Steel Sharks (1997) - full transcript

In this undersea thriller, a United States submarine is seized by terrorists. But a rescue attempt by an elite group of Navy Seals goes wrong when they are captured. Now they must wage a silent war beneath the waves. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[dramatic music playing]

Here at Central Command
Headquarters in El Manamah,

Bahrain, Naval intelligence
maintains a watchful eye

on a recent military coup, which
toppled the Muslim government

in Iran one week ago.

Now attention is focused
on a new development.

An American scientist,
John Van Tassel

was abducted by a team of
masked gunmen in Basra, Iraq

less than 20 miles from
the Iranian border.

Van Tassel, a chemical
weapons expert,

was part of a UN
peacekeeping force

inspecting Iraqi
military installations

for possible weapons violations.

It is feared the
Iranians may have taken

Van Tassel in an effort to
advance their own chemical

weapons technology.

The president is reportedly
deeply concerned by this act

of aggression against
an American citizen

and has vowed to use all
means necessary to secure

Van Tassel's release.

I'm Mack Nichol,
GNN News at US Naval

Forces Central
Command Headquarters,

El Manamah, Bahrain.




Ah ha.


Tuck, you OK?

What do we got?



What have we got, Mack?

Come on, talk to me, buddy.



Abort the exercise.

We have an injury.


Abort the exercise,
we have an injury.



We gotta get him
out of here now.

He can't continue the exercise.

Doc says it's
acute appendicitis.

They're rushing him to
the hospital right now.

Gentlemen, we've got to find
ourselves a new team member.

We've got a SEAL team
training in Coronado

for the rescue operation.

Team 2, the Steel Sharks.

They ought to be
ready in 48 hours.

That might be too late.

This man is a
walking encyclopedia

of information on chemical
and biological weapons.

The UN uses him
because he knows just

about every technique in the
manufacture of the stuff.

You can assure
the Joint Chiefs

that any information that
Van Tassel has generated

will be destroyed.

Where will you base?

We will run the
op from the command

center on the Coral Sea.

The carrier will be in
the Arabian Sea in 18 hours.

About the request
for CIA cooperation,

we'd like to use their
eye in the sky satellite

to coordinate the rescue effort.

You have approval.

This op will be very touchy
politically if it succeeds,

even more if it fails.

You understand?

Yes, sir.

I can assure you I will
be hands on on this one.

I got some news.

I made it through.

There were times I
didn't think I would.

Hell week almost got
me, but I did it.

I graduated, made the teams,
passed the six month probation,

now I'm just waiting around
for that first big chance.

Seems so strange.

Next week I'll be
older than you.

By the time you were
my age, married to mom,

had me, had a life.

I don't have any of that.

Not yet.

Been too busy.

I'll be 25.

You never had a chance to be 25.

Maybe that's what scares me.

Then you've always protected me.

Bob Rogers?

Yes, sir.

Dave Zamborski, SEAL Team 2.

Come on.

See you next Sunday, Dad.

Sir, may I ask what's up?

You graduated the top of your
class and your current team

recommended you.

They feel you're ready.

Communications and
electronics, right?

Yes, sir.

We're mining an operation
in the Persian Gulf.

Come on.

Transports waiting to
take us out to a carrier.

[music playing]

Sir, the men are on board
ready for their final briefing.

The latest Intel reports.

Valley Forge, this

is the Coral Sea,
immediate execute protocol

[inaudible] niner zero, over.

Attention on deck.

At ease, gentlemen.

Gentlemen, Admiral Perry is
here for our final briefing.

The latest intelligence
reports from CIA and satellite

recon photos show
that Van Tassel

is being held in this
building on the Gulf Coast.

He could be forced
to participate

in their chemical
weapons program.

Diplomacy seems to have failed.

They deny that he's
even being held.

We will be monitoring
the entire operation

by satellite from this room.

Excuse me, sir, will you
be in radio contact with us?

Drop a dish on the
beach, and we'll give

you the big picture from here.

Anything to add?

Excuse me, sir.


The F and G?

New guy's Bob Rogers.

He'll be replacing Tucker.

I'm giving him to Mack.

You men have run this thing a
couple of times in the mockup.

What problems do you anticipate?

As you can see, we
can confirm there's

one way in with the exception
of the second story windows.

It creates a problem
for our escape route.

Mattox, sir.

Team sniper.

The surrounding
buildings here and here

create a pair of blind spots.

Well, we have
satellite, so we can

warn you of approaching troops.

From either area, I won't
have a clear shot at all.


We'll have the helo drop you
on the sub at 1800 hours.

I want you in and out
and back with your man

without anybody knowing
that you were there.

Return to the sub at 0600
hours for extraction.

If you require
emergency extraction,

the code word is Switchblade.

Any questions?

Gentlemen, we've got 20
minutes to pack our gear.

