Stolen Holiday (1937) - full transcript

Nicole Picot is working as a model in a Paris dress salon when she is picked by Stefan Orloff to help him convince a wealthy investor that he is well connected. She is to wear an expensive dress and dine with them because she has "class." The scheme works and both Stefan and Nicole become very wealthy over the course of a few years. Stefan is a "financier" while Nicole opens her own dress salon. But while Nicole's business is above board, Stefan's isn't, and eventually his web of deceit and fraud begins to unravel. Not always honest with her either, Stefan enlists Nicole's help one last time to avoid prison.

- Subtitles -
Lu?s Filipe Bernardes

This is our very latest model. I think
it shall be extremely popular this year.

I hope the 1931 styles
won't be pristine.

Here are two chairs, sit here.

Don't you think it's unusual?
It's the new bias cut.

Interesting, don't you think?

She's that new mannequin, Nicole
something or other.

What a fantastic coiffure,
rather shocking.

- So mannish.
- Anything new is shocking to you, dear.

It will be the rage of Paris
within six months.

Give the girl her just deserts,
she has ideas.

I'm glad that's over, my poor feet.

The next job I take is going to be one
where I can sit down.

It all depends on where you like
to grow your corns, darling.

Cut those cards again.

Don't believe those cards.

I had my fortune told once,
and it was good.

A week later I fell down
and broke my leg.

You shut up.

What's the matter, darling,
you look worried.

What do they say?

Oh, shush, I wouldn't read such cards.

Another time, my pet. There's something
wrong with the vibrations.

Vibrations. Perverseness, more likely.

Go ahead, I want to know
the future.

Suzanne, what am I going to do?
I've got to do something.

What do you want to do?

Something I can do better than
anyone else in the world.

- But what?
- You've got a body, that's why you're here.

- A clothes horse.
- Buy yourself a rich husband with it.

And write the life history of a parasite.
So that's your opinion of my ability.

It isn't lack of talent that's
your trouble, my pet.

A surprising number of people
have talents.

Look at me.

Now, would anyone outside
a lunatic asylum...

...believe that these rheumatic stumps
were once insured for a million francs, hm?

No! Well, it was so.

And here I am, pinning up babies
who haven't brains to heed me.

What happened? A man?

I always had a great big
squash of a heart.

The rest of me grew up later
to match it.

You've got one like it.

And you'll find so one day
when you trip over it...

...flat on your lovely face.

Not for any man.

I generous heart is a millstone
if you want to fly high.

You must be self-centered,
and hard, selfish and cruel.

- I can be all of those.
- Not you, you're just a softy.

I don't need cards to tell me
what you are.

Most of them are black,
aren't they?

Who's that, the king of spades?

That is the man whom you should pray
that you may never meet.

In other words, a man.

Girls, return to the main
salon immediately.

Never mind how you look,
just slip on anything and quickly.

- What's the meaning of this?
- Oh, I gotta say!

Oh, it can't be a buyer at this hour.

Hurry up, girls, hurry up,
never mind anything.

Arrange yourselves in a single
line here.

That's it, that's it, line up,
line up, that's it.

That's quite all right.

Well, here they are.

This one.

You others may go.

Nicole, you remain.

Mademoiselle Picot, this is Mr. Orloff.


Monsieur is secretary to the
duchesse Derue.

Unfortunately the lady is ill and was
unable to attend today's showing.

She asked me to send her some
evening wraps and gowns.

Inasmuch as you seem to be
nearest her size and coloring,

I shall have to ask you to go
with Mr. Orloff to model them.

Certainly, madame.

Get ready, dear.

Here are the things now.

Take them to the front entrance,
Paul and wait.

Yes, madame.

In this taxi.

I'm sorry I couldn't bring the
limousine, it was in use.

That's all right.

Wouldn't you be if you had been
parading around all day as I have?

- Then why do it?
- Ambition, my friend.

Perhaps one day I shall be the fat
mistress of a shop of my own.

And hire other girls to wear out
their feet for me.

That, my dear, would require
more than ambition.

I know it. Capital.

Oh, but more important,
brains, ideas.

- Is it a gendarme out there?
- I never look at gendarmes.

Perhaps some day soon
I'll set you up in business.

You think so.

Then again, there's always
the possibility that I won't.

Will you go upstairs, please?

May I help you?

I must apologize for the appearance
of the house.

My people have just moved in from the
country and everything is still topsy-turvy.

I seem to be constantly in the
need of apologizing.

And now it's for the dust in here.

I hope it won't inconvenience
you too much.

I would like you to put on the gown that
you wore this afternoon at the showing.

I know it will appeal to
Madame la Duchesse.

You may change in there.



Don't do that!

- There's no one here.
- No.

There isn't any Duchesse Derue at all.


You're not a secretary,
you're an imposter.

- Yes.
- Then this is a trick.

I'm not going to stay
to find out what kind.

You mustn't go!

I won't permit it.

Now, don't you think it would be better
to sit down calmly and listen to me?

There doesn't seem to be
anything else I can do.

Now, first about this house.

As you have discovered, it doesn't
belong to Madame la Duchesse.

I have leased it. That is, I have deposited
a check towards the lease.

Whether the check will be good
depends on you.

On me?


I am Stefan Orloff, born in Russia.

I have come here to make my fortune,
and that is not easy.

And tonight I have hopes of
amalgamating an idea of mine...

...with a very necessary capital
of another gentleman.

I don't see what any of this
has to do with me.

One can't accomplish big things
if one creeps about alone...

...with the manner of a penniless

So I have invited this gentleman...
with capital...

...and his wife to dine with us.

Then the theater, and after that
Chez Florence.

I'm planning this with an air...
an aroma of success... inspire respect and confidence.

You know how indispensable that is,
especially to the French.

And I was to be part of that air.


- It sounds very fantastic.
- Brilliant ideas are fantastic.

That's why they're brilliant.

And it's probably crooked.

Mademoiselle! You will listen
to everything I have to say tonight.

If you become in the least suspicious,

you can always denounce me
to my intended... victim.

He is, by the way, Mr. Cartier,
of the Paris Bank.

