Stomp the Yard (2007) - full transcript

After the death of his brother, an expert street dancer goes to Georgia to attend Truth University. But his efforts to get an education and woo the girl he likes are sidelined when he joins in his fraternity's effort to win a step dancing competition. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Yo, we should just play this
straight up.

Those cats will fold under pressure.

We can take these fools
with our eyes closed. Come on.

No doubt, but l don't wanna diss them
in front of their home crowd.

D, l got you.

l got y'all.

-All right, man.
-Come on, let's do it.

All right, all right, y'all, that was hot!

And the winner is. . . .

Sphere and the Thug Unit!

Who wants next?

Let's get it going on in here.

-Y'all want some of this?
-We got next.

Let's go.

All right, all right, y'all, let's get
it popping in this mall !

You haven't seen him pop.
Come on, come on.

-Hey, l got that.
-Get out of here!

-Get back.
-Break it up.

-Get back. Get back.
-We good.

All right, all right, let's hear it
for the Thug Unit.

Yeah !

Give it up for the Goon Squad !

What's up?
l think the Goon Squad got it, y'all.

No, no, no.
Double or nothing says you got lucky.

lt's on.

-Let's go! Let's go!
-What the hell are you doing?

Man, l'm out.

What the hell you walking away for?

l say we double up on these niggas.

-You know this ain't our spot, D.
-Sphere's crew don't know us.

Don't know
what we're bringing, period.

-The more paper we take home.
-Did you see that cat?

lf he thinks he's being hustled,
that's paper we won't spend.

-Why are you acting all scared?
-l'm not.

-l'm acting smart. You try it!
-Don't l always got your back?

Don't l always have your back?

-You know l got it, man, but l'm. . . .
-lf you ain't with it, just go home.

-Like you could do this without me.
-For real, DJ.

We ain't shit without your brother.

You know, it's gonna get
nasty up in here!

-Don't wanna let stuff get out of hand--
-Don't sweat it.

We came too far to turn back now,
baby boy. l want this.

You want this? l knew you'd say
something like you want this.

That's all this is about. Typical DJ.

lt's not just about you,
it's about all of us. We're a team.

Well, this team's about to double up
on their asses. Come on.

All right now, y'all ready to rip this?

Let's get it going on up in this mall !

Let's go!

lt's over! lt's over!
All right, all right, y'all !

This one, hands down,
the Goon Squad !

You're dead ! You're dead !

Goon Squad ! Goon Squad is up.

l'm telling you, man,
we're taking over L.A.

-Believe that.

Hold up, guys.

-Hey, man, what's your brother doing?
-Man, l don't know.

-l got a little something for y'all.
-All right. All right.

That's what's up.
You know what l'm saying?

Yeah, man.

We gotta take Von home.
His mom's gonna trip.

l have your mama.

-He'll get a beating.
-Miss Williams ain't banging on me.

-Why you gotta do my mom like that?
-l was doing her like that. Last night.

Give me my money!

l got it! l got it!

-l want my money.
-The money's mine.

l want it.

Where's my money?
Where's my money?

Get out of here.


-Let's get out of here! Let's go!
-Let's go. Move it!

Get up, D!

Come on !

l'm sorry, man, l'm sorry.

Somebody do something !

We'd Iike to weIcome
all arriving passengers to Atlanta.

We are so glad
to have you here, DJ.

You're in Atlanta, we'll get you
a Hawks jersey or something.

Honey, nobody watches the Hawks.

That's your uncle's way
of saying welcome to Georgia.

You'll get used to the humidity.

You must be so excited
to start school.

Or nervous.

But don't be. You'll do just fine.

You know that's where
l met your uncle.

You guys went to Truth?

l did. Your uncle was working there.

Come on, let me show you
up to your room. This way.

That's your bathroom over there,
and this is your room.

lf you get tired of campus food,
you're more than welcome. . .

. . .to spend your weekends
here with us, anytime.

You know,
whatever makes you comfortable.


DJ, l didn't get a chance to tell you
at the funeral. . .

. . . but you know we loved him.

l know how close you two were.

l gotta run and show a house. . .

. . .so when l get back,
l'll make us all some dinner.


Honey, go ahead
and help yourself to some apple pie.

l know it's your favourite.

No, no, thanks.

You know l had to call in a favour
to get you into this school.

-Don't make me look bad.

-No, that's cool. l'm listening.

Because the rules are very simple.

There's three things
you have to deal with.

First, you must keep your grades up
at all times.

Second, l'm in charge
of your work study programme. . .

. . . but you'll not be
treated differently. . .

. . . nor will you behave any different
than my other 26 employees.

-And third?
-lf there's a strike three, you out.



What the hell is going on, man?

l'm not gonna sit out here and act
like l wanna be here when l don't.

This whole college boy thing
is not for me, man.

You're the only thing
your mama's got left.

There's no way l'm gonna let you
put my sister through any more pain.

