Still Life (2012) - full transcript

A father pays prostitutes to play the role of his own daughter. The shocking revelation concerning his long-secret obsession tears up the family's delicate fabric. The son blames himself, and he resolves to find out whether his father ever acted on his fantasies, while his sister wants to sort out her memories on her own. Despite her uncertainties, their mother's reaction leaves no question as to what she thinks. The father ultimately has to find a way of coping with his shame and feelings of guilt. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I want you to come to my bed
and crawl under the covers.

It should be dark like in a real bedroom
and we have to be quiet.

You can warm your cold feet on me
and touch my body.

Your caresses should be tender and shy.

I will be very tender with you too and careful.

I want you to put it in your mouth.
It won't take long.

I want you to lie next to me and fall asleep
listening to music.

I will stay awake looking at you.

I want to forget my whole life.
As if just you and I existed.

Then I want you to swear at me.
Anything you can think of.

It can be as bad as you can imagine.
But then comfort me and hug me.

Finally, I have two more wishes.
I hope you will fulfill them.

This is what I want.
I want to watch you take a shower.

You don't dry off,
you sit on my lap.

Then I dry you.

...want to watch you take a shower.

You don't dry off,
you sit on my lap.

Then I dry you.

I want to caress your body.

And as I do,
I want to call you Lydia.

Still Life

All right.

- See you.

Drive carefully.
- Yeah.

See you this weekend.
- OK.

Give Mum my love.
- I will.

See you.

Hi, what can I get you?
- Mineral water, please.

- Hello.

I'm Carmen.
- Bernhard.

Shall I order something to drink?
- Sure.

Be right with you.

What are you doing?
Are you crazy?

What is this?
What's going on?

Why is he writing this to you?

Why does the letter say Lydia?

Why Lydia!
- What's the big idea?

Does he call you Lydia?
- Yeah, so?


Hi Mum.
Yes, I took an earlier one.

OK, great.

Good, thanks. Bye.

Are you hungry?
- I guess.

Did you work late yesterday?
- Same as usual.

I read they're planning a new security service
for hospitality industry workers.

Mandatory tips would be better.

Can you chop the chives?
They're in the fridge.

So how does it work tomorrow?
We sit in a circle and talk?

Oh God.

I don't have to say anything, do I?
- No. Dad just has to listen.

Why? Are you worried about him?
- Alexander started again.

What? Meierhofer Alexander?
- Yes, and everyone knows.

I didn't know he drank.

It's so obvious.
Brigitte is desperate.

I don't think I could go through that again.

Is Bernhard coming?
- He said he was, but he hasn't called back yet.

Have you heard from him?
- Me? No.

Can you go get Dad?
I think he's in his workshop.


- Hi.

How are you?
- Good.

What are you making?
- Skirting.

What's that?
- Skirting?

It goes around the edges of the floor.

For the living room?
- No, Bernhard's flat.

I'm helping him with the floors.
- Are you renovating again?

Time to eat!

- Time to eat.

I'll be there in a tick.

Excuse me.

For Dad.
Stay strong!

Bernhard Ingruber,
leave a message after the beep.

Did you try again?
- No.

Thank you.


Lydia, let's go!
- Bernhard Ingruber, leave a message after the beep.

Hi, it's your mother.
Where are you?

We've been trying to reach you,
but you never call back.

I don't understand.
We're leaving now.

Lydia is here.
And you said you were coming too.

Dad is so hurt
that you're not here. Really.

All right, bye.
See you.

Wait, I forgot something.

OK, we can go.

Actually, it was always his job
to walk the dog. And he did.

He spent hours in the woods.
Then one day I came home at nine...

and the dog had gone on the floor.
Not just a puddle, a pile.

Imagine that!
And he didn't care.

Poor dog had to shit on the rug
because it couldn't hold it any longer.

You feel bad.
It's so humiliating to have to clean it up.

And it's always my fault.
All my fault.

Even though he was at home on the couch.

I wish I could understand why he drank.

But to do that
we have to talk to each other.

Once he said he wanted to end it all.
That really made me sad.

This is a huge challenge for you.
You've accomplished a lot already.

My neighbor really saved me.
One time when it got really bad...

she came and said that
we had to do something about my husband.

I don't keep booze at home anymore.

It's better for me too.
But if...

I start checking up on her,
she calls it snooping.

And then we really start to fight.

She accuses me of snooping on her.
But I'm worried...

when she is out
and I am alone in bed.

