Steel Arena (1973) - full transcript

Dusty Russell shows off his talent as the greatest daredevil on the circuit. Later, he awaits the biggest challenge of his career. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(gentle country music)

- [Man On Radio] About the moral degeneracy

that affects our land,

the rising crime rate, the homosexuals,

the drug crazed hippies

and you ask is this the decline and fall

of a great country, America?


The public has long since cast off its cares

of people (indistinct) live for justice, two things

rare and sensitive.

(gentle music)

- You ready to meet Jesus?

- Too soon, got too many places to go.

- Better start thinking about it pretty soon, young man.

Can't put that sort of thing off too long.

(gentle music)

I'm just going outside Frankfurt.

You'll have to get out there.

- All right.

- Sorry I can't take you any closer.

I don't go to town much anymore.

Just on Sundays.

Isn't the same, you know?

People aren't as friendly.

Hey, you're kind of quiet.

You haven't said hardly a word since

I picked you up back there.

- I haven't got much to say.

- Well, that's the way it should be.

If you don't have anything to say, don't say it.

- All right, thanks a lot.

(door slams)

(dog barking)

(upbeat country music)

- What are you gonna have?

- Whiskey, straight up.

- Turkey bourbon all right?

- That'll do.

- You must be new in town.

- I just arrived.

- Ain't much to do around here.

- I noticed that.

- Play a little pool on the table,

get drunk at the bar, ain't much to do.

- Bourbon and water.

- What's your name?

- Jo-Ann.

- I'm new in town.

Why don't we try and get together?

- Not much to do in this town.

- We'll find something.

- [Bartender] Not a bad broad, huh?

- Things are looking up.

- That'll be 50 cents.

- I'll tell you what, cold turkey one time,

double or nothing.

- Cold turkey.

(dice clattering)

You lose, that's $1.

- I haven't got it.

- You sure got a lot of goddamn guts.

But, you know, I like you.

I'd like you to do a little job for me.

- What kind of job?

- A lot of fast bucks in it.

- How much?

- [Bartender] Like $100.

- What do you have in mind?

- Ah, do a little driving,

making deliveries, booze out of the county.

You good at driving?

- I've done some.

- You want water back?

- Nope, just like it is.

What kind of car you got for me?

- A tanker. It's fast.

- Give me some of that.

- Man, that's good whiskey.

- That tastes like gasoline.

- Hey, get to work.

- Dusty, this is what you're gonna be sitting on.

50 gallon of illegal booze.

Check that engine, see how that motor runs.

- Okay.

How come Harry runs this stuff during the daytime?

- Back in the 40s, he was running this stuff at night.

Got to be so many moonhhines in the wood

you couldn't tell who was who.

In fact, somebody'd be following you,

going as fast as you were.

You couldn't tell who it was,

the law or another moonshiner.

That's when Harry decided to do his running

in the daytime.

- Jim, come on outta here.

(engine revving)

Howdy, Sheriff.

What can I do for you?

- What you doing, Harry?

- I ain't doing nothing.

- What you doing in there?

- We're doing a little fixing in there.

- Yeah, I know you got a still in there, Harry.

- I ain't in that business no more, Sheriff.

- Well, I come here to uphold law and order

and we're gonna see about that.

- What the hell you gonna do?

(gun fires)

- I told you there's nobody in that bar.

- Get those sorry sons of bitches.

Edgar you go that way and I'll go this way.

(engine revving)

(siren blaring)

Damn that skunk.

Give me state police, we're gonna get that SOB.

(engine revving)

(siren blaring)

(tires squealing)

(car crashes)

- Mabel, this is car 37 down there on River Road.

I'm wondering if you could send me a car down here.

We was chasing that tank

and we had a little spin out.

We got a little problem-

- Look at my car.

Look at my car.

You slammed into my car.

- Listen, Mabel.

We're gonna need a tow truck, too, it's pretty bad.

- You come around that corner

and you slammed into my car.

- Boy, you calm down, it's all.

Listen, Mabel, you gotta get

a tow truck down here right away.

Put out an APB on that tanker car.

He headed out on the East Road, back of Burr Hill.

(tires squealing)

(upbeat country music)

(horn blowing)

(tires squealing)

- Oh, shit.

Come on, baby.

Now, now, come on, go.

- [Sheriff] We got you this time, punk.

- [Woman On Radio] VT5, okay, send him.

(upbeat country music)

(siren blaring)

(water splashes)


328-Coral, 325 ER.

(gentle music)

(patrons chattering)

- Hi, there.

I heard about you going in with the cops.

That was some driving.

- And it was easy.

How long have you been in this town?

- Too long.

- Well, we're gonna change that.

I told you I'd be back.

- Get back to those tables now.

- Later.

- You got away, huh?

- I got away.

Let's have one whiskey, same as last time.

Straight up.

- One half dollar.


- Take it out of the hundred dollars you owe me.

- What hundred?

- The hundred dollars, that's our deal.

- A hundred dollars.

A hundred dollars he wants.

He fucks up the barn, loses the booze,

smashes the car.

And he wants a hundred dollars.

Are you crazy, Louisiana, Reb?

- I'm only gonna ask you one more time.

- Get him the hell outta here.

(all arguing)

(engine revving)

- [Man] Help you, sir?

- Yeah, fill it up with super.

(man whistling)

Say, how come you got involved in this frickas tonight?

- Seemed like the thing to do at the time.

- Well, it was a hell of a fight.

- Yeah, it sure was.

- Let's go get some beers.

- I'll drink to that.

- Where you headed for?

- Going down to Jefferson for the Destruction Derby.

- Destruction Derby?

- Yeah, I gotta get down there early

so I can get a car.

- Let's have one more six-pack, huh?

- Two oughta do it. - Yeah.

- That's it, huh?

- That's it.

- I'm a little short.

How much it cost to enter this Destruction Derby?

- 25 bucks.

- Yeah, I've been thinking.

I've got a car and you got the entry fee,

let's form a partnership and we'll split the winnings.

- 50/50? - 50/50.

- You got a deal. - Good.

- Hey, you guys, what's going on?

- We're going to the Destruction Derby.

- Thank you.

(mosquito buzzing)

- Was that an airplane or was that a mosquito buzzing?

Whatever it was it was sure big.

Not only that, I heard another noise going (screaming).

I think it was the creature from the black latrine.

- I hope it wasn't one of those slimy people.

