Steel Rain 2 (2020) - full transcript

A summit of leaders of South Korea, North Korea and the U.S., where they intend to discuss North Korea's nuclear issue and a peace settlement for the Korean peninsula, but instead end up being abducted. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Despite the end of the Cold War in 1991,
following the collapse of the Soviet Union,

the Korean Peninsula missed a
chance to build a peace regime.

It remains the last Cold
War system in the world.

Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands: located
between Taiwan and Okinawa Island

Shinzo Mori
Director of Yamato Foundation (Japan)


He has arrived.

Song Shikai
No.3, P.R.C. Ministry of State Security

Kagemusha: Political decoy
tactic to protect the real king

You dare to wage war against China?

Do you think you could win?

Then you really think China could win

against an alliance of the
United States and Japan?

Operation Kagemusha: Takeshima

Why are you showing this to me?

To offer you a choice.

Kagemusha on Senkaku?

Or Kagemusha on Takeshima.


The U.S. Department of Defense

called us to join the Senkaku exercises

as a member of the
tripartite alliance, sir.

It's always been a U.S.-Japan
exercise. Why ask us to suddenly join?

That's what I said, sir.

But they said circumstances
changed and we can't have everything.

They asked so blatantly, sir.

But the peace talks are coming up...


Let's say it's too short of a notice
and that we can't join this time.

Yes, Mr. President.

You had a briefing for me on Dokdo?

Yes, sir.

It's a growing situation.

You must be informed, sir.

Let's talk inside.

Case Report on Dokdo

A month ago, on June 25th to be exact,

a Coast Guard patrol vessel captain
turned himself in to the NSO.

I met a woman about two months ago.

She's a pretty Japanese-Korean woman.

We dated, and she took
me to the casino a few times.

I ended up hundreds
of thousands in debt.

I asked her to lend me some money.

She said she'll give it to
me under one condition.

When a Japanese patrol
ship soon sails around Dokdo,

she said to attack it
without any warning shots.

We worked with the NIS to
investigate the woman first.

Her real name is Ito Hideko.

She works for

Yamato Foundation, the bank
for right-wing Japanese extremists.

She came to Korea and approached
people with connections to Dokdo.

Apart from the Coast Guard captain,

she had affairs with several
senior naval officers.

Lt-Col CHOI at Navy HQ.

The NIS brought him in for questioning.


But he killed himself.

What have you found?

We know she's working
for the Yamato Foundation.

We'll keep investigating
through the NIS.

But we fear...

We could see a repeat of
the 2006 Dokdo War, sir.

When a Japanese patrol ship
trespassed our waters at Dokdo

and our Coast Guards drove it out?

Yes, sir.

But behind the patrol ship

was a task flotilla deployed
in nearby international waters.

If we had attacked the patrol ship,

the flotilla would have attacked
our Coast Guards and Navy.

The situation was at
the very brink of war, sir.

If the U.S. hadn't intervened quickly,

a confrontation between the two
navies would've been inevitable.

What if

there is a confrontation at
Dokdo as Japan intends this time?

With just our Navy and Air Force...

We'd be defeated.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Japan

80 years ago,

when the U.S. cut off our oil supply

Japan had no choice
but to go to war with them.

So began the Pacific War

which ended with the
atomic bombing here.

However, great Japan did not give up

but rose again!

This time, it was our economy.

Only 3 decades ago,
for half the price of Tokyo,

we could buy all the land in the U.S.

Japan was the reigning
global economic power.

But we were exploited
by the U.S. again.

The Plaza Accord and
appreciation of the yen

pushed us into a deep decline
that even Koreans scoff at!

The U.S. may be our ally,

but we must recall how America
influenced Japan in the last century!

The author of 'Japan: The
Future of Our Great Nation',

Shinzo Mori. Let's give him a big hand!

Damn Yankees!

Pitting us against China?

We won't be used by them any longer.

It's our turn to use them.

Yes, sir.

As the U.S. wants,

we'll pretend to prepare
a war with China.

But we'll reclaim our stolen territory.

Yes, sir.

Our invasions of Korea,

the Sino-Japanese War,
the Russo-Japanese War,

and finally, the Korean War,

the expansion of Japanese
reign always began in Korea.

Through war with Korea,

the dormant Japanese
spirit will be awakened.

Yes, sir.

The Blue House (South Korea)

The U.S. will take all
the nuclear warheads,

in exchange for

signing a peace agreement and
ambassador-level diplomatic relations.

There is some
disagreement on some details,

but I think they'll be worked out
after the summit tomorrow, sir.

Chief Secretary

The Foreign Minister
is on the line, sir.

Yes, Minister YOON.

Let's listen together.

Mr. President.

The U.S. State Department
just postponed the summit, sir.

Did they say why? I thought
the big picture was set.

They cited issues with the nuclear
weapon handover procedures.

What procedures?

North Korea wanted a
deadline for inspections as well.

The U.S. apparently refused.

So North Korea said no
handover until inspections are done.

Did they give a new
date for the summit?

I'm afraid not, sir.
Nothing was mentioned.

Minister YOON.

Please arrange a call
with President Smoot.

Yes, sir.

I'll inform you once it is arranged.

Where'd you find the chips?

Is it because the summit
has gone belly up?

It's not gone belly up.
It's been postponed.

How can a teacher say that?

A math teacher should still
use more appropriate words, no?


It's been postponed before.
Be patient. It'll work out.


What are you reading so intently?

A copy of the Armistice.

68 years ago, this agreement
stopped the Korean War.

An armistice, a cessation of arms.

I hoped a peace agreement
would replace this.

KIM Il-sung and NAM
Il were North Koreans.

Mark Clark and William
Harrison were Americans.

Peng Teh Huai represented China.

Wait, no South Korea?

Though we've been invited this time,

South Korea won't be signing anywhere.

I know you majored in math,

but shouldn't you know we weren't
a signatory to the Armistice?

What's the area of a circle
with a 10cm diameter?

25π square cm.

You know π is 3.1415926, right?

Why try to save a country when you
can't solve the area of a tiny circle?

Why you!

Stop wallowing in self
pity and come to bed!


This soup is delicious.

It really hits the spot.

Would you like some more?

No, thank you. I've had plenty.

Experience is a great teacher.

You gentlemen didn't come
here this early to try my cooking.

Young-hee? Are you finished?

- Yes.
- Let's go. We'll be late.

Goodbye, dear.

- Bye, Dad.
- Bye.

Thank you for breakfast.

Have a great day.

Shall we talk in the sitting room?


- Yes?
- I polished your shoes.


Where's my wallet?




If you take it, your dad will be
arrested for accepting bribes.

Let's go.

- See you later.
- Bye.

Young-hee, have fun!

I've checked through the back channels.

President Smoot will
not schedule a video call

unless we agree to participate
in the Senkaku exercises, sir.

Please tell them we'll take part.

Yes, sir.

What about the luncheon tomorrow
with the Chinese Ambassador?

He's coming to thank you for
not partaking in the exercises.

Oh my...

I have updates on the Yamato
Foundation investigation.

We've been monitoring its accounts.

$1 billion was deposited, recently.

We've confirmed that half of it

was withdrawn in cash, sir.

