Steel Rain (2017) - full transcript

A coup in North Korea forces an agent to defect to South with unconscious "Number One". While operatives from North hunt for both of them, the agent has to work with South Koreans to stop the nuclear war. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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I got you 50% more than the last time.

You need to give me at least 50.

Ma'am, come and have a look.
I'll give you a discount.


The prices will be the same
no matter where you go.

Don't go.

Whatever, just leave then.

How much are these pair of slippers?

If it disappears,
they'll call you a thief.

Hands up.

Get back.

I didn't steal it.

It's my prescription drug.

He knows that, too. Please tell this guy.

How are you feeling?

Chief Ri.

-Give us some privacy.
-Yes, sir.

It looks like Du-won Kim
and Gwang-dong Park

are up to something.
They have even picked the D-day.


I tried to gather some intel and found out

that the two of them
have been in touch with In-chin Ryu

of State Security to sell us out
to the Chinese.

What are your thoughts?

What do think they're planning to do
on their "D-day"?

Could it be a coup?

The problem is that those traitors
are blocking access to the Great Leader.

Because of that,
I cannot report the situation to him.

I have no choice but to get rid of them,
so that I can report to him.


Why not the agents
that are in the field now?


Gwang-dong Park has
the Supreme Guard Command,

and Du-won Kim has State Security troops.

If one of our agents fails to kill them,
there will be war.

It's obvious.

But you left the organization a while ago.

Comrade Eom.

If you accomplish this mission,

you'll become a hero
who saved the country from a coup,

and your family will get the respect
and privilege that come with it.

I'm the chief director of the RGB.
You have my word.




-Thank you.
-The nationwide voter turnout

has been measured to be 75.9%.

Seoul, 76%.

Busan, 76.1%. Gwangju, 80.3%.

I'm sorry.

It was 72.4%. In Ulsan, it was 78.4%.

Sejong City, 74.9%.
Gyeonggi Province, 74%.

Goodness, I give your mom so much money
for child support.

Doesn't she feed you?

She doesn't let us eat any junk food.

Eat up when she's not around.


Can you and Mommy get back together?

Give me a good reason
why we should get back together.

Mommy is a doctor,
and you work at the Blue House.

I used to be super cool,

but I can't brag about you two
because you're now divorced.

You used to be super cool?


Do your friends ever say
that they think you're rude?

-They say that to you?

Then, you sure are my son.

Wait a second. Hang on, okay?

Dad, we have to leave at 6:00 p.m.
Mom is coming.

All right.


Sir, congratulations.

It is neck and neck,

but all the channels
are predicting the same result.

Se-rim, Se-min.

Did you guys have fun with Dad...

What is this?
Are you guys eating hamburgers now?

A special lecture?

Oh, I'm just filling in?

Of course, I would love to.

You know that I'm an expert when it comes
to filling in or acting as a proxy.

Right, yes.

Okay. I'll see you that day, then.

Take care.

Where did they go?




The guest for Peony Room is here.


I hear that your boss is stressed out
because of the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

Yes, he is. Foreign Affairs will release
a statement tomorrow about where we stand.

Chinese companies joining the complex
goes against the UN sanctions...

Come on.

Those factories will be fine
since they just produce household goods.

At this rate, six-party talks will totally
be held in the next administration.

Now is a good time to give them something.

That's the only way
we can make them listen, you know.

Isn't he the Minister of State Security,
Du-won Kim?

He's the big-shot power broker
in the DPRK. Did Number One eliminate him?

I don't think it was Number One.


Officially, it was a car accident.

-Who's this man beside him?
-In-chin Ryu.

He's the Chief of Chinese State Security
to North Korea.

The last piece of intel I got from him

is that there will be
massive purges in North Korea.

The next administration
will have a lot to deal with.

So, what are your plans
for after leaving the Blue House?

How about a faculty chair

at Peking University's
East Asian Research Center?


-Do you like seafood stir-fry, sir?
-Of course.

They make the best seafood stir-fry
in all of Korea.

-A medium seafood stir-fry, please.

-Actually, give us the large size.
-Sure, no problem.

I hear there may be
massive purges in the North.

It sounds like the power struggles there
have gotten quite serious, sir.

Officially, both North Korea and China
closed the case as a car accident.

Should I inform the president-elect?

President-elect Gyeong-yeong Kim
Vows to Open Era of Unification

He'll find out eventually.

It's more fun that way, don't you think?


Got it, sir.

We have another customer.

Yes, I know. That's for that table.

-What would you like?
-Skinny noodles, please.

It won't take long.

Mr. Park will be in Kaesong on the 24th
for the funeral. Press one to call Uncle.

What happened to our country
at the beginning of the 20th century?

-The Japan-Korea Treaty of 1910.

But we need to use a proper name for it.
It's called Year of National Humiliation.

After 36 years under Japanese rule,

we regained our independence in 1945.

But there's something
I must point out here.

In Europe, Germany, which started
the war in that part of the world,

ended up being divided into East and West.

But in Asia,

Korea got cut in half even though
Japan was the main culprit behind the war.

Did we start the war?

We failed in regaining independence
on our own.

Right. What happened after that?

-The Korean War.
-Yes, the Korean War.

The very first proxy war
of the Cold War era

broke out on our peninsula.

During the colonial period,
so many people were drafted

and died in the war.

Including the comfort women,
three million people died in total.

Then, another three million
died during the Korean War.

Basically, 20 to 25%
of the entire population died.

In other words,
one of four or five of you died.

Throughout the 20th century,

our ideology was based on Japan.

So, what did we do?

We tried to become like Japan.

As a result,
Samsung is doing better than Sony now,

and Hyundai has beaten Honda as well.

That's how we took action
against the ideology called Japan.

Then, what did North Korea do?

Why was Japan defeated?

-Nuclear bombs.

Nuclear weapons.

The North Korean regime

will come to an end
because of nukes just like Japan did.

-No way.
-Sounds crazy, right?

You guys are probably thinking
that I'm talking a bunch of bullshit.

Hey, Se-yeong. Am I not right?

Everyone knows that
only nukes can stop nukes.

-What is wrong with people?

Well, let's be honest here.

Had we been nuclear-armed, the situation
would have never gotten this complicated.

We should at least have the nuclear option
like Japan does.