- Oh, oh, hey man.

These mosquitoes are terrible.

We served turkeys at home that weren't this big.

- A while ago I heard two of them talking

in the swamp and they were trying to decide whether

to eat us here to take us home.

Yeah, there's a couple up there waiting

to get clearance from the tower to land.

- Yeah, about this D Derby tomorrow,

what kinda stuff we have to do for the car?

- Hey, don't worry about a thing.

I been in a dozen of 'em, know just what to do.

- Easy money, huh?

- Yeah, just put your hands over your fanny

and keep your radiator covered.

- Hey, who picked this place anyway?

- When you wanna jump ahead of the law, baby,

you can't be too choosy.

- Well, guys, let's get some sleep.

(crickets chirping)

Hey, man, that's enough of this.

I'm gonna get in the car.

- All right, we'll see you.

- All right? Hmm?

- No.

- Yeah, it is. - No.

(door slams)

(mosquitoes buzzing)

- I'm going, too.

Too much.

Move over, I'm coming in, too much out there.

(door slams)

(mosquito buzzing)

- Hey, man, you let a mosquito in with you.

- I didn't do that, I was careful when I got in.

- Aw, Eddie, look, I squeezed in the door,

no mosquito came in with me.

He followed you in.

- Okay, man, if you're gonna make

a big deal out of it,

I'll get out and let the whole herd in here.

(mosquito buzzing)

(frogs croaking)

- Come on, hurry up, get here

because you let a mosquito in,

the whole world in here.

(mosquito buzzing)

Wait, that's too much.

Everybody in the world's gonna get in here,

let all the mosquitoes in the joint in.

Come on now, knock it off.

- Wait a minute, wait a minute,

I see the trouble.

There's no glass in the in the port hole.

- Well, throw a board over the whole, there's something.

- Damn it, getting bit up, there we go.

All right.

All right, now.

(cars crashing)

- [Drew] The car's in the dust.

When the car's in the dust you can't see

what's going on as he comes out of it.

Just a bare miss on that one.

That's the object of the whole game.

He's okay.

(car crashing)

And the Masked Cargo wins another one,

but he'll be back for

the main event, ladies and gentlemen.

We're gonna take a little intermission now.

Let's take a quick break.

Grab yourself some popcorn,

whatever else you have in the mind.

We're coming right back

with the rest of the afternoon's entertainment.

(crowd jeering)

- [Man] Oh, come on, shoot.

- What's this?

(crowd jeering)

- Runs on what?

- [Dusty] Anything you wanna put it in.

- Wanna bet?

- [Dusty] Runs on beer, too.

Boys, given him the hard slam.

(crowd cheering)

Hey, you and your buddy take it back

to the junkyard and get a new one.

- What's going on.

- Oh, pardon me.

Hey, Drew, what do you know it, babe.

Hey, look what this guy's got.

- Oh, hey, Chopper, look at this.

- He ain't never seen nothing like us before, look at that.

- Oh, my God, it's on Medicare.

Look at that.

New runner, huh, kid.

- You the man we gotta see

to get an entry blank?

- Yeah, that's me.

What do you expect to do with this thing anyhow?

- [Dusty] Take home some money.

- You're gonna run this in the D Derby?

Did you hear that?

Did you hear that?

- [Man] He's gonna run this one.

- You got a lot of dog, kid, that's what I gotta say.

- [Dusty] You guys just bide your time,

you'll see how it comes out.

(crowd jeering)

- Wait a minute.

Come here Marvel.

Come here Marvel.

- Man, who's the new guy?

Who's the new guy, where's the new guy?

- We got a new one right here.

- You the new guy?

- You standing in a hole, shorty?

- Hey, wait a minute, look what he's gonna run.

Look what he's gonna run.

- Aw, what a panty piece of shit.

You call that car? - He'll get it done.

- You call that a car.

- Tell you what.

- I got news of you punk,

I'm gonna smash your car.

(crowd jeering)

- Back off, back off.

- [Drew] Hey, hold it, hold it.

Break it up, come on.

(crowd jeering)

- Come on, break it up.

Marvel, break it up, break it up.

Break it up I said.

Get apart.

Now hold it, hold it.

I'm selling tickets to this little sashay, right?

You guys get together on the track,

hold it, hold it, hold it.

You get back in your car Marvel, come on.

We got a show to put on.

- On the track, friend.

I'm gonna smash you into little bitty pieces, buddy.

Little pieces.

- Well be there. - Just hold it.

- You, son, you got a lot of gall.

All right, you follow me, I'll fix you right up.

You so damn anxious to get in this thing,

we're gonna give you your chance,

you just come on.

- Let's go get it.

- I don't think he's very nice.

- He's gonna go, fellows.

He's gonna go.

He's actually gonna go.

- [Man] No kidding.

- [Drew] All right, ladies and gentlemen,

we have a full team here this afternoon.

What's this?

It's a 1939 Dodge.

Can you believe that, a 1939 Dodge.

Dusty Russell is entering this D Derby

in that old car, let's see how he makes out.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen,

that's the Masked Marvel coming out of the track

with a skull and crossbones flag.

He's the winner of many, many derbies

across the nation and he's coming out for the main.

(engines revving)

They're off and they're going.

He's just not gonna be in there very long like that.

But ladies and gentlemen-

(cars crashing)

That's what Destruction Derby does.

(cars crashing)

$300 to the winner on this ladies and gentlemen.

This is what Destruction Derby's all about.

Mix 'em up, tear 'em up, crash 'em.

(cars crashing)

There's one car that's been in the in field

being completely demolished.

The Destruction Derby.

(cars crashing)

Again, Jock Kutcher taking a shot at Dusty.

They're barely missing each other.

(engine revving)

And now Dusty again, backing up real far.

(car crashing)

And there goes the Oranges team off the field

and all that's left is Dusty Russell

and Masked Marvel and they're circling each other

like they were champions.

(engine revving)

The 39 Dodge Dusty Russell

seems a little reluctant to make contact.

Marvel can't catch the Dodge.

That old 39 Dodge is really out there moving.

Now remember the rules,

if no contact in 15 seconds

any car will be disqualified.

Now the Dodge hasn't made a contact

for quite a while.

Let's start a countdown as of now.











Uh-oh, look out, the Marvel's stuck.

It looks like he might be out of gas.

I haven't seen anything like that

in the D Derby my whole life.