Let's get to it.

Let's do it.

Good luck, gentlemen.

What you got there?

It's nothing.

It's just a lucky piece.

Look like $0.50 to me.

My dad gave me that
when I was a kid.

Was that all the
old man could afford

to give you was a $0.50 piece?

He was killed in Nam.

Give me that the same year.

Don't let Cord's
rough exterior fool you.

Underneath it all,
he's even worse.

Kappy here is our
linguistics expert.

Knows how to order beer in
100 different languages.


[speaking german]

[inaudible] loving you.

Oh, yeah.

You have kids?


All five of them,
well, we think.

Don't listen to this asshole.

You see, old Mattox here, he
didn't join the team for fun.

He plans on quitting
the team someday,

getting out, going on
welfare, and becoming

a very wealthy man, right?

Don't you boys feel left
out because I got plans

for you in my retirement fund.

Gentlemen, 10 minute warning.

Finish packing up your gear.

Our ride's waiting on deck.

ride's at 8 o'clock.

Coming around.

Roger that.

Coming in on final run.

Get ready.

Coming in on final.

Final approach.

Open the doors.


Kit bundle.

Prepare to [inaudible].

Make all preparations to dive.

Dive the boat [inaudible].



[throat clearing]

Come on in, Ski.

You son-of-a-bitch.

Gentlemen, I'd
like to introduce

you to the second dumbest
man who ever joined the Navy.

I'd just come back
from a tour in Nam.

We found we had a lot
in common, didn't we?

So I began to encourage
Ski to think about joining

the United States Navy.

I talked to you about
it every day, didn't I?

Twice a day.

Twice a day.

I'm tenacious.

And before he knew it, he
became a lifer, just like me.

Welcome aboard,
Lieutenant Commander.

Thank you, sir.

You're welcome.

Welcome aboard, sir.

My men are interested in the
ETA for our insertion point.


Mr. Pleshe.

0200 hours at
current speed, sir.

Thank you.

Now you go relax,
leave the driving to us.

Thanks, McKay.

What's wrong, Kappy?

You a little claustrophobic?

Hey, I just don't
like tight spaces.

Jumping out of planes, you know?

Oh, I know.

Relax, gentlemen.

Approximate ETA for
insertion is two hours.

Insertion in two hours, sir?

You got it.

I love when you
talk dirty to me.

Excuse me, sir.

Permission to speak with you?

I'm just feeling--

Rogers, you were part of the
top 10 that made the grade.

You wouldn't be here if
you weren't the best.

It's just that I've never
seen this kind of action, sir.

A little fear is a good thing.

It opens up your senses.

Keeps you alive.

So the thing to do is to use
it, make it work for you.

Yes, sir.

All right, gentlemen, let's
go over the drill one more time.

Sir, we're coming up
on the Strait of Hormuz.

They have two subs on
patrol here, both are

Russian diesels, kilo class.

They run very
quiet on batteries,

so we must keep our
noise at a minimum.

Set conditions QS2.

Set condition QS2, aye, sir.


Yes, sir?

What do you got for me?

Nothing yet, sir.

Let me know as soon as you do.


Yes, Hickey?

The Oakland will be
entering the Straits of Hormuz

in just a few minutes.

Any sign of activity?

Last Intel report
has one Iranian

sub leaving [inaudible].

The other was last seen
along the [inaudible] Coast.

What about their patrol craft.

Most of their
cigarette boats are

in the Fourth Naval District.

You know, this is
the hardest part.


You plan the mission,
rehearse it a dozen times,

look at all the possible
places where it can go wrong,

but you still can't
figure out the variables.

It's like anything else in
life, you really don't know

what's going to happen next.

Sir, they're about
to enter the Straits.

Con sonar.

Contact, Diesel one,
snorkeling at bearing 060

heading right towards us, sir.

General quarters, sir?


We'll run along the
west [inaudible]

Ridge next to the ON fracture
zone, right into the Strait.

Chart the course.

Take us down 1,000 feet.

Dive officer, make
your depth 1,000 feet,

20 degree down angle.

20 degrees down angle.

We'll dive on
fairweather planes.







Sir, my depth is 1,000 feet.

Very well.

XO, bring it to a stop.

All stop.

What have you got, son?

Moving away, sir.

There's two of
them in these waters.

No sign of the other one, sir.

He's out there.

He's not snorkeling.

He's on batteries.

They can't last long like that.

Keep your ears open.


Give it a minute, Dobbins.

Con, sonar, contact Diesel 2.

He's right next to us, bearing
065, range less than 300 feet.

He's ascending, sir.

He's starting his diesels now.

They'll never hear us.


Take us to the Straits.

Straits of Hormuz, aye, sir.

Ahead 130.

OK, gentlemen, showtime.

We reach insertion release
in 10 seconds on the mark.

All stop.

Set at periscope depth.


