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When a young hiker stumbles onto an isolated farm after losing her way on the Appalachian Trail, she is taken in by a strange yet beautiful couple desperate to protect a secret deep in the mountains. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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HIKER 1: Oh, hey. Look.

Oh, thank God.

- Hey!
- Hello. Good morning.

Sorry. We don't
mean to scare you.

You wouldn't happen to know

where the AT picks up
around here. Would you?

Um. Ma'am. Hey.

You through, hikers?

Oh, yes, yes, ma'am.
We've been out here for,

- uh, like eighteen days...
- Eighteen or nineteen, yeah.

How's it been?

HIKER 2: Oh, it's been good.
It's been real good.

We got lost like three
or four times, I don't know.

- Maybe four or five.

[CHUCKLES] Maybe that,
maybe that.


Well, again,
sorry to walk up on you.

Uh, if you could just point us
in the right direction.

You boys hungry?

You get many hikers this way?

Just the ones
that can't read maps.

So, do you live out here?

I do.

Well, we do.

You and...

My husband.

No. Stop!

You hear me?
I said stop! Right there.

You stop right there.
Did you hear me?

Adam. Adam, I said stop.
Right there, please. Darling.

- Adam, you stop right there.
- Is that a gun?

- Listen to me. No.
- Get down.

ADAM: How did you
find this place?

- We, no...
- Who told you about us?

- We didn't...
- We just took a wrong turn.

- We're looking for the trail.
- Adam, please, darling.

- Get up.
- Okay.

Walk. Get up!

Okay, okay.

- Adam, listen to me.
- ADAM: Move.

- HIKER 1: Okay. Okay.
- Get 'em off.

ADAM: Get 'em off!

- Get in.
- ELLA: Adam, darling. Please.

Pull them bandanas down.



LILY: Hey!

Do you know how
to get to the hiker's lodge?

MAN: The lodge
is a few miles down the trail.

LILY: Yeah, I know. Got it.

- MAN: All right. Be careful.
- LILY: Thanks.








LILY: Oh, no, don't worry
about it. It was my fault.

I didn't mean to startle you.

No, I... Really, it's okay.

How are you feeling?


I'm better.


[WHISPERING] Excuse me.



How does dinner sound?

You must still be weak.

I insist.

- I don't know, I think...
- I could draw you a bath

and you could get
a head start in the morning.


I hope the water suits you.

We'll be working
on the other side of the barn.

The whole place is ours, so...

I think you'll
find it quite private.






ELLA: Adam. Adam, darling,

would you like to say grace?

Adam, the grace.

[SIGHS] Thank you,
Lord for this food. Amen.


I apologize.

- My cooking is not...
- It's okay, um,

I've had worse.

That dress, it fits you.

Oh, thank you. Yeah. It's nice.

- How did you find us?
- Adam.

Well, I was walking in the woods

and I got lost. I was hiking.

Know your way back?

Um, no.

Like I said, I was lost. So...

Be ready tomorrow.
We leave first thing.

ELLA: I'm gonna let you
eat your meal in peace.


ELLA: I'm sorry.

We don't get
many visitors these days.

I kind of figured that.

So are you just, like,
off the grid or something?

I mean, you have no power,
no water and...

You're, like, an Amish.

Oh. Oh, no.

Not quite.

But it's just
the two of you out here.

Truth is it's
been nice having company.

I should turn in.

You stay out here
as long as you like.

It's such a pleasant evening.

Just know my husband
will be ready to leave at dawn.

ADAM: You smiled.

What of it?

Just been a while, is all.





LILY: I, uh... I overslept.

[COUGHS] I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to, I just...

You tryin' to leave?


You tryin' to leave?

Well, you said that, uh...

I know what I said,
now I'm asking you.

You tryin' to leave or not?

ADAM: You can stay
till week's end.


- GIRL: Ah!

[GRUNTS] Ah, shit!


ADAM: Let me see 'em.

You're done for the day.

No, I'm fine. I can still...

ADAM: I said you're done.

You've earned your keep.
Head on inside.

- I'm fine, really. I mean...
- ADAM: Get.



Here you are. How's that feel?

It's, uh... It's better.

Thank you.

You going back out there?

Uh, well, no. He said
that I'm done for the day.

