Stiff (2010) - full transcript

Troy wants to die. Lorri has an irresistible need to sleep with a dead man. It's a perfect match, until Troy begins to fall in love with Lorri. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Approaching the station square.

- Hi, this is Lorri at the suicide crisis hotline.

I'm here to help you,

but first can I get your name?

- Hi, my name is Troy.

- Hi, Troy, this is Lorri we've talked before.

So, how are you feeling?

- Hi, Lorri, it's nice to talk to you again.

- Hi, Troy, so how are you feeling?

- You know just,

you know, maybe I shouldn't have called this time, I only,

I got home and everything seems so,

I mean I missed my train,

and I had to wait.

There was this guy.

- So, Troy, how are you feeling right now?

- Desperate, hopeless,

kind of like I'm never not gonna be broke,

and lame, and just stupid.

- Okay, Troy, first off you're not stupid.

I can tell that just by hearing you speak

whenever you call, okay, Troy?

- Okay.

- Good.

Now I know that financial troubles

can make you feel desperate,

but you just have to look past all that

to a future that's more hopeful

and make a plan on how to get to that place.

- Oh, okay.

I mean thanks.

It just sounds so easy coming from you.

I don't know I just--

- Well, that's what I'm here for, Troy.

- It's nice.

I mean to have someone to call and talk to.

There's not a lot of,

see it's just kind of--

- It helps to have someone to talk to, doesn't it, Troy?

- Uh-huh.

- Good 'cause that's what I'm here for you know.

- I know.

- Troy,

I'm gonna do something I'm really not supposed to do,

but I feel that you and I have a good connection,

and I want you to be able to reach me whenever you need me.

So, I'm gonna give you my personal number.

Do you have something to write with?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- Okay.

I'll just,

I'm gonna, I guess I'll go to bed I gotta get up early.

- Are you okay, Troy?

You're not gonna hurt yourself in any way are you?

- Yeah.

I mean no.

Yeah, I'm all right.

I'm not gonna hurt myself.

- Because we can keep on talking if you want to.

- No.

I mean yeah.

No, I'll be okay, thanks.

- Alright sweet dreams.

- Okay, bye.

- Hello.


- Hello? - Is this,


- This is who's calling?

This is Troy from the hotline.

- Oh, hey, Troy.

Well, it's been awhile.

How are you?

Yeah, I called the hotline,

and someone else answered,

and I asked for you,

but they said they couldn't transfer me.

I kind of got upset

and they told me you didn't work there anymore,

so I thought I mean,

I mean if it's a bad time.

- No, no it's fine.

I just got out of the shower.

I didn't wanna bother you.

I'm sure you have things you're like doing.

- No, I got nothing going on right here trust me.

Oh, okay.

So what happened?

- What do you mean?

Well, you're not at the hotline anymore.

Did you get fired or did you quit?

- I got fired, Troy.

- Well, why would they do that?

I mean you were really good at doing that, like, I mean--

- It's a little complicated, Troy,

but you don't have to worry about it.

Just keep on calling me on my cell

like you're doing now.

That's why I gave you my number remember?

You're sure it's not a bad time?

- Yes, I'm sure.

Okay, good.

- Where are you, Troy?

- So what are you doing now

that you're not at the hotline anymore?

I'm not doing anything right now,

just taking some time off.

Hey, Troy, I can hear traffic.

Where did you say you were?

- I don't know.

It's high up though.

Did you say high up, Troy?

Hey, Troy, what can you see?

- I don't know traffic, a railing, a big drop.

I don't know it's cold.

- Okay, Troy, I want you to listen to me right now.

Are you listening?


- You listening?


- Good.

Here's what I want you to do.

I want you to cut this crap out.

Get your ass off that bridge or whatever and go home.


I'm coming over.

Where do you live?

- You're coming over?

You and I are gonna talk about this shit

until we get you straightened out tonight.

- Wow.