Or, we should just declare that we'll
consider developing our own nukes

-to position ourselves strategically.

Come on. You should go home.

-Gosh, Se-yeong.
-You're drunk. Get in.

-Just one more drink, okay?
-Goodness, come on.

Gosh, Se-yeong.
Come on. Let's have just one more drink.

-Jeez, you're too much.

-Merry Christmas!
-Merry Christmas to you, too!

Hello, there! Happy Christmas.

-Let's go. I'm going in.
-Hey! Gosh, come on.

They said hello to us.

It's on me.
Let's have just one more drink.

Hey, I have an early morning meeting
with the transition team.

I'm going home. Have fun.

Wait, Se-yeong. Jeez.


Hey, have just one more drink with me.
Goodness gracious.

Eat up, In-yeong.

You're pretty and adorable.

You're also a smart cookie,
and you get good grades.

So, just don't listen to
any South Korean music, okay?

Daddy, have you heard of G-Dragon?


He's a member of Big Bang.

He's a world-famous musician.

Even the Chinese and Russians
listen to his music.

You wench!

Do you want to ruin your life or what?

Listening to music from the South
could get all of us killed.

Promise Dad
that you won't listen to their music.

I said that the Chinese
and Russians listen to it, not me.

I won't listen to it.

Hurry up and finish your food.

What is going on?

I have been given a mission again.

You'll be sent to the embassy
in Cuba soon.

Take this money.

Cuba? What are you talking about?

It wasn't easy to get this opportunity,

so just listen to me
and move there without me.

I'm not sure what this is about,

but I won't go anywhere
until you come back.

I'll take long.

I'll join you when my mission is done,

so just move there with In-yeong.


In-yeong wants to say goodbye to you.


Have a safe trip.

It's cold, honey.

In-yeong must be cold.

Go back in.


The groundbreaking ceremony tomorrow
wouldn't have been possible

without our Chinese comrades'
strenuous efforts and our technology...

Mr. Park will visit at 2:00 p.m.
Wait at the vent window and greet him.


Hey, get the dogs out of here.



Launch the operation.



I heard the Great Leader
is headed for Kaesong himself.

And apparently, Park has mobilized
the entire Supreme Guard Command.

-Where is Park now?
-He's in Pyongyang, sir.

Get the chopper ready!

-Does that mean he...
-Yes, that's right.

Gwang-dong Park, that bastard.

Gosh, please.

Are you girls trying to get noticed,
so that you can move up in the world?

-What's your problem?
-Move! Move back, will you?

Our Supreme Leader is arriving!

-Our Great General is here!
-Great General!

-Our Dear Supreme Leader

is arriving at the Kaesong
Industrial Complex to offer guidance.

Today, our Dear Supreme Leader...

Gwang-dong Park...

Gwang-dong Park.

What is it?





Number One is here,
but no sign of Gwang-dong Park.


The country of invincible strength...


He said that we should set an example

-for the rest of the world

with our burgeoning economic state,

and our plan to further develop
our economy.

For the people,

he's the most giving and generous...

Our Dear Supreme Leader Comrade.

Su-mi, wake up. Open your eyes.
Please, Su-mi!

Are you all right?

Wake up!

Wake up. You can't die here.
Let's get out of here.

Open your eyes!

Please, we have to
get out of here quickly.



There's another one. It's coming again!


You see this? The Americans did this.

Make sure there are no survivors.

South Korea is
only 20 minutes away from here.

It's a coup. I can't stay here!

Arrange things,
so that I can go to the South.

Call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!


Hey, look.

It's the general. Our Great General!

-Don't shoot.
-Su-mi, wait!

Gosh, General! What should we do?

Help! Our...

Over there!

Get them!

Bring the truck!

-Please let us out!
-We must get out of here!

Su-mi, his leg.

-What happened to his leg?

Let's tie this around it.


Loosen his clothes, too.
What if he can't breathe?

I'm sorry, sir.

Why is our Dear General's hand so cold?

Dear General!

Move. Make way!

It will be on you
if we shut down the oil pipelines.

You'll have to take all the blame.

Talk to your higher-up.

Yes. Noted, sir.

Open it already.

Open the gates!

Get in your cars.

-Hurry. Go, move!


Close the gates!

Close the gates!

Go block the gates!

Have you lost your mind?

This will take us to South Korea.

What do you think will happen
if we go back up now? Get down.

This is pine mushroom tea.

Don't worry. The guest first.
Go ahead and serve him first.

I guess she's nervous
to meet her new boss.

I'm still the owner
of this place though, right?

Have some tea.

Hang on a second.

was this your third election?

I participated in three nomination races,
but this was my second election.

Oh, yes. That's right.

Gyeong-yeong. You see,

I have never been this happy
and relaxed since I became President.

People point the finger at you
no matter what you do in this position,

but no one criticizes me these days.

Oh, Mr. Park.

An MLRS from the US Army Second Division
went missing at dawn,

and about 20 minutes ago,
the seized MLRS fired two Steel Rain bombs

at the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

The ROK-US Combined Forces Command
wants us to issue DEFCON Three.

It was seized? Who seized the MLRS?

The bodies found at the scene
were in our military uniform,

but their tags were fake.
We should look into it to find out more...

Wait, hold on.

Aren't Chinese companies opening factories
in the Kaesong Industrial Complex today?

I'm sorry to interrupt.

-The situation is very urgent.
-What is going on?

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
is requesting us to let their people

in Kaesong
through the Inter-Korean Transit Office

-into our country.
-Let them in.

We should help them.


We got a go-ahead. Let them through.

-Come on.




The leader was killed in the bombing.

A civil war has broken out,
and we need to deal with it first.

Let me make one thing clear to you.
The nuclear weapons and Pyongyang.

I have full command of them!

Now, tell me where you stand.

How could you leak it to the press

without consulting us first?

We've still got a few months left.


Mr. Ri?

Doctor! Help!

I think it's this way.

We're closed for the day.

Excuse me!

You can't go in there!

We don't deliver babies here.

Look, I'm an obstetrician.

I'll call an ambulance for you, so...

Treat him.

I promise. I won't hurt you.

I told you.

I'm an obstetrician.

You should go somewhere else.

-I won't call the police.
-You're still a doctor.

Please treat him. He's severely injured.

Please, Doctor.

Isn't this man...

