Sticenik (1973) - full transcript

A terrified young man is running away from the mysterious man in a black coat and a bowler hat. He finds the asylum in the nearby mental hospital, where the doctor takes care of him. However, one cannot escape from his fate. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

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Vasilije Popovic


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Can I come inside?

What's with you, man?

Can you see that?

Who is that?

No, please, don't.
I beg you, don't do it.

Close up, please.
Close it.

It's closed.
- No one can get inside?

And who would want
to get in?

I'm not alone.

Who is with you?

Didn't you see?


Tell me who you are.

My name is Mihailo.

Where are you taking me?
- To a room with a bed.

You should rest.
- Please, don't.

I'm not tired.
Can I stay here?

You can.

Who did you see?
- Who knows.

Good Morning.
- Morning.

What do you want?

You should leave now.
- I don't want to go.

Can I stay?

You can.

Let's talk seriously.
What's wrong with you?

What can I say?
- Who's following you?

Why do you ask?

I want to help you.

You cannot help me.

Why are you here then?

You want to cure me.
I don't need that.

What can I do for you then?

Don't do anything.

And what are you
going to do?

I don't know.
I can't talk about that.

Good Morning, doctor.
- Good morning.

There's a new ward.
He's not one of ours.

Keep an eye on him.
He must not leave.

Yes, sir.
Don't worry.

Hey, who are you looking for?

Can you hear me?
Who are you looking for?

You can't come inside.
It says on the gates that

visiting hours are
on Wednesday and Friday.

Do you hear what I'm saying?

What should I do?

Calm down.
Nothing can happen to you.

You don't know.
- I know. I've heard.

Forget about it.
- Forget?

You must forget, Mihailo.
You must listen to me.

What if it happens again?
- We'll talk about that later.

Promise me now that you will
listen to what I say.

Have you ever thought
that it could be a sickness?

Tell me the truth.

You think that I am crazy.

You are a doctor?
- Yes, I am.

A man came to you.
- Yes.

He's still there?
- Yes.

He's a runaway patient.
I'm his guardian.

It's my duty
to look after him.

What are you asking from me?
- To return him to me.

I must tell you that he is
seriously ill

and needs to be cured.
- I know everything about him.

Trust me. You should not worry
about his treatment.

He needs a treatment
that you can't provide to him.

Nor can you.
How can you help him?

You treat mental patients.

I'm preparing his transfer
to a regular hospital.

There's no need for that.
I can provide everything

that he needs.
- You're very confident.

If that's true, how did he
manage to escape?

That's none of your business.

He doesn't want
to go back to you.

He's sick. He doesn't know
what he wants.

You can't keep him
by force.

And you can't take him
by force.

You're wrong.
I can.

Is that a threat?
- I demand my rights.

Mister, you should
leave me alone.

I warned you.

Open so we can see.
- The doctor forbids it.

What's wrong with him?
- I have no idea.

Who is he?

What is he doing here?

How should I know?
- A madman.

Give us the keys so we
can look for ourselves.

If he's crazy, why don't they
take him to a madhouse?

We need peace.

Guys, I have nothing
to do with it.


Who's there?
Where are you?

Have you seen anyone?


It's a trap.
Those words are a trap.

Calm down.

You must not hesitate.

And you?
Who do you believe?

Mihailo, don't make me regret
that I've been honest with you.

I'll do everything
that I know and can,

but you must help me.

Let's have lunch together.

Why do we waste time?

Mihailo, do you trust me?

You must do as I say.

I'll take you to people
who can help you.

You know that
you can't stay here forever.

There's nothing else
we can do for you.

Doctor, let me ask you

You won't go anywhere?
- I'm here.

And tonight?
- I'll stay with you.


It's time.

You should get ready.

You're doing a good thing.

Promise me
that you will get well.

Mihailo, promise me.

Can I take a break?

You can.

Take him away.

Hey, your ward is dead.

I know.
You killed him.

- Me?

Hey you, stop!


Come back!