- I don't know I guess I just never heard you swear before.

Well, get used to it.

Now where do you live?

- It's 25 Coskeoso Drive in the south side.

I am gonna need a few minutes

to straighten a few things up though first.

Don't worry about that.

I'll be there in like 20 minutes.

Just get your ass home, okay?

- Hi.

Not getting any warmer out here, Troy.

- I'm sorry here.

- So nice to finally meet you, Troy.

- Yeah.


Thanks for coming over.

- Well, great place you got here.

- I got it cheap and I was gonna fix it up,

but a kind of didn't.

- Yeah, it happens.

My, my, my what have we here?

Thin rope,

clumsy knot,

low ceiling

not long enough of a fall to break your neck.

You just hang there strangling

pretty painful and ugly

unless that's what you want.

- You sound like you know a lot about it.

Well, maybe it's not a coincidence

that I worked at the hotline, Troy.

- You're different in person.

- Well, do you act exactly like yourself at work,

or do you act the way you think the people there

expect you to act?

- Yeah.

- So tell me, Troy

why do you want to die?

- I don't I just--

- Don't think about how want to answer me.

Just say what comes to your mind.

- I don't want to die.

I just don't wanna be alive anymore.

- You want the power to decide your own fate,

a power you don't have in your daily life.

- I don't.


My life is just so difficult

and complicated and sucky.

- Every one's life is, Troy.

That's the secret.

Every one feels exactly like you do sometimes.

You're not different.

You're normal.

You don't see any point to life.

You don't see any difference in the world with you in it

and the world without you in it,

and the truth is there isn't.

We're all just a bunch of little creatures

scurrying about doing routine acts

that really don't effect anything.

- So life is pointless?

- That's the shit of it.


- Nothing it's just this isn't normally how you talk.

- Well, I'm off the clock now, aren't I?

- I don't know what you want me to say.

- So I guess my question is

after how hopeless you feel

why is it that you haven't killed yourself, Troy?

- Wait what?

- Well, you've been calling the hotline for what

a year now.

How many times have you needed someone

to intervene in your little existential crisis?


- Why are you?

- Before we get any further into this Troy,

I want to know why all this desire and no action?

- What are you doing?

- How's it feel, Troy?

How's it feel to be so close to our own death

you can almost taste it?

- Stop.

- What?

This is what you wanted, isn't it?

- Yes.

- You don't look like you want it.

You look so scared you could almost faint.

Does the rope feel right against your neck?

Is that why you picked it,

or couldn't you afford a gun?

Please tell me this isn't some long

drawn out call for attention.

Please tell me you're not one of those.

What, what was that?

- I'm not.

- Not what?

- One of those.

- Then what are you, Troy?

Why you're still alive after all this time?

Why is it that you haven't died yet?

Could it be that you really wanna live?

- No, I want to.

- Want to what?

What do you want do, Troy?

Tell me what you want to do.

- I want to die.

- But?

- But,


- But what?

But you can't take that final step can you, Troy?

There's some small defensive part of you

that doesn't wanna let go,

that doesn't wanna end this world of misery

and pain and shit.

Pretty sad if you think about, huh?

Just one more thing you can't accomplish.

Troy, you alright in there?

You know,

you and I have a real advantage over most people.

- Really?

- Really.

I doubt you realize this

but most people go through life totally unaware

as to whether or not they're happy or sad.

Like zombies they get up, eat, go to work

take the kids to soccer,

eat, watch TV, go to bed

and the next day they do the same thing

over and over not really living just existing,

filling in the days, having no unrealistic goals,

just waiting to pay off those kid's student loans

so they can finally talk that Caribbean cruise.


And the whole time they have no fucking clue

if they're miserable or not.

- That doesn't sound so bad to me.

- Of course it doesn't.

Did kind of get the ass out of the mood spectrum didn't you?