So you better make this college thing
work out. Can you appreciate that?

Get your black ungrateful ass
in the goddamn truck.

What'd l say, man? Get in the truck!

At least you don't have a problem
with waking up early.

Looks like you're just in time
for registration.


Yo, yo, hold my spot real quick.

-This is my spot, thanks.
-Excuse me?

-There was a girl saving my space.
-Nice try.

You have to wait in line
like everybody else.

You saw me
behind the sister with the fro.


Now, one of you come up
to the counter.

I'm just saying it's a little early
to tell, Mom. That's all.

No, I'm not saying I hate it.

l'm not quitting. l promised you l'd try.
That's my word.

l love you too.

Okay. Bye.

All right.

There are only a select few things
of mine that are absolutely off-limits.

My toothbrush, my toothpaste,
my shaving cream, and my condoms.

Magnums, of course.
You know about the gold packs?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Other than that, playboy,
anything else of mine. . .

. . .you're welcome to. Rich Brown.

-Nice to meet you, sir.

The Deltas
are having a little barbecue.

-l've got some juice, l can get you in.
-l gotta work.

-Classes ain't started yet.
-l got a job.

Okay, l feel you. Which--?

Never mind.

All right, bro. ln that case, l'll holler.


Come in.

Don't just stand there, man.
Sit down.

ls this your office?

Awfully nice digs for somebody
who cuts grass.

No, l don't cut grass.

But you do.

You ever wonder
where them trains be going?

They probably be going to Japan
or something.

-Oh, yeah, they can't cross water.

You going to college?
Don't say that when you get there.

l'm just playing with you, man.

The key to success in going to school,
what you do, you get a group of girls. . .

. . .you get them
to do your homework.

When they do your homework,
you get A's.

-How's it going, man?
-l'm still standing.

Get in, man.
l'll give you a ride back.

Come on, come on.
Pass the ball. Pass the ball.

Yeah, baby. Go deep. Go long.

They're getting the
very same education as you. . .

. . .so don't pay them any mind.

Oh, check it out.

Oh, that's old news, brother.
l've been there and done that.

-You're lying.
-l'm not lying.


DJ, right?

My new roommate, DJ.
DJ, that's my friend Noel.

Good to meet you, brother.

Now, Thetas.

Everybody got quiet like
y'all can't get down !


Are we the Pythons?

-What the hell are they doing, man?
-They're stomping the yard.


Where are you from?

-The Thetas are representing.
-All day.

Smooth it out now.

Funky and you know it,
clap your hands.


-Yo, l meant to--

-Theta Nu!
-Theta what?

Theta Nu!

Get him out of here!
Get him out of here!

Yo, get your hands off me, dog.

Fool, you're about
to get your ass whooped.

Throw his ass to the wolves!

Can l get up here, man?
Because l can't see.

-Hey, isn't that your boy, DJ?

Hold it, G.

Listen, man.

l don't know
if you're crazy or stupid. . .

-. . . but you gotta keep it moving.
-Hey, Zeke!

When you're done playing
with your bitch. . .

. . .we're gonna show you
what a real ass-whooping look like.

Line up, Mus!

Mus, march !

Mus, hut!

Back it up! Back it up! Back it up!




The seven-year champs are here!



Who's that creeping in my window?

Now! Theta Nu!

Who's that creeping in my window?

Now! Theta Nu!

Who's that creeping in my window?

Now! Theta Nu!



Explosive, explosive, explosive.

Wolf pack, march!

-Gamma Xi!

Gamma Mu Xi!

Wolf pack attack!


The seven-year champs are here.


How are you doing?

Aren't you that guy that was fighting
with that girl in the line?

Yeah, but it wasn't like that.

April !

-Hey, babe.
-What's up, baby girl?

-l thought l told you to wait for me.
-l know, l had to go to the library.

-Who's your friend?

DJ was just passing by.

Oh, yeah. l remember you.

You're the idiot
that tried to break our step line.

Yeah, well, it seems like DJ
has a thing with lines.

You see those flags there?

You don't mess with the Mus
and you don't mess with my girl.

l'm gonna bounce.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

Here, it's all about the haves
and the have-mores.

Either you come in first place
or you're not even in the game, player.

Oh, yo, guys, this is DJ.

You know Noel, this is Byron, Paul.

-That's Easy over there.
-What's up?

Yo, get that camera out of my face,

l was saying Theta Nu Theta is
gonna wipe the floor with Mu Gamma.

-How's that?
-Because l'm gonna join.

Dude, why are you pledging
Theta anyway? They tired.

-They pull no women.
-They never win step championships.


-What else is there?
-What about history?

What about tradition?
Give me my damn hat.

-What about legacy?
-A legacy of losing.

He's just saying that
because his father was a Theta.

Anyway, DJ,
please ignore their ignorance.

You need to roll with us
to the Rep Yo' City Blast tonight.

-Roll with us.
-To the what?