Marvel's dead in the water,

he's not moving,

but here comes Dusty.

(car crashing)

And here comes Dusty again for more.

Dusty smashes right up the Masked Marvel's car.

(engine revving)

That's all it is at this point.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, there he is,

the last car rolling in a 1938 Dodge.

The winner, Dusty Russell.

(engine revving)

(crowd cheering)

Let's give a big hand for the new champion

from Frankfurt, Kentucky, let's hear it, Dusty Russell.

- Atta boy, baby.

Atta boy, we did it, we did it.

I knew we could do it.

- I thought you said it was gonna be easy, though.

- It was easy.

You ain't got a mark on you.

- They're out for blood.

- Oh, no problem.

Doesn't even look like they touched you.

- Here comes the man.

- Hey, kid, you did a hell of a job.

- Well, thank you.

- That was a hell of a show, I'll tell you.

- I tell you one thing,

I appreciated you loaning me the helmet.

- Well, I'll tell you, you know,

nothing but the best wears these.

How'd you like to wear one of these permanently?

- What do you got in mind?

- [Drew] I'd kind of like to have you with my outfit.

- [Dusty] The auto show?

- [Drew] Right.

I think you'd make a good daredevil.

- [Dusty] Buddy, too?

- [Drew] Sure, Buddy, too.

- All right, you got a deal.

- Meet you at the motel later, all right.

- All right.

- And this one's yours for keeps.

- Thanks a lot.

- What's a daredevil?

- I don't know what he's got in mind,

but it should be good.

- I'll drink to that.

Oh, save it for the motel.

(door slams)

(engine revs)

♪ I'm railing home country woman on my mind ♪

♪ Soft lips warm and Swedish wine ♪

♪ Soft suntan skinned laying close to mine ♪

♪ Oh, Lord I've got to see that girl of mine ♪

♪ I've been rambling for so long ♪

♪ I've been so lonesome I'm going home ♪

♪ I'm railing home country woman on my mind ♪

Boy, this is sure living.

That deal we me made is shoring out right.

Brand new kids, plush motel.

Boy, this is living high on the hog.

- Yeah, after last nights with all those bugs

in that filthy swamp, this is paradise.

- Paradise nothing.

Wait till we really get started.

- Oh, come on, Dusty, let's not get over our heads.

♪ Only she can stop this homesick in my chest ♪

♪ It's been so long since I've held her warm soft body ♪

- Boy, that sure is good singing.

♪ Oh, Lord I hope that she's still free. ♪

- Singing? You call that hog calling singing?

I'll tell you what.

Why don't you go ahead and get the stuff out of the car

and let's get some rack time.

We'll see you in the morning.

(door closes)

Well, we finally got rid of Buddy and none too soon.

Won't you go in and put something lighter on.

(slow jazz music)

- What do you got for me this trip?

- Oh, I got a 67 Chevrolet out there

and a 66 Ford and 68 Buick Space.

- Wait, Earl, hold it, now get down in my price bracket.

You got any cheap cars that just run?

- Where's Drew.

- Drew ain't here, what do you want?

- Well, who's in charge.

- I'm in charge.

- Well, we're two new drivers, that's Buddy, I'm Dusty.

- Yeah.

- This is Jo-Ann.

- Well, we're not hiring any drivers.

- One of the Chevrolets got the brakes out on it.

- That don't make no difference

'cause they're gonna be dead

in about two hours anyhow right?

- Okay. - That's fine.

- Earl, I'll be right back, excuse me a minute.

- Look, man, you've got your wires crossed.

We don't need any dr-

- Crash, hold it, just hold it.

Will you go rig your car, please?

- Look, Drew, we don't need any drivers.

- Just go rig your car like I asked you.

- Hey, Drew, what's with that guy?-

- Glad to see you guys could make it, huh?

How are you, Sam, listen, come on.

- Oh, my foot.

- Just pull it.

That happens all the time, honey,

don't worry about a thing.

Listen, glad to see you guys, huh.

- Well, we're here.

- Glad to see you, right.

- What's up?

- Well, let's go show you your car.

Sammy'll tell you what to do.

Come on.

Oh, excuse me, honey,

no girls allowed in the lot just for that reason.

Will you get off the lot, please.

- [Dusty] I'll be back up.

- All right, now Sam's gonna show you what to do.

(crane crashes)

All right, Dusty, there's your car.

Start rigging.

- What do we do to it?

- Rig it.

- What do you mean rig it?

- Hell, I'll show you.

(hammer smashes)

- [Dusty] We can handle that.

- See what I mean?

- [Buddy] I think so.

- You try it.

That's it, that's it, tear it up.

Get the glass out.

That a boy, you're learning fast.

You're gonna be a daredevil yet.

That's it.

Now clean that other side out.

(hammer smashes)

- How's that Drew?

- [Drew] That's it, keep it going, boy.

- Just keep it going, yeah.

- [Drew] Get it all out of there.

- We got all of that.

- [Drew] Get the rest of that windshield.

That's it.

- Beautiful.

- [Drew] That's it, now get

that back window over there.

- [Dusty] See, I told you he was a good worker.

(engine revving)

- Wait, hey, hey.

(drums beating)

("The National Anthem")

- All right, fellows, listen up, here's the menu, right.

Tim, you take the bike wall, okay?

Buddy, you take the flag.

Okay, you're covered there.

Dan, you're handling the rolls, okay.

Sad Sam, you take the ice wall

and make it look good, okay.

And that's, of course, the dynamite, okay?

- Lovely.

- Beans, you wanna take care of the record.

Make sure the cars are taken care of there.

Chrome Dome, head on,

keep you speed constant, okay.

- Right.

- Sounds pretty good.

Oh, Dusty, come here.

Why don't you do the dive bomb today, huh?

- I can do it.

- All right, let's make it about 40 feet.

- All right, I'll do a good job for you.

- All right, okay, let's go men.

Oh, by the way, Crash, you do the back.

- Drew, what's going on here?

You know the dive bomb is my stunt.

- Now, look, fella, I've told you before, right?

This is my show and I remember

what you were doing back at the yard,

right, and I don't like it a bit.

I'm fed up to here with it.

- Fed up, huh?

- Right, why don't you go to work.

- I work my butt off two years

in this rotten outfit to get where I am-

- Big deal.

- No green horn's gonna take it away from me.

- Green horn? 40 years I spent in the business, huh.

Don't call me no green horn, right.

