Still Here (2020) - full transcript

A New York journalist who gets assigned the story of a missing African-American young girl, risks his career and takes the matter into his own hands trying to find her. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

So you think you've seen it all,

Until the moment
when you realize

you've seen nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

And I am not talking about
seeing through your eyes,

but through your soul.

You think you know everything,



Until the moment you realize
you don't know anything.

So let me tell you something.

Millions of children
are going missing every year

around the world.

Half a million
in the United States alone.

Yes, half...



And they all have a story,

but this one is special to me,

because this is the story
of my child.

My name is Michael Watson
and my daughter went missing.

I was doing good,

I mean I'm...
I'm trying stay on my path.

But last week, I got this paper
from the hospital

that made me very angry.

It's like they all forgot
that he died in their hands...

in their hands.

This is their fault, okay?


- What am I doing here?
- And now they come after me.

With what money?

From where should I pay?

- It's just me now.
- Marcy?

Marcy, are you talking
from a place of anger or fear?


This is not gonna work.

- This is some bullshit.
- Desperation maybe.

I mean anger and fear,
all of it together.

I don't know anymore.

if you could tell Andrew something...

Okay, that is it.

I am out of here.

- Sorry.
- What?

No, no, but no, no, no... this...


This ain't right.

It's okay.

Hi, ma'am,
I'm sorry to disturb you,

but uh, any chance
you've seen this little girl?


Ah well, she's my daughter
and she's missing,

so would you uh... would you mind
taking a flyer in case you see

or hear anything?

Appreciate it.

I'm... I'm... I'm sorry again.

Thank you.

Have a good day.

Call that number please
if you see her.

There is a big charity event
going down tonight.

Charity event?

Fuck me, Jeff.

Kid, if you don't want
the work,

I can throw it to somebody else.

You haven't given me anything
good in months, Jeffrey.

I'm not interested
in charity events.

Christian, get your head
out of your ass.

That attitude is exactly
why I can't trust you

with bigger stories anymore.

Get over yourself
and start writing again.

You haven't been delivering
for too long.

Fine, okay.

You're walking a very thin line
here, sport.

Let it flow.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

Let it flow and you'll see.

It all comes in.

When you focus too much on it,
you get frustrated.

So, let's go.

Come on.

One, two.
Come on, one, two.

Chris, I need a better round,

- you gotta focus.
- One, two, one two.



- There you go.
- Stay relaxed.

Keep your hands up.

Yeah, there you go.

One, two.

Come on, man, are you serious?

Are you gonna fucking focus
on this?

We could do this all day.

Do you wanna get yourself
knocked out?

That was good. That was good.

- That was like four times.
- Focus, man.

Keep your hands up.

You need to earn yours.


This is better.

You did good, kid.

And here is another one for you.

Can't wait.

This one is gonna
require more digging.

This little girl,
Monique Watson,

disappeared from her apartment
eight days ago.

The parents are
Michael and Tiffany,

they have an older son, Andre.

It's looking bleak
on finding her.

I remember something.

- We reported on it, right?
- Yeah.

Is there something new?

the cops aren't pursuing it.

I mean you know how it is,
I mean a poor black family

in a poor black neighborhood,

the cops just aren't interested,

they don't give a fuck.

And why should they?

They don't give medals for that,

I've read the stories.

I want you to do
a follow-up on this.

- Just check-in with the family?
- No, no, no, no.

I want you to get over there
and see what you can dig up.

You know, there might be
something real obvious,

that the police missed
or haven't looked into

or didn't really
wanna look into.

Now this is something
I can sink my teeth into.

This is a story.

I wanna know what's
really going on out there.

I need you to do me a favor.

Can you pull a file for me?

It's a missing person.

A Monique Watson.

Yeah, she went missing
eight days ago.

And her parents
are Michael and Tiffany.

Look, just walk away
I don't want 'em diggin' at us.

Hey fellas.


Yo, what's up, young money?

What, you got lost?

No, I am just...
I am looking for a little information.

I was wondering
if you maybe can help me out.

Well, actually
I am looking for a building.

Yo, no fucking way.

Eh, yo bruh,
he looking for a building.

No fucking way.

Okay, actually
no, I'm looking for a family.

Name's uh...


The daughter went missing
a couple days ago.

What, you police?



My name is Christian.

Christian, huh, bruh?

That sounds um, royal.

But look, bruh.

Everybody heard about that girl,

But that's the hood business
though, that ain't for you.

Yeah, I understand.

I know how things go
around here.

You do, huh?

- I try.
- Oh, you do or you try?

Look, I'm just trying
to get a little information.

Now, it's my understanding

that the police
haven't been too helpful.

Yeah, no shit.

'Cause all you motherfuckers
coming around here

say you gonna help, ain't nobody
found that girl yet.

And the only one that care
about us is us, you feel me?

Look, my newspaper reaches
a lot of people.

And sometimes it makes people
pay attention to something

they haven't been
paying attention to before.

And sometimes
those people are cops.

You get where I'm going
with this?


You understand
how things go out here?