- I've heard of him.
- You can feel safe in his hands.

If not in mine.

But why me, I still don't understand.

There are millions of women in Paris.

The sort that one can pick up on any
street corner simply wouldn't do.

What I needed was a lady.

It took me a long time to find you.

I suppose I should feel
very flattered.

You know yourself better
than I do.


in the name of your own ambition,
I beg you to give me my chance.

- My ambition.
- You were saying in the cab.

What has that got to do with this?

It could have everything
to do with you.

I see.

In other words, it's the reverse
of what you were saying in the cab.

It is I who am to set you
up in business.

Oh, it's far more than that.

My whole life is in your too
feminine hands.

It's for you to say whether I'm
to be a starving nobody...

or the great success I can become.

You don't really want me
to starve, do you?

Well, when you put it that way,
it's very difficult to refuse.

I knew you were the one
the moment I saw you.

You'll never regret it.
It's exciting, isn't it?

I don't know what's going to happen,
but I do admit it's exciting.

You're very sweet.
I knew you would be.

- Have you any money?
- What?

Well, I have about 500 francs.

But I'd feel much more at ease if I knew
that in case the bill is larger tonight,

that you would see me through.

Oh, no, it isn't true!

I must be dreaming.

Continuing our fascinating display
of autumn creations,

mademoiselle will now show a white
satin and crepe evening gown... the new and flattering
tunic style.

- What an exquisite gown.
- Yes.

Now remember, keep your
shoulders back.

Eight paces behind.

There you are.

Yvonne, always keep that
straight, will you?

- Yes, Madame.
- Thank you.

- Everything all right?
- It's going beautifully.

You and your black prognostications.

You don't see me tripping over
my heart these days, do you?

Not yet, but...

Enter the king of spades,
late as usual.

What did he want to come at all for
and spoil a lovely afternoon?

How you do love that man.
It must be the mother in you.

- Hello, Nicky.
- Hello.

- Well, I made it.
- I'd about given you up.

I'd hardly miss an anniversary
of our first meeting.

- I see you got my flowers.
- They came by the truckloads.

When I buy a flower, I buy a flower.

That's right, darling, you never
do anything by halves.

When you get a chorus girl,
you get a theater to go with her.

You know, I've discovered a very
peculiar thing about money.

It's valuable only if you spend it.

- What am I going to do with you?
- Take care of me, darling.

I've got to go back to the workroom.
Come over here.

- Hm-hmm.
- I saved a place for you.

And don't corrupt all my mannequins.

You flatter me.

- Tired, Nicky?
- I'm exhausted.

To think I used to want to be mistress
of my own shop one day... that I wouldn't be tired.

I told you I'd set you up
in business.

You did. Stefan, everything I am,
you've made me.

And you've paid back every centime.

Besides, you promised you wouldn't
talk like that.

You force me to remind you that
I'd have been nothing without you.

It isn't like that with us, Nicky.

A favor bought with a favor?
Not anymore, it isn't.

Hm-hm. I know whatever I want,
you'll do for me.

And whatever you want,
I'll do for you.

That's the way it is.

Here is your dress, madame.
Shall I wait... or what?

- No, you go on ahead, dear.
- Good night, madam.


in this simple pasteboard box
is a new gown...

...that will either set a rage in Paris or
make me one of the most mistaken women.

Well, I thought your showing
was this afternoon.

A wise couturi?re stays ahead
of her older style.

Madame, just a moment, please.

Thank you very much, madame.

My paper would like a few words
from you on your latest creation.

Later, please.

Dancing with you is like being
in the spotlight on a stage.

Everyone stares.

The women are only looking
at the cut of my gown...

...and secretly hoping it will fall off.

- And the men?
- You tell me.

Are envying Orloff for a lucky devil,

who not only has half the money in Paris,

but also the loveliest thing
in Paris to spend it on.

Your compliments are like
fish hooks, monsieur.

Their tips are barbs.

Oh, darling, will you look
at that lovely dress.

- Where?
- Over there dancing.

That dress?
I think that's frightful.

What's all that odd thing
that she's got on her head?

Thank you.


Nice going, darling.

Well, I didn't like the dress. I didn't know
she was going to hear me.

- You know who that was, don't you?
- No, was it somebody?

Madame Picot, the smartest woman
in Paris, that's all.

And you didn't like the dress.




It got over. But how could it fail
with this setting you provided.

Will you come and sit
in the box with me?

Love to.

You should dance.

Only pretty young men from
Buenos Aires should dance.

I know my limitations.

You should, my friend.
They're few enough.

You seem preoccupied,
what's the matter?

Uh? Oh, nothing.

It must be money,
the tons you throw away.

- No.
- Stefan, you're worn out.

Why don't you do what I'm doing
with the money, get a long nice vacation.

I couldn't get away just now.

There is something on your mind.

Just the same thing as always, you.

Nicky, darling, are you ever
going to marry me?

I don't know. Why should I?

I suppose you know what people
are saying about us.

Let them. Remember what
the wiseman said.

It doesn't matter what people say
about you as long as they say something.

It's what they don't talk
that makes you become anxious.

Stefan, I'm just beginning.

I've got a long way to go. I couldn't
detour to fall in love with anyone now.

Just Picot Incorporated.

I suppose so.

Or perhaps one lonely
Monday afternoon...

when I'm tired of being just Picot
Incorporated, as you say,

I'll wake up to the fact that I've been
in love with you all the time.

And if you do, you'll be sure
to let me know, won't you?

You'll be the very very first,
I promise you.

- What's that?
- Looks like someone trying to break in.

Stop this! Stop reminding
my ticket. My ticket!

I've got to see Mr. Orloff!
Send word for him.

Excuse me.

- It's Ranier, the fool!
- Here?

Yes. Get him into the anteroom.
Find the others and send them in.

Very well, sir.

- Orloff...
- Ranier, I told you never to come near me.

Do you want me to sit calmly by when
things are blowing up in my face?

Nothing is blowing up in your face
except your blood pressure.

I... I hope there isn't any trouble.