Now you either get to work or get off the lot,

make up your mind.

- All right.

- All right, then move it.

(gun fires)

- Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen

and welcome to the greatest aggregation

of stuntmen ever assembled

from the far corners of the earth.

The stuntmen from all over the world,

having many, many friends that have worked them

down through the years like to,

as well as the flag, pay honor

to their following comrades

and today in memory of one of our past members

from Germany, I would like a moment of silence

for Fast Eddie that was killed

not too long ago in the famous T-bone crash.

A moment of silence, please.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen

and now on with the show.

Now one of our great heroes,

Crash Chambers doing the Hickland battery ramp.

He's okay.

(audience applauding)

- [Dutch] You must be Dutch, the atom man.

- Yeah, got that right.

You must be-

- I'm Dusty.

- Nice to see you.

Let's see you Dusty.

You've worked a lot of shows before?

- No, it's my first one.

- Ah, who do you work for, Harry Willman, or-

- No.

- Dutchman?

- No, just the Destruction Derby.

- How did we do?

- What are we doing here?

- Oh, just fixing up, loading the dynamite.

- And you're gonna lie down inside there

when it's all done?

- Why not? I know what I'm doing.

- Yeah?

- I've been doing it for quite a few years.

- Inside the box? - Yeah.

- Nothing to it.

Easy like falling off a log.

- Anybody else do this besides you?

- No, but they'd probably make you do it later on.

- I don't know.

- After you get through with the rollovers.

It isn't so bad.

- Well, I don't know,

I'll have to think about that.

- [Dutch] One little box of crack.

That ain't bad, is it?

- [Dusty] No, uh-uh, that's big.

- They don't pay that much for rollovers.

Like when you start you get 65 a week

and all you can eat if you buy your own dinner.

- That's more than I was making before.

- Is that right?

How about would you like to set me up?

- That'd be great.

- I'll show you how it's done.

There's really nothing to it.

You put those wires together.

- [Drew] Now ladies and gentlemen,

next we have one of our newest daredevils, Buddy Love,

for the first time doing the slide for life

right through that ring of fire.

Here he comes.

(engine revving)

Right in the middle of the fire.

You're supposed to go through it, Buddy.


And he's wheeled a wheel, ladies and gentlemen,

the first five over, how about a big hand.

That's the way we like to see 'em.

- You just put it on a batten

and then you holler, ready, just like that,

but real loud 'cause I can't hear very much

in there, you now.

So holler real loud when you do, okay?

Before you touch the wires.

- And then set it off.

Okay, I'll do it. - Okay.

- And now here he comes dead set.

(car crashing)

(audience applauding)

He says he's gonna go again.

- The first time, you know,

I got on my knees before I got in there.

I said, "Dear God, let me live a little bit longer."

- [Drew] Let's hear it for Speed.

And not it's time for Ewol Dutch Pfitzer.

Mr. Atom.

Ewol will like himself down

in a very flimsy coffin,

surrounded by 25 sticks of dynamite

and they're ready for the countdown.

- Okay, Ewol.

- [Drew] There he is, he's moving.

He's okay after 35 years again,

a successful atom blast.

He can't hear you,

but he can see you.

Give him a great big wave.

Ewol Dutch Pfitzer, Mr. Atom.

Ladies and gentlemen, coming up next

is one of the most dangerous stunts in daredevilry.

Today, we have a brand new daredevil, Dusty Russell.

Now this is a 40-foot dive bomb

and it's the first time for the boy.

He's in the car, he's making a pass

to check his speed.

It looks all right.

Next time around he's gonna go.

(upbeat music)

Here he comes around turn two looking at the ramp.

50 miles an hour and-

(crowd cheers)

Dusty Russell.

(crowd applauds)

- There's no place like Texas.

- Goddamn, there ain't nothing on this road.

We've been driving, what, two hours,

two and a half hours, haven't even seen a good bar.

- It's about almost like Nevada, isn't it?

- It's a hell of a road I'll tell you.

- Hey, by the way, that entrance into

the stunt, the slide of your life was all right.

First time a guy's ever stopped

in the middle of a fire they told me.

- Yeah, well, you know,

it took a lot of doing because I had to tell

the driver just how to let me off

so I'd really look stupid.

Anybody could do it right,

but think how magnificent it was

when I did it wrong.

I mean it really gave them something

to think about, right?

- You think those guys figured out

how lucky we were in the first dive bomber?

- I hope not.

- Another one foot across.

- Which reminds me,

did anyone ever tell you how to do that thing?

- No.

We just winged it.

- You know something?

- Yeah.

- One of these days I'm gonna retire.

I'm gonna get out of this business.

- What for?

- Oh, I don't know.

- I mean, you go work someplace,

you get right back in the business again.

- Yeah, probably would,

but I'm getting tired of chasing

these dern fool kids around the country, you know?

- Yeah, you're just getting old.

- It gets kind of tiresome.

I'm not getting old,

you're the one that's getting old, Dutch.

- I don't think so.

- I don't know what to think

about the whole thing, Dusty.

- A lot of activity, a lot of action.

- Yeah, but it kind of worries me sometimes.

I drive along, you know,

and I start thinking.

♪ I wish I were in Dixie

- There you go.

♪ Hurray, hurray

♪ In Dixieland I'll take my stand ♪

♪ To live and die in Dixie

♪ Hurray, hurray

♪ Way down south in Dixie

(gentle music)

(engine revving)

- Hey, Dutchman, look at that.

You see that over there?

(engines revving)

Yeah, look out, Dutch.


(Drew laughing)

(engines revving)

Goddamn, that was fun, huh?

(Drew laughing)

Hey! How'd you like that, honey, huh?

You like that?

Listen, that's a lot of fun.

- What's next?

- But listen you guys.

When we get to the show

I don't want no fooling around,

you got that out of your system, all right.

Tell you what.

How would you like to be a real daredevil, huh?

- I'm willing.

- Well, I'm gonna give you the benefit

of my years experience.

I'm gonna teach you how to hell drive.

Now, get rid of that broad,

get in your car and let's go.

Put your bumper right on my back bumper

and keep it in there, okay?

- I'll be right behind you.

- All right, let's go.

- You go over there.

(door slams)

- You ready?

Let's go.

Hang it in there, kid.

(engines revving)

(gentle country music)

(engine revving)

- [Drew] Let's find out, his pants are on fire.

He's really in the hot seat.