That's a nice watch, man.

You can take it or leave it,
100 or nothing.

It's the building
on the back side,

better walk around
in the alley.

- Right there?
- It's right there.

Alright, thanks.

Do what the
fuck you wanna do, bruh.

Oh, don't you waste a free pass.

Might be the only one you get.

Hey, hold the door.


Who is it?

Christian Baker, sir.

I'm with The Chronicle.

I am looking for Michael Watson.

- Mr. Watson?
- What exactly do you want?

I'm just looking to get
your side of the story

from Monique's disappearance.

I'm here to help.


You can help me by getting
the fuck out of here.

Mr. Watson?

I'll get there
as soon as possible.

I'm in Brooklyn right now.

Yo, no luck?

Alright, oh wait.

Hey yo, come here, man.

- I have to call you back.
- Don't be scared.

Don't be scared, man.
Come here, come here.


Yeah, you were right,
they didn't want my help.

I mean, look at you.

Coming up to town,

looking white as J. Lo
all that fancy shit on,

of course
they didn't wanna talk to you.

What the fuck are you gonna do?

That little girl
is gone for a week.

You got new information for me

or you just stopping
me to bust my balls?

Oh, you know how things
work out here.


Son, sometimes people
come up missing

and sometime people disappear

when other people
come up missing.

You follow me?

So maybe there's a guy
who went missing on the same day

as the girl
and maybe that's related.

Maybe it's not, I don't know.

Yeah, maybe that guy
went on vacation.

This nigga.

Thanks, man.

Hey, yo, yo,
now hold on, hold on, hold on.

Yo, check out where you at.

Now, do we look like
vacation people?

You want more, I told you,
I like that watch, man.

This guy is a cab driver, right?

Haitian cat.

He lived up here in B6.

Now he's supposed to
be in that corner every day

for like years, dog.

I mean every fucking day
he was here like clockwork.

This nigga never missed one.

Until one day
he stopped being here.

Now later the same day,

the little girl pop come outside

asking us if we seen her,
feel me?

Now I'm not saying
these things are related,

but come on, son,
this shit looking mad suspect.

You mind if I quote you on that?

Son, fuck yourself.

I ain't no snitch, man.

But yo, maybe that girl
is still alive somewhere.

Yeah, maybe.

Hey, time for you to be out,
nigga, let's go.

Get the fuck out of here, man.

Skinny white guy.

I need you to pull
any missing persons reported

within the 72 hours on
Monique Watson's disappearance.

Yeah, what... in her area.

Well, if my information
is correct,

this is gonna make
for a really nice story.

Kid, it seems like
a little bit of a stretch.

Oh, come on, you have to admit
it sounds really fishy.

Again, we have a witness saying
that he was there every day

until the day
the girl went missing.

And then no one seen him since.

On top of that
I have a quote on record

from his dispatcher saying
that he hasn't called out

in four years of working there

And should that be enough?

Well, it is for me.

it's not like we accused the guy.

He went missing.

It doesn't mean he's guilty

or has anything
to do with the girl.

But why nobody bothered
to make the connection?

Why nobody bothered
to investigate it?

Because nobody gives a fuck,
that's why.

We put it out there

and then it'll open us up to
a lot of follow-up articles.

All we have to do
is give the Department

good enough reason
to investigate the case.

Okay, fuck it, let's run it.

Mhmm, yeah.

Alright, okay.

I'm just finishing up.

Okay, bye.

So this is it?

I should say so.

That family is in
for a big surprise

tomorrow morning, huh?

Jesus, if I was them,

I'd hate to find out
about this from a newspaper.

Yeah, well, I'm on my way out.

- See you tomorrow.
- Have a good night.


I see, I won't be home in time.


Well, put her on the phone,
I wanna talk to her.

Okay, thank you.

Hi, sweetie.

I know, mom told me.

But honey,
that's no reason to fight.

Different people
have different ideas.

That makes it special.

Evans and I have
lots of different ideas,

but we don't fight.


Hey, how's your tummy?

Oh, good.

I'm glad.

No, not tonight,

but I'll wake up you
in the morning, okay?

I'll get you set for school.


I love you, too, honey.

Sweet dreams.

Put momma back
on the phone, please.

So put momma back on the phone,
you goofball.


I love you, too.


Hey, honey.

Ah, she is fine,
she just wanted to talk to me.

I gotta go.

I gotta go.

Bye, hon.


Don't run.

Please don't run.


What have I just
fucking told you?

You motherfucker!


Fucking asshole.

Our Father who art in Heaven...

I don't...

Halloed be thy name,
thy kingdom...

I don't know
what else to say to you.

Will be done.

I don't know if you are
even listening. it is in heaven.

Give us this day
our daily bread.

God, I have nothing to offer
in return.

Forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those
who trespass...

So I surrender.

Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

All I know is
I just can't quit on her.

...thine is the Kingdom.

She's the light of my eyes.

...and the glory.

God, please, why her?

Give us this day
our daily bread. And...

I can't understand.

Please, I beg you,
please, please,

bring her back.

Forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those

who trespass against us.

Forever and ever.


Mrs. Watson.

I'm... I'm Christian Baker
from The Chronicle.

Mr. Baker, I'm sorry,

but this is not a good time
for us to talk.

My family is under
a lot of pressure right now.

I just can't...

Well, hey, it's just gonna take
a few minutes.

I'm reporting on how the police
are handling your case.

Nobody is helping us.

Nobody knows anything.

The cops came around,
they searched the building,

and then they just
stopped coming.

The newspapers just ask
the same questions.

I understand.

I might be able to help.

I have a couple of things
that are just...

I needed to talk to you about.

It won't take long.

But I can't do it out here.

It's okay?

You can uh, you can sit here.

Now, we don't have any
hard evidence,

but I... I found a lead
on a suspect

that the cops don't know about.

And my newspaper is gonna
publish an article about it

tomorrow morning
and I thought that

your family should know
before it goes out.

Please do not play with
me, Mr. Baker.

Okay, the last thing we need
is false hope.

No, ma'am.

Now, what I can promise you

is that
when the article comes out,

when people take notice,
the police will be forced

to reinvigorate their search.

Hey, Tiff.

I'm home.

I'm in here and we have a guest.

Baby, this is Mr. Baker, he...

What the fuck
are you doing in my house?

- Get the fuck out right now!
- Michael!

I know who he is.

I told you to stay away
from my family.

I understand
you're going through...

You don't understand shit.

Michael, this man can help us.

Nobody is helping us, Tiffany.

Now, I don't know why he's here,
but it's not to help.

You tryin' to write a nice piece
about a poor black family

for all the people downtown
to read over

their morning coffee?

Is that what this is?

Man, my daughter is missing

and the police
don't give a damn about it.

Do you care about that?

Does that part of the story
actually interest you, huh?

- I have information.
- Information, huh?

Why don't you take
your information

and get the fuck
out of my apartment?



Get the fuck out!

Can you please calm down,
Mr. Watson?

- I'm just trying to help.
- Don't tell me to calm down.

I'll calm down when you
get the fuck out of here.

Baby, please!


What if he can help us?

Please, Michael.


I need you to understand that
we are in hell.

Do you get
what I'm saying here?

My daughter is missing

and you know
what the police did about it?

They knocked on couple of doors,
walked through the building,

and then they left.

That is the help we got.

I... I... I guess they got
better shit to do, right?

My son, he can't even go
to school anymore,

because he keeps having
panic attacks.

We don't need
any more reporters,

because it's not gonna get me
a single step closer

to holding my little girl
in my arms.

I'm tired, man.

And I'm scared.

She was so brimming.

She was my everything, man.

You ever have everything
and no money

where all you wanna do
is come home to your family

and that was all you needed,
and then all of a sudden

somethin' comes
and rips your heart out?

Do you have any idea
what that's like?

And then you wonder,
you walk the street

and every child you see

and every little
child's voice you hear,

you think just maybe
it might be your little girl?

Do you have any idea
what that's like?

Do you?

So what are you gonna do
about it, huh?

You're right, Mr. Watson.

The police don't give a damn
about your daughter.

But I might be the only person
who can make 'em.

Now... now I'm listenin'.

Hey, Mike.

Today's paper.

we come to you right now just thanking you

for everything that
you've done for us.

And make sure she is okay.

She is safe.

And she is warm,
and she's happy.


That's all I ask of You.

We miss her
and we need her back.

In Your name, we pray.



Sam, it's fucking early, man.

Found who?

Yeah, no, I'll meet you...
I'll meet you there.

I'm... I'm leaving now.

- Yo.
- Hey, boss.

Have you seen this little girl?

You mind taking a flyer?

No, I gotta run, man.

No, come on, man,
it's my daughter.

Haven't seen
her, I swear to God.

Just... just... come on...

Just in case.

Hey, just take a look, man.

I uh...

Maybe your neighbors know.

My colleague, Christian and I,
wrote the story, Mr. Baker.

We work at The Chronicle.

- Baker?
- Yeah, that's right, Mr. Baker.

Sounds familiar.

Sam Perkins.
We work at The Chronicle.

I really hope
you find her, because this is a...

- I hope...
-'s a tragedy.

- Christian!
- Yeah, what's going on?


Okay, is he in yet?

No, he's not in yet.

Well, have you heard anything?

That's him.

Get back!

People move back!

Move back!

When did they
bring you in for questioning?

Yeah, where is the girl?

When did they
bring you in for questioning?

Just uh, move back.

When did they
bring you in for questioning?

Do you know where the girl is?

Are there
any charges at this point?

Everyone stand back.

Back off.
Back off.

Go on.

It was just insane.

I couldn't believe
what I was seeing.


This was like people yelling,

The car was halfway up
on the sidewalk.

And she's in the hospital
fighting for her life.

It's okay, Marco.

You did good, you did very good.

Thank you for sharing.

Mr. Watson?


Freddy, welcome back.

Thank you.

So what's going on in there?

We're cracking him, Captain.