No trouble at all, except that Ranier here
seems to have gone insane.

- Sit down here.
- Orloff, please...

- Will you please control yourself?
- It's all very fine for you.

Parading about Paris, posing as a
respectable financier...

...and a benevolent philanthropist.

But when trouble comes it is I who shall
be caught up in prison.

Naturally, that's what
you're paid for.

- Hello, Dupont.
- Anything the matter?

Ranier here seems a little bit worried
about going to prison.

Not while I'm in the police.

I wish you wouldn't talk
about prison.

Stefan, I've rewritten that
article, it's immense...

Later, later, now we're attending
to a case of jumping hysterics.

Well, gentlemen, it seems that
I'll have to turn a schoolmaster.

...and instruct our friend Ranier
here in his ABCs.

Now then.

Your name is Charles Ranier.
Do you follow me this far?

- Yes.
- Splendid.

Now, you are the nominal head of
a group of pawnbroking establishments,

which in France are very different
from those in other countries.

The most reputable business
in the country.

A chicken, nestling under the protective
wing of the government itself.

A great institution. More like banks.

- Correct?
- Hm-hmm.

Now, as such, we are allowed to sell
bonds against our assets.

But we have sold a fantastic
amount of bonds...

...and the whole thing is
beginning to smell.

My dear Ranier, you're
always so bright.

Now, you gentlemen will remember...

how we covered up a somewhat
precarious jewelry business... going into the pawnbroking

Well, now we're about to take
refuge in the bond business.

Did you ever hear of the Silvania
bonds, Francis?

- No.
- Oh, you will.

But in your publicity you will again
omit any mention of my name.

Your name must always be kept out.

They are worthless scraps of paper
which on their highly ornamented surfaces...

...seem to be guaranteed by
the League of Nations.

That sounds too good to be true.

- You sent for me?
- Yes, come in, Deputy Duvallet.

Now, I'm going off to Geneva to get
control of a large block of bonds.

Do you think you can arrange that have no
difficulty in getting permission to sell them?

Since the official is under
obligation to me, I'm rather certain.

You see?

Leon, arrange accomodation
on the morning plane.

Telephone Borel of the Geneva Bank
to meet me at the airport.

Before you know it,
my fine quaking ass,

we shall all of us be up to here
in thousand-franc notes.

And where shall we be
if you fail?

Then we shall probably be
up to here in guillotine.

Come in and enjoy the party,

- Sorry, darling.
- I've been having fun.

- What was it?
- Business.

Won't they even let you alone
at your own party?

This was about you.

About me?
How could it be?

Nicky, you will now see how obediently
I do everything you tell me.

You say to me, Stefan,
take a vacation.

And I trot downstairs to clear the decks
so that I can take a vacation.

- When?
- Tomorrow morning, of course.

Do you think you can arrange
to take yours in Switzerland?

Switzerland would be heavenly.

What do you say we fly
and have luncheon in Geneva?

- At the Globe?
- Yes.

At the Globe.

So you see,

even though you spur me, I'm only
a puppy dog on your leash.

Our maneuver brought Ranier
on the run.

I thought it might.
Who else went in?

Chalon, Legrand, Dupont,
Deputy Duvallet and Orloff.

I always distrust a man
who is too good.

And the woman?

- The motive, do you think?
- Perhaps, perhaps not.

When a woman is ambitious, she can be
more unscrupulous than a man.

Let me have a written report
at headquarters.

- And continue?
- Yes, but step carefully.

It's dynamite you're walking on.

The first thing I'm going to insist upon
is a steamer ride on Lake L?man.

Tonight after dinner
it would be lovely.

There'll be a full moon.

- Right here, ma'am.
- Thank you.

I like flying.

- Steward, where's my seat?
- Right there, madame.

- Right there.
- Thank you.

Looking at it carefully, I don't believe
I think so much of that coat either.

Oh, um...

If I may, I'd like to apologize.

- Someone you know?
- No.

- Steward.
- Yes, madame.

- Is this seat taken?
- No, madame.

- Well, I'd like to have it.
- Right, madame.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

Off to Geneva, eh?
If we ever get there.

Would you like a magazine
or would you rather talk?

No, I'm afraid I have some
work to do.

I never get airsick.

- You're so kind.
- Not at all.

It's been a great pleasure to make
the trip with you, Mr. Wayne.

It's made the journey seem so short.

I hope we shall meet again soon.

- I hope so.
- We shall be at the Hotel Imperial.

Oh, thank you.

- Good-bye.
- Good-bye!

- Good-bye.
- Good-bye!


Monsieur Borel has some business
which he insists I attend to at once.

Could you get along to the
hotel by yourself?

Of course I can.

I'm embarrassed to have
our holiday begin like this.

Tell your Mr. Borel for me that
I think that he's a pest.

I will. ? bient?t.

Well, we've got rid of him
for a while anyway.

Mr. Wayne.

- Mr. Wayne.
- Hello.

We can accept your kind
invitation after all.

- What's that?
- To see us to our hotel.

Oh, yes, certainly.

Come along, don't be shy.

- Isn't it lucky he hadn't gone?
- Now see here, Suzanne!

May I present Mr. Wayne.
Mr. Wayne to Mademoiselle Picot.

How do you do?

Very kind of you to let me
do what I can.

Kind of you, as we are deserted.

Er, porter.

Take the gentleman's luggage from
that car and put it into this one.

Yes, madame.

Mr. Wayne was telling me
all about himself.

He has the most fascinating

You must get him to tell
you about it.

I'm sure it will be most thrilling.

Thank you, operator.


Nicky, darling, would you mind
very much if I skipped lunch?

Well, this business with Borel has turned
out to be more urgent than I expected.

I think it's a mistake that I didn't
bring my knitting.

Oh, don't be apologetic, darling.
I'll find something to do.

I don't know what exactly
at the present moment.

Don't worry, I'll be all right.

You know, I might as well be
married to that man.

Well, Suzanne, you'd better find a nice
devilish place for two old maids to go to.

- I will.
- And I don't mean a museum.

Operator, will you kindly connect me with
Mr. Anthony Wayne's room, please?