-Be respectful.
-Be respectful.


What's your blood type?


So, is your blood
going into the Great General's body now?

I hope that...

my blood is good enough
for our Great General.

You must be so honored.

The doctor...

Chief Ri. It's me, Cheol-u.

Gwang-dong Park didn't come to Kaesong,
but our leader did.

We got bombed,
and the Guard Command shot each other.

What is happening, sir?

Park beat us. It's a coup d'├ętat.

-Where are you now?
-I'm in Ilsan, sir.

Ilsan? You mean in the South?

Yes, sir.


with the Great Leader now.

How is he? Is he alive?

He is alive,
but he's in critical condition.

Comrade Eom, listen carefully.

We must bring back his body at least.

Park's coup will succeed
the moment he's convinced

that the leader is dead.

Stay there with him

and guard him at all costs.
I'll send a few guys soon.

Yes, sir.

These tanks belong
to Sariwon 815 Mechanized Corps,

and these are from the 820 Armored Corps
of Pyongyang Defense Command.

The 815 tanks that were defeated
in the battle

retreated back
and have joined Division Four,

and the 820 Armored Corps is remaining
in the southern outskirts of Pyongyang.

They're probably guarding the city.

It's a coup, sir.

We must quickly find out who's behind it
and whether it has succeeded or not.

Yes, sir.

Well, this still needs to be confirmed,

but I received intel that North Korea's
Number One died during the bombing.

-And? And what?
-Calm down.

They may declare war.

Mr. Kwak. I get that we're
in the last days of this administration,

but you can't crash a ministerial meeting

and deliver that kind of news
in such an offhand manner.

Who's your source?

The CIA on the death

and the Chinese State Security
on the war, sir.

I did what I could.

He got shot
in the head, shoulder, and thigh.

He was shot through the shoulder,
so I just patched the hole.

From the thigh...

I took this out.

I think the femoral artery is ruptured,

but all I could do was bandage the wound.

The biggest problem is that there's one
inside the cranial cavity as well.

I can't do it.

Why can't you? You're a doctor.

I'm an obstetrician, not a neurosurgeon.

Unless there's a baby inside this belly...

I just can't do it.

My people are coming.
Please treat him just until they get here.

At my clinic, North Korea's...

Their leader is here.

No, I mean...


What are you doing in the dark?

Oh god.

I'm looking for some food for you guys.

You keep food at a place like this?

Yes, it's up here.

It's hot. Here, try it.

Isn't this yibap?

I'm sorry? "Yibap"?

This is yibap.

Rice, you know.

Oh, I see. Rice.

We're eating white rice.

-Su-mi, what's this black thing?
-I'll try it.

Hey, it's really good. It has meat.

I was going to get the ration ticket
exchanged for food

after work today.

There's no food at home.

My dad and Jeong-min must be starving now.

Hey, Min-gyeong.

Why are you worried about those
in the comfort of their own home?

They should worry about you if anything.

Eat up.

We must eat so that we can keep
the Great General safe.


Eat this, too.

Hey, good. Wipe your tears.

Try the black stuff, too.
It's really good.

It is tasty. She made it so easily, too.

-Go stay inside the room.
-Yes, sir.

Let's go.

Where is he?



Drop the gun.

Move over.

Hold tight!

Su-mi, look.

The General is bleeding. Su-mi, look!

I think it's my blood.


Help me lay her down on her back. Now!

Su-mi! No...

-You have to focus!

Keep your hand here.
Press down hard, okay?

-We have to take her to a big hospital.

She gave him her blood,
and she's bleeding too much now.

-Su-mi, please wake up.
-We don't have time!

No, we can't.

Find a place to treat them in secret.

Please don't let Su-mi die, sir...

Su-mi, wake up. Please, Su-mi...

Please do something.

Hey, Su-hyeon.
I'm sorry to ask you this, but...

This way. Hurry.

-Hey, Suk-jeong.
-This way.

Hey, what is going on?

Shouldn't you take them to the ER?
You know that I'm a plastic surgeon.

I'm an obstetrician.
At least you're a surgeon. Move over.

Go in here. This way. Come this way.



What happened?

Please help us. I won't hurt you.

I'm sorry, Su-hyeon. Please help them.

Let's save her life first.


What are you doing?

Why aren't you treating her?



Su-mi, no...

You can't die! Su-mi...


Mr. Kwak.

We got an update from the scene
at the clinic in Ilsan.

What did they say?

Three bodies were found,

and it looks like all of them
are North Korean agents.

A Chinese van full of plush pandas
was also found at the scene,

and it probably came from Kaesong.

-Dead North Korean agents?
-About 20 minutes before the shootings,

a 911 call was made from the clinic.

What was the call about?

The caller said that
the North Korean president was there.

What? Give me that?

North Korea doesn't have a president.

"Suk-jeong Kwon. She was born in 1980."

Suk-jeong Kwon?

"Areum Obstetrics Clinic"?


Se-rim, I guess you were sleeping.
It's Daddy.

Your mom's home, right?

With Auntie Suk-jeong?

She's still at the clinic?

I see. It's nothing.

I'm sorry I woke you up.
All right, sweet dreams.

I'll be at this address.

I want you to call me in an hour.

If my phone is off, or if I don't pick up,
send the police...


Send the special forces.

-You got that?
-Pardon? Why?

Don't forget. In an hour from now.

-Is something going on?
-Call me in an hour.

Mr. Kwak!

I heard that North Korea is...

just on the other side of the river
by the Jayu Motorway,

but I guess it never really hit me.

It's so close.

I'm sorry.



Why do you never pick up your phone? Hey.

Who are you?

-There you are, Su-hyeon. Gosh...

Take their cell phones from them.

I'm really sorry.
I sincerely apologize for...

Don't worry. It's okay.

Go bring something to tie them with.


Sit down!

That man over there.

He's your Number One, isn't he?

He probably couldn't go back
because of the coup.

You guys crossed the border
with the Chinese, didn't you?

Who are you?

What a crazy coincidence.

No, "coincidence" isn't the right word.
Shall we call this "fate"?

I'm the senior secretary
for Foreign Affairs and Security.

I work for the Number One here.

I'll help you.

No matter how skilled you are,

there isn't much you can do
with just that little girl there.

Let's say your Number One gets
the treatment he needs and survives.

