Steel Butterfly (2012) - full transcript

Chuma (plague in Russian) is a homeless teenager who escapes from an orphanage and engages in robberies with other young mobsters in Moscow. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
This motion picture
is based on real events.


The train won't go any further.
Please exit the cars.

Hey, miss!



Look who's walking!

Charlie, come here!

Hold it, Chuma(=Plague)!

Well, do you like it?
- Yes.

Let's go!

In a hurry?
- What's the matter?

We have reserved a table at the caf?,
but forgot our money at the orphanage.

Good evening!


Check this out!

Not older than 15.
- Yes, and again with stockings.

The dog patrol lost his trail.
Apparently he got into a car.

I have no doubt.

This one also untouched?

At first glance, yes.

What is he, impotent?
Why doesn't he at least rape them?

- He might leave a trace then.


This is the third murder
in the same area.

We're working on it.

The subway guard recognised her.

She arrived after 23 o'clock.

Carrying this easel.
- Sketchbook.

Yes, that's what I'm saying.
- "Easel"...

Let's go. We're expected in the
guard room, at the station.

Here she came out of the subway car,

here she took a turn,

showed up on the 7th camera,

and was supposed to show up on the 9th,
but didn't.

So she was attacked somewhere here.

Now, where could he
have gotten there from?

From where? Anywhere.

The cameras show only the alleyways.

Tolya, you're a fisher or something?
- No, just occasionally.

Know what I thought?

Roll it.

See that guy?

He came out, looked in her direction
and followed her.

Wait a moment.
Let's see more.

See? Later he went
in the opposite direction.

Exactly. He could have
bypassed the station,

and intercepted her here.

No. A maniac would not hang around
on the platform with a beer.

Charlie, what did you buy?

It would have been twice cheaper
in the tunnel!

You don't like something, Charlie?

No, I just mentioned it.

Wafer, can you
put it all in your mouth?

Put the money down first.

Chuma, give me to drink.

Don't give her,
she'll suck it all up.

Get lost.


Chuma, let's get glue
for the rest of the money.

Charlie, you have glue for brains.

If you had a lot of money,
what would you buy, apart from the glue?

- And after you've eaten your fill?

Chuma, one wants to eat every day.
- You don't say!


Let's answer to Mommy!
- Sure, go ahead.


That's me, Mom.

I just drank some cold beer
with the boys, here at the bar.

Your son will be late, Mommy!
He is resting in the nature.

Very, very late!

Get up everybody! Quickly!

Come on! It's not like
you haven't been here before.

I'm listening.


Who's that, Chumakova?

None other.
- Long time no see.

Where do we keep the juvenile statistics?
- In the 2nd box.

Asfaltzavod village, Trudovaya street,
Shatura Orphanage.

Why's it so hard
to stay where you belong?

I'm a free person
in a free country.

I felt like going for a ride and I did.
- Don't get smart with me.

I have a whole dossier "Chumakova".

To which I will add a robbery
with grievous bodily harm.

Why robbery?
I didn't pull the knife.

Tell it in court.
Maybe they'll believe.

What kind of a knife was it?

May I smoke?

Let me see.

You're done for, kid.

You will remember Shatura Orphanage

as the most beautiful years
of your life.

Look, guys:
are you not fucking her or what?

You have to make yourself to,

otherwise it can cost you dearly.

Why couldn't the maniac
have strangled that trash?

One feels sorry
for the good girls,

but no one wouldn't even notice
if this one were dead!

What kind of a maniac
would fancy those?

Well, boys, what do you say?

One can see a setup
from a mile's distance.

We need an actual minor.

Are you crazy?

They can at least break loose,
but what could a child do?

Lyuda, you look like a mad hooker.

You think I'm enjoying this?

Like I've nothing else to do than
walk around in the woods without pants.

Well, Nikita,
what did you draw?

Look at this! He'll be a cop.
- Nikita!

Off you go.

Come on.

All right, girls,
let's call it an evening. Go home.