But consider yourself privileged to be one the few

who can step outside of life

and see it for what it really is,

time spent wanting things you can't have.

- Is talking like this why you got fired?

- Probably.

But the constant drinking on the job probably didn't help.

- Before when we talked on the phone you sounded--

- Different?

- Yes.

- Helpful and hopeful?

- Yes.

- Full of benign wisdom for all you

woe begotten misfits with your shit wired backwards?

- Yes.

- Yeah, well practice makes perfect.

Spent two years of my life

chatting up chemically imbalanced misfortunates

with mommy issues, and misfiring synapses

that never seem to realize the awful truth

that no one cares,

not about you, not about the big issues no one cares.

People volunteer to make themselves

feel better about their own empty lives

or distract themselves from whatever issues

they may have themselves.

No one cares.

- Does that mean you don't care?

- That's right, Troy.

I don't care.

Now get out of there and dry off before you catch a cold.

So you're not going to speak to me?

- Why should I?

All that comes out of your mouth is ugliness.

- Very good.

Did you rehearse that to yourself on the way downstairs?

For what it's worth, Troy, I'm sorry.

I said some pretty harsh things before,

and if I hurt you in any way apologize.

I wasn't trying to be mean honestly.

I was just trying to help you see through

all the lies the world tells us.

I was just trying to tell you the truth

that no one else has the balls to admit so you decide.

- Decide what?

- Decide if you want me to help you.

- Help me how?

- Help you to die, Troy.

- Wait.

You wanna help me to kill myself?

- I believe you want me to.

- I don't understand, you're suppose to--

- Be talking you out of it?

- Well, yeah.

- I mean that's what I should be doing, right?

That's the right thing to do.

But put yourself in my place for a second.

What if after listening to you for all this time,

I decide you do have nothing to live for.

What if I just respect your right to end your life

when and how you want to, is that so unimaginable?

Isn't that what you want?

- No.

Yes, I don't know.


- Then let me help you.

- Help me kill myself?

- Yes.

- When now?

- No, not now, but soon.

There's some things you have to take care of first.

- What like what write a note?

- We'll get to that,

but first I want you to make a list

of five things that make you happy.

Eating ice cream, walk in the park,

watching The Wizard of Oz, whatever,

and you and I are gonna do all those things before you go.

- So,

what happened to you?

- What do you mean?

- You have changed from before.

- I haven't changed.

This is me.

- And the person on the phone?

- Was who they wanted me to be.

Fuckers can kiss my ass.

- So that's why you're helping me to do it,

to show them?

- Is that why you think I'm helping you, Troy?

- You said people don't care.

They only do good things

to make themselves feel good

or cover up their own problems.

- I did.

What is it you're trying to ask me, Troy?

- What is it about yourself

that you're trying to forget by helping me?

- Good, very good.

See you're not stupid, Troy.

You're actually a very astute judge of character.

I do have my own selfish reasons

for wanting to help you.

- What?

- I'll tell you when the time is right I promise,

and then you can decide if you wanna go through with it.

I'm not gonna force you into anything.

- I know.


- That's where I was when I called you last night.

- Why did you need to call me?

You could've talked to anyone else at the hotline.

- I don't know.

The others just seemed so cold and remote,

like they're saying something

that's printed on a card or something.

- They are printed on cards.

- Last night I just thought--

- You thought?

- I guess I just thought you'd understand.

- I do.

I think it'd be best if you stay with me

while you were getting ready.

What about my place?

What do you care?

- True.

I have to go get my jacket.

- Troy's house.

Hello, is Troy available?

- No, Troy's busy.

Well, this is Ms. Chapman his supervisor

at CI International Logistics.

Troy hasn't shown up for work this week,

and we're calling to find out why.

- Oh hi, Ms. Chapman, yeah, he quit.

Really because this is the first

I've heard of that.

To my knowledge he didn't give notice

or file a 74-W form with human resources.