We'll make sure he can live.

But, then what?
How will you take him back to the North?

You son of a bitch.

Those men...

who tried to kill you and Number One
in Ilsan.

They're your people, right?

In this situation...

getting our help will be...

-your wisest bet.
-Shut up, you prick.

Your country will declare war soon.

We hereby declare war
on the US and South Korea.

American imperialists and their puppets,
South Koreans,

bombed the Kaesong Industrial Complex
yesterday, targeting our Dear Leader

and top commanding officers
who were on site.

In response to this unpardonable atrocity,
the Supreme Command

has decided to terminate
the armistice agreement and declare war.

If you see them doing anything suspicious,
kill them all.

There will be nothing but victory
for our nation of heroes.

Once war breaks out,
our people and mighty army

will burn all those American invaders
and the pathetic mutts at the Blue House

with our invincible nuclear bombs.

I'll declare martial law. Get ready.

How is he?

He could die if he isn't transferred to
a bigger hospital for surgery immediately.


why did we declare war?

Hey, who's in control of Pyongyang now?
It's Gwang-dong Park.

It was the only way
to stop the frontline troops

from forcing their way into the city.

This phone is being tapped.

We got attacked in Ilsan and nearly died.

I think...

We should ask
the government here for help.

That's the only way
we can save his life, sir.

Hey, Comrade Eom.

Make sure you aren't being tapped.

They declared war just for a show.

It's all because of the coup

led by Gwang-dong Park,
the Supreme Guard Commander.

He did it to make sure
the frontline troops can't be mobilized,

so the South must not
do anything reckless and just wait.

You want us to do nothing and wait it out?

Does that even make sense to you?

Save our leader's life as you promised.

And let our frontline troops
go to Pyongyang

so that they can stop the coup.

Please convince
your government to help us.

It's the only way
we can save this peninsula.

A nuclear strike on North Korea

will result in immense damage
from EMP and radiation.

If it absolutely cannot be avoided,
we will gladly go to war.

However, we should only resort to war

when all other options are exhausted.
And a nuclear war...

He's right.

We requested this meeting.

We appreciate your cordial review
and suggestions regarding this matter.

Could you please tell us

roughly how much time can be given to us
without hindering the operation?

I got Number One, but he's unconscious.

As President of the Republic of Korea,

-I order the preemptive nuclear...
-Mr. President.

Mr. Kwak.

These are what we found at the scene.

This military uniform and the chocolate
were found inside the van.

-Keep them separate.

All clear. No threat of danger.

-Send this to the digital forensic lab.
-Got it.

My fellow citizens. In accordance
with Article 77 of the Constitution

as well as Articles Two and Ten
of the Martial Law Act,

I declare nationwide martial law

as of 6:00 a.m. on December 25.

My dear fellow citizens.

Please stay calm and go on
with your daily lives.

I ask that you cooperate with us,
the government,

and the Martial Law Command.

So, what do you think?

According to the polygraph,
it looks like everything he said is true.

What about the girl?

I don't think she knows anything, sir.

My, I must say...

-You impressed me with this one.
-Thank you, sir.

You went to see your ex-wife
during a national crisis

and ended up capturing
the leader of our enemy.

Not too bad for a stand-in.

Good work.

I'm very impressed.

Have a good day, sir.

He can't see us, right?

That's right.

-He has something to say.
-To me?

How's the Great Leader?

I have reported to my higher-ups
that your government is helping,

so it will be your country's fault
if anything happens to him.

Well, you people started this mess.

Why do we have to take the blame?

The first round is done,
so you should get some rest.

If anything happens to him,

there will definitely be war!


Chief Park of National Security must have

leaked the information about you getting
Number One while you were bringing him.

-I heard they responded right away.
-Who are "they"?

Those in the North will come
to confirm in person and talk.

While you were gone, we almost agreed
to a preemptive nuclear strike.

The President-elect said

we should decide
after meeting their representative.

We stopped the war for the time being.

So, who's coming?

And who will meet him?

Well, that's the thing.

We insisted on deciding what to do
after meeting them,

but they won't tell us anything.

Those at the Blue House keep insisting
that they'll send someone from their team.

They obviously want all the credit.

Chief Park is a very ambitious man.

-Hello, sir.
-Hello, sir.

What has he been up to?

He's just been sleeping, sir.

-Has he eaten?
-He keeps refusing to eat.

It's me.

I picked up a burger for you.

Do you know what a burger is?

What's it called in the North?

A bun with meat?
Is that how you folks call it?

Try a taste of capitalism.

I saw in the investigation report

that your name is Cheol-u too,
Cheol-u Eom.

Maybe we were really meant to cross paths.

We have the same name. I'm Cheol-u Kwak.

What does your name mean?

Mine means "bright world"
in Chinese characters.

So, you were born in 1977.

Then, I'm a year older.
Let's just talk casually like friends.

Show me some respect, will you?
Answer me at least. Jeez.

What's wrong?

Hey. Guys, call a doctor!

-It's okay.

Just give me some painkillers.

Take all this back.

He's asking for this though.
Let's give him this.

Sure, that's no problem.


You should get treated for your addiction
and quit drugs for good while you're here.

You're still young, you know.
You have many years left to live.

It looks like you're cold.

Do you want the burger?


They'll use the tunnels
if their visit is confidential.


We have dug about 20 underground tunnels
in the last 60 years or so.

I heard that about five to six of them
can still be used.

Underground tunnels, I see.

Then, who's coming?

The RGB controls and manages
all underground tunnels.

Only the chief director can open them up
in emergency situations.

The chief director? Are you talking about
Chief Director Tae-han Ri of the RGB?


From what I know,

he's one of the most prominent
hardliners against us

He's coming down here to stop the war?

You guys can't handle my country
with such a dichotomous way of thinking.

Just kill him as soon as he gets here
and start the war, then.

Jeez, calm down.

You're sure Tae-han Ri is coming, right?

If our leader recovers,

Gwang-dong Park's coup will fail.

He'll come to make sure that's the case.

Take me to where the meeting will be held.
I'll explain the situation to him.

The guy who brought Number One here

is close enough to Tae-han Ri
to report to him in person.

-If we take him to the meeting...
-Tae-han Ri?

Chief Director Tae-han Ri of the RGB?

Yes, sir. It'll help him trust us
and speed up the talks.

