- Nothing? You almost ran a stop sign.
- Look, relax, okay?

I'm just a little nervous, baby.
That's it.


Now, let's get out of here.
If I'm late, I have to hear from Dane.

I must say, man, the way you got
at Dane this morning...

...that was kind of gangster, man.

Now you're just gonna have to
follow through.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- You got Dane to change the routine.

That's big. Just think about it.

If we win on Sunday,
oh, we be living legends, man.

Well, well...

...if it isn't the Thetas' new mascot
and his sidekick, Old Yeller.

I know you ain't talking
with all that possum around your neck.

You know what?
Your jokes could use an upgrade.

They're getting kind of old.

Yeah, kind of like them dance steps
you do.

You spit a good game at the rally,
but I hope you can back that up.

Last night was just a taste
of what I'm bringing.

When it's all said and done...

...we'll see who walks away
with the trophy and the money.


Trophy on one arm
and your girl on the next.

Because she'll realize you're a sucker,
kind of like Brenda did.

It sucks, but these things happen,
you know?

- You see that?
- Yeah.

You talking about that Brenda?
Oh, wait, wait.

- Now, that sucks.
- Hey.

- It ain't worth it.
- That sucks. It does. Sucks.

Now we gonna get back to work.

You fellas have a good day.

Hey, you gonna help us clean up?

Come on, we need all the help
we can get.

Come on.

It's homecoming weekend.
Truth University, make some noise.


Can't see me. Can't see me.
Can't see me.

Wow, all right, all right, all right.


We got some bumping and grinding
going on down there.

Somebody is trying to get
some homecoming nookie.

What are you doing?

Come on, man.

Yo, Chance.

You had a lot of mouth earlier.

Ready to back up that trash
you were talking?

Yo, yo, yo, you guys
really wanna do this right now?

Oh, my bad. I mean,
he was just bragging pretty hard.

I just figured he might need a chance
to warm up.

- Is that right?
- Yeah, that's right.

We got nothing to prove.
We good here.

- Come on, let's get a drink.
- Yeah, I figured as much, man.

But, you know, whenever you're ready
to let the dog off the leash....

- I think I'm ready now.
- Chance.

- No, no, no. Let's go.
- Yeah.

You're gonna do this now?

Hold up. I'm seeing
an impromptu battle jumping off.

Theta versus Mus.

Keep it peaceful.
This is homecoming, y'all.

This is homecoming, remember?

Hey, yo. Yo. Hey, yo, chill.

- Hey, man.
- Hey, watch out.

- Yo, this ain't over.
- Damn right, you sorry-ass loser.

- Get off.
- What's wrong with you?

- I mean, come on.
- Man.

Give me my hat.

Where my keys at?

- Don't look over here.
- Sorry, my bad.

Chance, what are you trying to prove?
God, you are killing me.

Check it out.

We all have to be on that stage

Take your revenge out there.

Get in the car.

I left my sweater inside.

Honey, did you see
how they was dancing at that party?

- This day, I can't even deal.
- Really.

Why you didn't tell me
my eyebrows was looking crazy?

I need serious tweezing.

- It's Wynn.
- Serious tweezing, honey.

Look your phone ain't here, all right?
What was your deal earlier, man?

It'd be nice if you'd think of the frat...

...before you show
how to make us all look crazy.

- Honey, what is it?
- Text from Brenda.

Oh, hell, no, Nikki.

- Like, for real, call her right now.
- Rena, I'm not gonna call her.

- One more time.
- Your phone is not here.

- And I promise this is it.
- Yo, your girl's outside.

You found my phone.

That's why you my--

What's wrong?

Who were you tonight?

- Because it's not the Chance I know.
- Look, I know. And I'm sorry.

I guess it's true what they say.
You never really know a person, huh?

I mean, baby,
it's really not that serious, okay? I--

Chance, you told me
you were over Brenda.

Look, how many times
do I have to tell you?

I'm not thinking about that girl.
I want nothing to do with her.

I saw the texts, Chance.

You're saying
you went through my phone?

- You lied to me.
- I didn't lie to you.

Brenda pushed up on me.
And I told her--

Told her what, Chance?
You told her no?

Or maybe?

Know what?

- Maybe I'm not good enough for you.
- Don't--

No, no, no. Because ever since
day one, you never trusted me.

