Stick It (2006) - full transcript

Haley Graham is a former gymnast-turned-juvenile delinquent who, after one too many run-ins with the law, is forced to enroll at an elite gymnastics academy, the VGA in Houston, Texas which is run by the legendary Olympic gymnast Burt Vickerman. But the rebellious Haley is not welcomed into the academy by the other teenage gymnasts who despise her for walking out on her Junior Olympic team years earlier during a competition which cost them the gold medal. But Haley is not a docile person either and makes every effort to provoke conflicts with the other girls. Vickerman takes it upon himself to coach Haley in his own way to make her regain her self respect for the VGA's coming spot on the Gymnastic Nationals. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[* Missy Elliot:
We Run This (Stick It Edit)]

No. No, no. Sorry, bro.

This casa's not su casa.
No way.

Get out.

There's like
six other empty pools.

- That aren't as deep.
- You're not that good.

Off this roof,

onto the slide

and into the pool stays.

[* Fall Out Boy: I Slept
With Someone in Fall Out Boy

And All I Got Was This
Stupid Song Written About Me]

- [boy] Let's do it!
- [boy] Go, GC!

Yo, let me
use your phone.

Why? It's gonna be done
by the time anyone gets here.

I'm not
gonna call anyone.

I'm gonna take some shots
of the blood.

[boys shouting]

[glass tinkling]

[approaching bike]

You OK?

[alarm ringing]

[boy] Now the alarm goes off?

Guys, guys, guys,
gots to go! Leave it!

[boy] Let's go,
let's go, let's go!

[* Panjabi MC: Beware
of the Boys (Beware Breaks)]

[police sirens wailing]

[girl] This isn't
the first time

I've made out
with law enforcement.

We've kinda had
this ongoing flirtation.

We've been on some dates.

You know, broken up,
got back together.

But honestly, until now...

...I haven't been ready
for anything steady.

[woman over PA]
You're pushing it, Haley.

[Haley] But, you know,
people change.

And I felt like
maybe I was ready

for a more
serious courtship.

Meet the court.

It looks to be about, uh,
14,000 in property damage.

Haley, I assure you
that juvenile incarceration

is not as much fun
as it sounds.

So we're going to
give you one more chance.

Your father is willing
to subsidize two options...

- I'll take her, Your Honor.
- Over my dead body.

Ya dumped us, remember?

The Texas Military Academy

or a facility called VGA.

Are you crazy?!
This is not OK. VGA?!

Let me have custody,
Your Honor.

- Alice!
- All right, now stop this,
both of you.

Haley, I leave it
to you to decide.

Where would you like to go?

Texas Military Academy,
Your Honor.

- VGA it is.
- What?

- [gavel pounds]
- [Haley] Meet
my worst nightmare.

Brice! VGA, are you crazy?
Don't do this to her!

So it's about
a three-hour drive.

Take as much time
as you need.

[* Styx: Renegade]


Where's my shit?

Right there.

So you're just dumping me?

Huh? Just giving up
and not even talking to me?

You're the one
that gave up, Haley.

Guess you learned that
from your mom.

Don't send me to VGA.

And what do you think
I should do? Huh?

I don't know what
to do with you.


You used to be
such a good kid.

That's so interesting.

You used to be
a good dad.

Guess we're even.

- Cracker!
- Cracker, wait up!

Aww. [chuckling]

Dude, you
didn't name names.

I would never
do that to you guys.

- So, what happened?
- Yeah, where you goin'?

Uh... juvy.
Outside of Houston.

- Can we visit?
- Yeah, when you bust me out.

Know how I feel.
Consider it done.

Well done.
Charred to a crisp.

- OK, we have to go, guys.
- Wait, wait. Take my phone.

Use it if they
don't take it.

- What are you gonna use?
- I'll steal my brother's.

I got really good shots
of that jump.

- That shit was legendary.
- Off the hook!

Later, Cracker!


- Did you catch that?
- What?

That I'm totally
her favorite? [chuckling]

Dude, why do you always gotta
bite my moment? It taste good?

[slurping] Delicious.


[marching calls]

Anybody home?

Anybody care?

[rock music]

[Haley] VGA.

Otherwise known as the
Vickerman Gymnastics Academy.

There's only one thing worse

than having no control
over your life.

It's being forced to live it
with people who hate you.

And I was suddenly the filling

in the middle
of an "I hate you" sandwich.

Meet the bread.

Ladies, read my mind.

Read my mind, ladies.

Burt Vickerman used to
whip up the best gymnasts

west of the Mississippi.

That is, until his gym
starting producing

more injuries than champions.

We'd never met, and I'd been
hoping to keep it that way.

Is my mind saying "relax"?

Maybe you can read my mind,
and it's completely lost.

Have I lost my mind?

Is that why you're
staring off into space?


- [Vick] Join us.
- What is she doing here?

[Haley] Joanne Charis.

Four-time national team member,
five-time national Haley-hater.

- [whistles]
- Why all the hate?

Well, when you walk out on
Worlds and lose Team USA
some team gold,

it's not personal.
It's national.

And in the world of gymnastics,

hating me was
practically a sport... and of itself.


...Haley Graham...
has very graciously

come out of retirement
to join us.

Being out of shape isn't funny.
No making fun of her.

- [Vick] Get dressed, Haley.
- [Haley] Yeah, uh...

I accidentally burned
all my leotards last year.

Hope this is OK.

- You warmed up?
- What, to you? No.

Stretch and join vault rotation.
Let's see where you're at.

We're warmin' up

Super. I'm goin' for
a "Butt-ahara."

- You mean a Tsukahara?
- No. I mean a "Butt-ahara."


[clearing throat]



Bing! Hm?

I know. My landing
was a little off.

Oh, no. Take a seat.

Just need to pick up
your run a little bit.

- Ivan can help you with that.
- Hmm?


[gasping, shouting]

Don't you dare fart.

Put me down, Shrek. Ow!

This isn't the real world.

This is my world.

You don't have to like me
or like it here.

But you do have to
respect it.


Respect? [laughing]
Is this how you respect people?

You throw 'em over a shoulder
and violate personal space?

Oh, goody.

I heard you were like this.
I'm so glad it's true.

Sorry, what is it that you've
done to earn my respect?

We have rules.
We have rules for training.


And the reason
that we have rules...

...and coaches is because
this is gymnastics.


That was rude. [sighs]

While danger and risk is
the reality of what we do,
Haley, it's calculated.

Can't be calculated
if you don't respect the laws.




The laws of gravity,
for instance.

OK, what's your point?

Look, I want you
to be back here tomorrow

at 10am, ready to train.

Or we can call the judge,
and you can go to jail.

Hey, you decide.

[Haley] Don't expect
me to train.

- And lose the hat tomorrow.
- [Haley] Lose the gum.

Good morning, ladies.

How's your neck?
Feeling better?

- It feels much better.
- Good, good.

Now, remember, stretch.

Morning, Haley.

- Hey.
- Be with you in a minute.

Now... Well, you know
about your daughter.

Your daughter is
the best one, I've gotta say.

I've never seen
anything quite like her.

We'd like to fast-track her
towards becoming an elite.

- That's 20 hours a week.
- Well, she's a star.

- [woman] She's six.
- Oh...