But not in that attire,
or a divorce is guaranteed.

So, Maslova, you did not hit him?

- Only Chumakova did?

- How many times?

- Three times? And you didn't hit?

No, I'm afraid of blood.
- You don't say!

Tamara Nikolayevna,
can you spare a moment?

Sit still!

I can't! I just can't.
We have the victim's complaint,

and everything has been registered.
- I'll take care of the victim.

We can replace the documents in the
registry. It's not the first time.

Do you realise that
no one will be looking for her.

No, Hanin. She is overdue for prison.
Got it?

Why do you worry? If she won't go now,
she certainly will in a year.

Come on. Tamara.
Let us agree.

You're not getting it,
are you, Grisha?

The way she humiliated me
in front of all,

she'll go in and stay in
until I retire.

I won't give her to you!

I'm sorry. Of course.
I didn't realise.

Oh, Tamara, I almost forgot.
I wanted to tell you something.

We busted a brothel gang recently.
- Let me pass, guys.

There were two minors, 14 years old.
- So?

Can you imagine:

They both wrote that it was you
who sold them to the pimps.

For 500 USD apiece.

You trying to scare me or something?


You think I believed them?

They tore those papers up
in front of my eyes,

and ate them without water.

Bring her to me, Tamara.

I did those minors a service.

They are being fucked
just as they used to be,

only between clean sheets
and for money, not in a cellar.

But you would put a girl to knife
to get a kiss from the superiors.

Keep your ideals.

It's very simple:

You'll carry a transmitter.

We will watch your movement.

The transmitter has an alarm button.

Don't worry.
We'll set up your route so,

that we'll be no more than
20 seconds away.

You'll press the button,
and we'll take him.

And what if he'll stab me?

He strangles.
He doesn't carry a knife.

Are you sure or do you believe so?

It's possible to stab a person to death
in a few seconds.

Yes, there is risk.

Otherwise I could take
just any schoolgirl.

You wear your alarm button
and I'll sit at the screen.

In the prison!
That's where you will sit!

Look, Chuma.
I didn't pick you just like that.

You're different from those
worms of yours, aren't you?

Will you let me go until tomorrow?
I've got some business.

Why are you bothering with her, Hanin?

I'll bring you a dozen girls
from any shelter.

You won't get anyone like me.
- Shut it up!

Now, make sure you're here
tomorrow at 9:00.

If you don't show up,
I'll find you from the end of the world.

Have you lost your mind?

The butterfly!

Let's go!

Quietly and without tricks!
- Why are you shouting at me?

Is it true?

Take me home, guys.

Is it true, Grisha?

What are chewing all the time, Zaitsev?

Do you really think she'll show up?

Can you imagine the trouble we're in
if this leaks out?


Hi, Vika, dear!
Where have you been?

I tried to call you.
Where were you?

My number has changed.

What a story I'll tell you now,

Knocks your socks off.

News on Radio Lighthouse.
In London, there was...


Yes, Tanya!
- Hello?



Hanin! If you don't want me,
just tell me so. Got it?

After all, I'm not a hooker.

I'm fed up with that once a week thing.
Only once a week! I...

Drop me off at the Cinema Centre.

Radio Lighthouse tells and shows...


When will your ancestors be back?

The day after tomorrow. Why?

Just asking.

Stop! Stop! Stop!


Yes, yes. It's me, Hanin.
- Hanin...

- Stand!

All right?
Hold this!

- Hanin!

Easy, easy. Come on!

So... Going in.

That's it. Easy now.
- Hanin, I had only 4 mojitos.

Where are you taking me, Hanin?

That's it. We're there.
- Where?

- At the bed.

Hanin, I want you!
- Enough. Go to sleep.

Come on. Enough.
- But... Hanin!

Sleep yourself sober.

No, I've changed my mind.

- What?


Do me a massage.

Vika, I don't know how.

Do what you can.



Rails, rails,
bunks, bunks.

The train drove...