Buddy, you're just not built for wearing hot pants.

All right, he took a lot of upward swipes

at the very end.

- [Man] Turn around.

- [Drew] How about a big hand?

Get out you crazy clown.

You can't go through there.

You crazy clown, get outta there.

All right, fans, Dusty Russell,

our brand new daredevil

is gonna do the famous dive bombs.

(car crashing)

(crowd cheering)

Come on you yahoos, move it!

Put it in there.

Come on, put it in there.

Put it in there.

Man, where the hell you been, playing around.

That car's been open for two hours.

Let's do it already.

Get out of this damn Texas rain.

Goddamnedest country I ever seen.

Look at this.

- Hey, you owe me one, don't you forget that.

- Hey, you're on.

(all chattering)

- [Man] Who's buying the first round?

- I wonder who the hell has been at this place, huh?

All right, who wants beer, huh?

Everybody, hey, honey,

can we have a whole bunch of them over here, please?

A lot of beer.

Put them up here, right?

- I still got a goofy stint for you.

- Okay.

Goddamn it, come over here and get it, what is it?

(all cheering)

That's enough, hold it.

What we got, what we got, dubs on Vasuvious?

- [Man] Towel, please.

- [Drew] What do you mean towel?

Here, rub it up.

- Speed, come here.

Let's have some fun with these guys, okay?

- Sure, I can do it, what are we gonna do?

- Sneak outside and steal one of their motorcycles.

- All right.

- All right, okay, right.

(all chattering)

(engine revving)

(Drew laughing)

♪ I've seen lots of town and miles of highway ♪

♪ And before it's over

♪ I'll see the rest

♪ It may not be the best

♪ But friend it's my way

♪ You live your life your way

♪ I like mine the best

♪ I'm living wild, living free, ♪

♪ There ain't no ball and chain on me ♪

♪ Nobody's gonna tell me what to do ♪

♪ I'm hanging loose, hanging on to every dream ♪

♪ I've ever known and I'm still trying ♪

♪ To make them all come true

♪ Nothing I've tried yet

♪ Has been too easy

♪ Doing things the hard way, mostly alone ♪

♪ And there ain't no other way to stay free ♪

♪ That's the way I want it

♪ Always on my own

♪ I'm living wild, living free

♪ There ain't no ball and chain on me ♪

♪ Nobody's gonna tell me what to do ♪

♪ I'm hanging loose, hanging on ♪

♪ To every dream I've known

♪ And I'll keep trying to make them all come true. ♪

- But I tell you one thing,

you've seen me roll before.

You know I roll hard.

I roll damn hard.

- Still a good roll.

- I'll tell you what I want to do.

There ain't nobody that's ever come down

the tracks that hit that ramp

and gone more than three rolls.

I wanna do six to eight rolls, man.

I'll go one run.

Hit that ramp and go.

- But I think everybody in the show wants

to get up there and do the record, you know.

- Dern right, man, I want that name up there.

I just wanna be tops.

(car crashing)

(audience applauding)

- Irish Ed.

On the MVP car.

He's the reigning activist.

He's been searching.

He loves to do roll overs.

Get him out of the car, there it is.

(engine revving)

He's going again.

Let's get him out of the car.

There we go.

Chrome Dome's at it again.

We call him Chrome Dome

'cause he ain't got no hair on top of his head.

(car crashing)

(audience applauding and cheering)

(car crashing)

The Chrome Dome, the king of the roll over.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, the next stunt up.

Dusty Russell in the famous dive bomb act.

Here he comes.

Dusty Russell.

(somber organ music)

Say Dutch.

- Yeah.

- I think I remember this place.

Yeah, we played this town about 20 years ago.

- Yeah, that's right, gosh darn it.

- Remember that when we got thrown out

of that little dinky bar

and I got mad at the guy I was gonna hit him

and I found out later he was

a district court judge.

- That's funny, you broke off the padlock

on the stadium.

- Right.

- But that was only a narrow road,

a two-lane highway.

- If I would have hit him, Dutch,

I'd have still been in jail, you know it?

- Yep.

- Boy, this place sure changed.

There used to be a real good bar sitting over there.

- Yeah, they all gone, I guess.

- Hi, Dutch, how you doing.

- Hello, Crash.

- Hi, Drew.

Listen, I wanna talk to you.

- Do you get that car rigged?

- Yeah, I got the car rigged,

but I wanna talk to you about Dusty.

- What about Dusty?

- Well, what's going on with him and you?

- Ain't nothing going on with me.

- Now, come on, Gene, don't pull that stuff on man,

I know you.

You're trying to ignore me.

Now I wanna know what's going on with the new guy.

Now I'll tell you something,

he's nothing but luck, Tim knows it,

Chrome Dome knows it, Dutch knows it.

Everybody knows it and why don't you, man?

He's nothing but luck.

- And he sells a whole lot of these things

and that's what we're in the business for.


Tickets, Crash, that's what makes

the whole thing go around.

- Cut it out man, I know,

it's the same thing you said to me two years ago.

Yeah, you're gonna sell a lot of tickets, kid.

I'm not going for it, man.

Now there's something deeper here,

now what's going on?

- He's got a lot of something

that pulls the people in.

You know what I'm talking about, right?

- Yeah, look, Gene,

I'm not hearing you.

I feel I'm ending up like another Buddy Love,

that's what gonna happen to me.

- [Drew] No, no, it'll never happen.

- It is, man, this is my life, this thing.

Now I wanna do it and I wanna do it good

and I have done it good.

Now why can't I do it?

- Crash, look, will you be just a little bit patient,

just a little patient?

- Look, I'm tired, man.

- And let me do this my way.

- I've been two years in this damn outfit,

now I'm tired of being patient.

- All right, relax, relax.

Remember the old days?

- Don't do that, don't you.

Gene I don't wanna-

- Do you remember the old days.

- Don't do that, man.

- Now, listen, listen.

- Gene Drew-

- Now wait a minute, wait a minute,

the gang's coming in, huh?

Remember the fire act?

Huh, huh, huh.

- Gene, you do it every time.

- [Drew] The fire act, huh?

Let's pull it off, shall we?

Let's pull it on Dusty, okay?

- You wanna do it.

- How about you do it on that oilfield

on Main Street.

- Let's do it, let's do it, come on, cool.

(Dutch laughing)

(all chattering)

- Dusty, come over here, boy.

Come in here.

You know something, kid?