All stop.

Make your depth 65 feet.

XO, take the Con.

XO has the Com.

Here we go.


All right, Mack.

We'll see you on the surface.

OK, we'll see you too.



Hey, old man, I just
wanted to see you off.

Just be here when we get back.

Not a problem.

When we get back
to San Diego, let's

take the wives out to dinner.

It's a deal.

You're buying, right?

I got food stamps.

You ain't changed,
you bastard.

Carry on.

Have a good mission.


Ready, Dave?

ROGERS: Alpha Eight Romeo,
this is Tango Five Bravo.

Beach secure, moving in.

Alpha Eight Romeo, over.

Sir, the eye in the
sky will be over Sector 5

for 16 minutes
starting in 10, 9, 8--

Coms are go.

Let me know when we have
confirmed sat com link.

3, 2, 1.

Link confirmed, sir.

Tango Five, you're up on screen.

Code is green.

Code is green.

BOB ROGERS: Alpha Eight
Romeo, this is Tango Five.

Green confirmed.

Captain, we've gone green
with Operation Switchblade.

Put the birds at Ready 5.

Flight orders, flight orders.

All hands man your
flight order stations.

The smoking lens is out
throughout the ship.

The team is in position.

Alpha Eight Romeo
approaching target area.

So far clear.

Go to plus 30%.

Aye, sir.

Going to plus 30.

Movement in Sector 5.

Looks like 5 unknowns.

Looks like they'll
run into each other.

Plot bearings of unknowns
and relate to Tango Five Bravo.

Aye, aye, sir.

Tango Five Bravo,
five unknowns entering

your sector at 11 o'clock.

off and take them out.

BOB ROGERS: Roger that.

I've got him.


Hostiles clearing.

Let's move out.

Four unknowns
leaving the area.

We lose eye com in 10 minutes.

Highlander in position.

The street is clear.

Position is clear.

1, 2, 3.

[indistinct chatter]

[non-english speech]

I don't know what you want.

I-- I'm, I'm just a
civilian working for the UN.

I'm making sure baby food
factories make baby food.

[non-english speech]

Yo, Boss.


No, no, don't worry.

We're here to protect you.

We're Navy SEALs.

This is important, did
you tell them anything?


Are you sure?


Can you walk?

I don't know.

All right, give
him a hand, Cord.


Street's clear.

I can't see the
blind spots though.

You be careful.

Tell Command we're moving out.

Alpha Eight Romeo,
Tango Five Bravo,

bird in hand, leaving cage now.


Home base, roger out.

The The Oakland that the
bird is in hand and the cage

is being opened.

Aye, sir.


Let's go.

Bird is in hand--

Sir, Valley Forge
reports small craft

in water near insertion point.


Well, that's going
to complicate things.

Send the Valley Forge
in to investigate.

Well, gents, our
boys are on the way

back home with the prize.

Dobbins, prepare for extraction.

Aye, sir.

Preparing for extraction.

Rog, get him.



Unknowns bearing 075.

Alert Tango Five Bravo.

Aye, sir.

We lose eye com
in two minutes.

Captain, turn the
ship into the wind

and prepare to launch aircraft.

Lieutenant, they're
heading for the main team.

Got to take them out.



Mack, let's go!


Go, go.

[non-english speech]

Eat this!



I'm out.



Mack, move out!

Kappy, go!

You're covered.




Boss, we got to go now!


Rogers, move out.


Go, go, go.

Move it.

Move it.

Mattox, move out!

Contact left.

Romeo, we're under heavy fire.

This is Tango Five
Bravo requesting

immediate extraction.

Prepare for
emergency extraction.

Condition is red.

We got more tangos

coming down the loading dock.

Captain, condition is red.

Have the Tomcats and
the Hornets stand by.

Do you have Helo Five
or pad three ready?


Launch the birds.

We lose satellite
contact in 73 seconds.








[non-english speech]

42, 41, 40, 39--

Oakland, this is
[inaudible] Eight.

[inaudible] are on their way
with emergency extraction.

Yes, sir.

Roger that.

Dobbins, prepare to surface.

[inaudible],, 20 degree up
angle on fairweather planes.

Light them up, Rogers!

Time to go, people.

Move out.

Con sonar.

I have sonar contact of a third
Diesel, designated Sierra 3.

I repeat, Sierra 3, surfacing
at bearing 247 degrees,

range 600 yards.

Sounds like a Russian
Kilo class, sir.

Maintain current depth, XO.

Aye, sir.

Montero, began TMA.

Aye, aye, sir.

Set general quarters.

Aye, sir.

General quarters.

[non-english speech]

8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


Sir, Valley Forge reports a
new sonar contact bearing 340.

Sounds like a Kilo class.

I thought both their subs
were identified and located.

I repeat, this
is a new contact.

Lieutenant, get me the
latest Intel reports.