He must be takin' to you, then.

I wouldn't say that.

He hasn't run you off
with a shotgun yet.

It means he must have
taken to you.


ADAM: Hey!

Right here.

You, uh...

What are you makin'?

ADAM: This corn feed here.

Heated up water,
yeast, add some mash.

Steam runs through this pipe
here into the thumping keg.

Thump, thump.
Mash falls to the bottom.

Got it?

This creek,

secret to the whole damn thing.

Vapor worms its way
through here,

river water cools it down,


Shit'll knock you on your ass.

[COUGHS] You're, uh...

You're making moonshine.

Best in Appalachia.


LILY: I noticed that.

I reckon we may need some more.

Need to see the tree, anyhow.


Oh, you know, I guess
it makes sense now.


You know, you just...

You have no one
out here to tell you

what to do, or...

You know, you can just
kinda do whatever you want.


I guess it is something,
now you mentioned it, but...

I sometimes forget.


- Oh, my God.

So what's your story, then?

What do you mean?

ELLA: You hiking on your own?


ELLA: No boyfriend or anything?

Mm-mmm, no.

No, no, nothing like that.

- ELLA: Family?

Not really.

No one's gonna come find you?

I don't really
want them to find me.


I guess you came
to the right place then.

- Yeah.


Oh, my.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just a little sore.

Yeah, well, chopping wood's not
easy if you ain't used to it.

Come here. Here.


- How's that feel?
- Oh.

It hurts, but it's good.

- ELLA: Too hard?
- No, no, not at all.


Just close your eyes, Lily.

There you are.

Ooh. Thank you.

That was very wonderful.

Oh, shit. Adam.

Adam, I'm...

Shit, I'm sorry, um...


ADAM: Well...



Won't you come and sit?

Those two are mine.

The ones with the crosses.

They were stillborn,
the both of them.

We haven't been together,
since all of that.

First, I thought
that is what I had been missing,

but after last night,

all I could think was
there's more to it.

I don't...

More to what?

At first, I didn't know
why you showed up here.

I thought maybe you were a test.

ELLA: You needed
to show us something,

teach us.

But after last night,
I realized,

you're here for something else.


Ella, can't we just wait a sec?

Come on, we're here.

You want me to go in there?

[PANTING] We both are.


[COUGHS] I don't know
about that.

You wanted answers, right?

I'm trying to give them to you.

Well, this doesn't
make any sense.

You're running away, aren't you?

You don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

But we both know
you can't run from this.

Where'd you get that?

This ain't gonna fix you.

Did you go through my stuff?

This is not a cure.

What the hell is wrong with you?
How dare you...

Listen to me! I am trying

to help you,

if you will let me.

Take off your bandages.

Go on, take 'em off.

Oh, it's...

ELLA: You see?

It's what I've been
trying to tell you.

- We gotta get you inside that cave.
- ADAM: Ella!

No. No!

Adam, calm down.

ELLA: Listen to me.
Lower that gun, Adam.

Why you bring her here?

ELLA: Lower that gun, Adam.

Why the hell you bring her here?

Ella, you best start talkin'.

ADAM: I said, start talkin'.

All right.

[SOFTLY] All right.

I didn't want you
to hear it like this.

This is not
how it was supposed to go.

ELLA: But I want out.

[SIGHS] I want out.

What do you mean?

I mean, I ain't happy.

I ain't been happy
for a long time, man.

I ain't happy and I want out.

You ain't happy, we'll fix it.

- We can't fix this.
- Why can't we can't?


We did the time.


we both did.

But we made vows.

Vows weren't meant for this.

What we're doing,

this ain't natural.
You know that.

What are you talking about?

Vows are forever.

Ain't nothing forever.

How can you say that?

How do you explain this then?
How do you explain all this?

How do you explain her?

She ain't got nothing
to do with it.

She's here for a reason,
Adam, she's a sign.

She was sent here for us,
she was sent here for you.

She got lost
like all the others.

She was sent here
so you could save her.

She was sent here
to be with you.

No, no, no.

No, you are my wife.

You are my wife!

She was sent here
so I could leave.

But you love me.

ADAM: Say it.

Say you love me.

Say it, God damn it!


I'm sorry.