If you're gonna travel with this show,

you're gonna have to learn

to drink some real man drinking.

This stuff right here will put hair on your chest,

make a man out of you.

In fact, that stuff's so potent, it'll explode.

You don't believe me?

(all laughing)

You wanna see it, huh?

- He wants to see it.

- He wants to see it.

- [Man] Show it to him.

Show him, good stuff, good stuff, show him.

Put hair on your head.

(all laughing)

Hey, all right.

- I'll tell you, I'll tell you something.

That's one dumb hero, man.

(all laughing)

- [Drew] And now the next stunt is Price Chambers

doing the famous battery ram.

That battery ram is where the stuntman

lies in the hood of the car

and actually breaks that wall with his head.

(horn blowing)

All right, there he is on the back straightaway.

He's coming around, picking up speed.

Here he comes.

He looks like he might be moving too hot.

(engine revving)

Price Chambers, ladies and gentlemen.

Now thrill show fans, the next stunt

is the really big one.

Dusty Russell, our hero,

is going to do his famous dive bombs.

(gentle music)

He's going to go 60 feet through the air.

- I can't get even get away from it

in the bathroom.

- Really.

- Little Miss Princess with the big boobs.

- Miss America.

She ought to be on "Queen for a Day,"

she'd fit in there a lot better.

- She sure doesn't fit in here.

She's no daredevil girlfriend, look at her.

She's riding on her old man's coattails.

- He's just lucky.

- And stupid.

Lucky and stupid.

- [Drew] Take it all the way around

and weed it out, baby.

(dramatic piano music)

(engines revving)

(country music)

(Jo-Ann laughing)

- This is really wild.

(upbeat music)

- [Buddy] Hey, you live around here?

- Yeah.

- Well, what goes on at night around here?

- I don't know.

- Well, what are you doing tonight?

- What I wanna do.

- Well, why don't you and I get together

and do something.

- I don't want to.

- I'm kind of new around here.

- So?

- I thought maybe you could show me the sights.

- I'm doing something else.

- I sure hope the water isn't as cold

as some people out here.

- Why don't you go in and find out.

- That was good.

- Here you go, Dusty.

Jo-Ann, you want one?

- Oh, no thanks.

- Hey, Dusty, things ain't going well.

Man, the chicks are turning me off.

All I'm getting to do in the drill show

is just battery ram and the slide,

winding up with a hard skull

and a burnt fanny and don't seem like

I'm going anywhere.

- Well, give it some more time, it'll come.

- Yeah, but I'm tired of that, man.

I gotta do something more.

Things just don't seem like they're working right.

- Yeah, this tour's getting to be a drag.

Going from motel to motel.

I agree with Buddy.

- What's with you guys?

You guys are gonna be the drag.

Go take a swim.

You'll feel a lot better afterward.

- Maybe you got a point.


(water splashes)

(carnival music)

- [Drew] Now ladies and gentlemen,

our superstar sensations,

the circus event, Dusty Russell.

(upbeat country music)

And he makes another beautiful hang off.

(engine revving)

Beautiful job.


Another perfect dive bomb, Dusty Russell,

60 feet through the air.

Let's hear it for him, folks.

(upbeat music)

(car crashing)

(upbeat music)

(engines revving)

(car crashing)

That's 70 feet.

Another crash car, let's hear it for Dusty Russell

and this time having flanked the world record,

Dusty says thank you ladies and gentlemen.

(distorted carnival music)

All right, listen up, hey.


Now before we finish eating, right?

That's some good food.

The old man fixed you up good, right?

Champagne for everybody.

Don't drink it yet, you idiot.

To the new hero, who just broke

the 70-foot dive bomb record, Dusty Russell, huh?

(all applauding)

Dusty boy.

And we got a little present for you here.

Get out of the way, Hep.

Just to show you our appreciation,

we're gonna award this fine trophy

in commemoration, shut up,

what the hell you think this is, a picnic?

This is serious now damn it.

All right.

Just to show you our appreciation, boy,

we're gonna award you this fine award.

Now if you'll just stand up here.

Come on, don't be shy, just stand up.

(all applauding)

In commemoration of you tying

the 70-foot dive bomb award,

I do hereby award you this here trophy,

Dusty Russell, take this with

all our heartfelt thanks.

(all whistling and cheering)

Yeah, kids, 70 feet, right?

That's pretty good.

But you've gotta do better.

75, 80, 90 and maybe even that 100-foot mark, huh.

100 foot.

(all chattering)

Stand up and tell the people how it feels

to do the big thing.

Come on, let's hear about it.

- Win, do you wanna hear about it?

- [Man] Yeah.

- All right, come on.

- [Man] Come on, let's hear it.

- Some of you guys have been up there

in the air before, not 70 feet,

but you know the feeling

and when you're up there, you're really flying.

It's a whole new world

and we're gonna go so far

and so long and we ain't never gonna come down.

- [Drew] Right, right.

- Hey, that's the wine talking, man.

Don't take that serious.

That's my partner here, you know.

- [Drew] Listen, Buddy, though,

any time that you want to try the trick,

you just let me know.

- No, that ain't it,

but I just don't want him

to do something that don't feel natural, you know.

And I think it's the wine talking.

- [Drew] Have you ever seen a more natural daredevil

than that one, that's my boy there, huh.

Listen, this boy is gonna be

the world champion dive bomber.

- Hey, I'll drink to 70 feet,

but boy, you know, let's not stretch it, come on.

- Buddy, near the end, we're gonna go a hundred feet.

- [Buddy] A hundred feet.

- So just hang in there with me.

- Let's do it 10 feet at a time, okay?

- [Drew] The way you do the slide for life, right Buddy?

(all laughing)

Old Scooter.

You ain't never gonna live that down.

You're never gonna live it down.

- [Buddy] I just hope you give me a chance.

- I'll say one thing, though.

You do a better job than Crash here does.

- You fat pig.

That's my trophy and you know it.

- Now, look, Crash.

I've had it with you right up to here.

Right up to here, huh?

I've told you, this is my show, huh?

And if you don't get your act together,

you go down the road.

That's all there is to it.

- I told you a thousand times

that this midget green horn

is nothing but luck and that's all he is.

- That's all right, but he did the stunt

and you chickened out,

you chicken livered stuntman.

You're a chicken.

You're a chicken, chicken.

You're a coward, you got a yellow streak

a mile wide, right down the middle of your back.