Don't you dare.

Don't you dare turn this around on me,
because this is about you.

Your inability to make a decision
about what you want.

You're the new hot thing on campus
and everybody wants a piece, right?

Well, I refuse to play second fiddle
to any girl.

I'm sorry.

Look, I don't know what else to say.

- Hello?
- You busy?

No. Why?

I was thinking
we could have that conversation.

in person.

- Where's Taz?
- Where's Nikki?

I'm outside.

Don't you ever wonder
what that would be like?

If you hadn't left?

It's a party, y'all.

Not me.

What's up, playboy?

Let me holler at you for a minute.

- Yeah, what's up?
- I was looking for Chance.

He's not here.

You think I'm playing with you,

Well, this here be Theta property.
I think you got the wrong house.

I said,
I think you got the wrong house.

I get it.

Get him.

- Yo, I got your back.
- Man, don't--

Yo, what?

Dane, come on, man.

- Come on.
- Let's go!

Come on, dude.

- I said, let's go!
- Let's get out of here.

Oh, my God.

What's up? You all right?

Come on, baby, talk to me.
Talk to me, baby.

Ty, go in the house, go in the house.
Get some help.

What's the matter?

I can't do this.

- This ain't right.
- You know what?

You can...

...because it is right...

...and easy.

I already know...

...everything you like.



Hold on, so y'all telling me
they tried us right on our front yard?

Y'all know how lame
that makes us look?

- Yo, what the--?
- Ain't no way--

Whoa, yo!

Guys, cool out.
Let me think this through.

What happened?
Yo, Wynn, you okay?

Yeah, I'm all right.

I'm on my way to the hospital now.
I sure hope that doctor's cute.

These guys came to the house
looking for you.

You have any idea who they were?

How the hell would I know?
I wasn't here.

Really? Because they came
asking for you by name.

Why the hell would somebody
wanna come after you?

Man, I don't know.
But it could've been anybody.

- Probably one of Taz's boys.
- These cats were straight hood.

- Straight up.
- Yeah.

Yeah, he lied about it, but I kind
of think you overreacted a little bit.

You know Brenda. I honestly think
she's just chasing after him.

- Well, he's not running.
- That don't mean he did anything.

Come on. You seen her
at that party the other night.

She was jocking him kind of hard.
And I'm letting you know now... ain't the first time
and won't be the last.

Why'd he lie
if he wasn't doing anything wrong?

Because he's a man, sweet cakes.
That's just what men do.

All right, look.

Give it some time...

...see how the weekend goes,
and he'll come around.

I trust you.


Yo, Rock Star.

- All right?
- Yeah, fine.

You should see him, though,
you know?

What's up?

Have to tell you something.

Couple of weeks ago,
I got hustled at a dance battle.

Now they're gunning for me.

Are you trying to tell me that this... because of you?

So why didn't you say anything?

I don't know.

I guess-- I guess I was scared
to get kicked off the team.

I really, really needed to win
this competition.

Are you serious?
That's what you're worried about?

I mean, you've always been
kind of selfish, but this is ridiculous.

Something about you changed.

My whole life has changed.
Ever since my mom died, I--

Don't put this on your mother.


Everything has always been
about Chance Harris.

And it's been that way
since we were little.

I'm your boy, Chance.

You should've come to me.

- Hey.
- Hey, girl.

So I heard there was, like, a huge fight
at the Theta house last night.

The little dude you was dancing with
at the club last night, where he at?

Do I know you?

I really thought you college boys
was a little bit smarter than that.

- Answer the damn question.
- What you want with him?

- Anybody hurt?
- Wynn got himself beat up.

It really ain't none of your business.

But let's just say he owe me.

- What about Chance?
- I don't know.

You like catfish?

What are you doing here?

I thought you should be home
resting up.

And miss my first game as a Theta?
Come on, man.

I thought it'd be nice
if my best homey would roll with me.

Plus it's hard
for a handicapped brother.

I couldn't get one honey.

Just one honey
to just help your boy out, I swear.

- Still ain't got that boy laid yet?
- Oh, really, Shorty? Really?

That's what we're doing?
It's not that simple.

Don't ruin your homecoming weekend
pining over some guy.

- It screams desperation.
- You're the one that has me worried.

You told me
something happened to him.