- Yeah, well, I remember him saying something about

how your 7R-W form was a load of bullshit.

And to whom am I speaking if I may ask?

- Oh, this is his wife.

I see, I didn't know Troy was married.

- Yeah, we just eloped.

Anyway from what Troy told me about you, Ms. Chapman

you wouldn't know your ass from your right tit in the dark.

Mrs. Cavanaugh.

- Oh, I kept my maiden name.

It's, Ms. Glasser.

Very well Ms. Glasser.

I'm required to list a reason

for Troy's resignation in his file.

Shall I simply list that he was

dissatisfied with our company's policies?

- List whatever you want you dried up old cunt.

I don't give a fuck.

- Who was that?

- Telemarketers.

You ready?

- Yeah.

- So you gonna miss this old dump?

- Yeah, I never really felt at home here anyway

or anywhere for that matter,

so now I'm ready.

- Just make yourself comfy.

I'll be up in a minute.

Just gonna change first.

- This is a nice place.

- Yeah, it's pretty nice.

It was my aunt's.

- Did she die?

- Yeah, when I was 20.

Throat cancer real bitch of a way to go, takes years.

- Wow, that sucks.

Were you close?

- No, I never really knew her.

She was my mom's sister.

Think she felt bad about never being there

when I was running around causing all sorts of trouble.

I think she thought if I had a nice place

to lay my head down I'd stop acting like such a hellion.

- Did it work?

- Hell no.

You should've seen some of the parties we threw here.

It would've have been Caligula blush.

- So,

it's just you now?

- Just me what?

- You don't have a boyfriend?

- No, why should I?

- Well, no I just,

you're just so,

I just assumed you naturally--

- Yeah, well, maybe my problem gets in the way of

having a boyfriend did you ever think about that?

- Your problem won't let you have a boyfriend?

- I shouldn't drink.

- What is your problem?

- I had a boyfriend once when I was 11.

There was this boy Jason Rivasky

who I was totally and completely in love with.

- So what happened did he move away?

- No.

He ran in front of the school one day

and got hit by a bus.

He was running to try to catch up with me

so we could walk home together.

He flew for 25 feet before landing on his head.

He lived for five days after,

but he never woke up.

I didn't wanna go to the funeral

but my parents made me.

I didn't wanna walk up to the casket

and see what was left of the boy

who I was so completely in love with

but they made me.

So I walked up to the casket alone,

and when I looked in,

I saw him and he was so still and so perfect,

and I felt something

that I can't describe even 15 years later.

I wanted to be in there next to him in the casket.

I wanted to feel how his skin felt against mine.

I wanted to listen to the silence

where his heartbeat should be,

and I knew he would never be as perfect

as he was at that moment,

and I knew that I wanted to be with him.

You understand what I mean, Troy

when I say be with him?

- Yeah, I think so.

- It took years and years of my parents

sending me to therapy,

half ass suicide attempts,

dozens of bad relationships,

experimenting with drugs, drinking, girls,

and nothing could fill this hole inside of me

until I realized the one thing

that could fill this void that I had in me for so long.

So you see, Troy, I do want something from you.

I'll help you kill yourself,

and after you're dead I want you.

This isn't the way I wanted it to come out.

I'm sorry.

Let's talk about this more tomorrow when we're sober, okay.

Good night.

So about last night.


What I said I mean.




You're not weirded out or anything?

I mean it's a pretty strange request.

You thought I'd say no?

- Actually, yeah, I did.

That's why I wanted to wait a bit longer.

I would've waited even longer

if it wouldn't have been for the vino last night.

I wanted you to get to know me first,

just so you can find out that I'm not a--

- A what?

- A monster.

- I don't think you're a monster.

- Thanks.

- How does it,

how does it work?

- How does what work?

- Well, I imagine you thought about it a lot.

You know when we, well when you...

Things have to be a certain way.

If I'm not--

- Hard?

- Yeah.