He's soft, soft as shit.

Now listen,

fucking press called us out
by finding this guy.

They are making it look like
we are not doing our jobs.

So if this is the guy,
let's pin him quick

and let's wrap this thing up.

And if he's not the guy,
you make him the guy, hmm?

I did not do anything.

I'm innocent.

Please, you have to believe me.

Can you picture?

I mean picture yourself,

walking out the front door
of this station.

You think you can go back
to your job?

Nobody out there cares
what you think you did

or didn't do.

All of New York City
is looking at you.

Every single person.

They all know that you took
that poor,

innocent, little girl
and had your way with her.

I... I did not.

I promise,
I did not do anything.

Plead temporary insanity.

Induced by alcohol abuse.

That's not a bad defense.

I don't care. You get somebody.

That is unless you want
a fuck ton of monkey screaming

in that zoo they call
"the hood" out there.

- You understand me?
- And I don't want that.

No, sir.

I have enough headaches.

So get back in there
and break him down.

Get creative.

Improvise motherfucker,

I drink a lot, too.

And the fucked-up part about is
sometimes my memory gets

a little foggy, you know?

Your memory every get foggy?

I... I don't know.

- You ever black out?
- No.

You don't think maybe you...
you blacked out

and you maybe did something
you wouldn't normally do.

Something involving
a little girl?

Please, this is not right
what is happening.

This is not right.

And which day was that?

Forgotten to mention it before.

See, see, see...

I've seen the girl before,
but I did not know her.

You have seen the girl?


Before you were saying that
you didn't know anything,

but you have been watching her.

No, no, no, no.
Not at all, not at all.

See, I park my car
in the same spot every morning.

And you watch Monique Watson
walk by!

No, I don't watch her.

I see her walk to school

That's it.

- I don't watch her...
- Nah, ah, ah.

I'll... I'll tell you...
I'll tell you what you did.

I know exactly
how this went down.


You watched that little girl
every day for a month.

- You learned her routine.
- No.

You couldn't wait for
her to walk by in the morning.

And then the day
finally arrived,

you got your phony alibi
all squared away.

And you waited for her
to show up, you fucking monster!

You told her you have something
to show her.

Like we all know
she's a little girl

and you seem like
a nice enough guy.

So why wouldn't she follow you?

- Where did you take her?
- I did not touch her.

I did not touch her,
I did not.

I did not do anything,
I promise.

I did not do anything,
I promise, I promise.

- I promise.
- Are you fucking crying?

No, no.

Are you fucking crying?

I have seen the girl before,
but I did not know.

no shit you've seen the girl,

you sick piece of shit.

How did it feel to grab her...

take her way? Huh?

Did it feel like you were doing
the right thing?

I did not do...

I hope you like getting fucked
in the ass,

because that's exactly
what's gonna happen

when your skinny ass
gets locked up.

We have you on record saying
you were following her.

Might as well tell us the rest!

And maybe...
maybe we can cut you a deal.


What do you say?

I... I never said that.

I never said that,
I didn't.

Are you calling me a liar, huh?

Say it again!

Call me a liar, huh?

- You say it again, huh!
- Cannot breathe.

Hey, hey.
Easy, easy!

- Cannot breathe.
- You ain't nothing.

- Easy!
- You ain't nothing!

- Take it easy.
- You hear me?

You are no-fucking body.


Sir, I finally got a hold
of the rehab center.

Guy's alibi checks out.

Shit, give me that.

His checking date is the day
before the girl disappeared.

You sure this is legit?

The receptionist sent it

and in fact Dr. Bolt confirmed
he was there.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.


He had
likely already passed away

before he was removed
from the police station.

And now
we go to a press release

at the rehabilitation center
that Yann Abelard was attending

days prior to his apprehension
by the police.

I would personally
like to offer my deepest condolences

to Mr. Abelard's family.

In the little experience
I had with him,

he struck me as a good man.

We have no further statement
at this time.

I fucked this up.

You gotta let me make it right.

We fucked this up
and we can't make it right.

We just have to ride it out.

Go home.

Lay low for a while.

If this blows over,

I'll put you back
as soon as I can.

If this blows over?

If it blows over.

You know what I'm saying?

Like he's really interested.

Jesus, man.


- Did you...
- Come on, bro.

Who is it?

Mrs. Watson?

It's Christian Baker.

I need to talk to you.

I can't, Mr. Baker.

Please leave before my husband
comes home.

He's real upset.

I know that I might've made
a mistake,

but your daughter
is still out there

and someone has to find her.

I have a friend
inside the police department

that will help.

Mrs. Watson, please.

That man is dead, Mr. Baker.

we don't wanna involve ourselves

in anybody else's tragedies.

We just want our daughter back.

Please just leave
before my husband comes home.

Just go.

Days like this get me wondering,
you know?

You ever think maybe
we're not doing the right thing?

That's your first mistake.

I mean, you tell me
if this is right.

A guy is dead.

Sorry, an innocent guy is dead.

An innocent guy is dead
and this girl is still missing.

Fuck outta here.