Don't worry about Chance. He's fine.

- Excuse me?
- He's fine.

It's a good thing he wasn't at
the house when the fight went down.

- And how do you know that?
- Because he was with me.

Why you let that girl get to you? She
get her life making people miserable.

- She's doing a good job.
- That's not the point.

Damn, man,
you came kind of deep this year.


Man, look,
can you please hold up, man?

I could use some help.
This is not cool.

Hey. Nikki, baby.

- I wanna talk to you.
- No. Don't ''baby'' me.

you finally made a choice.

Nikki. Nikki!

Can I help you?

- We're looking for Chance.
- What you want with him?

- Go back and see if he in the back.
- Y'all can't go there.

- Move, lady.
- He's not here.

- I'm gonna have to ask y'all to leave.
- He's not here.

This place is filthy.
I think you guys should clean it up.

- Yo, what's going on here?
- Chance.

You all right? Go outside. Go outside.
Yo, you came after my people, dawg.

- That shit wasn't necessary.
- Actually, I came for you.

- Where's my money, Chance?
- Look, I don't owe you no money.

I told you that. You know this.

You played in the streets.

You made the bet.

So either you have my money...

...or you don't.

Hey, hey, hey! All right, all right.

Give me till Sunday
after the competition.

I'll get you your money.

- Think that's good enough?
- Just give me till Sunday.

Now, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Let him go.

So let me ask you a question.

What makes you think you can win?

Look, just trust me, I got this.

Word on campus
is the Mus are gonna win.

That's who I got my money on.

Is y'all betting on a stepping?

But now you're talking
about messing all that up.

Tomorrow the Thetas better lose.

You don't have a choice, fish boy.

Let's go.

- Are you all right, Chance?
- I'm okay, I'm okay. I'm good.

What happened?
My place is ruined.

- I'm gonna fix this.
- Fix what?

- I got into trouble.
- Trouble?

- Dance battle. These guys hustled me.
- You know these people?

- Yes.
- What did you get into?

- Trouble.
- You have to do with this?

Yes. I'm trying to tell you--

- What are you trying to tell me?
- You never listen.

That's why I don't come to you.
I said I'll fix it, I'm gonna.

You're gonna fix what?

What are you gonna fix, Chance?
What are you gonna fix?

Yo, Thetas, look who I found. DJ!

- DJ.
- DJ.


What's up, man? Good to see you.

- Good to see you, brother.
- Yo, I'm glad you made it.

- Hey, what's up, Neo? That's my chair.
- That's a legend right there.

- What you been up to?
- Man, working, man.

Struggling, striving, grinding.

- You know, you know.
- Oh, yeah.

Chance. Look who fell through.

- DJ?
- Last time I checked.

- What's up?
- What you doing here?

Came to check you out, make sure
Dane's preserving the legacy.

Come on,
you know I'm holding it down.

Yeah, and I'm holding down
your mama, so we good.

- You too?
- Me too.

Seriously, man,
I'm excited to see you on Sunday.

My man Chance, he helped us freak
the routine for Sunday's competition.

- Gonna be hot.
- That's what I like to hear.

Actually, that's what I wanna talk
to you guys about.

Yo, what you talking about?

A few weeks ago, I got hustled
at a dance battle, 5 grand.

So everything that happened last night
was because of me.

They're gonna come after me
if I don't throw the competition.

Look, I never meant to get you guys
involved in this mess, and I'm sorry.

Especially to you, Wynn.

And you never thought
to say something before?

- Maybe we could've done something.
- Like what?

Pay them off? Fight them?
No, I'm good.

- Handle it myself.
- You don't have that choice, Chance.

Wynn is hurt, and we're supposed
to go out and lose to save your ass?

No. I never intended
on throwing the competition.

I understand how important
this competition is to you.

Chance, it's not about me.

It's about the team.

I can see how much damage
I've caused here.

I've done more harm than good.

- Maybe I should just quit.
- We don't need him. Never did.

Listen, we changed the entire routine
because of you.

There's no way
you can do this to us.

Dane, tell him
he doesn't have to leave.

I got it.

Rock Star, hold up.

Now, emotions are clearly high
right now.

So I gotta let the brother
do what he's gotta do, period.

It's another day.

And y'all are still family.

That's what matters.