Where did the money go to?

We're looking into it, sir.

But we know who
transferred it to Yamato.

It's Chen Longfei, a
Chinese real estate mogul.

A Chinese mogul gave money to
right-wing Japanese extremists?

Yes, sir.

We dug deeper and found the
Chinese public security bureau

held him for months for tax evasion
and illegal foreign currency transfers.


it was the Chinese government
that sent the money not Chen Longfei.

But it doesn't make sense.

Why would the Chinese government
be funding Japanese extremists?

A confrontation at Dokdo would mean

the end of the
U.S.-Japan-Korean alliance.

Then the biggest
beneficiary would be...


East Sea International Waters

Hurry up! Take them!

Get them!

Hurry! Catch!

Save Min-chul first!

Grab hold tightly!


Yamato Bank

First Officer of the Paektu SSBN

Captain of the Paektu SSBN

Sighing brings you bad luck.

Try to relax and sleep.

Sorry. Let's sleep.

I said it's bad luck!

Sorry. I didn't mean to.

It wasn't a sigh.

You know I exhale longer.

The Foreign Minister is on the line.

The Foreign Minister is on the line.

Yes, Minister YOON.

No, I was awake.

3 p.m.?

Eastern Standard Time...

It's fine. The sooner the better.

Good morning, sir.

National Security Council

You came early.

You as well, sir.

Once we said we'll join the exercises,
they arranged the call right away.

But the Senkaku exercises
are not this important.

Is there something more to it?

Things have become rocky with Japan.
Maybe the U.S. wants to mend ties.

I hope that's all it is.

A stronger tripartite alliance

will only help keep China in check.

When North Korea is taken care of,

China will be the Americans'
primary concern.

We are on? Yeah.

President HAN.

Thank you for accommodating
the time difference.

President Smoot.
Thank you for your time.

And let me just say

that you made the right decision
to join the Senkaku Exercises.

You are the key to our
tripartite alliance, President HAN,

protecting our interests in the region,

bringing peace and
prosperity to Japan and Korea.

Mr. President?

Mr. President?

Dear? What time is it?

It's almost 8 o'clock.

5 more minutes...

I'm sorry, sir.

I'm glad we share the
same Korean heritage.

We share the same language and tastes.

My appointment as ambassador
as a Korean-Chinese,

means that the Chinese government
values friendship with South Korea.

Yes, of course.

I know the U.S. asked you to partake
in military exercises off Diaoyu.

Our government extends our gratitude

for maintaining your
neutrality by refusing to join.

Thank you.

We will be taking part
in the exercises after all.

It's just a routine exercise. The
Chinese government need not worry.

President HAN.

Are you aware what
this exercise signifies?

It means the U.S.-Japan forces
will go to war against China!

Why would your forces join in?

South Korea's participation

means a declaration
of war against China!

It's not a declaration of
war. It's just an exercise.

Mr. President.

After the first summit
with North Korea,

do you know what
the Americans did first?

They dispatched the marines to
the American consulate in Taiwan.

Then U.S. destroyers commenced
operations in the Taiwan Strait!

Then the American trade
war against China began!

If North Korean nuclear issues
are fully resolved in the summit,

how do you think the
U.S. will act towards us?

Mr. Ambassador.

We apologize for the tight schedule.

Mr. President?

The Foreign Minister has
urgent matters to report.

Mr. Ambassador.

My apologies. I'm afraid I must go.

Stay out of the exercise.


I say this as your friend, not
an ambassador from China.

Foreign Minister

It appears it didn't go well.

U.S. State Department

will soon call with the set
date for the summit, sir.

The new date of the postponed
North Korea-U.S. summit is August 1st.

The world awaits the announcement
of where it will be held.

- President Smoot wrote on Twitter...
- The Unification Minister is on the line.

Yes, Minister.

that U.S. will transport all
North Korean nuclear weapons...

I understand.

Thank you, Minister.

Why? Another early morning meeting?

The summit's location has been decided.

All the best, Mr. President!

Mr. President!

It's President HAN!

Hello, Mr. President!

American military transport
aircrafts will come for the nukes.

It'll unease people in Pyongyang,
so they decided on Wonsan.

It seems Americans welcome the end
of the North Korean nuclear problem.

But the U.S. Congress
says no peace agreement

before inspections are complete.

The White House are also concerned
about President Smoot's safety.

That sounds nice.

No one in the Blue House
seems worried about my safety.

What was it again?

'Commie! Live in North
Korea and don't come back!'

It was on the Blue
House petition board.


Typhoon Aere, which
was headed to Shanghai,

and Typhoon Dianmu,
which was headed to Kyushu,

have merged to form a super typhoon
with a minimum pressure of 878hPa

- and wind speeds of over 90m/s.
- Mr. President.

U.S. Air Force Weather Agency
calls super typhoon 'Steel Rain'

Yes, Prime Minister.


Even the weather isn't cooperating.

Please do your best to make sure
the typhoon doesn't cause damages.


I'll see you when I get back.

...and is expected to go
past Dokdo and Ulleungdo.

Everything is ready, sir.

Wonsan Kalma Airport

Wonsan Airport VIP Room

Would you care for one?

No, thank you.

Though smoking indoors
is prohibited in South Korea,

it's not here. So, excuse me.


What is it? Is something funny?

Someone recently told
me sighing brings bad luck.


it'll be a good day.
What's worrying you?

Know how much time and money
we poured into our nuclear weapons?

And opposition to this
summit was always a given.

But recently, it has died down.

Thanks to your persuasiveness...

We don't persuade
here. We simply decide.

Recently, China promised us aid
irrespective of our nuclear weapons,

and warned us to stand up to the U.S.

It's caused some unrest
among my military officers.

A strong typhoon is
headed north from the south.

Two typhoons have merged.

The super typhoon will bring
stronger winds and rain than usual.

High wave warnings are in
place in the eastern coast.

Therefore, each sector of the
Republic must take measures

to prevent damage from the heavy rain.

In particular, urban management
and construction sectors must...

Supreme Guard Commander


How are you doing?

Welcome, President Smoot.

Good to see you again.

Oh! What a nice little...

The DPRK honor guards welcome you!

Colonel YOO, speaking!

This way, sir!

Wonsan Kalma International Hotel

Mr. Chairman.

You'd better come to Washington
and sign the peace agreement there.

There's a lot of people
who are up in arms about

me signing this agreement
way too early, you know.

And I know that here in North Korea,
it's whatever the Chairman says goes.

In Washington, it's a
whole different story.

You know we got the
bureaucrats, politicians, the press...

Hardliners are not
exclusive to America.

We have many here, too.

I'm gonna be honest with you.

I envy you.

You're a dictator. You
can do anything you want.

You can drag your enemies out of their
beds in the middle of the night 3 a.m.

Have them shot. Boom! Boom!

I mean, it's a beautiful thing.

And politics is show business.

And that's what I do.

Show business.

So I'm gonna take your nukes back home.

I'm gonna put on a good show.

You are gonna sign the agreement.

We'll normalize ties.

And then you and I are gonna
make a lot of money together.

It's a beautiful thing.

You gotta trust me here.
I know what I'm doing.

President Smoot.