We don't work with guerrillas.

-I have to go.
-What do you mean, sir?

Didn't he sneak into our country
and shoot people? I'm hanging up!

The meeting wouldn't be happening
if it weren't for him.

-What did you just say?
-I'm sorry, sir.

I thought you hung up.

This red dot here

shows the GPS location
of Chief Park's car.

Just follow the signal, sir.

Have they agreed to send our leader

back to the North when he recovers?

They probably will.

Unless he wants to stay here, that is.

How dare you say that?

Where is he now?

He's at a safe place.

But he's probably not doing so well
because he's badly shot.

Do you find this situation funny?

Or, do you just joke about everything?

If something bad happens to him,
and they blame you people for it,

we'll be forced to go to war.

Do you think
you'll still be able to crack jokes then?

I know. I know that.

I'm aware of the fact
that there will be war if he dies.

I have two kids, for God's sake.
Of course I take this seriously.

Calm down already.

They can't operate on him
until his brain pressure goes down.

Hang on. I need to check this.
What's he doing?

Why is he stopped there?
We're in Uijeongbu.

You said they would use a tunnel.

You guys dug the tunnel all the way here?

I don't know the exact locations.

Do people in the North eat moles
by any chance?

No, we don't eat shit like that.
We eat rice and meat soup.

Then, why are you people so good
at digging underground tunnels?

You guys should dig all the subway tunnels
when we're reunified.

He must be around here.




You folks have built so many army bases

to prepare for war.

How many mess halls are there
in this area?

Hey, you commie.

Those restaurants aren't mess halls.

A dish called "army stew" was invented
back in the time

when our dads and uncles
had to fight each other in the war.

It was made with foods scrounged
from the US army bases.

I knew it. You people built those
army bases with the Americans' help.

Forget it. What do I even expect?

What is wrong with those people?

At a critical time like this?
They're such slackers.

Goodness, I was wondering
why they stopped here. They had lunch.

Commie, aren't you hungry?

-No, I'm not.
-Let's grab a bite to eat, too.

We'll act like we ran into them there
to sit in the meeting.

We'll have to go back
if they see us here now.

A restaurant I used to frequent back
when I was in the military is nearby.

Let's go. Come on.
It's that restaurant over there.


Gosh, I haven't been here for ages.

What's wrong?

Dig in.

Give me your hand.

We're a team, okay?

We're working together.

Move over.

Excuse me.
Another bowl of noodle soup, please.

Well, we should get dumplings, too.


You're inhaling the noodles.

I haven't eaten anything
since I left Kaesong.


That burger or whatever it's called.
You ate the whole thing, remember?

I didn't say anything. Eat all you want.

Eat up.

They make good skinny noodles here.

"Skinny noodles"? What is that?

Excuse me. We ordered dumplings, too.

That's called skinny noodles.

Are you a defector, too?

He came down here only a little while ago.

Where are all the customers?

Has everyone fled already?

Shouldn't you head south too?

Goodness, there will be no safe place
on this land if a war breaks out.

I'm more worried about my family
in the North.

I'll uncuff you.

Don't do anything stupid, okay?

Give it to me.

Hey, wait up.

Oh, no. My scarf.

My ex-wife gave it to me as a gift.

Do you have a family?

I noticed you left
that information blank on your statement.

I have a 13-year-old girl

and a ten-year-old boy.

And you've met my ex-wife.

Why did you and that doctor get divorced?


Let's not talk about that, okay?

Shall we put on some music?

I have a wife
and an eight-year-old daughter.

Do you know who G-Dragon is?
I heard that he's a singer.

Of course I know who he is.
Everyone knows G-Dragon.

Have you been to the South
before as a spy?

No, my daughter likes him.

Girls love that guy.

My daughter also has his songs
downloaded everywhere.

This is his song. Check it out.

Is this lousy music really world-famous?

Did your daughter say that?

Then, just believe her.
I can never win with my daughter either.

Enough of your sweet talks,
I'll misbehave myself tonight

Leave me alone

I was alone anyway

There's no reason

There's no sincerity

Enough of your sweet talks

Are you sure that's Tae-han Ri?

Take a look.
I can't see a thing from here.

I can't see well from here either.

Call him now and tell him
that we're close by.

We need him to invite us
in order to join them.

Chief Park will flip
if we just show up now.

I honestly can't see a thing.

Wait, is that him?

What just happened?

What is going on?


Stay calm.

Kill them now.

Hang-pil, I'm at the Office
of the former Worker's Party.

Send troops here now.

Get in. Hurry!

Launch the next operation.

Take this. I'm giving it to you
because I trust you.


Chief Ri!

Chief Park.

Chief Ri.

Who are you?

-Who are you...
-Comrade Eom.

If you accomplish this mission,
you'll become a hero

who saved the country from a coup,
and your family will receive

the respect and privilege
that come with it.

-What the hell is going on?

-What did you do?
-Why is he here?

What the fuck were you thinking?

It was our only chance to stop the war,
you son of a bitch!

-Why is that commie here?
-What the fuck?

What the hell have you done...

Hands up! Don't move.

I'm Cheol-u Kwak,
Senior Secretary for National Security.

Call an ambulance!

So, you're saying...

the situation in the North
will get sorted out soon because

the instigator of the coup,
Gwang-dong Park, is dead now.

Is that what the guy who brought
Number One here said?

-Yes, sir. That's correct.
-Where is he now?

He fell unconscious because he lost
too much blood. He's being treated now.

Is that so?

National Security Chief Byeong-jin Park
was recording this

until the moment he died.

How's our leader?

He's being treated at the moment.
Let's gauge the situation first.

A few traitors in our army
instigated a coup.

I have full control over Pyongyang,
our nukes, and the strategic forces,

so please don't worry.

If you send our leader back to us,

we'll eliminate the traitors
and retract the declaration...

They've always been like this.

They told us that they wanted to talk,

while they attacked
and sank our Cheonan warship.

Those scoundrels bombed
Yeonpyeong Island, for God's sake.

What we know for certain
is that they have declared war on us

and that they have nuclear weapons.

There's one more thing, sir.

We have their leader, sir.

We also know that

some of them are trying their best
to prevent the war and sort out the mess.

I do not trust them.

I would much rather talk with our allies
who have been in this with us.