- Theta what?
- Theta Nu.

There it is.

Keep your head up, brother.
All right, y'all.

- DJ, be good, man.
- Peace out.

- Yo.
- All right.

Figured I'd find you here.

I caught Wynn and Dane
on their way to practice.

They told me everything.

I came to see if you were okay.

I'm good.

Well, why aren't you at practice?

Because I just can't do
the competition right now.

What you mean
is you don't want to do this right now.

I really do care about you.

And I'm not the only one.

But that doesn't seem
to mean anything to you.

- Come on, Nikki. That's not even fair.
- Not fair is turning your back...

- ...on people that believed in you.
- I don't wanna lose you, okay?

- I don't wanna lose you.
- Then don't.

Come on, y'all,
check up, check up, check up.

Now, I know a lot has happened
in the last couple days.

We can't worry about that now.
We worry about who's here.

Don't worry about who's not. Who's on
this roof, that's what's important.

I'm gonna tell you right now,
this competition still matters.

Now, I'm hard on you guys
because I want you to be the best.

I need you guys to focus.

I'm talking about razor-blade-precision
focus, you understand?

We Thetas. So let's get it.
Roy, take us home.


Gonna make you proud, man.
Make you proud.

Let's go. Do it.

I like what I'm seeing, dawgs.

Top row, let that beast out, let's go.

Yeah. I want it in the bag.

We are the heart of the party, TNT.

Smashing all you brothers
with a beat.


What up, Atlanta?
Your boy DJ Will Power here...

...where we keep you
popping and locking.

Step-off Sunday is finally here.
We've been talking about it.

We've been waiting.

Truth University, you are the host
of the Sprite Step Off Championship.

Teams come
from all over this country... be crowned
the national step champion...

...and to win thousands of dollars
in cash and scholarships.

Better have brought their A game.

This homecoming, Truth,
will be one to remember.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Where's your Rock Star?

Don't worry about it, okay, Taz?
Do you.

- All right. All right.
- Do you.

Truth University, make some noise!

Truth University, make some noise!


And now we wanna welcome y'all
to our annual step show, man...

...brought to you by Sprite.

Tonight, man,
we giving away thousands of dollars... scholarships, cash and prizes.

Yo, it's showtime.

It all comes down to this,
what we do out on that stage.

I know we had a lot of setbacks.
So what? That's why we're here.

And that's why we're Thetas.

And I'm proud to call every one of you
my brothers.

We're repping Theta.

Thetas, Thetas.
We're repping Thetas.

Thetas, Thetas.
We're repping Thetas.

Thetas, Thetas. We're repping:

Coming through.


All right, ladies and gentlemen...

...y'all ready to do this?

Give it up for last year's champion,
Mu Gamma Xi.

Mu Gamma Xi! Mu Gamma Xi!
Mu Gamma Xi!

Truth University, make some noise.

Ten teams started,
but only two made it to the final round.

All right, y'all ready?

Y'all give it up
for last year's champion...

...Mu Gamma Xi.

All right.
Give it up for our second finalist.

Please welcome back
a hometown favorite...

...Theta Nu Theta.

- I'll give you two a moment.
- Thanks.

Look, I'm-- I'm sorry.

I know.

At least nobody got hurt.

You know,
I'm worried about you, son.

I know I was pretty hard on you
last night, but we all make mistakes.

Part of being a man is owning up
to your mistakes.

I didn't know how to be there for you.

The only thing I knew how to do
was work, and that's what I did.

And I was wrong.

I don't ever wanna
push you away again.

You have the right to choose
your own path whether I like it or not.

And I need you to know
and feel comfortable to come to me...

...with whatever you need.

You're all I have left.

That's exactly why I came back.

I belong here,
and I ain't going anywhere.

Not again.

I still got so much to fix.

I gotta pay these guys,
make things up to Nikki.

- I don't even know where to start.
- You might start with that competition.

Since when do you care
about the competition?

I don't care about the competition.

I care about my son.

Do you care enough
to come watch me?


All right, y'all.
Put your hands together.

Make some noise
for Truth University's own...

...Mu Gamma Xi.


- All right!
- Mu Gamma Xi!

M-U G-A-M-M-A X-I, step.

Mu Gamma.

Mu Gamma Xi.

Mu Gamma.

Mu Gamma Xi.