All stations report
manned and ready.

Looks like they finally
come around to buying

themselves a third sub.

Flood tubes one and
two and prepare to fire?

We'll wait and
see what happens.



Move it.

Alpha Eight Romeo,
we're under heavy fire.


Mr. Gregorov,
I've just received

a land radio transmission.

There seems to be a terrorist
assault team fighting on shore.

Bearing 270 relative.

There was no report
of air traffic.

Your opinion, Mr. Gregorov.

That far from
your waters, no air

traffic, the logical conclusion,
they were inserted by sea.

But we have been monitoring
all service craft.

If you already noticed
where your patrol vessels

and a few small fishing boats.

Maybe, submarines.


Which of our neighbors
have such a vessel?


Then who does?


[inaudible] rear.

Cover fire.

Cover fire.

right on our tail.


I'm out.

Throw me a mag.

Hit the water.

Hit the water.

[inaudible] in water.

Get back to the water.

Moving now.

Kappy, cover me.

Come on.

[non-english speech]


[non-english speech]

Kappy, get the boat.

[non-english speech]

KAPPY: The Zodiac's wasted, man.

They're coming up behind us.

[inaudible] in the water.

Kappy, contact.

[inaudible], watch our backs.

I'm out.

Kappy's hit.

Come on, buddy.

Kappy's dead.

Cover me!



Our gunships have
cut off your waterways.

Alpha Eight
Romeo, this is Tango

Five Bravo, we have a man down.

Repeat, we have a man down.

Emergency top cover and
extraction helo is in route.

Arrival will be--

ETA, 15 minutes.

ETA, 15 minutes.

We're completely surrounded.

They're advancing our positions.

We're penned in, out of ammo.

We can't resist.


It's your call.

Understood, sir.

Surrender or die in the water.

You are surrounded on all sides.

Throw out your weapons.

You are prisoners of the
Irani Revolutionary Guard.

[non-english speech]

We have received orders to
take the prisoners aboard.

It seems they are
American, and there

is fear of a land rescue force.

So the prisoners
are American, then

they've come from a sub,
which is still down there.

Mr. Gregorov, in
your opinion, what

would the Americans do if we
bring the prisoners aboard?

What would they do?

Yes, would they attack us?

I don't believe the Americans
would attack their own men.


Then we can use
them as a shield,

turning them into an advantage
in case of a conflict.

Sir, any conflict
would be ill advisable

with an untrained crew.

Your advice is noted, but
one has to always be prepared.

Radio, get me shore command.

Prepare to surface.

Alpha Eight Romeo,
this is Venom Three,

playmates being
loaded on cigarette

en route to service Kilo.

Get me the Oakland.

Aye, aye, sir.

Sir, the prisoners
have been brought aboard.


Stow them aft.

Yes, sir.

We continue course.

Oakland, this
is Cargrew Eight.

Cargrew Eight,
this is Oakland.


India have taken playmates
aboard your Sierra Three.

Stay with them.

Await further instructions.


Yes, sir.

Roger that.

[non-english speech]

Look, I demand you--

Shut up.

[non-english speech]

Get me Admiral Martin at
Central Command in Bahrain.

Aye, aye, sir.

Connecting with Central Command.

[phone ringing]

Martin here.

Admiral, we have a problem.

Our team and their guest
have been taken hostage.



I believe one
at this time, sir.

What are the
chances of rescue?


We're still receiving Intel.

They've been taken
aboard one of their subs,

one previously unreported.


A Kilo class.

I'll ensure this gets
to the Joint Chiefs.

What is your
operational plan now?

We're keeping track
of the situation

and preparing for contingencies.

Well, keep me informed
up to the minute.

Will do, sir.

Cargrew Eight, out.

Sir, schematics of
the Russian Kilo class.

Come on, show me.

The report, sir.

OK, shoot.

Russian Kilo class, type EKM.

Intel reports that
they contracted

for three of the subs
in 1988, but reports

only two have been delivered.

Did you set them straight?

Yes, sir.

The first sub was delivered
in October of 1992,

the second in June of '93,
the third, nobody knows.

Intel had no information.

Now the Kilo class has 18
torpedoes, 6 firing tubes,

the 877 EKM is powered by a
pair of diesel electric engines.

Top speed, 17 knots.

Our boat does--

35 knots, sir.


Until we can find out
what they're up to,

maybe we can show
them some muscle.

See if they blink.

They're moving,
bearing 209er degrees.

Range, 1,600 yards.

Sir, what do you want to do?

Give them some space,
then follow them.

Ahead one third.

How's he doing?

He'll be OK.

But I gotta tell
you, Ski, I sure

as hell don't see much
action in his future.

No, I'm fine, damn it.

I'm fine.

So what's the plan?

Escape and rejoin
friendly forces.

We're under water.