Enough! Hands off!

What's the matter, Vika?
My mother used to do it like that.

- What?

Let's change the channel!

No, we won't change the channel.

Don't think about the seconds
from high above.

Just singing.

Guys, do you remember
Zoya from the archives?

- She's kind of slim and petite.

I was thinking:
why don't we send her to the park?

She has a limp.
- She does?

- I haven't noticed.

She's not coming.

I wouldn't.

I'm going in! Got it?
- Enough!

I am entering here today!
Don't touch me!

Go outside!
You're in the way.

Check your list! Chu-ma-ko-va!
- You are not on the list.

You're not going in without a document.
Go wait on the street.

I'm working here, dumbass!
Call Hanin!

Bitch, how dare you speak to me like that?
- See? There he is!

Look, your lackey won't let me in!

Learn how to talk to people!
Got it?

Let her pass.
She has come to see me.


Good afternoon!
- Good afternoon. I need stockings.

How much den?
- How much...

We need one. One pair.

You see, "den" indicates
the density of the fabric.

It can be 5, 10, 15...
It can be 40,

but those are quite dense.
For what purpose do you need them?

To arouse a maniac.
- Don't!

How much den do we need?

They're too expensive.
Come, I know where it's cheaper.


You pinched it?
- Yes.

A real beauty, you are.

Buy me cigarettes, thin ones with menthol.
- You need a beating, not cigarettes.

If you think I'm going to
spend money on you, forget it!

Suck a dick!

If you ever say anything like that
to me again,

I promise I'll put you in prison.
Got it?

I'm a cop, I don't give a damn.


Why are you busting your ass anyway?
You don't feel sorry for them.

- Whom? Those who got murdered.

My job is to look for the criminal,
not to pity.

What's this?
You should warn people.

What's the matter?
Never seen it before?

Take this.

What's this crap for?

You see, one victim was carrying a violin,
another one an easel.

Yeah, he likes cute girls.


In order.

Take this.

Found this in the dumpster?

You want to get back
the one you stole?

- This will do.

When I call you on this phone,

let's limit the conversation
to the business.

Just don't call me Captain
when there are other people around.

As soon as you notice someone
following you with obvious intentions,

press this button immediately.

But if someone is
just walking nearby?

You can't afford to make a mistake.

Once we show up,
the operation will be uncovered.

Got it. I'm not to press it
until I'm already being strangled.

Don't worry, Vika. We'll be near.
- Right.

Eat some, Vika.
You have a long evening before you.

Sorry, I have a special diet.

Thank you, Tolya.
We ate already.

So, shall we?

Look at that!
- What?

Why did she stop?

Can't you really guess?

Fuck her!

Hi, guys!
- Hi!

Why are you listening to that crap?

- What the hell is she up to?

Come on, put on something proper.

Why don't you get lost?

Wow, what are you
blowing your lid about, jerk?

I think it's you who is blowing her lid.
- I'll blow your lid now!

Wait! Maybe she can handle it.

- Chumakova!

Yes, Daddy!

Get to work! Quickly!
- Sorry, Daddy! Coming!

You're lucky. Daddy is waiting.

Get lost, bitch!
- Say hello to Daddy.


I don't understand
why she picked on them.

It's good music.

Come on guys, it's 1 o'clock.
Let's call it an evening.

The subway closes in 40 minutes.

All the murders were committed
between 23:00 and 1:00.

We'll have to wait it through.

Where will you put her up for the night?
- In the juvie, where else?

I've arranged for her
to be released every day.

This is just great!
Through the entire city at 02:00.

Home at 03:00.
And so every day.

We'll go nuts.
No one will compensate the fuel.

Don't whine!

Uncle, give me a cigarette.


How much?


How much are you asking?

I go with the music, uncle!


Well, what are you waiting for?
An invitation? Get in.

Where are we going?
- To a discotheque. Get in!

I'm not going to the juvie.

You're not asked!
I'm telling you to get in the car!