M-U Gamma Xi.

M-U Gamma Xi.
M-U Gamma Xi.

Hey, ho, hey, ho.
We'll show you how the Gammas go.

Sing it.

You can't touch Mu Gamma Xi.


Mu Gamma Xi.

Come on, y’all, let me hear it again
for Mu Gamma Xi.

Mu Gamma Xi!
Mu Gamma Xi! Mu....

This is it.

It's time to go to battle.

I've been in your shoes.
Those very same boots.

I ain't gonna lie to you.

Ain't gonna be easy.
Ain't gonna be no cakewalk.

But you guys have a choice.

You can go out there and give them
exactly what they expect...

...for the Thetas to lose again...

...or you can look
to the man next to you...

...and you can decide as a team...

...that you're gonna prove them wrong,
show them what happens...

...when you give up,
when you sleep on this fraternity...

...when you forget who we are,
what this pledge stands for...

...what this brotherhood is all about.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Definitely.
- Yeah.

Each one of you has to decide
that you want this so bad...

...that you're so hungry...

...that nothing's gonna stand
in your way.

If there's one thing I know
about this team, it's that we fight.

- Yes, sir.
- Definitely.

- We fight.
- Yeah.

- Damn right.
- Yes, we do.

- When the chips are down, we fight.
- Yeah.

When the deck is stacked against us,
we fight.

- Yeah.
- Every step of the journey...

...till we don't got a ounce
of fight left.

That's right.

If you can stand together, right here,
right now, as a family...

...ain't nothing stopping us.

If you can have enough courage
to look past what's wrong... see the value in what's right... or lose, we win.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

Now, can we go out there
and show them the strength...

...of the future legacy...

...that is Theta Nu Theta
Fraternity Incorporated?

- Can we do that?
- Yes, sir!

- Can we be victorious?
- Yes, we can!

- Theta what?
- Theta Nu!

- Theta what?
- Theta Nu!

- Theta what?
- Theta Nu!

Let's do it.

All right,
we about to get this thing jumping off.

Y'all give it up,
show your love right now...

...for Theta Nu Theta.

Let's go. All right.

- Let's go, Thetas.
- Let's see it, boy.

Theta Nu.

Theta Nu.

We're gonna break it down.

All right.

Who's the master?


I said, who's the master?


Rock Star!


All right, y'all.

Only one team will leave tonight
as the Sprite Step Off champions.

Are you ready?

All right. This has been a fierce,
fierce competition.

First place, show your love...

...for Theta Nu Theta!


Theta! Theta! Theta!

Theta! Theta! Theta!

Oh, man.

- We did it, baby.
- You were amazing.

- I told you, baby.
- No, you, y'all, you.

You're freaking living legends, baby.
All right? Living legends.

- I'll be out in a minute.
- Yes, sir. Come on.

I'm so proud of you.


I'll be right back, okay?

You just keep playing
with my money, man.

Me tearing up that restaurant
didn't send a strong enough message.

Now I'm gonna have to
hurt somebody.

Couldn't lose the competition
for my team, man.

Now, what I will do... give you the money I owe
with the winnings.

Chance, do I look like a fool?

- Let's go, man. Come on.
- Yo, wait up. Hold up, hold up.

Yo, dude, this here's college.
We don't get down like that.

He told me what happened.
Take what he offers and keep moving.

Seriously, grown folks talking.
Why don't you mind your business?

No, he is my business.

If you think you're going anywhere
with Chance...'re gonna have to hurt all of us.

You're gonna meet me tomorrow
with the 5 grand you owe me.

But if I have to find you again...

...I don't care if Obama's
on your pledge line.

I'll handle that, partner.
Do you hear me?

Let's go.

Good evening, gentlemen.

- Y'all didn't have to do that.
- Are you crazy?

I told you yesterday, regardless
of what happens, we're brothers.

- We got your back.
- Ain't going nowhere.

- For life.
- All right?

Hey, what can I say, man?

When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong.

I expect you to represent
while you're here at Truth.

Even if you are a Theta.

- You know what I'm saying.
- One big thing we're forgetting.

We won!

Who's the man? Who's the man?
Who's the man?

Thetas, Thetas.
We're repping Thetas.

Thetas: Thetas.

Thetas, Thetas. We're repping!

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