Where my St. Louis folks at?
S-T-L, show some love.

You know how we do it every week at
the Phoenix! Give me love, Miami.

my Chicago folks in the building.

Show some love.
Give it up for the A hometown people.

Where you at? Show your A.

l see you, Jamaica.
Do your thing, mon.

Watch out for the lovely ladies
in blue and white. l see you.

-What's up, sir?
-What's up?

You good, man?

Oh, damn, Rich.
You hanging with the freshmen now?

-Oh, no. This is my roommate.

This is DJ. DJ, this is Grant.

That's nice. But see,
this section is for upperclassmen.

You know what we call freshmen?

We call them bootlickers,
because that's all they good for.

You know
what we call guys like you?

-No, what?

-You're gonna wish l was pretending--
-You don't know me.

Okay, okay! Okay, okay!

And on that note,
we gonna go to the bar.

Y'all have a good night.

Why you so sensitive, dog?

lt's a little freshman hazing.
We all have to go through it.

Straight up,
that dude is whack, man.

Well, maybe.
But he's Zeke's prodigy.

-Who the hell is Zeke?
-He's the head of Mu Gamma.

Seven-time national step champs.

And your boy, Grant, he's next in line
to take the throne.

-Just chill.
-You're killing me with that.

Every week, you know
how we do it in the Phoenix.

Go to the dance floor.

Rep your city, wherever you're from.
lt's about that time.

We got N-Y-C, obviously.

l hope he had a condom on.

What's he doing?

-Didn't think you were coming.
-What are you doing?

Come on.
Don't play at being jealous.

l'm not playing at anything.

lt was just a show.

Well, l didn't like it.

lt's not like l was doing it for real.
l was just adding a little flavour.

Keep yourself looking this fine,
you ain't never gotta worry.

Excuse me?

Hey, Grant. Where are you at?
Your city needs you.

Sit down with your girls,
have another drink on me. . .

. . .and watch your man do his thing.

He's just being a man.

There isn't a single woman in here
that wouldn't kill to be with him.

-Don't make it easy on them.
-You know you don't deserve that.

lt's not that big of a deal.

Didn't l tell you to keep
your distance from my girl?

See, now, l thought you was just
pretending again.

New York City, where you at?
Rep your city, it's your turn !

Grant, they need you on the floor.

When l'm done,
you better be gone. . .

. . . bootlicker.

-l can take care of myself.
-l know you can.

No, really. Grant is not someone
you want to mess with.

Somebody's gonna have to
bring him down a notch.

What the hell is this nigga doing?

What's this? lt looks like we got
a new addition added to the mix.

Hey, yo, kid.
What city you representing?

l ain't repping nothing. Just me.

Oh, don't clown him. Don't clown him.

You'll hurt him, Grant. Don't hurt him.

Y'all know
how Grant does it, y'all.

Give it up for G, Grant.
New York in the house!

Oh, snap!
ls he clowning St. Louis?

ls he breaking on Jamaica?

Wait a minute.
Oh, he's clowning everybody!

He's clowning on the Chi guy!

Oh, this is crazy.
A-T-L, are you gonna take that?

Miami ! Even Miami !

Wait a minute.
ls he coming at Grant?

Wait, he's killing him !

That's my roommate.
That's my roommate.

Give it up, D!

Oh, no, he didn't. Yes, he did.

Yo, goodness.

So l guess you thought
you were defending my honour, huh?

-April, what are you doing?
-l'm just talking.

You don't have to let this dude
talk to you like that.

-Let's just drop it.
-No. What did you say?

Somebody'll have to teach you
how to talk to a woman.

-You gonna show me?
-l already schooled you once tonight.

-How much do you wanna learn?
-What, you think you funny, nigga?

Nah. . . but she clearly does.

-What? No, no, no, Grant.
-lt's all good, baby.

-Let's go.
-Come on.

Hey, stop.

Grant, stop it, stop. Stop.

-Let's go.
-Stay out of this.

All right, just chill. Grant.

l ain't got nothing against you,
but l told you already.

-This is my roommate, man.
-You do what you gotta do.

Noel, l thought
you was gonna pledge Mu Gamma.

-l was gonna--
-l guess you can kiss that goodbye.

l'm gonna bounce.

We got unfinished
business, bootlicker.

-Come on, let's go.

l got myself here.
l can get myself home.

Maya, will you take me home?

Chill out, man.
This is a friendly visit.

l'm Zeke,
president of Mu Gamma Xi.

You know Grant.

We saw you at the Phoenix
and we were impressed.

Ain't that right, Grant?


l got work to do, man.


Y'all heard the man. Get busy.

Now that you got time
on your hands, let's talk.

Look, l brought Grant with me
to show you. . .

. . .that we don't have
any hard feelings.

You're a straight-up guy. l like that.
Working your way through college.

That's admirable,
but this whole gardening thing. . .

. . .can't be getting you any play
with the ladies, man.