ADAM: You watch what you did.

You did that.

You watch what you did.


You watch her.

- You watch what you did.

- Watch what you did.




ADAM: Come on.
We gotta turn back.

ELLA: Well, we both know...



ADAM: Don't you quit me now.

ELLA: Get out of here.
You're hurting me.

Just wait until
Shelby's men find us.


I thought we could get away.

- Come on. Come on.


Get in.


Take this.

I'll keep watch.

Go on, get.

Go sit yourself down.


Wake up.

It's morning.
We should make a run for it.


What was I thinking?

Trusting you.
I never should have done it.

And now what?

We missed the damn train.
The truck's shot up.

Even if we do
make it out of here,

Shelby's got eyes
for a hundred miles.

Do you even got the damn money?



What is this?

Adam? Hey.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

Oh, no.


Hey. Hey! Hey!









- What's that?
- The deed.

Thomas and Mary Bragg.

It was just hanging up.

No safe, no lock.

What of it?

They ain't coming back.

Like hell, they ain't.

They shot the dog in the shed.

They planned it.


We're here now
and I have the deed.

Planning on stealing their name?

I could be a Mary.

I guess that makes me Thomas.


No, it's my place.

Not yours.

I gotta claim just as you.

You'd be dead without me.

And you'd still be living
under Daniel Shelby.

That deal is square.

I paid you the money. It's your
own damn fault for losing it.

I'll let you stay for a while
until those wounds are healed.

Then I expect you
to be on your way.


What? What you laughin' at?

You know how to farm, do you?

- It's like your cooking.
- I'll get by.

And money?

I'll get by.

And if your daddy shows up
to take you back,

how are you gettin' by then?

I said I'll get by.

Suit yourself.

Miss Bragg.



Get off me, woman.

You're a damn fool, you know?

- I'm fine.
- You are not fine.

I said quit it,
I don't need your pity.


Now, I know you're torn up
about this place.

Can't take gettin' the one-up
by a woman, can you?

Living under a woman's roof?

But you listen to me
and you listen straight.

If you think this is pity,
you got another thing comin'.

I didn't run
halfway across the state

for you to lead Shelby
and his men right back to me.


I ain't getting caught.

I ain't no snitch.

But you're a right fool.
Dumb as they come.

Now, you can sleep
in the shed for all I care.

But you ain't leaving a trail in
the woods for the hounds to follow.

You try and leave again
before those wounds are closed,

I'll put you
in the ground myself.


you can hobble your ass back inside
and actually make yourself useful.

Ain't no way I can build
a still by myself.





ADAM: I'll admit,

I never expected you to take up
your daddy's work.

ELLA: Stepdaddy.

We need supplies, don't we? We'd
never last the winter without them.

ADAM: You want to sell hooch
right under his nose?

ELLA: Of course not.
We'll trade it.

Barter it.
We'll stay low that way.

Shelby hides behind these.
You don't know him like I do.

He ain't never
going to stop looking for me.

ADAM: That's the best moonshine
for a thousand miles.

ELLA: I know, that's a fact.

Two bottles.

As in right now.

He didn't find us.

I ain't planning on changing it.


ADAM: What did he do to you?

I've done all they were saying
and never asked a single question.

And you will never ask me again.

ADAM: I'll kill
that man for you.

I swear it.



Well, who would've thought?

Not me.

I thought you were
always just a big dumb mule.

I thought you were nothing
but a pair of chicken legs.


You're still a mule
and a chicken escaping the wolf.


- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Let me check to make sure you're all right.
- I said I'm fine.

- Let me change those dressings, anyway.
- I'm fine.

You're right.
It's probably fine.

ADAM: Not like I said.

I should probably turn in.


Good night.

Good night.

ELLA: Adam!




SHELBY: Hello.

I know someone's in there.


I'm looking for my daughter,
Ella Shelby.

Go on in there.


Ella, you in there?


You go in now.

You go and get
that damn door open.


MAN: Boss, she's out back.
I can see her.

You make sure
you don't hurt her now.

She goes unharmed.

Stop right there.

MAN: Ella, don't you run.

Don't you run.



- I got her out by the...

- Come on!
- Adam.

Now, get in. Stay quiet,
I'll be back.

You're leaving?

It's time for you to trust me.



ADAM: Ella.


I got the other one.

Shelby ran off. I ain't see him.

Come on.



Thank you, my dear God.


You come one step closer.

Can't tell you how many times
I prayed for today.

For this moment.

We all have.

Stay back.

Just this last weekend,

Pastor Willett lead
a beautiful sermon.

There wasn't a dry eye
in the whole chapel,

not nowhere in the congregation.

I said stay back.

Saw that still down there
by the stream.

You build that?

I'm a proud man.

I'm a proud father.

You ain't no father of mine!

Don't you say that.

Don't you say those words.

You may not be from my seed,

but I ain't any
lesser father to you

than the good Father
above us all.

Now it is time, sweet Ella,

- for you to return.
- No.

Enough sin has been cast.

Enough blood has been shed,

and forgiven in Jesus' name.


please just let me go.

I am here to cleanse you

in the Holy Spirit.

Just let me leave, please.

To forgive you,
your transgressions.

- Please, just let me leave.
- You will repent!

Do you hear me! Let me hear
you say it with your mouth,

- repent...



ADAM: Hey there, chicken legs.

Hey, mule.

[SIGHS] You gonna
patch me up again?

I don't think I can this time.

I'm sorry.


You lay still now.

You got any water?

In the cave.
There's water in the cave.





Come on, Lily. Drink this.

Come on. Drink it.

Drink it. Come on.


That's it. That's it.
That's it. That's it.

She's still out.

What are you doing?

You wanna carry her by yourself?

Just drop me off with her then

and I'll figure it out
from there.








- Where is he?
- He's not here.

- Where is he?
- He's not here. You're safe.

He's not here. It's just us two.

- Let me get out of here.
- Lily, you're safe.

Lily, you're safe. Stay here.
We'll stay the night.

I will leave at the next stop
and you'll never see me again.

You're safe.
You're safe, darling.

Lily, he's not here.

[WHISPERING] He's not here.

You're safe, darling.

He... He shot me.

He shot me. How am I...


This is what I wanted
to show you at the cave.

This is how.


But it just tastes like water.

ELLA: I know.

I don't understand any of this.

Am I cured?

Lily, darling,

you got so much worse really.

Maybe if you kept
drinking the water,

it could stave it off.


- [SNIFFLES] I'm so sorry.






MAN: Hey, you wanna join us?

We got a beer
with your name on it.

No, thank you.

MAN: Oh, come on, looks like you
could use a little trail magic.

Um... Thank you.

But I'm fine, really.

MAN: She said this was
the end of the road for you.

You just gonna
hitch it back into town?

I'll make you a deal.

Come on over, have a drink.

You could stay the night
in the hostel,

and if you still feel the
same way tomorrow morning,

I'll take you back
into town myself.

Come on.




Yeah, I'll take that...
I got you.


Just meet me at the bar.

All right.






- How's she doing back there?
- LILY: I, uh, I don't know.

- How much longer?
- Maybe, like, five miles.

The clinic's
at the edge of town.

Well, dude, we need
a fucking hospital.

- That's like an hour away.
- She's not gonna make that.

MAN: What the fuck is wrong with her?
Just pinch her nose, tilt her head back

or something.

She's right out here.

let's get her up.


MAN: Let's go, come on.


FEMALE NURSE: Just sit her
on the edge of the table,

put her on her back gently.



FEMALE NURSE: Step back, please.

We were hiking, and we went to the
outpost and she started bleeding,

she just collapsed.

- Shit. Get them out of here.

MAN: Is she okay?

We will come and get you. Now!

MALE NURSE: Hurry up.

Come on.





- Cheers to it.
- No, no.

No, go for it. One more time.



Ready? You ready?

- Okay...


LILY: Jesus, dude.




Get up.

MAN: Get it.


- what the hell happened?
- No, he did it.

It was an accident.

- Lay off, bro.
- Well, you shouldn't have been touching it in the first place.

It's fine, we'll fix it.

-I slipped. Don't push me.


Hey, stop it.

My fault? Get up, get up.

- MAN: Get...

MAN: Fine, stay down.

- Stay down.


MAN: Wait, what? Wait! Wait!




Subtitles by explosiveskull