I've got two other kids.
That is a big commitment.

We'd have her nationally ranked
by the time she's ten.

Olympic track by age 13.
That's the gold.

- You mean the goal.
- Did I say gold? [laughs]

Well, you see?

I guess Madison and gold
are becoming synonymous for me.

[woman] I'll
have the check Tuesday.

- Wonderful.
- [Haley] Uh, yeah.

You got a lot of people
going to the Olympics.

Just wondering, um,

what country are they gonna
represent? State of Delusion?

- [woman] Good, job, girls.
- I'm so hot.
It's so hot outside.

Vick! When can we scrap
the old long-sleeve leotards?

We need new ones
for championships.

Every college
will be scouting me.


Not that you have
to worry about any of that.

New leotard might distract,
you know, the judges and scouts

from your lack of talent.
It's a solid strategy.

Gee, Pariah Carey, I wonder
why no one's scouting you.

Oh, I forgot, you don't matter.

That she can even
say the word "college"

is an indictment against
the whole institution.

Hey, Filibuster,
no one cares.

- Wei Wei. Those moves are
throwing off your routines.
- Sorry.

Storage closet. Now.


[woman with accent]
Pretty feet, pretty feet.

Point them hard,
and win the meet.

Very good. Yes.

[girl] Dorrie, did you
see the last one?

- [clapping]
- Wow.

Déjà-jealous, Haley?
Bring back memories?

We trained together
at Defrank's for how long?

That would be, uh...
too long.

And he'd give you so much
attention because you sucked.


Yeah, I sucked
my way to Worlds.

Glad to see you haven't lost
your love of accuracy, Joanne.

Well, at least I didn't make it
all the way to Worlds and..., choke.

[chuckling] Here,
let me show you how,

- you little...
- [screaming]

[woman] Hey!
Stop right now! Stop it!

I said, pointy feet,
not pointy words.

Pointy words
are mouth turds. God!

- [woman muttering]
- I'm OK. She's crazy.

I'm so jealous of Joanne
that I've actually

already memorized
her preschool beam routine.

Hey, easy.
I choreographed that routine.

[mimicking accent]
Your secret is safe with me.


We got some finger-flickin'
good choreography.

And the classic butt shelf.

[pretends to fart]
Joanne, how embarrassing.

Then we have some
useless bits of fluff

to get us from
point A to point B.

And induces the urge to vacuum.


- Mina, right?
- Yeah, Mina.

Mina, put down the phone.

[Haley] Can you tell Joanne

that I'm gonna take over
and do a real dismount?

Joanne, Haley's on the phone.
She's gonna do a real dismount.

I heard her, thank you.

How 'bout a double back?

You will not throw a double back
without training it first.

- [Haley] Close your eyes.
- Over my dead body.

- Little CPR might do you good.
- [Vick] Haley!



[Haley] Ahh...

Shall we share our philosophy
with Haley, ladies?

Speak my mind.
What are we about?

[all] Clean, safe routines,
guaranteed to stick.


Is he keeping
your brains in jars?

Or should I be concerned
about the water?

[Vick] Shall we show Haley
what discipline is all about?

Please join us, Haley.

Ehh. No, thanks.
I'm kinda tired.

Oh, all right. Fine.
Ladies, outside, now!

Point your toes, ladies.

You're gonna keep going
until Haley participates.

This is, like,
globally unfair.

- We're gonna be here all night.
- Lift your knees... Joanne.

[Joanne] This is totally
violating the penile code.



Hey! You guys.

What, do you want me
to pick the lock, or what?

Can you come let me in?

Oh, right. Thank you.

- [girl] Get lost!
- [sighing]

[car approaching]

Haley, let's go for a drive.

- ...deserve to be.
- A what?

Thank you, Lorelei,
that was delicious.

Actually, you know what?
I'm gonna finish this off...

- No, no.
- ...if that's OK.

- Thank you.
- Are you serious?

I heard you were
strict about diet,

but this is just rude.

Hey, you piss where I eat,
you don't eat.

Oh, but you do?

What, does this mean
you're eating my piss?

Well, that's disgusting.


What a charming
young lady you are.

Yeah, that's
what they say.

[exhaling deeply]

Listen, I don't suppose,
uh, college gymnastics

is on your to-do list,

Correct. College gymnastics
is one big fat to-don't.

Great. Then in
addition to sparing

innocent collegiate
gymnastics coaches everywhere,

you can keep
any purse money

that you might win,
free and clear.

I'm not competing
or training again. Ever.

Oh, you're gonna piss off
the judge and kiss 18 goodbye?

I guess.

- Hey.
- What the...?

The IG Classic is
comin' up in a month.

Now, you apply yourself,

you could win
some restitution money.

It could get ya outta here.
What do you think?

I think if you showed up
at the Classic with me

an angry mob would
probably cut your brakes.

- I got insurance.
- Really?

Well, no, thank you.

This sport is a total joke.

You know this.

Sorry to dis your
life's work and all. No offense.

Hey, none taken.

There's nothin' fair about
a girl landing a double pike

and losing a tenth 'cause
her toes weren't pointed.

Nothin' fair about judges
who don't have instant replay,

and they're lookin'
for perfection.

Can you imagine football
without instant replay?

- What about the rules?
- It'd be mayhem.

The Code of Point?

Yeah. I mean, it makes
conventionality good
and innovation bad.

What's the point?

How 'bout the fact
that you were one

of the greatest natural talents
the sport's ever seen? Hmm?

C'mon, you coulda been great.

[chuckling] You're
not actually pushing

the "you coulda
been great" speech.

You are a total cliché.
You realize that, right?

Oh, OK, come on, uh,
Original Recipe, let's hear it.

You give me the speech.

Fine. Uh...

Talent out of the ass.

Natural ability that
half the world's gymnasts

would kill for, and
you're flushing it away.

Don't flush
your life away, kid.

Step away from the bowl.


Well, you got
the words right anyway.

I wasn't great.
I was obedient.

I'm sick and tired
of being judged.

I don't need it.

- Fascinating.
- What?

For someone who
hates being judged,

you're one of the most
judgmental people I've ever met.

Come on.

Well, it's only about
five miles to the gym.

Just down here.
Hang a right at the gas station.

I know how to get back.

Oh, good. Hey.

Hey, Miss Rebel
Without Applause.

Tell you what... choose to compete in the
IG Classic, you can come back.

How's that?

Hike'll give you a chance
to think things over.

Yeah, well, what if I
choose not to come back?


...tell you the truth...

- [car starts]
- ...nobody cares.

Nobody cares what ya do.


I don't...

I have nowhere else to go.

Yeah, I know.

[* My Morning Jacket:
One Big Holiday]

- [Haley] Hey.
- Ew.

[Haley] What?

[Haley sighs]

Oh, how was
your run last night?

- Oh, fantastic, thank you.
- Yeah?

Listen, are you
being serious with me?

Because I've had enough
of lunatic adults for a while.

- I'll do what I said I'd do.
- For real.

I'll train you
for the Classic.

Help you win the purse.

Great. So then
here's the deal:

Uh, I'm not struggling
in front of those robots.

[Vick] All right.
I'll let you

train at the old gym till
you're ready to face the music.