If we can make it to
the forward escape trunk,

we can swim out and
hope we get picked up.

One of ours should
still be in the area.

Our gear is gone.

Then we use their gear.

Rogers, why don't you
put that damn coin away?

This damn coin is the
reason I wasn't hit.

It's my luck.

Sorry, we didn't know this--

You, come with me.

Hang tough, Ski.

Mack, you all right?


What the hell are
we going to do now?

We wait until Ski gets back.

What if Ski
doesn't make it back?

Then I'm in charge, Rogers.

If they come and
take me away, then

Mack is on charge, then Mattox.

Any more questions?

[non-english speech]

As long as Mr. Gregorov is on
board, we will speak English.

Yes, sir.


I'm Captain Reza
Lashgar of the Royal

Navy, your host for the
next few hours or longer.

I see you've
Lieutenant Noussavi.

You will be his responsibility
while on my ship,

and this is Mr.
Gregorov, our advisor,

formerly of the Soviet Navy.

I intend to find out your
military intentions one way

or another.

What is the frequency you
use to contact your sub?

Zamborski, David, Lieutenant
Commander, United States Navy.


Perhaps you didn't
understand the question?

Where is your submarine?


You spooked them.

Probably half way
to Hawaii by now.

Our submarines are now
blocking the Straits.

Then they'll sink
them on the way out.

You'll be the captain
of a one boat navy.

Captain, I object your
treatment of prisoners.

Mr. Gregorov, you're here
as a technical advisor.

I do not need your advice
on taking prisoners.

Is that understood?

Now, how do we signal
this submarine of yours?

What is the frequency, hm?

Our intent is only to have
them leave our shores.

Tell them we'll release
you if they surface.

I'll die first.

I think you will.

Store him below.

Bring me another American now!

[non-english speech]

Sir, that sounded
like a gunshot.

Sir, should we
ready the [inaudible]??

Negative, only one shot.

We don't want to break contact.

Stay in their baffles, Dobbins.

Come on, guys, let's get real.

They shot him.

Look, Mattox, it ain't
over till we're dead.

Adapt, improvise, and overcome.

You guys know the drill.

Now, look, if Ski didn't tell
them what they wanted to know,

they're going to be back down
here to take another one of us.

And when they do, that's how
we're going to get out of here.

Well, out of this room.

How do we get off the sub?

Forward escape trunk,
just like Ski said.

Which is on the
other end of the boat

and getting there is a
whole other question.

I studied Russian and
Chinese subs in A School.

Now, if we stick
to the lower decks,

we have a much better chance.

Better chance?

Better chance than what?

Cord, it's your call.


What are we talking about,
length of a football field?

Little less, 260.

Let's not forget, we
ain't got no weapons.

Except ourselves.

Hey, I'm all for it.

I could stand a little
hand to hand combat.

That's right, Mattox, we're
stronger than these guys,

and we are smarter.

Yeah, but what if we
get to the forward escape

trunk and there's only
a couple sets of tanks.

Buddy breathe.

Hey, don't forget we have
an injured civilian here.

I can handle it.

I'm better now.

All right, gentlemen,
that's our plan.

Now, how do we take
these guards out?



Are we clear?

Not yet.


Come on, let's go.


Let's do it.

Come on, man, let's go.

Mattox, we're going to
find a radio room and signal

for emergency pick up.

All right, take Van
Tassel with you guys.

We'll meet at the forward
escape trunk ASAP.

You got it?



Take this [inaudible].

What is keeping them?

Maybe they don't
like your hospitality.

Find out.

Yes. sir.

Captain Lashgar, this
is Lieutenant Noussavi.

The prisoners have escaped.

[non-english speech]

Check with Daniel
Boone to see if they're

still in contact with those
subs that they sighted earlier.

Aye, sir.

[non-english speech]

Con sonar, more gunfire, sir.

How many shots?


Two groups of two
in rapid succession.

Double taps, that's our boys.

What's going on over there?

When you're captured,
what's the code?

Make every effort to escape.

Bring us up to
periscope depth.

Get a good course plot.

Speed on that boat so we
can pick them up again.

Aye, sir.

Very good.

You carry on.

Admiral, the Oakland has
initiated radio contact.

Patch me in.

Oakland, this is
Cargrew Eight, over.

We've got gunfire
on board Sierra Three.

Sounds like our boys are loose.

Sir, if they are, there's
a chance they're trying

to get off that pick boat.

How much of a chance?

If they can find
the escape hatch,

if we're not in deep
water so decompression

will not be a problem, but
the ocean currents could be,

and I have two of my best
men working on those details

as we speak.


I'll have a rescue chopper and
a decompression chamber ready.

Let's give these boys all
the support they need.

Roger that.

We have sonar contact
of the American submarine.

They have surfaced to--

And gave away their position.

Where are they?

Directly behind us, sir.