I am not going to the juvie!

She's using us
as much as she can.

Zaitsev, you like children,
don't you?

Wow, Petya, are you in your right mind?

If my Masha should meet her,
she'll get completely out of control.

Well, I can't either.
I have Yulka, Seryozha...

Hanin! You have no one,
except on Saturdays.

The hell I need her for.
- Well,

it was all your idea.
- So what?

We are responsible for the people
whom we use in our work.

What's your problem anyway?
Put her on the couch

and she'll be
at your beck and call.

You guys are just great!

Come back!


See you tomorrow!
- Good night.

You've forgotten the light on.

I don't think so.
Well, whatever. So long!

Wait for me here.
5 minutes.

So, wash your hands,
sit down and eat.

What's that?

Chicken legs with garlic the way you like,
and potatoes.

What are you doing here?

Wanted to surprise you,
thought you'll be hungry.

Tatyana, what are we having today?

What do you mean?

It's Monday, not Saturday.

Well, you left me the keys, I thought...
- You thought what?

That was because you were
vomiting all night.

I felt sorry to wake you up.

Am I a prostitute
who has to go by schedule?

Why can't I come when I miss you,
not just on Saturdays?

Because that is not
what you and I have agreed upon.

Besides, you didn't even ask me.

Come on. I had a tough day.



Leave the keys there.

Rat bastard!



Second floor?

You will sleep here.

There is food on the stove.
- Right.

And some sausage and tea,
you'll manage.

Aren't you going to eat?

I will drink vodka.
First a shower.

Well, have a snack.

I don't snack after the first one.
- It's also your last.

Hey, I risked my life!

Well, let's hear it then.

- About your life.

How'd you end up
in the orphanage?

Well, my mother's a careerist.

A prostitute, right?

Shut up! She's an opera singer.

It's already 10 years
since she went to England.

Sings in the Covent Gardent.

What are you bullshitting me for, Chuma?

I've read your file.

Why do you ask me then?

What the hell?
- What's the matter?

You want it, don't you, Hanin? Go ahead!
- Go to sleep!

Hanin, I know you want it.
You want it 100 per cent!

What do you think you're doing?
Damned minor!

If this ever happens again,
I'll put you in handcuffs. Understood?

Do you understand?

Get lost!

Hanin, what's the matter?

Don't you like me anymore
when I'm naked?

That's it.
Your game's over.

What are you doing?
Let me go!

Get in!


If I hear one more sound...
- Let me out!

...I'll lock you up in the closet!


Hanin, you rat bastard!



I will break out!

I will break out of here!

I'll be out of here!

Is it so simple for you?
With an adult stranger?

As easy as blowing my nose.

All right, Hanin.
Forget it.

What do you mean "forget it"?

It was the vodka.
And everything that's happened.

I won't do it again.

Lazy, isn't he, our maniac?

Such a sweet bite
as your Chuma.

Patience. It's only the second day.

And why's it suddenly "my Chuma"?

How was the first night?
- Fuck you!

Look, guys, it's 00:50.
Call her in.

I just can't!
I'm no Benjamin Spock.

I'll bring my own car
and drive her every night.

Hope you know what you're doing.

Where are we going?



Look... Don't start, okay?

No, please!

Please, I don't want to go there.
I'm begging you!

Don't be assholes.
Please! I'll behave.

Kolya, tell him!
- There, there. Grisha just can't.

Calm down.

Hanin, dear, I will never again
make a pass at you! Never!

Please, I'm begging you.
Don't take me there! Please!

Stop it! Don't embarass me here.

No. You don't understand.

I've been there all the time.
It's not where I belong!

Where do you belong then?
In Covent Garden?

- Enough! Everybody calm down.

We'll go to my place.
- What? Got hooked already?

She's an artist. Crying is
the easiest thing in the world for her.

I said we'll go to my place.

Hello! Larisa?
- Hi.

Yeah, hi.
Look, there's...

Let Masha sleep in our room tonight.
- Masha?