- How's that?
- You're gonna trust me

to be in there alone
and if anything happens,

- I don't wanna hear...
- I got insurance.

Come on, get goin'.
You're in training, kid.

- Get goin'!
- What are you talking about?

No, I'm... We just discussed...
I... You suck!

[* Green Day: Brain Stew]

[Haley] Gymnastics
tells you "no" all day long.

It mocks you
over and over again.

Telling you, you're an idiot.

That you're crazy.

If you like running full speed
towards a stationary object,

vault's for you.

If you like peeling
pieces of skin

the size of quarters
off your hands,

bars is for you.

Because the only thing
more fun than rips

- is when your rips get rips.
- [thudding]

It's super sexy.

And floor...
Are you serious?

I mean, who doesn't wanna
parade around in a leotard

getting wedgies and
doing dorky choreography?


It's delicious.

[Haley] If you like falling,

then gymnastics
is the sport for you.


You get to fall on your face,

your ass, your back,
your knees and your pride.


Good thing
I didn't like falling.

[in melody] I loved it!


This mean you can
finally walk again?

Or should we keep the
icemaker on overdrive?

Question, they say
those who can't do, coach.

So I was wondering,
what's your excuse?

Ha, ha, ha. No excuse.

Missed a release move on
high bar, fractured my spine.

No biggie.

When I finally got
the OK to train... back up
on the tramp and,

you know,
things were different.

Threw a layout.
Threw a full. And, uh...

You know what? I'm not
tellin' you this story.

It's not even a story.
It's a nonevent.

Huh. You were scared.

Ow! Ow.

No. I was done.

I know exactly
what that feels like.

You chose to be done.

I didn't choose it,
my body did.

Well, you know,

I think you should get
back on the tramp.

To make sure you
still suck, ya know?

Yeah, no thanks.

Get off that thing and start
workin' skills on floor.

- You gonna be ready soon?
- Yep.

- Yeah? You gonna hurt yourself?
- Probably.

[Vick] Just as long as you don't
get blood on the equipment.

Too late.

You tackle the guard,
I'll grab Haley.

Why do I have to
tackle the guard? You're bigger.

I'll tackle the warden,
you find Haley.

Oh, now it's a warden.

- Shh!
- [whispering] What?



May I help you?

- May we?
- [chuckles]



- [boys] Oh.
- These yours?

- [Haley] Holy shit!
- Damn.

- What are you guys doing here?
- What's up? Cracker.

- Juvy, huh? You call this juvy?
- Hmm.

OK, trust me, Poot, this is
hard time, OK? He's crazy.

- Yeah.
- You've no idea.

We had maneuvers.
Check this out.

OK, boys.
Time to go.

- We're cool. Thanks.
- Yeah.

Come on, even prisons
have visiting hours.

They're scarin' the minivans
outta the moms next door.

Please. Those mommies
were totally hitting on us.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hitting on us?

Mommies and me, dude.
Mommies and me.

It's the devil's candy, boys.
Trust me. Say goodbye.

Whatever. What've
you been doing?

- Probably riding a ton.
- We've got this new location...

[whistling] Out!

- What's up your butt?
- What'd you say about my butt?

I... Um...

Whatever it is,
it's sideways.

Come on! Out! Out!
Come on!

No, but seriously,
you gotta come with us.

- We found this new, uh...
- I got new...

- Let's go. Come on.
- Whoa, gramps.

* Every party needs a Poot

* That's why we invited you
party pooper *

[boys whimpering]

Let's go.

You suck.

[Haley] The only reason
I'm doing these tricks

is because somebody
somewhere said,

"I don't care if this is nuts,
and I don't care if it hurts.

I'm doing it.

I'm gonna climb this
insanely high mountain.

Watch me."

When you're the first to climb
a new mountain in gymnastics,

they name it after you.
A Gienger.

A Rulfova.
A Chusovitina.

A Shaposhnikova.
They all rocked.

And we salute you.

Can you imagine making
it all the way to Worlds
and walking out?

It's totally insane.

I heard she was tanking her
double pikes in warm-ups.

I think she just choked.

[Haley] I can hear you...
and I'll kill you.

[rock music]

You're poppin' the clutch.
Losin' traction.

I'm not poppin' shit.

Oh, really?
You sure?

I'm so sure
I'm practically deodorant.

You are such
a con artist.

- What?
- Haley...

I'm not the one sellin' tickets
to the Olympic podium.

Why not throw something
you can actually land, hm?

Even better, why not live
to tell about it? Come here.

I'm competing this pass
at the Classic.

- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.

- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am. Know what?

If you think I'm getting
on the competition floor

with some stupid, watered-down,
cookie-cutter routine,

you are seriously senile.

Have you ever seen
anyone blow a knee?

- No.
- Do you wanna keep it that way,

or should we have an
ambulance on call for ya?

Call 'em up.

Do a handstand. Now.

You're pushin' it.

Let your clutch out slower.
Get some traction.

That way you won't be
fishtailing all over the place.

You won't crash.

- Stop flooring it.
- Way to build trust.

Couldn't resist.

You're poppin' your clutch.


I'm not gonna tell ya
to play it safe,

'cause I'd be wasting my time.

You wanna throw hard tricks,
throw hard tricks.

When you wanna control them,
see me. Hmm?


[whispering] Mat burn.

[man on TV]...World
Championships two years ago.

Team USA was just
one rotation away

from winning the gold medal.

Haley Graham was set
to go for the Americans,

last up on the floor.

Instead, she stunned
her teammates, spectators

and coaches alike by
walking out of the arena

and into an automatic

Why'd she walk out?

Few can forget the image
of teammate Tricia Skilken

crying as her dreams
of gold melted away.

Later this year, at 23,
Tricia will try

to make that World Championship
team one more time,

and win that elusive World
Championship hardware.


[* Fannypack Featuring
Mr. Vegas: Fire Fire]

How much are these?

[alarm wailing]

[alarm beeping]

[Vick] Tumble track, ladies.
Come on, warm up.

Ahh. And to what
do we owe this pleasure?

Don't make me say it.

Say what?

[whispers] I wanna
control my tricks.

What was that?
Did you say something?

[clearing throat]

[whispers] I want
to control my tricks.

I'm sorry, I'm having a very
difficult time hearing you.

Right. I'm not...

I know you can hear me.
You can hear me.

- Speak up.
- OK, great.

I want to control my tricks. OK?

Oh, you wanna
learn control.

But you know everything.
What could I possibly show you?

Vick? Can we retire the old
long sleeve competition leos?

I have a constitutional right
to bear arms.

[Haley sighs]

Woo-hoo. Bailey's back.
[choking sound]

Joanne, go do
your independent study.

Well, doesn't she
have to homeschool?


Tell the foxy moron
I got my GED when I was 15.

Joanne, Haley got her
GED when she was 15.

What's with all
the closed captioning?

OK? I'm not mute.

And GED? What does drunk driving
have to do with school?

I know it's tough.
Chest up if you can manage it.

Tight knees.

Feet above the beam.
Tight. Tight.

Tight knees. Tight.
That's seven.

Come on, just three more
skin the cats, ladies.

Flat hips on those levers.

Aw, come on,
those skin the cats

belong in the litter box,
ladies. Come on. Concentrate.