You are not going wobbly on me.

No, I'm just thinking,

wondering if maybe
we went too far?

Too far?



I don't know about that.

How in the world is this fair?

- Fair for who?
- Exactly my point.

We went too far, man.

Way too far.

Yeah, well, what if we didn't
and this was the guy?

The problem is he's not
the fucking guy!

That's the problem!

Okay, fine.

It's a 50/50 proposition.

We might be wrong,
but we're usually right.

If we hesitate,
start catching doubts,

we'll never get the answers
that we're looking for.

The price is the problem.

Everything's got a price.

What costs you is doubt.

I guess you forgot
our first ride together.

I just made detective,
two weeks in the squad.

We caught a bodega robbery
in progress.

Punk could not shoot straight.

I could.

Put two rounds in his belly
and it was over.

But I couldn't stop shaking.

It was just a kid,

maybe I should have done
things different, but...

you came over to me,
you grabbed me,

you shook me hard,
you said,

get it the fuck together."

That kid almost killed us.

He would've hurt
a lot more people

if you hadn't stopped him.

We don't doubt.

We don't look back.

It costs too much.

"Two seconds of doubt
will leave you dead."

That's what you told me.

It's the cost.

The cost is always the problem.

I know your daughter
got you in your head thinking,

but you cannot go wobbly on me.

I'm a human,
I feel for the guy too,

but if you don't go that hard,

how you supposed
to take down the dude

you know is lying to us?

Ain't no shame in the game.

No shame in the game.

My baby.

I just want my baby back.

I want this case closed.

I'm not risking my job,

because some
dumb black little bitch

got lost on her way home.

So you hit the family
and you hit them hard.

Here you go.

- Egg?
- Yeah.


What's wrong, man?

Everything about this case,
that's what's wrong.

If you want to know,
there you have it.

Man, we already went over this.

Let's just do our job.

Don't get personal.

Don't get personal?

You know, you sound like
the chief.

"Don't take it personally."

Got his voice rattling around
in my head.

Look, what are you upset about?

We already agreed that
we would go over there and to...

No, no man.

You agreed.

I keep trying to tell you stuff
over and over,

but you are not listening.

I don't like it.

It doesn't feel right!

We've got no evidence.

The chief just needs us
to nail somebody.


He doesn't care who.

There's no eyewitness.

We're just trying to save
the chief's fucking ass.

I get it.

But I don't think we should
ignore the possibility.

We never looked at them, right?

You said that.

What if they did have
something to do with it.


Even unintentionally,
but something.

So let's go over there,
see for ourselves

then we can cross it
off the list.

It's just procedure, okay?

Procedure, my ass.

Okay, fine.

But I'm only doing it,

'cause I wanna see it
for myself.

Well, alright.

And no bullshit this time, okay?

We go in there,

no extra shove.

If we feel the time is right,
we go after the kid.

If it's him, fine.

If it's not, we let him go.



This is a bagel.

I told him to give you
a white bread.

Then maybe he doesn't like
black people.

Maybe he knew it was for you.

Fuck you.

Andre, baby, get the door.

Morning, son.

Your parents home?

Terrible what happened.

But now we know for sure that
he didn't take her,

so we have to start looking
other places.

So you starting a new search.

It's about time.

Watch your tone.


We didn't have much
to go off of before.

Yann was our strongest lead.

God rest his soul.

He was troubled.

Right, but now he's gone,
rest in peace.

So we are looking
at other possibilities.

You don't...

Man, what is this?

Why is your boy so nervous?

You gotta be kidding me.

My daughter is gone
and we are all on edge.

Is he being serious with this?

Hey, you address me
when you're talking.

Son, do you know
where your sister is?

- I don't know.
- What the fuck is this?

- Michael.
- My daughter is missing

and y'all supposed to be
out there looking for her

and you come in my house,
accusing me.

You show
a little fucking respect.

Calm down
and answer the questions.

Where was your boy the day
she disappeared?

Said he came home early,
did anybody see him?

- This isn't right, Mich...
- You are all fucking tripping!

This is some bullshit.

Brother, tell this man
he being ridiculous.

I'm not your brother.

I don't know where she is.

Boy, you're gonna wanna keep
your voice down.

Why can't you find her?

Why can't they find her?

Mom, why can't they find her?


Boy, you need to relax.

- She's not here!
- You need to relax.

She's not... she's not here!

Hey Dre, stop it, I mean it.

Hey, man!

Just... just... just calm down,

I'm very fucking calm.

She's not here, okay!

Listen to your parents, Andre.

Why can't you find her?

You're coming with me.

Try to stay calm.

Show me both hands.

- Oh baby.
- Show me your hands.

Shut up!

Don't do this please.

Come on.

Don't... don't hurt my son.

He didn't do anything, man.

We'll see about that.

Step back.

- Woah, woah, woah, woah.
- I'm sorry, officer,

- my son Andre Watson, he...
- It's fine, have a seat please.

- Do you any information...
- Sit down!


Look, how long do you want us
to wait?

You cannot keep my child
all day long.