Never had any problems
in that area.

now l'll get straight to the point.

Mu Gamma Xi has the strongest
alumni network, period.

One phone call from us
when you graduate. . .

. . .you've got a high-paying job
just like that.

So you want me to join your frat?

lf you step on our line.

Step on the line. l don't step, man.

l battle.

-What's the difference?
-Pussies step.

You should think about what you say
before you say it.


That's enough.

Let's let Mr. DJ get back to his. . . .

His gardening.

-You were right.
-l told you.

l'm telling you, Sly.

You didn't see
this dude punk Grant.

Look, l'm sure he's a cool dude,
l just don't think he's Theta material.

You mean he's too ghetto.

l don't care where he's from.

l don't think he got here
based on his SAT's.

Okay, fine, so he's not the archetype
of a Theta, but what he--

We got other pledges to consider
who have more impressive résumés.

Thank you.

But are they gonna help us
win Nationals?

Okay, okay,
so that's what this is about?

What are you thinking? Aren't you sick
of living in Mu Gamma's shadow?

l'm sorry. Mind if l join you?

Suit yourself.

l'm here to talk to you
about Theta Nu Theta.

You're kidding, right?


-What about it?
-Members of my pledge committee. . .

-. . .feel you'd be an asset to the house.

Mu Gamma's murdered your asses
for seven years.

You're here
because you think l can help.

You know, you're cocky for a brother
that's got one trick.

Please spare me, man.

Spare you, fine.

There's a screening process.
All applicants go through it.

You want to apply?

That's up to you.

Mu Gamma comes here
offering me a sweet deal.

And the best you can come up
with is l can apply?

lf a sweet deal is really what
you're looking for, Theta ain't for you.

A fraternity, now, that's a brotherhood
of men who forge a lifetime bond.

Okay, once you are a Theta, you will
always and forever be a Theta.

Now, you can go out of here,
you can leave Truth. . .

. . .as a young educated brother
from the 'hood.

And homey, that's great.

But if you pledge Theta, you're gonna
get that same education. . .

. . .and you'll become a member
of our lifetime brotherhood.

-Yo, what's up?
-Hey, hey, what are you doing?

You almost just ran me over
with that thing.

-l didn't mean to scare you. My bad.

lt's the dance thug from the club.

So can we move on from that?

Move on to what?

l don't know.

You getting to know me?

l have a boyfriend.

So, what's up with this Grant?
What is he, a professional student?

Grant is in a six-year law programme. . .

. . .and his father's a partner with a Wall
Street firm, so when he graduates--

lt's funny, because l didn't take you as
the type of girl that could be bought.



Wait, l didn't mean bought like that.
l didn't mean bought like that. Listen.

-Let's just start over.

-Start what over?
-Have lunch with me.

l'm tutoring.

Tutor what? What do you tutor?


-Hi, can l help you?
-l'd like to sign up for a tutor.

Okay. What subject?

What subject
does April Palmer tutor?

-History it is.

How'd you pull this off?


What, you think l set this up?

Well, it's an awful big coincidence,
don't you think?

What you take me for?
Some kind of stalker?

Like l'm gonna work that hard
to get your attention.

l mean you're fine, but you ain't
all that, you know what l'm saying?

Did l set this up?

Can l use your pen?

-Yeah. Okay.

So where do we start?

You can start by moving over there.

-No, l'm serious.

lt works better if we can sit
across from each other.

All right.

This is gonna be good
reading material for you.

Time to go.

-Thank God. l'm starving.
-So let's go eat.

l can't.


You know why.

Why are you staring at me?


l'll make you a deal.

Ask me any question
from the history lesson, l get it right. . .

. . .we go eat.


What was the difference
between Republicans'. . .

. . .and the Democrats'
political response. . .

. . .to the Great Depression
in the 1 930s?

Some other time maybe.

But by political response, were you
referring to the Republicans' belief. . .

. . .that the marketplace
will correct itself. . .

. . .as opposed to
the Democrats' New Deal?

Because the way
you phrased it was. . . .

l'll get my uncle's truck.

l'll drive.

So l heard the Mu Gammas
are trying to recruit you.

So are you gonna pledge?

Probably not. l don't wanna step.

Being in a fraternity is about
a lot more than just stepping.

Wow, you sound just like them.

-You should check out Heritage Hall.
-What's that?

See for yourself.

Oh, it's right up here on the right.

How does a nice young girl like
yourself know about a place like this?

We gonna take five. Be right back.

There's a lot of things about me
you don't know.

l didn't know you can do that.
l'm surprised.

Let me show you how we do it in A.

All right, l'm not mad.
l'm not mad at all.


You wanna sit down?


-l can't do this.
-What's wrong with this?

-We're just having a little fun.
-l know. We just need to go.

Let's heat it up!

Yo, this one. Look at the map.
l'm telling you, it's this one.

Quit playing, man.

All in !