So, are you saying you'll push ahead
with the preemptive nuclear attack?

Then, what do you want to do? Will you
endanger the lives of 50 million people

for a 50% chance?

Let's say we can worry about the cost
of war and post-war restoration later.

If we bomb them...

Do you think North Koreans
will see us as compatriots

after we drop nuclear bombs on them?

Could you please give us some privacy?

Gyeong-yeong, let's be honest now.

A coup has broken out in the North.

They have no means to fight back
even if we attack them now.

Have we ever had a better reason
and chance to permanently

eliminate the threat of war
from this peninsula?

Missing this golden opportunity
is like doing an injustice to our country.

Gyeong-yeong, please let me do this
before I leave office.

Allow me to present this incredible gift
to our people

and to you,
the next president of this country.

Let me have my way this time.

Both our economy
and population growth rates

are going down at the moment.

Shall I put it in simpler terms?

This country is going bust.

The two Koreas must be reunited.
If you can't understand why,

try to think about reunification
from economic standpoint at least.

I absolutely cannot agree
to a preemptive nuclear strike.

I'm glad...

that this is happening
during my presidency.

It's truly unfortunate that

someone with no historical consciousness
is still the president.

-Excuse me. Mr. Kwak?

-Are you Mr. Cheol-u Eom's guardian?
-Yes, I am.

From his chest X-ray, we discovered
that he has metastatic lung cancer.

We also did a CT scan on his abdomen

and found out that he has
stage four pancreatic cancer as well.

The cancer has already spread
to his spine,

so he could experience
neurogenic shock, too.

To be honest, he could die any minute.

Do you think that

he's aware of his condition?

I'm sure he does.

He must have been in extreme pain.



How are you feeling?

-I'm feeling good.

I slept well for a change.

How's the bullet wound?
It must hurt a lot.

They must have given me
a ton of analgesic injections.

I don't feel any pain.

That's good.

I'm glad to hear that, but...


Why did you kill Gwang-dong Park?

That was my mission.

I was told to kill him
because he's the instigator of the coup.

That's why you killed him?

Don't you think it's weird though?

It must have taken him a lot to start
the coup. It was about to succeed,

but he risked his life
and came down here himself.

What are you trying to get at?

It just doesn't add up.

Also, coups are usually started
by those in the military.

I heard that one of your former presidents
was assassinated

by the KCIA director,
not by a military official.

Right, but those in the military
did start the coup later.

That's what happened here.

Hello, Mr. Ri.

Yes. All right.

I have to step out.
Try to get some rest, okay?

My fellow citizens, nationwide martial law

was declared at 6:00 a.m. today.

Starting today, a mandatory curfew will be
in effect from midnight to 5:00 a.m.

Please return home as soon as possible.

-Are you going somewhere?

I'm going back to China.
I've been told to leave Korea immediately.

Since the situation is urgent,

let's exchange some information
to help each other out.

How's Number One doing?

It's 50-50.

Whom is China supporting as a leader
of the DPRK at the moment?

We have no choice but to support
the one who has most power over there.

It sounds like you leaked the information
that Number One is here

to the rebels as well as
to those who are trying to stop them.

If I had known,
I wouldn't have let it happen.

It looks like the higher-ups did it
whether it was a mistake or not.

The coup was...

started by the military, wasn't it?

Number One has killed hundreds
of generals since he came into power.

Also, he practically has sole control
over their nuclear weapons as well.

Then, who do you think it is?

If we bomb them,
will China think of us as their enemy?

What information can you give me?

Gwang-dong Park died
when he came down here.

That I know.

The current president does not want
to expand north after the strike.

I guess the next president will.

He won't be able to
if it's a nuclear strike.

We, Koreans,

will have no choice but to be dragged
into the cold war system once again.

You're Korean too.

So what?

Since when did you Korean people
treat us as brothers?

Don't you folks only consider
the rich ones as your brothers?

Ethnically, I am Korean,

but I consider myself 100% Chinese.

My country has been maintaining
a consistent stance on this matter.

We will absolutely not allow the US

or any of their military allies
to share our borders with us.

If the DPRK is destroyed by nukes,
we'll have to take their people in.

Let me give you
one last piece of information.

China doesn't like that idea.

If we take their people in,

our power will be dispersed.

That's precisely what the American
and Japanese people want.

Hello. Good evening, Mr. Takashi.

Hello, Mr. Ri.

Are you here to depart as well?

Shall I introduce you two?

Mr. Kwak.

This is Mr. Sakai Takashi
from the CIRO in Japan.

We've known each other for years.

What's Number One's condition?

I hear it's 50-50.

Thank you.

If you think of me as a fellow Korean,

I'll give you a word of advice.

Do not let this war break out.

Escort Mr. Kwak home.

What about the faculty chair position
at Peking University? Will you do it?

Jeez, I'm so popular today.

See? Look at all the crap
everyone has to do

because you people split up this country.

Why should I do this?

Face up to reality for what?

Hey, Hang-pil. It's me.
Is everything okay?

Do you know if they have decided
to bomb the North?

-See if you can gather some intel.

The Tag Heuer smart watch
you wanted me to check...

-Digital Forensics from the NIS called.

It's not just a watch.

They haven't been able
to crack the firewall yet,

but it can generate codes.

It can generate codes?

A call from the president, sir.
He's on line one.


Hello, Mr. President.

I'm calling to inform you

that I have agreed to the nuclear strike
on the North as the president.

Mr. President.

The war will begin and end during my term.

-I'll take full responsibility.


The Chinese and Japanese are already
calling their people back.

Even the US

isn't sure if we can pull off
this operation on the North.





The rest of the world is thrown
into panic,

and yet, we have time for a cup of coffee.

This is one hell of a nation, isn't it?

May I?

All I can do is just pray

that your people will eliminate
the counterattack ability of the North

or that...

they'll retract their declaration of war.

I heard that Gwang-dong Park
has joined hands with Cheol-min Choi.

Cheol-min Choi?

I also found out that he was the one
who leaked our coordinates.

We should get rid of him right away.

Don't bother.
Pyongyang is our priority now.

As soon as we get into Pyongyang
and declare ourselves as the new leaders,

he'll probably take his own life.
Just leave him be.

What are you waiting for?
Will you shoot me or not?

Soldiers mustn't be that indecisive.