I, too, can only do so much.

Without a diplomatic agreement,
you can't take our nuclear weapons.


Who do you think is gonna take the
flak when I go home empty handed?

Not me. You!

So you'd better think
about this very carefully.

Mr. Chairman.

Is he allowed to smoke in here?

Excuse me, please.

No smoking.

30 years ago,

South Korea sought ties
with the Soviets and Chinese.

Swallowing our pride,
we turned to the U.S.

But you ignored us

and said we're a failed state.

That's why we chose nuclear weapons.

With them, you'd pay attention to us!

It took 30 years for
you to sit down with us.

In exchange for your signature here,

we're giving up what we
labored 30 years to build!

Is that so much to ask for you to sign?

Are you finished?

You're not listening to me.

I told you I want to sign it.

But there's the Neocons
who want nothing to...

They want nothing more to do

then to blow the fuck out of
your stupid, little fucking country.

How dare you!

So you know, I'd
appreciate a little gratitude.

Because right now,

I'm the only thing keeping you
and your fucking people alive.

Please, please, please.

Why don't we take a break?

No need! Goodbye to you both!

Fucking spits all over me?

Fuck you.

What's his fucking problem?

You know?

Just wanna make some money?

Mr. Chairman.

If we pass this final hurdle,

the Korean Peninsula
will no longer be used

for foreign ambition and conflict...

Stop beating around the bush!

Do whatever the U.S. tells
you. Isn't that your point?

Let me ask you this.

Are you really interested
in our people's future?

Aren't you doing this
to improve your ratings?

Please leave.

Mr. Chairman.

The South Korean President
serves just one 5-year term.

The only reason I'm here

is because we almost went to war again.

I'm doing my best to prevent war.

Please remember that
when you sit down at the talks.

Nuclear inspections take a
long time and have limitations.

If North Korea cheats and hides a
few nuclear warheads, we're screwed.

If you focused on peace,
not nuclear weapons,

I think it'll be easier to resolve.

If you open an embassy here,
it'll make inspections much easier.

This situation would be much easier to resolve
if you focused on peace, not nuclear weapons.

If you open an embassy in North Korea,

An embassy, another embassy.

your staff will have a
base for their operations.


That will make inspections much easier.

Mr. HAN. Do you really think
the U.S. is holding all the cards?

Mr. HAN. Do you really think
the U.S. is holding all the cards?

Oh, sorry.

What do cards matter if
you're carrying a big stick?

What do cards matter if
you're carrying a big stick?

North Koreaʼs carrying a big stick.

Few years ago, after the
North Korean tell that...

Well, you're wrong.

North Korea's carrying a big stick.

After their 6th nuclear and ICBM test,

America was going to go to war.

Jesus Christ would've
bombed North Korea too.

He talks too fast.

Thanks to me, we're negotiating
now without a nuclear war.

Isn't that a great achievement?

Somebody get me a coke. Now.

Where's Coke?

I am well aware of your efforts.

If everything goes well, the
Nobel Peace Prize will be yours.

The Nobel peace prize
will definitely be yours.

Yeah, and I deserve
it because you know,

Let's say that the nukes are
out of the question, Mr. HAN.

I deserve it, right?

Mr. HAN.

Let's say the nukes
are out of the question.

If we give indulgence to
North Korea, China's ally,

how would that benefit the U.S.?

Why should we let
North Korea off the hook?

Then North Korea would
act in China's best interest.

It'd be like a free pass.

Where's ketchup?

We'd be letting the enemy walk free.

If they think, they can deal
with us apart from China,

it'd be a strategic mistake.

North Korea's mistaken.

It doesn't work like that.

But if they break alliance
with China and join us,

what's a few nuclear
warheads between friends?

Have some doughnuts.

Put a little weight on yourself.

You should gain weight.

God bless America.

Oh god.

Waters off Sinpo Port (North Korea)

A big typhoon is headed
our way. It's so windy, sir.

Are we ferrying money again?

Even if it's on the Chairman's
orders, it doesn't feel right.

Naval officers transporting money...

What you feel doesn't matter.
It's the Chairman's orders.

Never mind.

We will stop in Wonsan,
then head to the East Sea.


The Chairman wanted to inspect
our sub before commissioning.

- Does that mean...?
- Comrade JANG.

Do you still hold a grudge
against the Chairman?

No, sir.

He wants to use the nuclear
weapons to protect our Republic.


Let's dive, sir.

Prepare to dive!

Prepare to dive!

Director of GPB

Of all people, how could
you turn against the Republic?

Supreme Guard Command: Defense and
security agency for the head of state

Besides the Supreme Guard Command,
what unit could pull off a coup?


That's why we put you there,
but you dare attempt a coup?

Minister of the People's Armed Forces

Use your brains!

If we hand over all
our nuclear weapons,

seek reform and open
up, what will happen to us?

Our Republic is different
from Vietnam or China.

They can reform and open up. Why?

Because they can
survive even if they fail.

But us?

If we reform and open
rashly, the country will collapse!

We'd be taken over by South Korea.

Am I wrong?

Our only hope is our blood ally China!

Soon, China will surpass
the U.S. in every way.

We must endure!

We must wait until they do.

Evac! Evac!

Secure Mogul!

Secure a way out!

Let's go!

President HAN! It's a coup!


Find an escape route!

Find an escape!

Move, move, move, move!

Clear a path! Clear a path!

Let them go!

Go! Go! Go! Come on!


Cover him!

Come tight! Go!

Protect the Chairman!

Secure the back!


Stand down! Stand down!

We'll be escorting you three.

Listen. You know.

I'm sorry, but if you think taking
me hostage is gonna help you out...

You're wrong. I mean...

The United States America
does not negotiate with terrorists.

Be quiet. I don't understand you.

He said the U.S. does
not negotiate with terrorists.

We're soldiers protecting
our Republic, not terrorists, sir.

He says they are
soldiers, not terrorists.

You speak English?

Why not?

Fuck... Could have told me.

Well, that's even more serious
you can tell him because...

North Korean military
taking me hostage?

That's a declaration of war.

Wonsan Port (North Korea)

This is the Paektu, our first
ballistic missile submarine!

It's powered by a nuclear reactor
with nuclear missiles as well.

Escort them.

This way, sir.

- Mr. Chairman!
- Sir!

Comrades in Arms!

Escort them to the captain's cabin.

What's happening, sir?

He's from the GPB.

Escort them to the cabin.

Follow me, sir.

You two stand guard outside.

Isn't he General JANG Ki-sok,
former head of Submarine Command?

That's right.

Hwaseong 14, 15: North Korea's ICBM.

He was demoted after opposing
the Hwaseong 14 and 15 ICBM tests.

Why'd he oppose the test launches?

He said if we wanted to use ICBMs,
we need to deploy SLBMs first,

or we would be attacked.

Accused by the party

of self-interested opposition
to their plans, he was demoted.

That's why he's a First Officer now?

I don't know what he's thinking,

but he's the best submarine
strategist, brother.

We're not brothers when on duty.

Submarines have 3 basic problems.

First, the space is very tight.

It's cramped, but try to rest.

General JANG Ji-sok.

Yes, sir.

Are you with them, too?

