Stühle im Schnee (2007) - full transcript

14-year-old Klara (Josefine Preuß) is kidnapped and imprisoned by a child molester (Alexander Sternberg). Klara tries to get to the cellar key to flee. When she is caught, her tormentor ...

Do you want me to read another fairy tale to you? [Echoing]

Once upon a time in a distant
kingdom there was a princess.

She had to rule the country,
but she didn't do it alone.

It was the chair she sat on,

her throne, which was always on her
side and gave her continuous advice.

When winter came and the first snowflakes
fell, an evil knight appeared on court,

accompanied by 100 hunters and 100 archers.

They invaded the throne room and the knight stood
before the princess with his army behind him.

"I have come to take control of this realm.

I will take you to be my wife and
reign your country for ever."

The hunters and archers roared with joy in the
background and the princess was filled with fear.

But the chair whispered courage
and she embraced it tighter.

The knight continued:

"But I am not a cravenly man.

And thus I give you a possibility
to defeat me and free yourself."

The knight clapped his hands and the
heavy door to the outside opened.

Snowflakes where sharply blown
inside, followed by all the animals

which ever sat foot or hoof on this world.

"You may choose one animal.

You may sent one outside

and if it fools my hunters and archers
and reaches the border of your realm,

I will let go of you and you are free again."

The princess looked at the animals.

Crocodile, Eagle, horse and lion stood before her,

but she didn't know which to choose.

Then her chair spake to her:

"Take the sheep, princess.

Take the sheep."

And although the princess
didn't understand the advice,

she trusted her chair and chose the white sheep.

The hunters and archers doubled up sneering

and the evil knight laughed at the princess, too.

But when they opened the throne room's
gate and the sheep stepped outside,

her laughter disappeared,

because deep white snow covered the realm.

And with its first step into it,
the sheep was invisible and vanished.

Then the princess knew:

Snow was her salvation.

Then the princess knew:

Snow was her salvation.

Fairy tales always were the best of all for me.

These are are the most beautiful tales,
because there is always some truth to it.

Do you believe in fairy tales?

But you have to believe in them.

You are still a child...

may still use their imagination.

If I was to say to somebody that I am
into fairy tales, they would think -

I am crazy.

What now?

Do you believe in fairy tales?

I never had to believe in anything.

Then you start now.

Come, let's play something.

Are you all there?

Come on,

it's no fun without you.

Let's play a guessing game.

You... you woke me up.

Another 5 minutes, please.

Be quite Chief Burst Runner.

Klara, listen to me carefully.

Tomorrow you turn 14.

Hey that's right.

You'll turn 14 years old.

Is that true?

Is it really my birthday soon?

Klara, listen to me carefully!

It's your birthday.

Tomorrow you'll turn 14,
you have to tell him that.

How long have I been here?

Tell him have to go home.

Tell him to give you his key.

When you have his key, you'll get out of here.

But you have to be careful, it's dangerous.

You have to be quiet now.

You are not allowed to speak
when he is in the room.

Klara, we'll help you!

We can carry on now.

It's my birthday tomorrow.

I can't stay here any longer.

Where do you want to go?

I always celebrate my birthday with my family.

This one, you stay here.

Do you want me to carry on?

I can explain again.

When you build chairs,
you have to be really careful.

Only this way you can breathe life into them,

so that they are sturdy.

You have to know that chairs have a soul.

I believe the sledge has one, too.

Well, it's a chair with runners.


You always have to grind along the grain.

If you listen carefully

you can hear the souls speaking.

You can talk to them.

They are really funny.

Who do you talk to?

This one wants to celebrate
my birthday with me tomorrow.

Did you build it?

This one's just bought.

You can talk to this one.

It's going to be beautiful when it's done.

I'll do that.

Do you give me this one for my birthday?

I can't give that.

To be honest, I don't want this one.

The chair legs are not of equal length.


It's not finished yet.

I am sorry.

The chair told me that.

This one's a much better throne.

It's just like the story with the princess.

Is this your friend?

What do you think, will it shut the fuck up now?

Do have any other friends?

This one, too?

It's not its fault.

I will smash everything to bits
if you don't stop with that.

Talk to me if you have something to say.


Shit man.

That's only your fault, you stupid cunt.

Don't be a wimp.

It's just a splinter.

Don't play games with me.

I have been doing that longer than you.

Are you even a carpenter?

What did you say?

Your chair,

it looks like...

like shit.

How are you talking to me?


You don't even give me something for my birthday.

I'll give you something.
I'll get something tomorrow.

Let me go.

You don't need me.

Go fuck your chair.

All my friends here told me,

that you are a loser.

A loser

who fucks furnitures.

You little cunt.

Now I show you -

the ropes.

It's already your birthday today.

Then the princess knew:

Snow was her salvation.

Don't touch me you filthy swine!

Don't you talk to me like that.

Shut up.

I do what I want.

You'll do what I tell you to, understand me?

You miserable loser.

You want to tell me what to do?

If you could hear how
everybody is laughing at you.

Perhaps you should have sought a boy,

who likes this shit here.

Is it still because of the book?

There aren't any talking brooms.

You are someone who is to stupid for everything.

You can't even kill a girl.

It's a fairy tale,

a fairy tale for children.

You aren't a child any more.

That's true, I am not a child any more.

You know that best.

If you don't shut up this instant,
I'll cut you down.

Everybody's laughing at you, you failure.

What can you do?

Do you like the snow?

You don't see it?

Did you go wacky in there?

Do you see?

It's so cold inside of here.

I am able to breath underwater

and you don't even see the snow.

It's coming for you.

There, the crocodile.

You really don't see it!?


If you move, your done.

It can't really snow in the basement