- Actually there are lots of ways, Troy.

Some of more invasive than others.

But I'm not sure I wanna describe

all the grim details to you,

and I wonder if you even wanna really hear them.

- Yeah, I guess not.

- Because when any of this goes down

- Yeah, I know I won't really be around to know.

- And you're okay?


Now that this is out in the open.

No more secrets between us, okay.

- Okay.

You think I should make out a will?

- Do you have anything to give to anybody?

- No, not really.

- Do you have anyone to give anything to?

- I guess not.

- My answer would be no then.

- I think I should go visit

my parent's graves one more time.

- Yeah, I guess you should.

We can go tomorrow if you want.

- Yeah.

So, I was thinking

About what?

- About how I'm gonna, you know, do it.

That is something to think about isn't it?

- What do you think?

- Me, I think if there's any decision

anyone has to make for themselves it's that one.

What do you wanna do?

- I don't know, not hanging though.


- I was reading something

and it said you, you know, crap yourself.

- Among other bodily functions

bodily functions I'd liked to save for myself

if I could be so greedy.

- You have a different way of looking at things, don't you?

- So I've heard.

- This doesn't bother you, talking about this?

- I think we're well passed the point

of worrying about that, don't you?

- Yeah, I guess.

- And I don't see why this should be

something painful for you, do you?

- No, I think I'd actually prefer that it wasn't.

- Plus I want you intact for afterwards so nothing violent.

I don't wanna be humping a guy without a face, no offense.

I know I'm fucked up,

but I'm not that fucked up.

- Nerd.

I'm not much of a gun guy anyway,

so it just wouldn't seem appropriate.

- I know.

How about you just take something then

and peacefully drift off.

- Like aspirin that seems kind of--

- Kind of what?

- That seems kind of mundane doesn't it?

- You think.

Well, you could always stick your hand

into a basket with a poison snake if you're a classicist,

but I think this way will be a lot faster.

Plus you don't have to worry about waking up

deformed or paralyzed or retarded the next morning.

- You have something there.

- So pills?

- Yeah, okay pills.

What kind?

- My mom had a shit load of Phenobarbital.

She was so goofy with it that she didn't keep track.

I'm sure we have enough to get the job done right.

- Okay.

- So,

when are you gonna do it?

- I don't know soon I guess.

- Let's just talk about it tomorrow.

- Lorri, Lorri - Go away.

- Hey, hey.

- Get off of me.

- Lorri, Lorri, it's Troy you're all right.

You're just dreaming.

Lorri, wake up.

It's okay.

- I'm all right. - You were just dreaming.

It was just a dream.

- Alright, I'm alright now thanks.

- It's okay.

- I know that.

Could you get up please?

I have to go to the bathroom.

- Do you wanna talk?

- No, Troy, it's the middle of the night.

You should go back to bed.

I'll see you tomorrow.

- Okay.

Let me know if you need anything.


- Hey.

- Are you,

doing okay today?

- Yeah, fine.

- That was pretty wild last night.

Do you have nightmares like that a lot?

- Yep, I do.

- You don't really wanna talk about this do you?

- No, I don't.

- Okay.

So I guess I'm gonna,

go to the cemetery now.

- Want me to come with?

- No.

No, I think I should go do this by myself.

- Alright see you later.

- See you.

Trying to remember last time I was here.

It's been a while I guess.

I thought you were lower down on the hill.

I was worried I thought maybe something happened

and they had to move you,

but that's stupid.

Coming here visiting you guys

makes me realize I don't know what I believe.

I don't know if I,

think you can actually hear what I'm saying or not.

I hope you can.

I hope.

I hope you understand,

why I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do.

And I hope you're not angry.

It'd kind of suck to get to Heaven and be grounded.


I miss you guys.

I'm all alone here.

It's not a very nice place.

I just wanna be somewhere else,

where all the hurting stops.

My only hope is that wherever that is,

you guys are there too,

and we can all be together again.