It's not Ji-sok, but Ki-sok.

And I'm a major, not a general.

You demoted me, sir.

Rest, sir.

Can's too small.

Room, room's too small.
Everything too small!

Hey, you!

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

What's the plan? These
guys. They are your guys, huh?

What's the plan?

He's got a bed. You got
a... You've got a chair.

Where's my chair?

The can? I can sit in the can?

Please, sit here.

Oh! Thank you.

Very kind of you, sir.

Too small.

Bearing 20 degrees, range 6,000m!

Assumed U.S. sub detected.

Bastards. This isn't your own backyard!

Never mind.

Say hello and send out a ping.

They're just here to
guard their President.

We'll give away our location!

Never mind.

We found them now. They
likely knew our location earlier.

Send the ping.

They've pinged back, sir.

They have no idea what happened.

Captain. Take us to our destination.

Yes, sir.

What are you doing?

The White House
National Security Council

A coup has broken
out here in North Korea,

and it appears President Smoot,

the South Korean President, and
the North Korean Supreme Leader

have been taken hostage.

Members of the U.S.
high-level government delegation

have also been locked up,

and members of the press, like myself,
are being kept in a separate room.

Now, judging by the fact
that we no longer hear gunfire,

the coup seems to have succeeded.

Find out which duties can be
executed by the Vice President

when the President has been
captured by an enemy but is still alive.

Who's on the phone!

Hand over your phones!

This is breaking news.

FAX Jennifer is reporting
from North Korea.

President Smoot has
been captured as hostage

with North and South Korean leaders.

Blue House NSC

Humint in Pyongyang found

the Supreme Guard
Command started the coup.

Prime Minister

What about the border?

There's no movement.
They're not part of the coup.

Declare a state of emergency
across all forces,

and please get more intel
from Humint in the North.

Yes, ma'am.

Now meanwhile, North Korean
ground forces near the Armistice Line

have only just begun
showing signs of movement.

Another problem

is the Chinese troops assembled along
the bridge between China and North Korea.

Now, they moved into position
before even the front-line corps did.

China knew the coup was gonna happen.

If they're on the bridge now,

it's only a matter of time before
they cross into North Korea.

Madam Vice President?

When the President is incapable of
discharging his duties as commander-in-chief,

then this authority
is transferred to you.

Given he's a prisoner right now, it's
safe to assume he is incapacitated.

So you're saying I have
supreme operational command?

Yes, ma'am.


How do we keep the Chinese
from entering North Korea?

We have to send them a clear message
that entering North Korea means war.

To do that, we'll have
to strike North Korea first.

But what if something
happens to the President?

If we just sit here doing nothing, out
of concern for the President's safety,

future historians will devote pages

in their books to the incompetence
of the people in this room.

Mr. Secretary!

Find out what retaliatory options
we have against North Korea. ASAP!

Meet me in the hallway.

You bet.

All due respect Joanne,
what the hell are you doing?

They have our President,
our colleagues, our reporters.

Think with me.

What is the worst
thing that could happen?

Well, that's obvious.
Losing our President.

That's right.

And if that worst thing were to happen,

what would we have to lose?

If something were to
happen to the President,

our party would have itself

the first ever President to
die a hero in a foreign country.

And what about Kagemusha?

Neocons think the Chinese
are the Nazis of the 21st century

and that we are destined to go
to war with them sooner or later.

Better to do it when we can win.

Don't you agree?

You heard from Chinese
Ambassador Liang Wei

about America's plans for Operation
Kagemusha, have you not?

It's highly improbable.

Why would Japan go
to war against China?

The Japanese don't do
things to their disadvantage.

Administer the injection.

Motherfuckers! Mother!

What are you doing!

Oh! I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!

You, especially you!

Tell him to stop
resisting and sit still!


It is just a drug.

It will make you happy. Okay?


Fuck you, man!

American will is stronger than
all of your North Korean drugs.

Give him one more.

So go fuck yourself!

I'm gonna fuckin'...

I'm gonna... fuck you...

Explain Operation Kagemusha.

Explain Operation Kagemusha.

The objective of Operation Kagemusha

The goal of Operation Kagemusha

is a regime change in China.

is a regime change in China.

A U.S. submarine

sinks a Japanese fleet off Senkaku.

Japan blames it on China
and orders a counterattack.

The U.S. submarines sink
Chinese submarines and destroyers.

And guess who takes
the credit for it all?

Guess who takes the credit for it all?


And in the air we provide
intelligence, and we provide air power.

And the Japanese air force,

they emerge superior.

What is this shit?

It feels so fucking good.

Oh, yeah! What is the
point of it all? I ask you.

China will be crushed into a
million porcelain pieces of dust.

The arrogance that made China think it
could ever be a contender in the ring.

China will be crushed to dust.

I mean, because what
did they invent? Eh?

The Chinese! What
the fuck did they invent?


And we invented the atom bomb.

Japan's gonna become the greatest
arms' market in the whole wide world.

Yeah, and the America just
keeps getting greater and greater.

And America will become greater.

Do you see now?

This is the true nature
of the Yankee bastards.

They fabricated an attack
to start a war in Vietnam.

Now, they'll start one
between China and Japan

and bind our blood
ally in chains of defeat.


Because we chose to give
up our nuclear weapons

and turned our back
on our ally of 70 years!


How much did you get
paid by the Chinese for this!

Yes, I've been paid!

But you got it wrong, sir.

It wasn't by the Chinese.

I got $500 million from the Japanese.

Of course,

Should we report what's
coming from the cabin?

the Chinese promised restoration
of mutual aid and treaty...

Leave it!

It's not our place to interfere. well as economic aid!

China promised me!


we should do our best

to stop a Sino-Japanese
war, shouldn't we?

Goodnight, then.

What's that sound?

What did you do?

Let's hope

not everyone on this sub is a traitor.

There's a typhoon
passing over the East Sea,

so deploying an aircraft
carrier will be impossible.

And it's too stormy to
dispatch the Seventh Air Force.

Now, there is one other option.

An artillery attack by ground
troops deployed in South Korea.

The President's been taken hostage,
and you're suggesting we fire cannons?

We need to strike back before
they even know what hit them.

And make it resoundingly clear

that no good will come from
provoking the United States of America.

Ma'am. We did plan an
operation some time ago.

Prompt Global Strike.

Prompt Global Strike?

We attack with a Minuteman ICBM,

but instead of a nuclear warhead,
we use a conventional one.

Now it is expensive, but it's
very fast, impossible to stop,

and perfect for
demoralizing your enemy.

How long would the operation take?

Just say the word,

and a warhead will be dropped
over North Korea in half an hour.

And our target?

The bridge.

On the North Korean side,

where the Chinese are
assembling their troops.

We blow it up, keeping the Chinese
from crossing into North Korea

and sending a clear
warning to both sides.

Do it.

All right. There's just one problem.

If we fire an ICBM,

Russia and China might think
it's a nuclear attack and fire back.

They once mistook one of
our missile tests for an attack,

and we barely avoided
an all-out nuclear war.

So this time,

we're gonna have to
give them a heads up.

Aren't they allied with
the North Koreans?

Look. If we fire without warning,

the entire human race could
be obliterated in under an hour.