- Crash, I'll tell you what.

Luck hell, it has nothing to do with it.

You're out of class, you heard it didn't you?

- All right, I'll tell you something green horn.

You wanna do some real stunt driving?

- Try me.

- Okay, tomorrow, we'll see who's the man.

(all cheering)

(door closes)

- How come you're out here by yourself?

- I don't know.

Just felt like standing here, I guess.

- Well, there must be something wrong.

- It's Crash, it's the tour, it's...

Dusty, I don't know, it's just something

I'm not used to.

- Well, I thought you were hot for the program.

- I am.

I'm just worried.

- Well, don't worry about the hundred foot dive bomber.

I'm gonna live forever.

I'm indestructible.

- Nobody lives forever.

- And I will.

(men chattering)

(upbeat music)

(car crashing)

- [Drew] It's suitable folks.

The new world record.

Dusty Russell.

(gentle music)

(engines revving)

- Hey, Dusty, you're gonna be in a lot of trouble.

You know that, don't you?

- Why, because of Crash?

- Yeah, I think maybe you're fooling around

with the wrong guy.

- Well, it was his challenge, Buddy.

Nothing else I could do.

- Well, I understand that,

but I don't think he's got all his marbles.

- Well, I'll tell you what,

when we do this 100-foot dive,

he's gonna have to make up his mind

whether he's gonna accept me or not.

- Yeah, but you know that's kind of silly

to really try something like that

and neither one of us know

what the heck we're doing anyway.

- Yeah, but friend, we can do it.

You know we can.

- Who says you can do it?

- I do for one.

Drew says it can be done.

(engine revving)

And you've seen me roll.

- You're a good roller, real good.

- I don't wanna brag or nothing,

but I think I'm good.

I wanna try for something big.

Really big, man.

I wanna hit that ramp for all I got

and I wanna roll that car five, six,

maybe eight times without stopping,

hit that ramp and roll her eight times, man.

That's a world record.

- For sure it is.

- Nobody's ever done that.

And that's what I want.

- That'd be a really good stunt, it would.

It would work out really nice.

- It'd be a nice trophy to add to my collection, eh?

- [Drew] Sterns and our Little Falcon coming down,

trying to do that famous T-bone crash.

He looks like he's okay.

(engine revving)


Speed, you all right boy?


Speed, you okay?

Speed boy, talk to me.

You all right, how do you feel?

Speed, come here.

Can you get out all right?

Speed, you okay, you all right.

(Speed moaning)

Speed, you...

Ambulance, ambulance.

Speed boy, Speed, you all right, boy.

- [Speed] Yeah, I'm okay, I'm okay.

- [Drew] You sure?

Don't worry about nothing, Speed.

You'll be back in the show in no time, boy.

Don't worry about a thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think he can hear you folks.

How about a big hand for Speed Stern.

(crowd cheering)

How about that?

That's a boy, don't you worry about anything, Speed, boy.

(siren blaring)

All right, ladies and gentlemen,

as soon as we can, we'll go right on

to our next stunt.

- Aren't you hungry?

You haven't eaten in a while.

- I gave it up for lent.

Figured I'd go 40 or 50 days.

I don't wanna get spoiled

by his good luck here and lose it all.

- What, are you guys hungry?

- Yeah, can we stop somewhere?

- Tomorrow.

(engine revving)

- Quite a little town, huh?

- Yeah, just like a king-sized graveyard.

I read my horoscope in the paper today.

I got a big city paper.

Got to see my horoscope again.

Being a Cancer's a freaky thing, you know,

born on the cusp like that.

Makes it unpredictable.

The only bad thing was

I got a real bad one this week.

It normally doesn't bother me.

I just figure one will have a couple,

it's not big thing.

But Speed was into it with me.

We both used to read them, it's great.

And his was really bad just before, you know.

- Oh, that horoscope stuff's a bunch of hogwash anyhow.

They got just big files of these damn things.

They don't even write them anymore.

They just close their eyes and pick one out.

- Still makes me nervous, you know.

It warns me about fire for one.

That's the one thing I'm definitely afraid of is fire.

Speed used to warn me, you know,

about too much gas in my tanks on that rollover.

I never worried about it, you know.

If the car stays upside down,

a little gas drips out of the car,

it's no big thing.

The car isn't gonna blow or anything

unless you rupture a line and that's not likely.

- It's a big in a one shot

that that car's gonna catch fire in one of these shows.

- That's just the one thing I think

that really worries me, though

is burning in that car like that,

getting knocked out or something.

I think if I was dead already,

I wouldn't mind it so much.

- That's what they're for.

If something goes wrong, we'll get you out,

don't sweat it.

- Make sure you do, brother, make sure you do.

(engines revving)

(upbeat music)

- [Drew] All right, Chrome Dome, Irish Ed's

gonna attempt four rollovers.

(car crashing)

(horn blowing)

A beautiful one.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stay on the track.

Hang on fellows, hurry up, I'm coming down.

(horn blowing)

- He should have drained his gas tank.

- Yeah, who told you that, before or after?

- But he knew that,

he was an old stuntman.

- Yeah, well, who are you?

(car crashing)

(crowd cheering)

- You all right.

He did the stunt.

It's the sudden jolt when he hits that.

He looks okay, he's okay.

Okay, folks, let's hear it for Big Tim.

And now one of our most dangerous auto thrill stunts,

the head-on crash.

The two gentlemen standing beside me

are gonna do this thrilling stunt.

On my left Dirty Dan Carter.

(crowd cheering)

And on my right, the new star sensation

of the Circus of Death, Dusty Russell.

(crowd cheering)

All right, gentlemen, to your cars

and keep you eyes on them, ladies and gentlemen,

because a blink of an eye, you'll miss it all.

Two cars running head on with each other

and meeting in the center of the track

before your very eyes.

- Hey, Dusty, come on, man.

You gotta let me do this, really.

You've gotta let me do it.

I'm tired of breaking my skull and roasting my fanny.

- Hold it, Carter, I'm doing this stunt, man.

- Hey, man.

Talk to Drew.

- I talked to Drew.

- [Drew] Many people have been killed attempting this stunt.

If one of the cars slows down

just a little bit too much.

- I really need it, man.

I need it so I can get up higher in this thing.

I'm doing all this funky garbage.

- This is a head-on, man.

- I can't do it.