It was nice of you to take pity
on a lonely lady.

Too bad Suzanne developed
a headache.

- Yes, wasn't it?
- Madame, monsieur.

So you're a diplomat.

Well, if I don't look like one, it's because
you've upset my stately equilibrium.

I should have known that from that tactless
mistake the first time that I saw you.

- Oh!
- Sorry, that was mean.

Are you here with the League
of Nations?

No, I'm on a special mission.

I'm at the embassy in Paris.

Are you interested in
international policy?

Not in the least.

Are you interested in women's

Good Lord, no.

I say! Isn't it marvelous?

- What?
- That we've no interest in common.

- Gives us a goal to work towards.
- Does it?

- Well, doesn't it?
- What do you think?

I think my feet hurt.

Go away!
- Now, about tonight.

I think the best place to dance
is the Maxim's.

I'm going for a steamer ride
on the lake.

Not with that little pipsqueak
I saw you with on the plane.

I don't think I quite appreciate
your humor.

Oh, sorry.

I'm sorry I called your friend
a pipsqueak.

I didn't know he was going to be decent
enough to stand you up tonight.

He didn't stand me up,
he was just busy.

Oh, no one could be
as busy as that.

- You're fond of him, I suppose.
- Tremendously.

You know, I wish I'd met you
ages ago.

- Why?
- I wish we'd grown up together.

I wish we'd pulled each other's
hair as children.

And carved our names inside
a heart on a tree.

I wish it were our families who'd made
plans instead of my family and Helen's.

Because then it would be more like
a marriage and less like an amalgamation.

- When are you going to be married?
- We're not.

- But you just said that...
- I've changed my mind.

Rather sudden, wasn't it?

Must be the mountain air.

It clears the brain.

It makes you dizzy.

Yes... something's making me
quite dizzy.

We work night and day,
day and night, for what?

So that you may have the privilege
of paying two million francs for... many pieces of paper.

Or rather that I may have the privilege
of selling them for two hundred million.

Just a moment, please.
I have your hotel, sir.

Darling, it's over.
The vacation begins. Success better...

This isn't darling, it's me.

Oh, you.
Where is she?

I am happy to report she is
again out with Mr. Wayne.

Was this the very best car
you could get?

For me I like the old things.

Me I like the old things too.

But need you go so terribly fast?

Oh, this phenomenon of the machine
age has only three speeds.

Stopping, going backwards, and going
forward. This is the going forward speed.

Oh, really, I thought we were
going backwards.

I hope it holds together.

I personally tied the motor in
with a piece of heavy twine.

You know, whenever a see a view
like this, I have an urge to yodel.

- Why don't you?
- I will.

No, no, no, stop it!

- Idiot.
- Oh, don't insult the Swiss.

You know, you ought to see me
at the embassy.

Oh, frock coat, long face,
dignity and all that.

Yes, reminds me of myself.

Elaborately gowned, carefully made up.

Very regal and all that.

It's good to get away from
it all, isn't it?


Here the real person comes out in us.
The sun, the wind...

- What happens now?
- Oh, we go out and look.

Call for duty!
All aboard to parts unknown.

- Know anything about it?
- I was master at this sort of thing.

- Wonder what that gadget is.
- Looks like something electrical.

- Don't touch it!
- Ouch!

- That means I was right.
- Hm, perhaps we're out of petrol.

No, it couldn't be that,
I filled her up myself.

- Mind if I look?
- No, no, of course, help yourself.

But it couldn't possible by that,
because I...

I guess I was right again.

No more than I would rather have petrol
in that tank, thank you.


What do we do now?

Well, it's a nice day for a walk.

- A nice thirty miles from home.
- Ah, gives us a nice big appetite.

Gives us lovely big blisters.
Come on.

You know, distance is all
a matter of relativity.

I'll explain to you as we go along.

- Has mademoiselle telephoned?
- No, monsieur.

This telegram has just arrived.

Why couldn't the fools hold out
a little while longer?

Hello? Mademoiselle Picot, please.

Get tickets for Paris.
We go back at once.

- Mademoiselle also?
- Naturally.


Is she there yet?

Hello! Anyone in?



Must at least be a skeleton
in the closet.

If there is, the noise we're making
ought to bring it to life.

- That's the idea.
- Let's try the door around the corner.

- Can you make it?
- Yes.

Hello! Hey there!


What's a kitchen mean to you?

- Food.
- Inside.

But it's in the kitchen, not us.

Heaven has provided.
After you, mademoiselle.

Merci, monsieur!

Oh, look what I've done.

Ooh... I've heard of people
who got two years for this.

What's two years when you're hungry?

- An awful long time.
- Can you cook?

- Hm?
- Can you cook?

- Well I have cooked, but what?
- Ah, but what?

Old Mother Hubbard went
to the cupboard.

A nice juicy steak.
Ah, potatoes!

- Bread! Look!
- Hooray!

Here, catch.

We'll leave money to pay
for what we use.

Ah, squab! Now we're getting

Here they are. Meet Arabelle
and Mirabelle.

- Oh...
- Are you good at butchering?

- That's your job.
- Oh...

I think you're supposed to
wring their necks.


- Don't be rough!
- No, I'll do my best.

Well... come on.

Painless Wayne, that's what
they call me.

You sit there, Arabelle. Excuse me
for making you wait, won't you,

but I won't be long.

But you know, one at a time.

Mirabelle, I'm afraid you're not
going to like this.

Still, it will only be a few minutes
and here goes...

You're take Arabelle's place.

Arabelle, let me try with you,
shall we?

How did you get in here?

Hello, pretty. Don't be frightened.

No, there we are.

There, shh...
Oh, You're so lovely.

Yes... oh, I wasn't going
to hurt you.

No, I wasn't.
There we are, see?

It's alive.

Oh, it's alive all right.

- Oh, Tony, we can't kill them.
- No, we can't kill them.

I say, how about a pig?
Maybe I can kill a pig.

Oh, no, no, they squeal too much.

We'll have to find something else.

- Very well.
- Come on, here go the squabs.