Well, you said
the Americans would

never fire on their own men.

Now we'll find out how
well you've advised us.

Mr. Gregorov, take us
around lag coordinates

and prepare to fire.

That is an act of war.

Mr. Gregorov, this is
neither the place nor the time

to argue with me.

Just do it.

Time to intercept
the American sub?

Three minutes, sir.

Load tubes three and
four and arm torpedoes.

Flooding tubes three and four.

We're changing course.

How you doing on rounds?


I shouldn't have
double tapped those guys.

We gotta get more weapons.


We'll stop for
a sandwich later.

There'll be knives
in the kitchen.

Maybe some cleaning chemicals
that I could put to use.

OK, let's go.
Come on.

Come on.

She's turning, sir,
heading right towards us.

Intercept time?

Less than two minutes.

Time to break out the
good China, folks.

Looks like we've got company.

Mr. Montero, Mr. Pleshe,
prepare for evasive action.

[non-english speech]

Intercept time,
45 seconds, sir.

Mr. Dobbins, have
I ever told you

about my pit bull Mr. Razor?


No, sir.

Well, I had this old
rope swing in my backyard.

Mr. Razor would jump up and grab
the rope at a certain height

and spin till he got
dizzy and fell down.

25 seconds, sir.

And I began to
think, this is not

very good for Mr. Razor's
teeth, so I lowered the rope,

I put the swing on the ground.

I figured he wouldn't bite
something ground level.

He's opening torpedo doors.

Preparing to fire.

Guess what?

He jumped up and bit
at the same height.


Torpedoes fired.

Coming right at us.

Dive officer, take us
down 45 degree bubble.

Aye. sir.

Mr. Montero, launch
countermeasures now.

Countermeasures away, sir.

Torpedoes missed, sir.

Did not arm.

Coming to zero level.

Leveling off.

Zero bubble.

Just like that
dog, people sometimes

aim at the same place,
even though the target's

changed position.

Mr. Pleshe, plot a course
into the mouth of the Straits.

Aye, sir.

Mr. Dobbins, all ahead full.

Aye, sir.

All ahead full.

Let's out run these sea camels
and send a SITREP on the ELF.

[non-english speech]

Get me NABSET.

Aye, sir.

[phone ringing]

Perry on the line.

Patch him through.

Admiral Perry.

The enemy has engaged in an
attack against the Oakland.

Any damage?

No, but I'd like to
use the Oakland to draw

this new player out of the
Gulf and right in the middle

of the Fifth Fleet.

Maybe then they'll consider
giving up the hostages.

It's your call, Jim.

I've got a squadron
of F-14s flying

over to establish presence.

Jim, good luck.

Bernie, how far
behind us are they?

Almost a mile.

Almost a mile.

Let's slow down a little.

We don't want to lose them.

Indicate five knots.

Sir, if we're not
going to engage them

and we're not going
to out run them,

what's our course of action?

Keep them busy.

The more men they
need to find us,

less men they'll have to
find Ski and his team.

Van, what you got?

Mr. Van Tassel?


Chlorine and ammonia,
homemade tear gas.

Burns the eyes, lungs,
all the mucous membrane.

OK, just [inaudible].

Cooking grease napalm.

Light it, throw it,
boom, watch it burn.

These are called bang sticks.

Now they're filled
with match heads.

You light the end, it'll
spray fire and debris

at whoever it's aimed at.

That's the best that I can
do with kitchen materials.

That'll work, Doc.

Let's go.

[non-english speech]

Com, this is the search party.

They have been in
the galley, sir.

They're headed for
the front of the ship.

[non-english speech]

[non-english speech]

Hey, buddy.

[non-english speech]




Go up.

I'm tapped.

[non-english speech]

Level 2 hallway
near the ward room.

We need more speed.

The boat is already
at full speed.

We're losing them.

If you destroy the
submarine, you will start

a war your country cannot win.

Mr. Gregorov, intentional or
not, we've killed one of them.

We are at war.

You know the frequency the
Oakland's going to be on?

Spent a little time on subs.

All right, Gertrude.


All right, it's good
for close range.

They'll definitely
hear Morse code.

Con, sonar.

Sir, we're getting a Gertrude
transmission from the enemy

sub in Morse code.

What do they have to say?

It's the SEAL team,
forward escape trunk.

Need rescue.

How can we be sure it's them?


There you go.

Respond affirmative.

We'll be there.


Picking us up.

We're out here.

Let's go.


wait, wait, wait.

How you doing, Boss?

Outstanding, Rogers.


Never better.

Look, if I don't make it
out of here for any reason--

We're all making
it out of here.



Damn near all of us.

Listen to me.

I spent most of my
sorry life alone,

and I would just prefer
not to die that way.

Don't talk like that.


Now get my stubborn ass up.

Con, sonar, Sierra
Three at bearing 250.