We're gonna keep him here
as long as we need to, alright?

Sit down.

They better not be hurtin'
my kid, man.

He's fine.

Just sit and wait.

Sit down.

Thank you.

The door please.

The door.

Thank you.

Hey, where's that paper
I had before?


Yo, seriously,
he comes back in here again,

fucking cuff him.

Is it good?

Of course.


I'm not hungry, pop.


Oh shit.

Bow, where you at?


- It's good.
- Okay.

Boom, hurry up.

It didn't kill you.

Not yet.

What is it?
What's happening?

I don't know.

What's happening?

Some cops.

Now they wanna come.

What are they doing?

Why are they in the garbage?

Why they...


What's it look like?

There is a homeless here.

Take this man
for questioning inside.

Why are getting in there?

Why are they getting
in the dumpster?

Why are they getting
in the dumpster?


Who is that?

Is it... is it her?

What is that?

Is that her?

That's not her.

- No.
- No, no, no, no.

Hey, hey.

- Who is that?
- Stand back!

It's our daughter,
it's our daughter!

- Wait here.
- When it's over...

I know!
I know, I know.

It's gonna be alright.

Let us finish this.

Let us finish this.

- Let us finish this.
- My daughter.

I know,
we're gonna get him.

Take it easy.

I wanna see.

I wanna see.

Let us finish this.

- We gotta finish this, man.
- Get off me!

- Get off me!
- Take it easy, man

Get off me!

Get off me...

My baby.

Oh my God!

She's dead.

Stand back.

Police say they
found the body of 10-year-old Tiera Reed.

Tiera went missing
more than eight weeks ago

from outside her home
in Brooklyn where she was living

with her grandma
and two other sisters.

Her body has been discovered
in a dumpster

a few blocks away
from her grandmother's home.

The search for Monique Watson,

another missing girl from
Brooklyn, New York continues.

Monique disappeared
three weeks ago on April 2nd

and the police are asking
for the community's support.

The authorities believe
Monique is still alive.

Mr. Watson?



It's time, Mr. Watson.

Oh well.

My... my name is Michael Watson.

My daughter went missing
20 days ago.

And uh,
we don't know what happened,

that's... that's what's
killing me inside.

Uh, I don't know what else
to do, you know.

I'm loosing hope and each...
each day that passes, I can...

I can feel her getting
further away from me.

I'm losing her by the minute.



Yeah, whatever just uh...

I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

We're gonna have to go
over there.



You ain't got no job.

You living with your mama.

And like yo, first of all
look at your hair,

first of all,
look at your clothes.

You know what I'm sayin'?

She followin' me, I'm like,
"Yo Sonny,

why are your eyebrows look like
you know,

they running away
from each other?"

- Bitch was like...
- Hey, man.

Oh shit, this nigga.

Oh, shit.

You've got some big-ass balls
coming to the block.

You know, people don't like you
too much out here.

Hey, I'm just trying to fix
what happened.

You can't fix a dead body,

Yo, so she go,

"Why do you gotta talk
about my eyebrows like that,

you know I just..."

Hey man, I just wanna ask you
a question.


What the fuck's wrong with you,

Yo, you fucked his shit out.

Get the fuck out of here, man.

Respect much, son.

Hey you saw my hands right?

I got the nigga quick.

I was like pop, nigga.

I'm lightning, son.

Hey yo, Floyd. Boom, nigga.
Touched my hands bruh.

I just need your help.

Yeah, no shit.

You know I got a plan, you know
I'm gonna...

I'm gonna have my own...

What if it was your sister?

It's just a couple of minutes,

Alright, bruh.

I mean damn shit, nigga,
you can't get no worse.

Do you know a guy
from the neighborhood

named Marcus Mitchel?

I know a lot of people, son.

A lot, you get me?


Well, he's friends with
Andre Watson,

he's Monique Watson's brother.

He's kind of a bigger guy.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I know him, yeah.

I mean that kid
is a knucklehead

but nah, man,
he ain't no killer.

You know what I'm saying?

Did you ever see him around here
with any girls or anything?

Oh, I've seen him
a couple of times

with some girls from the block.

And one of them named was ah,


I think she go to school
with them kids.


Okay, Keysha or Keesha?


- Fuck it, man?
- What you can't hear?


Is anything else?

That's all I got, bruh.

Mr. Baker!

Do I know you?

Not yet, but we know you.

Detective Spaulding,
Detective Evans.

How can I help you, detectives?

One, two.

One two, one two.

Right there.

That was better.

Come on.

One, two.

So you get it, huh?

That was good.

The first one was really good.

So you were supposed
to be on vacation, right?


Thank you.

You know, Jeff, think
this one's getting to me.

Look, uh,

you're a grown man
and I can't tell you what to do,

but I'm gonna tell you
what to do anyway.

You gotta back off this story.

I mean look at your face,
for Christ's sake.

I mean if you don't stop,
this whole thing could be

a huge kick in the balls
for you.

Yeah, maybe.

You know, you're acting
a little bit crazy here.

You know that, right?