We got the evidence.

Since we saved China, keep
your promise to help North Korea.


I'm sure it will go as planned.

I'll see you next time in Pyongyang.


Transmit this to the
Chinese PLA frequency.

Yes, sir!

During the 2008 financial crisis,

the U.S. moved its Pacific
fleet to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Then China sent some nuclear
submarines to the Pacific.

The U.S. was furious when it found out,

but there wasn't enough money.

The U.S. proposed to Japan
to block Chinese expansion.

The U.S. would block south of
Taiwan and Japan to the north.

Japan took the offer

as an approval for a 'normal'
war-making Japanese state.

Japan built its forces, claiming it's
due to North Korean nuclear threat.

But in reality,

Japan and the U.S. did
it to keep China in check.

But since we declared
we'll give up our weapons,

Japan loses justification
for militarization, right?

When the U.S. started pressuring Japan

to cut the act and
face off against China,

Japan chose to rather
fight South Korea on Dokdo

or revive the North
Korean nuclear threat.

With help from China, apparently.

How are you feeling?

You okay?


Very thirsty.

But what does China get from all this?

China averts the war
they're destined to fight.

Destined? What do you mean?

When a rising power and
ruling power come into conflict,

historically, it led to war 80%.

Tensions between a rising China

and a ruling America are no different.

It's all in the book,
'Destined for War'.

More water, please.

The current situation is the result of
trying to define the frontline of war.


Will it be Senkaku or Dokdo?

What are you two talking about? Eh?

The world does not
revolve around you, America.

And I'm gonna make America great again.

Pax Americana! America first.

God bless America.

President Smoot.

You say you'll make
America great again.

But America has been
great since its founding.

A country built to uphold freedom
of conscience and religion.

The first country to claim
independence from colonial rule.

The first to establish a republic
based on separation of powers.

America's greatness lies in the
ideals that birthed and sustained it,

not in its might.

Say it in English.

He can't understand.

Ah... I can understand it well,

but speaking doesn't come easy.

South Korean cramming
education has far to go.

I guess I shouldn't say that.

Do you really understand English?

I can understand 100%.




80%. I understand that much for sure.

Fuck! Didn't your
mothers ever teach you

that it's rude to talk like this in
googly gook in front of a guest.

Come on! What's he saying?


He said...

Repeat what you said again, slowly.

President Smoot.

President Smoot.


You say you’ll make U.S.A. great again.

The United States of...

Moscow, Russia

Yes, I understand.

Good luck.

ICBM Facility, USA

Beijing, China

Madam Vice President.

We're concerned about your
situation and send our condolences.

But we've received
some unusual information.

Could you explain this?

A U.S. submarine is gonna
sink a Japanese boat in Senkaku.

No! This is bullshit!

This is a conspiracy!

And you can bet that the
North Koreans are responsible.

The U.S. just fired an ICBM near
the border of China and North Korea.

Is it a nuclear attack?

No, it's a conventional
ballistic missile.

Get the U.S. Secretary
of Defense on the line.

We have been a strong alliance.

You should've notified
us before the attack.

Telling us afterwards is improper
communication between allies.

Anyway, we appreciate your cooperation.


The President has told the
North Koreans everything.

The Korean government says

there is reason to believe Japan
and China are also in on the coup.

Japan and China?

The Chinese Government
apparently transferred a billion dollars

to a powerful Japanese tycoon.

Million years America
could ever agree...

The U.S. fired a
missile at our Republic!

An ICBM at that!

Was it nuclear?

Next time,

it probably will be!

Your country fired an
ICBM at my country!

Well, sir, with all due respect.

If you don't get me
off the sub right now,

we're all gonna die.

- Start it.
- Yes, sir.

I mean, if it wasn't for
him, and uh his coup,

we would all be entering
a whole new era right now.

But instead we are all gonna die.

Tell him to read it.

Say what I'm saying.

I am in talks with North Korea.

Do not attack without my order.

I am safe and I have not been harmed.

Excuse me. No. I'm not saying that.

Not in front of a
camera. There's just no...

Okay, would you repeat that please?

I am in talks with North Korea.

I am in talks with North Korea.

Do not attack without my order.

No attacks are to be
made without my order.

I repeat.

I am safe.

Tell the CIA to verify the South
Koreans' intel as soon as possible.

Comrade PARK!

Tell me what you were going to
do for the Japanese for the money.

Let's go, sir.

Stay out of it!

This is my final order
for Commander PARK.


I can indulge you one
last time for old times' sake.

Japan asked us to torpedo one
of its patrol ships near Dokdo.

They want to carry out
Operation Kagemusha on Dokdo?

For a few pennies,

you'd sell your compatriots?

They colonized us and is responsible
for the war that split us in two!

That's not all.

Japan did not only ask for a torpedo.

They said if South Korea falls,
it'd be good for both them and us.

They asked to fire a nuclear
missile at South Korea.

Since I got my $500
million, I'll fire a torpedo.

They said if a war breaks out on Dokdo,

Japan will win and South Korea's
military forces will be annihilated.

Wouldn't that be good for our Republic?

A peace treaty was within reach!

What peace after being
enemies for 70 years?

What really matters
is our nuclear missiles.

I'll be firing one as well.

Not so fast!

President HAN!

I wasn't finished talking!

Yes, I'll fire the missile.

Not at South Korea, but at Japan.

If I fire it at Japan,

who cares about the UN sanctions!

China promised us a
generous $10 billion in aid.

And $5 billion more
every year after that.

Comrade Chairman!

$5 billion can restart food
distribution to our people.


If you fire at Japan, the
U.S. will nuke North Korea.

But we have President Smoot.

What's he saying now?

Japan wants him to fire a
nuclear missile at South Korea.

But China wants him to attack Japan,

so he decided to fire on Japan instead.

However, he said,

North Korea is safe as
long as you are his hostage.

Safe? Because I'm your hostage?

I don't think so.

See, you have no idea how
many people in America

hate my guts.

And Republicans will look the other way

and Democrats will
probably throw a party.

The Neocons will celebrate
with a campaign donation spree.

Well, that will be the end of you.

- What is it?
- A word, sir.

- You're safe if you
- They heard everything, sir.

take me in the White House in 24 hours.

You let everything be heard?

I couldn't interfere...

Lock up the weapons
and check on the men.

Good guys. Come on!

Shake my hand.

On this submarine,

I have the U.S. President, you,

and the Chairman as hostages.

And we're hundreds
of meters underwater.

Don't mess with me.

From our sub?

Didn't you hear?

Yeah, you know.

You nuke an American
ally, America nukes you back.

China? Does he really think
China has got what it takes

in a nuclear war?

Hey, I'm talking to you!

You wasted all our time

weighing your options back and forth,
forth and back and for what? I mean,

if you just gave us your fucking
weapons in the first place,

we wouldn't be here
right now, would we?

We are here because of
America's selfish arrogance.

We expected you to just
keep the same pace with us!

Consider our circumstances! But no!

You just wanted our complete surrender!

How many times have you promised one
thing and then you do another thing, uh?

You sound like America
always keeps your promises.

But you are the one who
never keep your promises.

You know what? We have rules.

We don't bend to dictators like you!