And in her room...
Well, you see.

What's happened?
- You know, Vika...

Your Vika?
- Yes, the one we are...

But we had an agreement about this.
Are you joking?

No, I am not joking.
- Give it to me!

Hello! This is Hanin.
- Grisha, what's going on?

Calm down. Kolya is joking.
- It's not funny!

All right. That's it. Good night.
- All right. Bye.


Good morning.
- Morning.

I'm sorry.
- It's all right, forget it.

How's the monster? Asleep?
- Seems to be.

Here. Take a look.

I think this'll keep you till the evening.
- Great. Thanks!

Put it in the fridge.
I'll wait downstairs.



Food's in the kitchen.
Don't answer the phone, don't drink vodka,

don't look for cigarettes, I took them.
I'll pick you up in the evening.

I can't hear your reply!

What I have to put up with!

Seryozha! Seryozha, come home!




You will be silent
at the cemetery!

I... I fell asleep accidentally.
- Get dressed. It's time.


What is it?
- Just don't shout.

I washed your sweater.

What's the problem?
- There.

Fits you all right.

How did you manage that, anyway?
- I don't know.

Go ahead.

In short, if I don't catch him,
they'll all get their asses fired.

So they seriously
can't do without me.

They're totally kissing up to me.

When I want to go to a shop or a cafe,
it's no problem at all.

Every evening they send a car for me
and take me to the park.

I have my knife, a transmitter,

The entire park is surrounded.

Why did they take you anyway?
- Whom then? Wafer?

She would piss her pants
the first evening.

And he, you know,
fell for me at once.

He who?
- Well, he, the detective.

I live at his place.

What, actually live?

Yes, actually live.

Like husband and wife.

I cook for him.

He brings us groceries.
- But he's old.

He's not old!

Have you seen that commercial
where a man advertises coffee?

My one is like him.

Only better.

Gosha was beaten by cops the other day.
- He was taken away by the ambulance.

The cops are animals.

Once a cop beat me with a baton,
so that I was pissing blood a month later.

Yeah, I remember.

My ones are not like that.

Not like that?
What's the difference?

At any rate, it's treachery
to sleep with the cops.

What did you say?

Well, nothing!
- Nothing?

But to eat food from the cops
is not treachery? What?

Isn't it?

Do you also think that's treachery
to fuck with the cops?

Yes, it is!
- You bitch!

Here's to you, bitch!

If you say it one more time,
I will kill you!




Aren't you afraid all alone?


Where do you live?

There, through the park.

Do you want me to accompany you?

Hi, Dad!

- I'm sorry!

Should we accompany you
to the bus stop?

No, it won't be necessary.
- Not?

Don't you know what's going on
here in the park?

There's our one. Let's go!
- Wait a moment.

Hurry it up!

- Hello. Chuma?

- We'll take a break.



Sent a girl to hang around
at the station.

Out of their minds, they are!

I wouldn't let my children
out of my sight.

And if any creep approached them,
or even looked at them...

I'd strangle him!

Want some more tea, Vika?


So, spilled your hearts?

Let's go!
- Grisha, don't be so cruel.

Her underwear is still all wet.

She'll catch a cold,
and get sick.

Cold, me? I've slept on a bench
in winter. I'll manage.

She's a fighter.

Girls, what's taking you so long?
Soon the case will be dismissed.

Shall we party or not?
- Of course we will.

Where is Hanin?
- Hanin!


Turn slightly to your left.

Put the right leg forward,
to the direction of the target,

So that the feet are
at shoulder width.

The left arm hangs loosely
on the side.

The right arm is stretched forward.

You have to line up the upper end
of the sight with the target.

Then, smoothly, without a jerk,
pull the trigger with the finger.

Eyes are supposed to be open
when shooting, Chuma.

Hey, eagles!
- What?

With the first shot.

- Look at the teacher!

Well done!

Come, Vika. Let's go.
You'll be back in a minute.