Get used to this kinda pain.

You know you've
got to endure this.

[Haley] Elite gymnastics is
like the Navy SEALS, only...

- ...harder.
[Vick] We're
only a half hour in.

And there are like,
2,000 Navy SEALS,

but there are only
200 elite gymnasts.

I guess that's because
most kids'd rather

have a life than
spend six hours a day

training tricks
that could kill you.

Look, don't be fooled
by the leotards, people.

The things gymnasts do make
Navy SEALS look like wusses.

And we do them without a gun.

[Vick] Relax your face.
Relax your face.

Relax your face.
Here, here, here.

- Relax that.
- [screaming]

Your muscles.

[rock music]

Based on progress and
consistency in workouts,

I've selected
the four athletes

who will compete
in the IG Classic.

They are... Lacey...



...and Joanne.

- What? What about me?
- What about you?

- Our deal?
- Made this selection
based on who's ready.

If you were ready,
you'd be on the list.

- You just get to decide?
- Yes.

They get spots handed to them?
What about the rest of us?

I don't like what
you're instimulating.

- "Instimulating"?
- I have totally earned my spot.

- Girls.
- I'm practically a Dalmatian.

Dalmatians are
born with spots.

They don't earn them,
which is exactly my point.

Dogs are people too, Haley.

Very nice, Joanne. Touché.

Thank you.

All right.
You know what?

Take whoever, Vick.

Nobody cares.
Nobody cares what ya do, Vick.

Nobody cares what you do.

They're all lazy.

Put some fire under their
gluteus and make competition.

All right, all right,
all right, all right.

You know, Haley
makes a good point.

Why not an in-house competition?

Because we no lo need-o.

Let's get back to work,

No killing Haley in her sleep.


You know, I would be nervous
if I were you too.

The judge on the end
is a tumbling tyrant.

If you even think about
under-rotating, she'll deduct.

Yeah, I know.

The one next to her...

about handstands.

I'm talking, hit your vertical
or die, ladies.

And please,
please, for me,

watch out for the
vault dick on the end.

If you don't stick it,
you pretty much don't exist.

- Am I right, Haley?
- Are you still pimping
that speech?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

She's psychin' you out.
Look, ignore her.

When I get nervous,
I have this ritual. OK?

I just look at the judges,

and I picture them
in their ugly

blue blazers,
trying to do what I can do.

[* Perry Como: Papa Loves Mambo]

Whatever ya do...
don't picture them naked.

- It's really gross.
- [chuckling] Too late.

[* Electric Six:
Dance Commander]


So the winner today is...

- ...Wei Wei.
- [girls clapping]

Mina was second,
followed by Haley.

- And then...
- Mm? Huh?

Joanne will be an alternate.

- [girls giggling]
- What?!

I am nationally ranked.
I am not an alternate.

Joanne, you've already
qualified for Championships.

- Mom.
- The Classic
could be a qualifier

for those who aren't currently
ranked. Come on, fair is fair.

This meet was a joke.

Come on.

- Déjà-jealous, Joanne?
- [giggling]


Do you have anything
to say to me?

Yeah. Who taught you
to control your landing? Hm?

Some guy.

- [Dorrie] Watch your rotation.
- [Vick] Morning, ladies.

- Whoa.
- Don't force it, Lacey. Easy.

- Joanne.
- [Joanne] Hmm?

I need you to lend Haley
your team leo for the Classic.

- Ew!
- Ew! Unsanitary.

- Yeah.
- Ow! [grunting]

[girls] Ohh!

Joanne, pack your bags.

Lacey, I need you to lend
Haley your leo for the Classic.



[* Jurassic 5: The Game]

- Good luck, girls.
- Later.

Wait. Do you have a license
to practice gymnastics?

It was revoked. Get in.

[Vick] I'll see ya
in there.

- Hey.
- Hi.

What do they have
that we don't have?

- [girl] Yeah.
- Uh, lives.



Just ignore 'em.

You're gonna
shut up and drive.

[crowd boos]

Well, at least
no one here hates you.

Yet. I mean,
you're new.

You can make a splash.
Let it rip.

Let what rip?

Make the judges look.

But I'm not talking
about putting a cute smile

on your face as if
they're doing you a favor.

Make them look. If you're
gonna eat mat, ya eat mat hard.

Don't play it safe.

Ya gotta throw your best tricks
as hard as you can.

- Haley!
- Hey, Haley! What's up?

[boys scream]

- Woo!
- Hey, man.

[girl] Hey.

That was for Worlds.

Are you kidding me?!

- D'you see that?
- What?

You OK?

Take a minute.
Go clean up.

Buy yourself a new leo
at the concession stand outside.

- Here. You OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Hmm?
- Yeah, I can handle it.




Can you believe this?

- Did you see it?
- Yeah, I saw it.

Are you... totally covered
in soda or what?

- Thank you.
- I'm so pissed at that kid.

We were totally gonna
throw drinks on you.

I feel so upstaged.

They think they can
just hate on you like that?

I know. Who do
they think they are?

They're fakers.
Can't stand fake Haley-haters.

It's a bloody outrage
I tell ya.

We hate Haley more, people,
so get in line!

Would you shut up?

- [Poot] Can't I be upset?
- [Haley] Can I go compete now?

- Can I eat?
- [sighing]

- I'm so hungry.
- Let's get some nachos.

You know boys?

Yes. They're called friends.
You should try it sometime.

[hip-hop music]

[Vick] OK, Wei Wei,
control it now.

Let's focus.

- Come on, Wei Wei, let's go!
- You got it. Come on,
let it rip.

Tighten up. Push up.

[whispering] Let it rip.

You know
what you're doing.

[Mina] Let's go.
Come on!


- [audience gasps]
- Dude.

- [Mina] All right, Wei Wei.
- [Haley] Way to go!

Good job, Wei Wei.

[audience clapping]

[indistinct talking]
Hm? What happened?

Looked like you were
goin' for a one and a half?

- What happened?
- Uh... I don't know.

It's OK now.
Shake it off.

Get in on the board now.

[audience] Oh!

How did we not know
about this sport?

[audience clapping]

What the hell was that?!

Since when are you
throwin' double fronts?

[Vick] Hmm?

- What was that?
- Nothing.

Nice double front.

That was amazing. Who cares
if you took a few steps?

- The judges.
- Whatever. You rock.

- What're you doing? Hmm?
- Don't worry, I'm doing
what I practiced.

- No, listen. Li...
- Not gonna make you look bad.

This isn't about
me looking bad.

You're not here
to coach the girls.

You're here to place top three,
win some money and get out.

You do your job,
let me do mine.

Fine, then I'm
flooring it.

You should really
try it some time.

Don't do it.

- Come on, Haley, let it rip.
- Woo! Let's go, Haley!

Come on, you got it.

[rock music]

[audience cheering]

- All right, Haley!
- Woo! Yeah...

Too much rock
for one hand, baby!

[* Adam Ant: Goody Two Shoes]

[crowd groans]


[audience gasps]

- It's all right.
- Nice stick, Wei Wei.

Stop being so nasty, Joanne.

It's not called

Don't you see what she's doing?
She wants you to do

your hardest tricks because
she knows you'll mess up.