Go fuck yourself!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Yeah, fuck you!

Fuck you!

- You can't even keep your fingers in line.
- Shut up!

Shut up!

We're all too late!

Mr. Chairman.

To talk to Americans, try to
understand the way they talk.

You waited decades
for talks with the U.S.,

but didn't bother to learn how
best to communicate and negotiate?

President Smoot.

You should remember.

In human history,

the greatest weapon
of a great empire is







President HAN.

That you must endure
this trouble on my account,

I apologize.

President Smoot.


This is...

all my fault.

Yeah, well... Okay!

Yeah. Let's get it out!

I mean, what the fuck makes
Dokdo so important anyway?

I mean, what makes it so fucking
important that South Korea and Japan

gotta go to war over some shitty
little rock in the middle of the ocean?

Please translate.

Dokdo is the first territory Japan
seized when it occupied Korea.

Dokdo is the first seized territory
when Japan invaded Korea.


Till Japan attacked Pearl Harbor,
which started the World War II,

and that paved the way
for your independence.

And you know, I mean, we've
been pretty good allies to you guys.

America's the good guys. Right?

You're right.

Good guys!

When the U.S. won and
Korea got its independence,

signatories to the Cairo and
Potsdam Declarations made it clear

that Dokdo was Korean territory,
and prohibited Japan from it.

The United States won the war

and due to the Cairo Declaration
and Potsdam Declaration,

Korea won its independence

and Dokdo became a
Korean territory again.

And Japan was never
allowed to come near.

What's Japan's deal with
it? They got a claim or what?

During the Korean War,

in the case that Korea
fell to communism,

Dean Rusk, Assistant Secretary of State,
wrote Dokdo may not be Korean territory.

Japan is using that to claim Dokdo.

During the Korean War,

in the case that Korea
fell to communism,

Dean Rusk, U.S. government man,


Dean Rusk.

Ah.. wrote a memo that Dokdo
did not appear to be Korean territory.

Japan uses his personal
memo to back up their claims.

Okay, okay, okay.

I mean...

I mean, where is this Dodko place?



Dodko. Where is it?




Dokdo. Dock-do.




Japan is...

Stop talking, please!
I'm tired of translating.

President Smoot?

Can we all shut up?
Together, okay? Uh? Uh?

Yeah, yeah... I'm tired, man.

You guys fuck me up, you know? Man.

Hey, hey. No smoking. Okay?
We are indoors. Come on.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Erectile dysfunction for
fuck's sake. Come on, man.

You're killing me here.

Come on!

This is my submarine!

- Second-hand smoke!
- I'm tired!

I will just have a few. Okay?

- You're killing me here!
- Only one!

It's a fucking nuclear submarine!

I am tired!

All right.

You wanna smoke indoors?

I'm gonna take a fucking shit

and I'm gonna leave
the door open. All right?

- Come on! Stop.
- How about that?


See ya.

What are you doing?

Would you prefer to smell that?

That's how you make a deal.

One's smoking, the other's farting.
I'm always stuck in the middle.

Rise to periscope depth.

- Periscope depth!
- Yes, sir!

I don't see anything.


Radio a message here.

Tell them we've arrived,
but we don't see the tuna.

Tuna catching postponed due to typhoon.
Tuna will appear once it passes.

Dive to maximum operating depth.

Set depth for 90 meters.

I'm kinda thirsty, you know.

Can't drink that.

Are you guys hungry? Huh?


You hungry?






The American President is hungry.

- Bring some food and water.
- I want some burger...


Chocolate milkshakes.

Hey, I haven't finished...

What kind of food do they serve here?

They are requesting food and water.

Eat comfortably.


The Chairman is on our sub, right?

Didn't you hear him?

Back then.

Wasn't it the Chairman's
voice on the intercom?

But wasn't it strange?

The Chairman mentioned
a traitor and yelled.

Something about
shooting a nuke at Japan.


It sounded like,

the Chairman's not
here for an inspection,

but he's being held prisoner.

The Chairman? A prisoner?

By who?

If we fire a nuke at Japan,

our country will be attacked too.

What do we do?

What if we rescue the Chairman?

Wouldn't we be made
heroes of the Republic?

We'll be heroes for sure.

What were you talking about?

If you want to see
your mothers, stay put.


Are we really firing a
nuclear missile at Japan?

They said if we do,

the U.S. will fire one at us.

Then we won't see our mothers, sir.



The sub is new, but it stinks.

Stench is another problem
with submarines.

It's because the old man farted.

Thank you.

What's he saying?

You smell!

Oh, no!

Oh, he smoky, smoky!

You have my sympathy, Mr. President.

Such trouble for you.

The food isn't much, but please enjoy.


Wow! This tastes like shit.

What is this?

That is sokdojeon-tteok.

Made of corn flour, salt, and sugar.

And this is injokogibap.

Are you okay?

Are you all right?

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

What is this?

"Whatever you hear outside
don't come out, sir."

Wait, what does it say?

Whatever sounds you hear outside
of cabin, do not leave, okay?

Hey, what are you doing? Hey, hey!

That is fixed!

That will keep them out.

You don't mind if I
eat your food, right?

I'll never smoke.

Good kid.

He's a good kid.

Come on, eat.

You'll damage the sub!

Don't spill as you eat.

They haven't caught on, sir.

You boys, cover fire from here.
Make sure they don't go in the cabin.


Let's save the Chairman with our lives!

You'll get killed!

Stay put!

Come back!


Are you all right?

Don't be swayed! Keep your posts!

Move them over there.

Myung-chul! No!

Get him!



Follow me, sir.

Oh, shit.

How many steps!

Captain! Inspect all the equipment!

Inspect all the equipment!

Inspect the equipment!

Propulsion system, clear!

Communication system, clear!

Don't mind me.

In case of an emergency,
while the Chairman is here,

a rescue sphere was installed
above the torpedo room.

They'll use the maintenance passage.

Down there.

It's through there.

Go after them.

If you can't seize them alive,

you may kill them.


Trust me and hang on.

The rescue sphere is up there.

You can take it and
go up to the surface, sir.

There is a rescue sphere.


Oh well, that's good. Let's go!

- Come on!
- Hey, hey, hey! Wait, wait, wait.


The problem is...

It was made for the Chairman
to escape in an emergency.

Only one can get in.

We have bad news.

Only one person can get in.

Oh, fuck! Fuck!

Hey, hey, hey! Where
do you think you're going?

Let's take the chair out.

- What's he saying?
- He said take the chair out.

- Why?
- Make more space.

For how many?

I think...



But there's three of us.

Hey, hey, hey! Be careful!

Burst in!

Mr. Chairman! Escape, sir!

Open up!

Open up now!

Are you all, okay?

Step aside, please!

Almost done, sir.


Is that a grenade?

That's a fucking grenade!

It's a grenade!

I'm gonna change and be a
good man. I'll do anything you say.

Just get me out of this situation.

Hold it tightly.


Got it?

It's ready, sir.

Come up, sir!

Oh! Thank you, dear Lord.

Okay, now.

I don't think the three of us
are gonna be able to get in there.

So we gotta make a choice.

Who's coming with me?

You two!

I'm the commander here!