I want to introduce you.
Come on!

Lara, Masha.

This is Vika.
- Pleased to meet you!

Well, socialise.

Want to taste?

I'm not hungry.

Do you enjoy helping the guys?

They are helping me.

I am hunting.
Got it?

- Finally! It's about time.

An inspiration for a toast...

...came to Prihodko.

Vika! Champagne?

I'm to go to the park later today.

Kolya, we know you since the first
days of work in the police force.

And you are the only one of us,
who has remained... well...

who hasn't lost...
- The Force.

...his humaneness.

The rest of us
have become cynics.

To your health, Kolya!

Happy birthday, bro!

Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday!

Dad said you live in a juvie.

Well, I did.

But now I'm living with Hanin.

...even myself, at one point.
- What? Really?

I think it's her.

Excuse me.



Look, I have to leave.

You and Volodya,
you look after her, okay?

After the operation, take her
to the precinct.

Let her sleep in my office.

But have you told her?

Where is Hanin?

Chuma, he's off-duty today.

We will go to the police station,
and tomorrow he'll pick you up.

Where's Hanin?

Well, are we going to argue about
our relationship or enjoy the life?

Is this what we're having
a relationship?

Isn't it?


You swine, you did not call me even once!
I waited like an idiot.

Hands off!
Hands off!

Why has she been
standing still for so long?

Could be sitting on a bench.

She would haved pressed the button,
had anything happened.

Strangely silent, too.
- Why don't you call her?

This connection is unavailable.
Leave a message...

What the hell? Into the park!
Step on it!

What's with the soup in the kitchen?

What's with the clean-up?

Hanin, you've got yourself a bitch?

I thought I had
the wrong number.

She's even answering the phone,
as if she was home!

Hanin, you wouldn't let me
touch the telephone!

Maybe you've already
given her the keys?

Which days are hers?

Here somewhere.

To the right!

Can't you see anything?

I don't understand it.
- It must be near.

Found it?
- Here!


Do you realise we had nowhere
to put her up?

You're a shameless jerk!

Was that the best
you could make up?

Tell you what?
I'm not going anywhere.

I want to take a look at her.

To see her.

I'll sit down and stay here.

- Something happened.

What is it?
- Chuma is nowhere to be found.

The phone is switched off and the
transmitter we found under a tree.

Maybe something happened.

I don't know.

What are we to do, Hanin?

This connection is unavailable.
Leave a message...


All right, wait here if you want to.

We'll talk when I get back.

Suit yourself.

I don't know. Maybe he already strangled
her, and she didn't have a chance.

Can't turn my back for a minute.

Where are you anyway?
Oh, I'm seeing you already.


He's mine, is that clear?

He promised to marry me.

If you show your mug here ever again,

I'll cut your guts out.

I can't hear you!

What do I have to say?
- That you no longer exist!

I don't exist.

If you tell him about this,

I'll wait you after work
and slice you.

I know where you work
and where you live.

- Understood.

Get the fuck out of here!


You've been walking here
several evenings.

Hold it!


Stop or I'll shoot!

Back off!
You all right?

Got him.

Hold him.


Where did you put the transmitter?
- I just dropped it!

Let's go, let's go!

Into the car! Quickly!

So you wanted to
make her acquaince?


I wanted to
make her acquaintance.

I've been getting acquainted with girls
in the park.

Were they all minors?

I don't know.
I didn't check their ID's.

But I don't think
there were any minors.

Young, yes.

I like young ones!

Not the old ones
with fat asses and cellulite!

Strange, what?
- Easy now!

There, there.
Take it easy.

After all, it's understandable.
Isn't it?

Where else to meet girls
if not in a park. Right?

And Petya, when you
get acquainted with a girl,

you don't check her ID, do you?
- Absolutely not.

I won't even glance at it.
- See.

He didn't want to kill them.

Did you?
- Of course not.

And I didn't kill them.

It's simply unpleasant
when they scream, right?

You wanted her to shut up.