She's been practicing that stuff
in the old gym for weeks now.

She's trying to
get you guys to mess up

so she can win
the prize money. Duh.

[audience clapping, cheering]

Can you believe Chris Defrank
is here with Gloria? Pipsqueak.

[Joanne] We trained together at
Defrank's for what, five years?

[Haley] Ugh,
I can't stand him.

She should get at least
two-tenths deducted
for that hair.

Or not.

Haley! Haley!
Over here.

Hi, honey.
I miss you, sweetheart.

I missed you so much.
Hey, you're doin' a great job.

I need to talk about
comin' back with Chris.

Doesn't look good, having you
trainin' with somebody else.

- No.
- Hey, hey, hey.

You owe Chris
some respect.

I don't respect people
who don't respect me.

I suppose you think
Burt Vickerman respects you.

Actually, I do.

The only thing Burt Vickerman
respects is money.

He cares about
cash and cashing in.

And if your daddy
hadn't paid him off,

you'd be sittin' at Texas
Military Academy right now.

What do you mean, "paid him
off"? Everybody there pays.

Your daddy called
every elite gym in the country.

Nobody wanted you.

Honey, your dad's
payin' four times

what every other
girl there is payin'.

[chuckling] You thought
he was on your side?


He only has one side. His.

- I gotta go warm up beam.
- Haley.

- You need some lipstick.
- No. Mom.

- Let me, let me, let me...
- Don't!

Keep it up, hon.
You're doin' great.

Stand up straight.
Eyes and teeth, sugar.

Arms. Arms. Spot.
That's it.

- [Vick] Nice.
- [Haley] What?

You wanna win the purse,
we get it.

Yeah. I hope we ate mat
hard enough for you.

[Vick] Flat hips.

Today's not just
about you, ya know.

Expected more out of you.


[Vick] OK,
tight knees now.

- [audience clapping]
- Whoo!

[Poot] Oww!

- Oh!
- [audience claps]

[audience groans]

- It's all right. Let's go!
- Come on, Haley!

[sparse applause]

Shake it off, Haley.
Come on.

You got another event.
Let's finish big.

Warm up, Mina.

Let's go. 'Scuse me.


Don't do this again.

Let's go back in there
and finish this meet. Come on.

Don't bail again.
Finish the meet.

- Finish it for yourself!
- [Haley] For me?

Yeah, you know,
you said something

about the fact that
this was about me.

You know, helping me.
My freedom.

You forgot to tell me about the
part you were cashing in on it.

Haley. I meant
everything I said.

I never lied to you.

Everything you said
was an insurance policy

to get those fat checks
from my father.

Haley, you're not
leaving like this.

You're gonna go back in there.
Finish this meet.

Don't make this another Worlds.

- No.
- Don't bail.

You don't know
the first thing about Worlds.

Fine, I give up.
You know, we gave it a shot.

I'm gonna talk
to your father.

Maybe you should
go back to Defrank's.

- Chris Defrank's?
- Hey...

You want me to
go back to Defrank's?

Well, you don't listen to me.

You know? Clearly you listened
to him long enough to...

Yeah, long enough to
hook up with my mom.

- [whimpers]
- Hmm?

Long enough for him to... my family apart.

Oh, hey. When d...?

When did ya find this out?

Before floor... Worlds.

Aw, Haley, I...

I had no idea.

- I'm sorry.
- You know what?

You didn't owe it to me
to be a decent coach.

You owed it to me to be
a decent human being.


[exhaling deeply]

[revving engine]

You tanked like a rock star.
That was insane.

Yeah, right.

Hey, Haley, can I
ask you something?

And I'm being
completely serious.

Why do girls wear so much
glitter and clippage
in their hair?

I mean, that is some
uptight friggin' hair. Right?

How do leotards not
ride up their butts?

- Yeah, good one.
- Tuf-Skin.

They have ass calluses?

[laughing] No. Uh...

It's just this sticky stuff
you spray on your butt

so the leotard doesn't ride up.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Can I get that job?
I wanna be Tuf-Skin.

- Shut up.
- Hey.

What would happen
if you put

some of that Tuf-Skin
stuff on tough skin?

Your head would
stick to your butt.

Why would my head
stick to my butt?

'Cause your head's
already up there! Ah!

Don't worry, Frank... head's up my butt too.


Oh. Have a seat, Haley.

I'd like you to read something
for me, please, out loud.

Second paragraph.

Uh... "The gymnastics world,
like the real world,

can be a very unforgiving place.

As I know all too well,

there might be too much
chalk on the blackboard

for her to get a clean slate,

competing with me
or anyone else.

And Haley has earned
the right to a clean slate.

She's quite capable of
deciding what's best for her.

And I encourage the court
to include her perspective

in its decision.
Sincerely, Burt Vickerman."


That's all, Haley.
You're free to go.

What about the restitution?

Oh, that's been taken care of.

Be good.

Sounds like
you're built for it.

Thank you.

You know, Haley,

there are a lot
of great people

who had jerks for parents.

We gotta stick together.

[rock music]

- [Haley] The tights?
- [Poot] What are they?
In Special Ed?

- You'd know, huh?
- Nice.

- Whatever.
- [chuckling]

Hey, guys,
I have a gut feelin'

somethin' bad's
gonna happen.

- What?
- What do you mean, dude?


Oh! Dude,
keep it over there!


- Oh!
- [Frank] What? I can't hold it.

Stay tight in the air.

Oh, nice! Nice. Nice.


You got through an entire letter
without using the word "gold."

- It was tough.
- [laughing]

And the restitution.
I mean, was that...?

Give us a sec, would ya?

[clearing throat]

Look, don't... uh, don't
read anything into it.

- You didn't have to do that.
- I...

I paid with your father's money.

You know what? I, uh...

[clears throat]
I completely misjudged you.

[sighs] Hmm.

I've decided I'm gonna
take you to Championships.

You know, show you
how to really do it.

Come on,
you're high on chalk.


Who even said you could stay?
I didn't say you could stay.

- Haley!
- Hey, Mina.

- Hey.
- Hey, Wei Wei.

- We're so sorry.
- Yeah.

Joanne kind of

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don't worry, I understand.

Listen, I'll stay
on one condition.

Oh, this I gotta hear.

Does it involve you
and self-imposed silence?

Get back on the tramp.

[Haley] You girls
wanna see Vick do a layout?

He's so, like, old, though.

- Hey.
- [Mina] Uh, he
might break a hip.

No. He'll be fine.
Come on.

I'll go to Championships if
you get on the tramp right now,

and you do a layout.

- It's your call.
- Don't do it, Vick.

This is a really bad idea.

Come on, Vick.

[girls] Vick!
Vick! Vick! Vick!

If you get on this tramp,
you will have a cardiovasectomy.

I will have
a cardiovasectomy.

Come on, Vick!
Come on! Come on, Vick!

- [Wei Wei] You can do it!
- [Joanna] Guys. Peer pressure.

- [shouting] Ah!
- Think about your weenus.


- Come on, Vick!
- Go, Vick!

Vick! Vick!
Vick! Vick!

- Layout!
- Layout! Layout!

- [girl] Come on, Vick!
- Layout! Layout! Layout!

- [cheering]
- OK, you can come down now.