That's all.

Hey, I'm back.

- Down here.

You decent?

- Almost never.

Take a load off.

You're in a good mood,

so how'd it go?

- Good I guess.

- Good, so is there any--

- How about tomorrow night?

- Tomorrow night, you mean for the big finale?

- Yeah.

Signing off.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah, I'm sure.

It's right.

- Alright tomorrow night, sounds good.

So you know what that means

we're doing tonight, right?

- No.

- Means we're ordering take out

and getting drunk, come on.

- I'm really not that much of a drinker.

- So how was your last meal?

- It was good.

Spicy but good.

- How's the wine treating you?

- Okay, I guess.

- You know,

I've been on more medications than you can count

and nothing takes away from the horror that is this world

like the fruit of the grape.

Wine is the absolute spirit of enjoyment.

It warms the soul.

What's that?

- What's what?

- That neck thing you do?

- Just a habit.

I guess my neck gets stiff.

- Oh, well here let me help you.

So, how's it feel?

- Good, kind of hurts.

- It will at first you're hella tense back here.

Jesus when was the last time anyone ever did this for you?

- Never.

- Are you fucking kidding me?

First time anyone ever gave you a back rub, no shit.

Gosh, a life without back rubs.

It's like a guy's secret weapon

for getting into girl's pants.

How'd you ever get laid in high school?

- Well, I didn't.

- Late bloomer I see.

- Not especially.

- So, never?

- Well, I almost did once with this girl

after an office Christmas party,

but she was kind of drunk

and things didn't go the way they were supposed to.

- Nothing doesn't work the way it's supposed to, Troy.

Don't think for a second it's just you.

- Well, it's a little late

to start worrying about stuff like that now.

- Yeah, I guess it is.


No, hang on wait.

Wait shit.

- What I'm sorry.

- Just don't talk for a second, Troy.

Fucking wine gets me in every time.




I'm sorry that was mistake.

Really, really Troy that was mistake.

I shouldn't have done that.

I don't wanna give you any ideas

about something that is not going to happen.

- It's not?

- No, it is most definitely not.

It's not you.

- Yeah, that's what all the girls say.

- I know they do,

and you deserve better.

But you know my deal we've discussed it.

I need things to be a certain way.

- Yeah, I know you don't wanna have sex with me

unless I'm dead.

- When you say it like that you make is sound personal.

It's not.

- So any old corpse will do.

I just happen to be the most convenient,

or I will be by tomorrow.

- Okay, you're angry and I'm drunk,

so let's just talk about this.

- Yeah, tomorrow yeah I know.

- Okay, try to get some sleep, okay?


Alright, Troy, big day today.



- How'd you find me?

- I could see you from the bridge.

Is this about last night?

- No, it's not about last night.

Maybe it is.

- What then?

- I don't know what went wrong with me,

and I don't know when it happened.

People aren't supposed to wanna die.

- I know. - Stop talking.

You talk and you talk

and you make me want things

that I don't know if I really want

or if I just want them 'cause you're telling me I do.

- Troy.

- Stop saying my name like that.

Like I'm a child.

I'm not a child.

You can't just play games with my mind

and get whatever you want from me.

Gotta be so easy.

- Do you think I like being the way I am, Troy?

Do you think it's easy?

People are who they are.

We have to learn how to accept that.

- I want you to be happy.

- And I want you to be.

- It was easier before when I was alone.


I don't think I wanna stop being around you.

It's getting harder for me.

- I know it's hard for me to.

Do you wanna call it off?

- I don't think I can.

I'm too far away.

I want you to help me.

I want you to help me die.

- So I was thinking.

I think I want you to be with me once before you go.

I mean the least I can do is give you that.

- You don't have to.

I understand.

- No, it's me who finally understands.

This whole time I have been

thinking of you a means to an end.

I've been so selfish.

What I'm asking you to do is so huge.