Right, Bondaryev?

I didn't want to...

I put the soup into the fridge.
You'll manage on your own now.

Wow. Woken up?

A tough case, you are.

Two days with 40 degrees fever.

Who's there?
- What?

Feeling better?
You scared us all, Viktoriya.

I usually never get sick.
- But when you do, you do it properly.

You'll be fine now.
I'm off to work.

Thanks, Lara!
- Thank you!

So long!
- Goodbye!

How's our pervert?

The pervert turned out
to be difficult.

Went into denial.
- Really?

Keeps repeating the same thing:
business trip.

Never mind. Our guys will
crack him in no time.

Have you read the newspaper?
- No.

About time. The whole town in buzzing,
and you haven't seen it.

Look at this:

The strangling maniac from the park
has been caught.

He turned out to be a modest
engineer of heating systems.


Why didn't you send me
to a hospital?

Give me the thermometer.


Give it to me!

Well, that's better.

Why's the face so happy?

Got anything to eat?

Getting well, aren't we?

Cover yourself up.

Just a little more
and he'll break.

Where have you been?
It's getting cold.

Look, why don't we confront him
with Chuma?

By the way, how is she?
- By the way, better. Asked for food.

Strong as a dog.
- What do you mean?

I mean well.
- We'll get a male guest.

Yes, sir?

Yes. Understood.

Assault on a girl.
In an elevator in an apartment building.

Same profile.

Apparently he entered
the elevator with her.

They went up to the last floor,
although she lives on the 6th.

Petya, have you questioned everyone?
- Almost.

Carry on.
- There he tore the stockings off her

and began to strangle her.

A neighbour came out for a smoke
and thought the boys were fooling around.

He went to admonish them.
She got away.

He caught her, threw her down
and then fled himself.

How old is the child?
- 15.

It could have been anyone.

That stocking thing
was all over the newspapers.

No, it's our guy.

We scared him out of the park
and he moved to unfamiliar terrain.

You won't catch him without me.

You won't catch him without me!
- Enough, Vika!

We tried.
Just don't cry or shout!


Pack your things and I'll take you back
to the juvie. You can't live here.

Why not?
- You just can't!

Don't kick me out.
I'm not a dog, I'm a human being.

Don't start a drama.
It's depressing enough without you.

Why does it have to be today?
What not tomorrow?


Kiss me!

For goodbye.

Please, Hanin, kiss me!
Don't be a bastard!

Going to her, aren't you?

The stinking crone?

What are you talking about?

A pity I didn't slice her.

But I'll kill her, got it?
If you marry her, I'll kill her!



A nice girl!

Yes, she is.
- There's one just as nice.

14, a pro. Those who have tried her
have come back for seconds.

- Don't worry. Her mother is also a pro.

So there are no qualms.

Shall we?

I asked a small one.

What are you doing here?

What's happened to your neck?

It's Tuesday, not Saturday.

Pour me a vodka.

On account.

Hurry it up.

Come on!

That's it.
The first time he's shown himself.


No, he's hiding his face.

Well, these days only idiots
don't know about the cameras.


Your face is turning into jelly.

But from you,
only the trunk has remained.

Let's fuck!

Why fuck?

I love you, don't I?

Then let's not.
If you love, you better not.

I, too, love a cop.

More than my life.

We even kissed, you know?

He's got a stubble
that is prickly.

And his tongue...

has a bitter taste.

Maybe from the cigarettes.

Anyway, I'll seriously
die without him, Kostya.

Don't die, Vika.

You shouldn't die
because of a cop.

Close your eyes!

Did you?
- Yes.

What are you seeing?

I see that we have a common elbow.
- Aha.

One elbow for the two of us.

I am pressing the elbow
against the ground.

The earth is soft
and the elbow sinks in.

From the ground
oozes warm water.

I dive into the warm mud.

From the reeds
appears your face.

Without eyebrows.

You smile,
and disappear.

And in your stead appears
a red train...