-Since when?
-1 932.

Bring it home!

Come on !

Pledges, turn. . .

. . .and face big brother Zeus!

Pledges, unmask yourselves!

Pledges, Mu Gamma creed !

The year of completion,
the manifestation.

1 932 was the year our fathers
founded Mu.

Camaraderie in grey,
we're a wolf pack of brotherhood.

Fangs of power, fur of protection.
Battle cry:

By the rising of the moon !

Bring us our destiny, sir!

Oh, brother, we gotta keep pushing,
I wanna be a Theta Nu one day.

So big brother,
would you help me on my way?

Oh, brother, we gotta keep pushing!
We gotta keep moving!

We gotta keep fighting!

Oh, brother, we gotta keep pushing!
We gotta keep moving!

We aImost there!

Pledges of Theta Nu Theta,
face front!

Reveal yourselves!

Pledge Porkchop,
please introduce yourself!


Extra gravy.

Brother Showtime,
please introduce yourself.


Pledge Knucklehead,
please introduce yourself.

Knucklehead !

Payback's a bitch, ain't it?

l'll see you at Nationals.

Yes, you will.

-Gamma Xi!

-Theta Nu!
-Theta what?

-Gamma Xi!

-Thetat Nu!
-Theta what?

-Theta Nu!
-Theta what?

-Gamma Xi!

-Theta Nu!
-Theta what?

All right. Well, just make sure
it's coming from the dean's office.

Stewart, something's just come up.
l'll have to get back to you.

-No problem.
-You don't have to get off the phone.

Don't be silly. How's my baby?

l'm doing good.

I heard
that you've been spending time...

...with this young man, DJ.

Oh, you heard.

So, what, did Grant call you?

-Well, we spoke briefly--
-You know what, Dad?

Ever since you've introduced me
to Grant, he's all you talk about.

Grant's gonna be a perfect provider,
and oh, Grant's going to the top.

Grant just thinks the world of you.
You know what?

How about you and Grant hook up
and leave me out of it?

Watch your tongue, young lady.

This is ridiculous.

l gotta go, Dad.

-What's up?

What's wrong?


Hey, you know,
if you wanna talk, l'm here.


All right.


Why didn't you tell me
you pledged?

Maybe l wanted to surprise you.

As if l didn't already know.


l like your earrings. They're nice.

-They're new, right?

You noticed them?

l notice everything about you.

-Oh, yeah?

So, what's my favourite colour?

Well. . . .

You always wear green eye shadow.

Your favourite ring has green in it.

And l'm gonna bet your car is green.


We should probably get started.


Countdown, fellas.

For the next six weeks,
we prepare for the step show.

Since we don't have time,
other members and l. . .

. . .will take you through the basics
and break it down for you.

Some of you may think
you know what stepping is.

Keep going !

-But I assure you...

...until you have stepped
with Theta Nu just don't.

One more time.
lt's gonna be a long day.

Come on, Thetas!

-Move it, move it!
-I will do my part.

But I need you to promise
to do yours.

From this moment forward,
I will be your Step Master.

-Come on. Let's go, baby boy.
-I teach, you learn.

Let's go.

Come on.

l'd like to see
a dessert menu, please.

So how was your dinner?

-lt was good.
-Good, good.

April, there's been something
l've been wanting to talk to you about.

lt belonged to my grandmother.

lt's beautiful.

Try it on.

Grant. . . .

What's my favourite colour?

Red. Why?

No, no, no.


What's this about?

l don't know.

Please tell me this has nothing
to do with that kid.

l'm sorry.

lf you don't come to your senses
and quick. . .

. . .you are going to lose out on me.

l really can't believe
you just said that.

You are spoiled and ungrateful,
and l'm taking you home.

You know what?

Don't bother.

My favourite colour's green, asshole.


All right, stop. Stop!

Please, put some heart
into what you're doing, fellas.

Can l ask a stupid question?

Better than anyone l know.


l just wanted to know
why we're stepping in an empty pool.

Well, it was so we could keep
our moves a secret.

But who would want them?

Let's pick this back up
tomorrow at 8.


You got a problem with 8?

Let's make it 7.

-Oh, man.

l'm out of here.

Are they putting this in the show?

l don't think so. You know Sylvester.

He doesn't like anything street
in his routines.


For us.


What's wrong?

l broke up with him.

You okay?

l haven't slept all night.

What have you been doing?


What are you thinking?

l think l wanna come in.

Come on.

Don't forget. We gotta practise
on those new steps later on today.

Check this out.

Nice ride.

l'll see you guys later.

We'll pick it up first thing
in the morning.

lf any of you have any conflicts
with your class schedules. . .

. . . let me know.


We have been going strong
for over two weeks now.

And we still suck.

We've got four weeks left.

That's easy for you to say.

You can do this stuff in your sleep.

The problem is these lame-ass steps
they got us doing, man.