You're being so kind.


I'll make us some dinner.

We'll have a few drinks,

and well we'll see what happens.

Okay, I hope this is all right.

I'll warn you.

I'm a suck ass cook.

- No, it looks good.


No, that's good, thanks, thanks.

- Yeah, my mom never really cooked.

I grew up on microwave dinners and fast food.

- Well, you'd never tell.

- Thanks.

To you, Troy.

To the fulfillment of both our desires.

- Cheers.

So you never talk about your family much.

- Yeah, not really much to say.

Dad and mom had trouble right from the very start

which was made all too clear

when he left her for their marriage counselor.

- Ouch.

- Yeah, I was seven.

After that the doctor's upped mom's prescription

and she was kind of in and out through the years.

- That's rough.

- Not really I mean I was always pretty independent

between having a zombie for a mom

and the monthly pay checks from dad

I could do pretty much whatever I wanted.

Go where I want, indulge my whims.

How's your penne?

- My what?

- The noodles.

- Good.

- So have you thought about how you're going to do it?

- I thought we decided that

the other night on the patio.

- Not that.

The other thing, tonight.

- The normal way.

- Jesus no wonder you never got laid.

I mean how are you planning on seducing me?

- Well, I thought,

I mean you said--

- Well, what did you expect, Troy,

that I'd just bend over

and let you have a go after dessert?

- I don't, no I mean--

- You do realize that I'm a girl right, Troy?

- Yes.

- Great.

Here's a little secret, Troy.

What girls really want is for the moment to have some magic.

They don't care if their guy is tall or rich

or even smart long as he's confident,

as long as he let's it flow into one sweet inevitable point.

- I never knew that.

- Troy, what did I say?

Confident, none of this stammering bullshit.

Think of what you're gonna say and say it.

- Okay.

- And think about what you're gonna do and do it.

- Okay.

What are you doing?

- Being confident.

- Stop.




No, stop.

I don't want to.

- It's okay. - Troy, Troy,


please get off me.


The lesson we learned here

is exactly how not to seduce a woman, right?

- You said you wanted me to be forceful.

- Being forceful is not the same as fucking raping the girl,

but you don't have any idea what

the goddamn difference is do you?

Hand me the fucking bottle.

Okay, look no harm done, right?

I mean I should've been more careful

about what I was saying.

You have all these years and years of pent up frustration.

Of course it's gonna make you a bit aggressive.

- Yeah, I guess.

Lorri, I'm sorry.

I would never hurt you.

I really--

- What?

- Nothing.

- You should swear more.

- You don't think it's a little late

for me to start changing my habits.

Besides I do swear.

- Bullshit you do.

- Bullshit, yes, I do.

- See what I mean.

- Fuck off.

- Better.

Hey, did I ever tell you

I tried to kill myself when I was 13.

- No.

- Yeah, I took a bunch of pills

from my mom's medicine cabinet.

I stayed up all night

just waiting for my heart to stop.

- Did it?

- No, but at like one in the morning

I started to feel really nauseous,

and I ended up throwing up the rest of the night.

It turns out I took an overdose

of my mom's prescription for morning sickness.

Such a idiot.

Alright, Troy,

you should probably just fuck me now.


(Dramatic instrumental music

Troy, you alright in there?


Saving this for a special occasion, were you?

Nice and sharp.

No pain.


I hope it was everything you hoped for.

I hope now you can finally be at peace.

Well, you got what you wanted.

Now I guess it's my turn, huh?

Hi, this is Lorri at the crisis hotline.

Can I get your name please?

This is Dave.

- Oh hey, Dave, nice to hear from you again.

I called last week and you weren't there.

- Yeah, sorry about that.

I was on a little sabbatical,

but don't worry I'm back now.

Dave, I'm gonna do something that I'm not supposed to do.

♪ I'm planning on a time to die ♪

♪ Time can kill and I'm going to die ♪