You're right.

You know, I should back off.

You're right.

You're damn right, I'm right.

You're not supposed to be
a problem solver.

You're an observer.

You watch and you write.

Stay out of it.


Keysha, hi.

Do I know you?

Well, no.

But I'm Christian Baker.

I just wondered if I could
ask you a couple of questions

about your ex-boyfriend, Marcus.

I'm just writing
a silly little story

about high school relationships.

Marcus volunteered for it.

You know Marcus, right?

I do know him,
but that don't sound like him.

Well, it... it's just
a simple set of questions.

It won't take very long.


Okay, well.

Is Marcus a good boyfriend?

No, that boy is
a fucking asshole.


Why... why was he an asshole?

What did he do?

He's just aggressive.

Aggressive, what kind of...
I mean...

Like he's aggressive.

I don't know what else to say.

Aggressive, like he hurt you?

He used to get rough with me
when we was foolin' around

and one time he went
upside my head

and I don't fucking
play that shit,

so I had to cut him off.

And did you tell anybody
about it?

Cops or the police maybe.

To who?

Do you think anybody gives
a fuck?

My parents?

Yeah, right.

You know what?

We airing our business
right now?


I think he likes messing
with little girls.

No, go ahead, please.

Just tell me what you know.

My little sister, Briana,
she has a friend, Amber.

She used to come over
after school all the time.

I don't know, Marcus used to be
real nice with her

and I thought it was sweet,

so I didn't even think
nothing of it,

but then one day
she came over

and she was just like
mad scared of him.

And then she stopped
coming over completely.

Like I didn't see her again
for months

until after Marcus and I
broke up.


You know where they live,

Um, yeah, they...
they stay on the east side.

Would you mind
giving me their address?

Just wanna ask 'em.

So Amber and your sister,
they go to the same school?

Yeah, they go right over there.

The elementary school?


Thank you.


Fuck that boy, right?



Think, Christian.

The Watsons are in 4A.

The Mitchells are in 4B.


And that dude's in 4C.

And now, dada, dadada.

And then 4C, that...
that he was out of town.

Come on, alright
think, Christian.

Come on.

He wasn't home.

What happened?

He was out of town.

Who was home at 3:15?

What happened?

Who was home?

What if she didn't go missing
on the way home?

Think, Christian,
think, Christian.


What if... come on.

Christian, think.

What if she doesn't...

What if she went missing
when she got home?

What if... what if she...

Wait a minute.

And of course...

Probably around 3:15.

Now who would be there?

Distance from school out there.

She gets home around 3:15.

Who would be at home at 3:15?

He could very well
have been there.

And he probably talked to her.

Of course,
she wouldn't be afraid.

She grew up with Marcus.

Wait a minute.

Hold on.

Fucking son of a bitch.

Makes sense.

You, motherfucker.




Somebody just called in a tip.

He said that you need to go down

Something about Marcus Mitchell.

We've been there,
there is nothing to find.


Goodbye, baby.

Bye, I love you.

See you tonight, baby.

Sorry guys, I gotta go.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Call me later.

Bye, Amber.

Bye, Amber.

- Bye!
- Yes, it's great for me.

Coming tomorrow?


See ya!




My name is Christian.
I'm friends with Keysha.

Rihanna's older sister.

Thanks for meeting me.

you don't look to good, man.

Yeah, I got a story for you.

For real?

See you later.

this ain't looking good for you, my man.

You told us you were at school
the day she disappeared.

Three of your teachers
said otherwise.

And now we got these girls.

These two little girls,

who both said you did things
to them...

I don't know what
you're talking about, man.

And I don't know
where Monique is.

Something you should know about
Spaulding is that

he hates niggas.

I do.

Spaulding is a bad person.

I am.

And you know what he hates
worst then niggas?

- Liars.
- Mhmm.

Can't fucking stand 'em.

So you think to yourself,
think hard, boy.

What can you imagine happen
if you take a racist, angry nig

with a badge

and put him in the back seat
with a lying nigga?

You get me?

Listen to me, you little shit.

We know you have the girl.

We know you can tell us
where she is.

You either give her up
or you can start shitting

out of a bag
for the rest of your life,

because I'm gonna take you
behind a dumpster

and shove a two-by-four
up your ass.

Tell us
where the fucking girl is!

I don't know, man.

You're really fucking crazy!

Get off of me!

If you really wanna
talk, you gotta trust me, kid.

It's better if you come clean.

I told you, bruh, I don't know.

Get off of me!

Now you get the fuck
out of my car!

Yo, y'all are fucking crazy, yo!

My name is Michael Watson

and my daughter went missing
23 days ago.

My name is Michael Watson

and my daughter went missing
24 days ago.

My name is Michael Watson

and my daughter Monique
went missing 25 days ago.

I am Michael Watson

and my daughter disappeared
26 days ago.

Why you got me out here, man?

What's up?

I found something out,

I don't know if I should
tell you or not,

but I think you should know.

Please, Christian,

whatever it is you got
to tell me

it needs to be helpful.

It's about Marcus Mitchell.