How 'bout a full?

- What?
- [girl] Yeah, boy!

- Yeah!
- [screaming]

- [girl] Oh, no!
- [Dorrie] Oh, my God.

I told you so.

[groaning] Call 911. Ohh!

- Bye, Vick.
- He can't hear you.

- [car approaching]
- [boys shouting]


- What's up?
- Hiya.

Hey, ladies!
How ya doin'?

[all] Hi.

I'm Poot, and this is
my hetero life-mate, Frank.

And we're here to be
your hosts for this evening

- 'cause we're goin' out! Ow!
- [cheering]

No, we aren't. We have
workouts to finish.

Who died and
made you Nadia?

[Wei Wei]
You know you wanna go.

We can't just leave.
Championships are
three weeks away.

Our routines
need to be perfect.

Put some clothes on
and get in the truck.
We're goin' out.


- Come on!
- Yeah!

Come on.

[girls squealing]

Can you speak?

[Frank] Can you do anything
besides gymnastics?


OK. Anything to
get out of this 'tard.

That's "leotard"
without the "leo."

In case
you were wondering.

Dude, she's hot.

What? You don't think
she's hot? I think she's hot.

Dude, she has
an apple butt.

- A what?
- An apple butt.

[* Fannypack: Nu Nu
(Double J & Haze Extended Mix)]

Whoops. [giggling]

OK, now my turn.

So is Frank your, like,
boyfriend or something?

Like, no.

- Is Poot?
- No.

- Why not?
- Ew!

So they're, like, fair game?

- Ye...
- Hey, stupid.

I prefer the term
"meat," please.

That was spastic.

Thank you.

May I accompany you
to the jellybeans?

You may.

After you, milady.


We're out of the starlet blue.
We're out, we're out, we're out.

- Excuse me. I'll take this one.
- OK.

- And I'm so sorry about them.
- Why? It's hilarious.

- Hey.
- Hey.

We also have that style
with spaghetti straps.

Huh. So, uh, why
are you buying a dress?

Because you're
taking me to your prom.

Well, shouldn't you
be buying a tux? Just kidding.

We can both
wear dresses.

Don't worry.
I'll totally shave.


[Frank] I have a gut feelin'
somethin' bad's gonna happen.

- [Poot] Oh, dude!
- [all laughing, groaning]

- [Poot] Woo-hoo!
- [Frank screams]

[chatting, laughing]

- Bye-ya.
- Later.

- Call you guys later.
- Sweet.

Maybe. Maybe not.

- Poot?
- Yes.

- We have a lot to review.
- We do?

Bye, geeks, I'm out.

- Later.
- See ya.

When is your prom?

I need time, dates,

And you better be
getting me a corsage.

Are you kidding me?
She's a bitch.

- Dude.
- What?

You heard me, Miss Bossy Booty.
I don't like how you act.

Dude, I totally
hate you right now.

Uh, see, what Frank is
really tryin' to say is,

um, it would
be my honor.

You think I'm a bitch?


Yeah, kinda, I do.

But I don't have the problem
with it that Frank does.

I mean, he's gay.

- Call me.
- Stalk you.

Dude, I don't even
know you anymore.

What's a corsage?

The universal sign for...
[whipping sound] ...whipped.

Dude, what's so wrong
about bein' whipped?

When is that
a bad thing? Ever?

Huh. Good point.

* I'm going to prom

* I'm going to prom
I'm going to prom *

I'm going to prom.
Can you believe it?

Mommy, I'm going to prom.

- No. No. No. No.
- [squeaking] I'm going to prom.


We did not...
Stop dancing.

Stop it!

We did not move here from
Wichita so you could go to prom.

I just wanna go to one prom.

They don't give out
tiaras at Championships.

We moved here so you
could go to the Olympics.

- Phyllis.
- Mom.

The Olympics
are ages away.

Prom is, like,
any minute.

- OK.
- Phyllis.

You are a 24-hour gymnast.

Not part-time.

I know.

- Phyllis.
- [Phyllis] And...

...we have an agreement
that you agreed to honor.

You are not going to the prom.
End of discussion.

- OK.
- [Vick] May I?

Phyllis, now Joanne
is a lovely gymnast.

I think we oughta get real
about her chances

of making the Olympic team.

The only reason we're here
is because we agreed

that she'd be going
to the Olympics.

I know. I know.

[Vick] I, uh...

I guess I lied. Hmm?

Look, everyone...

Everyone wants to hear
that their kid is special.

And they are.

And maybe they're
going to the Olympics.

- "Maybe."
- Yes. Maybe they will.

[Phyllis] We don't
pay for "maybe."

People told me I was nuts
to bring Joanne here.

And they were right.

I'm just glad that I'm getting
her out of here in one piece.

A coach who's
a has-been

doesn't coach champions.

He just makes
more has-beens.

Goodbye, Burt.

You will miss me.

are three weeks away.

- Where we gonna go?
- I'll coach you myself.

I thought you
wanted her to win.

And what would you know
about winning?

Joanne. You're more
than welcome to stay.


Josie, let's go.

I think I'm gonna
go to prom first.

[rock music]

[woman directing gymnasts]

Are you OK?

Oh, it's just... I haven't
had four girls qualify

for Championships
in a long time.

Define "long."

[sighing] Actually, I haven't
had four girls qualify...


Are you gonna cry?

No, I'm not gonna cry.

It's just...

[stuttering] It's a nice thing.
It's beautiful.

- Jesus, Hay.
- What? You can cry.

Doesn't make you
any less of a man, Vicki.

Come on,
I won't tell the parents.

[techno music]

[man] Welcome to
the Neutrogena National
Gymnastics Championships.

Hello, everybody.
I'm Tim Dagget,

joined along
with Elfi Schlegel.

It is two days of gymnastics
competition on tap.

Today, the all-around finals.

Day two, the
individual event finals.

Think of the difference
as a jack-of-all-trades

versus an individual-event

She should do her routine,
then warm up.

- They're already stretched.
- They need to warm up.

- No.
- They've been stretching.

[sighing] Oh, crap.

Hm, Vickerman. Must be
some crutches around somewhere.

Tonight, the
all-around competition,

where the top six qualify
for a berth on the World Team.

The longtime favorite,
Tricia Skilken,

is hoping to make her
fifth and final World Team

before her retirement.

While gymnastics wild child,
Haley Graham, has come out

of retirement to try to
make it for the second time.

Will her pyrotechnics
rise to the occasion?

Or will she simply flame out?

Few can forget
Haley Graham's walkout

of the World Championships
two years ago.

Haley was last to go
on the floor exercise

when she shocked fans and
teammates by exiting the arena

and walking into an
automatic disqualification.

That stroll knocked Team USA

completely out
of medal position.

If ever there was
a score to settle,

it's between Tricia Skilken
and Haley Graham.


I didn't mean
to wreck your Worlds.

Mine was disintegrating and...

I wrote you a note, apologizing.

I don't know
if you got it or not.

[Tim] We have a tremendous
amount of talented athletes
out on the floor.

One of them, Haley Graham,
brings a lot of potential

to this US team. She could
medal internationally

on virtually all
of the apparatus.

Super power, huge difficulty,

but she is not known
for her consistency.