Range, 4,500 yards.

All stations manned
and ready, sir.

Conditions Zebra set.

Webbs, load tubes one
and two with mark 60s.

Tuned at torpedo signature.

Flood the torpedo tubes.

Prepare to fire.

Coming up behind us, sir.

Range, 4,000 yard.

Tubes loaded, sir.



Two torpedoes coming in.

Intercept time, 60 seconds.

50 seconds.

Webb, flood tubes one
and two, assign preset.

Captain, I have
a firing solution.

Lock the firing solution
into the computer, Mr. Montero.

Locked, sir.

Mr. Pleshe,
measure to contact.

2,050 yards.

Open outer doors
to tubes one and two.

- Opening.
- Prepare to fire.

Aye, sir.

Tubes ready.

Firing point procedures.

Firing point procedures.

Match bearings and
firing countermeasures.

Matched, fire
tubes one and two.

MK 60s away, sir.

15 seconds to impact.

This might be close.

Sound the alarm.

Collision alarm.


10 seconds to impact.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


Torpedoes detonated.

They detonated too early.

XO, all ahead full.

Let's get out of here.
- Aye, sir.

All ahead full.

All ahead full.

Aye, aye, sir.

Very well.

Bearing 097.

We'll be entering the Straits of
Hormuz in 1 minute 26 seconds.

How close are they, Bernie?

Like glue, sir.

[non-english speech]

We've got the high
ground this time.

Yeah, but they've
got the guns.

[non-english speech]

Chlorine gas has been
detected in Section 4.

It could be seawater
on batteries.

We must immediately SEAL
off entire lower section.

Do so.

Captain, it is a very
dangerous situation.

We must surface to vent.

Are there reports of flooding?

No, but the
escaped prisoners--

Escaped to where?

There is no way
of this submarine.

Load torpedo tubes.

Prepare to fire.

Sir, I'm picking up a sonar
contact bearing 00 relative.

Sounds like a Kilo
right off the nose.

Bernie, time to intercept?

Less than a minute.

Sir, their tube
doors are opening.

They're preparing to fire.

Don't give them a
chance to say Allah.

Flood tubes three and
four, assign presets.

Firing solution
locked into computer.

Open outer doors,
prepare to fire.

Fire control range to target.

Range is 200 yards.

Fire tubes three and four.

Torpedoes away, sir.

Sir, if we continue on
course, we'll be sailing

right through the wreckage.

The only way out of
here is to keep it steady.

4, 3, 2, 1, impact.

Hold on.

Con, sonar, heavy debris, sir.

What do you got?

Mr. Dobbins, damage report.

None, sir, but that
Diesel is still behind us.


Let's lead it into the Gulf,
and see if it wants to tangle

with the entire Fifth Fleet.

Captain, launch the
Viking sub hunters

and drop a line of sonar buoys
at the exit of the Strait.

I want to know the
minute they come through.

Mr. Pleshe, you
ever own a Camaro?


I got a '67 back home,
hopped up four bangers.

I like to take it
out on Snake Road

and see how fast I
can take the corners.

That's what I want
to do here, see how

fast we can take the corners.

Give me a plan designed
down to the second.

Aye, aye, sir.

We are going too fast.

The engines are
already straining.

If we do not burn these engines,
we stand a very good chance

of running aground in
these narrow straits

because the insufficient
training for our crew

for such difficult maneuvers.

Mr. Gregorov, isn't that
your purpose aboard this ship,

to make sure that they are?

I suggest you start
doing your job,

because I will catch
the American sub.

Just plot the map.

One hell of a frog.

Come on, let's get
him out of here.

Sir, how are we
going do to this?

I can't carry both of you.

Don't you worry about me.

I'll get my ass out of here.

But we don't leave
our dead behind.

Now, grab him.



I respectfully suggest we
get the living off first.

I'll come back once we
reach the escape hatch.

You and I both know there's
no coming back, Rogers.

Get his ring.

Come on.

Get his ring.

Sir, they're headed
for the escape tunnel.

Bring a right hard
rudder, steady course 051.

Aye, sir.

Right hard rudder,
steady course 051.

Aye, sir.

Right hard rudder.

Let's bring it left, hard
rudder, steady course 090.

Left hard rudder,
steady course 090.

Aye, sir.

Left hard rudder 090.

Leveling off.

I thought Cord and Rogers
would be here waiting for us.

So did I.

Drop your weapon.

Shoot him, Rogers.

Drop your weapon.

Your time has come, American.

Why don't you just go to hell?

Where's my coin?

Come on.

Forget about the
damn coin, Rogers.

That's not what saved your life.

You did.

Now, come on, we've got a
date with an escape hatch.

But they can't
outrun our torpedoes.

If you fire into canyon,
you may start avalanche.

Mr. Gregorov, enough
of your advising.