And when she finally comes home,
I never know if something happened.

But I can't really say:
'Where were you?'

Because we'll start fighting
and keep at it all night.

Are you drunk?

I pretend to sleep
so she won't know I'm worried.

It's normal to be worried.

In this case you should try
to keep talking openly and honestly.

Thank you very much.

Want some coffee?
- Yes, please.

You too?
- No.

Have you treated the floors yet?

You should do it straight away
to protect them.

But I'll be there next week,
I can do it for you then.

They have fresh apricot cake.

Would you like to try, Gerhard?

Don't look at me.

What's that?

What is this, Bernhard?

It's Dad's.

I found it.

- When he was at my place in Vienna.

Lydia, Dad's gone.
- Gone where?

I don't know, just gone.

Bernhard, Dad is gone.

What's going on?
Is something wrong?

The car keys. He probably went home.
- Is something wrong?

- What's this?

Just read it.
- What is it?

He wrote that to a whore.



He hasn't been here...

In the house?

What's going on here?

I don't know.

What's that?
- What?

Why didn't you show me these photos?

I don't know, I guess I was scared.

Do you think he took them
out of the albums?

Just leave me alone.






Hi. I've got some extra seedlings,
I don't want to waste them.

How nice, thanks.
Are they the ones you got from...

- Thanks.

Are you all right?
- Sure.

Just busy,
the kids are here, you know.

Yes, I know.
- Won't you come in?

No, thanks. I'm going running.

OK, thanks.
- Give them water...

- Hello.

What can I get you?

Do you have a menu?
- Yes.

Here you are.

- Schnapps, please.

Fruit, apricot, pear?
- Pear.

Here you go.

What do you want?

Do you have a ten?



You want to talk?

We can talk on the phone.
- Stop it.

Cut the brother-sister crap.

You're such a phony.
You knew how he treated me.

As if I didn't exist.
And you always took his side.

I wasn't taking his side.
I was just trying to take care of him.

Great job.

Remember what you said about
why he was drinking?

Because of my bad grades.

I never said that.

Well, you were right.

It was because of me.

I didn't know about any of this.
- Bullshit.

You're crazy. Do you think I'd have stuck up
for him if I knew what he did to you?

What are you talking about?

You know what pisses me off most?
That you're here.

All of a sudden.

I don't need you.

Where is Lydia?

Bernhard, where is Lydia?

She went home.

Can I take this?

Take what? Where are you going?
- I don't know.

I don't know anything.

Give me your phone, please.
- Why?

I want to call Lydia.
She won't answer my calls.

She definitely won't answer mine.
- You can't just abandon her.

What about you?

I don't know what he did to her.

I'd never let that happen. Ever.

Yeah sure.

She won't answer.
She's gone, Mum.

And she's never coming back.

Good evening.


Did something happen?
- No, nothing happened.

Did you have an accident?
- No, no accident.

Did something else happen?

Good evening, how can we help you?

Do you have some ID on you?

So, Mr. Ingruber, what can we do for you?

Are you all right?
Should we call a doctor?

You have to say something
or we can't help you.

Don't look at me like that.
I am not leaving you alone.

Were you at home?

How is Mum doing?

Not so good.

Maybe I should call her back.
- Forget it.

She's phony too.
- C'mon, I didn't mean it that way.

I didn't mean you were phony.

I know how much you like him.

It's not your fault.

I should have known.


Where are you going?

To the police.
- What good is that?

I am going to report that pervert.
- What are you going to say?

That he thinks about me
when he fucks whores?

That he wanks to pictures of me?
- I should have done this ages ago.

Ages ago?
What do you mean?


I saw them before.
- Saw what?

The photos.

I found them in his workshop.

I just didn't remember.

I must've been nine or ten.

I didn't understand.

I believe you.
- I thought it was odd

that he was hiding the pictures,
but I didn't want to tell you.

I was disappointed
that he had cut me out.

This is so absurd.
- I know.

But I could've prevented it.

Prevented what?

Why don't you just ask me what happened?

Nothing happened.

He never touched me.

My train is gone.

What is it?

You weren't really drunk
at that AA meeting, were you?

I don't think I've ever seen you drunk.
- You're kidding.


May I?

But you're right.
I was a good kid. Back then.

Back then...

What's this crappy channel?


What? Where are you?

All right, calm down.
We're coming to get you.

Yes, she's still here. OK.

See you.

What happened?


They arrested your father.
- What?