Here you are, babies, I'm gonna
let you go in just a moment.

There you are, my pretties.

- Good-bye!
- Look what I found. Eggs!

- Ah, now, I can kill an egg.
- You don't an egg.

- What do you do with it?
- You crack it.

- Here, get to work.
- All right.

Here we go.

- Fun, huh?
- Oh, fun?

How much longer, do you think?

There's no telling when she's
with Mr. Wayne.

Perhaps hours and hours.

You lovely creature.

She's been seeing a good deal
of him lately, hasn't she?

- They're together constantly.
- How nice.

I saw no sense of her sitting alone
in her own room moping, so I fixed it.

Thank you.

O hope the cards prophecy
that you break your lovely neck.

This isn't my fortune, this is
Mademoiselle Nicole's

See, here she is, surrounded by
all the happiness cards.

And the jack of hearts.

Don't you think I'm rather dark
for the jack of hearts?

Yes, I do, that's why you're
the king of spades.

Here you are with the trouble cards.

Fortunately you're on the way out.

- Just like that.
- Just like that.

Give me my suite, please.


L?on, cancel Mademoiselle Picot's
reservation on the plane.

We're leaving without her.

I thought you were some kind
of an insect.

You know, I believe you're right.

Oh, no.

It would never do to call the
honorable Anthony Wayne...

...of the British Embassy an insect.

The honorable Anthony Wayne
of the British Embassy.

And Mademoiselle Picot,
of Picot Incorporated.

- Riding on a farmer's cart.
- Under the moon.

All very undignified.

Only the names are wrong.

Tonight we're just Tony and Nicky.

And after?

The future has a way of taking
care of itself.

You know, I'm in the mood
to give it a helping hand.

I have no doubt.

But don't you think it might be wise if we
waited until we know more of ourselves?

You don't know me as I really am.

Oh, yes I do.

I'm sure you don't.

Oh, it doesn't matter very much.
We'll never be the same again.

Not after we've cracked
an egg together.

I'd rather wait and see.

As you wish, Mademoiselle Picot.

Thank you, Mr. Wayne.

Publisher: Chalon.

Police: Dupont and Stefan Orloff.

Do you think it will be wise
to make any arrests...

...until we can be certain how many are
involved in these far-reaching swindles?

We can never be certain of that
until we begin the arrests.

We will start with the
Cr?dit Municipal.

Where that part of the puzzle
will lead us, I don't know.

What's happening?

Quick, take them away before
the police come.

Here, stay where you are!

You have no right to do this!

Number 322,
18,000 francs.

Number 478, 5.110 francs

Number 18, 28,000 francs.

Appraise the value of this stuff.
We'll check it with the value on the books.

Values? Look at these, paste.

- Number 1,903.
- Here it is, 1903.

- What's the value printed on the bond?
- One thousand francs.

And on the counterfoil it's set
down to a hundred.

This is an outrage!
You're exceeding your authority.

Just as we thought.
All the counterfoils are false.

Hm, a very clever scheme to keep
the books above suspicion.

I don't know anything about it!

- And now the deluge.
- Oh, nonsense, a few raindrops.

Possibly a summer shower.
Don't exaggerate it into a flood.

In your fright, you gentlemen forget that
we have the most valuable asset of all.

Time. Time to cover up the
pawnshop affair,

time to sell our bonds and come
out with a tremendous profit.

Orloff! Orloff!

Orloff... I came by airplane.

- Ranier has been arrested.
- The man spills over with news.

They've got him in jail. The police
will be asking him questions.

Suppose he tells about me.

Then you'll be in jail and they'll
be asking you questions.

But I can't go to jail,
I'm a married man.

Then take your wife with you,
and be quiet Legrand.

We have agents all over France, but you're
the only one who's become hysterical.

Now, Chalon, you're to keep
the newspapers...

...from screaming in headlines
about this arrest.

I'll do what I can.

And Duvallet, you get the permit
for the sale of those bonds.

We should have it by now.

- Well, I'm doing my best.
- Well, I wouldn't admit it.

And Dupont, you take your naps
at home, not in the office.

It's your fault this arrest was made.

Unfortunately the entire French police...

...doesn't always consult me on every
move they make.

Legrand, all I ask of you is to do
as little as possible.

Now, gentlemen, you may go out
by the private entrance...

...and be sure no one sees you.

Orloff, you've got to get me
out of this.

My friend,

the time to doubt the sun will rise... after it has once failed to.

Good morning.

Well, he seems fairly confident.

152 Le Bourget.

We can be across the border
in two hours.


Hello, Le Bourget?

- Your schedule of departing planes.
- No.

- But...
- No, I think not.

- We're not going?
- There's too much to lose.

Only by staying here, monsieur.

But you forget how carefully I place
myself far beyond suspicion.

The trail leading to me is a long
and winding one.

And these Pekinese police will find
the scent very difficult to follow.

Ranier leads to Legrand.

Legrand, halfway across France,
to Deputy Duvallet.

And from Duvallet through
a very difficult maze... to Chalon.

- And from Chalon to you.
- Possibly.

But by then they may find only my thumb
securely glued to the end of my nose.

I have time, time enough.
If only I could find a way to use it.

There must be something I can do to snatch
a victory out of this apparent defeat.

If only I had somebody to talk to.

Somebody with intelligence instead
of this pack of imbeciles.

Somebody with daring and cleverness.

This has been a happy evening, Tony.

The happiest I ever remember.

Let me come in.

No, we'll disturb Suzanne.

Suzanne's in the next room.

Don't come in, Tony.

You see this?
That's my diplomatic passport.

It permits me to go anywhere,
cross any boundary.

My darling.

Yes, this is she.

Very well, I'll hold on.

- L?on, what is it?
- Mademoieselle,

you must promise me that you will
never tell Mr. Orloff about this call.

- I don't understand.
- Oh, something terrible has happened to him.

No, not an accident.
It's financial trouble.

I assure you it's very serious.

I daren't tell you more over
the telephone.

He made me promise that
I wouldn't tell at all but...

I felt that you'd want to know.

But I can't believe it.