Mr. Chairman!

I'm not doing this
because you're special.

You have to stay alive to finish
the summit and fix this mess.

Please go up.

Yeah, we gotta go. Come on.

It's not time for talking.

He insists us to get in.

We have to be alive to prevent
war and finish our negotiations.

And he's absolutely
right. You're a smart guy.

We gotta prevent war. We
gotta finish the negotiations.

Soon as I'm on land, him and me,

we're gonna sign that peace treaty.

Nuclear non-proliferation deal.

We're gonna have peace in our time.

And I thank you President HAN,

for your contribution
and your sacrifice.

You are a brave man.


You're gonna need that!

Mr. Chairman.

Don't fight with the U.S.

Please get the peace treaty done.

Now, go.

Come on, kid!

Smoot, you'd better keep your promise.

Thank you for letting them go ahead.

Fire! Fire in the kitchen!

Don't be swayed!

Let's call a truce!

If the fire burns up all the oxygen,

we'll all die!

If you give us medicine, I will.

Yeah, okay...

What's the number for
the White House? Fuck!

+1-202-456-1111. Okay!


Wait a minute. How do you know
the number to the White House?

That's on Google.

I Googled it.

YouTube, too!

The President just called.

He's escaped the North Korean submarine.
He's with the Chairman now.

The call disconnected after that.

We tried calling back, but
we couldn't get through.

Shut up!

All right. Where did he call from?

Somewhere in the
middle of the East Sea.

Nearby some island.

Dukdo? Dokdu? Dokdo?


Dispatch rescuers to
the sat phone location.


Yes, ma'am.

Be careful!

Thank you.

We got the first-aid kit.

It's the Virginia-class
sub from before!

Bearing 30 degrees. Range 3,000m!

It's on the surface, sir.

Rise to periscope depth.

The submarine is here to
rescue President Smoot.

Don't worry. The Chairman
will be rescued too.

What is it?

They'll try to sink the
American submarine.

It's the only way for
the coup to succeed.


Call the Vice President
and tell her to give

the Japanese Prime
Minister this message.

That North Korean submarine
you bribed to do your dirty work

is going to fire a nuke at you.

Prepare to fire the torpedo.

Not at the submarine, sir?

Fire it.

Prepare the torpedo launch.

Torpedo 1!


Torpedo 2!

Something is wrong!

Torpedo 3!

Torpedo 4!

Torpedo 8!

Shit! Torpedo 8 is activated!

No. 8 is working.

I'll launch it, sir.

Shit! The torpedo is stuck!

What's wrong?

Why isn't it fired?

The torpedo is stuck!

If the door doesn't open,
it will explode inside, sir!

If it doesn't shoot out
now, it'll explode inside!

Brace for impact!

Away from the walls!

Yes, sir!

Check the status.

Yes, sir!

Our torpedoes are programmed

to self-detonate even if
they miss their targets.

So we can still inflict damage,
even if the enemy isn't hit.

The President and the North Korean
Chairman have both been rescued safely.

What about our President?

President HAN

remained on the North Korean submarine.

The President claims

the North Korean submarine is
gonna fire a nuclear missile at Japan.


But the President has
ordered us not to help Japan.

It's the Prime Minister.

Japanese Minister of Defense

Yes, Prime Minister.

Yes, sir!

Turn around! Call everyone
to the Defense Agency!

Call the JMSDF Chief of Staff.


Japan Maritime
Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)

Japanese Self-Defence
Forces Military Satellite

Japanese Oyashio-Class Submarine

Japanese Soryu-Class Submarine

Where was President Smoot rescued?

It was just off Dokdo, ma'am.

Where is our closest naval unit?

On standby at Ulleungdo
because of the typhoon.


our submarine
flotillas are operational.

I'm over Takeshima,

but the winds are too strong!

Find the sub and destroy it! Our
nation's survival depends on it!


Drop the sonobuoy!

Drop the sonobuoy!

Deploy the active sonar system!

Deploy the active sonar system!

Patrol plane dropped an active sonar!

Emergency dive!

Go below the sonic layer depth!

Emergency dive! Set depth for 220m!


Why are you listening to that traitor?



If you want to live, listen to him.

Dive to depth 220m.

- Rudder down!
- Rudder down!

Submarine detected!

From its acoustic signature,
it's not American!

It must be the North Korean sub!

Destroy it!

Ready to engage!

Fire the torpedoes!

Fire the torpedoes!

Prepare to fire 2 sonar decoys.

Prepare to fire sonar decoys!

Control room! How far
to the sonic layer depth?

Currently at 160 meters!

10 meters to sonic layer depth!

60m to optimal depth
to avoid detection!

Fire sonar decoys!

Fire sonar decoys!

Maintain parallel
altitude angle. Full ahead!

Maintain parallel
altitude angle! Full ahead!

Explosion confirmed, but
unsure if it was the sub!

I detect a signal on sonar, but it
may not be the North Korean sub!

An American sub is also nearby!

I repeat.

Destroy it at once!


Deploying all depth charges.

It's a depth charge!

600 meters behind us.

400 meters!

200 meters!

Depth charge...

Coming directly overhead!

Hard right rudder! Bearing 90 degrees!

Hard right rudder! Bearing 90 degrees!

Hard right rudder!

Hold tight!

We're getting away from the explosions.

Set course for Sim Hung Thaek Seamount.

Explain why we should go there.

A patrol aircraft came
here in a typhoon!

It means all enemy subs in the
East Sea are on the hunt for us!

They're dying to get us!

If you don't want to be fish bait,

we must hide where terrain is
complex and it's hard to be detected.

The U.S. military wouldn't send an
aircraft in the middle of a typhoon.

The Korean navy, as well.

That means it's a Japanese plane.

It must've flown
through a typhoon here,

because Japan knows you'll
fire nuclear missiles at them.

Commander PARK!

You won't get any more
money from the Yamato.

Let's think of how to get out alive.

Cut the bullshit, Mr. President!

The only way to ensure our survival

is for us to uphold our
alliance with China and fight!

Got that?

Give me the launch key.


Rise to nuclear missile firing depth.

But at this depth,
they can't find us, sir.

If we rise any higher,
we'll get caught.

You dare disobey me?

Only I give the orders! Is that clear?

Do it.

Rise to firing depth.

Set to ascend to 30 meters.

Heroic soldiers of the Paektu!

Once we achieve our mission,

China has promised us
generous economic aid

and help revive our blood alliance
to fight against the imperialists.

Now, we'll fire

a nuclear missile at Japanese invaders
who tormented us for centuries!

I trust you'll join me in fighting
for our country and our people!

To the glorious victory of
the heroes of the Paektu!

Commander PARK! Are you insane?

If you fire at Japan,

the U.S. will have to
counterattack as an ally!

Since President Smoot knows,
China will deny everything!

Shut up!

Would you trust your enemy of 70 years?

Or your blood ally?

How much longer to firing depth?

On-coming torpedo detected!

Range 4km!

It appears to be from a submarine!

There's another one!

Range 3,900 meters!

Control room!

How far are we from the seamount?

Whose submarine is it?

I think it's a Japanese
Oyashio-Class sub!

Control room!

Don't do anything
foolish. Answer me now!