Can't be right.

I think that I have something.


...I talked with
Marcus' ex-girlfriend

and a friend
of her little sister's.

Marcus got violent with her

and the little girl told me
that he raped her.


Can't be right.

Why would they lie, man?

You know how kids are.

They... they say something

and then they regret it,
you know?

And you want to accept that?

Listen to me,
I talked to these girls

and I believe them 100%.

I have already gave the names
to the cops,

they are gonna build
a strong case against him

and they can probably get him
to confess.

Sorry, man.

I really need to go home.

Where's your boy?

Is he in there?

- What's wrong?
- Is he in there?

He ain't in here, calm down.

I swear to God,

if your boy took my girl,
I will...

Dig that nonsense!

I want you to
fucking listen to me.

I want my daughter back.

And if Marcus or you guys have
anything to do with it...

Listen to me, man,
I'll fucking kill you.

You're losing it, Mike!

Listen to what you're saying!

Yo, Mr. Watson.

I know you know where she is.

I don't know, man, come on,
get off of me.

If you took my daughter from us
and so help me,

if you hurt a hair on her head,
I'm gonna fucking kill you.

I'm gonna fucking kill you, man.

Fuck, man!

Ma'am, we have a search warrant
for these premises.

Please step aside.

I guess you have the right
to an attorney, too,

and you better hope
he's a good one, you sick fuck.

- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!

Alright everybody,
nothing to see here.

Now we have
a breaking story in the case

of a missing local girl.

Monique Watson disappeared
from her home three weeks ago

and today the police have
announced a new suspect

in the unsolved case.

The family's neighbor,
16-year-old, Marcus Mitchell.

The police have been
under scrutiny

since the suicide
of Yann Abelard,

a taxi driver
who's been questioned

about the case and took his life
while under custody.

Marcus Mitchell
attends high school

with Monique Watson's brother
and his family lives

in the apartment next door
to the Watson family.

Police continues to search
for Monique Watson

and have asked
for the public's support.

If you have any information

Monique Watson's disappearance

who's been reported missing
on April 2nd...

You ready to
tell us what happened?

I skipped school.

I went to the Watsons' house,
I knocked on the door.

Monique answered.

I asked if anybody else is home.

She said nah.

Told her my mom needed
to talk to her.

I took her to my bedroom.

Told her to take
all her clothes off.

But she didn't want to, though.

I could tell
she was really scared.

She kept promising
not to tell anybody

if I just let her go.

I didn't believe that shit

And I picked her up,
and I put her on my bed,

and she barely even fought.

Then my brain started working
real fast,

I thought,
"Ain't no way she'd be able

to keep that a secret."

It was as if somebody else
was doing it.

Like I was just standing there
watching it happen.

And I hit her.

Real hard.


And I was watching
Tyrell's crib.

He's my neighbor
and a good buddy of mine.

He left me his keys,

so it was easy to put
her inside his apartment

and after into the storage
next to the body

of the other girl.

Nobody knew a thing.

Every day I wanted to end her,

but seeing the body
of the other girl, I just...

I wasn't ready to do it again.

Just fuck that shit.

It was funny though.

I was giving her food and water.

Took good care of her
like she was my daughter,

you know?

I even forgot about the one
in the box.

Mhmm, the end.

- Hey.
- Morning, detective.

What we got here.

Hello, um,
my name is Michael Watson.

It's been seven days

since my daughter Monique
was found.

It's been the hardest ride
of my life,

it was like I died,
and went to hell,

and came back a week ago.

Every day we spent without her

made me fall deeper
and deeper into a hole.

This really dark, cold,
scary pit.

And I'm embarrassed to say this,

but I thought
about killing myself

more than a few times.

I couldn't see past
any of the madness, you know?

Even now with my baby girl home,
I still have these...

these mind trips,
these panic attacks

when she's not near me,
you know?

And I wonder if...
if it all really happened

or if it's just a really,
really bad dream.

But something, something
inside me kept me going,

you know?

My wife says it was God's grace.

Had to be.

I, by myself,
I wasn't strong enough.

When my daughter was safe,
and we were together,

and I can find her, and breathe.

I needed to come here tonight
to say thank you

to each and every one of you
for being here for me.

You all will always be my rock
and I hope I can be yours, too.

It's a promise I've made to God
and I'm damn sure will keep it.

My name is Michael Watson.

And I have two children.

My daughter went missing
six weeks ago

and now she's found.

And God is good, all the time.

According to the FBI's
National Crime Information Center,

there are a total of 465,676
active missing person records.

I am calling to improve measures
to search for missing children.

This is not just a Police
Department responsibility,

it is the people's

We need to be kind
to one another,

and we are not separated
as we think.

Kindness will affect the world
and will help us find

that common bond that
we are very much searching for.

Here is to all the kids
that haven't come back home.

Lisa Irwin.

Polly Klaas.

Jessica Lansford.

Cherrie Mahan.

Megan Kanak.

Ethan Alexander.

Walter Morrison.

Lili Cosi.

Peter Spencer.