And, Elfi, when ya get right
down to it, in gymnastics,

consistency over flash
is what rules the day.

[Elfi] And, Tim, we have
to remember that for Haley,

it's her record
and her reputation that will

really be the only thing
stopping them

from handing her that valuable
one-way ticket to Rome

and the World Championships,
later on this year.

[Haley] It's the
same old Championships,

but I am a totally
different person.

And even though I'm pretty
sure that I'll be judged

for who I was
and not who I am,

I know I have to face this.

Four events and
four judges per event.

That's 16 judges ready to
tell us just how badly we suck.

Sixteen people ready to tell us
just how perfect we're not.

But here we are...
chasing perfection.

The problem is,
perfection doesn't exist.

But just try telling that
to the judges.

[audience claps and cheers]

Where'd ya find
those deductions?

- The floor? Trash?
- 'Scuse me? Can you move?

Oh, very clever.
No, no, we decided
her start value is

a nine-point-eight,
not a ten.

You know the strength
required for that?

You realize what you're
doin' to this girl?

- I'm aware, thank you.
- This about her routine?

Look, we don't want
to encourage the girls

to attempt such a dangerous
skill and risk injury.

Surely, you know,
with your track record,

you could understand that.
I mean, probably, anyway.

- Oh, I understand. Believe me.
- Could you move, please?

[Haley] It doesn't
matter how hard we run
or how high we flip.

Leave your hands
on the vault table too long,


If you use one arm instead
of two, big deduction.

And if your feet
clip the vault

before they hit the floor...
you're done.

So you say you want lyrics
in your floor music?

[chuckling] Huge deduction.

Music finishes,
but you don't?

Two-tenths deduction.

It doesn't matter
how well you do.

It's how well
you follow their rules.

And that just blows.

[Tim] It's a
little bit crazy, Elfi,

that Nastia Liukin threw
a quad twist on floor exercise

and got a deduction
on a silly technicality.

I can't believe it.

It's a commentary on judging
and how it's gotta change.

[Elfi] Haley Graham gave the
performance of her life tonight.

No way she should've ended up
seventh in the standing.

[Tim] She might've been
shut out of the all-around,

but the judges can't keep her
outta the event finals tomorrow.

Well, Tricia,

How does this win compare to
other competitions for you?

It felt so great.

I just wanted to go in
and hit four for four

and qualify for Worlds
one last time.

And, um, winning was
just icing on the cake.

What about
Haley Graham out there?

Given your history, how did
it feel competing with her?

It was so great
competing with Haley again.

Um, I wish her
all the very best.

- OK. Good luck in the future.
- Thank you.

Your routines
were amazing.

You'll win floor at
event finals for sure.

- No. I didn't even qualify.
- That is so lame.

Stop whining.

- Diva.
- Dee-vil.


[* Jeannie Ortega: Crowded]

I think you are
a very good coach.

- Really?
- I do.

There's a little action
in the back section?

- That's not too bad.
- Not... not good.

I wouldn't, ya know...
Oh, yikes. Those two.

I worked with her
last year. Nightmare.

- [exhaling]
- On Elm Street.

- Have you seen her face?
- [chuckling]

- Hey. Scotch. Neat, please.
- Yes, sir.

Hey, Burt, how ya doin'?
Good job today.

That Haley is a handful,
isn't she? [laughs]

What do ya mean?

Oh, come on, Burt,
I built that kid.

I mean, you can
glom on for the ride,

but everyone knows
who built her.

Make no mistake, buddy.

Yeah, that "kid"...

That kid is here
in spite of you, Chris.

You're kidding.

[laughs] You know,

if I didn't have
four girls competing tomorrow,

I'd kick your ass
just for thinking

you had anything
to do with her.

She might not
have medaled,

but at least she can
still walk, right?

Good job, Burt.


[rock music]

[Haley] Every girl here
wants the same thing:

To justify this
crazy thing we do

and stand on that podium
and be the best.

And we want it so bad we will
fight each other for it.

But who are we really
competing against?

I mean, we all wanna win,

but should we be
fighting each other...

...or the officials?

You know, maybe they
judge us so harshly
because of one thing:

They really wanna be like us.
I mean, everyone knows...

...they're just jealous.


How are you?


Did you have
work done?

You look great.
I'll see ya later.

- Thanks!
- We'll talk later?

That's not an answer.

First up on vault
is Mina Hoyt.

And, Elfi,
she is vaulting

a handspring
double front somersault.

Has a start value
out of a 10.0.

Very few gymnasts
perform this vault

because it is so
incredibly difficult.

I haven't seen one done
since Produnova of Russia

dominated with it
nearly a decade ago.

Her body will flip over
three times in the air

and somehow
find the floor.

[Elfi] And, Tim, I just
saw her do it moments ago

in the warm-up.
It is unbelievable.

[Haley] Come on, Mina.
Let's go.

- [heartbeat]
- [Joanne] Let's go, Mina.

[cheering, screaming]

Go, Mina!

[Tim] That was incredible.

The height, the distance.
Bam! The stuck landing.

If they don't give her a ten
on this, there is no justice.

Come on, judges,
give her a ten.

[Elfi] How can they not?

[audience booing]


[Tim] Elfi. Whoa,
I can't believe it.

A nine-five?
This is an outrage.

- [Elfi] Tim, I'm shocked.
- [whispering] Oh, crap.

You're not supposed
to be up here, Burt.

Where is this deduction
coming from? Hmm?

[scoffing] Her bra strap
was showing, Burt.

It's an
automatic deduction...

- Come on!
- ...if an
undergarment's showing.

That rule...

Doris, she's
flipping through the air.

She's spinning, Doris.
Of course her bra popped out.

That rule is ancient.

Apparently, so is her bra.

[clears throat]

Don't make me
red card you, Burt.

I really don't
wanna red card you, OK?

Vick. [whispering]
Vick, don't. Come on.

Even I think that's low.

And I should be happy.
I mean, I wanna win.

Your bra was sticking out.

[shouting] One-tenth off because
her bra was sticking out.

[audience booing]

I've never even heard of that.

They didn't deduct her
because of her bra.

They deducted her
because I'm her coach.

Come on, Haley.
You're up.

[Tim] This is where
the sport loses fans.

The system, the judging,
it's too confusing.

The crowd just saw
a spectacular skill.

They don't understand why a
gymnast is not rewarded for it.

- That's wrong.
- [Mina] Come on. You got it.

[audience cheering, applauding]

Come on, Haley.

[* Blink 182: Anthem Part Two]

Come on, Haley.

[audience cheering]

Did she just scratch?

[Elfi] An intentional scratch

from Haley Graham
in event finals.

This has never happened before.

Way to stick it.

Next time you should
stick out your tongue too.

I would, but my coach likes it
when I control my tricks.


That was for you.

Come on, Joanne.
Let's get out there.

- [Mina] Come on. You got it.
- Joanne!

[Tim] She is walking
down the runway?

There is something really weird
going on here today, Elfi.

[Elfi] You can say
that again, Tim.

[Tim] There is something really
weird going on here today, Elfi.

[Tim] Elfi, I have
never seen this before.

Back-to-back athletes
scratching intentionally.


I couldn't let you have
all the attention.