It seems so... what can I do?

Oh, I don't know what anyone can do.

It has me sick with worry.

But I know how close you are to him.

And how he relies on you.

And I thought that perhaps if you
could arrange to come home...

But of course.
I'll leave on the first plane.

It isn't good of me at all, L?on.
Take care of him till I get there.

Thank you for calling.

Yes, I... I'll keep your secret.

Good night, mademoiselle.

L?on, that was very nicely done.

Thank you, monsieur.

L?on, when you're older,

you'll learn that when a man's in trouble,
he doesn't turn to another man.

He turns to a woman.

Monsieur Legrand.

Er... wha... what do you want?

I want you. I've got a warrant
for your arrest.

Why, I... er...

- Wh-what?
- Take him away.


So the little bantam is cooped up.

- The net is closing in.
- Exciting, isn't it?

Shouldn't like that kind of excitement.

Well, I don't hear the police
hammering on the door.

- Mademoiselle Picot.
- Where's Mr. Orloff?

- Monsieur is in the study.
- Don't announce me, I want to surprise him.

- Mademoiselle!
- L?on.

- Is he alone?
- Very much alone.

Thank you for letting me know.


- Hello, Stefan.
- It can't be you.

It can't be my twin sister
because I haven't one.

I thought you'd stay in Switzerland
at least another week.

- Why did you get back?
- Can't a lady get lonely?

- How are you, Stefan?
- Never better in my life.

If I'd known you were coming back,
I would have arranged a celebration.

You don't look like celebrating.
Something's wrong. Now, what is it?

Come over here and tell me
all about it.

It's nothing. You tell me
what you did after I left.

I know you're in trouble.
Never mind how I know.

But it isn't kind of you to refuse
to let me help you.

It's all such a mess.

Begin with the worst.

Nicky, I've never told you about
my business affairs.

- I never asked you.
- This concerns a venture in pawnshops.

I never knew you were in
such a business.

I wish I could say the same myself.

Unfortunately, I own them.

Very few people now this, however.

So it'll probably be a few weeks
before I'm hauled off to prison.

Prison? Why, Stefan!

Well, the officers of the company,
my trusted friends,

have turned out to be thieves.

But how can that be possible?

- For friends to be thieves?
- For this to happen without your knowing it.

Well, I suppose if I'd been properly
suspicious, I could have caught them at it.

But I trusted them.
Beware of a trusting nature, Nicky.

You must drop me too.
I could only harm you now.

You see it very sanely.

Well, it's common sense
that you should save yourself.

That's true.

So all I need now is to develop a capacity
for giving a friend a kick when he's down.

I must have learned my friendship
in the wrong school.

Oh, but there must be
something we can do...

...rather than just sit here
and wait for the crash.

I'll offer a prize for the
best suggestion.

I've wracked what is left
of my brain...

...but all I have evolved is something
I could hardly ask of you.

But why not?

A few years ago, in this same house,

I put my whole future in your hands.

You were very generous.

I thought then that that was the most
I could ever need of you.

But now I'm going to ask you
something infinitely greater... save me from the disgrace my
trusted friends are forcing on me.

What is it?

Well, you see, I've tried to think of
some bold dramatic gesture,

something to entangle the reputations
of others with mine...

so that when the crisis comes,
in order to save themselves,

they'll have to save me.

You could give a reception, ask the most
important people in Paris.

I don't think they'd come
for me now.

But they would come for you, Nicky.

You've always been my entr?e
into society.

You know so much about
so many people.

Would a certain Cabinet minister
want his wife to know...

...about the little girl in Montmartre
to whom he sent clothes?

Would General Gaultier want
the fact publicized...

...that lingerie goes to a certain address
on the left bank?

Oh, no, they would not dare
refuse you.

- Even if you were Madame Orloff.
- I don't understand.

Nicky, will you marry me?


If you refuse me, I will try to understand
that it's too much to ask of you.

There isn't anything that
one of us could ask...

...that the other wouldn't give.

But I don't see how our wedding
could save you.

W would have such a wedding
as Paris has never seen.

But not large, intimate. We would ask
only the most important people.

Newspaper publishers, the prefect of Police.

The highest government officials.

It will publicize them as my
closest friends.

It will work, Nicky.

Yes, Stefan, it will work.

Why are you doing it?

Oh, perhaps because he's
rich and famous.

Or because I want to end a scandal.

I'd rather you paid me the compliment
of believing that I love him.

And do you?


Then what was it happened to us?

A friendship.
A flirtation if you prefer.

I see. I'm sorry.

I didn't think about it
that way at all.

I think you'd better go now, Tony.

Before we spoil something
that was very sweet.

With bitter words that we might
both regret.

My life's arranged and so is yours.

Let's leave it that way
and just remain friends.

I hope you'll be very happy.

Thank you, Tony.

I hope with all my heart that...

that you'll be very happy too.

My sweetheart, what's the matter?

I hope you're satisfied
now that I've done it.

Done what?

You always said I'd trip over
my heart, didn't you.

But you didn't say I'd break it
at the same time.

Well, at least I've improved
on your prophecy.

It's not too late yet.

I'm afraid it is.

Oh, Suzanne, what a mess
I've made of everything.

That's what comes from being
100% softy, you're an idiot.

It's not your fault, you can't help it.

Looks like an intimate family gathering.

I thought this was to be the usual
enormous affair.

There's something behind this.
I wish I knew what.

It's exactly like both of them.
Completely eccentric.

Anything to create a sensation.

This is a veritable inspiration
of Orloff's.

He's invited only a few of the
most prominent people.

Who now cannot avoid being
acknowledged as his intimate friends.

Splendid. I'll see that the newspapers
make the most of this story.

Monsieur Orloff, do you accept
as your legal wife...

...Mademoiselle Picot here present?

I do.

Mademoiselle Picot, do you accept
as your legal husband...

...Monsieur Orloff here present?

I do.

Now I declare you man and wife.

My congratulations.

Will you please sign here?

Now the witnesses, please.


Gentlemen, what's all this?

- Mr. Charon?
- I, monsieur.

- You.
- But why?