So, what you saying?

lnstead of us trying to fit step, we
gotta make step fit our natural rhythm.


That's nice.

We're gonna try doing
something like that.

-All right, we're gonna try something.
-How do you do that?

Right on the beat.
You just hit it real quick. You go:

Throw it in gear. You come here.

What the hell was that?

The steps you taught us
was played.

You can't expect us to beat the Mus
with that and you know it.

l'm trying to give something fresh.

Are we doing a step show,
or are we doing a rap video?

lt's a new day, man.

l mean, l didn't sign on
to be no loser.

No, losing, it's a state of mind.

-No disrespect, my brother.

But this frat has been living in that
state for the last seven years.

The reason you're holding on
to tradition. . .

. . . is because you cannot keep up
with the present.

l'll make you a bet.

You go and you get
your line brothers together.

And l'll get my guys.

And we'll throw down.

-You're on.
-Tomorrow night.

At the Phoenix.

You sure about this, man?

Yeah, man. l got you.

All right, y'all. We got the brothers
from the TNT step team in the house.

Y'all know what it is.
lt's the age-old battle.

Old school versus new school.
Here come the Neophytes.

Time for the Prophytes to counter.

Oh, yeah.

Here we go. Here we go.

Oh, wait a minute,
they're doing the real thing.

They're bringing the real stepping
into the mix.

Okay, what you got for me, fool?
Let me see you bring it.

Hold on, hold on. What's happening
with this kid? What's he doing?

Oh, no, that's not gonna fly,

Y'all know the rules.
Group against group.

What are you doing?
Come on, man.

This is about the team.

Man, why didn't you stick
with the plan?

All my people in the Phoenix.

The prophytes of Theta Nu Theta
wanna show these neos how it's done.

Prophytes step together now!


Hands down. No doubt about it.

Show some love.
Y'all know what it is.

Old school wins. Old school wins.

Phoenix, you know you cannot mess
with the prophytes of Theta Nu Theta.

Prophytes! Prophytes! Prophytes!

-Y'all, l was just--
-Look, next time you show off. . .

. . .do it on your own time, and save us
the practise you put us through.

We hardly did any stepping.

You know we should have won that.

-lt was a slanted crowd. Come on.

lt ain't always about you, dog.

We're a team.

Come on, man.

It's not just about you,
it's about aII of us. We're a team.

What's up?

l owe all you guys an apology.

l just wanna be part of the team.

That's good.

Because l'm gonna need you to teach
all of us some of your moves. . .

. . . if we're gonna have any kind
of shot at Nationals.

Pizzas and beer on me!
l'll take my car. Who else is driving?


Gamma Xi!

Let's go! Let's go! Go!

-M-U !
-Gamma Xi!

Mu Gamma!

Top of the rock, baby.
Top of the rock. Come on.

Thetas, Thetas, we rep the Thetas.

Thetas, Thetas
We rep the...Thetas.

Thetas, Thetas, we rep the Thetas.

Thetas, Thetas, we rep the:

Do your work.

l'm done.

Well, l still have one more chapter
to read.

Remember you wanted me
to check up on DJ?

Well, meet
Mr. Darnell James Williams.

"Youth slain in brawl.

Brother and three other youths
charged with assault."

All right, come on.

l'll take you to the place that makes
the best fried chicken.

With a record like that, you would
think he would keep a low profile.

Everyone knows that Darrows fries
the best chicken in all of Georgia.

Twenty bills if this ain't the best
fried chicken.

-Twenty bills?
-Twenty bills.

So basically,
the brother's a criminal.

What a shame.

You're on.

l gotta run in and get something
real quick. lt'll just take a second.

You can come in.

Just trust me. Come on.


lt's me.

-Oh, hey there.
-Hey, Unc.

This is my friend, April.

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

-Baby, is that you?
-Yes, it is Sunday, right?

Just in time.

-And who is this lovely lady?

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

Hope you're hungry.

You can set your watch by my Aunt
Jackie's Sunday night fried chicken.

Those are the most beautiful tulips.

-Thank you, baby.
-You're welcome.

They are my favourite.

Nate brings them for me every Sunday
since the day we were engaged.

-lsn't that sweet?
-Are you taking notes?

See? See what you started?

-l mess up a lot.
-Yes, you do.

Listen, guys, there's plenty more
so don't be shy.

Yes, this is the best chicken
l've had.

Thank you.

Your cooking actually reminds me
of my mom's.

She must be a damn good cook.

She was a good cook.
She passed away five years ago.

l'm sorry to hear that.

Yeah, it was tough.

But, you know,
me and my dad are real close.

Her dad's the provost.

-El capitán.

-You're Palmer's daughter?

Auntie, when are you gonna teach me
how to make this fried chicken?

-l'm not gonna do it, sweetheart.

Because then l'll never see you
on Sunday anymore. . .

. . .and l need to see my boy
every Sunday.

Five, six. . .

. . .seven, eight.



Theta Nu!