Hi, Chuma!
- Hi.

I need a hand.
Hold this.

Maybe you want to, like, come in?

I'm off to the park.

I'll pick this up
in the morning.


Maybe I should, like,
come with you?


Hi there! I thought they took you
back to the juvie.

They did.

Will you let me in
to warm up?

Of course. Come on in.

- Hanin, this is Dektyar from the 32nd.

A chap here had his
Mercedes stolen.

What's that got to do with me?
- He was living in that house

where the girl was strangled,

He feared for the car.
Put up a camera.

I didn't help him, but it did help us.
The maniac showed himself.

Just catch him.
The photo is ID quality.

I'm doing everything for him.

If you feel that way about a person,

you think he'll feel
the same about you.

But he's such a pig.
Hasn't even called once.

Yes, that's what Hanin's like.
- Yeah.

So you're walking all alone now?
Without a transmitter? Without an alarm?


Thankfully, they at least
left me this blouse.

Sergeant Motorin speaking.
- This is Hanin.

Tell me, is Tolya off-duty today?

Just got relieved.

That Chuma of yours
came to visit him.

They left together.
- What time?

About 15 minutes ago.

Prihodko, where are you?
Get everyone together.

Comb the entire park!

Go faster! Faster!

Step on it!

Igor, your people will go from the right.
Kostya, from the left. Get a move on!


Are you all right?
Vika, are you all right?

Are you injured?

Where is he?

5 cm higher
and you would have killed him.

...Move aside, you cannot stand here.
Come on, come on, faster...

I quit.

An unfamiliar star is shining,
again we are separated from the home.

Again there are cities between us,
the groundlights of an airport.

Here we have fogs and rains,
here we have cold dawns.

Here, on an unexplored path,
complicated plots are waiting.

Hope is my compass,
and luck is a reward for bravery.

But one song is enough,
as long as it's about home.

I'm going to see our folks.

Return home by 21:00!

Swallow, don't sit down on the gate,
you will break your black wings.

My gate has sharp stakes.
I know it myself.

Sweetie, don't fly under my window,

don't tease me,
it's painful enough as it is.

I'd like to fly with you as a bird
into the freedom.

Into the freedom...

Lyosha, drop in for a moment!
- Okay!

Wow, look who's come!

Hello, Chuma, friend!
- Hi, Vitya!

Look who's here!
- Wake up, cop!

Greetings, jailbirds!

Hi, Vika!
- Hi.

How are you?
- Excellent.

Look at this!
Is this not proof?

Why do you waste your energy?
Everything is clear:

The witnesses have been bribed
or intimidated. Right?

It's pointless to press him.

- Oh, look who's here!

That's all. Take him away.
- Well, come in then.

- Hello, assassin!

Yes, this is Hanin.

Oh yes...
Wait a moment.

- Hello.

What do you want?
- I came to talk about work.

With me?
- Yes.

Look, let's make it Wednesday, okay?

Or next week. Sorry, I'm drowning in work.
Call me, okay?

Yes. Yes, I'm on my way.


Want some tea?

Come on, let's hear it!
Come on!

- Well?

I saw it on TV yesterday...
- Right.

...about a sect.
- Yes?

There's that dude who is
bullshitting people.

People believed him,
gave his all their money,

and joined the sect.
I have a plan:

I'll join the sect,
pretending that I believe.

I will find everything out
and bring you the evidence.

After all, I'm not easy to fool
as you know.

- What?

Why don't you finish school first?
You've got two years to go.

Petya, Kolya! We found it!
- Just a moment.

No offence, Vika.

As soon as a new maniac appears,
we'll come to you.

Here, have a baranka.

- What did you find?

Here, look...

Well, let's give it a try.

Lena, dear...
- Yes?

What time tomorrow?
- At six.

At six? All right.

Just don't be late, please.
- Fine. See you!

Why are you roaming in the darkness?

Tired of living?

What do you want?
- May I walk with you?

It's scary alone.