How far to the seamount?

Sim Hung Thaek Seamount.
Bearing 45 degrees. Range 800 meters!

What are you doing!

I said ascend and fire the missile!

If we don't get away now,
the torpedoes will kill us, sir.

Shut up!

Full ahead to the seamount!

Prepare to fire sonar decoys!

Prepare to fire sonar decoys!

Set depth to 250m!

Set depth to 250m!

- Torpedo range?
- It's within 2,000m!

- How far to the seamount?
- 400m, sir!

- Current depth?
- 160m!

Torpedo range 1,400m!

200m to the seamount, depth 190m!

Torpedo range 1,100m!

Hard right rudder, bearing
90! Pivot around the seamount!

Hard right rudder!

Hard right rudder!

Fire sonar decoys!

Emergency blow!

Ascend to 130m and rest
on the seamount peak.

Emergency blow to 130m!

Tell me when they pass under our bow.

It's coming.

It's right beside us.

Now, sir!

Flood forward trim!

Everyone hold tight!

Flood forward trim!

Flood forward trim!

Fire torpedoes!

10 seconds to impact!

9 seconds!

We can't sink it!

If you do, it's war at Dokdo!

5 seconds! 4 seconds!

Self-detonate it!


The Japanese sub wasn't hit.

It's ascending.

Thank you.

Never mind.

North Koreans always say,
'Never mind'. It hurts our feelings.

It sounds so cold. Can't
you just say, 'It's okay'?

Let's go to Ulleungdo.

Our flotilla will be waiting there.

To you they may be 'our',

but not to us.

We're not sure to follow you yet.

Think the traitors will
follow you anywhere?

Take position.

Left 20.

Left 20.

- Right 50.
- Right 50.

- Left 10.
- Left 10.

Open it.

Three, two, one.

6 km southeast. Depth 300m.

Something is approaching.

Could be a sperm whale...

The speed and course?

Speed, 20 knots.
Course, straight for us.

That's no whale!

It's a Japanese Soryu-Class
sub! Hide behind the seamount!

Rise to nuclear missile firing depth!

But it's safer here, sir. If
we go up, we'll be targeted.

I won't repeat myself again.

Go and treat it.

Rise up now!

If we go up any higher,
we'll be targeted!

I hear torpedo launch tubes opening!

They've fired, sir!

Control room! Go behind the seamount!

We've reached firing depth.

Get back in trim.

Torpedo range 5km! Time
to impact 250 seconds!

You sons of bitches!

Don't just stand there!

245 seconds to impact!

Are you deaf?

Take cover!

Listen to me! Move!

235 seconds to impact!

We'll all die!

Come on!

230 seconds to impact!

Go to the seamount!

Go behind the seamount!

We've reached firing depth.

But while the missile is fired,
we won't be able to move.

We may fire one, but they'll
be no time for a second!

One is enough to make our
nation a powerful socialist state.

Open the launch tube.

Opening vertical launch tube.

I'll start the countdown, sir.

10 seconds.

9 seconds.

8 seconds.

7 seconds.

6 seconds.



Are you insane?

If you fire that missile,

it won't be just the Japanese,
but North Koreans...


The future of the Korean
people will be gone!

Let's try to survive together!

But if someone must die,
let it be just us here.

Don't threaten me!
You don't have the guts!

Prepare to fire again!

First Officer, sir!

Calm down, men!

Time to impact, 120 seconds!

Emergency dive! All hands to the bow!

Emergency dive! All hands to the bow!

All hands to the bow!

Let go.

Be careful.

To the bow!

Go! Go! Go!

Hurry up!

Hold on tight!

Are you all right?

Never mind.

Where are they running to?

The heavier the bow
is, the quicker we dive.

Set depth to 250m!

Set to 250m!

Go behind the peak, then level off.

Going behind the peak, sir!

35 seconds to impact!

Levelling off, sir!

Back to positions!

Run! Run!


Fire stern torpedo!

Intercept it!

Firing stern torpedo!


Take care of yourself.

What's the range
between ours and theirs?

Only a few seconds away.

6 seconds, 5, 4...


There's another one headed here!

10 seconds!

No, 9 seconds to impact!

- Fire stern torpedo!
- Firing stern torpedo!


Take positions!

Take positions!

Go! Go!

Report the damages.

The ballast tank is damaged.

If we don't surface now, we'll sink.

Can it be repaired?

Negative, sir.

We'll have to dock first.

Stern torpedo room has been hit!

Water is flooding in! Evacuating
and closing hatch doors!

Everyone get out!

Get out! Run!

Enemy sub is approaching.

At 4,500 meters!

A torpedo hatch is opening.

It's from 3 seconds ago.
They've already fired.

I'll cancel the countdown.

I think this is the end, Mr. President.

Is communication possible?

Only low-frequency transmissions.

Do you know the ROK Navy's frequency?

I have it memorized, sir.

It's set to the ROK Navy, sir.

This is President HAN Gyeong-jae.

I charge the South Korean military

to continue to protect our
land and preserve peace.

Madam Prime Minister.

Please look after our country well.

3 more submarines approaching.

I hear on-coming torpedoes, sir.

Long live our unified Korea!

My grandchildren

and my daughter live in Hamheung.

A peace agreement will mean
better lives for them too, right?

Let's pray it to be.

How does one pray?

Like this?

This is the South Korean Navy.

You've entered our waters.

Ascend immediately!

This is the South Korean Navy.

You've entered our waters.

Ascend immediately!

The Japanese submarine
is retreating, sir!

The 3 submarines are of the ROK Navy!

Turn on the loudspeakers!

Members of the ROK
Navy, it is a pleasure.

The Paektu Submarine will ascend.

Begin ascent!

Now, for some good news.

Typhoon Steel Rain has passed Dokdo
and is headed toward Hokkaido, Japan.

The strongest typhoon on record...

Minister of Defense.
Deploy all forces to Dokdo.

Yes, ma'am.

The Prime Minister promised
your legacy will continue.

He said you need not worry.

I knew the Chinese and Korean
bastards weren't to be trusted.

Please give him my apologies

for my missteps.

About those missteps...

You're the only one who
can take responsibility.

So he asked that you do!

Well, maybe you should get out.

President HAN? Please join us?


Sometime, we should
go on a boat trip together.

I invite you to visit Seoul.

Steel Rain 2: Summit

The leaders of South and North
Korea have arrived together.

Please welcome them with a big hand!


How is your injury coming along?

It's much better. Thank you.

After you, Mr. President.

My fellow Koreans.

Over the past few years,
many people asked me,

'Can unification really happen?'

I always gave a vague
answer and said, 'It'll work out.'

But today, I can answer
with complete conviction.

Unification can't be achieved by
the will or power of one President,

nor by determination and power
just of politicians and officials.

We recently saw the end of a
war that began 70 years ago.

A peace agreement between the
U.S. and North Korea from 30 years ago,

has been finally completed.

It may take a few more
decades to build peace

and for South and North Korea
to trust and understand each other.

The path to unification will
require tremendous effort.

Beloved citizens,

I can say one thing with certainty

that without your efforts,
nothing will happen.

So I ask you now.

Are you willing to realize
unification in our time?