[Tim] 'Cause of the scratching,
looks like Mina Hoyt

is going to be the
new national vault champion.

[Elfi] This is unprecedented.

My God, I'm the
new vault champ.

- I know!
- Woo!

And I loved not going.

I mean, if we chose
the winner on every event,

we could actually control
the results for a change.

Oh, my God,
you're right.

Since when
are you brilliant?

I don't know.
Since now.

You guys, we are going to
scratch and let Nastia...

- Yeah. Absolutely.
- She's the best.

[audience cheering]

- This is ridiculous.
- [audience] Woo!

Whoo! Good job, Gloria!

[Tim] The judges are
trying to figure out

what is gonna happen.
I'm not so sure either, Elfi.

- Come on, Nastia!
- [Elfi] She's goin' for it.

[Tim] Well, Elfi,
we've seen five athletes,

and no one's done that,
right there, an element.

So that means that she is
going to be the uneven bar

champion just by
that skill alone.

[audience cheers]

- [screaming]
- Whoo-hoo!

Way to go, Nastia!
Amazing. She's amazing.

- I'm so glad we picked her.
- Whoo!

- I'm so glad we picked her.
- Picked her?

[audience cheers]

[Tim] Unreal.
That rocked.

Nastia Liukin will be
the new uneven bar champion.

Well, the athletes have spoken.

And there will be no silver,
no bronze medals on bars today.


It was everybody.

[Tim] After what happened to

Nastia Liukin and
Wei Wei Yong yesterday

and Mina Hoyt today,

I think it's safe to say
the athletes are

sending the judges a message.

[Elfi] This is historic, Tim.

I've never seen this kind of
organized rebellion before.

Are you going to tell me who is
going to compete and who isn't?

You're not going
to tell me, are you?


'Cause there are alternates
who would like to compete.

They can't do anything.
He's trying to save his butt.

Tricia's gonna compete.
So selfish.

Game over.


Haley, I don't have to go.

I can scratch, and we can
still make our point.

No, no, no, we picked you.
We wanna see your routine.

It's your call.

OK. Cool.

[Tim] We have seen
scratch after scratch.

The meet director,
prior to this event,

he decided to put in the
alternate, Tricia Skilken,

because he thought for sure
he'd get a routine out of her.

We'll see.

Here comes her big
acrobatic moment right here.

Connected together.

Two aerial skills,
very nicely done.

Is this how you feel
when you watch my routine?

Uh, yeah.

I am so sorry.

[Elfi] She's looking
really secure in this routine.

Vary exact in all her movements.

Now, she does do
a very interesting skill

that's coming up here.

[Tim] Two in a row.
Very nicely done.

Illusions, they're called.

[snorting] What'd I miss?
Just kidding.

[Elfi] Just the dismount left.

[audience cheers]

Double twist.
Excellent job.

Why don't you
just make out.

Whaddya think, huh, Wei Wei?
Beat that.

Oh! I'm so
shakin' things up.

That's right.

- Come on. You got this.
- Let's see what ya got.

- Come on, Wei Wei!
- Come on, Wei Wei! Whoo!

[Tim] I think the judges
are trying to figure out

what is gonna happen.
I'm not so sure either, Elfi.

[Elfi] She's goin' for it.

[Tim] Yeah, looks like
we got another routine.

[Haley] Good job!

[Joanne] All right, Wei Wei!

[* K7: Come Baby Come]

[audience cheering]


[audience cheering]

- [screaming]
- [cheering]

[Tim] Well, it's very original,
but I'm afraid the judges

probably won't know what
to do with that routine, Elfi.

[Elfi] With those scores,
Tricia will get the gold,

and Wei Wei will
take home a silver.

So it is old school
versus new school.

Tricia Skilken,
a longtime judges' favorite.

- Very consistent.
- Lookin' good.

[Tim] In contrast, Haley,
raw power, huge start values,

but she is not known
for her consistency.

And, Elfi, when ya get right
down to it, in gymnastics,

consistency over flash
is what rules the day.

Go ahead, scratch.
You're all zeroes anyway.

Tricia, this is
not about winning.

I'm not here
to screw you over.

Oh. Too late.

Fine. Then I'll scratch
if you want the moment.

But this?

This is much bigger
than you and me.

[Tim] Well, like we said, they
were warming up their tumbling,

but we've seen four athletes
scratch so who knows what

Haley's gonna decide to do?

If she's gonna do
the whole thing,
if she's gonna do nothin'.

- Come on!
- [Tim] I don't have a clue.

- [Joanne] You got it!
- [girl] Go, Haley!

[Haley] There are things you
wish for before big moments.

I wish my friends were here.

[sighing] God. I wish
my parents were different.

I wish there was someone
who got what was happening,

and could just look at me
and tell me we weren't crazy.

That we weren't being stupid.

Someone to say,

"I'm proud of you.

And I got your back.
No matter what."

Haley, Haley.

What's wrong?

Nothing. Listen...

I, uh... I just
want you to know...


That, uh...


- I'm so...
- Don't.

No, no, no, no, no.
I'm so...

...proud to be your coach.

Now, don't you dare hold back.

And floor it. Mm-hm?

Let's go, Haley!
Come on!

[audience cheering]

[Joanne] Come on, Haley.
Let it rip!

[* Fall Out Boy: Our Lawyers
Made Us Change the Name of This
Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued]

- [screaming]
- [cheering]

- Come on!
- You can do it!
Come on, Haley!

[Mina] Come on, Haley!

[Mina] Come on.
Let's see it!

[all cheering]

- [cheering]
- [girl] Go, Haley!

Yeah, Haley!

[girl] Yeah, Haley!

- [audience cheering]
- [cameras clicking]

[Haley laughing]

[laughing, crying]

[crowd booing]


[audience cheering, clapping]




[Haley] As we got our totally
fake first-place medals,

I realized gymnastics wasn't
there to judge me or dis me.

Only I could do that.

I couldn't look back and
think it was about the judges

or the parents
or the coaches at all.

It was about us.
And for us.


And that felt totally
first-place real to me.

I'm glad it did.
I think it's important

that we controlled
the results for once.

- and give the judges...
- [phone ringing]

Oh, excuse me.

Hey, what's up?

Yeah, just one second.
She's right here.

And, technically, I was
the second to scratch,

but I got
the ball rolling...

Oh, I'm sorry.
Just one second.
This is for you.

Poot? I wanted a pink corsage,
but white will work.

You'll never guess
what I did today.

[reporters] Carly!

One second, guys. Would
y'all sign my program?

- Wha...?!
- Oh, my gosh...


So amazing.

Haley. Haley.

- I need to talk to you.
- OK.

I got some really
bad news to tell ya.


How much do ya hate
college gymnastics? Hmm?

I decided not to hate things
I've never tried.

All these schools want me?

- Well, where should I go?
- Eh, you'll figure it out.

Maybe I should just
tell 'em to stick it.

Oh, yeah, like you
know how to stick it.

- Uh, my feet were glued.
- Yeah, to a high-speed bus.

You're the one that
told me to floor it.

[chuckling] Yeah,
you floored it all right.

[rock music]

[Vick] Huh?

[Vick] You did it, kid.

[* Missy Elliott: We Run This
(Stick It Edit)]