Continuous-- Yes, come in.

Mr. Darnell James Williams,
you're wanted in the Dean's Office.

According to the information
provided to us. . .

. . .you were charged with
and convicted of aggravated assault. . .

. . . in a brawl that resulted
in the death of your brother.

ls this correct?

l was trying to protect him.

The thing is, if l had told you
the truth about my conviction. . .

. . . l wouldn't be here anyway.

So either way,
l was screwed from the get-go.

So l guess the only thing
left to say is that. . .

. . .since l've been here,
l've become a better person.

lt is the decision of this committee. . .

. . .to suspend you
for the remainder of the year.

l'm sorry, Mr. Williams.

Yo, DJ !


You all right, man?
What's going on?

-l'm out of here.
-What are you talking about?

l'm suspended.

How the hell can they do that?


Yeah, this is him.


Yeah, yeah. l'll be there.

D, what's going on? D!

Come in.

Excuse me, Dr. Palmer.
DJ Williams.

Have a seat, Mr. Williams.

The Ethics Committee
reports to my office. . .

. . . but l seldom interfere
with their decisions.

l have the authority
to have you reinstated.

So, what's the catch?

This thing you have going
with my daughter, it ends now.

-What does that have to do with--?
-Look, you little shit.

My daughter is not some shorty
for you to mess with.

She's a woman with a bright
and promising future. . .

. . .and l'm not gonna have you
come here and take advantage of her.

-Excuse me?
-Am l not getting through to you?

lf you don't agree
to stop seeing my daughter. . .

. . .you can kiss
your education goodbye.

And you'll end up just like your uncle,
cutting grass for a living.

Now, how long do you think
April will go out with you then?

Well. . . .

With all due respect. . .

. . . it's her decision, not yours.

You have a good day.

Three days before the Nationals.

Are you sure there's nothing we can
do to help change Dr. Palmer's mind?

-No, he's one of them.
-Palmer's a Mu Gamma?

-That's right.

We are screwed.

You guys are unbelievable, man.

You will be leaving here in three,
what, four years. . .

. . .with your fancy job
offers in your pockets.

lt's my ass getting kicked
to the kerb, man.

This is my life that's messed up.

This is not about
no damn Nationals.

Did he tell you
he has a criminal record?

What criminal record?

And l suppose he hasn't told you. . .

. . .that he's been brought up
before the Ethics Committee. . .

. . .for lying on his
scholarship application?

What are you talking about?

l was just about to call you.

So it's true.

What do you want me
to say to you, April?

l believed in you.

Why wouldn't you just tell me?

l got arrested because l was. . . .

Because l was fighting
and my brother got killed.

lt wasn't my fault. The only
reason l got convicted was. . .

. . . because l had a public defender who
couldn't even remember my name.

Then why are you leaving?

Good question.

Why don't you go ask your father?

He would have given me back
my scholarship. . .

. . . had l agreed to break up with her.

And you said no?

l wasn't gonna let him play me.

-lt was my fault.
-l don't get it.

l dated Will Palmer back at Truth.

My junior and most of my senior year
until l met your uncle.

-You stole his girl?
-lt's not that simple.

l wish you would've told me that
before it blew up in my face.

What's up, world?
This is Sway with MTV News.

Coming to you live from Atlanta. . .

. . .for the 1 7th Annual Step Show

The Atlanta Arena will be overflowing
as thousands of fans have gathered. . .

. . .from far and wide
for the competition.

Hundreds of applications
poured in. . .

. . . but only 25 teams
were chosen from universities. . .

. . .from all across the country
to compete in the ultimate showdown.

This year, defending champions
Mu Gamma Xi. . .

. . .go for their unprecedented
eighth title in a row.

ls there anybody
that can stop these guys?

Seven-year champs!

Eight is on the way, baby.
Eight is on the way.

Hey. Hey, Thetas, turn.
Get over here.

Come on, fellas.
l know what you're thinking.

But you're wrong.
Come on, we can still win this thing.

Okay, now, l've been watching you.

And l can promise you. . .

. . .we are not the same Thetas
that we were six weeks ago.

You ain't never seen stepping
like this before.

So get ready. lt's about to go down !

-Let's go!
-You ready?

-All right.
-Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go.
Theta on three. One, two, three:


Hello, William.

lt's been a long time, Jackie.

-William, how could you?
-Look, if this is about--

DJ told us about the deal
that you offered him.

All l'm trying to do is make sure. . .

. . . my daughter doesn't make
the same mistake you made.

l didn't make a mistake, William.

You know how different
your life would be--

lf l would have married you?

William, l have a really good life.

Well, it's not good enough
for my daughter.

Shouldn't that be my choice?

Dad, if you think me being with Grant
is what's best for me. . .

-. . .then you don't even really know me.
-Baby, you are all l have left.

Well, you just lost that.

-Look, sweetheart, don't say that.
-Just stop it.

l know l can forgive you for this
one day, but l really. . . .

l really can't imagine when.