Now I'll show you what
this ship is capable of.

Flood tubes one and three.

Prepare to fire.

They're flooding
their tubes, sir.

When I tell you, throw
the rudder hard left.

Aye, sir.

Assign presets.

Firing solution
locked into computer.

Open outer doors.

Opening other doors.

Range to target.

Range 1,400 yards and closing.

Fire tubes one and three.

Reloading tubes.

Two torpedoes coming in.



Shift to rudder.

Aye, sir.


It's not the target.

Sounds like we hit the canyon.

The walls are
starting to give way.

You fool.

Out of my way.

Reverse engines.

Full back.

I give the orders here.

No, you don't.

We're going down.

Con, sonar, Sierra Three has
hit the wall of the canyon.

She's going down.

XO, bring us around.

Make ready to rescue the team.

Aye, sir.


You all right?

Yeah, come on, go, go, go.


Hey, man.

What are you guys doing?

What took you so long?

Rogers, can you
signal the Oakland?

Tell them we're coming out?

Yes, sir.

We found some of
their scuba gear.

Captain, banging
on the sub, sir.

Morse code.

From the team, five coming
out the escape hatch.

Have radio send the flash
ELF message to Coral Sea.

We need to have some birds up
on top to help rescue the team.

Aye, sir.

Rogers, you provide
cover and follow.

Get Van Tassel suited up.

Sir, we're receiving flash
traffic from the Oakland.

Any damage with
that engagement?


They're requesting
emergency rescue operation

at 56 longitude, 27 latitude.

Sierra Three is down.

Playmates are evacuating.

Captain, vector
and rescue helo.

Rogers, we'll see you
back on the surface.

The prisoners are escaping.

Bring us up.



Con, sonar, escape hatch
is open, sounds like two

are coming out, sir.

Dobbins, what's the status
on the rescue from Coral Sea?

Should be above
in 10 minutes, sir.

So you want to
be a frog man, huh?

Taxi's waiting outside.

Move it.

Mr. Gregorov, this
is a direct order.

Do it!


This is an act of mutiny.

Step aside, Mr. Gregorov.

You're mad.

Blow ballast.

Con, sonar, she's
starting to move.

What do we do, sir?

We wait.

Diver away, sir.

Sir, Valley Forge is
reporting Sierra Three

is blowing ballast and rising.

Status of how many of
our guys are survivors?

Four confirmed, sir.

Move the Daniel Boone
in to support the Oakland.

We're not out
of this yet, guys.

Mr. Dobbins, let's see what
Sierra Three's intentions are.

Captain has the con.

Let's lead him away
from the rescue effort.

All ahead full.

Right full rudder,
steady course 045.

Are we in firing position?

Not yet, sir.

Still coming around.

All stations manned and ready?

Aye, sir.

Flood tubes one and three.

Flooding tubes
one and three, sir.

Steady as she goes.

Open outer doors
on all torpedo tubes.

Sir, their tube
doors are opening.

Distance, 2,000 yards.

Bearing 000 relative.

Lock firing solutions.

Firing solution locked
into computer, sir.

Fire tubes one and three.

Torpedoes away, sir.

Torpedoes coming in.

Do something.

Firing position in 3, 2, 1.


Did we get him, Mr. Dobbins?

Affirmative, sir.

We have wrenching mental.

Mr. Pleshe, plot
a course to Bahrain.

I have a feeling
there's going to be

some reports to be filled out.

Aye, sir.

XO, take the con.

Aye, sir.

XO has the con.

US diplomatic
officials are applauding

the rescue this morning of
American scientist John Van


With Van Tassel's safe
return, the White House

believes it has at least
temporarily deterred

the advance of chemical weapons
production in the Middle East.

Mack Nichol, GNN News at US
Naval Forces Central Command

Headquarters, Manamah, Bahrain.

Captain Bill McKay,
it's a pleasure.

Welcome to shore.

Thank you, sir.

For a while there, I wasn't
sure we were going to make it.

You did one hell
of a good job.

My crew does all the work.

I just take the credit.

Come on, I want to
introduce you to somebody.

Somebody who wants to thank you.

It got pretty dicey
down there, huh?

I've been in sub
service most of my life,

and I've never seen
any action like that.

Hopefully, I'll retire next
year and not see any more.

Captain, damn good to see you.

It's an honor
to meet you, sir.

This way.

Attention on deck.

At ease, men.

Bill, you've met the team?

Yes, sir, I have.

The civilian is
a Dr. Van Tassel.

Doctor, Captain Bill McKay.

Doctor, good to see you back.

It's good to be back, Captain.


We lost two men, sir.

Petty Officer Third Class George
Kaplan and our team leader

Lieutenant Commander Zamborski.

Ski was a good friend of mine.

Mine too, sir.

To absent friends.

To absent friends.

To absent friends.

[music playing]