Do you have something to say?

I just guarded Pyongyang
as per the command I received.

From whom? That's what matters.

Where's the detonator?

The code generator.

There should be two.

The leader keeps
the other one on him at all times.

Are you saying
retracting the declaration of war

can stop the nuclear strike?

Our priority is getting them
to retract it at all costs.

Without that,
we can't even try to stop it.

Give me my phone.

You have many missed calls. Is Tae-han Ri
number one on your speed dial?

Chief. It's me, Cheol-u.

American nuclear bombers
are on their way now.

If we retract the declaration...



I'm at a hospital now.

Guards? Just one now, sir.

A watch?

What kind of watch?

Yes, I remember.
The Leader was wearing it.

No, I don't have it,
but I know where it is.

Then, whom should I meet and where?

Okay. Got it, sir.

Call in the hackers.

What's wrong? What did he say?

He said he already heard
about the nuclear strike plan from China.

He also said that they were going
to retract the declaration anyway.

Oh, I see.

By the way,

why did he ask you about a watch?
And whom are you meeting?

He was talking about our leader's watch.

He wants me
to return to the North with it.

That watch.

It's a code generator
for nuclear missiles.

Did you know that?

All the sanctions against us...

made this attitude spread in our army.

"Using the nukes will kill us...

but maybe it's better to use it if we're
all going to starve to death anyway."

Hence, the military devised
a last-resort strategy.

They decided to use Seoul
and the US Armed Forces in Korea

if they can't use the nukes
to negotiate with the world.

What does that mean?

If we set off a nuclear rocket
over Daejeon,


all communication equipment
in the South will burn,

and all of your cutting-edge weapons
will be turned into scrap metal.

While that's going on, 250,000 soldiers
from our special forces will seize Seoul

and capture US soldiers.

Then, the US will have no choice
but to negotiate with us.

Our military thought
that it's the only way...

to protect our country.


our leader didn't implement the strategy,

and some military authorities grumbled.

They criticized him and said that...

he, like his predecessors,
intends to use the nukes

to maintain his power
and not for the Republic.

There's this saying.

"People of a divided nation suffer more

from those who use the division
for their political gain...

than the division itself."

Telling me to bring the watch...

It means that he'll carry out the plan.

How long will it take?

I'll have a better idea in a bit, but...

I guess about three months?

How old are you?

-I'm 19 years old, sir.
-You're 19?

I see. Maybe you're too young to know.

I'll explain.


Two decades ago,
three million people died on this land.

How? They died of starvation.

But you know what? That did not stop us

from making the nuclear rockets.

Now, they're all ready to be launched.

If you guys can't break the codes,

it means that the nukes
are basically useless.

How ridiculous is that?

If I were one of those American bastards,
I would never miss this opportunity.

Three months?

All right.

The Americans will kill you anyway,
so you should just die now.

Cracking the entire system
will take about three months,

but if I tackle each digit at a time,
I should be able to do it in a week, sir.

I'll give you one day.

Yes, sir.

China is fuming.

They want us to retract the declaration
as the nuclear bombers are on their way.

It'll be announced soon.


We now know where it is,

so send our guys there.

Salute. May I see some ID, please?

-We're from Security Service.
-Open the gates!


At ease.


The Supreme Command of
the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

nullifies Gwang-dong Park's
declaration of war

and suggests talks
with the Republic of Korea

in order to ease the tension
in this quasi-state of war.

The president called for you, sir.

We presume that it's North Korea.

Please stay in the bunker
until the situation clears.

Team One and Two, to the Blue House.
Get in!

-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!

What? The Blue House was attacked?

By who? How bad is it?

You don't know?

It's a decoy.
This hospital is their real target.

Get ready.

Stop! Stop right there!

-What's going on?
-It's an emergency.

Only authorized personnel can go in now.

He's injured badly.
He'll die if he's not treated right away.

-Corporal Kim, go check.
-Yes, sir.


The rooftop, all clear.

The front gate, clear.


Move in.

It's a grenade!


Bring all the bodies!

Don't move!

Drop the gun!


You can come out now.

Come on, let's go.

-Please move him and finish the surgery.
-Yes, sir.

This way.

I'm from National Security.

He's with us! He's been working with us.
It's okay.

Are you all right?

Where's our leader?

He's being moved to another hospital.

Confirmed dead...

Sit down.

This shows that they're determined
to start the war no matter what.

Use me as bait.

I'll go meet with Tae-han Ri.

Put a location tracker on the watch
and give it to me.

Then, bomb my location.

Sir, we have accessed the first one.

Prepare to launch it.

China says that the information they're
about to give us might put them at risk

of exposing their intelligence network
and their top-notch technologies

which took them 20 years to build.

They would like us
to remember their kindness

and our blood alliance with them.

They're obviously doing it to humiliate
the US through us. How obnoxious.

Give me that.

Deliver this message.

North Korea and China
are brothers that have been

fighting against Japan
and the US together...

and we will always remain brothers.

North Korea will never forget this favor.





The missiles have entered the East Sea.

-They'll give us the coordinates.
-Change the coordinates.

Sir, this isn't Daejeon.
It's in the middle of the sea.

The American bastards
fired nuclear missiles at our republic!

Launch it immediately!

Yes, sir. Prepare to intercept.

Prepared to intercept!


Quiet. Be quiet!

Get back to work now.

Announce the following
on Central Television.

"Today, we utterly crushed

the American invaders'
wicked plan to annihilate us."

We witnessed the proof
of what can happen to our country

without our nuclear weapons.

Our nuclear weapons are for self-defense,
not for offense.

if they dare to attack us once again,

-Yes, Mr. Prime Minister.
-we'll fire all the nuclear rockets

at Japan and punish them
for helping the US

-Yes, sir.

making sure they're
wiped off the face of the earth for good.

But why at Japan, sir?

The Americans listen to the Japanese
more than us, you know.

Yes, sir.

A North Korean nuclear missile
just exploded over the East Sea.

They probably hacked one.

South Korea will be the next target
if they hack another code.

Listen, Comrade Kwak.

Leak false information
that the leader is dead.

If they think
their assassination plan worked,

it'll buy us some time.

Comrade, please.

The longer I stay here,
the more dangerous it will get.

-Go ahead.
-Thank you.

Number One died.