Just a few questions if you please.

- I will answer them.
- Excuse me, gentlemen.

Charon too?

I... I don't know.

But your best friend.

This is an outrage, it's ridiculous!

However, I'll answer any questions
you wish to put.

- This certainly is unexpected news.
- Serve the champagne.

Things are beginning to add up.

But to what I don't know.

I'm sorry to be going to soon, but I have
a very urgent engagement.

Good-bye, my dear.

Well, I've been to a lot of weddings.

The quicker we get out of here,
the quicker I'll feel comfortable.

- We'll see ourselves out, good-bye.
- Good-bye.

- Where's Monsieur Orloff?
- In his dressing room.

- Now are you convinced?
- Oh, I suppose so.

It could have been anybody
but Chalon.

The others can only talk, he can prove.


What are you doing?

I've decided that we should take
a wedding trip after all.

Get your things together, Nicky.

Are you suggesting that
we run away?

Why, not at all.

My friend Dupont has offered us
the protection...

...of a less conspicuous residence.

I'm only placing myself in the
hands of the police.

It's hardly to be confused with
running away.

- But why do it?
- Discretion, Nicky,

which is renowned as the better
part of valor.

Is it discretion to act as if
you were guilty?

Well, it is, if like everybody else...'re beginning to read guilt into
what is really caution.

Will you stop your packing long enough
to look at the dress that I'm wearing?

It says that I'm your wife.

Do you need any other proof
that I'm doing all that I can to help you?

I'm sorry, darling, I didn't realize
what I was saying.

Perhaps I will be able to
explain to Madame.

You see, hundreds and thousands of investors
have lost heavily in the recent catastrophe.

And feeling is beginning to run high.

There is your husband's personal
safety to be thought of.

- There's also his pride.
- What else could be so stupid?

When this unfortunate affair
has blown over...

It could be wiser to behave
as if nothing had happened...

...and go off for a quiet honeymoon.

Very well, Stefan,

you're not a child, you can do
as you think best,

but I'm not leaving.

I'm sorry, Nicky.

Then I'm afraid the bridegroom will have
to make the wedding journey by himself.

As you wish.


Please keep your faith in me.

I wish you'd make it easier
for me to do so.

I only ask you to believe
that I've always loved you.

That all I lost,

the one thing I would regret losing
would be your friendship.

I wouldn't like that either.

As soon as I've decided where I'm going,
I'll let you know, of course.

Do that.

I've always believed it's rather nice
for husband and wife... keep in touch with one another.

We must take this affair
in our own hands!

Where is this thief?
He's hidden.

Where is his woman? She's laughing at us
from the security of her luxurious shop!

To Madame Picot's shop
and let nothing stop us!

Out the back way, quickly, girls!
Hurry up!

I don't know anything about him.

Have you the report on Dupont?

Yes, sir.

In 1930 you were in charge of the
funding department, were you not?


The photograph on this dossier
is that of Stefan Orloff,

though the name is different.

The record is a full one, extending
from petty theft to grand larceny.

This card has been curiously missing
for a long time.

Which allowed Orloff the scope
of a respectable man.

Will you explain how it happened
to be among the dead?

I... I don't know.

Come here.


Blood in the streets.
Men maimed and slaughtered.

Your handiwork.

Dupont, if you wish to mitigate the severe
punishment that is coming to you,

there is a way you can do it.

- You mean... I can...
- That's better.

Honesty is the best policy, my friend.

Especially when there is
no other course.

What do you want me to do?
I'll do anything.

- Anything!
- Get Orloff.

- Oh, it's you!
- Is madame here?

No, we don't want you here,
now get out, get out!

- But let me explain.
- I don't want any explanation!

We're through with you and your
master too. You get out of here!

You won't get her into your racket!

L?on, what are you doing here?

- I have a letter for you, madame.
- Thank you.

Come upstairs.

No, no, no, I was only told
to give you this letter.

- But I want to talk to you.
- I'm sorry, I don't know anything.

Get out. Get out!

What is it, darling, anything wrong?

It's from Stefan.

- Call me a taxi.
- What are you going to do?

- Go where he is.
- Oh, haven't you had enough?

Child, you're driving me crazy!

- Then I'll call it myself.
- No, no, no, I'll get it, I'll get it...

Thank heaven you've come.

I got here as quick as I could,
where is she?

Upstairs. Perhaps you can do
something with her.

Don't let her go to him!

Why didn't he choke to death
in his cradle?

- You're really packing?
- It was good of you to come, Tony.

I couldn't believe it when
Suzanne told me.

You're actually thinking
of going to him?

If you've come here to tell me
not to go, I wish you wouldn't.

If you're going to remind me that
you're his wife, that your life is his,

that you love him enough to follow
him anywhere, please don't,

because I wouldn't enjoy listening.

No, Tony.

I don't love him.

- Nicky.
- I love you.

Oh, my darling.

You must have known there
couldn't be anyone else.

I wanted to... but how could I...

I've even hoped and prayed that you
didn't love me as much as I loved you.

And yet, if you had gone away
and forgotten me, I...

I'd have been terribly hurt.

Oh, I guess I was a selfish
sort of person to... want your love and be able
to give nothing in return.

Oh, it's all right now, darling.

No, Tony.

Why do you say that?

Because I'm going to him.

But you can't do that now!

You can't discard the value
of friendship, Tony.

He was my friend and I was his.

Very well, then I'll go with you.

You'll do nothing of the sort.

You can do me no good and I refuse
to do you any more harm.

For this once I'm going to have
something to say about us!

That would be all right if you had
anything sensible to say.

But your career is not so
well established...

...that you can afford to be
splattered with mud.

- Do you think I give a hoot about that?
- Well, it's lucky that I do!

Oh, Tony... I'm sorry that
I told you that I loved you.

I thought it would help you to
understand it's the muddle I'm in,

and why I have to straighten
it all out.

But if you won't understand,
you won't.

Oh, my darling...

This is all part of the chapter that began
long before you came into it.

It can only be finished between
Stefan and me.

I've got a car outside.
I'll get you to the station.