- [Drew] Before these drivers,

Dan Carter and Dusty Russell attempt

this very dangerous stunt,

it's customary for each of the daredevils

to wish each other good luck,

because after all, their very lives depend

on each other.

(engine revs)

Dan Carter and Dusty Russell

are coming together in the center of the ring

and do the customary wishing

of the other's good luck.

Remember folks, if either one

of these drivers goes too fast,

then both are in terrible danger.

All right, they're coming around the track

from opposite ends.

They want to put those hood ornaments directly together.

It looks like the car on the left is coming too fast.

It doesn't look good.

(siren blaring)

Come on, let's get this guy outta here.

It looks like he's hurt.

Come on, let's move it up fellows, come on.

(somber piano music)

Easy, easy.

Damn fool kid.

- Dusty!


- [Dusty] I know I should have done it myself.

- Now, ladies and gentlemen,

in spite of the accident we had here tonight,

the show must go on.

Our next death defying stunt

is Dusty Russell's dive bomb, the 80 footer.

Come on Dusty, break this stuff up.

Come on, we got a stunt to do.

Come on, get out there.

- Lighten up man, what's wrong with you?

- Come on, we got 2,000 people sitting up there,

paid to see you do the stunt.

Now let's do it, come on.

- All right, you'll have your show.

- Right.

(door closes)

(engine revving)

You broad, you get off the lot.

All right this gentlemen, Dusty Russell,

says he's gonna go for that 80 feet.

He's coming around, taking a look

at the ramp, checking his speed.

It looks like the car's a little too slow.

He's got to be going at least 55 miles an hour

when he hits that ramp.

That's an 80-foot jump.

He's calling for the push truck.

He wants to do a dead stick.

You just don't do a dead stick dive bomb.

This guy's out of his mind.

The push truck's trying to get him up to speed.

He's coming around to turn four.

Coming down, riding up to the ramp,

he's going for it.

(crowd cheering)

The car slid off to the side.

He didn't hit it right.

The track crew's rushing over to help him.

It looks like Dusty might have been hurt.

They're signaling for the ambulance.

Folks, please, don't go out on the track.

We have people there to take care of him.

Let's hear it.

Ladies and gentlemen.

One of the pluckiest daredevils on the circuit,

completed 80 feet and is now known

as Dusty Russell, world champion dive bomber.

All right, you chicken livered rat.

That little act tore it.

Now you get yourself off this lot

and get off right now.

- I'm gonna tell you one thing

you fat tub of guts.

You haven't seen the last of me, Drew.

- Move it!

- Better sleep with a gun under your pillow.

(somber piano music)

- [Announcer] Dr. Alexander, Dr. Stanley Alexander.

- Hey, Dusty boy.

How are you kid?

- I'm good.

- Aw, you're looking good.

Look at these papers, huh?

Look at right here.

"The Miami Herald," huh, look at that.

Look at that one there.

And "The Cincinnati Post," huh?

And look at here.

This is from Denver, right across

the whole page, and look at this one,

from the "Los Angeles Examiner,"

80 feet kid, you did it, 80 feet.

When are you gonna go for the big one,

hundred feet the next time, right?

Got to go for a hundred feet.

- As soon as I can get checked outta here.

- When you gonna get up out of this bed?

You're not hurt.

- Man, let's get the doctor in here.

- You feel pretty good, huh?

Got something for you.

Here, huh?

(Drew laughing)

Atta boy, Dusty.

Listen, I got that little town all set up.

Everything's ready.

I got the mayor, I've got the police chief.

I've got the high school band,

majorettes twirling batons,

got two Cadillacs and a brand spanking new car

for you to ride in.

Everything is absolutely set up.

We're gonna take the whole town over.

I'm gonna put that right there

in the middle of that Main Street

and you're gonna come down that street

and hit that ramp and dive 100 feet through the air

and land right smack in the middle

of them parked cars, okay?

Right, you ready for it?

- Get me checked outta here.

- Day after tomorrow,

we're gonna do the jump, right?

And if this is a good one,

if this one comes off, the big town.

Dallas, New York, Las Vegas.

Dusty's Seven-Day X,

ladies and gentlemen, the big show.

Today, right here in the old town,

come to the big show.

You, too, madam, love to have you.

(marching band plays)

Extra, extra, come to the big show tomorrow night.

(whistling blows)

Tonight's the big show.

Like to have all you people come out tonight.

You too, lady.

Get there early, get yourself a nice seat.

Thank you, sir, thank you.

How you doing honey?

(marching band plays)

(dramatic music)

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome.

Tonight you are going to be thrilled

by one of the greatest daredevil stunts

ever been performed in the history of daredevildom.

Dusty Russell, world's champion auto daredevil

is gonna take that little stock automobile down there,

come down this street at a fantastic rate of speed,

hit that ramp before your very eyes

and sail 100 feet into that intersection

and crash right into five parked cars.

This has never been done before

and you good people are gonna be seeing it.

In just a few moments, Dusty Russell

will be coming on the scene.

I see him coming down the street now.

There he is.

Let's have a great big hand

for the champion auto daredevil

of the world, Dusty Russell.

(audience applauding)

Hello, Dusty boy, are you ready

to do the big jump?

Don't go away, ladies and gentlemen,

in just a few minutes,

the world's record will be attempted here

on these streets.

Dusty Russell, 100 feet through the air

and into the parked cars.

I'm coming right down, boy,

I wanna be there with you,

so don't go away.

(dramatic music)

Ladies and gentlemen, please,

do not crowd the streets.

Give him plenty room.

Six blocks he's gonna take coming

down that street to take it up

to 65 miles an hour and here he comes.

(upbeat music)

(engine revving)

(crowd cheering)

All right, stand back, look here now.

Please, give me a second.

Can I have the ambulance, please.

Can you people move back please?

Can you bring an ambulance in here please?

- [Man] Stand back from the cars, please,

stand back, please.

Everyone stand back from the cars.

- Dusty!



- [Man] Stand back, please.

Stand back.

Stand back, please.

Please stand back, come on.

- [Child] I wanna go look in his car.

- [Man] Stand back.

(somber music)

(siren blaring)

- [Bus Driver] Okay, Miss, all aboard.

(engine revs)

♪ Living wild, living free

♪ Made a better man of me

♪ Although I lived my life alone ♪

♪ Hanging loose, hanging on

♪ To dreams that only I have known ♪

♪ And I don't want no crying when I'm gone ♪