-Hey, what's going on? Did he really die?
-No, he didn't.

We moved him to another hospital.
He'll undergo surgery soon.

Everyone here is going nuts.

The president requested another strike
on the North,

but the US won't do it.

You know that they fired the missile
after the retraction.

How can you spew such nonsense now?

Is our alliance worth nothing
compared to your relationship with Japan?

Do you think...

that bombing North Korea can destroy
all of their nuclear weapons?

Even if they manage to launch...

just one of them...

The two of you never gave me permission.

I'll take full responsibility.

No, you have my permission.

Let's try everything we can do.

Are you feeling better?

It looks like you're fully recovered.

Do you mind stepping out for a minute?

They removed the code generator
and installed a tracker on it.

I heard it can detect signals
from up to 200m underground.

It's made of some radioactive material.

You see this red button, right?

Pressing the button will reset the system.

When we see that,
we'll know that you're there.

Wearing it all the time
isn't good for you. Give me that.

Thanks for your concern.

But why?

Because I might die from the radiation?

No, I'm worried about myself.
I don't want to die from the radiation.

Hey, wait.

-Wear this.
-I don't need it.

You're in South Korea. Do you want
to advertise that you're a commie?


Hey, Cheol-u.
So, what does your name mean?

It means "strong friendship."

You said yours means
"bright world," right?

Great memory.

I didn't think you were listening
because you were in pain.

Hey, tell me a funny story or something.

I don't know any stories.

So, I have to lighten up the mood?

What does a king do when
he doesn't want to return to his palace?

How would I know?

He grunts and grumbles.

What's the name of the town in Seoul
where chubby people live?

Is there actually a town like that?

"Banpo" sounds like "chubby," you know.

Then, what's the name of the town
where fat people live?


Wow, how did you know? I'm impressed.

You've been here as a spy, haven't you?

Do they still reward
those who report spies?

Well, I have watched
the famous comedy show a few times.

Goodness, you little...

You scold your daughter
for listening to South Korean music,

while you watch all the fun stuff.

Comrade Eom.

What? Comrade Kwak.

You have to make it out
in one piece, okay?

And put on some weight, will you?

I'll lose some.

That way,
we can live in Banpo-dong together.

We'll drink soju together
from time to time.

By the way, what on earth
is G-Dragon saying in his song?

I'm not sure either.

Here you go.

May I borrow that?

My credit card?

I probably won't be able to pay you back.

Can you let me use it?

Thanks a lot.

This is the address you gave me.

I'll be going, then.

Are you sure this is the right place?
What if it isn't?

I think this is it.

I'll wait for you here just in case.

No, let's just part ways here.

Damn, what a coldhearted commie.

What is it?
Did we come to the wrong place?


Gosh, it feels so weird to hear you
saying my name.

If everything goes well,
please send the girl back to the North.

Her family must be waiting for her.

Of course, I will.

You should be good to your family, too.
Reconcile with your ex-wife.

-She seemed like a very good person.
-I know that.

Hey, you forgot your stuff in the car.



Those things...

If all goes well...


if travel is allowed
between the two Koreas.

Please send them...

to this address.

21-3 Chollima Pyongsong North Pyongan
Ji-hye Kang and In-yeong Eom

The pale pink one is for my daughter,

and the navy one is for my wife.

Thank you for everything, Cheol-u.

Cheol-u from the North!


Take care of yourself.

I'm sorry.

-Are you Comrade Eom?

I'm glad you made it back safely.

At the moment,

the chief director of the RGB, Tae-han Ri,
is the real power-holder in North Korea.

We suspect that he and his men
must be directing everything

in a secret underground bunker somewhere,

but the exact location is unknown
at the moment.


A North Korean named Cheol-u Eom

brought Number One down here

during the Kaesong
Industrial Complex incident

and asked us for help.

He's gone back to the North

in order to meet with Tae-han Ri,

and we put
a location tracking device on him.

We're tracking his location live now.

Well done, Comrade Eom.

Chief Ri is waiting for you.

I command

the Republic's most elite troops.

Today, we'll get back at the US
and their allies

for all the hostile deeds
they have done to us for decades.

In a few minutes,

our nuclear bombs will explode
over South Korea and make us proud.

All of their cherished
American-made weapons

will be turned into junk.

Comrades, we should be truly proud of...

Do you know how many of our people
will be killed by that rocket?

Our army must protect our people.
How can you kill them?

Have you turned your coat?

Why did you betray our leader?

Who betrayed whom?

He executed over 100 generals
who didn't even do anything wrong.

We're the ones

who were betrayed by him!

We built this country
and have protected it all these years.

We have created so many opportunities
to liberate South Korea,

and we even made nuclear weapons,
but he just won't use them!

A friend I made in the South told me this.

"People of a divided nation suffer more
from those who try to use

the division for their gain
than the division itself."

I witnessed the suffering
with my own eyes in Kaesong.

I cannot let the entire country
suffer like that.



This place will be bombed,
so get out immediately!

Please give us the go-ahead...

to strike.

Take care...


My fellow citizens.

I believe that there should never be
another war on this peninsula.

I'll actively seek
peace talks with North Korea.


We were one country,
and we must become one again.

That will be the only way

we can heal from all the tragedies
that have happened in the last 100 years

and contribute to world peace.

Welcome to
the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

He's waiting inside.

Thank you for coming
all the way here, Mr. Kwak.

-How's our leader?
-He's gotten a lot better.

Then, he should return soon.

I'm sure he'll recover sooner
if peace can be guaranteed

between the North and the South.

May I help you?

You have a guest from South Korea.


Are you moving?

Yes, I'll be working
at the embassy in Cuba.

You must be In-yeong.

In-yeong, come out and say hello.


I'm your dad's friend.

We even have the same name.

I'm Cheol-u, too.

My name is Cheol-u Kwak.

Here. They're for you and your mom.

Your dad sent them.

My daddy sent them?

Yes, your daddy.

Thank you for everything.

I'm Se-yeong Jeong,
Minister of Unification.

I'm Premier Ki-hyeon Park.

Guaranteed peace?

How can we ensure that?

Give us half of your nuclear weapons.

It'll guarantee the end of both Koreas
if we go to war,

and we'll enter an era of peace
in order to avoid that.

Yes, we got them.

Repatriate him.



Subtitle translation by Liya Choi.