Just give me a chance to fix things.

The procedure is simple.

Teams compete
in an elimination round.

Only four teams
are chosen to go to the finals.

These four teams will compete
for the $40,000 grand prize. . .

. . .to use for the community service
project of their choice.

And let's not forget,
bragging rights for the year.

Let the elimination rounds begin.

Let's hear it for the sorority finalists.

Let's hear it
for the fraternity finalists.

This is us, fellas.
Get them pythons up.


-ls he here?
-Sure, sure.

Hold on one second.
DJ, would you come down?

l know about the offer
that my dad made.

All you had to do was talk to me.

-l know.
-l should have stayed in L.A.

Everything l touch gets screwed up.

My brother's dead and that's on me.

DJ. . . .

That's not true.

No, if it wasn't for me, he'd be here.
Duron would be here.

Let it go.

Just let it go.

lt's okay.

l love you.

lt's not your fault. Okay?

Okay, l want to tell you something.

My dad overturned
the committee's decision.

He'd much rather put up with you
in my life than lose me in his.

But l don't know if that's for me.

But l thought this was your dream.

lt's my brother's dream.

He was supposed to be this.
Not me.

Well, then do it for your brother.

Do it for Duron.

The elimination rounds are over
and only the finalists remain.

This is the last chance for these teams
to let out all the stops.

Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name. . .

. . .thy kingdom come, thy will be done
on Earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses. . .

. . .as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. . .

. . .for thine is the kingdom, the power,
the glory forever.


And now, ladies and gentlemen,
the defending champions. . .

. . .the unstoppable
brothers of Mu Gamma Xi.

Wolf pack launch !

Give it to me one time.

Give it to me two times.

Give it to me three times.

Wolf pack slide.



l can't let you save the best for last.

Because the crowd
out there is really feeling us.

Man, what's it to you, dog?
Why don't you mind your own--?

-Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's go.
-All right.

You're suspended.

lt seems like your man Dr. Palmer
changed his mind.

You're not gonna matter.

You never did.

Come on, Mus.
Where's my Mus at?

So this is for real? You're back?

Theta Nu, you're on.

All right, huddle up,
huddle up, huddle up.

Okay, now, we are TNT.

That's one of the most powerful
explosives known to man.

-And that's what we are.

That's what you are.
That's what you are.

That's damn sure what you are,
and that is what we have always been.

Okay, so tonight,
can we be explosive?

-No, no.

Can we be better
than we ever have been?

-Because we are repping the Thetas.

Thetas, Thetas, we rep the Thetas.

Thetas, Thetas, we rep the:

And now, get ready for the brothers
of Theta Nu Theta!


Theta Nu!

I got a feeling
Can't touch this!

All ours, we get.

All right. That's it for the finals.

Now it's all up to the judges.

And now for the winner
of this year's. . .

. . . National Fraternity
Step Team Champions. . . .

We have a tie.

Now, l know
what you all are thinking. . .

. . . but the judges
will not let this end in a tie.

l'm gonna stay here live until
we have a definitive winner.

Alpha Tau Chapter
of Mu Gamma Xi. . .

. . .and Beta Delta Chapter
of Theta Nu Theta.

We're gonna let y'all go
head-to-head one more time.

Theta Nu Theta and Mu Gamma Xi,
are y'all ready to battle?

-Then let's go!
-Come here.

All right.
We're gonna need you, man.

We're gonna need you
to bring this home for us.

You waited for four years for this.
You need to be the one leading us.

-l'm not doing it.
-lt's not about you, okay?

lt's not about me.
lt's about the whole team.

-That's my man.
-Bring him in here. Let's go.

lt looks like DJ is gonna lead them.

l knew they was gonna do this.

Don't worry.
l've been studying his every move.

lt'll be like taking candy
from a baby.

All right. lt's all you.

-Why you on our stage?

Why you on our stage?

They stepping too damn close!

Step back!
Step back, away from me!


-Come on!

I don't know
what you've been told...

...but that's the
Mu Gammas is in this house!

I don't know
what you've been told...

...but that's the
Mu Gammas is in this house!

Step back! Step back!
Step back! Step back!

Gamma who? One word:


The last time l heard. . .

. . .the Mu Gammas run this house.


And we run them!

Let's give them the remix.

Hit me one more time, Mus!

This competition
has entered the battle zone.

These two teams are relentless.

l don't know about you, but l've
never seen stepping like this before.

-This is crazy.
-Mu Gamma Xi!

Mu Gamma Xi!

Brother gotta. . . .

Give me that beat one time!

T-H-E-T-A! Can you move?

The 2007
National Step Champion. . . .

Theta Nu Theta!

Yeah, that's what l'm talking about.

Yeah. Yeah.


Thank you.

We rep the Thetas!

Thetas, Thetas! We rep the Thetas!

Thetas, Thetas! We rep the: