Still (2010) - full transcript

An omnibus film of four stories pulled straight from Thailand's most gruesome headlines. In "Flame", a man is haunted by regret and a ghost after he survives a nightclub fire that killed his girlfriend. In "Imprison", a prisoner questions his sanity after his cell-mate hangs himself. In "Revenge", a deaf-mute drug dealer murders a woman thief in his apartment, and makes the mistake of stashing her corpse in his apartment building's water duct. Finally, in the comic "Haunting Motel", an aging stripper-cum-prostitute, a gay guy and his straight friend end up in a hotel owned by a crazy old lady and haunted by a ladykiller. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food




Hello. Pang.

I'm sorry.

I’ll make a U-turn and get you there, OK?

Please take a seat.

Wow. This girl’s really good.

Is she the only one?

Many more are coming.
All hot and sexy.

-What do you guys think?
-No. This isn't good.

We’ll try the other places.

Oh. Where have they gone?


How can we survive with two customers?
All the other girls left for Dubai.

I should have gone with them.

Okay. I’m leaving. Oh, my God! Shit!

Watch where you’re going!

And so should you!
How could you not see me walking?

Do you want to fight?

Just try me! Get lost.

I don’t need trouble tonight.
It’s been bad enough.

Just let me know whenever you’re ready.

Oh, just watch where you’re going.

And not just looking for a road to heaven.

-Good evening. How many persons, sir?

Yes. Please go inside.

Please come in, sir.

-Good evening.
-Good evening. Have you got a table?

My friends are already inside.
Are there lots of people?

Yes, it’s really crowded tonight.
Please go inside.

-Thua. Let's leave.

Let's go home.

I’ve got a headache. It's packed in there.
It’s not fun at all.

No. I haven’t partied yet.

Why do you need to party so much?

Hey, it’s New Year’s Eve tonight.

I know. I’ll get you a present.
Anything you want.

I don’t want it.
I’m already dressed up for the party.

Come on.
Let’s go home and have some fun.

-Come on.

Oh, God.

God bless that I get someone tonight.

I’m sorry. Are you all right?

-I’m fine.
-Are you hurt?

-No. What about you?
-I’m all right.

Do you come here often?

Every now and then.
It’s lonely living on your own.

-Are you here alone?

I’m with my girlfriend.

This sucks!
Fine. Take it easy then.

Nice bag.


Yes. It’s Gucci, the same as Mei Li’s.

Hello. Can you hear me?
Yes, I can hear you.

As I told you. So many customers tonight
and the boss needs help.

The boss needs help. Yeah.

Talk to you later. Okay. Bottom ups, everyone!

Take care of this for me.
I’m leaving.

The guy you’ve had a crush on, right?

I hooked him from Korea.

Your new lover, huh? I’d love to taste him.

Hey, let’s drink up! Cheers!

Let’s start the New Year’s countdown.







Three... Two...


Happy New Year to everyone!

In the demolition of the famous nightclub
burned down in the New Year’s night.

The authorities have found
one more dead body.

The initial post-mortem examination
indicated that the deceased is

Ms. Pattama Viriyakan.

Her family has confirmed that
she disappeared the night of the incident.

-Have you all gone mad?

-What’s wrong with you?
-Pang is not dead.

-Why are you doing this?

-We don’t know whose body that is.

-Stop it!
-Pang is not dead.

Let go of me!

Arm, listen to me.
Pang was laid to rest. In peace.

If you try to pull her back,
she would not be in peace.



Yeah. Joe?

OK. I’m coming now.
OK? See you.

Where are you going?

We’re going to see Joe’s band perform.

I told you already.

-No, you didn’t.
-We’ll eat when we get back.

I’m leaving for the USA next week.

That’s why.

-I’m not going to see my friends anymore.
-You’re not going to see me too.

You promised to stay with me.


Your family is undertaking your funeral.


I told them many times you’re still alive
but they did not believe me.

So I went on the rampage there.


These are mine. Those are yours.

Yeah? How come I don’t have anything?

You didn’t buy them.

Who said I didn’t? That’s also mine.

-That toothpaste. There.

You took mine, didn’t you?

Oh, you took all my stuff.

That’s all you got.


What are you most afraid of?

Impassibility. What is that?


If one day you woke up

and you’re bearing

what you shouldn't be
but you could bear it.

It must be really awful.

What are you afraid of?

Being neglected.

Arm. We’ll always be together, right?


What’s the matter?

Why do I feel like I’m all alone?

Hey, cheers!

-What about Pang? Where’s she?
-I don’t know.

-Where’s Pang?
-In the restroom.


-Where’re you going?
-Let me go! Let go!


Get out of my way!
Pang! Pang!

Help me! Pang!


He’s not answering the phone.
Why did he go in there?


Help me!




It's beautiful.
Flowers… I want to buy flowers.


Are you all right?

Move over here
or you will get run over by a car.


Hey. Wake up.
Hey, you! Wake up!

If you don't wake up,
I'm going to make you my boyfriend.

Huh... Pang.






Arm! Wake up!


Arm, wake up. Can you hear me?


Arm. Wake up.



Arm. Wake up. Can you hear me?

Arm. Wake up!

We are lovers, aren't we?

Please don't leave me like this.

-Pang is not dead!

As bodies are being found in the
debris of the burned down club,

the official report from
the corpse identification office is that

the latest bodies found

are Ms. Pattama Viriyakan
and Mr. Atthapol Somsiri.

The official presumed
the victims' cause of death

was the second floor's ceiling
collapsed on them.

Their skeletons were crushed
and combined like the same body.

It is assumed that they were lovers
who came to join the New Year celebration

and faced with this tragedy.

Committing suicide is only to
escape your crime.

It doesn't mean you redeemed your crime.

Are you sorry?

You're crying.

Are you sorry? No.

No. What is it?

You are not crying?

Or you are not sorry?

Nightmare? No.

It might not be just a dream.

Hey... Hey!

How can I help you?


How are you?

Not really good.

I brought you some food.

Thank you.

Did you get any sleep?


What about you?

I kept calling you the whole night.

I've been worried about you.


I'm really sorry.

It's all right.

Is there anything wrong?

Last night...

someone in another cell committed suicide.

Please don't do such a thing.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What are you thinking?


Where were you?

At the court.

Just got back in the evening.


Where do you think I was?


Do you believe in ghost?

You know that

someone just died here, right?

Actually, there are
dead people everywhere.

But here is unlike the other places.

Some people die before they get here.

The security here is excellent.
Door keys are always changed.

Water is clean. Everything is perfect.



Are you here to see Dum?

-He's not here.

Where is he?

I don't know. But he's hardly in his room.

Could you please tell him that
Thua came to see him?

-OK. Sure.
-Thanks, sis.

Who's your sis?

-It's really cool. Awesome!

You're worth my respect.

Super cool.

-He's my bro.
-Mine too.


What the hell? Oh!

Do you want to rent a room?

No. I'm here to see Puu.

That bastard? He's in that room.
OK. Wait a minute.

This key can open all the doors here.

The security here is excellent.


What? It's me.

Someone is here to see you.

Can you turn off the music?

He's asking what's up?

What's he selling?

Right. He sells dope.

Yeah. But I don't have any money.
Can you take my shoes as a pledge?

She doesn't have any money.

Could you take her shoes instead?

OK. You two just sort things out. Damn! I was just enjoying my meal.

Like Tao, I was on my way home.

-Were you drunk?
-Your house is scary.

-You were drunk.

No, I was not.

That night,

I heard a woman say, "keep it down".

-Who was she?
-She disappeared when I turned around.

-Did you take a good look?

Oh, shit!

-Potae. I told you to call me "Potae".
-You are Lim.

Riding your motorbike around by day,
and drinking by night.

I'm the one
who paid for your drinks and food.

Look at me when I'm talking to you, Lim.

-Cool name.

Don't let me find out that apart from me,

you have some bitch on the back of
that bike I paid for.

Come on. Get up.

Yes, Mom? What's going on?


I already transferred money to you.

Where can I get it for you?

Mom, I quit school
and got a job as you asked.

OK, talk to you later.


I saw some hairs coming out of the tap.

Are they yours?

How can they be mine?
I saw them coming out of the tap.

Is your water clean?

My water is clean.
Have you ever cleaned your pipe?

Do you eat your food yourself?

Yes, I do.

Do you clean your ass yourself?

Of course.
How can I ask anyone to do that?

Then you can clean your pipe yourself.

Hairs can fall off when they expire.

Other rooms also have them.

But they clean the pipe themselves.

The rent is cheap.
You hardly pay it on time.

Do you expect me to do
every single thing for you?


Why are you in such a hurry?

What is that?

Did you find the hairs too?

That bitch is a liar.

Wait till I see her!

Smell it!

It seems fine to me.
Nothing wrong with it.

Don't you smell it?


It's all in your head.

Then drink it. I give up.


-Hey, Tui.

Did you use water from the tap?

-Yes, of course.

Didn't you smell anything?

No. No smell at all.

Nuan. You are over-thinking.

Let me show you something.

You said It stinks.


The pipe could be dirty.
What's this?

-Yes. Whiskey

Believe it or not, it can kill germs.

Looks like you don't believe it.


-Hey! What's wrong?
-What's going on?

Oh, shit!


Hey! Let me go first!

Hey, hey!
Where are you going late at night?

Oh, honey.
You clogged the tap with that rag.

How can anyone stay? My foot!

If I don't clog it and more fingers
come out, what would you do?

That's the point.
Why are we staying here?

The hell with you!

I haven't got the new tenant
so I can't get any deposit money.

What are you doing?
Are you leaving me?

I'm not leaving you.

But I really can't stay.
I'll come to visit you soon.

Hey! Give me my motorbike key.
You bastard!

-Hurry up!
-Come on!

What are you doing here?

-She's fainting.

Quick! Help her.


Oh, shoot!

What the hell is so funny?

Come on. Hold on tight.

See you later.

My foot!

What are you afraid of? You have condoms.

I've never done this before.

You'll be fine. You'll surely like it.

Look at me. I screw all the time.

Please give me a customer.

I've been standing here all night. Please.

Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!


-Let's go home.
-Come on. Look at this girl.

She's got braces. It will turn you on.


-I don't want her.
-Look at this one.


-Let's go home.

Look! There's another one.

-Come on.

This one is good. Trust me.

-This one? No.

-Why are you so picky?
-I don't want an auntie.

She's not an auntie.

-Fuck your auntie.
-She looks Korean.

Trust me. This one is good.

Hi, there!
Yeah. I'm calling you.

Come on.

How come you've got that face mask?
Are you sick?


Influenza is everywhere.
I need to make sure I'm safe.

Just a little peek, OK?

How much?

-Five hundred baht.
-We have 350 baht. Deal or no deal?

Oh, dear!

Why are you so cheap?

Are you coming? OK.

Then get on. Sit in the middle.

-Between us.
-A hamburger style?

-A sandwich!


-I'm ready. Let's roll.

-Scoot over here a bit more.

Is there any motel around here?

Did you only get foreigners?
Can't you speak Thai now?

It's popular here. I need to be in trend.
500 baht. Let's go!


I thought it was 350.

You said no.
Now you remember the price very well.

You'll have to wait downstairs.

I'm helping you to bargain.

No need.
You'll surely get her. Let's go!

-OK. Go! Go!

Are you going to kill me here?

Hey, young man.

What are you expecting from 350 baht?

Can you please stop complaining?

Just choose any room you want.

Watch where you are going, auntie!

Do you need a room?

Yeah. Do you have a vacancy?

Yes. It's a VIP room.

At the same price?

You scared me. Damn!

Come in. Come, come, come.

How is it? Nice, huh?

Take it easy.

-What are you so scared of?
-No, I'm not.

-I'm just standing.
-What's wrong?


Here, young man.
Go take a shower. Here.

Go take a shower.

Why do I have to go first?
Just go in together.

You go first. I'm shy.

Let's do it together.
We are men. Don't be shy.

Both of you, please go.

You're wasting my time. Go!

-She's mad now. Just go!
-It's because of you.

I'm not going to peek at your thing. -Go!
-You will peek at my thing.

-Let's go!
-You go!

Go in!

I have one too. Why are you so shy?

Take off your shirt.

-Why? Take your shirt off.

Take it off!


BlackBerry Bold. Or is it Blind?

It's mine now.

-Hey, don't forget to return my phone.

How come this thing can talk?

Which button should I press?

I'll just take it.

Take it off!

What is she doing?

I better get going.

Huh? What the fuck?

Oh my God!

Where are you going, dear?

I'm looking for a place
to smoke a cigarette.

What about you?
Why are you out here alone in the dark?

I was looking for my baby.
She is naughty.

Let's go and smoke over there.


Tattoo. I have a thing with tattoos.


Nothing. Come on. Take a shower.
I really want to see it now.

See what?

See you do it with her.

-No. You take a shower.
-Hurry up!

Geck... Geck...


Gecken my ass!

Hey! Get it off. Auntie.

This motel is a little creepy, isn't it?

You're here alone. Aren't you scared?

Of course.

There is a ghost here.
Ghost of one who died a violent death.

What do you mean?

The one who died violently.

Death by unnatural cause.
Out of one's awareness.

The spirit is still hanging around here.

It's ridiculous.
There's no such thing.

Yes, there is.
A woman was murdered in this room.

The whole place is haunted.


There's no ghost here.
It's nonsense.

I better get back to work.

There was a murder.

Is there a ghost here?

Why so quiet?

You scared me.

Why are you two sitting here?

-Did you take a shower?
-Yes. But we still can't decide.

Decide? Shit. I'm confused.
You know what?

Finish your argument
and decide who will do me first.

I'll take a shower.

A phone. Yes.

Your phone. BB Bold.
I'm just borrowing it for one call.

Continue discussing.
I'll take a shower first.



Oh, my! Am I going to be shagged by
these two guys tonight?

I need to fix myself up.

-You do her first.
-You know what?

You go ahead.

I'll wait outside.
Let me know when you're done.


-Let me know when you finish.

What should I do?

I don't know how to do it.


What's wrong with your cat?

She was naughty.

So I killed her.

So she could lie still and not run away.

Here. Look.

Oh, Auntie!
How could you do that?

That golden toothed aunt and her nonsense.

Everything she said was about murder

and ghosts.


Shit! Is it like this?

I'm really terrified.

But I need to be pretty.
I'm not scared.

How was it? Have you seen her?

Seen who, auntie? That girl.

What girl?

The one who got killed.

Her throat was cut. Hamstring ripped.

Died in that room.

Which room?

The VIP room. The one they fixed up.

Oh, shit!

So that room is haunted.


Ghost! Ghost!





A woman was murdered in this room.

The old lady said it's haunted.
Her throat and hamstring were cut.

Then she can't stand.

Right. I can't.

Don't you act like Nathan.

Who’s Nathan?

The professional liar. I'm not lying. This is true!


Oman. Nathan.

-Then it's her?
-Yes. It's me.


Open the door!

Dum! Whose blood is this?

Don't ask me!
How should I know?


Look! What blood is that?

-Come and take a look.
-No! You look at it.

You know what?
We take a look together.

Come on! I'll join you.

-Open it!

-You take a look whose body it is.
-No! I'm scared.

Don't be scared.

Calm down and count to 20.

-One, two, three...
-What the hell are you counting for?

You said it's good.

One... Two...

-Still freaking counting?

Four... Five...

Six... Seven...

Eight... Nine...


It's a woman.

Is it you? No!

I'm here. I'm still alive.
I lied to both of you.

I don't have money.

You bitch!

-I need money.
-You fucking liar!

-I'm broke.
-You fucking liar!

I don't have any money.


Turn it over to see who that is.

Shit! Turn it over?

Hurry up! Who?


Who's Dum?

Am I dead?

Is Dum your friend?

Yes. But...

Help me!

Why is he crawling just like me?

-Have sex with me.
-No way.

-I'll buy you a motorbike.
-I don't want it. No.

Come on.

-I like girls. No!
-How am I different from girls?

-My hair is long now. How am I different from girls?

-Come on.

-Let me do it.

-Come on.

-It won't hurt.

-You'll enjoy it.

-No. I like girls.

-Stop screaming!


What are you doing?
You can't hide a body in here.

I take care of this place.

You nosy old bitch!


These boys did not clean up their mess.

Sleep tight.

Take care of my knife, young man.



Aren't you already dead?

Wrong way.

Why am I running?

How to start it?

Oh, come on!
How can I get out of here?

Which way should I go? Help me.

Oh, shit! What should I do?

Which way should I go?
Oh! What a life!

So unlucky me!

Stop! Please take me with you.
I'll go anywhere.

Where are you going?

Anywhere. I'll tell you later.
Just get going!

Oh, what the hell?

There are ghosts in the motel.
They're just lying there.