Thank you.

Hello, Nicky.

Hello, Stefan.

I knew that if I asked you to,
you'd come.

I always have, haven't I?

But this time I want to make it quite
clear to you why I've come.

Oh... I think I begin to see
the reason for your coming.

You've arrived with a long list
of embarrassing questions.

The questions needn't be embarrassing
if the answers are not.

That will depend on how you listen.

I've been listening to a great deal
since you left, Stefan.

The sound of a mob.
You should have been there.

It was quite an experience.

It's remarkable how it sharpens
the hearing.

So you like the others are beginning to read
guilt into what was only my caution.

You'll have to be cleverer
than that, my friend.

Or else, perhaps, more truthful.

Well, there's no place to begin
like the beginning.

Won't you sit down?

The first night we met... helped me unwittingly enough
to perpetuate a minor swindle.

How could you, Stefan?

If I had nothing else to give you,
I had sincerity.

How... how could you take the best
in the most unselfish in me and use it?

Necessity, which notoriously
knows no law.

Is there nothing you wouldn't use?

I suppose not.

And our marriage?

In my moment of danger
you offered me shelter.

There was nothing I could do
but accept.

You might have told me the truth.

If you'd come to me and asked for my help
honestly, I still would have given it to you.

But it was contemptible to trick me
into it with self-pitying lies.

But it wasn't entirely
a trick, Nicky.

I have always loved you.

What sort of a love was that?

A love apart.

Apart from the love, of success,
and money and power.

A love that would meet the most
exacting standards of sincerity.

I ask you to believe that.

Oddly enough, I do.

I begin to understand that you're
a strange man, Stefan.

It's only natural that you should
have strange ideas about...

...right and wrong.

Right and wrong?

But you talk as if the world
is painted in black and white.

It's a Joseph's coat
of a million colors.

And right and wrong are merely words
whose meaning changes every day.


The only reality is that
we two are alive, together.

And soon we can be away from here,
together in a new place... any land in this great round
world you want me to give you.

Or is that a look of profound
disinterest I see in your face?

Do you hate me so much?

I can't hate you.
I'm too sorry for you.


Yes, Stefan, great pity.

Pity is an epithet for puny creatures,
and that I'm not.

Whatever I am, I could not
bear being despised.

It's not the same thing.

Pity is only despising coated
with a sugar of sympathy.

Why not say that you hate me and
leave me a little of my self-respect?

Because that would leave me
none of mine.

To have wasted years of affection
on someone with only hatred.

Oh, Stefan, we can't
go on like this.

You've got to get your things together,
get out of here, you're not safe.

Do you mean that you would
help me even now?

I'll do all that I can.

Nicky, I've never learned to ask
anyone's pardon.

Will you teach me the words
to beg your forgiveness?

There isn't any need.

As always, you're generous
to a fault.

And now, if you don't mind, I'd like
to be alone for a little while.

Will you stay here?
You see...

I have to make plans for the future.

Plans which need revision now
that I see they cannot include you.

I just want time to think.

Perhaps there is some way I can
balance the scales...

...and prove that your friendship
was not entirely wasted.

That you saw qualities in me that
even I did not suspect existed.

If I can do this,

you'll know the whole truth
about me.

That's what you wanted, isn't it?

Yes... that's what I wanted.

I'll be back in a minute.

- What is it?
- Get your things, let's go. You're leaving.

- What's happened?
- It was terrible.

Before I could stop him,
he put his gun to his head.

I'm sure he must have seen us
before he came out.

Now I know what he meant...

...when he said that he'd try
to balance the scales.

You must get on a train and return
to Paris as quickly as possible.

- Isn't there something I can do?
- Nothing!

If you do as I say, I shall not
remember having seen you here.

I know you've had nothing
to do with this affair.

I think I can promise you,
you will not be further involved.

Thank you, Dupont.

- You idiot!
- But why?

Since this man is supposed
to have committed suicide... shooting himself in the right
side of his head,

it might be more convincing
in the photograph...

...if you do not place the gun
in his left hand.

You'll make sure that every
centime of this go... those who have lost
in the Orloff ventures.

Certainly, madame.

You are being very generous for one
who is not responsible, madame.

Then it's fortunate that I do this
only for myself.

- Good afternoon, monsieur.
- Good afternoon, madame.

Well, Suzanne, it's all gone.

Furs, jewels, home,
Picot Incorporated.

- We're right back where we started.
- And a good thing too, if you ask me.

I wiped the slate as clean
as I could.

I feel as if I'd just had
a good bath.

Well, I must say you're an elusive
person to get hold of.

Then you should have known
that I didn't want to see you.

I'll get the things from the office.

Tony, you can't afford to have
anything to do with me.

Can't I, though?

Fortunately I can still see to it that
you don't ruin your whole life.

Englishmen never let their wives say
anything about their lives.

- Everything's packed.
- Thank you.

Let's be off.
We've got plans to make.

Tony, you idiot.

Just because I'm not being hauled into trial
doesn't mean the notoriety isn't over.

I am what the cheap papers
call a marked woman.

My sweet, you were a marked woman
from the moment I set eyes on you.

But I see that you must
know the truth.

I worked with Stefan from
the beginning.

I knew what I was doing and I helped him.
Now will you come to your senses?

Suzanne, it's an awful thing
for a man to realize...

...that he's about to marry
a consummate liar.

Let me take that.

You have your hands full
with her already.

So I have...
Let me take that.

You'll go back to England
and you'll marry Helen.

You know, there's something about bigamy
that never really appealed to me.


If you ever try to see me,
I won't let you in.

If you ever speak to me,
I won't answer.

If you happen to meet me anywhere,
I won't recognize you.

You know, Nicky, with my name
and your ability...

...we're sure to be a great
success in London.

Wait for me!

Well, wait...


Nicky, will you marry me?

- For the last time, no.
- Nicky, will you marry me?

Uh-uh, you said it was going
to be for the last time.

This time it's got to be yes.

Don't you want to?
Don't you?

- If you don't, I'll yodel again.
- No!


- Subtitles -
Lu?s Filipe Bernardes